Thursday, May 2, 2013

CRITICAL MASS - What Is It and What Happens When It's Reached

CRITICAL MASS – What is it and What happens when its Reached?

I dreamed last night I was invited by the President, I didn’t recognize, except I did recognize he was President. He was very tall and rather my mind saw him as a ruthless man who had a natural determination about him. I was invited to take a trip by him. He was flying out in a few hours. I went to the bathroom (emptied out-cleaned system out) and he was knocking on the door asking if I was ever coming out because I was taking so long. He asked me what I was going to do if he left and I wasn’t on board. I said, “well, I just thought I’d wonder around then, maybe, or until you found me.”

I realized an aspect that I was being groomed for being a President by being around one.

I followed him aboard the plane where he went to the cock pit and I was looking around the plane for a place to sit down. The plane was absolutely huge – not like anything remotely resembling a plane we see today. It was like a house inside.

I wandered around through the different rooms to get an idea of exactly how big it was- understanding the boundaries it contained. I wondered outside the parameters about like you would walking out of, or around a mall, through the different stores.

It was then that I realized that I was actually outside the actual container of the plane and it was firing up engines for take-off. I literally took off running to get back on and I had a guy I was kind of dragging with me who couldn’t manage getting back on himself. I had him by the coat neck and was literally dragging him along.

I realized we weren’t going to make it and I had better fly so I ended up taking leaps and flying with him until we reached the boarding gate where I saw security. I wondered if I’d have problems getting on because I had actually been escorted by the President before and now I wasn’t I may be stopped by security and not be able to get on.

I flew over the security and dropped down, but they weren’t giving me any problem anyway, so it was lax. Anyway, me and this other guy made it on the plane. I lost track of him and it didn’t seem important, nor the reason I’d worked so hard to get him on board.

As I wandered around the rooms on the plane I passed through many rooms that were filled with tobacco smoke and that were filled. I wondered if I’d even find a seat because all these seemed full of people that were partying and basically I understood they were free-loading and riding the President’s plane without paying and for personal reasons not remotely related to government or any official reason.

After several rooms I noticed a room that was almost like the lobby of a hotel with nice furniture. It was much less crowded and wasn’t filled with smoke so thick you could cut it with your hand like the others were. This was much more to my liking and I realized that would be the room I would spend my time in and I could enjoy it.

I found a seat and the plane roared to life and took off. It was an unbelievably fast plane for its size. It seemed like we hit warp speed and as it was getting dark had raced to the other side of the world. We made a stop of business and unloaded a big, like a ship-container, of some sort.

It was then I realized the President was flying the plane and was completely in control of the aircraft. He had been taught how to fly it, and now that he could, it was useful. It seemed he had been taught by those who were militarily oriented.

Off we flew again and in like ten minutes had landed in Tibet of all places and I realized within the span of like a half hour we had raced across the skies of a coming evening to the dawn of a new day across and on the other side of the planet.

I had no idea what we were doing there, but the thought crossed my mind, no wonder its costing so much for fuel if the President is taking trips like this for a stroll. He got off the plane with his body guard detail and I was running to catch up. One of the security guard details didn’t know I had been invited by the President and saw me coming and began to take a defensive position as I was running to catch up.

I noticed some of the others caught him up to speed real quick and it was realized I posed no threat. The President simply took a stroll around the area. It seemed he’d been there quite a few times and the local government was very familiar with him there. He and his crew advisors had developed relationships with a few of the local brothels and the prostitutes.

I saw them come out from behind a curtain like you’d imagine Michael J. Fox as “ Lewis” in the movie -The American President-, coming out with his suspenders, white shirt, and messed up hair from a recent frolic behind the curtain. I was actually reminded of that in the dream thought I didn’t see the President come out like that only the men under him.

It was then I realized I was being dropped off and was not allowed back on board. I asked, “Why?” and the President’s detail with ruffled hair said in a somewhat smurky belittling tone quipped, “Well, why so you can go back and tell everyone of this?”, referring to the little party they had going on across the borders.

I quickly realized I hadn’t called anyone before I’d left from the invitation and thought not even my Mom would have believed me anyway. Now I was checking my phone which I didn’t think had any service and counting the money I had to survive which was very little.

As I was counting some of the local market food courts were preparing dishes that looked quite good to eat and were quickly calculating how they might take advantage of my ignorance of the local exchange market on the dollar and charge me like $20.00 for a meal that might cost .50 cents. The money clip on my waist yielded more money than I thought I had, but it still didn’t amount to much to survive a foreign country with nothing else.

There seemed two others that were in the same boat with me. One was a girl I put my arm around affectionately. The only way to make money immediately was by dancing suggestive dances to a potential customer while he decided wither he wanted you as his for the night. It paid like a couple of cents in the local foreign exchange currency, which she did a few times.

It was then I realized something I called “Critical Mass” which referred to the fact that this could actually be happening to me. That I could be dropped off by the President, not missed by anyone, and no one would care. No one would protest my loss or missing state.

It meant that as a society we’d come to a point that the “Mass” was in “Critical” condition, because once that point has been reached something like what was happening could actual happen.
That was the end of the dream.

As I thought about this dream my heart was a little heavy – wondering about such a fact that seemed quite a reality. I actually took Obama to the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 with the official information and record of a law enforcement investigation on the record from the District Court level, as a Candidate for President within the Democrat Party in 2012, starting in New Hampshire and moving on to Georgia and no one cared.

Here I had law enforcement testimony, not just mine, in front of the Judicial Branch from the local state District level to State Supreme Courts and appealed properly as a candidate in the same party as Obama, with standing, to the United States Supreme Court. These were investigators testimonies who had years of experience in the fields of expertise basically stating Obama’s long form and short form birth certificates were complete fabrications, and NONE OF THEM, cared.

My campaign for President mirrored any campaign with over 100 commercials, websites, banners, signs, blogs you name it that, with just figuring in contrast to another failed Presidential Candidate like former China Ambassador John Huntsman’s 12 Million Dollar Campaign, was estimated to be 20 million simply based on doubling not only the time in the race but the level at which I’d appealed to which was represented in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 in the United States Supreme Court, not just once but twice!

I never have received any official dismissal with one of the United States Supreme Court Justices signature on it making it clear one of them had reviewed it, that being delegated to Clerks of the court, or perhaps manipulated by clerks, because by every ounce of common reason, damage and loss, and by law my case pointed out Obama was ineligible for the Office of President as a natural born citizen neither being born in the United States and to two parents who were at least United States Citizens as precedent requires.

No one cared. Now, the guy who I had by the coat collar neck in the dream I was dragging on the plane, was interesting to me. I wondered. “who could that possibly or be represented by?”

My thought? I think it was Glenn Beck. While on the front of all the controversy of Obama- Fast & Furious – Benghazi- now the Boston Marathon bombing seeing the Saudi Arabia connection who were interestingly enough connected and tied to Obama’s Harvard education with a 20 million dollar grant to Harvard essentially paying for Obama’s position in the Harvard Law Review where he wrote – nothing.


Glenn Beck said this morning (5-2-13 ) that and I may be paraphrasing here a little because its been an hour or so, but anytime I hear something like this said my ears start to perk up because if it had been acknowledged and said by him during the campaign along with pointing out what my campaign was taking a stand for, we might have had a chance of gaining more traction, gaining more of the public’s eye, the public’s trust, and if we had we sure wouldn’t be in the position we are in now, but what he said was, “ The GOP is not your friend”.

Glenn’s got a new book out called “Control” which debunks all the 2nd Amendment inflamatories and he said this morning that he knew of only two organizations that really got it speaking of the level of corruption. One was the NRA and the other was operation Freedom Works.

Of course this is a big defense of the 2nd Amendment and he’s focused on that right now in his conversation to America.
But how in the hell can you have a serious conversation about the Constitution and STILL total debunk and throw “Birthers” under the bus as he did a couple of days ago saying we were the folks up in the conspiracy forest, meaning a theory without FACTS, and he was a conspiracy debunker, meaning he relied on facts.

What do we call “Forensic Analysis” of document manipulation coming to the conclusions that a forged document is not authentic, but FACTS Glenn Beck? The BIRTHER organization which I am a grandfather in from 2008 Court documents exposing not only Sen. Barack Obama as not a natural born citizen but Sen. John McCain who has had 2, count them TWO Congressional Acts granting his first Citizenship and then his Natural Born Citizen status in non-binding Senate Resolution 511.

First having Congress declare anything for and in behalf of your Citizenship is a “naturalization” process that mirrors what we call immigration reform, so in the very action is a defiance of the laws of nature. Do you get that?
The biggest sign of not being a natural born citizen is having Congress step in on your behalf.

The smoke field rooms on the plane in my dream? Yes, I believe those are the HALLS OF CONGRESS and the HALLS OF JUSTICE whose seats are filled and there’s so much smoke and mirrors in the organizations that you could cut it with a knife. They are the ones who are taking a “free ride” after all and who we see are “controlled” by Obama rather than the Constitution and the Law.

If this wasn't so, Obama would not be sitting in the White House as an unqualified President or Usurper with more affinity to foreign nations then to the United States mirroring the sentiment of those Boston Marathon Bombing brothers who took full advantage of America but hated her in the deep crevices of their beliefs.

The Critical Mass state we are in is reflected by the facts that Obama is flying and in control of the whole U.S. Government without the checks and balances established to reign in the Executive Branch by the other two branches known as the Legislative and Judicial Branches.

You know I like Glenn Beck and I believe in his heart he is a patriot and loves this Country. What I’d ask you to think about though is at what point do you call being late, too late?

At what point to say to Glenn, “Hey Bud, you’re declaring facts we Birthers were stating before the election, before the 2012 primaries, and before the 2008 election, and you have the gall to continue to call us “Conspirators”?”

What do you call yourself when you deny facts, deny evidence, deny what you yourself called , “Average Americans” in a jury finding Obama not eligible? Yes, do you recall saying today you’d rather be judged by farmers, real people with their hands in the dirt because they hadn't lost something about regarding a moral conscience?

Because that is exactly the kind of people that were on a 10th Amendment Jury from all over the Country that found Obama not eligible and guilty of fraud on many counts in the Obama sedition and treason trial held in Harlem New York in May of 2010 that I as a candidate for President in 2008, having standing, actually testified in front of.

It’s like, “Do you Glenn Beck have any inclinations to apologize to these “Average Americans” who have undertaken the great burden placed upon them. Believe me I sat in the witness chair under examination, but those people sat in the jury box and made deliberations with the evidence and facts presented to them and came to a decision.

That my radio-show host was BEFORE Sheriff Joe’s cold case posse even came to a decision the long form birth certificate was a complete fabrication. That was before the Judicial Branch had received the results of a law enforcement 2500 hour investigation!

The facts of the BIRTHERS have never gone away, they just keep adding up and you Glenn Beck are coming up behind us but your still behind and need to speed your ass up. This is me grabbing you by the coat collar saying get your butt on the plane! We need you, we love you, but you've got to get up to speed and do it faster!

How can you have a serious conversation or be taken seriously about your defense of the Constitution and your belief when you are defending the 2nd Amendment with great zeal with your right hand and at the same time handing a Usurper of the Constitution the whole freaking Country and the Government with your left?

I’m not asking you to like me. I’m asking you to like my actions in defense for the Constitution and the Country with both your hands because critical mass is being reached here when you won’t recognize our Country’s Government, the currency, or the freedom and liberty accounted for in the Constitution.

Now IF YOU simply recognize the facts, hop on board with the people representing the facts of truth most closely aligned with the Constitution, with the 10% of people you say believe it to the core, you’ll raise the bar of the other parties and if they see it, they will also believe it and will raise their own bar that will lead to getting the Usurper out of office.

I want to state something very clearly here that is the most recognizable fact backed up by the mountain of evidence behind me.

I don’t want a hair on Obama’s head harmed. I don’t want him “impeached” for actions as a legitimate eligible president because he’s not eligible. If for instance Obama was assassinated what would be his legacy but that of a legitimate President? God forbid I pray because the testimony would be false.

Obama’s legacy must be that of exactly what he is- INELIGIBLE and a walking talking violation on the order for the 14th Amendment’s article 3 that states that one having taken the oath of office but who is engaged in rebellion against the same as we define a Usurper by orders of the Constitution shall be removed as a disability.

It is a testament of the sound wisdom that such conditions as we face today were in fact contemplated by the Framers and Founders of our Country and measures for the unthinkable were actually written down and embedded within the foundation of our house by none other than President George Washington and our first United States Supreme Court Justice.

That my friend is who I believe was the tall ruthless man who was President in my dream. I think if you spoke to anyone who fought George Washington “ruthless” might be a term you used.

I believe I had a lesson from our first President last night that was a warning for me to bring back to you that unless Obama was removed a usurper whoring our Country out we would not recognize it in short order.
Now, I guess you can take it as you’d like but I do believe our forefathers are speaking from the dust and their love for what they stood for is reaching us. As for me, I’m am moved by such love.. very moved.

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Thank You

Cody Robert Judy