Tuesday, October 17, 2017

MSM & POLITICIANS Investing in Racial Demagoguery -A Poor Choice

Racial Demagoguery 
-A Poor Choice- 

Framing Obama's Story as  the MSM, Politicians, and Judges contributing to the biggest Fraud in modern American History have, has been an investment in Racial Demogaugry.  

In my opinion it's been blantantly foul, nasty,  and a down right dirty soiling of minorities and all of our Civil Rights and Liberties in the United States of America. Believe me, I'd rather be painting nice pictures, writing music, and sculpting hearts in love.

Reasonable Facts are the basis of this Claim. Racial Demagoguery regarding Obama as a [Black man] and the [First Black President] have contributed to excusing Obama's Identities and Forgeries maintained by many American 3-Letter Agencies in the Face of Experts in multiple specialized fields of criminal science. 

This is not established in a simple opinion here.  Thousands of stories by the MSM, Reporters, and Political Prostitutes working to furnish the common people with a Frame Job of epic proportions are.  

 The most common hit-job has been the well established frame job of Article II. Patriots of the U.S. Constitution with the pejorative of "Birthers" and the singularity of the Constitutional Defenders as conspiratorial and racist against [Black People]. 

As if the U.S. Constitution's Qualifications for the Office of President were outfitted with some kind of mysterious exemptions for black people, (akin to college entrance under "Affirmative Action"), running for that office as to not have to rigorously comply with its narrowly defined outlines. Obama has never had to comply with what no Judge ,Justice, or Elected Official disputes as a [natural born Citizen] ie. Born in the US to US Citizen Parents. 

The Frame Job invested in and employed in Obama's "I'm Black-and-You're-A-Racist" , or , referring to The U.S. Constitution's Qualifications as, "It's-A-Conspiracy" is in the shed and used as the devil's devices. 

Racial Demagoguery is as Old as "Ole Scratch" is in purgatory; or Adam and Eve' s Exodus out of the Garden of Eden for an unscrupulous affair was blamed on the Sneaky-Snake. 

Googling "Birther" would lead a common man down the road in belief that it defined people who were Racist or Anti-American Conspiratorialist in a very singular and immediate personal attack upon  [Barrack Obama] ( because he is black) rather than have the common man understand such a person as a simple Defender of the Constitution's Article II. Section 1, Clause 5 Qualifications for the Office of President. 

The Racial Demagoguery has been dug deep  over the last 9 years. The common man would not know that in 2008 [White] Senator John McCain was sued because he fails the Qualification being born in one of the 50 States. 

The common man would not know that 
[brown] Senator Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Gov. Bobby Jindle were also sued as not being Qualified for a deficiency of U.S. Citizen Parents or Birth outside of one of the 50 States similar to Obama's illegitimacy for the Office if President.  

This is Text book Racial Demagoguery defined very clearly in the Picture.

Shutting down "Reasonable Deliberation" is the WALL or if I were to be kind, killer speed bump the US Supreme Court has set up contrary to their Oaths of Office. And what the heck, we might as well include Congress who have all received Sheriff Kits outlining the evidences Alleged in  the Criminal Complaints reported with a Person of Standing:  3X Presidential Candidate D-Cody Robert Judy who has detailed the same to the FBI, SCOTUS, The US House Judiciary, and comporting US Senate Committee as well documented hundreds of Press Releases to Stop the Racial Demagoguery by the MSM Press and their Bishop-Castle Reporters.  

Can you Please Google "Birther" right now and find for me any mention of Sen. John McCain and his color of skin? 

Yet the references are Easily understood in the Judicial Record Googling ( Judy v. McCain ) . 

So, what is the True Manipulative Motive for the Press in deliberately deceiving the Common Man? 

Is it, not to Incite Riot, Invite Murder and Deaths and Spite the Minorities our US Constituion most defends prescribing the Civil Rights we as American Individuals have a jurisdiction on Claiming as Citizens?

Truth as a Nation is as Truth to the Individual. Obama's Fraud and Forgery is as an excrement on the Umbrella of these Protections.  Daily we see the Press Investing in the exploitation of our children's future defined in Racial Demogaugry promoting Civil Strife and Inviting Foreign WAR.