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 Brief INTEL Report:

In asking yourself the question if you were Rulers in China, Russia, NK, and Iran, "Does it make sense to wait?"- (for America to become great again, with Trump raising Defense Spending,  Stopping Incentives for AMERICA'S CORPORATIONS to import goods with the assist to exploit cheap labor costs), the answers are "No".

  We are left with the common sense trajectory of Dictators. In China's recent life-time appointment of Xi, and Russia's re-appointment of Putin pitted against America's throwing off Obama's Corruption and foreign un-American appeasments,  we see a difference in Power sources. 

It's better for them to attack now than risk detection by their own people. 

Rather then to wait for America to become better Prepared and risk the Hope America provides in example infiltrating and freeing their own people, with Hope against Tyranny, it has come to war with the [framed] blame squarely on the American People. 

In the Order of saving America's Future we begin to offer BEAR Prepare REPORTS. 


Q-Anon - Note- Cut Ties CIA Comp - 300K Chinese on  NK Border significant as a Defense against America's - Bloody Nose and China Control of NK. Also, Russia-Ukraine nuke artifice to NK.  Is Kim a Pawn for Russia-China? SideSalad: EMP Nuke rotating Globe Why is it still there? CA. West Coast Earthquake Warning  build up of pressure significant.

This Video is VERY FORTHRIGHT in Modern Day Application of Old Testament Bibical Prophesy that is often to hard for people to understand.  That is why I'm Posting it with Encouragement to WATCH! And PREPARE! my Friends.

I am so Grateful Spring is upon us and Winter Behind!๐Ÿšจ


I. & II. 3-8-2018 BEFORE MAY



President Donald Trump has accepted North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un's dramatic offer to meet, and he'll do it by May, a South Korean official said Thursday evening.

Trump agrees to meet Kim Jong-un by MAY: North Korean despot invites President to talks and agrees to suspend missile tests


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The Birther Hang-Over - Mitt Romney Enters US Senate Race

The Birther Hang-Over - Mitt Romney
 Enters US Utah Senate Race

"I am running for United States Senate to serve the people of Utah and bring Utah's values to Washington."

If values are on the Table from Utah to Washington DC with Mitt Romney, there isn't much Mitt Romney can contribute politically speaking towards the Stop of the Republic's peril. The Cabal/Cartel in Washington DC collectively speaking is steeped in a Corruption unparalleled in U.S. History with the players identified as Defendants in a Utah Federal District Court Case appealed to the 10th Circuit Court; a M.I.A. Petition to the U.S. Supreme Court was Recorded in the 10th Circuit for safe keeping. This Individual Justice Petition to Gorsuch was recorded as received by the U.S. Supreme Court but Clerks failed to give it a Case Number.

That Case stomps unqualified Candidate Barack Hussein Obama with roots back to Kenya with a dual citizenship inherited from his self styled father Obama Sr., and begin in 2008 with a challenge to McCain's foreign birth inherited as a native son of Panama. Definitely not one of the 50 States of the Union. At Constitutional Principle Issue of [natural born Citizen] ie. (Born in the U.S. to U.S. Citizen Parents) is the qualification unique to the Office of the President and Vice President.

It seems Russia has been prowling in U.S. Elections long before 2016. The wave of identity politics that Obama road in on was staggeringly predicted long before Obama entered the race for President by guess who- Russia. Report 1 12-10-12 Report 2 dated 11-20-08
Tom Fife - American Physicist & Gov.Contractor
Moscow, Russia – A Russian government official bragged that Barack Obama was a KGB operative and that his presidency had been planned since birth, an American physicist and government contractor reports.Tom Fife, an American computer networking specialist and international businessman, reported the alarming facts about the Kremlin’s connection to Barack Obama. The boast from a Communist Party official reportedly occurred during a business trip to Russia, 16 years before Barack Obama was ushered into the presidency of the United States
 “His name is Barack,” she sneered. “His mother is white and his father is an African black. He has gone to the best schools, he is what you would call ‘Ivy League’.”
Fife recalls being stunned and shocked at the words flowing from the Communist’s mouth as she continued to rattle off an incredibly precise set of details about this Communist operative who was to supposedly become president of the United States.
The Communist official then stated that he was from Hawaii, but would very soon be elected to the Chicago state legislature. This has turned out to be an eerily prescient prediction, as Barack Obama was not elected State Senator until 1996, a full 4 years afterwards, as he took Alice Palmer’s seat.
One might ask "WHY?" in consideration of the lengths Obama, His DOJ, Hillary Clinton, the DNC including Schultz & Brazille , OFA, former FBI Director James Comey, Special Investigator Commander Mueller, Loretta Lynch, former Attorney General Eric Holder, Representative Nancy Pelosi, and many others all have in common besides selling 20% of America's Uranium to Moscow?

In asking that question we must ask ourselves "WHY?" these individuals were willing to go to such great lengths to propagate and  dish out something as salacious as the Duping Trump Dossier as a method to oust President Donald Trump? 

One might call their actions stupid, crazy, even mentally deranged but when you have usurped the Office of the President of the United States and dug into the Treasury 10 Trillion, hey, the sky is the limits-  what can't you do? 

This just serves as proof that with enough money and media exposure in America, and maybe some coercive threats to silence potential leaks, that Russian NATIONALS , who Mitt Romney in theory supports being able to obtain the Office of the President, meaning first generation Americans either from birth on American Soil, or having one American Parent, have been fully indoctrinated as American Citizens.

Unfortunately, for Mitt Romney, Mueller's own investigation has just indicted 13 Russian Nationals for interfering with the Election.

Mitt Romney's no stranger to being called an outsider unworthy of representing what he supposedly feels qualified to represent, and it comes from his own GOP Party. Although carpet bagging is not specifically or officially mentioned in the United States Constitution, the qualifications for President enumerated in the Constitution were definitely placed carefully within to prohibit essentially carpet-baggers.

 Mitt Romney's biggest criticism from the GOP Utah Republican Party Chairman invokes in par lance just exactly what the [natural born Citizen] clause of Article II. Section 1. C-5 was placed in the U.S. Constitution for. He is a foreigner of the State of Utah, this also came from Democratic Party Senate Candidate Jenny Wilson.

The Utah Republican Party chairman blasted Mitt Romney’s anticipated Senate run, hitting him for “essentially doing what Hillary Clinton did in New York” — campaigning in a state he hasn’t spent much time in.

“I think he’s keeping out candidates that I think would be a better fit for Utah because, let’s face it, Mitt Romney doesn’t live here, his kids weren’t born here, he doesn’t shop here,” Rob Anderson told The Salt Lake Tribune in an interview.]
“I think [Romney] is miscast as a candidate for Utah,” she said. “If he’s interested in the U.S. Senate, Massachusetts is the better place for him to return to.” - Jenny Wilson D U.S. Senate Candidate Utah

If Democratic Party U.S. Utah Senate Candidate Jenny Wilson were to cast the same doubt upon Obama in 2008 she would have asked him to return to Kenya or his adopted state of Indonesia.

Of course, Mitt Romney's actions along with Hillary Clinton's are consistent with their support for Barack Hussein Obama's carpet-bagging ineligibility for the Office of the President contrary to Constitutional Law. Let's take a look at the motivation for keeping those who were born on American soil from foreign nationals commonly referred as anchor babies, and citizenship through marriage naturalization ie. [ You don't have to wait until you've had a green card for five years to apply for citizenship through the process known as naturalization. Assuming you stay married to and living with your U.S. citizen spouse the whole time, you can apply for citizenship three years after obtaining a green card] from the Office of the President.
These ACTIONS represent a timely and honored distinction to the Root of the qualifications for President that found its way into the United States Constitution constructed in the seed of John Jay's letter to George Washington ultimately portraying the men who were becoming the First Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and First U.S. President in the following: 
​​​​​[Permit me to hint, whether it would not be wise & seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the Command in chief of the american army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen.]

Ultimately, Congress recognized the need for a first generation acclimation period into American Tradition and Laws from that of Foreign Countries in the defeat of nine changes proposed since 2000 that was really begun with Sen. McCain's own question he was not qualified. This persisted into the second Congressional Act on his behalf termed non-binding senate resolution 511 stating he was basically the first congressional statute natural born Citizen. The first Congressional Act on his behalf made him a Citizen through a naturalization process familiar to many immigrants through a type of congressional amnesty including that which is sought now from Obama's brain-child-birther concoction  DACA.

Mitt Romney as the 2008 Republican Party Presidential Nominee ran against Barack Obama Democratic Party Presidential nominee and was seen in large part by the crowd who elected Donald Trump 2016, as the failure in taking a stand for the Constitution of the United States. Ultimately that failure is what ushered in the Obama-nation that America suffered for eight years and continues now to suffer in the Cabal/Cartel infesting the Government in the Russia-Gate Propagation towards the Presidency of Donald Trump. 




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Historical Influences of Pres. George Washington in Modern Day

Historical Influences of Pres. George Washington in Modern Day 
Featured Editorial

Dear Mr. Bradburn- President Mount Vernon
Ms. Carol Borchet Cadou- Senior V.P. Historic Preservation Mt. Vernon
Ms. Allison Wickens - Education - Mt. Vernon
Ms. Melissa Wood - Press/Media Inquires

Re: Historical Influences of Pres. George Washington in Modern Day
[The Mount Vernon Vision]
[We envision an America where all know and value the singular story of the Father of Our Country. Ever mindful of our past, [we seek innovative and compelling ways to tell the story of George Washington] so that his timeless and relevant life lessons are accessible to the world.]

Thank you so much for all of your efforts in preservation of U.S. History in regards to your authentic integrity in honoring the noble character of principle in President George Washington and bringing to life his Estate for all in our modern day. Our crossroads of interest certainly intersect in the incredible influence Today of President Washington's Past. My own interest has come to light in different ways, I am a bit ashamed to say, not so much in books and study as I'm sure has influenced yours greatly, but by way of rich personal experiences in dreams, that have had a significant impact upon me, and effected much of my action over the last 17 years.

Since the year 2000, I have run for Utah- U.S. 2nd District Representative, Utah-U.S. Senate three times, and U.S. President three times '08,'12, and '16 without being Elected to Office. One might say the result were failures, but when one looks and accounts to influences and history, the story certainly begins to expand. It is a fact that I am the only person who ran for President in U.S. History that has testified under oath against another Presidential Candidate for not being qualified for Office according to Article II, Section 1, Clause 5. It is also another fact that I am the only person who has a Judicial Branch Historical Record against both Republican Sen. John McCain [ ] and Sen. Barack Obama culminating in the U.S. Supreme Court Record 12-5276 and 14-9396 as well a Received but Lost [Petition to Individual Justice Gorsuch] (pending) and also Recorded in the 10th Circuit Court Docket of Case NO. 17-4055  [ ]. There are some 17 Cases also represented in the Lower Judicial Branch Courts filed across the whole Nation represented the States of California, Nevada, Utah, Georgia, and New Hampshire.

These ACTIONS represent a timely and honored distinction to the Root of the qualifications for President that found its way into the United States Constitution constructed in the seed of John Jay's letter to George Washington ultimately portraying the men who were becoming the First Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and First U.S. President in the following: 

​​​​​[Permit me to hint, whether it would not be wise & seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expresly that the Command in chief of the american army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen.]

One might say the Actions are Goals also associated with the admirable values in the related text 3,4 and 5 of 5 of MOUNT VERNON'S VALUES found at Link: [ ]

[We have a bias for action: We plan deliberately and act boldly.]

[We are forward-thinking: We embrace innovative ways to tell Washington’s story both on the estate and to an ever-changing world.]

[We embrace civility: We strive to embody George Washington’s courtesy and hospitality at all times and to all people.]


Regardless of political affiliation we recognize that in Article II. Section I. Clause 5 an exemption was made for [natural born Citizen] in the terms:

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

1. Records of the Federal Convention
2. Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution 3:§§ 1472--73, 1833
Joseph Story Expanded:
Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5
Document 2
Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution 3:§§ 1472--73

§ 1472. Considering the nature of the duties, the extent of the information, and the solid wisdom and experience required in the executive department, no one can reasonably doubt the propriety of some qualification of age. That, which has been selected, is the middle age of life, by which period the character and talents of individuals are generally known, and fully developed; and opportunities have usually been afforded for public service, and for experience in the public councils. The faculties of the mind, if they have not then attained to their highest maturity, are in full vigour, and hastening towards their ripest state. The judgment, acting upon large materials, has, by that time, attained a solid cast; and the principles, which form the character, and the integrity, which gives lustre to the virtues of life, must then, if ever, have acquired public confidence and approbation.

§ 1473. It is indispensable, too, that the president should be a natural born citizen of the United States; or a citizen at the adoption of the constitution, and for fourteen years before his election. This permission of a naturalized citizen to become president is an exception from the great fundamental policy of all governments, to exclude foreign influence from their executive councils and duties. It was doubtless introduced (for it has now become by lapse of time merely nominal, and will soon become wholly extinct) out of respect to those distinguished revolutionary patriots, who were born in a foreign land, and yet had entitled themselves to high honours in their adopted country. A positive exclusion of them from the office would have been unjust to their merits, and painful to their sensibilities. But the general propriety of the exclusion of foreigners, in common cases, will scarcely be doubted by any sound statesman. It cuts off all chances for ambitious foreigners, who might otherwise be intriguing for the office; and interposes a barrier against those corrupt interferences of foreign governments in executive elections, which have inflicted the most serious evils upon the elective monarchies of Europe. Germany, Poland, and even the pontificate of Rome, are sad, but instructive examples of the enduring mischiefs arising from this source. A residence of fourteen years in the United States is also made an indispensable requisite for every candidate; so, that the people may have a full opportunity to know his character and merits, and that he may have mingled in the duties, and felt the interests, and understood the principles, and nourished the attachments, belonging to every citizen in a republican government. By "residence," in the constitution, is to be understood, not an absolute inhabitancy within the United States during the whole period; but such an inhabitancy, as includes a permanent domicil in the United States. No one has supposed, that a temporary absence abroad on public business, and especially on an embassy to a foreign nation, would interrupt the residence of a citizen, so as to disqualify him for office. If the word were to be construed with such strictness, then a mere journey through any foreign adjacent territory for health, or for pleasure, or a commorancy there for a single day, would amount to a disqualification. Under such a construction a military or civil officer, who should have been in Canada during the late war on public business, would have lost his eligibility. The true sense of residence in the constitution is fixed domicil, or being out of the United States, and settled abroad for the purpose of general inhabitancy, animo manendi, and not for a mere temporary and fugitive purpose, in transitu.

The Founders' Constitution
Volume 3, Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5, Document 2
The University of Chicago Press

Story, Joseph. Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States. 3 vols. Boston, 1833.]


Of course the simplicity of the [natural born Citizen] clause has not been lost or misunderstood by Congress in our Modern Day as we see Amendment Suggestions have failed in some nine instances also since 2000. This is hardly an unimpressive wall that historically has not been breached or tread over accept by the malevolent usurpation action of individuals attesting to the tyrannical and radical extremes of individual capacities in the political fields and arenas of such also understood in U.S. History.

These are highlighted in the condensed 9 minute 24 second video Link Here: [ ]

Also in non-binding U.S. Senate Resolution 511.  [ ] To note Sen. McCain is the only U.S. Senator in U.S. History to desire two [naturalization] records first making him a [Citizen] and second attempting to normalize his [ natural born Citizen ] status because he was not born [at the Time of the Adoption of this Constitution] as were the other naturalized Citizens included in the Article II, Section 1. Clause 5 narrowly identified terms.


Among many dreams regarding President Washington, last night 12-11-2017, I awoke from quite a detail. I was questioning a man who was quite elderly and begging him in short order not to die before I was able to have a conversation with him as he was a descendant of President George Washington and a key to the living regarding the past with the interest of my own Patriarchal Blessing received when I was 14. I saw many multitudes of small stones representing people framed in a quadrant that resembled the state of Utah and I distinctly recall the desire that was urgent to speak to this man about his knowledge of the Constitution. This is all that I will relay at this time about the dream I awoke from and the fact that it prompted me to write this letter to you all.

In the interest of telling President George Washington's Story in as quoted in the Vision of MOUNT VERNON : [ we seek innovative and compelling ways to tell the story of George Washington so that his timeless and relevant life lessons are accessible to the world.], I can not think of a greater more modern affect than this journey I have been on the last 17 years, nor a figure more prominent in relation to our Nation's Founding.

Underscoring this pronouncement we need not look at anything more than a few political calculations that make this true most especially in the U.S. Justice Department represented in the Judicial Branch, and U.S. National Debt raising 70K per man women and child from 2008-2012- 10 Trillion.

1- Obamacare was not signed by a qualified President - represents more than 1/5 of the Economy
2- Two U.S. Supreme Court Justices nominated by a person who was not qualified to nominate a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, and many more Federal Court Nominations and Appointments.
3. The Trump Dossier handled by the FBI through Sen. McCain received and took to FISA Courts contracted and paid for by the Hillary Clinton Campaign aka. DNC effecting the integrity of the U.S. Elections and much of the credibility in the integrity department of the FBI- one might say the Premiere Agency for Domestic Election Interference or bluntly call the spade a spade in Domestic Enemies and Treasonous Actions.

While MOUNT VERNON is a very small organization in comparison to the grand political Theater/Arena, even President George Washington was only one man. In context, one cannot underestimate the Value of one organization in crediting PRINCIPLE, and one such as your organization truly well placed to make a significant contribution in recognition in ways that President George Washington would agree heartily with.

In ending let me praise your values and integrity towards this great man who has played such an intricate part in both my life and yours, as well seemed an undeniable thread through the pattern of the American Blanket.

If you would like to investigate further my own journey I would invite you to consider these sources:

BOOK: Taking A Stand - the conservative independent voice
[ ]
Over 100 Editoritals : The Post & Email

It would be my Christmas wish come true to see and hear from you regarding an Event that might be planned in the celebration of these Actions and Affairs in honor of our First President - George Washington.
[The Speaking Engagement of CRJ FEATURED AT : ]

Thank you and may your best always be included in your Actions for the United States of America in the traditions of and umbrella of The Supreme Law of the Land in the United States Constitution.
Let me also express my wishes for Mount Vernon's very Merry Christmas!

Yours Truly,

Cody Robert Judy

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Arrives in #MeToo Addressing
Predators & Perverts 

Pamela Anderson was recently interviewed by Megyn  Kelley and what she said was so simple it borders well with the wisdom of common sense in the political and business arenas that are being focused upon with laser like  intensity  with the Public and the Press.

Pamela Anderson Reminds Us of COMMON SENSE: Weinstein’s Accusers Knew What They Were ‘Getting Into’ by Going to Hotel Rooms Alone by Ken Meyer | 1:01 pm, December 1st, 2017

“Don’t go into a hotel room alone. If someone answers the door in a bathrobe, leave,” said Anderson. “It was common knowledge that certain producers or certain people in Hollywood are people to avoid, privately. You know what you’re getting into if you’re going into a hotel room alone.”
See Highlights of Interview & Article above Link.

Interesting exchange on the  Article

[Predator & Pervert are interesting words you chose. I think by definition it applies to Congress (Reps - Senators) & Courts (Judges) for usurping the US Constitution's  [natural born Citizen] (ie. Born in the US to Citizen Parents)  requirement in Art. II. Section 1, C-5.

But Voters bear responsibility also

alter (something) from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended.]

"he was charged with conspiring to pervert the course of justice"]





an animal that naturally preys on others.

"wolves are major predators of rodents"

2. A person or group that ruthlessly exploits others.

With 320 million Americans as victims to the assaults of these Perverts & Predators I wonder why more women, (near 60% of population) who by natures design are in much more need of individual  protections and rights, are so non-chalant and quite about it not supporting it but very vocal about sexual harassment these days?

Obama's Unqualified Terms added 70K of debt upon every man, woman, and child in the USA. Talk about selling the children? ๐Ÿ˜“ If you voted for McCain the same scenario pertains of not being Qualified or supporting an Unqualified Candidate.

I sued them both - McCain first.  Was the only Presidential Candidate in America to do so and may have had the least support of any of the them.

If by supporting those who supported the usurpations, the Lord has Judgement, the labels of predator and pervert might also be applied to every individual voters record.

Wouldn't it be a shock if the Lord came out in judgements against every women supporting these unqualified Candidates against her own children's futures as a predator and / or pervert?

The responsibility and accountability must be shouldered by every eligible Voting Citizen for our Future.

 It cannot rest upon one person as we may start to wonder why what is happening to us is happening. Of course the Righteous are Tried and Tested for Refinement of their own Principles and Accounting of the Laws of the Land and of Nature's God - the Supreme Creator.]


There are women I've found standing up against hypocrisy and trying to breath common sense into the #MeToo movement.  The courage those women have against their critics who voice opposition to them laced with brutal shame is amazing to me.

Same Shame
The minions tasked against these warriors use all kinds of gender directed shame Like, " How dare you shame a victim of sexual harrassment! " 

Many recess into anonymity that is not unlike those women harassed decades ago claiming they feared not being believed until three weeks before an important Election? IE. R- Moore- Alabama Senate

What seems most dis engenuious to the #MeToo Movement, is that those of real sexual harassment  were ignored and False Accusers find the MSM very willing to Fan-Their-Flame thrower with a Political Motive-In-Mind. How is that a credit to the #MeToo Movement? It's not. It's a dis-service and a calculated abuse. 

Featured Comment:


Yesterday I was un-friended by voicing a solicited opinion simply because I acted in light of a Witness unheard, ( the Male) and voiced suspect to the situation referred.

The Female Plaintiff charged she had got up to use the restroom at work - a military environment- and accidentally run into a Male- Defendant coming out of his Office in a narrow hallway.

As they bumped she said excuse me, and he related, " That's Ok. Make it a point to scare pretty women"

She was the initiator of the bump by accident she claims. Her offense claims "the comment made her feel weird" and she was unfamiliar with the Defendant prior.

I voiced she was personally assuming she was the subject of "pretty women" and if he'd claimed a point "to scare off dogs" would she have thought that a good or funny thing to say?

Perhaps in the threatening climate men are faced with scaring off pretty women is a self preservation tactic being used to secure the job? Is that necessarily a bad thing?

There was not a single other friend of hers that did anything but validate her claim and pat her on the back. (Male & Female).

Given her Facebook Pictures and the backlash of abuse being called a "Cave Man" I said perhaps  her best bet was a secure all female environment and wondered if she was advocating segregation of the sexes because she just couldn't handle any testosterone in the work environment?

They were enraged to a point of verbal abuse in response to my bringing up that we actually had not heard from him or his side of the events that took place.

 She wrote as if THAT would be a factor in her Female Supervisors support!

The Gender Fight was on using Supervisors and it was clear women are just as capable as men in doing it!

We recall Madeline Albright' s insinuating a Vote for Hillary validates Female and a Vote against invalidates female gender? And Hillary herself used the gender card countless times in an individual characteristic no shame Political Campaign. What's it Teaching?

I was nearly flabbergasted as she related the sexual harassment training that her company insisted upon.

When I objected to the Verbal Assault coming out of the conversation I received a slew of " Oh I feel so Sorry for you. NOT." rebuttals.

I then inquired "Would such have been their advise also to the Plaintiff for being referred in a group as " Pretty Women"?

OMG he referred to you as a "pretty women' to scare off. Fire the sexual predator?

It was then I related most big companies are keeping a watchful eye on their employees Social networking as it represents in their individual capacity a representation for the company.

By that Standard she had really just Red Flagged herself as an employee MOST LIKELY TO SUE HER EMPLOYER and she would be wise delete the whole Post.

Then I was un-friended and she quoted me as being unfriendly to her in not believing there was nothing she related that wasn't true, and his testimony would be the same.

I relate thus episode because I don't think it's sincular in application. I think its happening like an outbreak of a plague. I do not think that False Accusations is going to encourage a Company to hire a Lady.

The more it goes on the worse the Fear-Factor for Companies  hiring Ladies occurs,  and the worse the situation becomes for women in the work force.

It's no doubt a very difficult situation. Feminist seem outraged at any favoritism in the military or business work force towards Males on one hand. The Military has responded by including Females in every way.

Along comes the argument again for Segreagation because women are offended by Cave-Men?

We've all heard " Put Your Big Girl Panties on" , but cash in rewards and fame might  still be a BIG factor as Congress has doled out $17,000,000.00  in hush money for those who took them off in a void of Common Sense.


Friday, November 24, 2017

The Destroyer Comes for the Art

The Destroyer Comes for the Art
Featured Editorial - Good Morning - What do you want?

"What is it you want?" the Reporter snardly belittled me in his query, " What do you Birthers want?". The inquiry came out disingenuous, as if the answer could not possibly amount to anything remotely considered valuable by any intelligence.

 I thought for just a moment, then came flashing lightning and rolling thunder in a cloudless sky - " To be appreciated as a Term of Art".

The implications stunned and silenced the Reporter. He withered with the thoughts furiously typing across his mind.  Had he become the Destroyer of Art? Was he the vigilante gripping the exacto knife in palm hidden in his sleeve ready to slash and run; the arsonist stacking the canvases high for the torch waiting for orders from the little mustache man; was he now the murderer tangled in a web of contorted mental derangement plotting for his insatiable need for attention?

He felt his presperation began and the hot flash followed by spell of cold. Was he getting sick. " I'm I'll,  he stammered, "Must be something I ate for lunch. Let me get with you later. I'll call you.  At your convenience of course.", he was tripping over furniture and fumbling at the door like someone who realized he was just about to be caught shop-lifting.

In my own life as an artist in the sculpting, pencil, music, writing and horsemanship of dressage mediums, I've recognized that the Destroyer always comes for the Art in a jealous fit of rage over the beauty I have created and defended.

Some may fancy this as a purge, reconstruction , or necessary fix for progress , the burning trees shuttering with the high winds their spark ignited.

Mincing words of " Hope and Change" justly defending their intended purposes, but there is no mistake they are Destroyers of Art.

They celebrate high seats of power in the Legislative and Judicial Branches like rats glued to them by cravings for peanutbutter, while Reporters- the new court-jesters- write glowing stories of their heroism in destroying the Art.

Being an artist is anything at times but easy. It creates a deep seeded appreciation, sometimes envy for the beauty of simple and plain.

Cody Robert Judy has been a hearty defender of the Term of Art known and written about in the political arena as the
 [natural born Citizen] recognized in works of Emerich de Vattel. (25 April 1714 – 28 December 1767)

Court Cases 

1) Judy v. McCain Las Vegas, Nevada 2008 U.S. Fed. 2)Judy v. Obama New Hampshire State Ballot Challenge Executive Court 3)Judy v. Obama New Hampshire State Superior Court 4)New Hampshire State Supreme Court 5)Judy v. Obama Georgia Ballot Challenge Executive Court 6)Judy v. Obama Georgia State Superior Court 7)Judy v. Obama Georgia State Supreme Court 8)Judy v. Obama Ballot Challenges United States Supreme Court 12-5276 9)Judy v. Obama Utah U.S. Fed Court 14-00093  10) Judy v. Obama Utah Division Circuit Court of Appeals (Denver, Colorado) 11.) Judy v. Obama U.S. Supreme Court 14-9396 12.)Judy v. Obama Application to Independent Justice Neil Gorsuch SCOTUS 13.Judy v. Obama Tenth Circuit 17-4055 

Other Courts

12-10th Amendment Trial New York witness in the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial

13-Amicus Curiae Filed in Berg v. Obama 2008

14-Amicus Curiae Filed in Keyes v. Obama Judge Carter case

15-Amicus Curiae Filed in Military Court if Lt. Terry Lakin

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Cody Robert Judy is the CEO of his own small business Review: Zoom info -USA LEGACY ENTREES
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Cody Robert Judy ran his first Marathon in 2013 entering in The Deseret News Classic and running from Park City, Utah to Salt Lake City, Ut the 24th of July and placing 2nd in his age and weight classification as a Clydesdale (over 200 lbs). Cody finished in 4hr:44min. Feature Story

Incarcerated 1993-2002 - As Political Prisoner in America Cody Robert Judy endured more then 8 years incarcerated 4 of which were spent in solitary confinement fighting for the rights of all (including native Americans) to be released from maximum security simply because of the length of their hair which he won. Cody's incarceration is termed an "Unlawful Prosecution" .

Cody has been a professional horse trainer and instructor and has experience training and showing horses from beginning to prix st. george levels in dressage.

Cody has enjoyed sculpting in wood with a hammer and chisel the following 2 pieces are family heirlooms 

Even the New York Times recognized that the U.S. Supreme Court was faulty at Hearing and upholding Minor v. Happersett in the face of the Obama's assault on Civil Rights.


Next the Cold Case Posse make the Case Obama's Birth Certificate is a Fraud.
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Obama's Last Press Conference BLOWS UP with Birth Certificate

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The reason Cody wants you to understand that the Race for the Presidency is a really tough marathon race is because of the Standards of the Race that are defined in the U.S. Constitution have been something he specifically has stood up for with the standing that is represented by competitors in the Race. 
Check Mate is still a question as long as the U.S. Supreme Court has Action Available. That action could be sustained as a Court Error or Clerical Error very easily.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

DEAl Obama & H. Clinton In - Russian Plot Exposed to Obama & Hillary Clinton

DEAL Obama & H.Clinton Russian Plot Exposed to Obama & Hillary Clinton

The FBI Counterintelligence Witness is blowing big holes in the Obama- Clinton involvement with Russia's desire to subject the USA.

Here's some of the meat from the Article posted at The Hill.

This provided some of the most validating proof that the Media Cover-Up for Obama's Eligibility ( as he was Constitutionally Ineligible) has been very harmful to the US Citizenery. Proof not only were the Birthers right in Constituional Claims, but the Danger existed that Chief Justice John Jay wrote to President George Washington in the exclusive American Natural Born Citizen requirement reccomend for the Office of President that found it's way in as Art. II. Section 1, C - 8

[But unbeknownst to his colleagues, Campbell also was serving as an FBI informant gathering evidence that Fisk, Tenex executive Vadim Mikerin and several others were engaged in a racketeering scheme involving millions of dollars in
bribes and kickbacks, plus extortion and money laundering.

[FBI informant gathered extensive evidence during his six years undercover about a Russian plot to corner the American uranium market, ranging from corruption inside a U.S. nuclear transport company to Obama administration approvals that let Moscow buy and sell more atomic fuels, according to more than 5,000 pages of documents from the counterintelligence investigation.

[The information he gathered on Uranium One was more significant to the counterintelligence aspect of the case that started in 2008 than the eventual criminal prosecutions that began in 2013, they added.

[Campbell’s debriefing files also show he regularly mentioned to FBI agents in 2010 a Washington entity with close ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton that was being paid millions to help expand Tenex’s business in the United States. The entity began increasing its financial support to a Clinton charitable project after it was hired by the Russians, according to the documents.

[Campbell engaged in conversations with his Russian colleagues about the efforts of the Washington entity and others to gain influence with the Clintons and the Obama administration. He also listened as visiting Russians used racially tinged insults to boast about how easy they found it to win uranium business under Obama, according to a source familiar with Campbell’s planned testimony to Congress.In recent days, news media including The Washington Post and Fox News anchor Shepard Smith have inaccurately reported another element of the story: that Uranium One never exported its American uranium because the Obama administration did not allow it.

FBI ( Turns Obama) gathered extensive evidence 6yrs undercover Russian plot 2corner American uranium market, ranging from corruption inside U.S][ Obama]s approvals for Moscow2 buy&sell more atomic fuels] #MAGA #SCOTUS #Birther #UTPOL @nypost

READ MORE about it here the Received but Lost SCOTUS Petition here:

Will SCOTUS Associate Justice Gorsuch See the Obama Eligibility Case Differently?

Monday, November 13, 2017


The ME TOO "I Told You So" Moment Arrives

DONNA Brazilles book is News from someone deep within the infrastructure of what I had been saying since the Debates were rigged departing away from the rigorous 2008 Democratic Debate Schedule featuring the unknown Barack Obama and pitted down  favoring a Clinton Loss  in 2016.

While that is not News either, #Democrats are waking up to the Bully of protecting Fraud N' Forgery in the first place. Obama's Pass on the [natural born Citizen] requirement for the Office of President only created the vacuum for which Hillary Clinton sailed a very Crooked Ship in on. What couldn't she get away with if She held a KEY to a compromised U.S. Office of President? That's why she was quite comfortable usurping the Secretary of State Office with a unaccountable Private Server.

The Dirt of Russia , Uranium One, and the Padding of the Clinton Foundation , along with the Frame Job of the compromised Democratic Party Primary were constructed under the Fraud and Forgery of Obama's Fruit. 

Needless to say it was Rotten to the core and did not represent a smidgen of the Democratic Party ideals and principles of Civil Rights and Equalty under the Banner of the U.S. Constitution. How could it?

The Skeletons in the Closet remain in the Dossier of the Democratic Party Platform. Opening the door of darkness and burying Fraud&Forgery was considered acceptable scandal but now it is haunting the Party in popularity.  

Do Democrats feel good about seeing the DEMOCRATIC Principles of a fair Primary compromised in the #DNC? Anyone who says they are thrilled about it has already abandoned the Parties Principles embracing the Bully and in kind the sexual predator's MO or SOP.

Is it a surprise to see the outbreak of this in Hollywood Entertainment and DC Circles by women charging foul as fast and furiously as the movement of "ME TOO" has formed? 

No. It's not surprising to me at all. What is surprising is the Tactic that women have, in the Democratic Party, been voting for. Thinking it doesn't spill over into something they feel Repulsive about is classic denial of domestic abuse. 

The BIG Question is will Democratic Voters demand that the same scourge taking place in the "ME TOO" Movement actually be identified in the Democratic Party in Respect for the U.S. Constitution. 

If women in this Nation want respect they need to respect the Supreme Law of the Land in the U.S. Constitution that gives and provides them equality along with all minorities who despair about individual rights being protected from THE Bullies like Obama, Clinton, and Pelosi who have tooted the horn of hypocracy creating the nightmare in which the Bully wins in violating their rights. 

How do you feel about the tread marks of the Bullies who ran over my Presidential Campaigns 'ME TOO? 

If you are unsympathetic and not completely embarrassed about the Democratic Parties Treatment you are essentially embracing the exact same course treatment of being groped in a job interview and your cause in Principle is compromised and ME TOO is just another  Bully Too.

5-11-17 Will SCOTUS Associate Justice Gorsuch See the Obama Eligibility Case Differently?


See the Video Judges are Reviewing!


A MOTION FOR A RELIEF OF JUDGEMENT or to REOPEN the Case due to the new evidence provided by a law enforcement investigation Cold Case Posse unit deputized under Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa Country AZ provided the evidence that Obama's long form birth certificate is a Fabricated Forgery, not an original, with the use of Johanna Ah'Nees identity birth certificate and was only recently released and available for criminal consideration by the Judicial Branch. See the video below

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