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SLOW AHEAD DE-CONSTRUCTION OF OBAMACARE MIGHT START IN 3 YEARS!? Say What-Basically a Trump 2nd Term Wipeout.  Not exactly the Message Americans were ready to hear after voting in a man never elected before into the highest office of the United States of America.

Trump is about to get an education on Establishment Republican Construction and Democratic Party Delay by way of Regulation, but it will cost him a second term Presidency for lying to the People.

Trump has prided himself in the private sector as a Builder.  Building SKYSCRAPERS under budget and ahead of schedule seems to have been kind of a Trump Trademark and went hand-in-hand with the confidence Americans saw in electing him. But that Trademark is about to hit a Huge Wall called his own Republican Senate and House.

It's a wreck I called awhile back now believe it or not. In the fast age of intelligence people have come to expect more instantly.

In 2008 when Obama was the freshman senator entering the White House he had the benefit of Democrats or same party super majorities in the House and Senate. Obamacare was literally shoved down the Public she throat with that power Dems felt was a Mandate. Obamacare was passed or built in less than two years.

Democrats didn't play it safe and say " We might get to it in 3 years" , the way R-KY Sen. Mitch McConnell and a bunch of majority Republicans from the House and Senate just did. 

With buy-in from Donald Trump’s transition team, GOP leaders on both sides of the Capitol are coalescing around a plan to vote to repeal the law in early 2017 — but delay the effective date for that repeal for as long as three years.]

Of course I was waiting to hear that story, but didn't think we'd hear it before President Elect Trump was sworn in.

As a write-in 08 and Democratic Candidate for President in 2012, and 2016
I know first hand about the Judicial Branch's slight upon Justice with Obama's Ineligibility.

How they protected Obama in a massive cover up that had tennicles that aloud his Defacto Presidency against the sound, historical, and legal precedent of the U.S. Constitution. I was disparaged by both Republican and Democratic Establishment but it was not for being wrong on the definition of [natural born Citizen] ie. Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents, it was for not going along.

Americans saw a hope in President Elect Donald J. Trump as a rich guy who built things. They felt he knew how to get things done.

But as the following letter reveals time stamped during the Campaign before Trump's VP Pick ,  Trump may have intentionally blown what would amount to the biggest Campaign Fraud upon the American Budget affecting Incomes in every household. That was the ability to Legally Repeal Obamacare without a Super Majority of Republicans.

As the following correspondence with the Trump Campaign and my Campaign reveals Trump probably made himself a one-Termer with his choice for VP, because in that single choice he lost the highground to Repealing Obamacare with the stroke of an Executive Order declaring Obama Ineligible for the Office of President.

Sure he can certainly write the Order now as he would but there is no doubt it would immediately go to Court with a hundred Democrat Lawyers.

If Trump says now Obamacare was never signed by a Constitutionally Qualified President's, the Judges would say " You're telling us this now. Where's your Record of protest and defense of those Qualifications? " Trump's only record would be " things he said against Obama and Cruz.

The Court would say, well so you believed it kind of sort of, but not enough to bring it to Court for Official Record? That doesn't sound like you believed it very much. Your certainly not hampered by not having enough money for good lawyers, Court costs, and Printing fees like that Candidate for President Cody Robert Judy (CRJ) was.

In fact, we have a Record he was asking for your support and assistance financially as far back as 2011, but you didn't give him a dime. That doesn't sound like you believed it very much way back then.

Because the Qualifications of President and Vice President are the same, Trump in choosing CRJ could have claim on CRJ's Record. The fact CRJ didn't win in Court is not a sticking point when your in Court determining whether Obama was Constitutionally Qualified.

If a PresidentTrump was a Defendant in Court it places the burden of proof on the Plaintiff. in other words, those 100 Democratic Lawyers would have to have every Record of Obama's in there proving his eligibility beyond any reasonable doubt simply because Trump wields Executive power .

Not to mention Trump would have a very powerful Ace in the United States Attorney General. Now, Trump still has that A.G. Card, but the Court could give him grief over his lack of defense when he had responsibility as a Candidate for President with Standing and didn't make a whimper in Court.

President Elect Trump as said "LEGAL" how many times during his Campaign? He's said "Law and Order" how many times during his Campaign?

Trump is essentially set up to take a very big fall and he won't have Republican Elected Leaders sticking with him through the fog of political war. Republican Leaders in the House and Senate have already made very clear how weak their loyalty is to him if it only takes a recorded conversation off tge cuff ten years back for them to abandon ship.

Trump's smart when it comes to leverage and getting things built, but Obama's 8 years and avoiding accountibility to the Constitution was no easy run. Every conceivable trick in the book has been used.

For my own part, no its not easy to lower my Presidential Candidate flag in submission to Trump's Campaign when I wrote the letters to his Camp. But my thought was in a long term recovery and indeed making America greater. Hopefully Republicans and Democrats can work together with the interest of our Constitution in mind.

With Obamacare Premiums kicking in 2016 the hurtlocker for families and small businesses begins with Obamacare. I agree, sometimes it's dividing and divisive to spend the time and energy fighting an opponent after a Campaign is over.

The problem is without wiping Obamacare off the map by convincing America and the Court's he was not eligible in the first place , you've bound yourself and your own progress to the Crooked road that Obama created in two years.

Blaming your opponent won't last 3 years for Trump, the way blaming Bush for 7 years did for Obama. Can you really imagine Trump taking 3 years to knock a building down let alone failing to build its replacement for 3 of his 4 year term?


7pm UPDATE at Bottom of Correspondence  Letters


 unnamed [text/plain] 7.56 KB Download 
Dear Mr. Trump c/o

Mr. Paul Manafort -Campaign Chairman
[OBAMA TrumpProofing]

Dear Mr. Trump & Mr. Manafort:

Hat-Tip to you for being the GOP PRESUMPTIVE Nominee Mr. Trump. Congratulations on a well
played Primary Season.

As a continued and Active D 2016 Presidential Candidate for U.S. President for perhaps
another month anyway, (the ONLY U.S. Presidential Candidate with a triple run
'08,'12,'16, and holding a Bi-Partisan Federal Court Record of Standing against McCain
and Obama's ineligibility as [natural born Citizens] ie. Born in the U.S. to Citizen
Parents-importantly negating Obama's Racist Card) and with that the legal KEYS to "moot"
every ACT of Congress and Executive Order Obama has ever signed in the Office of
President, including Obamacare and the Environment Paris Accord, now being so-called
"Trump-Proofed" for four years as the Politico Story cited manifest), as long as I am
considered for President or Vice President, as the U.S. Constitution demands the same
qualifications for both Offices, I am once again constrained now especially that Mr.
Trump is the presumptive nominee for the GOP, to council the great hurdles being Set-Up
by the Obama Administration to tie & trip a Trump Presidencies hands up in Court for 4
years making any progress nearly impossible and costing America a historical Restoration.

Unfortunate as the Case maybe, LEGAL RECORDS matter in things Democrats want, immigration
status matters legally as Mr Trump hammers away, as well as Constitutional President
Qualifications "legally". The "Legal Record" matters more than the popular or populist
Record, as long as our Constitution Republic Stands.

If by chance you think my council is valueless, I assure you an army of Attorneys
preparing against you now working 24/7 in the Democratic Party side preparing for the
cowboy bull-dog maneuver out of the gate.

Now is the Time to prepare to win that battle by pulling Obama up by the Roots, but
you've got to "legally" fight this from the highground, otherwise you may be President of
nothing but a divided Union of unparalleled notoriety and disaster.

Indeed, the choice is yours for Vice President and your Choice is being ramshafted by the
Establishments gaining the high ground and having the last laugh or your grabbing that
high ground now.. Legally. There's only over way for our Records to be One Mr. Trump.
That's just the way the Constitution Cookie was made.

Democrats will exhaust every legal hurdle against Mr. Trump including impeachment if
necessary for violating "Obama Signed Laws", not limited to an infuriated Republican
Establishment attested by hundreds of millions of dollars in oppositional campaigns just
wanting Mr. Trump as the insurgent outsider to take the humpty-dumpty fall.

Our mutual concern is indeed working Today for a Better America Tomorrow and in the
process Making America Great again.

In 2011 Mr. Trump received something of a political following by simply saying on the
View he thought Obama should release his long form birth certificate.

I on the other hand was involved in making a Federal Court Record that HAD to stand on
Principle over Party. That meant being hated by Republicans because of McCain v. Judy and
hated by Democrats because of U.S. Supreme Court cases for Judy v. Obama 12-5276 &

That last Case could be activated very quickly if Trump picked me as VP and America would
regain hope for a new America!!!!?

I shall not go in to detail herein on strategy as the Trump Campaign has hitherto been
rather ungrateful or unappreciative of the value of my Federal Court Record, I alone in
the United States hold legally. Not another Politician holds the Keys or can offer you
Mr. Trump possible success so much smoother.  Perhaps it was best for the Primary Season,
however, TIME now it is of the essence and your critical choice is at hand for VP as well
as the Trap Door snapping shut.

You will never have this Choice again.

God Bless You and, may the best man indeed win.

Mr. Cody Robert Judy
XXX-XXX-XXXX Text and private cell

Quoting info :

Thank you for your message and concerns.  We will forward your  suggestions to our
advisors and they will investigate it further.   We appreciate your willingness to help
the campaign.  Together we  can Make America Great Again!


Team Trump

Sent: Monday, August 3, 2015 2:27 PM
To: info
Subject: URGENT: SCOTUS Case Petitioner/Candidate JUDY V. OBAMA  14-9396 sending a 
friendly warning


Dear Mr. Trump:

Received this Email Address as the best way to contact you/your  Campaign Manager Corey 
R. Lewandowski.

To introduce myself very briefly. My name is Cody Robert Judy (XXX) XXX- XXXX.  I am an 
FEC 2016 Registered Candidate for President in  the Democratic Party and was also in '08 
and '12.<> my blog<> just  went over 275,500.  
Yes I am small, however: I have now the  distinction of currently having the longest 
lasting SCOTUS Case  pending right now on Obama's Ineligibility Judy v. Obama,14-9396<> in United States History. I am the only former/current Candidate in America with a bi-partisan stand against both McCain/and/Obama on the 'natural born Citizen' clause of Art. 2, Sect.3, Clause 5. My Campaign is now a FEATURED STORY at The Post &  

Listen, when it comes to making America great again under the U.S.  Constitution we are 
on the same team and I hope to extend my hand in  friendship, perhaps, work with you 
under some confidentiality of  course. I really do think that both 'Party 
Establishments' are  setting your campaign up for a fall and this is how it will happen, 
unless you take the urgent steps needed to protect yourself before  the Aug 6th Debate!

Was up all night writing the following Post that I believe you  should seriously 
consider as a warning that the Republican  Establishment through the Obama 
Administration influence may be  setting your Campaign up for a doozy.

1- Over 300 News Agencies in every State of the Union Received the  following Press 
Release this morning WILL TRUMP  
SUE<>?  and 
since being released at 7am has been distributed to 180 Facebook Group sites and has 
about 230 likes. You may have received my Tweets regarding this already. ie., See the 
Blog  site.

I will leave it at that. The info is telling enough. Of course being  President entails 
reaching across the isle for help and assistance  for no one can do it alone. Would hope 
this is seen as nothing other  than that with the experience I have had in some 14 Cases 
across the  Nation on this issue. I certainly agree to meet Mr. Trump at his  expense, 
and would prefer any further intelligence regarding this  matter be made in private and 
face to face for obvious reasons.

Mr. Cody Robert Judy
Candidate for Pres. 2016, '08.'12
Ogden, Utah USA
Due to so many comments on FACEBOOK on this post I am posting this Comment of mine.

This was a proposal I sent Carson and Trump. I believe a lot of people will try and use the "21 Million People" will lose their insurance fear mongering tactic on any change.

But the bottom line is it was never a right and the mandate made socialized nightmares happen that we also feared.. high prices .. long lines.

The KEY to remember is what happened in 2 Years with Obamacare?

If Republicans think they can tax the Holy Ganoly out of Americans with a Healthcare Jack , they will lose seats in 2018 and 2020 will be Trump's end of POTUS.

Socialization of Medicine wad not the Mandate this Election. Anyway, Trump's got to implement a Replacement but first a Total Repeal or he will get dragged into Court on every little hiccup of Obamacare that's he wants to Repeal.

Yes a new PLAN might keep some things, but it won't be part of the Old One with legal hurdles to jump in order to implement.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Altered or Alternative
Democrats face void of Truth

One thing that Democrats might be good at and that's "making labels up" for Americans- Birthers- Truthers- Alt-Media- Deplorables to name just a few. In fact, Truther had it's originating base line copied for the term Birther, even though more than half of Democrats believed Bush was complicit in 9/11. The lost defense of TRUTH hit Hillary Rodham Clinton hard in the 2016 Election. The good thing about that was the showing for all Americans that Truth still has value after all it was indeed Obama who waited three years before handing out his long form birth certificate and it was more than half of Republicans who didn't believe Obama was ever born in the U.S. or qualified as a [natural born Citizen] ie. born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents. 

Alt-Media was a term Hillary Clinton made famous in her Presidential Campaign speech, but what it really signified was Media the Democrats couldn't control affecting the Altered-Media the Democrats force-fed as controlled Mainstream Media. So if Altered Media and Alternative Media are confusing to you, let's explore the MVP of Altered Media -Obama and understand the Alternative Media only became alternative because the Altered Media was throwing good apples out behind the barn with the rest of the horse biscuits and calling it Horse Sh*t which confused many people with no experience as a stall boy.

As a former professional horsemen and the son of Farmers with all kinds of animals in the barn, I have had a lot of experience with cleaning out stalls. To save sawdust my Mom used to engage us in "picking up the horse biscuits with our hands because a pitch-fork took out too much sawdust with the waste. The key in that process was getting to the mess before it was strewn around to much. We cleaned stalls every day and we took pride in a clean barn. Another way you might say that which we heard quite a bit about in the Presidential Campaign Crowds of President Elect Donald J. Trump was 'draining the swamp'. 'Draining the swamp', 'cleaning the stalls'-  it all has to do with a fresh clean slate to lay down in and be comfortable without smelling the stench so bad that you pass out, lose interest, walk away, or don't vote.

Democrats today are voting for a Speaker of the House. A position Rep. Nancy Pelosi has held for 14 years- eight of which have been presiding over losing 1,000 seats across the Country to Republicans. Still Democrats laud her ability to "Raise Money". Well, if raising money was about winning, she's proved to us the two do not go hand-in-hand. 

If raising money was her gift to Democrats why would she stop raising money for Democrats if she lost the Speaker-ship? If she stopped raising money on the basis of her position, couldn't the money she is raising in her position just be called blackmail/extortion money anyway? Thus Democrats should theoretically not worry about the money Rep. Nancy Pelosi has raised, it should come in anyway if it's the Democratic Party Platform that counts right?

Of course Rep. Nancy Pelosi has hung on to her gavel with 134 votes, but it also came with a price tag - fewer coronations and more reality checks in the interest of young Democrats noticed as hung out to dry in the leadership pariah-of-the-clan that gathering opposition steam represented by a surprising 63 votes! 

Represenative Nancy Pelosi indeed may have raised some good money for the Democratic Party, but Republican Establishment favorite Jeb Bush blew through a 100M and Democratic Establishment favorite Hillary Rodham Clinton blew through a Billion with identity politics as the small rudder navigating a large ship that has lost its way in bedrock values such as fairness, equality,  and opportunity for quite some time now

[..the majority of Americans live in states in which there are Republican trifectas or veto-proof legislative majorities. Two-thirds of the nation’s governors are Republicans; more than two-thirds of our state legislative houses are under Republican control. Republicans control both houses of Congress and have just won the presidency.]
Still the Democrats persist money is the key to winning and Obama is on a tangent about alternative media which sounds a little more like a Defacto President who is decrying freedom of speech - one of those staples we all know he defends? The problem for the Democrats is presented as a conundrum represented in the picture of this Post.

Obama installed as a usurper of the U.S. Constitution cannot possibly be it's defender. He is and never was qualified for the Office of the President demanding in the Qualification section a natural born Citizen ie. born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents. 

Obama is as legal in the Office of the President as Jack-a-lopes bound the prairies of the United States. They normally don't have horns and abnormally do.  Rabbits with horns don't exist and neither does a legal Constitutional Qualified President in Barack Obama. It has only been the Altered Media that has thought so fabricating , just as Obama's long form birth certificate was fabricated and proven such by a law enforcement investigation, suppressed by the MSM, Congress, and the Courts.

On one hand Obama understands that without the U.S. Constitution minorities like Muslims [insert any religion]Americans, Irananian-Americans, Turkish Americans, Mexican-Americans, and every other [ [insert foreign state-Americans], male[insert sex]-Americans are not subject to fairness, equality, and opportunity, and the Democratic Party has been a big champion for minorities. They have counted on that vote, but haven't done much less of standing up for American-Americans. 

In their desire to help and assist minorities there begin to be a real hateful disparaging discrimination against American-Americans- ie. The natural born Citizens [born in the U.S. to Citizen parents]. They turned blindly against the foundation of propagated Americans that was not dependent upon the 14th Amendment or any other naturalization act of Congress that the Office of the President was reserved for exempting only those born at the time of the Adoption of the U.S. Constitution. American-Americans felt that and spoke out about it in the 2016 Election. President Elect Donald J. Trump saw the opening plain as day and Obama had no answer accept an attempt to pacify with this fabricated long form birth certificate certified by his mother's friend Loretta Fuddy, now deceased, at the Hawaii Health Department and his childhood friend as Governor. 

In the conundrum of the Post Picture, Obama laments that if we didn't have the Constitution, including the Electoral College System held within it, Democrats would have won the Election. So, you have an unqualified candidate in Obama who is a walking talking violation of the Constitution that Democrats are supposed to defend, lamenting that, gosh, if we didn't have the Constitution's Electoral College , Democrats would be winning. 

No they wouldn't. 

Because most Democrats are minorities and depend upon the U.S. Constitution for a defense. This presents a big problem for Democrats. Defend Obama or Defend Minorities but you can't do both or you lose. That's a real truth. Democrats will never gain any kind of high ground until they acknowledge Truth. Obama is not Qualified under the same Constitution that is the Supreme Law of the Land and is represented as the Republic for which we stand. Maybe Democrats feel the Pledge of Allegiance is out-dated too and they would prefer a message from 'Anonymous' for our elementary school children to the Pledge that protects minorities with "Justice for All" Citizens under the Constitution? 

Democracy in it's purest form is the bully of the crowd trampling the rights of the minorities. Minorities need to be very afraid of that for good reason. They will lose their rights and privileges to a pure Democracy. They are clearly outnumbered and shouldn't forget it. That should make them the biggest defenders of the U.S. Constitution and the biggest opponents of Barack Obama. I understand it as a Democratic Candidate for President in 2012 and 2016, but do you think Rep. Nancy Pelosi gets it?

No she doesn't. 

If Obama was a painting Nancy Pelosi was the brush stroking the canvas. She was included in two different forms signing off to the States he was Constitutionally Eligible in U.S. Supreme Court Case Judy v. Obama No. 14-9396. She lied and its cost Democrats over the last eight years much more money than Rep. Nancy Pelosi ever raised for the Party. The Democratic Party swerved left for a fast gain and now has hit the wall against Americans they put up themselves. They turned their back on the Law, but in their defense it took a lot of complacent Establishment Republicans including Mitt Romney also decried by President Elect Trump a big loser.


In opposition to an editorial run in the Miami Harold I made the following comment based mostly in the fact that there is a lot of truth hanging in the balance of the MSM and Journalist of the Altered Media that somehow the Constitution's Qualifications for Office are Racist ( also clearly defended in another Editorial here ) which only firms up the discrimination against American-Americans leaving the hole exposed by Democrats that lost the 2016 Election. The Altered Media is the MSM in it's delusion. Americans are getting it!

The author no doubt has fallen for the gas depicting himself as the “Elitist” He no doubt has called the Constitution’s Qualifications as a tail of the horse the 5th leg.
We American-Americans or [ natural born Citizens] know different.
It’s despicable that he’d throw an apple in the pile of muck behind the barn and call the apple Horse Sh*t!
[ The people who insist that President Obama is not a native-born American deny they are racists. Yes they are.] The Qualification for President is [ natural born Citizen] ie. Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents- not native born citizen idiot!

[One of my favorite Abraham Lincoln stories relates his encounter with an elitist lawyer who, during a trial, dismissed him as a rustic bumpkin. Lincoln posed him a simple riddle. “If we call a tail a leg, how many legs does a horse have?’ The smug lawyer replied, “Five.” Lincoln corrected him. “No, he still has four legs, because calling a tail a leg does not make it one.”
People are free to engage in self-delusion if they wish, but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, it is a duck, and these comments are racist. But perhaps these bigots should heed the poet Robert Burns’ advice in the poem “To A Louse.”
‘O would some power the gift give us to see ourselves as others see us.’]

Oh why can't he see himself as he is? Is he a Stupid Idiot or is he the bowling ball wrecking Dems?

If American-Americans can't even have one office reserved for them in their own land and instead feel the dragons breath of the MSM, what incentive is there? Well, clearly the American-Americans heard that call and felt the fire of being called another name made up by Hillary Clinton "Deplorables". 

The facts that the MSM have altered, their participating General Public perception, is as evident as the General Public not hearing about Judy v. Obama 14-9396 from the inception of it being filed in Utah's Federal Court system to the U.S. Supreme Court but the opposite happening in the Same-Sex Court Cases. There have hundreds of Press Releases they have "sat on" in participation of the cover up. That is what 'altering media' is. It's altered the Public Perception of Truth - which was in fact the U.S. Constitution's Qualification.

As another example, the cover-up that Hillary Clinton avoided FOIA with her Email Set Up was also altered as a "Convenience". Avoiding FOIA is a crime for a Government Official especially against The American People.  Convenience had less to do with it than avoiding accountability and responsibility to the Law, but the laws that most applied were not the ones the FBI held her accountable too. 

If Truth prevailed with the MSM regarding [Birthers], they would understand the two part qualification of soil and parents with [natural born Citizen] and that it has nothing to do with [religion] which they would like to present as a  narrative of bigotry. This is false also. The Qualification for President in the Constitution of the United States has no religious test.
The truth is Obama was enrolled in a Muslim only elementary school in Indonesia and was registered in it as a Muslim by the name of Barry Soetoro. 

  Of course people in the U.S. are free to change their Religions and the fact that he was registered Muslim has little to do with his present religion and that has less to do with any qualification required by the U.S. Constitution. His recorded foreign adoption might however in legal theory and has some merit in truth as far as his mother's inherited citizenship to him. 

If a traitor to the U.S. gives up their U.S. Citizenship for a foreign citizenship, being a U.S. Citizen no longer applies. Anwar al Awlaki born in the State of New Mexico to foreign nationals of Yemen held dual citizenship America and with Yemen and Obama sent a drone over to kill him.

In the respect Obama is not qualified for U.S. President neither was Anwar al Awlaki, yet both may have run for Representative or Senator which only requires [Citizen] and is included in the naturalization act Title 8 subsection 1401, a-h. Obama like Anwar has an inherited citizenship from Kenya from his father. The place of Anwar's birth made little difference to his inheriting citizenship to Yemen through both his Parents. 

If the Birther issue was 'racist', how did (Caucasian) McCain, Cuban Rubio/ Cruz and Indonesian Jindal get on the SCOTUS Record of my presidential petition and claim to the U.S. Supreme Court? And Why has the media hidden those aspects away in participation in the cover up to the General Public unless they are participating in a cover up of altered media?

The U.S. Supreme Court denied me a Hearing based on not having the funds to pay when my poverty condition was in fact accepted in lower courts as well was given to them in official record. This amounted to a #waronpoor and against Justice for All. How do Democrats feel about equality and fairness in a Presidential Race? Well, their treatment for Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders is documented, but let's not forget my Campaign or for that matter President Elect Donald J. Trump's who has never held Public Office Dems. 

The jury may still be out on whether money trumps truth or wither truth can save Democrats and MLK Jr. seemed to agree stating:
The truth of these words is beyond doubt, but the mission to which they call us is a most difficult one. 


There will be one more National Presser from Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Possee December 15th, 2016.


Cody Robert Judy was the only Presidential Candidate in America to have a bi- Partisan Federal Court Record taking a stand for the [ natural born Citizen] Qualification for U.S. President in three runs for President 2008, 2012, and 2016.

 See: Judy v. McCain Las Vegas, NV.
U.S. Supreme Court Judy v. Obama 12-5276 &14-9396.

Thank You!

Cody Robert Judy Campaign
Cody Robert Judy

Campaign Committee to elect Cody Robert Judy U.S. President in 2016.
Cody Robert Judy


Friday, November 25, 2016

Natural Born Citizen - Why Republicans Failed National Security

-Natural Born Citizen -
 Why Republicans Failed
 National Security

Some have wondered, some have guessed, but a few have known that the cover up on Obama's Ineligibility was in plain sight. So why have Republican Leaders in Congress as well the Courts , champions of so-called "National Security" , not followed Law & Order, set up a system for some that's different for others, and disqualified Obama as a Disability to the Office of President if he's Ineligible for that Office?

The answers may surprise you, but first let's take a detailed look at what [ natural born Citizen ] means and the Qualification of Time it spans as if Congress were the children and knew nothing, because that seems to be the biggest defense these days for Presidential Candidates, "I didn't know" , "it was a matter of convenience" , and of course there is , " I don't want to be labeled a Racist".

First we can primarily and elementarily understand that there is something different about [natural born Citizen] because the Qualification in the U.S. Constitution for the Offices of a U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator is [Citizen].

If Congress is only authorized to Adopt [Citizens] through the [ naturalization ] process, we can rule out any circumstance they have supposed in any naturalization Acts as being [natural born Citizen].

With all types of Citizenship we understand there are only two variables that can vary in ascertaining types of allegiance. The Place can vary and basically announces the Law or Jurisdiction of Law you were born under. Your Parents in the U.S. are both able to vote, so are considered relevant in an inherited citizenship.

Now, if your Mom or Dad cannot Vote in America they have what is called a foreign or alien allegiance to the United States of America. Thus if you're a child of a mixed or divided parental allegiance you inherit that divided allegiance plainly just like you inherited half your genetics from both parents.

The different scenarios or circumstances of Birth have all been considered by Congress in the naturalization acts that make a child a U.S. Citizen, but remember we did not say [ natural born Citizen ].

There is only one definition of [ natural born Citizen ] that is definitely missing from Congressional naturalization Acts and that definition is [Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents]. The reason of course is it was never doubted, by anyone, that a Nation could propagate it's own population.  To deny such would be treasonous to the Nation itself and it would be an act-of-subversion or war to declare such population by another Nation.

The accommodations of the three variables then exist between foreign soil, foreign father and foreign mother. You could be born on U.S. soil to foreign parents and the naturalization act known as the 14th Amendment assist your claim of U.S. Citizenship, not [natural born Citizenship].

The verbiage is clear in the 14th Amendment - [All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.]

Did it say [ natural born Citizens] ? No, it says [citizens]. So, why would anyone suppose all Obama had to be was born in the U.S. to be a [natural born Citizen]? If you think about it, the thought of forgetting the word [citizen] in the 14th Amendment and [natural born Citizen] in Art. II. Sect.1,C-5 is "delusional" or in other words a denial of Facts.

It's also delusional to think Congress can adopt [ natural born Citizens]. That would be like two parents saying they wanted to Adopt the child they both were natural mother and father to. The Court's would laugh at such a delusion as an absurdity. They don't have to. They are the mother and father.

So the 14th Amendment makes clear those born in the United  States of America are Citizens and respectively in defining the Union of State's, declares, [and of the State wherein they reside ], didn't say territory or accupied piece of foreign soil like Panama for Sen. McCain.

Sen. McCain was not born in a State of the Union. He was in fact [naturalized] by an Act of Congress. It's delusional or a denial of facts to say otherwise.

The Office of President/VP/ was the ONLY office RESERVED and PRESERVED for the Nation of The United States of America. Obama says things have changed and essentially the blurred lines of the Internet cable , shared WiFi air space, and commerce between Nations that the United States of America is not so. Obama is delusional. We have borders, laws against illegal immigration, as do other Nations.

[Obama has said he worked to make the re-establishment of diplomatic ties between the United States and Cuba“irreversible,”Everything Obama did to open Cuba could be revoked because it was all done through executive action and regulatory changes, the latter of which were more formal but can be reversed.]

UPDATE: Nov. 26,2016 Fidel Castro has died:
(May he rest in peace. The Leader for the Nation of Cuba for a long time. I like the perching dove on his shoulder story)
 [A few days after President Obama’s highly publicized visit to Cuba in 2016 — the first by a sitting American president in 88 years — Mr. Castro penned a cranky response denigrating Mr. Obama’s overtures of peace and insisting that Cuba did not need anything the United States was offering.]

The Office of the President was reserved for America's homegrown allegiance & posterity. Dual , Divided or Fractured allegiance was understood to be needing adopting status and Congress took them up. For example, Title Eight ss 1401 a-h is entitled [ Nationals and Citizens at Birth].

Notice it does not say [ natural born Citizens]. It mimics the 14th Amendment language of [ Born and naturalized in the U.S. ].

The Constitution cannot endure an immoral people. Delusional people deny Facts. People who lie distort the Truth. These are forms of Dishonesty and act as a destructive force upon the Nation.

I'm not sure where we can find a bigger lie upon the Nation than a sacrifice in National Security or that which prohibited any other allegiance in the Office of President other than American.

Now why is this a most vulnerable position? The Office of President is the Head of the Executive Branch co-equal in Powers of the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch.  Those two Branches are divided up in concentrations of many Body Congress Offices and Panels of Judges, and People moving slow in majorities and actions.

The Office of President was needed for swift decisive circumstances demanding a head not a body taking votes. It was however hamstrung by two term as limits but remained a co-equal Branch.  It was further hamstrung or reigned in from abuse by the Qualification of [ natural born Citizen] ie. Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents- Total and complete American Allegiance that takes two generations.

You would also have to be delusional to think that life in the U.S. was exactly like life in Iran, or North Korea, or China, or Russia, or Sweden. The biggest concern in two generations of time for the Office of President was acclimation of our Laws, Customs, and norms which are different than any other Nation. Denial of these facts is Delusional. They are Recorded in The House Judiciary Committee 2000.

The disturbing reality is I believe Congress and the Court's are very capable of absorbing all these Facts, just like elementary school children. That makes their delusion of the Facts a complete violation of Law & Order.

Art.II, Sect.1, C--5 specifically mentions that being a [ natural born Citizen] was not the Qualification for President if you were a [Citizen] at the Time of the Adoption of this Constitution .

It made sense to grandfather in Citizens of a new Nation at the Time it was being forged with its own Sovereignty Land mass called States that formed a new Jurisdiction of Law & Order dedicating powers and authority best to preserve itself.

I feel it a tragedy that these Majority Republicans in the House and Senate now since 2010 and 2012 respectively have failed to bring their impressions to enlighten the Public for the Trust of the Nation, but they have all either hidden or remain delusional to the Fact that Obama is not a [ natural born Citizen ] with his Kenyan father who was never a U.S. Citizen with the power of a Vote.

It's not a shame to American Ideals to say our Law Demands someone born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents as President. It's a Recognition! A Reward! A Positive Incentive regardless of color, race, prior condition of servitude, or sex!

Sure, you may need 60 Senators for a denial of a filibuster , but not for a Hearing in a Committee where you can persuade with Facts even your childish colleagues and advertise to the Nation on C-Span such Facts as Reality differentiating the Delusions. Come on, I'm a Democrat, have been for years.

I don't subscribe to delusion of Facts relating to our Constitution. I sued McCain and Obama. Republican Cowards in the corner, I say, "Come out!" Stand as Americans with some courage as I have for True Principle. If you're embarrassed by our Nation because of being called Racist you sure don't have the courage to lead a Nation in the positions you are in.

You have frankly compromised our Nation's top Office.  There is no other word for it. Why? Was it to gain 1,000 seats across the Land Obama has lost for Democrats while you sanctioned the 10 Trillion in the Treasury and sold generations after you their Freedom and Liberty?

Was it because Sen McCain was a good-ole-boy  and cronyism is less feared than racism? Who ever had two Congressional Acts on their citizenship and wasn't called the prankster of the [ natural born Citizen] ship?

 Was it because you hoped Obama would pave the way for a much deeper bench of Republican Senators Representatives, and Governors who also like Obama are not [ Born in the U.S  to Citizen Parents- making them not true [natural born Citizens]?

Well, compromise is good but not if you die first. You gotta stand up and draw a line and defend Americans or you are sacrificing Americans, and those whose hopes and dreams rest in that defense. Sure, Republicans and Democrats have their differences, but in the end we are Americans-some new-some old- not all are Qualified for President, not all for the House or Senate, but we are under the U.S. Constitution and it is the Republic for which we stand.

You know I've fought Democrats as a Democrat. I've fought Republicans too. I don't give a damn about standing for corruption over the red, white, and blue. Our Constitution demands a natural born Citizen in the Office of President, and Obama's failed that test. He's an embarrassment in the Office for our elementary children watching and reading we want them to be the best.

They know you know and your example is thus far sick and delusional. Look at Minor v. Happersett which is SCOTUS precedent and states, " No doubt for those born in the Country to its Citizens were natives or natural born Citizens to the others there have been doubts" , and ask yourself is an Entire Co-Equal Branch of the Government worth giving up the high ground, or is the Office of President an office you are comfortable leaving with doubts?

No doubt your Republican Establishment lost the Presidency to someone who never held office before. President Elect Trump was hammered as the Leader of the Birther Movement and inspired more to come out and vote because they saw an opening to smash the Establishment of Corruption.  Your pink slip may come quickly.

You Republicans who are left and continue to fail National Security are not out-of-the-woods yet. In fact, failing to act might be just what Democrats need as you get blamed for the National Security breech in the Office of President.

You may have heard of the out-Landish Australian Refugees Australia won't even take from Theocracies in the Middle East predominate to Islam. The Refugees are Muslims but Obama has a stealth plan to bring them. 

The breach of NATIONAL SECURITY is in the hands of these men who have so far refused the Facts of Evidence received by them in the COLD CASE POSSEE of Sheriff Joe Arpiao of a fabricated long form birth certificate, and Selective Service Record.

There will be one more National Presser from Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Possee December 15th, 2016.


Cody Robert Judy was the only Presidential Candidate in America to have a bi- Partisan Federal Court Record taking a stand for the [ natural born Citizen] Qualification for U.S. President in three runs for President 2008, 2012, and 2016.

 See: Judy v. McCain Las Vegas, NV.
U.S. Supreme Court Judy v. Obama 12-5276 &14-9396.

Thank You!

Cody Robert Judy Campaign
Cody Robert Judy

Campaign Committee to elect Cody Robert Judy U.S. President in 2016.
Cody Robert Judy


Wednesday, November 23, 2016




Sheriff Joe Arpiao will hold on December 15th, 2016 a Final News Conference on Obama's Identity  Document Fraud, that may include more evidence on a Fabricated Long Form Birth Certificate , Selective Service doc, & Social Security doc that reflect ultimately a Disqualification from the Office of President by failing the [natural born Citizen] requirement ie. BORN IN THE U.S. to Citizen Parents required. [ Citizen ] is the requirement for Representatives and Senators.

 The wrap-up of collected Evidence studied by the  Cold Case Possee's is a 5 year Investigation provided for and demanded by the General Public and amounts to what may be considered HIGH CRIMES , DECEPTION, and TREASON upon the American Public in the Highest Offices, Court's, and Investigative Agencies.

 With a new Administration coming on, including a new A.G. , those corrupted officials in Congress and the Court's may find themselves increasingly Accountable to Cover Up and Misprision of Felony.

 The COLD CASE POSSEE's First Findings were Officially Entered into Legal Public Record in now two (2) U.S. Supreme Court Cases by a Presidential Candidate for the Democratic Party in JUDY v. OBAMA Case 12-5276 originating in Georgia & 14-9396 Originating in Utah. The Record has also been OFFICIALLY DELIVERED to The U.S . HOUSE Judicial Committee and U.S. Senate's Rules Committee this Nov.14th here-

 A recent article at The Post & Email revealed a stealth Australian USA deal Obama is conducting with Refugees rejected by Australia who are from Islamic Countries. The operation certainly deserves attention and is just one more day Obama seems complacent with streaming Refugees who may be unvetted that will cause added grief for the next Administration and could well be a crime of victimizing Americans to a pre-meditated slaughter like San Bernardino CA. or Orlando Florida's nightclub shooting.

The legal hurdles may serve as a short-cut for the New Administration for instance in replacing or repealing Obamacare. For example, a Constitutionally Qualified President's Signiture is required by The Supreme Law of the Land - United States Constitution to ratify ACTS of Congress into Law. This is one of the Checks & Balances of the Executive Branch upon the Legislative Branch. Failure in requiring EXACT and NARROWLY defined Constitutional Qualification's for The Office of President is a failure then of The Legislature and Judicial Branch's co-equal Checks & Balances on the Executive Branch.

The Failure of men and women in Offices bound by their Oaths to the Constitution is a failure then , perhaps even a Treason upon The American People. The Facts& Evidence suggest the entire U.S. Supreme Court Panel of Justices could be IMPEACHED for Bad Behavior with the Cover Up.


Thank You!

Cody Robert Judy Campaign
Cody Robert Judy

Campaign Committee to elect Cody Robert Judy U.S. President in 2016.
Cody Robert Judy


Saturday, November 19, 2016

Americans Tire of Being Called Racist by Race-Bating Media

Americans Tire of Being Called Racist by Race-Bating Media

The Main Stream Media  with all of it's professionalism, glamor, and advertising revenue was called "very corrupt and so dishonest" by President-Elect Donald Trump about as much as Democratic Party Coranated Candidate Hillary Clinton lashed out "Donald Trump was the leader of The Birther Movement that tried to de-legitimize America's first black President. " When it suits the Main Stream Media  (MSM) they sting Candidates with Fact-Checkers , but what about the same principles applied to them when it comes to exposing the 'corrupt and so dishonest' agenda that spews out like garbage on the American People? 

Racism is a crime in America and it's time that Race-Baiting be seen as an Agenda driven passive aggressive reporting tool used to incite violence and Injustice upon those it is being used against by the MSM. 

Frankly, I'm appalled by the dishonest Reporting that have hidden and covered up the Facts on so-called Birtherism as a Racist Bigotry Movement as if it was the new KKK of America, when as I'll show you, it is exactly the opposite and worse the MSM has been continually notified about the Facts making their action pre-meditated .  

Through the GroupThink syndrome of many MSM Sources, that seem to feed off the toxic air of their favored Candidate , they have set-up Camp on anti-American values and principles that requires an almost constant barrage of Race-Baiting Tactics. The crisis victims are the people who are trapped in their exclusive coverage-  The Democrats. 

Recently Jeffery Lord stated in a quick rebuttal on Anderson Cooper's 360 that, " Birtherism" was in no way Racist .  A panel of four others along with Anderson Cooper were aghast. Mr. Lord brought out two facts to back up his assertion. 

1- Chester Arthur who served as VP and took over as President after the President was assassinated  was born in Canada .  He was "caucasion" and suffered such a ground-swell of opposition as to not being Constitutionally Qualified that he burned his identification. 

2- Sen John McCain , also caucasion, was born in Panama never acknowledged as a 'State' of the Union was sued as the GOP Nominee by this author as a Presidential Candidate with Standing in 2008. The Judge abstentiously delayed ruling on the Case until after the Election and used McCain's loss as Evidence pointing to Obama as the responsible Candidate for Qualification due to his winning calling the claim against McCain after the Election "moot". 

Why has the MSM, including Wikipedia , actual singularized Birtherism as poignantly against Obama? Why did Candidate Clinton continually bring up Obama's "color" as the factor of Birtherism when the facts present the concern against two caucasion people who either inherited or came within a hair of the Office of President? And why has the MSM suddenly victimized Muslims as a tenant if Birtherism when not one Law Suit insist or claimed a Religious Test for the President was in violation? These are Legal Facts the MSM chooses to cover-up and ignore. 

On top of that, why has the MSM not covered in their presentation that every U.S. President Since the Founding was a [ Citizen at the time of the Adoption of the U.S Constitution ] or a [ natural born Citizen ie. Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents ] accept Chester Arthur and Barack Obama? 

The Law & Order never changed. In fact the Legislative Mandate remains [ Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents- as defining ( natural born Citizen) through eight attempts to change it since 2003 that all failed, as well as the Judiciary Committee of Congress taking up Hearing on it in 2000 and it failing. 

These are not ancient relics in Case and Legislation requiring weeks of microfilm study and deciphering of hand-written ACTS .  These are very well Googled and typed in discernable faunts. 

As a Candidate for President in the Democratic Party twice, 2012 and 2016, I can attest with some 15 Cases I've been involved in from sea-to-shining-sea across America including two in the U.S. Supreme Court 12-5276 & 14-9396 , that the Standard of Race-Bating Corruption and Dishonesty bluntly covering up and denying the Facts meets the definition of Corruption and Dishonesty. 

I am Taking A Stand, I have Taken A Stand, and I will continue to Take A Stand to Expose the dirty rotten corruptive corrosive and hellish stinking cesspool that is dripping out the MSM Facet labeling Americans , who have with their loyalty and allegiance of two generations, born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents, qualified for the Office of President and been called "Racist- Biggots" by the MSM. 

It is especially pungent that this American  loyalty and allegiance receive such nefarious ridicule and that well educated , articulate, and beautiful people on the outside in the MSM can be so ravenous and horrid on the inside as to disparage Facts and Evidence as horrid as Mrs. Hupp, recently featured on Dateline as stranger-than-fiction in an unscrupulous insanity willing to harm innocent people to absolve her own greedy selfish incessant appetites for murder, in the order of looking like an angel. 

To say JUSTICE for ALL is the Standard and than to disparage the poor with Injustice is a horrendous moral outrage of the current U.S. Supreme Court Justices, that unless somehow reversed and revisited or recompensed will remain a stain upon the MSM and Justice in America as a Race-Baiting Merit Badge by Corrupt Justices as the Example of Corrupt Political Practise that can only be regarded as Treason on Truth, Treason on Justice, and Treason upon the United States of America!

If President Elect Donald Trump and his Justice Department decide to do nothing about this, we will know it is business as usual and the Establishment Purge of both Major Parties the American People voted for in Electing him was a waste or is at best window shopping. The People looked but could not have any Justice. 

There is no Minority who is willing to sacrifice Justice on an individual who can claim a Righteous Cause; but only a Fraudulent one by the means of Race-Baiting - Repugnant Hypocrisy in the Almighty Creators Cannon of inalienable rights. 

The [natural born Citizen] Qualification for the Office of President was not a qualification about race, color, religion, or sex. It is,was, and will continue to be simply a qualification of Time in allegiance to this Nation. 

God Bless America and may God Bless our U.S. Constitution.


Thank You!

Cody Robert Judy Campaign
Cody Robert Judy

Campaign Committee to elect Cody Robert Judy U.S. President in 2016.
Cody Robert Judy