Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Pit & Obama's Socialistic Pendulum

Imagine for a brief Halloween Horror that you are tied down with your back against the wall and you legs are scrunched up against your chest. A razor-sharp pendulum threatens to slice into the first piece of skin it meets and it’s already too low to put your legs under.

What pray-tell is the body part that will receive the first stinging slice as the pendulum moves, hissing towards you? This of course is a nail biter because everyone’s toes are so sensitive. That’s sure not the way I want to spell bologna.

This is how I see the Socialism of our day. As the Government increasingly becomes a parent or a nanny state, the demand for money increasingly moves in closer and closer. The Government becoming ever more militant in its demands for money, and where and whom to get it from, starts looking for the food it craves in an economic death spiral of a healthy economy?

We witness California issuing IOU’s, after they have endorsed Cap & Trade, raised taxes at levels to compare with the highest in the Nation, moved to attack farmers by calling cows more pollutant then cars, create artificial droughts to protect fish, and transform beautiful pristine farm land back into desert all in an effort to break the back of production, and in the crisis doesn’t REALIZE getting out of the way is a balanced positive incentive for growth.

Socialists generally share the view that capitalism concentrates power and wealth within a small segment of society that controls the means of production and derives its wealth through a system of exploitation. They blame the capitalistic state for not providing an equal opportunity to everyone. What do we see happening with Obama and his social agenda in his controls and means of administration of power?

We witnessed a takeover of health care; couldn’t we say eliminating competition drives the PRICE up and competition drives the price down? That’s why pharmaceutical companies were behind Health Care it puts a small segment of society in control of it all? It skyrockets cost rather than brings cost down. Why not keep the word ‘Choice’ involved, and also realize that the Health Care Act as I see it now, could be fashioned as the Public Works Projects that mirror the Panama Canal, The Interstate Highway System, The Hoover Dam, or the Golden Gate Bridge just to name a few we’re familiar with?

The financial reform bill: Places the Government at the head of every business that barrows money. We actually saw Obama fire the GM’s CEO Rick Wagoner. Barack Obama is to unveil “his plans” for the auto industry the plan is based on recommendations from the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry, headed by the Treasury Department. This puts a small segment of society in control and at the head of every business.

A failed stimulus package that rewarded billions to foreign banks and did little to stimulate growth and the rise of unemployment because of the fear companies have of growing or sticking their toes out and getting hit with the first slice of flesh of his pendulum. When they do not know what Obama is going to do next, and the fear instilled of what he has done, that mentality is going to make them even more vulnerable. This is the damage of fear instilled with power rather than concerns met with valuable assistance tempered with wisdom.

We are seeing the fruits of a socialism that is a sickness for America. Dependency meets a lack of sovereignty, meets the new crutch of Government, meets the small segment of society who seeks control, all in the name of capitalism is the enemy. Is it meant to help, or hinder?

Pure honesty in trying to help someone doesn’t have a 2000 page bill set up to take over your business if you make the wrong decisions. They say they want to prevent it from ever happening again and the only way to do that is to ‘control it all’, placing a small segment of society in control. Is this the same Democrat Party during Bill Clinton’s Presidency that delivered the crushing blow of letting go of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999?

The repeal of the Glass–Steagall Act of 1933 effectively removed the separation that previously existed between Wall Street investment banks and depository banks and has been blamed by some for exacerbating the damage caused by the collapse of the subprime mortgage market that led to the financial crisis of 2007–2010.

This Socialism that redistributes wealth and demands social justice is a different animal than taking care of our sick, or elderly in our Social Security or Medicare and the righteous intensions that inspired those programs. People always try to put the two together and that’s a twist that turns the good into bad. Like the sun giving light and warmth, its affects can also be linked to your being burn from over exposure and causing cancer. Over one half of our trade deficit is tied to purchasing foreign oil. This also sends jobs out of America, and projects no real interest in solvency. America, there is no reason we should not be solvent and be able to take care of Social Security and Medicare without sending our elderly generations over the edge with increased cost, and lowered standards of care.

Socialist argues that capitalism is either obsolete or approaching obsolescence as a viable system for producing and distributing wealth in an effective manner. Common sense tells us it’s the balance that is missing. Like a pendulum I have compared the Republican Party and the Democrat Party to swings of the pendulum, ever inching towards your pound of flesh. Glenn Beck has affectively called the two party system one party, and we certainly do see that in the Obama eligibility silly game that both parties are playing now in a delusional disorder.

The craving for power ruining the best of intentions, I’ve said before, those who don’t have skin in the game to lose often make poor councilors. The sham is our Constitution has been in the game, but our politicians are out of it. They might be neutral, but their motive is clearly profit or power. It might take some looking, but you’ll find that profit somewhere, and it might be time, talent, money, but whatever it is, the reward is had.

We’ve all put into the Social Security System as a means of contributing towards the day we couldn’t work or retired. The government wanted to barrow that money and now our system is near collapse. 401K’s were packaged up and have created a huge chunk of money that the Government now has its eyes on for the “good of society”. You can see how the pendulum moves closer and those who have contributed towards their independence are hated and not rewarded, while those who are a glut are coddled and rewarded. How long before the Government finds a way to swing you out of your 401k as part of social justice or a redistribution of wealth? The U.N. could say Africa doesn't have a 401k, and America is responsible.

“The Pit and the Pendulum” is a short story written by Edgar Allan Poe and first published in 1842. The story is about the torments endured by a prisoner of the Spanish Inquisition, the narrator of the story describes his experience of being tortured. How is it that we cannot see America in the pit, tied to a post, with the pendulum swinging back and forth between these parties with you in the middle?

They say justice is blind, but it was said so for good reasons in order of justice for all in America. Ronald Reagan said the problem with socialism is eventually it runs out of other people’s money. What is becoming clear is without principle prosperity is fleeting and that is the greatest incentive for us to return to the roots of our Constitution and realize that Obama is not qualified to be president, and those that put him there, who covered up the Constitution, that include Republicans and Democrats will indeed destroy America if America doesn’t destroy them by sending me to Washington DC to do the job in the U.S. Senate that needs to be done.

I just don’t see anyone else clamoring for that job... Do You?
Cody Judy
Write-in U.S. Senate

Monday, October 25, 2010

From the Mail Bag- Utah Citizen Voter Letter & Response

Subject: Support Infrastructure Investment in 2011
From: > Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 13:24:48 -0400

October 25, 2010

Dear Mr. Judy:

As the November election approaches, I wanted to make you aware of the
significant needs our infrastructure faces as documented by the American
Society of Civil Engineers' Report Card for America's Infrastructure. The
Report Card gives our nation's infrastructure a cumulative grade of D.
These poor conditions affect the daily lives of citizens in my community
and prevent our economy from performing to its full potential. Increased
investment in infrastructure - such as improving roads, bridges and
transit systems, upgrading water treatment and delivery facilities, and
rehabilitating dams and levees - will improve conditions as well as create
much-needed jobs in communities across the country.

I hope you see the value in investing in our infrastructure and I look
forward to your leadership on this issue in 2011.

Utah Citizen
(Specific Name withheld)

Cody Robert Judy
Ogden, UT. 84403
_ _ _ _
Utah Citizen

Dear Mr.Utah Citizen:

Thank you Mr.Utah Citizen for your email. I am very much aware of that "D" average on our domestic investment report card as it is feature on the first few pages of my book Taking A Stand-The Conservative Independent Voice.

The investment in America, and specifically our State of Utah will have to come from a renewal in trust of the people by lowering taxes rather then a Centralized Control in Washington DC. Investment in our own domestic infrastructure will best be provided with a reduction of our trade deficit from foreign oil that we purchase from Governments often hostile towards us, and increased incentives for investment in our Nuclear Facilities that provide cheap electricity, as well as our deposits of natural gas, clean burning coal, and shale oil.

Of course I would be remiss not to ask you for your vote, and your help in getting the word out, so I'll send you my latest press release and hope you will share it with your friends. We need solutions that provide solvency for our freedom and liberty to be maintained. The economic prosperity of our Country is intertwined with the principles expounded within our U.S. Constitution and as a write-in candidate not beholden to any particular PAC's, or PARTY POWER, I will be free to be a voice for the People in this important stand tied as two shoelaces together - principle and prosperity.

We must defend those in order to recapture and restore the stability of our economic prosperity and I would like to assure you that will happen if I am privileged to be your next U.S. Senator.

Be sure to write me in on your ballot. CODY JUDY - U.S. SENATE, and my campaign commercials need $ to air on television, so I hope you will consider a generous contribution to my campaign with our shared goals in mind. Together we can move mountains, but we need to free ourselves from the 'party power' entrenched in Washington DC. that is a crutch of national weakness debilitating the strength of our people with ulterior motives. Utah can set an example and it should come as no surprise that we are called to do this.

Let us give them some real incentive to do what's right, show them we can do it ourselves if they are not going to. My election will do more to set things right in America than any single election in the nation this mid-term. I hope you'll be a part of that.

Cody Robert Judy
U.S. Senate 2010 UT.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Write-In Cody Judy and the Zephyr will re-open

The Zephyr Club in Downtown Salt Lake City, 301 S. West Temple, closed since October 2003, like week 358 is a crying shame I think.

The club offers a great stage and social area for not only start up bands and shows, but those who are not doing big areana any more.

I've attended more then one gig in the Zephyr and if you write my name in you can be assured of at least one representative in the state that will work to save the venue. Heck I'll get 10 guys off the Tea Party Express and we'll rock n' roll that place once again.

While I may even do a lip sing song there on opening night, I think promising something like this is far more responsible then saying a 40% cut in Federal Spending is going to balance the budget.. as Mike Lee did.

Oh my that man is funny, I thought Obama had an ego, this guy is off the charts! The National Republican Party has allready got a ring growing in his nose, I don't know what he is thinking.

Mean time, enjoy the show. You know voting for someone like me means your really going to have a friend in the U.S. Senate. I know that will seem strange because your not used to it, but it will be a good kind of strange.

Hey, there is no U.S. Senate Candidate whose got an answer to this.

Cody Judy
Write-In U.S. Senate

CIA Columbia Obama Trial Standing Find is Still Standing

CIA Columbia Obama Trial Standing Find is Still Standing

Can the all important legal precedent of ‘standing’ used as the harpoon that laid waste to dozens of law suits in 2008 challenging the presidential qualifications of McCain and Obama, be found as missing from the CIA COLUMBIA OBAMA TRIAL held in Harlem, New York, May 14-19th, 2010?

Most agree thousands of hours and millions of dollars were laid waste in the Federal Courts protecting the grounds where the Constitution forbids any to tread in the 2008Federal District Courts contest of presidential candidates. Grand Old Party lawyers didn’t hesitate to use the Constitution in their defense arguments with a defense of “lack of standing” against those bringing the Constitution’s qualification for president to the Federal Courts against foreign born Senator’s John Sidney McCain III and Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro.

Though Senator McCain came clean with his long and short form applications proving his foreign soil birth in Panama, making him ineligible,(*1) Barack Hussein Obama/aka Barry Soetoro was rushed into the White House as a usurper, after Congress failed objection protocol, and after the Presidential Oath was haphazardly administered twice in as many days by the Chief Justice. Obama quickly issued his first cloak on transparency affectively burying deep the proof of his own identity of school, college, and work records; while his long form birth certificate is reported as non-existent by a representative who worked as a manager at Hawaii’s Health Department.

As if the faux-pas of the administration of the presidential oath wasn’t enough, the double candidate nomination forms signed by Nancy Pelosi, one for Hawaii, and one for the other 49 states, signed the same day, certify for the 49 he was not Qualified under the Constitution, but was the candidate preferred by the Democrat Party, really manifested double trouble, especially when compared with 2000,2004. (*2)
How all of these floundering configurations could not be seen as Freudian slips of the false being covered with bits of truth spilled out is the stand upon which the CIA Columbia Obama Trial catches the lawyers in their own pit dug for opponents on the barrage of cases dismissed because of “lack of standing”.

In an article by Josh Richman, Oakland Tribune published 08/28/2008 19:23 PM PDT, entitled “Lawsuit over McCain Citizenship Should be Tossed”, GOP lawyers say and the Judge upheld, the clear reason for legal dismissal of the action Markham Robinson, chairman-elect of California’s American Independent Party brought against Senator McCain was that Robinson was not in the presidential race, and therefore lacked ‘standing’. (*3)

Republican lawyers with that argument could not dismiss the verdict of ‘guilty’ on all accounts from the CIA Columbia Obama Trial jury, because of the testimony of me, Cody Robert Judy. I’m in Utah running for U.S. Senate now and my testimony is seen in the trial transcripts on Day 2 pages 48-77 (*4)

My testimony erases the ‘standing’ defense used by the high powered attorneys of the GOP as I was indeed a candidate in the race, and suffered direct damages from the qualification deficiencies of McCain, and Obama challenged respectively. Nothing in my past could or does come close to erasing these indisputable facts as I witnessed them in the Trial of the century if not the millennium. My witness is available for every United States Senator, Department of Justice lawyer, and citizen of the United States to read.

The absurd argument that my witness is somehow not credible for a past conviction unrelated is to argue that someone hit by a car is somehow guilty because of interrupting or protesting a meeting 17 years ago. The two are so unrelated in deference to justice that the argument assumes anyone being accused or convicted of anything has somehow sacrificed their claim on justice for all time which is simply corrupt thinking to begin with, and certainly doesn’t stop me from being qualified to run, hold office, or being a witness to these illegal actions of fraud on every voter voting democrat and republican for that matter.

In the last consideration of value of my testimony, lawyers will and have argued that I would have to beat, or it should be better stated, that I could beat that opponent. This argument is one in which for all intensive purposes kicks lawyers out of the sound ground of reason and fact and places them on the ground better reserved for the clergy in churches who at least have a fair claim on ‘prophesy’.

It’s Sunday, so why not use and example out of the Bible. If those lawyers could prophesy of the affect that dis-qualifying Sen. John McCain or Sen. Barack Hussein Obama would have no affect on someone’s candidacy their argument is laughable at best and unsound in the least. Even as laughable as the prophets of Baal that Elijah mocked as the 450 of them contested his challenge to call down fire from heaven to burn their bull laid on an alter as a sacrifice recorded in 1st Kings chapter 18 of the Bible.

In 1st Kings Ch: 18:27 we read, “And it came to pass at noon, that Elijah mocked them, and said, Cry aloud: for he is a god; either he is talking, or he is pursuing, or he is in a journey, or peradventure he sleepeth, and must be awaked.” They cut themselves, and bled all over the place but there was no answer. Then Elijah told them to soak his offering with water three times and the Lord took everything up in a fire from Heaven.

That’s what you call taking the bull by the horns and respectively not taking the bullshit. The lawyers argument that no candidacy would be helped by eliminating a reputable candidate who was through his not being qualified attempting to de fraud every single vote cast for him/her on an alter or platform of fraud, is really a bunch of bullshit. How could anyone’s candidacy not be helped by such?

While Obama has stated he can’t go around with his birth certificate plastered to his forehead as an answer to a question unrelated to that subject from Brian Williams, the two questions that ought to be asked by every Republican in Utah: “How in the world can we trust a Republican Lawyer for U.S. Senate like Mike Lee, who is out of the same pattern as the Republican Lawyers fighting against the Constitution’s qualifications for president?”, and , “Why aren’t we as Republicans angry our vote was wasted on an unqualified candidate for President in 2008?

Mike Lee the constitutional lawyer champion he is touted to be, could right now be using the transcripts of testimony found in the CIA Columbia Obama Trial as evidence in a U.S. Senate Trial to kick Obama out of the Whitehouse, thereby declaring the policies that Obama has signed into law void, or moot. He's vowed to fight policies of Obama but is doing it with the hand Obama wants tied behind him.

All those bills do not have any legal standing; they are non- binding without a qualified President’s signature, as is required to make them valid; neither is any executive order Obama signed valid. Obama is the one with no standing, like the emperor with no clothes we simply need to recognize this as the laughable action it is.

Remember the childhood song “Ring around the roses, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, they all fall down”? Well, Obama’s lack of qualification is not complicated it’s just that simple.

I am the candidate for U.S. Senate in Utah who is recognizing this, and is running as a write-in. Write my name on your ballot CODY JUDY - U.S. SENATE it’s just that simple- you can do it or you can take the waste that Republicans and Democrats are still serving up to you.

My hope has been to explain this to you as clearly as possible, and that you will recognize it as the truth and contribute to my campaign so that we can help others to see it clearly also.

Cody Judy U.S. Senate



The excerpt of the article here:
(*3).[Lawyers for John McCain and the state and national Republican Party on Thursday asked a federal judge in San Francisco to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the candidate's place on California's Nov. 4 ballot.
Markham Robinson of Vacaville, chairman-elect of California's American Independent Party, sued McCain, the GOP and California Secretary of State Debra Bowen on Aug. 11, arguing the presidential candidate's birth 72 years ago today in the Panama Canal Zone means he's not a "natural-born citizen" — a Constitutional requirement to be president.
But lawyers for the GOP and McCain wrote Thursday that Robinson lacks standing to sue and is asking the courts to tread where the Constitution forbids.
Robinson hasn't shown McCain's candidacy causes him any harm, they said: He's neither a presidential candidate himself nor authorized to sue on behalf of his party…]