Thursday, November 7, 2013

AMERICA’S Exceptualism CMA, Maybe KEY to Destroying OBAMA-NATION & OBAMA-SCARE


What is America going to do with the choice of communism and capitalism being forced upon them through the IRS that is set to siege a quality we have come to count on and expect in our health care? Maybe the better question is, “How can America resist communism?”, and, “What is the positive incentive to resist?” Could the answer be found in what happened at the CMA Awards broadcast last night?

Last night the CMA Awards show featured a skit with Carry Underwood and Brad Paisley hosting that has America in snitch’n stitches this morning. Underwood grabbed a computer and pretended to sign Paisley up for Obama-scare. Brad inquired why the computer was ‘going around’ in its wait-just-a-moment-while I-access-your-request- mode’ simulation that is illustrated by a square on the computer screen that has a circle chasing itself tirelessly around like a snake eating its own tail. Carry said in a tone that hinged on bitter embarrassment and belated excuse, “ always does that”.

Brad drove the stake in with his next comment and wonder about someone not getting what he thought was very obviously a fraudulent scheme in the computers own witness something wasn’t right that had nothing to do with a Government Clean Air Act, “Why is it smoking?”

Underwood responded in acquiesce of the obvious clinging in a desperate hope of a fast fix to impress him, “Maybe we should shut it off and turn it back on”, with the line of thinking that sometimes you have to re-boot a computer to get the bugs out of it or to stop the mal adjusted spy-wear that infiltrates its network system.

Paisley begin a spoof on the song Amarillo By Morning in singing Obamacare by morning, spoofing about being up all night trying to access the web site addressing the actual medical problems that will accompany everyone but the 6 people its served so far trying to get on like, hemorrhoids, sleep deprivation, eye fatigue, a severe mental dis-orders of frustration as well as a total incapacitate if you actually had a pre-existing medical problem you were desperately in need of care for based on the incompetence of the Marxist communistic police type government run health care.

Glenn Beck reported Faith Hill and Tim McGraw were not laughing because they are staunch Democrats. That begs the question, “When did being a member of the democratic party become the lack of a choice Obama-scare seems to be for 88% of the people who liked what they had and not liking a 88% increase unfolding with millions of people being either dispatched from their once pleasant coverage to an all out purge of pre-existing conditions from health care insurance providers because they now see someplace to send their sick and afflicted?”

Of course this was anticipated by Obama who has planned all along, as a brief read of the wiki page will enlighten you in on, on placing a wedge between the protection of the world’s best health care system and the hands of the Doctors while prying the means of protection of the Republic in the United States Constitution out of the People’s reach.

Using empathy and altruism falsely as a fraud, Obama has promised to police those without insurance with a wealth of care and those who have had great care no significant difference. I heard millions of american people have been dismissed from their good health insurance provider so far, there is more coming, and I’ve actually experienced with my own family being dismissed in emergency rooms by two hospital system based on the changes Obama-scare represented.

What’s been promised has been disappointing to all and this is just the beginning as was quoted coming out of Moscow before Obama hit the Senate. What happens when the tax increases actually do come crashing down on those who can pay much more, and at the same time they one by one get forced out of their private insurance because of some minor change here or there and they find themselves actually being the poor and down-trodden they once hoped communistic health-scare system would help? Suddenly the celebrity charity ability vanishes to a communistic-police-run-state that neither celebrity nor Citizen can move. We're not there yet, but we are very close and what is it we have to guard that communism seeks to destroy?

Yesterday I was so conflicted in torn in the understanding that so many Democrats are sympathetic to the poor plight of people in a genuine concern that has attracted them. That altruism however can be used as a weapon warped by politicians out of the field of charity into the field of a police state. Now I don’t think Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are communist, but Obama is, and they've definitely been taken, deceived, and are being manipulated. Obama's using people who are affluent and monetarily struck with the paradox of pure capitalism that has simply looked over-seas for the new slave market to make more money and enrich profits of major corporations, keeping American principles of our Constitution bright, and avoiding the pit-falls of totalitarian rulers that are wolves dressed up in sheep clothing included from both parties.

The insatiable appetite of communism that Obama has been trained with however is also a weakness. Its eager to grab 100% of income and delegate all to the State who then will appropriate, delegate, and oversee much as a King would. Obama’s own reach and use of power in his little history of executive privilege bears this out not so much present in exxecutive orders as percentage of U.S. Economy effected as well as the scope of data being kept on Americans in essence spying on those who elected him in the name of data confirmed in NSA Spying and IRS profiling.

About the only issue the Communist has disagreed about with Obama on is Syria. I’ve long wondered about that conflict to? Why is the stage all of a sudden changed when Russia as a communistic based government who has camouflaged a little regulated democracy into a policed state opposed to an anti-imperialist that Obama represents in the conflict in Syria?

Well, Obama doesn’t meet the blood standard of the pure communist because he wasn’t’ born in the mother-land of Russia and his bloods’ infiltrated with the American tint of his mother. Interesting that the similar argument is made about Obama by the pure-communist from Russia, that Birthers make about Obama not being qualified for the Office of the President because he is not a ‘natural born citizen’, as he was not born in the U.S. to Citizen parents. This of course represents the breach between Obama-scare and the Republic. It has not been signed by a President who is qualified by the terms of the United States Constitution. It seems when it comes down to it both Governments respect 'natures laws' more then we might think.

In short, how can a solid purist a-communist be opposed to a sort of b-communist Obama represents? The answer I believe is the recognition by Russian President Vladimir Putin that Obama is still vulnerable to The People here through the United States Constitution and the Republic for which we stand in the United States of America. The threat of one communist’s hammer, like Obama’s in America, being bigger than another communist hammer in Russia forms the angst that has a serious consequence towards the investment in Syria both tactically and economically by Russia or less likely it could be nothing more the a ruse of cover.

Now what does this have to do with America waking up to the communist threat Obama represents as a sort of puppet-pawn for the Communist and how does something like the CMA Awards show, Jon Stewarts The Daily Show mock, or Saturday Night Lives skit of Obama-scares web site being a total disaster represent?

This one at 1 min 39 seconds takes a pot-shot of Obama's not being a Citizen either.

SNL spoof means its hit the mainstream of America reported by news.

What those little plays or skits are disclosing is what we call the expectation of American exceptualism guarding our Republic. Americans have an appetite for the best on a much grander scale then the rest of the world because we have had the freedom and liberty our Constitutional Republic, yes that’s the Republic for which we stand, given to us, fought for us, and carved out of the rest of the world for us.

The competitive nature of capitalism our United States Constitution avails conducts a beautiful symphony that requires the best in a product Government excluded. When the Government gets involved in anything other then national security like the police-state-forced-take-over of a product like health-care not to many things are expected to go right.

Now with the damage control that Obama-scare has itself announced through glitches and failures like the web site, millions receiving cancellations of their insurance, and even the exemption status being written in for major corporations and elected officials who most certainly don’t want their profits hurt is like a shot out of the cannon or pepper mace sprayer directly from Russia’s and China’s old-school communistic failures and Americans have just got a good dose of it right in the face.

Yes, the rich have got richer in America, but the poor have benefited too not only in the charity of America but as the top rises so does the bottom in many ways. Choking off charity through a policed state is not the answer for America and neither is Obama.

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley’s skit simply points this out and like any product in America that was thrown away because it wasn’t attractive, didn’t work, and certainly left the field open for obvious improvement, America’s Hollywood Celebrities still have power against a policed state in free speech to state the obvious dereliction of Obama-scare.

Communism in America might just be impossible when it comes down to it without a full-fledged invasion attempt and then it would be a fight against ingenuity American’s still demonstrate with courage and conviction. I was so proud and excited at the courage it took the CMA Awards Producers to simply speak the truth.

Of course we do have problems in America, but don’t forget how many we have solved in holding fast to our United States Constitution. Blessings from our Creator God have unfurled themselves with intelligence and innovation and there is no reason not to hope that process can and will continue through our faithfulness to the Republic’s principles in the Constitution.

That is why as I visited Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Virginia )’s blog a few days ago and responded to the piece he wrote as the designee of the House to admit any resolutions to be voted upon by the House coming over from the Senate which was the resolve to put Obama-scare on hold, to his plea that Obama quit acting like its’ “his way or the Highway” that, “ perhaps the GOP should indeed show Obama the highway.”

In that piece he poignantly pointed out only about 130 years of 224 of the United States existence has had a complete dominance of the House, the Senate and the Executive Branch and the rest of the time somehow we had to compromise, but that Obama refused to do this and represented a “Its my way or the highway” stance especially on Obama-scare that many Democratic Party Elected Officials agree should be disabled, even if it’s for a period to sort it out to see how bad it is.

The problem is the GOP Establishment leadership has not invoked the Constitution on Obama to show him the highway of our Constitution and his walking talking violation of even being qualified for the Office of the President. Sen. Orin Hatch has de-cried the technical embarrassment of the web site of Obama-scare but he hasn’t come to grips with principle of reducing BIG GOVERNMENT that seeks to spy, tax, and destroy the American way of life the way Ronald Reagan Republicans used to and in many ways the Democratic Party has been taken so far left its locked up in Obama and his american version of communism.

Yes, the Constitution can save us if the Republicans and Democrats all in one fell swoop will converge towards it. Can you imagine 1/6 of the American Economy not being important enough for them not to invoke the Constitutional qualifications of the of the Office of the President on Obama in the justice I have demanded in an open hearing of the facts of the fraud and deception of Obama on the American People?

It shouldn’t be that tough of a call. I have stood up for the principle against Republicans who have violated it and against Democrats including Obama as a Presidential Candidate. I have simply stated by case law in Judy v. Obama and Judy v. McCain, showing the damages directly hurled upon me just like a vehicle running over me causing bodily harm, that the laws of the land need to be equally administered upon all including Obama as it applies in the U.S.C. Amendment 14, Sec 3 that insist Obama be removed from the White House as a disability, because Obama is not qualified as an "impeachable President", he fails the qualification for the Office.


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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Why and What Congress Is Debating In The Natural Born Citizen Silence

To the American People:

Certainly is disconcerting to say the least when attacked so viciously as I have been the past few days by those supposedly known as Birthers in regards to my last post here. One might presume to ask where such flagitious defamation comes from especially considering the supposed common cause of our United States Constitution and the absolute destruction we are facing now with Obama-scare which if fully implemented will be the greatest tax hike in United States history under the coat of the biggest United States fraud - Obama?

Let me say first, It is my hope that all Birthers can come together under the Constitution for that is the reason we were called Birthers ultimately, with each one contributing what they can. You know I'd like to start right out of the gate with a statement: it wouldn't bother me if Obama was removed as a disability through a disability impeachment hearing and I had nothing to do with it. I am quite simply one of you, going to work and paying my bills as best as I can. Many members of Congress are debating 'disability hearings', 'impeachment hearings', and a combination called a disability impeachment hearing. Why and What they are debating is certainly up for good ole debate and speculation which everyone is able to chime in on. Let's take a little walk, you and I and just discuss some things.

Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity have repeatedly spoke about Obama playing his 'race' card, and this has been the very most effective tactic against Birthers by the mainstream media in the secret meetings behind closed doors. Yes, the 'race card' has not been something off limits for them to discuss. In fact I believe that is the reason the conservative talk show host are not out right Birthers. The bed they made with McCain in 2008 is a very large bed.

Now its debatable wither they were either "going along" with Republican leadership with non-binding Senate Resolution 511 in the Senate which ever single Republican U.S. Senator voted for in 2008, or the trail of tid-bits enticed them with money. It doesn't matter now it is spilt milk, but that's also when Obama-scare was passed with a full majority of Democrats in the House, the Senate, and the White House with many smiling faces.

In 2010 Republicans took over the Majority in the U.S. House, and the U.S. Senate received its first dose of new Republican's who had not voted for non-binding Senate Resolution 511. These new guys coming in the House and Senate are staring at Obama-scare in their sites saying, "no way", and, "we didn't vote for Senate Res 511 so we are not bound to deals the Republicans made in 2008."

This is why we're seeing the fraction taking place in the U.S. Senate with folks like Ted Cruz elected in '12 and Mike Lee elected in '10 that came in after Obama or prior U.S. non-binding Sen. Res 511 passed in April 2008. These new people are looking around asking themselves, "What can we do about what happened before we came in that was wrong and shouldn't have happened, and still have a working relationship with our colleagues?"

The problem with a regular "impeachment hearing", [which I might remind you can only be held upon a Constitutionally Qualified President which Obama is not], with Obama in total frustration of every single scandal coming out in 2013 is the 'security question' that comes under the President of the United States to enforce the law, as well as preserve, protect, and defend the U.S. Constitution with. That responsibility is given great regard to the President by Congress as it is necessary. Obama knows that and so does Congress.

That said, the events of Benghazi, the IRS Profiling, the NSA spying, even Fast & Furious come under the 'security' of the White House and the Administration can indeed simple state the word "Security" to justify every single decision. Frankly, when Hillary Clinton screamed back at the Legislature "What difference does it make now?", she was absolutely correct. It was a "Security" decision made by the Executive Branch Congress has limited checks to.

The justification for 'lack of security' can be made against a full blown escalation which would have been a another choice other than a 'video tape' used to justify the opposition's heightened state of anger. That said there is little recourse for the "legislative branch" who are 'law makers' more than 'law enforcers'.

In reality, there is only one avenue available to remove Obama with a "security" principle, and that is the qualifications of the Constitution demanded by the qualifications of the Office of the President in the Constitution, which Congress can come in on with hearings in drafting and passing an ACT of Congress, and the Senate is deemed able to also as well as hold trial on.

The reality of this is not a secret. Everything that I've related covers the facts. Our Nation faces a very difficult choice now. Can Obama implement Obama-scare while Congress's hands are tied behind their back with the 'race' card, that McCain actually instituted, propagated, through a very large ego or can we stop it and how best to do that?

We shouldn't need a reminder that a 'natural born citizen' does not need two Acts of Congress about his Citizenship and his Natural Born Citizenship for identification as McCain has had. Both actions declare with a very loud voice, "naturalization of alien." I've said many times I'm a natural born citizen Born in the U.S. to Citizen parents and I didn't need an action of Congress to tell me that. McCain needing two, should tell you something at the very least.

The challenge Congress has got is to figure out a way to take the 'race' card away from Obama on a 'national security issue'. Read that again, let it sink in deep and understand it. How can that happen if Obama's race card has folded in it every Republican Senator in 2008? That challenge is made only by hearing someone who was hurt in the Presidential Election directly, on the Democratic Party side for two reasons.

1) First it is the point of the "first liability for standing". Within the Democratic Party was a fight for the nomination and Obama's constitutional qualification challenged from the moment in 2008 when he was made the nominee by me as a candidate and from the point of nomination in 2012 is certainly unique in acquiring standing within the race months before any Republican nominee would have the chance to claim an interest as the nominee of the Republican Party would after he was made the nominee. Which in no way shape or form still would never clear the 'race' hurdle of letting McCain have a pass and throwing down on Obama in the main stream media's eyes.

While Democrats didn't think it relevant at the time, if their nominee was discarded on qualifications of the Constitution in the race after he was made the nominee you better believe they'd see to it the next nominee from their party was qualified.

This could be the single biggest lesson to political parties in the entire United States that Congress could enforce much like a Court striking down a law Congress had worked to pass as un-constitutional. It doesn't matter how much work, time, or money went into passing it, if its not constitutional, its a leaf in the wind.

2) Second, is in affect and effect the issue of being "non-partisan". The importance of this cannot be over-looked. If a GOP Congress is seen so bull headed that its strictly Republican v. Democrat the American people will see to it Republicans are punished in the 2014 Election. They can't take that chance unless its very thoroughly discovered and understood all their bases are covered.

Now, there is only one Presidential Candidate who sued McCain in 2008 included Obama and also sued Obama in 2012 as a Presidential Candidate. That candidate was me.

No one else in the entire United States can put that glass slipper on, but at least for God's sake someone can! Shouldn't everyone facing the monumental tax increase Obama-scare seeks to reel in via the IRS be jumping for joy? Maybe jumping for joy rather than being so furious with the messenger that can fill the shoes needed that they simply try to destroy with a character debate what happened to me twenty years ago?

If you open the can-of-worms of 20 years ago and my past, you mind find a protest of a particular religion which is perfectly legal and an un-constitutional prosecution that violated many aspects of our Constitution. Of course it happens in America but we don't like to talk about it.

If you do open it, open it thoroughly not half baked and buried like it was with the media twenty years ago and while your doing that you might as well open up Obama's can-of-worms twenty years ago also and find out why his Mother did not have him listed on her passport, and why his passport was tampered with in the first place under the cloak of McCain's and Hillary Clinton's and why someone who saw that is dead now.

I'm very prepared to open either, but I'd much rather do that in front of Congress where it matters rather than with someone who has absolutely no authority or position of direct standing in the argument of Obama's natural born citizenship violation.

Lawmakers have had their hands tied, and they are shall we say "fit-to-be-tied" about it as one might imagine. Is Obama-scare so bad they would admit my witness is indeed relevant as far as being non-partisan, non-racist, and actually that my actions and position of standing on McCain and Obama speak many more volumes then people with only words do? Or on the flip side of the coin, can my witness unravel a very tangled web law makers find themselves in facing the barrel of the gun we are calling Obama-scare? I can attest my witness ought to be heralded by Congress as a a voice of angels in making life easier for all Americans.

Do actions speak louder than words? Find me a single Presidential Candidate who had a campaign of integrity with commercials, websites, news reports ect., representing and standing for the Constitution in 08 and 2012 on the biggest fraud in American history that does what mine did, suffering the intolerable losses by the edicts of the Constitution directly as its documented in Courts of Law and I think you will still come back to my campaign. If you think that is not valuable, start adding up what Obama-scare is going to cost this Country with everyone in it and you'll begin very quickly to see the value of 1/6th the entire economy, not to mention freedom and liberty lost.

Speaking of value, let me relate another little tid-bit for everyone who may be concerned. The total receipts taken from outside sources or campaign contributions on my Campaigns for U.S. Congress 2002,U.S.Sen. 2004 & 2010, and U.S. Pres., 2008, 2012, and 2016 thus far are probably around $500. The fact is, related as simply as it can be, if my witness amounts to anything in Congress, it certainly didn't cost the American People anything, which should be a great relief to them or even a matter of joy to be excited about. So, where is all the excitement? Well, right now I'd say its lost in mis-understanding the facts as they have been laid out quite reasonably to you.

This testimony, stands as a witness for everyone how important the United States Constitution is to me, and the respect I have for our framers and founders as well as those who have spilt their blood on our soil as well as foreign soil for our freedoms and liberties. Make of it what you will, my record exist to stand any test especially one from Congress.


[ If you would like to help Cody Robert Judy in his bid for upholding the Constitution in “America’s Birther Campaign”, or ABC Campaign ,which highlights the United States Constitution with information and education for voters to understand the tough questions politicians should be answering in 2014, and in the coming 2016 election for the Office of the President please make a contributions here: ]