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Revised Petition for Writ of Certiorari Link Here

Well folks, what many said would never and could never happen is actually happening. When you read the following letter and see the ORDER Cody Robert Judy has submitted for the United States Supreme Court, you might feel a chill run up your leg if your a Birther.

If your an anti-birther, for there exist only two planes to catch on this issue regarding the ineligibility of Barack Obama qualified for the Office of the President according to the demands of the United States Constitution ( "Birther" and " Anti-Birther"), you may experience a slight cold dizzy spell for you'll recognize along with the Birthers that this has NEVER happened before!

Let me write that one more time: This has NEVER happened before!

100% of the law suits brought against Barack Obama's eligibility have been dismissed either in lower courts or the United States Supreme Court because of "Standing" or "Jurisdiction".

Before the United States Supreme Court now in Judy v. Obama are two Presidential Candidates competing for delegates at the NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In the first movie National Treasure - Actor Nicholas Cage utters as the last word before he found the treasure, could the secret really be that simple, " The secret lies in Charlotte" as he inserts the key and twist unlocking the door to the treasure hidden by Founding Fathers see Trailer here:

While our Constitution is our National Treasure, it has never happened that a challenger for President has actually reeled another candidate for President into The UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT, especially before the National Convention of the Democratic Party, where a decision from the Justices could have a legal bearing on the eligibility requirement demanded in the United States Constitution.

It's unheard of. The closest anyone has ever got to this was Diplomat and Reagan appointed Ambassador Alan Keyes running for president as a Republican in 2008 but that wasn't even heard seen in the U.S. Supreme Court until 2011, where the U.S. Supreme Court refused the Petition upholding the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that Keyes was not a candidate for President in 2012, nor had he obtained his Parties nomination to represent the Republicans.

This is unprecedented to have a Democratic Candidate for President challenging Barack Obama in the Democratic Party, and to have it hit the U.S. Supreme Court before the Democratic National Convention has taken place is the U.S. Supreme Court in Star Trek's, "Warp-speed Scotty".

Upon hearing the news that he was finally going to get his Case in the U.S. Supreme Court Cody responded with a big grin;

" Well, this journey has been an uphill battle that felt as if I was being pelted with stones the whole way up the Hill. I've done the best I could with what I had available to me, which wasn't much. It took me about 10 times to make it up the hill resubmitting over and over and over again, I think like 10 times, but it's good... it feels real good. I'm kind of reminded of the song I wrote "Big Things Happen Everyday" ,because this is a pretty big thing happening."

When asked whether he thought the U.S. Supreme Court would hear the Petition the Democratic Party Candidate for President said,

"That is not my department, that is the Justices of United States Supreme Court's decision. The only thing I know is I've done what I needed to do to get it to them in time ,they do have time for a decision, and I have "competitive standing" seeking to uphold not only the eligibility requirements of the Office of President in the Constitution, but the Legislative Mandate made so by proposals that the Constitution's demand be changed having never made it out of a Legislative Committee. I suppose at this juncture the U.S. Supreme Court is the check and balance of our Republic."

Judy continued, "I do want to thank everyone who has contributed to my campaign. We haven't got a lot of big contributions or a Super PAC supporting my campaign, however everyone who has contributed from many of the States- Maryland, Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Utah, California, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Wisconsin you Patriots know who you are, have been very appreciated and crucial without which I could not have come this far. I need your help more now then ever before, please log on to and contribute to this Campaign making a stand for our Constitution."

The United States Supreme Court is believed to have a case number in reserve for Judy v. Obama owing to their instruction to Mr. Judy to get to them the Stamped copies of the lower court decisions on track to be released to the public sometime after the 18th of July, 2012.

CODY ROBERT JUDY 3031 So. Ogden Ave. Suite #2 Ogden UT. 84401 801-497-6655 - - - - - - - -

SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES Office of the Clerk – Mr. William K. Suter Washington, DC 20543-0001
RE: Cody Robert Judy v. Barack Obama July 14th, 2012
- - - - - - - - -

Dear Mr. Suter- Clerk of the Court:
Accordingly pursuant of your letter July 9th, the following Petition for Writ of Certiorari has been resubmitted to you with the following correction:

The lower court opinion(s) have been appended for the Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia in the Appendix immediately following the “Typed” version, after page 10.

The Order from the Supreme Court of Georgia is also again included, per your request, to include such on re-submission.
A copy of the corrected petition has also been resubmitted and signed for on the Declaration of Mailing Statement served upon opposing counsel(s).
No other change to the substance of the petition has been made.

In the reflection of my July 1st 2012 letter to your office I would like to re-state my concern with this Petition in receiving the Courts attention with the urgency of the Democratic National Convention set to happen Sept. 5th,2012, and impugn the necessity for the Courts attention to that the United States Constitution and Legislative mandates are not delegated as moot in the courts supervisory powers as a check and balance for our Republic.

To that end, I applauded the Georgia Courts in expediting the necessity of action to counsels with email and phone conversation, for example giving me one day to respond to a Motion to Dismiss, in light of the Georgia Primary that a decision could be at least achieved , I presume, that appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court could be ascertained. I would appreciate this Courts acknowledgement and circumvention of recess with “Special Session” rules and powers in expediting expectations for Counsel(s) as the lower Courts managed.

There is still plenty of time between now and a manageable trial before the Democratic National Convention Sept 5th, which I would estimate to be 2 weeks prior, or by August 22nd,2012

The reason for this are that attending delegates to the Convention unbound can manage selection of a qualified candidate for the Office of President, the following proposals I have also forwarded to apposing counsels and can upon the Courts own Order be altered and bound in the attached:


Cody Robert Judy
Petitioner- Judy v. Obama

CODY ROBERT JUDY 3031 So. Ogden Ave. Suite #2 Ogden UT. 84401 801-497-6655 - - - - - - - -








Case No. ________________
Judge: _____________________


With the Democratic National Convention scheduled for Sept 5th 2012, of which Petitioner and Respondent are scheduled to compete for the nomination of said parties delegates for the Office of President, the following is herein proposed and so ordered that a decision from the Court can be managed by the date of August 22nd,2012. Altered by the Court: ________________

The extraordinary circumstances or reason(s) for this are in consideration of attending delegates to the Convention can , so at the very least they can manage selection of a qualified candidate for the Office of President pursuant the qualification demands of the Constitution, and still have 2 weeks / Altered by the court: ______________ / to prepare prior for the National Convention.

1- Mr. Judy, Petitioner pro se, waives any right of time prescription and the following proposal has herein been adopted and/ or altered by order of the Court.

2-Response BRIEF to Petition for Writ of Certiorari due by July 26th,2012 giving Counsel at least 7 days after receiving it by 1st class mail, postage pre-paid. Reponses to all parties shall be emailed to the respective email addresses noticed in the Declaration of Mailing furnished in the Original Petition. Altered by the Court: _________________________________

3-Reply to Response Brief for Petitioner/and or/Agent practicing for the Court on behalf of Petitioner Due August 2nd, 2012 giving 7 days from Respondent’s Brief due date of July 26th,2012. Altered by the Court: _____________________________

4- Oral argument is herein scheduled for August 13th-16th, 2012 giving the Court and parties to the action 10 days to pre-pare for trial.
Altered by the Court: __________________________________________

5- Decision by the Court shall be approximated by August 22nd, 2012 giving the Court 6 days to render and write an opinion.
Altered by the Court: ________________________________________

The proceeding proposal has been adopted and is now so ORDER BY THE COURT.



Notarized affidavit or declaration in compliance with 28 U. S. C. § 1746, reciting the facts and circumstances of service in accordance with U.S. Supreme Crt. Rule 29 (c)
I do hereby declare under penalty of law certify that I mailed, via 1st class U.S. Mail and Email, a true and correct copy of the forgoing


Postage pre-paid, to the RESPONDENT(s), by and through Counsel(s) of Record at: Attorney for RESPONDENT: Esquire Mr. Michael Jablonski for Barack Obama and Cam-Anh Le Esq. &Vincent Robert Russo counsel(s) for secretary of State Brian Kemp, at:
1-Michael Jablonski 260 Brighton Road NE Atlanta, GA. 30309-1523
2-Secretary of State Brian Kemp Georgia Secretary of State’s Office –Executive Office 214 State Capital Atlanta GA. 30334- ,
3- Solicitor General of the United States at, Room 5614, Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Ave., N. W., Washington, DC 20530-0001
4- Sam Olens-Office of the Attorney General 40 Capitol Square, SW Atlanta, Ga 30334. Phone: (404) 656-3300 Email:
5- Cody Robert Judy- 3031 Ogden Avenue, Suite #2, Ogden, UT. 84403
6-U.S. Supreme Court 1First Street N.E. Washington D.C. 20543 ts

On this the 14th Day of July, 2012.
Signature of Mailer __/s/__Cody Robert Judy___


Revised Petition Link here:

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Republicans fail the Republic- Cody Judy U.S. Crt Features Go Public on The Obama Stain

Republicans failed - Cody Robert Judy, (I am), the only Democratic Party Presidential Candidate to take Obama's Eligibility to the U.S. Supreme Court and showcase Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse result.

I have placed Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse results into the very first Judicial Court- The Superior Court of Georgia March 2nd,2012. This was appealed to the Georgia Supreme Court and now the U.S. Supreme Court.

Why? Well it wasn't because Sheriff Joe is my good friend because I've never met him. It was because Sheriff Joe decided by the order of his constituency to investigate for truth. I credit the people who surround Sheriff Joe who have hired and elected him as truth loving people. God bless them all.

That truth is what I've represented since suing McCain and Obama in 2008; the same truth that was used when I testified at the CIA COLUMBIA OBAMA SEDITION AND TREASON TRIAL in Harlem New York and he was found "Guilty" by a Jury of American Citizens who I had never met before and who came from every corner of the Nation.

The truth is a hard thing for those who make a lie. Obama can't say anything against the truth and not be seen as a Circus act and a Carnival Barker. The devil gets very angry at the truth because its the lie that gives him his power, and its the truth for Gods sake, that takes it away!

Boy I'll tell you the list of Judges and Courts and Public Figures that have chosen to align themselves with Obama's malignant fraud and massive forgery will have something of a ding on their resume for a long time won't they?

The stain of Obama they will be trying to wipe away from the public's eye for their entire life.. may they live a long life.

Ordinarily, I would feel more pity for them but these are people who have sworn oaths to the Constitution, had money or fame or the spot light of the MSM in which they were such cowards for the truth rather then standing up boldly for our United States Constitution.

When a politician tells a lie and the people support it, the cup is filled with a lie and its just a matter of time before it spills and the resulting action stains what its spilled on.

How many people really believe a lie can be covered up for long; or is a good thing when it hurts the very fabric of our election process; when it undermines the credibility of the United States to the core; When it makes the beacon on the hill of freedom and light seem more like a joke then a light?

Who of the media will be able to hold their heads high and not look like a Obama's fool?

Who has had him on their show and called him "President" rather then the usurping idiot with nothing to hide his nakedness, but his own dis-dain for our Constitution?

Obama own words have dug a hole for him. He has trumped that "Responsibility, Accountability, Transparency, and Law" are the hallmarks for Businesses whose practices he has called into question because of their gambling on the stock market with so much that if they lost they would need a public bail out AGAIN.

What example is Obama to "good practices"? What shall those businesses say to him, "Well, your the one whose setting the example for us?"

Obama understands that when these checks and balances or values leave the market, the market is doomed to fail, yet he doesn't have the respect for the White House, for the U.S. Constitution, for "We The People" to employ those values to himself?

What exactly do you call someone who applies great laws and goodness to businesses and everyone else, but won't employ them to himself in the Office of the President requiring a 'natural born citizen?


What should we call him?

The 'devil' come down to us?

The truth shall set you free from the lie Mr. Obama. The truth shall set you free from Mr. Obama Democratic Party.

Make the choice, and free yourself from Obama's malignant narcissistic personality disorder join The Birther Movement and become an Article II Patriot who supports Politicians who support, defend,protect, and preserve the Constitution in truth and real power.

Here is one very good reason that America really really needs a President who believes and stands up for the Constitution. Mind you, this is a Repub. Congressmen from AZ. who says basically the Constitution should be removed from the oath of office by stating you can't stand up for the Constitution because 50% of America doesn't believe in it.

Wow! Unbelievable...

Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

Monday, July 9, 2012

Breaking News: U.S. Supreme Court Case Needs Your help in Judy v. Obama

Breaking News: U.S. Supreme Court Case Needs Your help in Judy v. Obama

This is probably going to sound more like a journal entry then a blog piece, but I am moved to express some things that I think are important at this time.

First I do want to thank and pay a tribute to those who are fighting the good fight; those who are raising their voice and going on the record. I know the last week I have received more of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals treatment #5 (Rule 5: Ridicule is man's most potent weapon) these weeks then I have ever received. It’s nasty, distasteful, and ugly.

Here’s just one example that’s tame enough to print-
“Anyone that makes videos of their self trying to be Pres and claiming Obama is not qualified to be Pres needs help. I hope U get that. Do U have a doc? Mental disorders R not to be made fun of. I hope U don't hear voices but help is there 4 U!”

I do kind of agree with him that ‘I need help’ but its more on the financial side in contributions then from a doctor trying to convince me to abandon the Constitution in favor of Obama’s State of the Union and usurpation.

If anyone could comprehend how many people support Obama and picture them all ganging up on me you’d get some idea of what my mail box looks like in the above times 10,000.

I thinking I’m not sure what’s worse:

The precarious status of the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear units and the risk presented by the enormous inventory of radioactive materials and spent fuel in the event of further earthquake threats with 1,565 fuel rods translating into 460 tons of nuclear fuel stored in a pool in a barely intact building on its third and fourth floors that could result in a catastrophic radiological fire that could wipe out most of the northern hemisphere; certainly it would be a massive civilization-breaking event or Obama’s eligibility going un-checked, ignored and avoided by the U.S. Supreme Court?

I know people in Washington DC don’t think about the most prestigious monument representing our first President George Washington in the cracked Washington monument with a 5.8 magnitude earthquake hitting east of the Rockies for the first time since 1897 or Hurricane Irene blowing through the same geographical area a few days earlier being the first of the Hurricane season showing exactly how bad the cracks were, or the 700 mile storm front that bee-lined from Chicago to Washington DC, causing 3 million to lose power -The very symbolism of losing power in an area like The Beltway is as poignant as it is profound, not to mention Obama's same course from Illinoise to Washington DC being traced; as part of God pointing out Obama’s ineligibility, but if you had to trace God’s finger it’s no stretch of the imagination to say our Founding Fathers are pissed off people!

To read Ann Barnhardt’s sentiments about the situation involving Obama’s ineligibility and the U.S. Supreme Court’s majority ruling which “Ok’d” a tax on every American’s very existence making it a possible crime to be born breathing if you don’t pay, well she said it very well I think:
“I don’t want the people who are living on this continent ten or twenty years from now to be able to whine and deflect responsibility for their sorry, sorry state by claiming that “no one ever told us” or “no one ever explained anything to us.” No, you were told. You were warned. And it wasn’t just me doing the warning and explaining. You will accept your suffering in SILENCE. You will blame nothing and no one except YOURSELVES. You will own the tyranny that you live under, because you begged for it. You bought it with your own stupidity, and you nurtured it with your own squealing cowardice.”

I do think she’s probably right about the Government as it stands now never repealing any part of ACA whether Republican Mitt Romney is in charge or Obama’s ineligibility never meets the U.S. Constitution head on.

She says thoughtfully as Ann always does, Republicans ‘will start referencing the fact that ObamaCare is SCOTUS-approved, and approved by Chief Justice Roberts, no less. They will also start to argue that it would cause “chaos” to repeal it. Day by day, this rhetoric will increase. It will begin on the news channels, then spill over into the faux-conservative blogs like . I wait with bated breath for Ed Morrissey or Allah pundit’s piece on how “sensible folk understand that ObamaCare simply cannot be repealed.” Oh, just you wait. It is coming. I promise you that.”

She continues, “You HAVE to wake up and acknowledge that Romney is a sociopathic liar who is simply bullshitting, and that is the word for it – bullshitting you people in order to raise money. He will say ANYTHING in order to raise money and maybe “get elected.” You are being conned just as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and if you aren’t smart enough or mature enough to see when you are being blatantly conned, then you deserve what you get.”

Sadly it appears the payday for politicians exist if they do “lie”, if they don’t tell the “truth”, they are rewarded with what you “hope” they are going to represent. Romney reportedly raised 100 million in June. Well we all know what path that led us with Obama, but somehow we always hold out “hope” for a politician who actually means what he says and does what he says he’ll do.

With history as a guide to Washington DC actually having the power to beat the constitution-swords that go there elected with good intensions who then get beat into plowshares wanting to go to the latest Washington DC cocktail party, you’d think Citizens would understand the best remedy would be to send someone there whose actually done time for ‘Taking A Stand’. I mean is that the kind of courage you want or is that just crazy to you?

If history is a judge of Romney’s path you understand very clearly exactly what Ann (not Romney’s wife) is saying. You gotta give that pack a dynamite Ann credit where credit is due. She’ speaks the truth about the big fish in the race getting contributions for the office their running for, but she still hasn’t got a clue to actually putting her mouth to work for someone who is running for office and could certainly use a little positive support and help out here and we all need to ask ourselves the same question:

How will we respond to these and many of the other upcoming events which are poised to take this world of ours by storm? Who are we supporting and to what extent does our support towards that person represent our making the best decision we can?

Are you ready for some hard answers God has for you? All of those answers can be found within. Now is the time to go inside and ascertain the true meaning for each person in the contemplation of your family’s future.

Of course you want someone who pays for it all for you, who pays the bill, and makes the sacrifices so you don’t have to. But how in the world could you gain any appreciation for what our Constitution actually give you if it was all for FREE?

Indeed your participation in helping build a house makes it YOUR HOME.

You know in the Court cases I’ve represented against Obama about 99.999 percent of you haven’t paid a dime. You haven’t raised a single word of support. I’m not so sure you don’t deserve what you pay for. One thing I am sure of God’s going to give it to you, oh yea, you can count on that. But .. I still find myself wishing.

That brings me to the chapter I read in the Bible last night which was so telling of how things should be, or maybe how things are when they are done right and correctly in 1st Chronicles chapter 28:29 David outlines that not only has he gathered all that he has for the Lord’s Temple but he has himself given his own wealth to the project-

“Besides, in my devotion to the temple of my God I now give my personal treasures of gold and silver for the temple of my God, over and above everything I have provided for this holy temple: three thousand talents of gold (gold of Ophir) and seven thousand talents of refined silver, for the overlaying of the walls of the buildings, 5 for the gold work and the silver work, and for all the work to be done by the craftsmen.”

Then David asks a real simple question? I think its telling, but here he is in charge asking people to give of themselves. He isn’t saying for instance if you breath your taxed as our own ACA is mandating.

David says: “Now, who is willing to consecrate themselves to the LORD today?” The response was incredible and amounted to much more then could have ever been collected in a forced mandated tax, because of a simple few words, “ The people gave willingly”. Wow! How incredible is that power of genuine love?

“Then the leaders of families, the officers of the tribes of Israel, the commanders of thousands and commanders of hundreds, and the officials in charge of the king’s work gave willingly. They gave toward the work on the temple of God five thousand talents[d] and ten thousand darics[e] of gold, ten thousand talents of silver, eighteen thousand talents of bronze and a hundred thousand talents of iron. Anyone who had precious stones gave them to the treasury of the temple of the LORD …”. “The people rejoiced at the willing response of their leaders, for they had given freely and wholeheartedly to the LORD. David the king also rejoiced greatly.”

Please take note of the words “GAVE” to the 4th power or used 4 times in those words, also “FREELY” and “WHOLEHEARTEDLY” associated with the acts of giving and the reward of freedom the Lord had given Israel from bondage, and then not only that but the feeling of “REJOICEING” by everyone at what was accomplished together. Imagine our world if our elected leaders gave so willingly to the Constitution?

All of this “taxing” and “putting people in prison” for stupid stuff, and not standing up for our freedoms and liberties that are inalienable rights given by God is not us. That’s not the United States principled under the United States Constitution.

WE ARE CAPABLE OF SO MUCH MORE and its important not only to us here in the U.S. but its important to the world who sees us as a shining beacon of light on a hill representing what people can do with freedom and liberty. We can’t let this go.

I say as David said, “What “change” have you to give towards REALLY standing up for the Constitution and my campaign for upholding it? Will you send me your change?

If my Campaign is the only one holding up the Constitution’s demand for a ‘natural born citizen’ against all the hatred, and devils crying foul, how much more can you count on me then Mitt Romney or Obama’s lies?

You’ve seen what I have done by myself and given; will you now help me in Taking A Stand?

You can contribute here:

Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign