Saturday, December 3, 2011

Welcome to: "Operation Occupy the Democrat Primary"

Welcome to Operation: " Occupy The Democrat Primary "

Dear Registered Citizen Voters of America

The time has come for "We The People" to come out of the closet. I would like to Report to you that I am thrilled with the amount of people who are couragiously stepping forward as "Americans" who are concerned about our Country, the direction we are going, as well and most importantly, the corruption of the Constitution in Obama's Ineligibility, and where this is leading us.

The warm fuzzy fact about corruption is when the American People "GET IT", they move in such a force that hell hath no fire. Meaning there is no fire in hell the American People cannot put out. You've heard the saying "When Hell freezes over" as if that would never happen, I contend the exception is when the American People move for TRUTH and FAITHFULNESS towards our Constitution.

The courage a "Free Man" has is unlike any paid government soldier, or any paid federal employee. A free man fighting for a true and faithful course has the power of influence and pursuasion unmatched with any elite aristocrat.

That is the reason I am encouraging and reporting and predicting that the rise in Democrat Registration is going to hit an all time high. Republicans all over are going to feel the blanket pulled off their bare asses. Democrats are going to think they are in for a wind fall, until the Primary comes along and Obama finds himself losing!

Welcome to "Occupy The Democrat Primary", I don't think you'll like it unless you love the Constitution, unless you have some respect for the blood that has been spilt for that Constitution that is in full force and effect now. The same one Obama has been trying to change but hasn't managed yet. The same one the Republicans hide in shame from.

God Bless every American who registers as a Democrat for the Primaries and votes for Cody Robert Judy. That vote is NOT WASTED. That vote is a full fledged "Wake Up and SMELL the coffee cuz we are tired of the dog shit you serving Washington DC Insiders.

Not only is the Republican Party given a "sit up and take dictation" notice by a vote for me, but Obama is defeated. Can you think of a better way, a more civil way, to have Washington DC declare, "We found ourselves in a Revolution with the People" and we LOST!

If you think your freedom and liberty are important, if you think your rights as a Citizen should be stood up for, if you value the Constitution as the Declaration of those rights that unites 50 States then you qualify for "The Occupy The Democrat Primary".

If that is remotely of interest to you then join "The Occupy The Democrat Primary" party today, register as a Democrat, and contribute to my campaign. Go to my web site on the volunteer link, and help by learning the 10.5 ways to help my campaign for free.

Cody Robert Judy

Thursday, December 1, 2011




In an unprecedented constitutional move Democrat Candidate for President of the United States- Cody Robert Judy has teamed up with Dr. Orly Taitz Esq. in rolling out the red carpet for the Constitutional demand for a Natural Born Citizen and spotlighting the ineligibility of Barack Obama to meet that requirement in virtually every State of the Union contesting every Democrat Primary and Caucus in the United States in the 2012 Elections.

What makes this unprecedented in history? While the Federal Government has a jurisdiction over federal elections it is the States that ultimately make up the entire Federal Government and have power over candidates in the “ballot access” , and nowhere is that more apparently expressed than in U.S.C. Article X.

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Every one of the 50 States has a State Elections Office wherein a challenge can be made to the individual State on the merits of Barack Obama’s eligibility and in most cases these are handled by an Attorney General of that State, or some Elections Law Commission designated by the States Legislature to by a type of Super Committee of elections.

These Election Law Commissions or authorized Committees are duly charged to screen candidates asking to be included on Primary Ballots and Caucuses. This could be the first place a candidate is vetted by a legal represented authority of the people after the candidate has declared him/herself a candidate to the Federal Election Commission.

What are candidates screened or vetted for at this level? They are screened and vetted for eligibility of the particular office they want to be elected to, and most often the Commission or State Elections Office, Secretary of State, or authorized individual charged with the task of accepting a candidates Declaration of Candidacy stating they are eligible also receive the money or fee from the candidate called for by the State to be included on the ballot of the State Primary.

Candidates at this level are indeed subject to Complaints and Objections as to the candidate’s legal or Constitutional qualifications set forth by law and most often these are directly sent to the States Attorney General’s Office for delegation of the Complaint to the body set forth by the State Legislatures for handling such complaints.

For example in New Hampshire the site of the first State Primary, Secretary of State William Gardner or his designee has removed at leasttwo candidates from previous New Hampshire ballots for constitutional ineligibility: Abdul K. Hassan, Esq., a naturalized citizen born in Guyana, and Sal Mohamed, who was born in Egypt and was naturalized as a citizen in 1983.

While most States grant ballot access to a candidate on face value, in other words they don’t question a candidates declarations, ballot access does not preclude litigation from proper plaintiffs to remove a candidate’s name from the ballot if the candidate does not satisfy the qualification for, in this case, President of the United States.

The term “proper plaintiffs” has been designated by the courts, by many dismissals of Barack Obama eligibility cases in 2008, to mean having proper standing or in other words, “a candidate for the same office”.

In the “Primary Stage of an Election” standing would be most importantly accepted fact to someone from the same Party, as it could be argued a challenge from a candidate from another party is not ripe for argument until the challenging candidate was indeed made the nominee of his/her respective Party.

One way to understand this is to picture a horserace and understand that when a jockey is weighed with his tack no less than a certain amount of weight can be placed upon a horse to make the race fair. If for example one horse was carrying 119 pounds and another horse 109 pounds the horse that is carrying the least amount of weight would have an advantage.

Of course the entire general audience can’t fit into a place to see every jockey weighed, so it comes to be that other jockeys can object to each other in front of the official standing in front of the scale. They have proper standing as they have entered and in such have paid the price to race. They stand to lose the most by an ‘unfair race’ to someone who has defiled the rules.

Rewind: 2008 the Democrat Party was plain and simply overwhelmed or beset by Barack Obama due in large part to Republican Candidate Sen. John McCain who was bestowed Non-binding U.S. Senate Resolution 511 co-sponsored by Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama and voted “yes” on by every Republican U.S. Senator save one: Sen. John McCain.

Evidence would support the fix for Obama was in already and Sen. Hillary Clinton knew all about it because she had nothing to gain from Sen. Res. 511, and Sen. Barack Obama had everything to gain by it namely the “Race Card”. If a single U.S. Senator raised his voice against Barack Obama’s Eligibility the “racist tag” would be so clear and present no elected official could stand it because of the Bestowed 511 McCain received, and no unelected official candidate either as was the case with Donald Trump who at one time had garnered the favor of 75% of the Republicans.

If McCain was given the pass on his Congressional Honorable Mention as a Natural Born Citizen born in the foreign nation of Panama, and Obama were questioned about his father being a Citizen from Kenya, East Africa, the major difference between McCain and Obama would be pounced on: “Color”.

Rather than lick their wounds and realize the war dog had become a whore dog to the Constitution, Republicans doubled down and bit their tongue hoping for a comeback in 2012.

This all happened in 2008 with the exception of one Presidential Candidate who ran as a conservative write-in: Cody Robert Judy. Cody sued Sen. John McCain first and the entire Republican National Committee and then he included Sen. Barack Obama before the 2008 candidates were even made nominees’ of the respective parties.


However the process of the 2008 Election Primaries were over when Mr. Judy filed his suit against McCain, although the timing could have been argued as perfect for standing because McCain was made the Republican Nominee 3 days after the suit was filed and Mr. Judy was not running as a Republican.

Fast forward: 2012 the Primaries have not begun but are set to begin in 1 month set first is the Iowa Caucus Jan. 3rd, and then New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation-Primary January 10th, 2011 and the Democrat Party is set up for a collision with Cody Robert Judy running against Barack Obama as a “proper Plaintiff” filing complaint after complaint in every single state and what better attorney to represent the Constitutions fight then Orly Taitz. (See the Attachment on this file- Esquire Represenation Declaration)

In short we have the right candidate at the right time with the right legal professional fighting in every single state of the Union. Barack Obama may have had sympathizers in the United States Senate across the aisle because of their teeter tauter with McCain, but that quid pro quo didn’t happen with every single State attorney General and every single State Legislature in the entire country.


If just one state prohibits Obama from gaining access to the ballot the domino effect could officially end Barack Obama’s run in the White House. That’s why it is so important for you to spread the word, spread this story like wild fire because this decision is coming back to the people and its gaining momentum. Cody Robert Judy needs your help to pay his Primary Ballot access that could cost upwards of $1,000 per State.

In truth many will join as the wheel gets rolling but we Birthers who are on the front line have got to push with all of our might in order to get that wheel turning. The battle lines are drawn. If every person who watched Orly Taitz argument at the New Hampshire Election Law Commission Hearing just gave $2 dollars to Cody Robert Judy’s Campaign we could secure his name on the ballot of every State.

If you’re a Birther, and Article II Patriot and you haven’t contributed to Cody Robert Judy’s campaign, now you should understand what is happening and why that is so very important.

We invite you to tour the many pages of Cody Robert Judy that are new or improved from the last time you vistited including : CRJ Intro, CRJ TV ,the CRJ Bio page which has drop down links now to many of the issues that are important to you. On the official Cody Robert Judy for President web site at we are dedicated to improvement and will continue to upgrade and pave.

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign. We are looking for your help



Why America needs more than Mitt Romney as President?

Why Mitt Romney Would Not Be A Good President

Much has been said about Mitt Romney as the developing candidate of the Republican Party and why he would be a good President. Personally, I don’t think, “It’s his turn”, is any reason to vote for someone as President, because sooner or later it would be Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger turn, Sen. Marco Rubio’s turn, or even Glenn Beck’s turn, though the latter would be more constitutionally qualified than the formers.`

Opponents on Mitt’s right, even more so than on his left, seem determined to continue the assault upon the former Governor of Massachusetts and Salt Lake City, Utah Olympic turnaround C.E.O “Mitt-Romney-Tender” over his flip-flopping ways. But hey, a coin or a dollar’s assessment is made valuable by both the heads and the tails of it.

Proponents of Mitt Romney like to exploit the fact that because he has flip-flopped on many issues, he would appeal to the conservative democrats and independents, and by that means perhaps gain favor in a general elections, thereby making flip-flopping a positive incentive for all candidates.

That said the dream I had last night ( 11-29-2011) makes more sense than all of these and I believe it points to the truth of why Mitt Romney would not be a good President. The dream seemed to come as an intelligence report more than a scene or a play.

‘Mitt Romney would not be a good president because of his temperament. Although Mitt would be invaluable in a key position of any administration such as in Labor, Commerce, HUD, or the Treasury Departments, more is needed when it comes to being President.”

Mitt Romney’s work for Bain Capital, the Salt Lake City Olympics had to do with trimming the fat or finding the excess and he was good at that because he is exceptional at dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s of detail in a micro managerial way, but more is needed to be President in the temperament department and that’s a weakness of Mitt Romney and not one we need right now as President.

Personally, I’ve never met Mitt Romney but I’ve heard of rumored nasty outburst that happened at the Salt Lake City Olympics, and I saw the way he acted when Gov. Rick Perry TX., interrupted him in debates, and I think these would classify the pugnacious disposition I’m referring to.

Now the reason I thought that this ‘intel’ dream was interesting is because “Temperament” does reflect in a direct way to a person’s actions in leadership capacity. While I related I’ve never met Gov. Romney, he’s never met me either, but he knows who I am as a Mormon.

Protesting the leadership capacities of the Mormon Church Hierarchy I spent nearly a decade in prison in Utah, not because I physically assaulted or maimed anyone, or destroyed or took property that wasn’t mine, or even brandished a weapon. I simply stood up and said I don’t think your being honest leaders.

I demonstrated my protest and feelings with a “Book Of Mormon” that is abbreviated B.O.M. in a LDS Religious or Mormon Fireside Meeting, standing up in that meeting, and taking a stand for my beliefs on where they were going wrong. Of course I was Mormon at the time and felt obliged as long as I was, to voice my opinion which I had tried to do earlier in the week less spectacularly but found myself rudely recognized.

Of course my interruption of the meeting made the people of the Mormon Faith angry at me because they do think their leaders are directed by God, and can’t make any mistakes. They were so angry with me they lost their tempers and beat me and assaulted me. This was all recorded on Tape the LDS Presidency has copyrighted.
The “Temper” part of Temperament that is bad happens when equanimity has lost its place in composure of the United States Constitution. My incarceration was unlawful based upon insubordination of Constitutional Rights not given to us by the Constitution but defended by the Constitution.

One might ask is it a sin to ‘protest’ a wrong, or be convicted of protesting by a mutiny of the Constitution? Well, I think you probably understand the point of my saying my case was an ‘unlawful prosecution’ in Criminal Courts, although the Church Discipline of excommunication was completely within the lawful bounds of the religion.

Perfect examples don’t come along often, but when they do, they should be shouted as precedent.

Now if Gov. Mitt Romney says his Mormon Faith or ties or obedience to his Religious leaders would never be compromised in the position of United States President, and we know of a case where in the Religious Leaders of the LDS Church were in collaboration with the Civil Authorities in the Constitutions protections of rights of evidence of the accused in a criminal proceeding, wouldn’t it be fair to expect Gov. Romney to side for the Constitution in such a case, even if it angered his religious leaders?

Has Gov. Romney acted for the Constitution in his Mormon Faith, or against it in my case? Well, he’s certainly aware of my case, just as he is aware of the case that Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen by Obama’s own revelation that his father is not a U.S. Citizen on his long form birth certificate. Mitt Romney’s campaign received every press release I ever sent out in his 2008 campaign for President while I sued Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama.

In defense of the Constitution Governor Romney’s response to his personal knowledge of my case within his own Religious Faith’s bounds, and his personal knowledge of Barack Obama’s not being a natural born citizen have what in common? Silence: These are the tough questions he should be asked in debate.

Silence in defense of the United States Constitution is not something that is required by the oath of the President. However, Silence in defense of the Constitution might well be described as a prerequisite for the hope and change of the progression of communism or Totalitarianism, or perhaps even a Theocracy such as is the desire of the radical jihad known in parts of the Middle East as Islam’s Sharia Law.

Here in America we are a mixing pot of religions and our Constitution declares Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. Mitt Romney’s silence in my case shows his temperament for respect of the Constitution.

Silence in these cases I’ve outlined is the attribution of rebelliousness and harm of the Constitution, and I forthwith do not portend that as a useful character in the office of the President of the United States who is sworn to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution as the Leader of the freedom and liberty of America. The ripening of a leader in America may well come from America’s dysfunction rather than its elite function. That is why America doesn’t need Mitt Romney as the next President.

Sure the President has to submit budgets and recommendations to Congress, and no doubt the President’s job is a tough job, but many people have forgotten the number one job of the President is to preserve and protect and defend the Constitution because it provides the opportunity of America all of our rights listed in the Constitution defend. That is also why Barack Obama is a walking talking violation of the Constitution and the very rights and opportunity of all America.

This election is about our Constitution, and the Constitution is about the health of our economy. Gov. Mitt Romney may be able to help our Economy, but he has not been a fierce defender of our Constitution and that has everything to do with being a good President.