Monday, December 5, 2011

Racism Run's Rampant Among Anti-Birthers

Racism Runs Rampant Among Anti-Birthers
News Flash- Its about the Constitution Stupid

Re: Nine NH Republicans help birther cause

'representatives have brought shame on the institution they serve and the state of New Hampshire'

Why don't you show some respect and capitalize "Representatives"? These elected officials were elected by the people in their communities. They also swore oaths to the Constitution.

Obama may have thought he secured his "race" card in the U.S. Congress by sponsoring Sen. McCain's bestowed 'natural born citizen' declaration in non-binding U.S. Sen. Res. 511,but that didn't fly with me I sued McCain first and then Obama.

The sad affect of underpublizing meaningful constitutional based judicial action is corrupt capitalization on those who are are not educated, especially when it comes to the capitalization of 'racism'.

Salons report here has brought shame on journalism, and motive seems intent on lack of respect for authority by not capitalizing 'r' in Represenative, as well as outlining the fact that a court of law has not heard or seen the evidence that supports the highest office in the land actually forging and falsifying identification documentation.

One simply has to ask "What would Obama and supporters be afraid of?", to understand the rage of racism flaunted here in comments.

This is sad to me and offers no respect for our Constituion's qualifications demands of a natural born citizen. Its about the Constitution, not about race.

Playing the victim and saying its about "race" underscores either ignorance of facts surrounding Obama and McCain and the quid pro quo that existed among the Federal Government. The same quid pro quo doesn't exist between every State Elections Office and that is where Obama's Manipulation will fall apart.

Unruly behavior in the Elections Law Commission decision started with a polite crumpling of the agreement between 50 States, and no matter how polite a decision is made contrary to the respect of our Constitution, it is an unruly assault upon We The People.

A thorough read for those disagreeing is available here: Judy v. Obama