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FAKE PRESIDENT PROPPED UP BY FAKE NEWS- What Difference Does It Make? Let's Look as Tax-Payers!


What Difference Does It Make?
What must We Ask Ourselves?
Let's Look as Tax-Payers

The fundamental question the Media is asking about the 2016 Election being upset by the Russians or Recounts seems oblivious or incomprehensible to them when Fraud and Forgery are fundamentally proven to upset the Elections of 2008 and 2012 giving rhyme and reason for the Public Distrust and accusation "Fake President Propped up by Fake News" amidst a Media Jubilee. This report will delve into exactly 'What Difference It Makes" in pursuing the Ineligibility of Obama even after Obama leaves office and why Trump if serious should move with the full force and weight of the all of America's Investigative and Prosecuting Powers with the FBI, CIA, and Attorney General's Office against Obama's Cover Up now shocking the World!

Journalists join together for panel on how to cover Trump

On report from The Hill Journalist are coming together in some sort of Media Jubilee to figure out out how to cover Trump. [The focus of the discussion will include "how journalists and media companies at large can play a bigger role in making sure that fact prevails over fiction in the coming months and years," according to Slate.] Will they start with Obama's Forgery and Fraud, or could they have had a bigger role? It was a massive Propaganda Role.

'08,'12, and '16 Presidential Candidate and U.S. Supreme Court [natural born Citizen] Petitioner (12-5276) (14-9396) Cody Robert Judy says, "The cost are staggering in both tax payer money wasted now and in the future, time wasted in Government now and in the future, and Cost that will run concurrent with the Future Generations, as well as U.S. History and expectations for Law Enforcement and Justice now and in the Future with Government."

" I never started Taking A Stand for this Principle on the basis of Obama alone, (See Judy v. McCain ) its much bigger than out-going Obama, so to say it doesn't make a difference only exposes and exploits the sooth-sayer into an abyss of criminal keep-sake and cover up that is and has been and will yet be very costly. Republicans should be ashamed of the economical conservative faux pas or hypocrisy in this matter."

Cody reports harassment has gotten worse since Sheriff Joe's 3rd and final Press Conference with the Cold Case Posse revelations that debunked Obama's long form birth certificate as an Original. I don't pick my phone up now because of the nefarious and incendiary remarks coming out the other end from all over the United States of America.   

Ever since a Video featuring the Exposure of the Fraud and Forgery of Obama's long form birth certificate in the Cold Case Posse's last Presser was mixed in with the deliberate and staged Media fawning of Obama in his last Press Conference, showing the Media's deliberately shielding Obama from the exposure of Fraud and Forgery in the Law Enforcement Investigation that was held just the previous day, and Cody's Video winding it's way up over 50,000 views, Cody says, "I just have to turn my phone off its such a nightmare." 

Cody reported it's not all bad with many supporting his Stand but even Republicans now he reports have begin to drift away from calculating the cost of "letting Obama go even as Hillary seems to have been let go with the usurpation of the Secretary of State Office in a Private Server un-overseen by the Public FOIA mechanism accountable to The People. The Great Usurpation of the U.S. Government un- prosecuted, and basically in tact, as walking talking violations of the U.S. Constitution has great consequences besides the High-Fives and Pats on the back for getting away with it. Let's look at a few things that Cody is talking about now.


Let's look at this in a progressively increasing consequential way. In other words the least expensive to the most expensive.

  • Obama's Presidential Retirement Package - Pension Amounts. Each former president receives the same salary as a current member of the Presidential Cabinet. For 2013, the amount was $199,700 per year. This number does not take into account the extras the former leader is entitled to including a $96,000 stipend for office staff payroll and free postage for life. With Obama at age 55 and a conceivable 85 year old age cap - 30 years of this Retirement alone will cost Tax Payers close to nine million dollars ($8,880,000.00)       

  • A CBS Report entitled, "How much did Republicans Cost You With Every Single Attempt to Repeal Obamacare?", places the Cost of Repealing Obamacare at 1.5 Million Dollars per Vote! The grand total to tax-payers for repealing just one ACT signed by an illegal person in the Office of the President is estimated at seventy-five million dollars ($75,000,000.00) in fifty (50) attempts. Imagine the savings to Tax Payers with an [Ineligibility Hearing on Obama's Presidential Qualifications] as well the on-going Repeal & Replace that is happening in Congress now anyway?

  • FORBES put together a Report entitled Obama's Legacy Cost-An Abundance of Executive Actions and extols; "benefit analyses exist for just a handful of the 3,000-plus rules issued annually. Interestingly, the number of memos exceeds the numbers of rules with Office of Management and Budget-reviewed cost-benefit analyses. In other words, while administrations often emphasize the alleged “net benefits” of major rules and assess such for only a handful, those few are rivaled by the number of “mere” memoranda 476, many of which appear significant. But even this just scratches the surface when we step back and look at thousands of unilateral decrees, guidance documents and proclamations by federal agencies beyond their thousands of "normal" regulations. The estimated Cost of the Trump Administration wading through this   RED TAPE MOUNTAIN could be over two years and millions of dollars costing Tax Payers needlessly over illegal or unconstitutional actions that were not signed by a legally qualified Constitutional President. This could extend into whether Trump has success and captures a second term. This would include the 1% pay raise for Federal Workers total 2.5 Billion  
  • OBAMA'S VETO BILL -12 NOW need to be looked at in the Terms of an Ineligible Person in the White House wasting in ineligibility the Country's legislative Time. We can see that in Obama's Veto Bill the cost multiplying with the House and Senate's Time in the legislative Branch to 10 in just the last two years for a total of 12. This includes a 612 Billion Dollar Defense Spending Bill

  •  JUSTICE & THE COURTS EXECUTIVE AMNESTY The Huffington Post exposes in: "Over Half The States Are Suing Obama For Immigration Actions" The 26 states involved in the lawsuit, according to Texas, are: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin equal to 5 million undocumented residents to remain in the US without fear of deportation for a period of three years. The litigation Cost during the Obama years has been exorbitant to Tax Payers, so think about the savings of not only the past but the future in litigation savings that will amount to Democrats suing the Trump Administration over 4 years that would be negated with Obama's Signature dismantled as ineligible?


  • THE COST OF U.S. HISTORY - The cost of future lives, Campaign Contributions contributed to illegal or unqualified persons based on the U.S. Supreme Court's falter to take the Case presented to them twice in Judy v. Obama (12-5276) (14-9396), remains to be seen, but surely will cost the most in many aspects from what Government Officials 'think' they can now get away with to what the common man on the street now 'thinks' he should be able to get away with based on the example that is set. The fracture to Justice and the Rule of Law is unprecedented. Nixon has the decency to resign, Obama has had no such decency but has boldly gone where no Forgery and Fraud has taken anyone - into the Office of the President calculated as the Usurpation of the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government. 10 Trillion on Obama's watch.

I'm sure there is more such as the TRUST factor between the Media and the Public, but in here there is plenty. To all the above, our Elected Leaders, and even our President Elect we must ask :

What would possible refrain Trump from pursuit of Obama's Ineligibility if the Tax Payer and his own success is in mind?

For what has the TRUTH cost you? For what has the Truth Cost US? And to say, 'What does it matter in the face of lives lost, Obama has dropped over 50,000 Bombs in the last two years, amounting to 3 per hour every 24 hours, non-stop!  (That's embarrassing to a peaceful Record like President Jimmy Carter's who now we look upon in admiration of Peace - We didn't drop a bomb, we didn't fire a bullet 

What does it matter in the face of Economic Robbery of the Treasury? Obama's Administration has galloped through 10 Trillion Dollars of a now 20 Trillion Dollar National Debt more than from President Washington to President GWB. And what shall you say to America's Future Generations? "We doubled down! And We doubled Down Again!!! and Again!!! and Again!!! with no thought for you!!!" ?

One HEARING! Think of it? What SAVINGS?

 Shall you now really be so embarrassed to pass these 8 POINTS on?

[I don't care what the Lower Courts said, the U.S. Supreme Court would not hear this Case because they knew they could not rule in Obama's personal favor. It would have just been impossible for them if I was up arguing it.

1- There is no way you can have a people who are Citizens of the U.S. Constitution before it was ratified. That ratification created a new LEGAL JURISDICTION of LAW with which to be born under:

2- That's the REASON that ART. II., Section 1, C-5 included two different Qualifications for President in Time: a- [CITIZEN] at the Time of the Adoption of this Constitution b. [NATURAL BORN CITIZEN] for those thereafter ie. Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents

3- Congress cannot make [natural born Citizens] with [naturalization (or in other words Adoption Law)]. The two terms are polar opposites as clearly as Adoption is from a literal Blood Birth] Congress has [naturalization powers]

4- It is well said that the Constitution does not in fact say what a [natural born Citizen] is because there is no doubt that [born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents] clearly negates any Act or Determination by Adoption. There is no Judge in the United States who is going to say that anyone who is born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents is not a [natural born Citizen]. Get that? Zero!

5- Clearly the Qualification for Representatives and Senators is [Citizen] and not [natural born Citizen] It's a Constitutional Right that America can propagate her own [natural born Citizens] and a violation of our Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution to adhere otherwise.

6- The 14th Amendment when ever it was used in argument was and always has been a [naturalization] argument not a [natural born Citizen] argument. (for those who argue Wong Kim Ark changed anything)

7- Minor v. Happersett clear states there was never a doubt that those born of the Country to it's Citizens are themselves the [natural born Citizens] and to the others there have been doubts. That's U.S. Supreme Court precedent.

8- Congress men and women 8 times since 2003 tried to change the definition but those attempts failed in Congressional Votes. Ask yourself why? Why attempt to change anything on the [natural born Citizen] requirement for President if it always meant [Citizen] as the requirement for Representatives and Senators has been? And why was [Citizen] actually mentioned in the Constitution for those who were present at the time of the Adoption if they could have been [natural born Citizens] in the first place?]
The conclusion is no mystery if taught to elementary children. Why should it be a mystery for or to Congress or the Courts? It is both morally and financially the better road to take.

And to you who say Birthers were crazy, fringe, lunatics, fringe, delusional; how can you say now you appear to America's Tax Payers as such with such a simple measure that would have saved, will now save, and will yet save TRILLIONS of Dollars, and untold Lives?

And what has the Cost of Birthers been to you? Nothing but savings and civil peace. Our fight has been one that did not destroy property but is now one noticeable by a stand for TRUTH to be preserving property and our treasury. Our fight has been one that did not burn or set on fire, but sought to extinguish fire. As I think about the Birthers taking the pejorative on the chin, my heart swells in a Constitutional Gratitude and Thankfulness. I know our Founders would be proud of you.

America, to what have you credited the value of that? What amount has been paid by you to save our national Debt and the constant Obama carnage, that even the Media has coddled? Will you yet be silent to your U.S. Representative and your U.S.  Senators?

Yet, I may go away, but not with out a cry for my Countrymen, my sons and daughters, our Future in Freedom and Liberty. Yes, I will not go into the dark night silent or silenced, yet I will raise my voice, for I am one, and I am that I am. . even as God our Creator has made me. "That", I shall fulfill. "That", I shall satisfy- so help me God.  

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