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Hero to Zero -Cruz 90% sure he wants to subvert the United States Constitution his Advisors 100%

Hero to Zero - Cruz 90% sure he wants to subvert the United States Constitution his Advisors 100%

Its not just the fact that someone who is not a 'natural born Citizen' as is the requirement for the Office of the President, its the stating under oath that you are qualified and collecting dollars in a campaign from people who think you are qualified that makes those who run frauds, bullies, and domestic enemies of the United States by the standard of the United States Constitution.

Its really heartbreaking to see a hero become a zero in one fell swoop and an honorable oath becomes a lie, but that's exactly what U.S. Senator Ted Cruz faces in his decision to officially enter the race for U.S. President in 2016. Of course his greatest defender for doing such as a un-qualified ineligible candidate is Barack Hussein Obama. This of course completely turns every word U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has said about the usurper around and places him on the same side of the isle as those who support Obama in the Office of the President.

Of course Sen. Ted Cruz is a U.S. Citizen, but a dual Citizen which Ted Cruz is quite naturally, cannot be President.

"Tens of millions of Americans would be willing to vote for Ted Cruz; to strike him from the ballot on a technicality in an ambiguous case would be momentously undemocratic", but we don't live in a pure democracy. We live in a Republic with a standard that the U.S. Constitution actually stands as a standard for.

The argument from this article states that if the qualification for President is so archaic than why doesn't Congress change it? Well, McCain thought the same way and sought for a change. He managed a non-binding U.S. Senate Resolution because he, like Cruz, was not born in the U.S. . McCain retained a birth right citizenship from Panama and Cruz has inherited one from Canada where he was born.

There are some four U.S. Supreme Court cases that include in the equation, including McCain's Res 511, that parents are a factor in deciding along with birth place a 'natural born Citizen'. Like the age qualification or 'discrimination' as those who want to abolish the qualifications for the U.S. Presidency would have us believe, the qualification for President is different than the qualifications for U.S. Representatives or U.S. Senators.

When people ask "why" I'm astonished at the absence of common sense or deductive reasoning. Is not the "President" duties, responsibilities, and job requirement more than "U.S. Representatives" and "U.S. Senators"? Oh yes, the President commands the whole military and U.S. Reps and Sen. simply fund it. Yes, that is a big .. huge.. monumentally large difference.

'House Republicans are itching to pass a variation of the DREAM Act that would grant citizenship to illegals who were brought here at a young age by their parents on the theory that the place where you’re raised is more likely to shape your patriotic loyalty than the happenstance of your birth. If those kids are trustworthy enough to help decide at the polls who the president should be, why shouldn’t they be eligible for the presidency themselves?'

Of course the United States does allow Citizens like McCain, Cruz, Rubio, Jindal, Santorum, and Obama great opportunities to take a part in deciding the shape of our Country in the qualifications of the Offices they have held legally. Of course one of the great characteristics of a 'bully' is once he gets his foot in the door he just keeps on pushing and if you don't push back according to the standard of the Constitution as it stands as the law now, they just keep pushing.

Its not as if the qualification demands haven't been challenged and continue to exist as they are. McCain and company tried before in 2000 when the House Judiciary Committee heard arguments both pro and con, and decided to stop it and leave it alone. I sued McCain in 2008 as a presidential candidate as a violator and an unqualified candidate because he failed the 'natural born Citizen' clause for the President even though he was a qualified U.S. Senator as a Citizen.

Denying the differences of qualifications of "Citizen" and "natural born Citizen" really opens the door for any foreign president to also come over, become a U.S. Citizen, and take over our military crumbling us from within rather than attacking us from without. The Constitution serves as a very good burglar alarm with its qualifications and right now the Constitution actually testifies that in the order of a 'Citizen' to become President, one had to be such a Citizen at the time of the adoption of the Constitution.

Since everyone has died who was a Citizen of the Country at the time of the adoption of the Constitution and McCain and Cruz were not born yet, the law applies only those who are 'natural born Citizens' born in the U.S. to Citizen parents qualify. If one understands the checks and balances of our Government one perfectly understands the vital national security concern of the qualifications that are much higher in all three qualification considerations already established for the Office of the President.

Those who seek to change the U.S. Constitution have the ability to do so by proposing legislation for the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate to approve and than it is signed by a qualified President. Short of this process of altering the U.S. Constitution, those conspiring to bully over it are nothing but bullies.

One very important consideration I believe we all must ask anyone who runs and is not a 'natural born Citizen', (born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents), is why don't they if they are elected to a office in the House or Senate, propose honestly a change? Minus the obvious standard of changing the Constitution, doesn't their actions of not proposing such legislation actually show for you their own un-American character?

Where is the 'honest legislation' from U.S. Sen Ted Cruz to come in the front door of the Office of the President by changing the standard or qualifications of the Office of the President in the U.S. Constitution? If he is unwilling in broad daylight to propose such an 'amendment' doesn't it say to all Americans he is the kind of man who is more than willing to do the opposite to America than the duties of preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution that the Office of the President demands?

Where is U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz's 'faith' in the United States of America if he is not about following the law? If its not about preserving, protecting, and defending the U.S.C. its just about EGO.

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Cody Robert Judy

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Cody Robert Judy
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014



This morning as I was waking up contemplating some of the experiences of my own life over the long term and of late, I was struck with a thought that made my heart leap that one could call the ‘trickle down economics of love’ in the heart of a domestic crisis.

How many of us leave home mad at someone in our family? How many of us have been offended by a close friend and chose to simply break off the connection rather than deal with it employing the tools of forgiveness, mercy, and love?

How much easier is it to deal with people that live farther away who are also trying to employ what we call ‘unconditional love’? It’s a lofty term without any real roots. How realistic is it to say that you love Jesus and treat everyone outside the 100 mile boundary of your proximity with ‘unconditional love’, but as for those family members who have treated you ill and friends that have offended you, they can kiss your sweet behind?

In summarizing, how can you claim to love Jesus and hate your closest family or friend? Would Jesus love you and never say anything when it comes to you abusing money, sex, or substances without moderation? Jesus Christ had plenty to say about domestic abuse to yourself, to your family, and to your friends. How can you place higher in your circle of value foreigners than those friends and family who love you enough to say something?

Truth be told, the foreigner if he came into close proximity to you from his foreign position really doesn’t care about you, and would use you as an object of not very much affection, especially if he knows nothing of what your reality truly is.

The profound thought occurred that it truly is our families and friends in close proximity who provide us the greatest opportunities to improve, employ, and utilize all of the characteristics of forgiveness, mercy, and love which is what Jesus Christ taught. They in a sense are knocking at our door and are challenges we must open up for in order to use what Jesus has taught.

You can almost count on the fact that the challenges in your life won’t arise from some disturbed friend offending you on facebook 3,000 miles away. They do not see the crazy things you do at home. Oh, what do you mean? Well, like abusing substances to the point where your bodily functions are either malfunctioning or refusing to function or employing a silent sex trade with anyone that knocks on your door, or simply living in a pig sty. I always like to point here with a wink; Jesus lived in a “Garden” not a pig sty. (smile)

To your social media friends who you receive and give this ‘unconditional love’ from and to respectively, there is no concern for you in these matters. My heavens, you could drop over dead the next day or two and they’d protest and feign their sadness and move on to someone else who post pretty pictures, but your family and friends in close proximity would be attending your funeral and burying you. That’s real.

Recently a friend of mine, here in America, was bragging a little to me that most of (his/her) friends on social media were foreign in such a way that I got the distinct feeling (she/he) didn’t like Americans because of the way they acted or thought and much preferred foreigners. Well, my heart got a little sorrowful ache to it as I thought about the treatment to this person by those in close proximity, perhaps by family, perhaps close proximity friends, that had given them the idea that foreign friends were ideal and domestic friends were out to lunch. Indeed, maybe both perspectives could use some help.

Maybe the ones offended could try and employ a greater understanding that was said or done came from a loving foundation meant to stabilize. Maybe those dishing out the constructive criticism could temper or flower it a little so it wasn’t so harsh? In both circumstances, the words “I’m sorry” can be skillfully and truthfully employed as strength without embarrassment or a sign of weakness.

The inner or domestic circle was the uncomfortable one, and the outer or foreign circle was much more comfy. I thought about my own challenges with the exact same thing. It wasn’t that it was difficult to employ what Jesus Christ taught; it’s that you were called upon to employ it so often. (smile)

So it kind of dawned on me as something to recognize as I recall the picture of Jesus Christ knocking on your door with no door knob on the outside. We must invite him in and employ his teachings to those who are actually at our door; for what kind of reward do we have to get along with someone half way round the world we are holding in high esteem the value of their “unconditional love for us” while we spite, and under employ love to those in close proximity?

Jesus taught that we should pray for our enemies and love those who despitefully mistreat us so that our example would wreck their unhappy world. So that through our example our own domestic arena could be purified as we cleaned the inner vessel (inside) first and then tended to the outer vessel (outside) of our world.

Jesus certainly was experienced with strife within his own family, and his own friends teaching Mark 6:4; Luke 4:24; John 4:44 [Jesus himself testified] a prophet is not without honor save in his own country. How many many examples are there in scripture that tell a story of family strife and discord? So it is we must exert and exercise the muscles of ‘forgiveness’, ‘mercy’, and ‘love’ with those who are closest to us, as if we were facing the stair master, weight bar, or a distance to run, with no energy, slumped down looking at it as if it was a dragon to slay with our choice to either get on, or go home and forget about working out.

It seems that those who actually get on the exercise machine, grab hold of the bar, or finally just leap forward in taking that first stride of a 5K are the ones who return from their work out with a smile on their face. How much bigger of a smile will you have when you have employed that determination with those whom are closest to you that may have offended you in some way in what was a prod of love, or an encouragement they failed to understand was coming across as a ‘judgmental accusation’?

Of course we all make judgments we have to and that is not bad. Without them we might not ever feed ourselves. When we ‘judge righteously’ employing love in the greatest degree we can possibly think of our example is left behind as a teaspoon of sugar and that certainly helps the medicine go down. ‘Sparing the rod and spoiling the child’ certainly has applications of avoiding ‘domestic abuse’ if we consider our communications of love to be corrections that don’t necessarily sit well with us and judgment of others as an action. What we often forget is that corrections can be made, understood, and thus employed much better as we sprinkle it with ‘mercy’ of which we all need a big dose of.

Truly this has enormous implications world wide as we ask the question: How can we tend to foreign affairs and let our own domestic affairs crumble? The United States is not built by Governments it’s built by individuals. The world is not run by Governments but by individuals and it is right at Home that you can find the single best place to really improve the whole world.

God Bless you Americans to employ forgiveness, mercy, and love, so that you can bless the whole world!

Cody Robert Judy

P.S. Yesterday I did savored a little story here in picture.

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