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April 20th, 2018 WASHINGTON DC

Hillary Clinton and the DNC on Friday April 18th,2018 sued President Trump's Campaign alleging a conspiracy between his campaign and the Russian Government with the circumstantial evidence of her losing based upon hacking from the Romanian source of Guccifer and Wikileaks with no mention of the 'Details' of the released documentation being the culprit of the loss.

Former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani joins President Trumps Legal Team 
In other words, they are [not] mad about the solicitous, harmful, and fowl dialogue they consumed themselves in, (leading to Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Resigning from DNC Chairman) but are mad it was stolen and distributed through the hacking of foreign actors. They are not mad about the Democratic Party Primaries being "Rigged", as was stated by Elizabeth Warren, Donna Brazille-DNC Chairman, Bernie Sanders and of course Cody Robert Jud both Presidential Candidates in the Democratic Party in 2016.

They aren't mad about the favorable and fewer Debates Hillary garnered on weekends, nor turning the debate stage into their own hand picked candidates surely she could handle. The Cabalish Cartel, likened to the dark embalming tombs fertile for the fawning scarab beetles to lay in, had "promised" Hillary the Democratic Party Nomination for President with the great gifts bestowed upon her from the one and only usurping leader Barack Hussein Obama.

Favors like the Secretary of State Office with an open leash to usurp the office from The People with her own private email system leveraged in the shadows of the blackmail she had, been did not use, in the constitutionally ineligible, usurping, and disbarred Barack Hussein Obama aka. Barry Soetoro Allegedly failed to state his alias to the Bar: Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois
Congressman Keith Ellison - who backed Mr Sanders and is now the deputy chairman of the DNC - said in a statement "it is our responsibility to acknowledge that millions of Americans still feel hurt and betrayed by the events of the 2016 presidential primary".
One might report, if you were of the Media-Propaganda-Democratic -Party-Foundation-Supporter mentality over the last twelve years,  Hillary Clinton was acting like a [Birther], with much less circumstantial evidence and Constitutional Support  than the Cold Case Posse commissioned by now Senate Candidate and former six-term Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff -Joe Arpaio.

Presented in the conclusive CSI like forensics reports of two separate specialty examining fields, on two different continents for genuine ID documentation examination, the final Press Conference confirmed 9 points of Forgery confirming and presenting the actual theft of birth certificate information, representing ID Fraud which is a Felony on the document Barack Hussein Obama presented as his at the White House Press Briefing April 27th of 2011.

Seen Here as evidence presented to the COURT

Today it is still being discussed and talked about. The Post & Email Editor and Chief just released a News Story entitled:


[(Apr. 20, 2018) — During the 6 AM hour on Friday’s “Fox & Friends,” co-host Steve Doocy quickly reviewed the qualifications for the President of the United States gleaned from Article II of the U.S. Constitution. ]

The discussion arose after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called himself “undocumented” in remarks made during an April 12 bill-signing in an effort to protest President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.][“I’m undocumented. You want to deport an undocumented person, start with me because I’m an undocumented person,” Cuomo said on April 12 in opposition to Trump’s policies. His full remarks can be heard here.]

[During a December 2007 broadcast of his “Hardball” show, MSNBC host Chris Matthews stated unequivocally that Obama was “born in Indonesia.” Previously, credible news sources had reported Obama as having been “born in Kenya.”]

[In 1991 Obama’s own literary agent issued a promotional pamphlet which said that the new author was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.” The publication went unchallenged until April 2007, two months after Obama declared himself a presidential candidate on a cold, windy day in Springfield, Illinois.]

[As most Americans understand the term “natural born Citizen” to mean “born in the United States,” reportage indicating otherwise cast doubt for some as to Obama’s eligibility. Likewise, McCain’s birth in Panama while his father was serving as an admiral in the U.S. Navy raised doubts as to his presidential eligibility, as it had during the 2000 Republican primaries.]

[In 2008, then-presidential candidate Cody Robert Judy sued both McCain and Obama, claiming that neither was eligible to serve as president and commander-in-chief. As Obama has for some time publicly claimed he was born in Hawaii, Judy deemed him ineligible as a result of his father’s foreign citizenship.]

Under normal circumstances you might think the FBI or the CIA might  be the appropriate agency to turn to with evidence of fabricated and forged identification in the American Government, but these do not seem to be 'normal times'.

Murder Mysteries that the CIA and FBI have not found
answers to including Seth Rich and three really close friends
of Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro losing their lives
with gun shots to the head.
[Nearly a dozen Republican members of Congress on Wednesday sent a criminal referral to the Justice Department and FBI seeking an investigation of former bureau boss James Comey, his deputy Andrew McCabe, ex-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton in connection with 2016 campaign controversies.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions already announced last month he had assigned a federal prosecutor to review some of those broader issues, while resisting calls for a second special counsel. But the referral represents an escalation of Republican pressure to probe top Democrats and Trump critics.]

The fact remains had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 Presidential Election the snake pit unfolding would have never been understood or known to the American Public.

You might think that the Judicial Branch has not been tainted with the Political Bias allegedly referred by Members of Congress, but you would be a fool to read the Cases of Cody Robert Judy v. Barack Hussein Obama et. al., in the United States Supreme Court Case Number 12-5276 & 14-9396, as well as 17-4055 in the 10th Circuit which houses in the Docket a Courtesy Copy of the Individual Petition to Justice Gorsuch. That petition was received by the Court Clerks in the U.S. Supreme Court but never docketed. 

Catastrophic Corruption has become wormwood in the United States of America. Wormwood in the Ukraine is Chernobyl, which refers to the nuclear spill of horrendous proportions. If their was a principle in the United States Constitution that might have saved otherwise good people that ended up selling their souls the mighty simple but powerful qualification requirement in Article II, Section 1. Clause 5, might have been the one to cling to like the trunk of the tree during a category 5 hurricane. 

Next time you talk to Hillary Clinton, why don't you ask her about the 'conspiracy theory' differences between the Trump-Russia Collusion Case and the Barack Hussein Obama Birther case?

I think the most notable differences are Mueller's Special Counsel, that has got to be costing over one million dollars a day with seventeen of his hand picked working for a over a year now and
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein telling President Trump he is not a Target yesterday verses Sheriff Joe Arpiao's Cold Case Posse coming out with 9 points of Forgery on a Government Identification Document.

It may come to President Trump's attention that as long as he appeases Obama's Ineligibility the root of the problem will never come out. The Swamp will never get drained. It may also come to President Trump's attention, especially with these law suits, that its either him or Obama that's going down because they won't stop until he's gone. 

It may indeed be self preservation that makes Trump come out on top of Obama. Understanding that when you have a U.S. Supreme Court that is fundamentally flawed in upholding the U.S. Constitution in the most basic values and understandings of the difference between [naturalization] or in other words a statute or act of Congress and [natural born Citizen] covering nature's law of soil and both parents, (separating the office by two generations as a wall of protection), you fundamentally feed a swamp you must wade through again, and again.


If this lawsuit proceeds, the Trump Campaign will be prepared to leverage the discovery process and explore the DNC’s now-secret records about the actual corruption they perpetrated to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Everything will be on the table, including:

• How the DNC contributed to the fake dossier, using Fusion GPS along with the Clinton Campaign as the basis for the launch of a phony investigation.

• Why the FBI was never allowed access to the DNC servers in the course of their investigation into the Clinton e-mail scandal.

• How the DNC conspired to hand Hillary Clinton the nomination over Bernie Sanders.

• How officials at the highest levels of the DNC colluded with the news media to influence the outcome of the DNC nomination.

• Management decisions by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile, Tom Perez, and John Podesta; their e-mails, personnel decisions, budgets, opposition research, and more.

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