Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Boy Was Just Like Me, Cat's And The Cradle

The importance of our fathers is often underestimated. Cody has put this production together to encourage fathers and inspire a fathers role in a child's life. This collage is of Cody's 3 sons with two different marriages 20 years apart. Cody feels fortunate to have the relationship he does with his younger son because he didn't get much of a chance with the older ones, which like the time he was able to spend with his father because of divorce, inspired the collage's song,Cat's And The Cradle.

Enjoy, pass on and remember the value of your own father.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

President G.W. Bush Still in Charge in 2011?

Obama's house of cards is falling in with his qualification deception upon the American public. Congress's work for the last 2 years is in jeopardy without a President's signiture. Cody Robert Judy outlines what our Constitution has outlined as the Drafters of it anticipated this Constitutional Crisis.