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Hillary -I'll do for Women what Obama did for Blacks - Who Knows How to Protect Women Better - Women or Men?


Hillary -I'll do for Women what Obama did for Blacks - Who Knows How to Protect Women Better - Men or Women?

Accomadating the new Amendment passed by Congress Obama is set to retire in the County helped the least during his tenure at the White House - right smack dab in Cook County South Side of Chicago, Illinois- Harrison District to be exact. 6,000 illegally handled guns that have been seized and just as many homicides in two years . Actually Congress has passed no Amendment stating such should happen, however it does beg the question that if such were the case, how might Politicians act while in Office and what might they do? While Politicians are quick to whip out their six-shooter and blast "gun-violence" the autonomy of guns is clear, and the following statement actually coherent:

[Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said Tuesday his department is doing all it can to combat violence rooted in poverty and hopelessness."It's not a police issue, it's a society issue," Johnson told reporters outside police headquarters. "Impoverished neighborhoods, people without hope do these kinds of things. You show me a man that doesn't have hope, I'll show you one that's willing to pick up a gun and do anything with it. Those are the issues that's driving this violence."]

This leads us right back to the deportation of jobs and with it "Hope & Change", and the incredible anti-American anti-Constitutional Anti-American Jobs Butcher blacks actually over-whelming voted for in 2008 and 2012- Barack Obama. You really have to stretch your imagination to say Obama has helped blacks by saying as Al Sharpton did Obama never proposed passed anything that hurt blacks. What about that "Helped Blacks"? If you count an exploding Food Stamp Crisis and a madatory penalty for not purchasing Health Care Coverage you might be on to something.

 The reality is if you are requiring Food Stamps your wages are not bringing in enough, because your job or lack there of is affecting you adversely. As Obama has been on a foreign nation job building binge you understand how NAFTA and TPP is going to work to help foreigners much more than the inner city dependency. And those Fat-Cats in both parties applying and employing the foreign trade labor force for higher profits by not having to pay unenployment wages and a good American Wage want more of the same with Hillary.

They said [natural born Citizen] ie. Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents didn't matter to you and it didn't matter to Obama either with his "American-loyalty Factor" checked- well- apparently it didn't to blacks either, because they got what they wanted maybe even what they as a majority voted for. Obama sold every American for what now is a 20 Trillion Dollar National Debt- 10 Trillion on his watch. You really can't say Obama wasn't financed well, because he's been the best and most well financed defacto Pres in U.S. History which makes his failure even more stunning and absolute.

You really gotta start to wonder if you were in the seat of God in Heaven, how in the world the United States People don't get the message don't you? 10 Trillion! 70K per person and 6,000 homocides in Chicago where the devil is let loose amongst a People who voted for that Hope & Change. If ever prayer was needed it is needed here in America the most now, because Prayer is the suplication of a change in spirit and hope is the seed which leads to a desire for the fruit of change.

If Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 Election, we might surmise "Women" will be in for just as big of a the lesson of a lifetime, but I do not think that she will make it two terms. Women will get the message far faster than those who were black who voted for Obama based on the Hitleristic Chromosomian featured flawed principle decision making process. 

Voting for someone because they are "black" or a "women" is just the same in my opinion as voting for someone who wants to exterminate someone because they are a "Jew" and set up a superior race that is blue eyed and blond haired. The two decisions are undoubtedly based in chromosomial theory.

It's just unreal that American women and American blacks are falling for it, but this is the nature of divisional politics and we are watching it played out. 

There actually might be just a little more sense in voting for a "rich person" who on one hand you might say bought the office of the president, and on the other hand you could say 'cared enough to see something was wrong" Wealth isn't necessarily chromosomial based. But it makes for interesting conversation for us. 

Is Donald Trump 10BillionaireExtrodinaire never elected to any political office more prepared to raise up jobs in America and by his business savvy infuse jobs jobs jobs, and by that create opportunity - hope and then some change?

I believe it is as bad of a precedent to expect a rich man to buy his way into Heaven when the Lord says it's easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than a rich man into heaven. 

Detractors of Donald undoubtly cringe with the thought of buying the Office of the President, but they lapse in understanding the same thing has happened with Hillary as she peddeled the pay-to-play foreign exchange deposit box of the Clinton Charities. And this brings us to the next question: Who can, will, and has protected women more?

Hillary you might say has already placed literally millions of American Women in the rape crisis center of ISIS. The leaked E-mails of Clinton acknowledge her direct knowledge that Saudia Arabia and Qatar are understood financiers of ISIS. They are undoubtedly Muslim Majority Countries and the Clinton Foundation is on Record of having received 10-25 Million from Saudi Arabia.

According to scholar Bernard Lewis, the Saudi Arabian policy of excluding non-Muslim from permanent residence in the Arabian peninsula is a continuation of an old and widely accepted Muslim policy.
The official form of Islam is Sunni of the Hanbali school, in its Salafi version. According to official statistics, 85-95% of Saudi citizens are Sunni Muslims, 10-15%are Shia. (More than 30% of the population is made up of foreign workers who are predominantly but not entirely Muslim.)
“While this military/para-military operation is moving forward, we need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region,” Clinton wrote.

Rape in Saudi Arabia has been considerably investigated by various observers. In 1988, sexual offences stood at 2.19 rapes per 100,000 population.[1] Under Sharia law, a law generally enforced by the Islamic states(Islamic Law), punishment imposed by the court on the rapist may range from flogging to execution. However, there is no penal code in Saudi Arabia and there is no written law which specifically criminalizes rape or prescribes its punishment. If the rape victim first entered the rapist's company in violation of purdah, she also stands to be punished by the law's current holdings.[2] In addition, there is no prohibition against marital rape or statutory rape.
In Saudi Arabia, rape cases usually target both the defendant and the victim,[3] and in some cases, the victim can be sentenced to even harsher punishment than the assailant, often being raped again.
It stands to reason that the financial obligations inherant upon Hillary Clinton as a Commander In Chief  would necessarily excuse ISIS - in the connection to Saudi Arabia and Qatar - most notably in the same way she excused them in the Benghazi Terror attack three weeks before the 2012 Election and historically the same way that she has enabled her husband by protecting him as a rapist.

In a recent interview with former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich Megyn Kelly was accused of being facinated by sex and she responded:
"You know what, Mr. Speaker? I am not fascinated by sex," Kelly said, "but I am fascinated by the protection of women and understanding what we're getting in the Oval Office, and I think the American voters would like to know ... "

With the 550% increase Hillary Clinton has pledged to Syrian Refugees and the anamosity built in there from U.S. bombings by Obama, it is very easy to see ISIS making a much greater impact on those who are most vulnerable here at home which most obviously would include "women" who it would be no crime in the minds of waring factions to rape. Hillary Clinton stated in a paid speech she dreamed of "open borders" which necessarily displaces and dilutes the United States of America, the U.S. Constitution, and the Nation itself. It is a death knell to a Nation to have a President with such radical unhinged theory clawing for the destruction within that office.

It is a fact, men who have an incredible history of protecting women, much more so than women protecting woman. Men's very nature is seen as provider and protector while women's main thrust is nurturer. It is then obvious Hillary Clinton did absolutely nothing to protect those four men who died in Benghazi as she sat paralyzed by the phone ringing 600 Times for help and  at the same time her coffers being open to Saudi Arabia.
The Halloween Clinton Clowns Coming Around

It is natures answer as well as histories that Hillary Clinton would not protect women as Donald Trump would and denying that requires every bit of a denial that the [natural born Citizen] requirement for the Office of the President [born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents] does not matter. 

The results of this election may indeed be the Rape Crisis Hotline's "busy signal" for women, and sadly it may just be what they voted for. 

Looking at the psychological affect we could label this the [Total compensation of weakness affect] that results in the minority or incriminating characteristic over compensating. 

With the "color" chromosome in play, this means black people may well be protected in a much greater degree by those who "feel" for their circumstances by a disassociation rather than an association. Obama is seen as hurting blacks much more than he helped them with factors like "Food Stamps", "Housing Disabilities", "Jobs" in troubled areas, and thus societal arena's of necessities that "Hope", and "preservation" revolve around. Obama's over-compensation in this area actually is always trying not to be black and associate his person with the white, affluent, educated, and wealthy class that necessarily demands he turn his back on the poor, black, and under educated. Thus he is the worst possible scenario for blacks to have voted for. 

Corresponding this theory with Hillary Rodham Clinton we are reminded that women in power perhaps can have a complex of not being tough enough. Big Government votes for bigger government. This then requires toughness on acid or steroids as may be seen with the former Pennsylvania Democratic Party Attorney General Kathleen Kane who was recently sentenced to prison for trying to stack the deck while playing the victim card and lying in a Court of Law. 
Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy, however, said, “Any lesser sentence than total confinement will absolutely depreciate the seriousness of the crime.”

In Hillary Clinton's case with the Email Private Server there was no doubt that it was structured to favor Hillary Clinton to avoid any over site by the State and Justice Department through the Public Trust of FOIA.  Meaning Hillary does not trust the Public anymore than they trust her, but if she's in office that means she views the public as an enemy and included in the Public are all women.

She inherently feels threatened by women who have 'seduced' her husband in hopes of achieving power themselves she attached herself to former President Bill Clinton over as Wikileaks has released conversations with the goal of destroying Monica. With Bill out of the Office and her in it, she enters a mostly men's foreign power structure where again over-compensation can lead to World War Obama thus far did manage to avoid. In Hillary's United States women and daughters are subjected to a draft she never had to face and thus she can lead by saying do as I never had to do and have fun pressing the red-button when she loses her cool and jump up and down for joy when she knocks a world leader out as she did with Qaddafi.

Placing a repeated exclamation mark on this is Hillary Clinton's blame upon Russia for near everything including the hike of the Democratic Dress in Public exposing quite sordid conversations among the Democratic Party Members. How to attack Bernie Sanders religion that lead to Debbie Wasserman Schultz's disgraceful resignation. Cheryl Mills discussion that Obama's emails to Hillary Clinton need to be covered or cleaned up as they expose Obama's understanding Hillary was off the grid and the Secretary of State's Office was compromised to FOIA. (Freedom of information Act)

Interestingly enough, this theory then would actually lead us to understand the best Candidate to be factored in improving lives in a manner American's generally need right now would be by voting for a poor white guy with a criminal record who may have suffered some injustice. He would necessarily over-compensate for those minorities who are angry about injustices, improve the poorest people's lives with jobs created by a balking of unfair trade and no tariffs, not care to much about what the rich folks thought of him, and protect, defend, and preserve the Constitution which he would understand stands as an individual oriented protection clause from the majority, when it was implemented correctly., as well as understand the limits of Government were subject to the three co-equal branches of government actually being a check and balance to one another for a limited scope of power.

Admit feeling a little spoiled but we were needing so bad, both of us running on bare treads.. lol๐Ÿค•๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ฅ Sacrifices for the Presidential Campaign have been great and much more than anyone really knows. The good Lord knows, and our Truth with him is good enough. ❤ It's been an amazing 2 years getting to and in the U.S. Supreme Court Judy v. Obama 14-9396 Taking A Stand for our U.S. Constitution which includes the Rights of every American.

Admit feeling a little spoiled but we were needing so bad, both of us running on bare
 treads.. Sacrifices for the Presidential Campaign have been great and much more than
anyone really knows. The good Lord knows, and our Truth with him is good enough


Some time's as I ponder the Roots of my Faith and Heritage, I can see plain as day the swath of Lucifer's Combine who chewed up my Family, my Country and even my Church.

I listen to the words of LDS President Ezra Taft Benson in the YouTube Video here, as if he may have been "my last friend" who may have contributed to a Standard of the Constitution rather than paying homage to Globalist who require compromise of our U.S. Constitution without following the proper Amending Procedures.

I've seen the compromise of Politics in many arenas of my life. It was the Opposition towards my Family that lead all 3 of my former wives and children away in the lulling artifices held in secret combinations:

RECAPPING the Devils Lies
Marriage 1- " if you come we will help you, if you ever go back we will dis-own, and never ever help you again". What a Promise to be made by "Parents" with such hatred attached to it?

Marriage 2- Choose your children and a daughters boyfriend over your husbands advice and Council after the agreement didn't turn out the way headstrong teenagers wanted it? The abandonment of cleaving to your spouse over children.

Marriage 3- As soon as you don't require his help with mortgages and the property is improved and refinanced, disguard him and bask in handling it all yourself, for you can. You need no help and it all can be yours in a reduction of the mortgage payment and all his resources will be yours. He should be grateful. The Lie that one horse is better then two pulling the cart, made so evident by the loss of all within three years due to medical attachments unknown and unforseen in the future.

I've seen the Devil in my Church excommunicated me for Standing up for Principles as eternal in Biblical Cannon as the beginning of Adam and passed down from Major Prophets to Major Prophet. Imprison me with False Evidense, denying me the Evidense used against me to cover the wrongdoings and criminal actions of others in Secret Combinations. I've seen the lack of forgiveness even after an agreement was paid that favored those in every way who choose instead never to forgive and continually exact more penalty after the price was paid.

I've seen the Church I once belonged to rationalize the Truth away from God until they found themselves in league with the Devil's own Fabrication and Forgery when the Choice was their's in front of them, on their own front doorstep, on their own porch in Political Responsibility towards the U.S. Constitution in broad daylight, yet they refused.

What manifested Lie I thought was the cause of this compromise made so attractive that massive debt, the employ of slavery abroad, and the gains of praise of the whole World so sought that the Creator of their own form through the Principles of Freedom and Liberty should be looked at as embarrassing?

Yes, that Church gained memberships going from 10 million to perhaps 15 Million but the Leaders denying the Principles rejected now what could have easily been the matured growth of 50 Million in the space of 25 years. Did the Devil pay his Promise? Of course not, and the Leaders considered "Good Stewards"? Of course by the Devils standard, and in their own minds. The Devils projected growth is always "right around the corner" and keeping the Saints in this world "miniaturized" fulfilled his Goal but the Heavens wept for the children.

Yes, and the Results made the Creator grown.

In Politics my Countrymen confused, dissuaded, or perhaps just sold the biggest batch of snakes oil they couldn't afford. The Principles of Devil were divide and conquer, fabricate and forge what you ask? How about we start with [EVERYTHING] including: the Candidates identity, polls, circumstances before elections, voters, and use the Secret Combinations of Assasination, Murder, Mayhem, Theft, and every known criminal complacency in the Halls of Justice, Congress, and Law Enforcement to cover up the Crimes with the Propaganda Arm of the Main Stream Media who were made accomplices.

"Drowned.. strangle the Truth!", was their cry. Create Pajorative Labels like "Birthers", or "Alt Media", and project Libel at any cost to keep the Devil in power and to prevent Truth from catching it's breath.

Protect Racism, and kill the innocent Souls who are actually living who raise the Warning flags of the U.S. Constitution. Sell Sell Sell, to the highest bidder every Office of Government and every Judge by the very weapons they will buy and use to destroy us. But we will hide if any harm falls upon us deep in the caverns we have made. Deny any sense about common sense and magnify the erection of Fraud, Forgery, and Fabrication and sell even the Future Generations for no one will call us evil and get away with it.

Yes, the Devil has had his way with you and his work has been Fast & Furious for he knew his Time was short. The Creator said so, that's who. And through the Devils made madness Heaven will Destroy every plan and Truth shall gain a breath, Justice will fight away, and like the Lion amongst the sheep, none will deliver nor gain from pit they conspired in. They will boil in the excrement of their own choices which Hell has enlarged it's bowels for.

Domestic Enemies will be found and sniffed out like the Skunks they are, and their smell will betray them till they turn inside out with dis-ease and their own reward of debauchery will be delivered. They will long for the U.S. Constitution but they shall have no claim of it in Foreign Lands as Trespassers as they are pushed out of planes with parachutes to their promised lands of Hell. Zion will be an Amazing Choice again, choice above all other choices.

Then will Foreign Admiration as was not known be the United States of America's. Then will the Populations of Foreign Countries rise up and say against their masters you have beguiled us and enriched yourselves, and killed us. LOOK! at how Zion flourishes! She has the Lord's Favor and who can fight against her who has God's favor? Can the Pot say to the Potter, ye made me not? Communism shall fall into its rightful grave and Liberties Flower shall sprout upon it.

While I have suffered all of this God has blessed me with patience flowing like rivers exhausting all my brothers and my Faith is not destroyed but is everlasting in the Soul of my being. My prayers are actually heard and Angel's have been my comforters in the loss of such profound greatness indeed I could find no earthly solace.

Indeed, as the Devil bruised my heel, I smashed his head in. For the People saw as they were given a Choice that Hell was never Heaven, and sure as hell was never Happiness.

God Bless you my brothers and sisters in the Lamb of God, and in his Holy Name, even Jesus Christ and God Bless America. ๐ŸŽผLand that I Love, stand beside her, and guide her ...๐ŸŽผ


 Hearing Request and Report to:
 Jason Chaffetz- Chairman of the Committee on Oversite and Government Reform
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Soccer Review & The Judy's 2016 Halloween Special Part I. 

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HILLARY'S AMERICA... ?- CRJ REVIEW - I'm not quite sure about that

CRJ's Review

I'm not quite sure about that

REVIEW HILLARY'S AMERICA Dinesh D'Souza I rented Hillary's America and watched it last night. My biggest disappointment of the Movie came in your statement " Because of my conviction I can't Vote but you can" 1 in 5 Americans are incarcerated on parole, or probation and if you are [not currently incarcerated] your Vote is protected by the 15 Amendment.

The 15th Amendment to the Constitution granted ALL American men the right to vote by declaring that the
"right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude."

A record number of U.S. citizens — nearly 6 million — will sit out the upcoming presidential election because they are incarcerated, on parole or probation, or are ex-felons.

You have a Previous Condition of Servitude with your call by society's Judicial Branch and if you can be qualified to pay taxes you can Vote or you would also suffer taxation without representation. I would emphasize that previous condition of servitude does not reflect 'color', and color is mentioned separately from 'previous condition of servitude'.

It appeared to me throughout the Movie that Dinesh D' Souza simply bought the smoke both Democrats and Republicans have been selling rather than standing up and reading the Constitution. One would think now he is "one" of those who has been labeled with a past criminal record he would be taking a deeper look into the actual Supreme Law of the Land?

Some "States" and "Municipal" elections don't allow "Voting" By those incarcerated because the total Prison Vote could sway the entire Election, but not so much in Federal Elections.

Utah Law used to allow even those incarcerated to file an absentee ballot. While we responded in opposition to that being overturned, much because LDS Church Officials are not incarcerated based on Polygamy anymore, it only applied to State Elections.
With such a powerful voice as the one heard I sighed in regret for you making this statement without any clarification as it may have disenfranchised near 1/5th of Americans.

That we know CAN influence a Federal Election. With the "3 Strikes Law and you're out" President Bill Clinton signed, I was very surprised to see you not mention this as a disenfranchisement of so many Americans attributed to the population of the new "Plantation" of Democrats. (?)

Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994

Totals    Democrat    Republican    Independent
REQUIRED:Simple Majoritysource:
Democrats having a Hard Time '94 Policy in'16

Of course I am a Registered Democrat and have also run for Office. 2002 U.S. Congress 1st District UT., 2004, 2010 U.S. Senator, 2008, 2012, 2016 U.S. President and the only Presidential Candidate in America with a Bi-partisan Federal Court Record defending the [ natural born Citizen ] clause (born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents) against McCain and Obama. #SCOTUSCase12-5276 & 14-9396

I also did 8 years on a State Criminal Case for a disruption in a Religious Meeting that amounted to State Interpretation of Words in a Religious Meeting.

The application of the Constitution is only successful when those needing fail to take a stand for it. VOTE - you have that right if you are not currently incarcerated. Thank you for your talents as an awesome Story Teller and Movie Maker. Cheers to the Next one!๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘

One of the reasons I have been either a registered Independent or Democrat has been based on "inclusion" and the enfranchisement offered to all American Citizens under the U.S. Constitution. Throughout my post-conviction life, I mostly have not been rewarded too favorably by Republicans, maybe some based on my law suit against Sen. John McCain for not being born under U.S. Constitution Jurisdiction of a State of the Union maybe some from Republicans who were Mormons offended at my offense in the Religious Meeting or Fireside. The length of my sentence seemed more poison from the Republican Party as a Majority during my Time Incarcerated.

I can't say Democrats have been thrilled with me as the only Election I have ever won was the one the Utah Democratic Party lost trying to prohibit me from Running in the Democratic Party in 2002 as they failed to get over the 90% of the vote from those voting. Interestingly enough it was those in Society who often received the worst discrimination themselves who cast enough votes to derail the Utah Democratic Party shenanigan to not allow me to run in the Democratic Party and I will always be grateful to those who stood up for the Constitution with an interest of Individual Liberty and Justice for all in the LGBT and Minority Caucuses and Communities. It could also be that I have protested the fairness and equality of the Constitution's Parameters of Qualification in the Office of President against Barack Obama clear to the U.S. Supreme Court twice 12-5276 & 14-9396.

There is some truth to the horror of being disenfranchised from the Constitution by the very people who profess to stand up for it. , even after the penalties have been paid Society said was fair. I count that discrimination as a horror to our Republic and demeaning of even the spirit of our Country wherein those framers and founders where all considered Felons by England and if we would like to go back further Jesus Christ was considered a malefactor (felon) worthy of the death penalty by those who considered themselves Church Leaders.
John 18:30 They answered and said unto him, If he were not a malefactor, we would not have delivered him up unto thee.
For those who did not get the chance to read the Document I FAXed and Mailed to Representative Jason Chaffetz Chairmen of the House oversight and Government Reform Committee I will include a link here and also include the Live Link Reading I did on Facebook Yesterday below:


 Hearing Request and Report to:
 Jason Chaffetz- Chairman of the Committee on Oversite and Government Reform


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Special Report & Press Release

-From Russia with Love - 




Hearing Request on Facts an Evidences Re: 
a) Qualification of Barack Obama - Considering Executive Privilege and Constitutional Qualification of [natural born Citizen] for Office of the President
b) Consideration of FOIA and in regards to CRJ's #SCOTUS Case Numbers 12-5276 & 14-9396 dismissal for Forma Pauperis discrimination effecting Justice for All-especially the poor
c)Constitutional Qualification in consideration of Hillary Rodham Clinton without Amendment regarding Article I, Section 7 and Article II emphasis on authorization of "He" without the express term Person or "She" under principle of the sexes and authorization under the Constitution.



DEFACTO WAR W Russia has been Declared by OBAMA! The goal: Provoking the Bear to attack you before the Election. They say true progressives are never truly happy, but they are a little relieved when people are being killed.

14 Minutes here, I don't care if you hate Alex Jones. You are not going to see the consortium of Facts put together in a collection of Truth you need to Prepare for that is rapidly developing now than this 14 Minutes.

While Russia just had 40 Million People find their nearest Nuke Bunker what has the News told you?

Listen to these Facts- if we make it to the Election, Hillary Clinton is not the Person we need there unless you want to die in a Nuclear War then by all means vote for her.

And please take Notice of her prodding Russia constantly for a First Strike that excuses her. .. sort of. It's not about Hillary, it's about Obama, his usurpation Covered up by Government and Mainstream Media and the threat of uncovering the Lies.

WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS the USURPATION of Justice, between Obama's Hooks and Goodies and the FBI. BREAKING NEWS NOTICE Patrick Kennedy ( pictured in comments section) was one of the State Department's Main actors in the Hillary Clinton Server Scandal. Now we learn via WikiLeaks this same Patrick Kennedy was orchestrating a Quid Pro Quo to the FBI offering from Obama more positions in foreign countries. Humm thought that was CIA work? Yes FBI Domestic CIA Foreign.. so The FBI has Dreams of expanding operations and is using the leverage to get what they want by compromising Justice? Here is that Report from FOX's Catherine Herridge with the White House Secretary Response Below it.


WOW! HILLARY Campaign /Dems USING RUSSIA AGAINST TRUMP WHILE HOLDING STOCK in a quid pro quo? Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta received intelligence that Barack Obama was the beneficiary of voter fraud in his primary run against Clinton, according to Wikileaks’ dump of Podesta’s emails in 2008 - Now Podesta revelations out of WIKILEAKS are linking Podesta to Putin-connected companies found in the hacked email exchanges the same time Podesta claims Russian spies hacked his email to influence the presidential election.

 You recall Hillary in the 2nd Debate Questioned both unfounded Trump Tax Connections and Trump's Campaign Chairman Donald Trump campaign chairman (Paul Manafort resigns )who was let go for former Russian Election Ties.
Paul Manafort Resigns at Trump Camp amid distractions forced by HRC Camp


 by assault of the [Natural Born Citizen ie. Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents] I told you the Story in this Picture on my Blog months ago June 29th link at the bottom.
[ clearly, the president was lying to the American people: He knew he personally had engaged in several e-mails with Clinton. By extension, Obama was also lying to the Congress]

Obama's Recommend by implicit and direct communication took the Secretary of State Office underground with him in a usurpation away from FOIA in the greatest act of treason the United States has witnessed in our 240 year history!

TREASON! In Government Offices committing Crimes against the People with smiles on their faces and you are worried about what Trump said 11 years ago NBC sat on for years.

Blog Piece with Picture


 Hearing Request and Report to:
 Jason Chaffetz- Chairman of the Committee on Oversite and Government Reform


WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP! Exposing corruption is not easy and as someone  who has standing to stand up in this type of Government Corruption Cody Robert Judy still needs your help.

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Cody Robert Judy

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The Disaster of Hillary Clinton's Foreign Relations Grows

Featured Editorail
The Post & Email
The Disaster of Hillary Clinton's 
Foreign Relations Grows
One of the selling points of Hillary Clinton for Democrats was "Her experience", and much of that was extended to her experiences in her last Government appointment as Secretary of State in etiquette foreign relationships . But that experience, by all accounts, seems to be unraveling by the day as more of an extension of baggage rather than a expertise. 

Hillary Clinton's gladfly with Obama celebrated as a Russian-Reset has deteriorated into, at first, accusations of the Russian Government hacking into the DNC's Servers to throw the U.S. Elections in a millennial neophyte RedScare, but now has escalated into what the Obama State Department is calling for in a crimes against humanity probe against Russia as Russia is claiming the U.S. is arming ISIS that could escalate into a determined and devastating Nuclear War with powerful nations in disagreement.

Russia isn't the only one that Hillary Clinton is railing at, but the whole Middle East has come under fire from her in what can only be described as a deterioration of relations with U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar as Hillary's emails come flush out.


 "... are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region,”. Qatar has given between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation and Saudi Arabia has donated upwards of $25 million dollars to the Foundation. In 2010, Clinton’s top aide said that the up to $60 billion weapons transfer of fighter jets and helicopters to Saudi Arabia was a “top priority.” 

25 Million of 60 Billion is 2.5% would be a standard commission on such an amount serving as a weapons sales commission. 

As Americans ponder this walking talking disaster the Democratic Party has coordinated in an embarrassing dereliction of the Democratic Party Primary, we see a complete opposite stand from GOP nominee Donald Trump as he expresses hope for U.S. Relations with Russia and with Hillary all we see are accusations that highlight periods of impenitent callous of decorum and the fact every time she opens her mouth about Russia she offends the Foreign Relationship as if the secrets out she's eager for war and wants to do to Putin what she recommended be done to Qaddafi in Libya. 

Is this not interfering in Russian Elections just as badly as she claims they are sabotaging her Campaign in her big RedScare and why isn't anyone talking about the Plutonium Russian Deal that contributed to a cash flow to the Clinton Foundation that kind of collaborates with Qatar and Saudi Arabia's contributions to that same Clinton Foundation?

MIND BLOWING! CLINTON CHARITY LINKED TO ISIS! The Wiki LEAKS that show Hillary Clinton knew she was funding ISIS with weapons to Qatar and Saudi Arabia that made her the greatest profiteer and saleswoman in [sales commissions] threaded through the [Clinton Charity Foundation] from Russia, Qatar, and Saudia Arabia ..Stunning Read that closes the Treason Trespass Sign of loyalty to America!

Featured Editorial @ The Post & Email


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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Shock! EXPECT Hillary Clinton to Go FULL BIRTHER!


 There's only one way now for Hillary to Win, and that's throw Obama under the Bus. She's losing now and it's becoming more and more obvious to the Media Moguls who are in a Full blown panic mode right now.

She's dis-enchanted the Millenials with a lack of change, 10 Trillion Obama Debt, and the Bill Clinton Sexual Baggage is just to heavy of a lift with the desperate October Surprise that has fizzled out and energized Trump Supporters more than ever especially given President Bill Clinton's sleazy breezy picadilos Trump brought out in the Parade and Surprise pre 2nd Debate Press Conference. These are real victims of physical sexual interference and assault which is like adding "aggravated" to the charge.

Hillary is desperate and she may have only this one more chance to distinguish herself as a real Champion for the People. I admit it would be risky,  daring, and take enormous courage.

Hillary Clinton took a very hard blow to the face in her 2008 Presidential Campaign. By all accounts she was assumed to win the Democratic Party's Nomination Election right up until George Soros preferred Barack Obama  while Hillary was some 15 points ahead and Obama was just coming on strong.

The Money of the Race chose Color over the Constitution in that choice for Obama and they reaped an almost unprecedented blank check on the national treasury for it. Call it rewarding to say the least! 10 Trillion on the National Credit Card is 70K per man, women, and child in the U.S.!

That's more on Obama's watch then the combination of Presidents from Washington to Bush, and those trafficking in debt made BIG MONEY on it. We know wealthy men like Trump was a benefactor going by his own account and words from 4Billion to 10Billion during Obama's 2 Terms. That's HUGE!

You could say Hillary Clinton took a very large loss for the Team and sometimes you have to do that, but it's not always fun and it is very difficult to shoulder. Hey, she made the most of it compromising the Secretary of State Office with Barack Obama's approval. That's also Huge, but it's coming up short for Democrats dream of a 3rd Term and a Triple Run on all three  Branches of Government for Republicans.

Everything, as Justice Ginsburg noticed poignantly, is on the Table in the very real Trump Blowing Wind and Hillary is like a changing Leaf destined to do what a Leaf does as the grip on the Tree is exasperated weakened with a lack of spring juice- Fall.

Democrats hoped the 'first' Female charge would get Hillary where she wanted to go, but the vagina-Diaries is far from the Heart stock- any women knows this is true. You damage the Heart and it over rules the sex very quickly.

Obama was just a smooth talking natural for Politics, but the [ natural born Citizen ] requirement did not come with his natural gifts. Obama fails the [ Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents] tests inheriting from his father a Kenyan Citizenship. The other thing Hillary needs now more than Obama is more Republican Votes, but how?

She just can't do it with the Democrat Voters even though Obama's tried to register every Foreigner in the U.S. as a Citizen to Vote, there's actually more Highschool Graduates eligible to Vote then refugees Obama has imported. This is now not Obama's problem but Hillary's.

Hillary has acknowledged the Sheer Power and Force of Birthers that put Donald J. Trump as a Political Movement on the National Map. Isn't it amazing! Well, it's True, and Hillary in her broad view of the Political Landscape knows it and she's properly acknowledged it in stump speech after stump speech, but she's on the wrong side of it. She's on the "Chromosome" side instead of the "Constitution"s side" and it's losing her LAST CHANCE to bid for President at her age and health.

I really think she wants to Win, but she's facing the powerful wind of Birthers who know if Trump gets in the Office of President his line-up of Special Prosecutors will know no bounds and Prosecutors happy to do the job,  not only to include her Emails, Pay-to-Play Charities, but Obama's Ineligibility ANYWAYS!

Trump's success at Delivery on his Promises relies on wiping out Obama's Signiture from the chronicles of U.S. legitimacy. Why then would Hillary remain True to Obama's Cover-up?

Only if she wants to lose, does she not go Full Birther. She failed in 2008 because the Racist Label scared her, but it was always about the Constitution and she does not lose one Single Democratic Party Vote now by going Birther for the Truth. She actually picks up Respect, Courage, and most of all Trust, Forgiveness and Likability - the very things she's losing with now.

It's the only way she wins , but it's a magnificent win worthy of the First U.S. Women President. The only question is, "Does she have the Will?"

 Hillary Clinton took one on the chin for Obama, maybe it's time Democrats and Republicans recognized the Truth? This Democrat doubts it but then again I wrote the Post and it very well may depend on how much Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court is looking forward to a President Trump?

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