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The family’s history is the root from which we spring. When it comes to the seed we were that was planted and nurtured to the tree we have become most take it as the facts of which a smidgen of pride is noticed. Patriarchs genealogies of family history where closely guarded in the Bible with lines drawn as far back as Adam making up entire chapters of so-and-so begat so-in-so who begat so-in-so etc. The cover-up of you family history was seen as heresy.

Of course knowing who you are, where you came from and why you are here are basic or foundational questions many fail to consider on one hand but others go to great lengths to uncover as essential building blocks for the future.
Discovering the origins of your story is rooted in remembering as well as planning for the future. One adage goes: a straight line is drawn from one point to another, and if you don’t have a point from a beginning you certainly can’t make a straight line; and also wondering in circles is certainly a form of repetition where you’re bound to make the same mistakes twice.

As mistakes may go on one hand, who wants to make the same mistakes twice and on the other hand, who enjoys watching a movie over and over and over? I suppose repetitions do have a purpose in learning and understanding a solid; for it is with great effort over a long period of time that a diamond is refined. Of course we have all made what we’d consider stupid mistakes we should have known better for, some funnier than others and hopefully those mistakes didn’t include any loss of life being lost unnecessarily.

So it is with great interest Americans actually are shocked at the cover-up of so many elected officials who in their own rite-of-passage have risen to represent the law for us common folks, to obfuscate their duty when questioned on fundamental questions of who Barack Obama really is with his fabricated birth certificate he distributed, as has been unearthed by senior law enforcement officials, as well as the natural national security breach and great concern of foreign alien ship Barack Obama’s own history presents in the oval office as commander-in-chief?

The respectable Congressmen, honored distinguished, embellish their deeds of running from fire to fire as ambulance chasers after Barack Obama who at the root is not lawfully eligible for the Office of the President. They look at hearings on “Fast & Furious”, “Benghazi”, “AP Reporter Wire Tapping”, “Public Wire Tapping”, “Obamascare”, “IRS Profiling”, “Un-authorized Wars like Libya”, and emptying “Gitmo with a prisoner exchange or swap of 5:1 as positive reinforcement that really has to do with an advantage for us because we don’t have to feed 5 prisoners and they are only getting rid of one mouth to feed. Of course if that were their angle one has to wonder why our borders have become rather absorbent and why our front door isn’t being used by so many?

Congress does this with an expectation of being rewarded rather than disciplined with a flat out firing. I mean nowhere was that more unexpected than with the former high ranking Republican official Eric Cantor. I mean that guy was smooth. It was a good talker, looked sharp, and basically with pockets full of money could not muster the strength to get out of his own republican primary. Remember that letter I sent to him?

The same kind of thing happened here in Utah when in 2010 former Republican U.S. Senator Bob Bennett was rousted out of his Republican tenure in a republican primary. He was just so shocked that he got canned; he burst into tears in unbelief. In both these election lessons we have to consider that just being a person who “looks good” for that office is enough, but what you do as a person in the office is very important.

In a former career of mine I sold a lot of family movies on an executive team. I sold a lot of families a little primary cartoon for kids called “Simon the Lamb” that taught us it’s not what’s on the outside but what’s on the inside that counts. How often do we select Politicians because of what’s on the outside rather then what’s on the inside? Remember even David was passed over at one time by a Prophet for the rest of his brothers as not “looking very good”, to which the Lord scolded the lesson found in “Simon the Lamb”. The Lord doesn’t see as men see on the outside, but the Lord looks at the heart.

Wouldn’t we be wise in discovering the hearts of our Politicians if we asked them why they haven’t arrested Obama’s fabrication and fraud upon the American public in his identity cover-up in the elections of 2008 and 2012? If they consider the actual cost of an election with ballots the greatest expense we can’t afford, then remind them of the cost each and every scandal has cost us so far.

When I was a boy one of my jobs in the spring was to clean the irrigation ditches of old dry grass that would prevent irrigation water from reaching its destination very quickly, as well as soaking up the water as an unproductive source and waste. The way I did that was by bawling up a gunny-sack with a piece of wire wrapped tightly around it, dipping it in diesel, and then running through the irrigation ditches like a fox with its tail lit on fire. That was easy work.
Of course as long as I stayed in the irrigation ditches the fun I was having with fire was applauded as productive.

If I were to stray out of the irrigation ditches say into a field of barley or wheat or alfalfa, holy butt burning was certainly not an exaggeration. I didn’t burn any of the cash crops up, but there is more than one tale I’ve heard of a gust of wind coming along and taking an ash or two out and landing it on the top of a roof and a house burning down. Who can say that tragedies yet to come with a sudden gust of wind?

I have looked at these scandals repeatedly coming out of the Obama Administration as a stray fox with his tail lit on fire running out of the irrigation ditches and lighting the fields on fire. Congress brags that they are holding hearings on each and every fire, but anybody in their right mind would say, “If you want to stop the fires, stop the boy whose running through the fields like a fox with his tail lit on fire!”

Obama is not eligible to be president. He’s a walking talking violation who continually proves to us the wisdom of not allowing foreign citizenship in the Office of the President. You tried it, gave him the benefit of the doubt with the hopes your boy Sen. John McCain would get elected without being questioned in the good ole boys deal you made with U.S. Sen.Res. 511. He wasn’t, but you’re not obligated to let our nation burn down on a deal you made with the devil either.

In fact, many of you in 2010 that came in were never a part of that deal in 2008 made between Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Barack Obama, and Sen. John McCain, so unless you’re saying it takes less than two years to be corrupted in Washington DC, I don’t understand why you’re keeping your mouth shut about the emperor with no clothes on in the biggest scandal to ever hit our Country. Unless, for all intensive purposes you don’t take any pride in your family traditions yourself and the mark of history you not only will have to live with, but one you will be ashamed of for the rest of your life is your goal?

Yes, we all have those marks and thank God we are able to ask forgiveness from God. Jesus Christ died for us and suffered those sins we confess in the Garden of Gethsemane that justice would not be perverted. Let us be clear about something, Jesus didn’t die for sins that are covered-up that justice might have her perfect way. No, he actually said for those sins not confessed the individual will have to suffer even as I have suffered. We are left wondering if Congress is planning a private confessional, why we the people get screwed with our crops and fields on fire.

I’m just saying I guess it would be nice if Congress decided together in a bi-partisan agreement that Obama wasn’t qualified to be in the Office of the President, and the more light that has been shed on his fabricated documents and identification the worse it looks when we cover it up so let’s just clean the slate and go through what we have to go through because we know in the end there is a light at the tunnel that will be reward enough.

Can you imagine any of our former Presidents who were qualified who had that burden upon their shoulders from George Washington to George W. Bush patting you on the back and saying “good job”? That to me would seem sweeter then getting re-elected if I were a Congressmen and had kept my mouth shut on the biggest scandal of deceit to every hit America staining the democratic process of elections forever for the entire world to see.

How would you like to raise your hand up to your family and friends and announce, “Yes, I was in Congress during the time of Obama and I kept my mouth shut”?
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