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President Republican Debate Stage- Offends No One Except Creator & Our Constitution

-Presidential Republican Debate Stage-
 Offends No One Except The Creator & Our Constitution


*My Notes of the 1st Republican Debate Available At Bottom of this Post

He'd just been sworn in and elected unanimously by the Colonies, can you imagine the burden upon President George Washington? Would he be the last President? Would the Nation survive the Revolution? I turn back the pages to his first inaugural address because as his brown suit, silk socks, silver buckled shoes dark red over coat and steel-hilted sword was fitting best for his time his words have lasted fitting for our time. Here are just a couple of golden nuggets of his inaugural speech:
"No People can be bound to acknowledge and adore the invisible hand, which conducts the Affairs of men more than the People of the United States. Every step, by which they have advanced to the character of an independent nation, seems to have been distinguished by some token of providential agency.

"The circumstances under which I now meet you, will acquit me from entering into that subject, farther than to refer to the Great Constitutional Charter under which you are assembled

"Since we ought to be no less persuaded that the propitious smiles of Heaven, can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right, which Heaven itself has ordained: And since the preservation of the sacred fire of liberty, and the destiny of the Republican model of Government, are justly considered as deeply, perhaps as finally staked, on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people.

"Having thus imported to you my sentiments, as they have been awakened by the occasion which brings us together, I shall take my present leave; but not without resorting once more to the benign parent of the human race, in humble supplication that since he has been pleased to favour the American people, with opportunities for deliberating in perfect tranquility, and dispositions for deciding with unparellelled unanimity on a form of Government, for the security of their Union, and the advancement of their happiness; so his divine blessing may be equally conspicuous in the enlarged views, the temperate consultations, and the wise measures on which the success of this Government must depend.[

The Presidential Republican Debate Stage offends no one except our Constitution and our Creator.  By the Great Constitutional Charter of Laws that we have been given and charged to uphold by the Creator, let us hold no offense in that duty,- Should we not consider the central feature and nucleus of that to be the Office of the President? 

The fowl discharge of those so flippantly asleep at the wheel of their duty to uphold the 'natural born Citizen' qualifications charged to the Office of the President ie. Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents, yet parading around the debate stage of this Great Country for that exact office with not so much as word about the dereliction of that qualification snuffed by Sen. Cruz, Sen Rubio, and Gov. Jindal, sons of this land who were given so much and yet were not satisfied with honoring our Constitution so that they might be honored. 

Yes, they are those upon the debate stage who all of Heaven now holds their noses at for the stink consumed in them, as well the devil inside the Office now unqualified, a usurper, and a fraud upon the American public who yes, put him there, but under the auspices of the lie and the fraud conveyed by those who should have been more responsible as gate keepers.

A broken trust to the Lord of Heaven who gave them that charge under conditions and that not to wink and set aside the patriots of our Land now in Heaven whose blood was signed for the Constitution of this Land by the invisible hand who awarded such wonderful providence to our security

These things can not be hidden from the All Seeing Eye who our first President said we were so very supremely indebted to have received a grace favored above all Nations. I pray for these brothers and sisters unceasingly the cause of the tears upon my pillow at night in the hope somehow we all shall not be laid to rest under the auspices of those who have lost their Constitutional minds with the infirm as we sail down the steep hill with not so much as a rudder or a steering mechanism just hoping we don't hit a bump that sails us out so far that death is immanent and out future generations cursed for the slop we served them for dinner.

How am I the only one who has stood up for this by my Record in Federal Court against McCain/and/ Obama, exercising my rights of standing for all our Nation- for all Americans- against those running afoul of the Office of the President in both parties? How are they so willing to party with the devil and expect their duties to be fulfilled unless they are themselves heirs of damnation? Certainly not by my word, but I have a very hard time not seeing it in our first President's words and the Debt of 18-20 Trillion manifesting real trouble and unsound judgement.

And yet unbelievably, America can not see this and to the tune of millions of dollars supporting and funding the Unqualified Candidates Campaigns. I just do not know how we escape the rewards of dereliction? We reap the bounty and goodness, but we have sown the seeds of ruin. How shall we avoid those ill-gotten; the rewards of those bad seeds? Do we think for an instance that they shall sprout green leaves with peaches, and apples, and rewards for us to harvest that are just delightful?

Yet my American brothers and sisters, do I have hope? Oh yes! Oh Yes! Oh Yes! My hope is in the witness of my Record. For if there was no hope, there would be no Record at all! I testify of the Spirit of Great Hope that has fallen upon me, not boasting of myself, but rest assured our Nation has not come to ruin as so many think. How is it possible that I of my self would have had the strength and vicissitude of this Record myself? I tell you right now I wouldn't.

For the Promise of our Union I am encouraged if nothing else by this witness that I can not run from or hide as it is so open to the public. As I thought about these things I reflected on such pioneering enterprise that has come to us as a Refiners Fire. The tooling, and sanding, and sealing of the beauty of our Nation. We we hold dear by so many who worked so hard to even hue out of stone the faces of Mt. Rushmore and caused by the Spirit of Liberty the Statue in our harbor, and crossed the channel of San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge and I decided that would be my Campaigns Celebration in our next Commercial.

Let me Introduce to you: BUILDING AMERICA


Tonight is the Republican Debate and those I feel the sorriest for actually are scheduled for the 5PM Debate as they missed the Prime Time Debate to those who are unqualified. Texas Governor Perry seems content to keep his mouth shut about his own Senator from Texas being a Canadian Born son of a Cuban/Canadian father and in no way, shape, or form a natural born Citizen qualified for the debate stage. But it sure is U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz taking away Governor Perry's podium in prime time.

What can you say about that? You would think Governor Perry would have learned by now how important the 'natural born Citizen' qualification is to the Office of the President but apparently that is not the case. We do not need that kind of a President anyway now do we. There's one in the Office of the White House now, so Governor Perry's mouth shut about it is indeed an embarrassment to this Nations Founding Charter.

 Rick Perry, Carly Fiorina, Lindsey Graham, Jim Gilmore and George Pataki are among the Candidates who are on the 5PM Debate. They share the stage with one who isn't a natural born Citizen - Governor Bobby Jindal. Very smart, distinguished, educated, and awarded the Office of Governor, but thinks so little of the Constitution in running for Office of the President he's considered constitutionally illiterate and will go down in history the shame of Louisiana as he collects money by fraud for an office he is not qualified for. Is that terrible?

Of Course Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Lindsey Graham are the two biggest losers to Sen. Cruz and Sen. Rubio as Sen. Graham put it, "This Nation will never elect a Birther". What a disgraceful remark about our Founders and Framers national security protection he has squandered at the behest of his blessings of elected office. Rick Santorum had at least the gall to call the Debate an 'Insult to the Voters', but for reasons I suspect that are different than why I do. 

You know in that remark Sen. Graham was putting Mr. Donald Trump in the cross-hairs but I think he fired his gun and the dang thing is going to chase him the rest of his life with a back-fire he'll be running from on his own telephone haunt. That phone's going to be around a long time and no matter how hard he tries to destroy it, its still going to ring in his head.

Look how positive CEO- Carly Fiorina is:  "I look forward to answering questions on Thursday in Cleveland. I continue to be encouraged by the support of conservative activists and grassroots Republicans across the country," Fiorina said in a statement.

Perhaps one of the 'conservative activists' passing her way should ask her if she's even read the Constitution yet or knows what the qualifications are for the Office of the President she's running for? If she has read it, and knows, then again she is an embarrassment to the Constitution and to God in the Supreme Law of this Land and she has no business in the Race for the duties of that office. 

Stay Tuned in for "My Post Debate Thoughts"

Sincerely your 2016 Candidate for President
Cody Robert Judy

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The below written Represent my chicken scratches of the Republican Debate held in Cleveland Ohio tonight- they represent 5 pages of my long hand writing and I'll just type them out as is and perhaps give a few thoughts to comments summary at the bottom how I thought it went overall. It should be noted that I listened to the Debate on the Radio channel 1440 WROK.COM a Fox Radio Station, so I would have missed gestures and body language accept as perhaps noted by the Commentators I tried to summarize the question and answer briefly.

First Q. By the show of hands Candidates, please raise your hand if you would consider an Independent Party Ticket should you not become the Republican Nominee. Trump is the only one to raise hand.

Carson: On Elect-ability - How would you-

Rubio:- Explain Why no experience necessary - No Resume- Referred to Hillary Clinton as the next
President if that's what's important. ( That was kind of a dumb remark on his part because it posited her.)

Bush: I'm my own man - Another Bush dynastic politics question/ Family? Ref to his Record- Cut taxes-Triple A credit rating restored in FL., called a Veto dyno a lot,- Governed Conservatively State of Florida self-accolade.

Trump: Speak your mind a lot, when is that a negative? Woman he doesn't like? Temperament change- how will he handle HClinton if he's seen as part of the war-on-women?  Political Correctness ad nauseum- we are losing- we people with brains ... quickness.. he asserts- poking fun isn't always serious.

Cruz: Red Meat to the base- done nothing- called Speaker liar- How can you win with divisive tactics as a divisive figure of your own party? "Speak the Truth"- politicians have gotten in bed with lobbyist, special interest.

Christie: Economy - NJ attacked  on his bad record- why should his own management of the State on poor performances not be a reflection of how he'd hurt the Country as President? "Should have seen it before I got there." Cut taxes, long ways to go, but they still like him.

Walker: Abortion illegal- would you let a mother die who needed one to live? Protect unborn child. Attacks Clinton- defunded Planned Parenthood-.

Huckabee: Electiblity - anti-abortion anti same-sex marriage.? The personhood, invokes 5th and 14th Amendment. (actually you don't become a U.S. Citizen until your 18 and can vote that's why children have a Juvenile Court System and are not treated the same as adults.)

Paul: Why ISIS- attacked his own Party? Not arming allies of ISIS is the problem. I don't fund enemies. Don't Fund and Don't Arm allies of ISIS. (suppose Republicans did this in a way he didn't like)

Kasich: Medicaid Expanded- every program funded how are you going to cut? As Ohio Gov. rehab addiction, reduced recidivism - go down defending his record- working poor.

Subject Change Immigration-

 Bush: They broke the law but you said it was an act of love- stand by it? Supports earned legal status- Control Border - E-Verify ( he missed Obama didnt pass lol) Over stay Visa's- eliminate sanctuary cities,. supports path earned legal status not amnesty.

Trump: You've said Mexico is sending illegals- Mex Govrmnt sending bad people do you stand? If it weren't for me you guys wouldn't be talking about immigration. I'm proud of that. We need a Wall- I will build it! illegals out! Second Q- any proof Mex Gov did this? I've talked to Border Guards and they said that that's what they were doing. That's the evidence.

Kasich: Any merit of what Trump said? Invite to attack Trump- Trump hitting a nerve with folks, people want solutions, tired of political run-around. Really didn't/wouldn't attack Trump.

Rubio: Majority of illegal immigration-torn between people standing in line and people getting away with it. He noted calls to his office of Legal Immigrants frustrated at illegal prospects. People are frustrated despite our generosity we are not treated it fairly.

Walker: Changed mind on "path to Citizenship"- Obama messed it up. International Criminal penetrating borders.

Cruz: Do you support 5 yr. Min./Man illegal immigration? Katy Law? Republicans he said don't want illegal immigration enforced. Amnesty- called DC a cartel.

Changed Subject - Terror

Christie: Phone Records apposes/or/likes bulk collection?- supports Patriot Act? Quoted as saying Responsible Congressmen should testify to families killed. Protect lives not fewer tools, need more tools to report. Christie likes Big Brother in your house.
end page 1.

Kasich: kind of recoils Christie - "More Records from Criminals, less from Citizens" doesn't make sense.
Kasich/Christie : embroil in fight- Dont trust Obama you can give him a hug. Christie: The hugs I give are to the Families who have suffered dead relatives.

Q. Subject- How would Candidates Stop ISIS?

Cruz: How would you defeat ISIS in 90 days? By Changing conditions- wont' work.

Bush: Q. Struggled to answer a Q. in early campaign- lol- said he knows. How is Iraq families to face needless death of military in Iraq if it wasn't necessary? "No child died in vein"- Obama abandoned Iraq. vacuum left ISIS. Vows to take out ISIS.

Paul: Greatest ally in middle east? We are leading from behind. Bad strategy, mentions Egypt.

Carson: Enhanced Terrorist Tactics Q? Won't broadcast to everyone what he's going to do. Understands some may take that to be against Geneva Convention- Scripts 'politically correct war- don't fight stupid wars is more of an intelligent answer.

Trump:- Obamacare-advocated replaced- supported single payer/private system. Mentions competitive bring cost down- get rid of borders between States. Narrated experience with only 1 bidder, based on no competition.

Huckabee: Will you abolish Ed Deprtmnt; EPA Deprtmnt; IRS Dprtmnt? Is it too big to shrink? Federal Gov often the enemy of the State, power shift back to States- Pass Fair Tax-

Carson: Change Tax Law- Gods Law Pay Proportionally- current failure because poor don't pay any taxes in proportion/

Bush: Advocates Common Core? Fringe- Clearly State Rights- Voucher- Real School Choice- Competition drives education- don't Lower Expectations.

Rubio: Why he's (Bush) is wrong? Parent- common core- usually the problem is the the program stops recommending and makes it a 'mandate' were Federal Governmnt can 'force' the State.

Kasich: Whoever R nominee- Clinton supporter of middle and poor class how will you take her D's on? Balancing Budgets- Spurs Economic Growth that's the KEY Reach out - Restore Miracles.

Carson: Same Q. Hillary is epitomizes  rich elitist, hasn't a leg to stand on.- Must educate- Economic Growth Movement away from Debt.

Subject: JOBS

Bush:  you said 4% Growth 19 million jobs- lofty expectations- 6 million- 6.5 million- how to change>? Rules Regulations Taxes income is not going to Change- Tax Codes- suppress- for sustained

Walker: 250,000 4 years- dismal Wisconsin bad job growth. Wisconsin aim high- People create jobs- reform tax code.

Christie: Entitlement Reform increase age by 1 month over time period, Raise Age,Said  Walker/Kasich isn't lying he's just wrong. We haven't talked about the 71% of the Debt which is Entitlements- SS "socialist", believes those who have paid in to it, but are rich should forefoot it if they are rich.

Huckabee: Fair Tax quotes 60 Million collecting S.S. that's 90% of their income Gov. already robbed SS by Obamacare. SS is filled with nothing but IOUs. We need to make SS not just from paychecks but from other forms of income, stocks, dividends, because of the nature of which income has changed.

End Page 2.

Huckabee: Transforms social security 'Fair tax"

Trump: You've said you would grow the Economy- You have 4 bankruptcy records, companies who suffered your loss of a Billion not to happy. I've used the laws of the land when it was smart to do so. Got out of Atlanta before it went boom. Made a lot of money. I''m very proud of that fact. Bankruptcy enabled him to .. these guys are sharks. Your not living in the real world.

Rubio: Please describe on aspect of opening small business you would help? Economy, Global, Evan out Tax Rate -Regulatory- repeal Obamacare, higher Education - Repeal Dodd/Frank make America fair again small and large businesses treated the same.

BLOCKING IRAN DEAL - DAY ONE- Gov. Perry and Carly Fiorina answers from 5PM Debate played about this. Perry said break Iran deal first day. Fiorina said Obama broke every deal.. on tactical diplomacy.

Walker: Iran terminate deal

Paul- Wouldn't tear it up- Obama gave up to much

Huckabee: How we govern - Reagan said 'Trust but Verify' , but Obama says 'Trust Iran and Vilify every American ."


Bush: Planned Parenthood 2014 he was sat on Board with Bloomberg. Bush said he wasn't aware of the activity of that board with Planned Parenthood, related his Governorship defunded PP, increased adoptions, parental notifications, worked on education, pro life, respect life.

Rubio: You said you favored excuse for Rape and Incest- how do you justify all human life if recommending abortion based on an assault that is of no fault of the childs?" Constat of the U.S. mentions birth certificate , lol not his eligibility, says he didn't say that. So, basically he was stating protect life no matter what.

Trump: You were pro-choice, agreed on assault weapons ban, when did you become Republican? Reagan evolved and so have I. Noted he said he hated the concept of Abortion. Relayed a story great kid. He is now Pro-Life, He comes from NY, everyone Democratic Party.

Bush: Address your Name Calling regarding Trump? Change- Democrats Dividing country - Clinton Obama. Republicans need to 'unite', advocate Gov. FL. Record Triple A bond Rating in Florida again.

Paul: Civil Right Issues of our Time.. break in my reception here

Policing- Sheriff Clark - what would you do to help police brutality? Support and advocate good. Nail with equality those Law Enforcement Officials who do not abide the law, assure no one is above the Law ( yea, like he's advocated Obama should be held to the Constitution's Standards of natural born Citizen? Nope)

Trump: We have a Pres who doesn't have a clue about negotiating. Disgrace! Let Iran get away with 5 of their killers for Burgdahl. Iran deal is going to lead to very dangerous circumstances for large portions of the world.

End of Page 3.

Cruz: Russia/ China Act of Cyber War? Obama/Clinton policy-ISIS- Russia similar- we need to stand up to enemies.

Carson: Syria red line drawn by Obama would you attack or ignore your own red line? He basically said our Military needs to be sured up before that, and of course Obama couldn't attack.

Paul: Russia destabilized - How do they know more about H. Clinton's server than we do? He would send weapons to Ukraine and Strategic Shield in Poland.

Huckabee: Transgender in Army? Army is to 'kill people and break things' , Our military is decimated 25% reduced. 44 Combats ready. Need to work on that more than wither Transgender needs operation to change plumbing.

Paul: Cut all fundamental Aid to Israel why? Ally? He made a budget- noted Netanyahu said Israel would be stronger as they gained their Independence. Did not agree we should borrow money from China to give to Allies. We should not continue debt. That does not project strength.

Christie: Rebutted Paul a little here- with some specifics we should have no less than 500,000 ready army/ 300 modern warships/ 2600 ready aircraft ready to go. Christie said he would basically borrow money for Israel because they are an ally. ( this was an impressive list he had)

Cruz: Denied to chime in.


Final Q. before Closing Statements:
Facebook Q. Anyone of you here a word from God, anyone receive a Word from God?

Cruz: Any word receiving from God as he talks in Scriptures as word of God. protect Religious Liberty.

Kasich:  I do believe in Miracles- Restore Common Sense- United the Country- respect- The Lord is not picking U.S. America to lead

Walker: Blood of Jesus Christ- "follow His Will" How he acted is the example- be decent to to others.

Moderator asked about Veternans so Megan Kelly opens both Q's up for Rubio

Rubio:  God / Veterans  God has blessed us, He Cant one, Country blessed- VA - R changed law to allow firing any person only 1 has been fired.

Megan Kelly addresses Carson on how to unite Race Relations also as well as God Q.

Carson: God / Race He'd use bully pulpit, Asked why he avoids Race divisions, he said because he's a surgeon. Skin, Hair, these are just out characteristics of a person. Not what makes the person he's operating on.


Kasich: What I've done- National Security- Balancing Budget, 10 years

End page 4.

Christie: Middle Class kid- humble beginnings - appointed to Attorney General- 10 years fighting terrorist- cut taxes- respected

Paul: I'm a different kind of Republican- Balanced Budget- privacy rights, Bigger- He lead Clinton in 5 State Polls.

Rubio: Cuba parents - came to America- Father bar-tender, Want dreams to be possible- a new America a New Century.

Cruz: First Day on the Job: Every Executive order of Obama's Repealed- Instruct prosecution on Planned Parenthood- Cancel Iran Agreement- Move Embassy to Jerusalem where it should be, - parents fled Cuba.

Carson: Since distinction called for- I'm the only one to separate Siamese twins, take out half a brain- joke about Democrats- carry Baton of Freedom- next year.

Huckabee: Leads the audience - Someone Very high polls- bad mouths, everyone begins to think he's attacking Trump , but he calls out its Hillary Clinton. lol good laugh, One Nation under God.

Walker: Family man, aggressively normal, took on union bosses and won, balanced budgets, not to late.

Bush: I believe great years ahead, DC holding us back- immigration reforming- Entitlements- Grow Economy - Rise Up.

Trump- Our Economy in serious trouble. We don't beat China, we dont' beat Japan in Trade, Mexico in Trade - End Obamacare- Immigration- we get butt kicked with Mexico.

End Debate Page 5.


The hardest thing sometimes is to condense your ideas in a 30 second answer, which is what the Republican Candidates had to do last night. I wanted to let the debate and my notes marinate overnight a little before giving my Summary. As far as the Debate Format and the time permitted for the Debate as a whole I think that all favored Mr. Trump because he was able to stick to what I'm going to say were 'canned' answers he has been reciting over the last month which had favored his zooming to number one in the Polls!

With the format of 10 Debaters on Stage, that with 30 seconds available, that's about all you can do and hope you say something that is remembered. I will say as far as that is concerned, most people just wanted to see if Mr. Trump as an previously un-elected Candidate could 'hang in there' on the Debate Stage with these Professional Politicians and he did. That's bad news for them.

Mr. Trump basically showed everyone that you really do not need to come from an Elected Position of the Senate, or the House, or from a State as a Governor to hang with the big boys, and for that I thank Mr. Donald Trump and also our Founders who didn't make that a qualification in the Constitution as Kenya has adopted in theirs.

Fox News did Mr. Trump a very big favor asking a question right out the gate that had to do with a "Candidate Promise" not to compete or devolve into a Third Party if not receiving the nomination of the Republican Party. This put Mr. Trump at a very big advantage. Basically by raising his hand, he was seen as committed to the Race for President and willing to use every tool available to him to do it.

To me, that's what a winner does. He will not agree to not use a tool available under the Laws of the Land. I have run as a write-in Candidate before and it is a seldom used but very unique muscle in the body of our Governments specifically tied to the corruption of Political Parties perhaps the money they are tied to.

I think its foolish not to acknowledge the muscle in our own body as very necessary at any given time just because it is not used very often.  I dreamed last night that this 'write-in or Independent Road' in our body was compared to our armpit. People might make fun of it, but it is essential for cooling the body, attachment of the arm muscle and the lat muscle as well as engaging the back muscles. Most people do have an armpit they give attention to every day, but flexing the armpit is not something that its famous for. (smile) We usually go for the bicep.

What this did was put the Republican Party on notice that they have a wild one in their midst doing very well in the Polls, so its almost impossible to 'vote' him off the stage. The Democratic Party tried one time to vote me out of running in their vehicle, it required a 90% threshold of their Electors and the meeting was called at Noonish/ or kind of an off hour,  when they hoped many people would be at work and could not attend the meeting. That's the one election I won and I was very honored and touched in my heart by the people who stood their ground and refused to vote against my running in the party. It ended at the State Convention with a standing ovation and a moment no one will every forget that was there. It was worth it! Read my book for the entire story TAKING A STAND - The Conservative Independent Voice.

The Republicans have a lot of corruption within their Party, and Mr. Trump is a smart businessman who is able to finance quite a BIG RUN further putting the Republican Party Establishment on Notice.  Trump had 7 Responses, so one less than Bush. This makes his win with fewer questions bigger.

 Maybe the other Candidates will go Birther to one up the Trump?
Google Searches June/July Result sees Trump Dominating Republicans

 Let's see, what else about the Debate?

I'll tell you I like and got to know Ohio Governor Kasich much better. He definitely had the home field advantage and 6 Responses, 7 if you count the home court advantage. I lived in Columbus, Ohio trained horses there for a year and enjoyed the College football crazy atmosphere and Flaky Jakes Hamburgers- My wife actually worked there for a time as a day-time bar-tender. I was 20 years old I believe, long time ago now but it was at Columbus, OH had one too, at 1748 E. Dublin-Granville Rd. 

That Crowd was amazing last night when they lit up the Chair for their Gov. ( smile) I'm always thrilled and honored by the wonderful people who serve as Executives of our individual States. Great men and women doing a job that is vitally essential for our Union.

Senator Marco Rubio did a very nice job at the Debate. Although he is ineligible by the Constitution's Standard, he was very articulate, authentic, and spoke comfortably well. I did not get that feeling from former Gov. Jeb Bush. He went in to the Debate number two and I think left much lower. I'm not saying his answers were not substantive, I'm saying his delivery sounded, remember I was listening on the radio to the debate, like he was some medication that prevented smooth delivery. He stammered a bit, and his sentences struggled, his dry mouth seemed apparent. He had a full 7 Responses so a well oiled debate. Jeb Bush had 8 full Responses so slightly favored but he is a so-called money man with a sizable war chest.

Don't make the remark with any ill towards him, but the comparison between his overall effort would lead me to say it was a choppy ride as compared to Rubio's much smoother ride. This is were Rubio as an ineligible Candidate for the Office of the President is very hurtful to those who are qualified. They should not be having to be compared with him on Stage.

Sen. Paul, I thought came out even. His closing statement bothered me because it was aloof when he stated he was a different kind of Republican. Even if he is, the statement is not cultivating votes, but pushing them away. Basic translation afforded, " if your not like me, don't vote for me."Paul had 7 Responses and I think showed an adeptness to squeezing in.

Governor Christie's effort was a little to combative and militant. I know the A.G. is a prosecutor, but in running for President the American People do not want to be prosecuted by their President. His likability index drops for me, but his tactical preparedness I was impressed with. He at least had a ball park where he wanted to take our military preparedness up a notch. His Rebuttals with Gov. Kasich were a little childish in word-smithing demeanor. Christie had 5 Responses so of the group had the least and the most reason to feel slighted.

Senator Cruz, also ineligible you could tell felt slighted in the debate. I thought perhaps he was, out of all of them, the most extreme in his responses and this emblematic of the character we'd see in the desperate housewife whose had some 'afternoon delight' in an affair, and knows her husband is going to be able to read her mind when he gets home. His closing statement was a warning to all women; be very afraid because he will put you in prison during the gestation/harvesting of your baby, just to be on the safe side. Its tantamount to pandering to the extremes of the Republican party, and is the death knell to Independents which he cannot win the election without. I don't say this in anyway to insinuate he is not a capable person., its more that his confidence does not wax strong, and that is the tone of someone doing something wrong; which he is by running for an office he is not qualified for under the Constitution.

Ben Carson was attempting to separate Siamese twins with his answers all night. That is impossible with 30 seconds and 25 of them used to give a back drop which leaves the answer rushed in 5 seconds. Its the mark of being intelligent, but missing the mark of expedience, versatility, and utility. He seemed 'favored' in the Debate as far as questions he had 6 chances, so I do not think he has anything to complain about as he noticed one time he didn't know if he was going to get to speak again light heartedly. If he hurt, he hurt himself, and wasn't hurt as Cruz may contend who also had 6 chances, 7 if you count the time he tried to interject and was denied response. Cruz is doing much better than Carson in the Polls, so if you tiered that you say Carson had an especially well favored night.

Gov. Walker has 6 Responses and if he's trying to blend in became the wallpaper of the debate. He has a nice voice, but Gov. Huckabee has the nicest voice. He purrs. I really like his voice, but I'm always left wondering which Bible he reads because along with Cruz I think he'd have no problem putting women in prison rather than understanding how God made the body complete first, and then breathed the spirit into him making man a living soul. It is this process that doesn't make abortions a killing field with everyone involved going to hell for murder. Its difficult to understand when God lays it out so plainly in the Ref: Holy Bible- Genesis 2:7.

The Planned Parenthood Debacle is such a frame job and its typical of the 'Gotcha' mentality, when all these video are doing is preying upon the repulsive and normal feelings most of us have at the site of blood, and dead figures that resemble our own body parts. Gotcha, fewer people work as Doctors and Nurses or in the Mortuaries so most are not well accustomed to being expected to act normal around such scenes and that what these videos are preying upon.  Women in the monthly cycle periods are more accustom to it then men are. Just because we are using the womb doesn't mean its still not dust that God formed the body with and to which it eventually returns.

Overall I enjoyed the Republican Debate and I thought the questions were pretty adversarial to say the least, which made it a hard debate for each person with their specific norms. In that sense and in those considerations, FOX News did a remarkable job in what could be seen as preparing the Candidates who will emerge as leaders.

Overall, I think Trump won this debate because he played it right with the circumstances, conditions, and overall environment and he was thrown very tough questions and assumption from Megyn Kelly- "When did you become a Republican" was border line rude and I really do not recall any other Candidates being treated with the disdain in that way during the debate. He served Trump though and he is a master at turning things around, as it looked like they were picking on him, he also got a sympathy vote.

If you missed watching the debate like I did, here's a courtesy copy Thanks to the BIRTHER REPORT

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Every dollar counts towards a Campaign willing to take a stand for your individual Civil Rights and having a President like Cody Robert Judy, you can be sure that your Rights are going to be stood up for because he's the one with a Record in Court to prove that actions speak louder than words. Helping him out today is going to help you out Tomorrow.

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Other Courts
12-10th Amendment Trial New York witness in the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial
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The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

Cody Robert Judy - U.S. President 2016
The 2016 Cody Robert Judy Campaign for U.S. President

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Monday, August 3, 2015


Will Trumps Tough Talk Translate into Action?

"It has to be one of the most painful things a Candidate has to do when running for Office, especially for President of the United States", Cody said, as he spoke of running for President against the incumbent Mr. Obama in 2012 in the Democratic Party but Cody passed that test. Now the same burden falls on Mr. Donald Trump for the rhetoric of 2011 against Obama. As a Citizen Mr. Trump didn't have standing, but all of that has changed now with Mr. Trump's declaration as a Candidate for President.

They say with great knowledge comes responsibility and the Courts have said repeatedly in what Obama has credited himself with as over 200 wins in Court against the Birthers now, that you have to have 'Standing' in order to challenge another Candidate's Qualifications.

 Citizens that challenged Obama based on their voting rights were denied Court Hearings on the matter due to their failure to produce what the Court asserts are legal damages. Obama's own lawyers attested to that legal maneuver in 2008 California Case Barnett v. Obama that ended in the 9th Circuit Court from Judge Carter the former marine many had hoped would decide the issue of Obama's ineligibility to the Constitution's major demands that only a 'natural born Citizen' devolve upon the Office of the President and VP. Representatives and Senators endure a more minor "Citizen" Qualifications in the Constitution.

Mr. Judy took on the burden in 2008 suing McCain/ Obama and again took the Principle to Obama in 2012 from the very beginning with State Ballot Challenges in New Hampshire and Georgia that ended through the States Supreme Courts in the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 12-5376 starting July 2, 2012 and running through the 2012 Election to Jan 7th 2013.

Many People don't understand, Cody said, that when you run for President there is a very big burden upon you to represent the public with your standing against any illegality especially concerning the qualifications of your opponents in the race. Of course there is a lot of pressure to be civil and nice", he referred to Reagan's 11 Commandment- Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican, 'but when it comes to 'standing' and the Constitution one much consider the duty to the oath you would take as President to 'preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States' from foreign and domestic enemies.'

The usurpation of the Office of the President is really the worst case scenario nightmare you can think of. Anyone not qualified is of course a usurper of that office.


The Proposed Question is: Donald Trump sues Fox News and Ted Cruz asking the court for an emergency injunction preventing Fox from allowing Cruz to participate in the Republican presidential candidate debate August 6. (Fox I seem to recall has said that only eligible candidates may participate). Courts have ruled in favor of competitive standing in the past.

[Tim Says: Fox is a private corporation. It could invite a Bufflehead duck to the debates and the courts wouldn’t care]

D- 2016 Candidate for President Cody Robert Judy replied:

The question is ‘Has Fox Entered into a ‘binding agreement’ with the Candidates on the Stage in their ‘Qualifying’ rules for the Debate?

I think they have with this list of Published Qualifiers.

“Although we are relaxing one component of our entry criteria – the requirement that candidates must score 1% or higher in an average of five most recent national polls – all other components of the criteria remain in effect for the 5 PM/ET debate. Participants must meet all U.S. Constitutional requirements; must announce and register a formal campaign for president; and must file all necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), including financial disclosure.

Read more:

Candidates at the very least are assured of these stipulations in their own appearance invitation. They come and expect a certain criteria to have been enforced as a component of their agreement to participate. The threat of violation seen as an endorsement of the Fox qualification criteria, i.e. setting the Constitutional Standard.

The reason Fox News invites their Corporation into the mix is based on the interpretation of their saying a Candidate is qualified under the Constitution demand for a natural born Citizen.

It not only becomes a liability , but a competitive insult to a Candidate, to have someone on that stage who is not qualified, not to mention the ‘public interest’ of the Case which millions of Campaign Dollars might be granted or withheld as an interest.

I certainly do not think its frivolous and could prove a sticking point for Mr. Trump if he fails to do so now, and then brings it up later on.

As stated here I think Fiorina is suffering damages being held off the 9PM Primetime Debate Stage. She should take the damages to the Court and get the ruling on Cruz and Rubio who are on at 9PM while she is being held at the 5PM debate.  ]

There is no doubt that Mr. Trump as a Citizen challenged Obama on his eligibility publicly, but Mr. Trump was not an official Candidate in 2012, so he had latitude in basically what he stated was a Citizens' effort that produced Obama's long form birth certificate after 3 long years. Here's the Clip that showed Mr. Trump stating he was "very proud of himself for accomplishing what no one else has been able to accomplish." Referring to this link of April 27th, 2011 Obama releasing his Long Form Birth Certificate.



 Of course it was a little bit of a chagrin for myself as a Candidate in 2012 who had been pressing since 2008 for Mr. Trump to come up and swallow the credit for what I had been working very hard for since 2008 in standing up for the principles of the natural born Citizen clause in Court. Mr. Trump of course had the name recognition that I did not even come close to, but in Court that is not suppose to matter.

In the Court of Public Opinion different story, Mr. Trump has the respect of being a very wealthy and successful businessman, but I still had the responsibility to shoulder the legal hurdle I did in Court which if you summarized in DC Legal Fees would have been millions of dollars up to that point. So Yes, Mr. Trump took my gravy a little bit. 

Now in the 2016 Election there is a whole new political landscape taking shape and it has again a lot to do with the Republican Party and their three unqualified Candidates running now. Mr. Cruz the Republican U.S. Senator from Texas - Mr. Rubio the Republican U.S. Senator from Florida, and of course Mr. Governor Bobby Jindal from Louisiana.  You might say we have an even bigger problem this election than we did in 2008 or 2012. 

 Mr. Trump as a declared Candidate in the Republican Party, as are the three stated illegal Candidates who are not 'natural born Citizen(s) ie., Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents. He  has immediate standing against his colleagues just as I did in 2012 with Mr. Obama. So it follows the burden to bring the issue to Court falls upon Mr. Trumps shoulders.

The August 6th Debate at Fox News lands two of the three mentioned illegal Candidates on the stage with Mr. Trump. This is significant in accumulating competitive damages. The Debate is set to bring in millions of dollars in Campaign Donations and Support to those who do well and drain for a loss of those same campaign dollars those who do not do well. 

Having Mr. Cruz- Texas 38 ECV and Mr. Rubio-29 ECV, from two very influential States in the Presidential Electoral College is very big and posed quite a loss for Mr. Trumps Campaign. He can decide to be 'nice' or 'polite', but is that what you are looking for in a President who has got to make tough decisions sometimes about the people closest to him? Does Mr. Trump have the courage to stand up for the United States Constitution as well as bring America's Jobs Back?

Mr. Trump has repeated in his stump speeches "there is no one tougher in the Military then him", but if we can't count on him to file a simple paper in Court against Rubio and Cruz's illegal qualifications how do we expect him to stand up against ISIS?

And the worst part of this is, if Mr. Trump gave Obama such a hard time in 2011 and is seen in giving Mr. Cruz and Mr. Rubio a pass because they are members of the same Party on the Prime Time Debate Stage without an Emergency Injunction to the Court to have them removed off the Stage as unqualified Candidates, is Mr. Trump doing so based on race? Does this implicate Mr. Trump is bigger on Party then he is on Principle and how does that bode for him with the American People wanting their Constitutional Rights upheld?

For my own part as a 2016 Presidential Candidate I have worked tirelessly for the Principle over the Party. I have filed with the United States Supreme Court two Applications that specifically named Cruz, Rubio, and Jindal as siphoning off campaign funds that needed to be stopped immediately. 
Application 1 over 3500 views June 29th, 2015
Application 2 over 2000 views July 15th, 2015
I think I've done my duty as far as I can without having direct and immediate standing with either Mr. Cruz, Mr. Rubio, or Mr. Jindal unless I win the nomination of the Democratic Party and one of them wins the nomination of the Republican Party. Such is not the case with Mr. Trump who because he is in competitive competition with them now in the same party for the same nomination has immediate standing.  

I suppose we will see if Mr. Trump indeed has the courage and will to back up his Candidacy. Mr. Trump may have a little taste of what I had to choke down in 2012 and I certainly wish him as Gentleman's the best of luck.

 Mr. Trump can be rest assured if he were to win the Nomination and choose either Mr. Cruz or Mr. Rubio as a Vice Presidential Running Mate and I were to win the Democratic Party Nomination that he would be receiving Summons to appear in Court based upon the Constitution's demand that the Vice President also be a 'natural born Citizen' just as the President.

As a matter of house keeping we would really like to thank you for pushing us over the 275,500 mark today!

Sincerely your 2016 Candidate for President
Cody Robert Judy

Help Support Cody Robert Judy's Campaign for President Cody is doing what not even Mr Trump or any other Republican Candidate for President can do. Remember - Principle over Party!

Help Support Cody Robert Judy's Campaign for President Cody is doing what not even Mr Trump or any other Republican Candidate for President can do. Remember - Principle over Party!

Cody Robert Judy- Presidential Candidate '08-'12-'16

That's just one story.. I have a lot (smile) Check out my book :
 Taking A Stand- the Conservative Independent Voice.

Every dollar counts towards a Campaign willing to take a stand for your individual Civil Rights and having a President like Cody Robert Judy, you can be sure that your Rights are going to be stood up for because he's the one with a Record in Court to prove that actions speak louder than words. Helping him out today is going to help you out Tomorrow.

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Other Courts
12-10th Amendment Trial New York witness in the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial
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14-Amicus Curiae Filed in Keyes v. Obama Judge Carter case
15-Amicus Curiae Filed in Military Court if Lt. Terry Lakin

The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

Cody Robert Judy - U.S. President 2016
The 2016 Cody Robert Judy Campaign for U.S. President

CAMPAIGN NEWS FLASH - Please visit a couple more of our Campaign Web Pages that are up, remodeled, and going. First the "Bio of Cody" page is up and also the "NEWS FLASH" page is up which details a news flash about Judy v. Obama 14-9396 in the United States Supreme Court.

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