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FRAUD – Over 3 Billion Served

FRAUD – Over 3 Billion Served
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The day after Egypt’s 9-11, Anti-Birther Glenn Beck served up a healthy dose of Obama’s Fraud in a monologue more couched in relaying symptoms than in exposing the root of the disease; however the intelligence reported is also tightening the circle drawn around Obama’s neck by drawing out the poignant questions we ask not only ourselves but each other:

1- Why is it important to expose a Fraud?
2- What are the actions or deeds of a Fraud?
3- What are the consequences of a Fraud?

Five hundred forty nine people died yesterday in Egypt and thousands more injured as military forces cracked down on the Morsi-Obama backed Muslim brotherhood protesters angry about the Fraud of their leader being exposed or discovered that ended with a military take-over of the Country which the People supported.

Fanning the flames of terrorism and developing the anger against Americans once again, Obama finds himself at odds with the conundrum of an Administration arming the Revolutionist with a dictatorial agenda represented by military ousted Mohamed Morsi. Morsi who suspended the Supreme Court, suspended the Constitution, and gave himself Supreme authority to institute Sharia law whose Muslim Brotherhood is now using women and children also as shields?

The destructive path is indeed problematic and was clearly understood in my 2012 election campaign commercial where I highlighted the quagmire created by taking sides of any particular religion in the embattled State of Libya. The same thing is happening in Egypt now to the tune of two billion dollars a year in the guise of “democracy” over and above the Republic for which we stand.
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Obama now finds himself with the ousted Morsi Muslim Brotherhood sponsored regime that once claimed the high ground of “democracy” ,ousted with the very weapons provided; and now, either against the Muslim Brotherhood, against the people of Egypt, or against the whole of the military of Egypt.

Will Obama support the Muslim brotherhood as he has, or will he turn on the Muslim brotherhood and throw them under the bus? Either way now, Obama has kindled a fire that undoubtedly will bring a fierce anger on the shores of American citizens but what Glenn Beck and many anti-birthers don’t recognize is these are the actions of a Fraud.

Now the Egypt Fiasco as many other Arab springs classified religious extremist movements embodies much more of an agenda centralized in control rather than a true subsidy of the promotion of liberty and freedom for the people that is mirrored domestically by the actions of fraud; as well as a Fraud.

The American People themselves now face in the mirror the actions of fraud and of a Fraud in the destruction of the Republic and our principles of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble, and of course freedom of religion as well as the threatening destruction of many institutions outlined in the Constitution: Oh, like the U.S. Supreme Court, the Navy, The Air force, The Congress?

The first step in removing an institution of the Constitution is by making it “moot” or paralyzing its relevance the same way you do a principle. The goal is to make it irrelevant, in the same manner as say a rodeo clown’s freedom of speech is criminalized, or a man’s video is blamed for the anger against an Embassy, oh, say in Benghazi?

The actions of a Government embroiled in fraud are of course directly associated with following a Fraud. Obama is neither qualified as a natural born citizen demanded by the Constitution (if you thought his birth certificate was legit), because his father was not a Citizen at the time of his birth, but he has not shown any verifiable evidence he was born in the United States either.

Born in the United States to Citizen Parents unless you were a Citizen at the time of the adoption of the Constitution are indeed the requirements of our Constitution’s demand for a ‘natural born citizen’ in the Office of the President unlike the different requirements of a U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative also outlined as different and distinct as say, the light of the constellations?

Why are there any differences at all in the Offices of the Representatives and Senators if there is no difference required for the Office of the President? Yet Birthers, people taking a stand for the truth, receive the harshest criticisms and persecutions of journalist and reporters of Main Stream Media and anti-Birthers.

The actions of fraud are what? Lying – Stealing – Controlling?

The Scandals riddling the Obama Administration in NSA spying, A.P. Reporter wire-tapping, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the Verizon Customer phone-gate, Osama bin Laden, Arab Springs, Solyndra and IRS Profiling conservative tax payers. Ohhh, wish upon a star Obama would simply have shagged an internist and lied about that? Is that what you’re wishing in the face of the American People being profiled?

Obama's identification fraud in representing himself as qualified, when he was not a natural born citizen according to the United States Constitution's demands for the office of the President yet remains the root and the only scandal that has the Constitutional Teeth to unseat the usurpation of the office with national security in mind. Obama is using National Security to skirt all the other scandals successfully and Congress has to buy it.Congress doesn't have to buy something that is NOT Constitutional and is a walking talking violation of the Office of the President and should open hearings immediately!

Lying – Stealing – and Controlling are central features of a Fraud if you didn’t know WHY demanding a ‘natural born citizen’ was important! LOOK! The scandals associated with this usurpation are centralized not on some foreign land but are focused domestically are considered to be terrorizing Americans.

Obama undoubtedly has been involved in stealing the election by representing himself as qualified and actually defrauding all of the votes for him, as well as burning all the election competitors contributions which normally should never have been used in the name of competing against Obama/Soetoro.

Obama undoubtedly is the head of every scandal coming out that involves cover-ups of the Truth. The wonderful truth demands we ask ourselves what indeed are the attributes of a ‘Book Burner’ if they are not lying, stealing, and controlling? Look what this Administration has represented over all these scandals if your looking for lies.

Do we really need to see Obama himself throwing the books in the lit barrel whilst he is reportedly “playing cards 6 hours during the Osama bin Laden fiasco, sleeping during Benghazi, and playing golf during the 9-11 of Egypt?

The actions of a Fraud are to inspire terrorism, to lie, to cheat, to steal, and to control and we all must come to grips with asking ourselves and everyone around us, “Why fraud isn’t the Moral’s, the Justice’s, and the Truth’s recommendation?

You know I have never heard Glenn Beck utter the word “Fraud” so much in the context of Obama’s Administration and Obama himself. The mask of fraud is wrapped up Obama’s long form birth certificate certified by expert testimony in documentation professional analysis, by legitimate legal authority, and has been served to the New Hampshire Supreme Courts, the Georgia Supreme Courts, the Alabama Supreme Courts, the Florida Supreme Courts and many other state courts including the United States Supreme Courts in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 in 2012 and 2013 as a complaint of hi-jacking election funds and election votes both in the primaries and in the general elections.

In yesterday’s news Jesse Jackson Jr. was sentenced to prison for mis-using election funds to the tune of near three quarters of a million dollars for vacations and the purchase of Michael Jackson memorabilia of some sorts from what I caught on the news and his wife was sentenced to a year for filing a false tax report.

These poor black promising young people with minor children are sentenced to PRISON for not even a microcosm of what Obama has done in handing out a long form fabricated birth certificate in the White House Press Room to justify the theft of billions of dollars in campaign contributions, using a social security number assigned out of Connecticut and never living there, not to mention having his selective service registration proven a fabricated fraud all by legally qualified and professional personal and its really hard to believe the Jesse Jackson Jr’s father has the guts to watch his son go to prison while he supports Obama’s fraudulent mask, not to mention Obama’s own smirk and feeling of justice thinking he got away with it.

These are the actions of our very own CONGRESS refusing to hear our complaints! Refusing to hear the cry for truth! Refusing to hear the cry of justice! Refusing to hear the moral compass that allows men to be judged by the law rather than by their chair!

Indeed, Congress maybe in the very process of refusing justice, refusing moral equity, and refusing truth because the black-white Obama has a white mother? Is that what it takes to get a pass from Congress? Is that what it takes to get a pass from the Criminal Justice courts of the United States? Is that what it takes to get a pass from the Justices of the United States Supreme Court?

Jesus Christ said, “He who is without sin cast the first stone” and the crowd threw down their rocks and refused to stone she who was caught in adultery. If Obama is forgiven many should be excused, but that still doesn’t make Obama eligible by the demands of the Constitution for a natural born citizen.

Forgiving Obama doesn’t make him eligible, nor does it create an open door for usurpation as upholding the law does not always bring prosecution. Nixon left the White House in August 9,1974 and Ford had his deal in pardoning him.

Is that all you have to do in America to get away with lying, stealing, cheating? Yeah, this is America’s Fraud- it’s world-wide - over 3 BILLION served red-slime instead of real beef. Its time America demanded the real deal pardoned Jesse Jackson Jr and his wife especially if they want to keep the Fraud in the White House. At least that might be consistent in upholding fraud rather than the Fraudulent prosecuting the Fraudulent.

In the spirit of Obama’s mask of fraud I produced a new song and video using some masks for us all to remember love at home beats a palace in Rome: sex, drugs, and rock n roll doesn’t beat a good day at home and love at home in America is indeed the best thing in life. I hope you enjoy it.

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