Monday, April 30, 2012

An American Barbecue about Obama's Ineligibility

An American Barbecue about Obama's Ineligibility Hello, today is April 30th,2012, my name is Cody Robert Judy, and I’m running for President of the United States. Now if you haven’t heard of my campaign, please go to and check it out, now the main intention of this presentation is principally to raise money for the campaign with a National Barbeque. We are going to have a BIG BARBEQUE and I’m going to tell you how you can be part of that in just a minute. I want to first familiarize you with the Campaign and let you know exactly what we have done so far in preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution of the United States which is pretty high on the list of what Americans’ expect from a President. My guess is that’s why it’s in the oath but the economy is not. Now I’m running as a Democrat against the guy in the White House in the Primaries. We were up running the week before Texas Gov. Rick Perrry got into the Presidential Race, so we have outlasted many primary counter republican party primary candidates that have fallen by the way side you know the list, Bachman, Huntsman, Cain, Johnson, Santorum, Gingrich all of which whom have been much better funded but they are out. I do think there is a good reason for that, and it has to do with not preserving, protecting, and defending the United States Constitution..Plainly in the eligibility question of Barack Obama. Now I want you to do something for me just for a minute. I want you to pretend that you are God, can you do that for me just for a minute? Come on now, you’ve always wanted to play God right? This is your chance… and..since your God right now you have set America apart from the world as a Nation that was founded on the principles of freedom and liberty and a mixing pot of all religions. You know ,that used to be a foreign concept to most nations of the world although America has been an example of people actually being able to live under a big tent and we have seen a host of other nations realize that most religions could exist in the same Nation and not kill each other as infidels. Now there are some religions that can’t function like that. They call America a Great Satan because we are functioning in a little different way that they call crazy. So in some bodies book somewhere in the world if you’re an American, your are crazy, your insane, and you’ve lost your rabbit ass mind. Now back to the play in which I’ve asked you to play God. You understand the Constitution of America , you inspired it through men we call our Founders and Framers. And you see men and women who are representatives of this Nation who duck and dodge the unique qualifications set out for our President as a Natural Born Citizen. It’s a very simple concept, no foreign allegiance or tie naturally by birth or parents that comprises of 2 generations back, your generations born in the U.S. , and your parents both at least Citizens at the time of your birth. Are you happy with those representatives and their kind of representation of this fundamental principle? It’s a fair question? I just… I just ..don’t think you’re really happy, I don’t understand how you could be seeing’s how politicians have tried to amend the Constitution’s qualification for Pres like 8 times since Obama’s was in the Senate and its failed every time. That’s a legislative line you don’t cross but these candidates that are out,.. had no courage for it. Now besides my 3 point platform which you can Google and see, Cody Robert Judy’s 3 point platform, I have taken a stand against Barack Obama’s eligibility consistently since 2008, persistently, and lawfully as a candidate. Now in this election cycle that included Administrative Hearings on Ballot Challenges in New Hampshire and Georgia as well as Judicial branch appeals, that have now , gone clear up to the U.S. Supreme Court. I mean that’s where it has to go after the Legislative Line has been set and defined when someone doesn’t abide by the qualifications that the Legislature by and through the People’s Representatives have consistently demanded, even through the controlled majority of Democrats rule in the House and Senate from 2008 to 2010, the demand could have changed but it didn’t. It remained intact. Now one thing I want to tell you this isn’t easy work besides being absolutely ridiculed by the media for simply holding Obama accountable to the documents he released, which he released as authentic and has represented as such in public Judicial proceeding, we’ve got proof that those documents are tainted and are not authentic but rather are forged and a representative of fraud. Well I need your help and I understand many Americans are in a pinch and cannot afford to take money out of the food budget to send in order to help me and my campaign. They can’t afford to fly in to a Convention Hall and pay a thousand or ten thousand dollars a plate to help me with my campaign. So I’ve come up with a little different way that you can help my campaign with the same money that you use for your spring and summer barbeques. We’re buying in bulk but your still paying about the same that you would at the grocery store. So your helping the campaign on the exact same money you’d pay at the grocery store. Now I know if you have a family you can’t walk out of that store without 3-400 dollars for a couple of weeks of groceries. So instead of paying $1000 dollars or $10,000 for 1 plate of food, you just heard my speech now we are going to eat. We are going to have steak and chicken in a National Barbecue. Here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to send me 368.88 cents., that’s the magic number 368.88 and I’m going to send you 30 choice steaks and 20 nice chicken breast and a couple of cordon blues. That’s 52 nice big servings of absolutely delicious meat, one for every state in the Union. (pun on Obama not knowing there are 50 States..I couldn’t recall wither he said 57 or 52, but we represented those extra with Cordon Bleus’ ) Instead of one plate of food, your going to get a chest with this meat in it with some dry ice to keep it cold and frozen in shipping, its all vacuum sealed U.S.D.A, inspected, really good meat. So let’s have a barbecue. So comprehend this. Your sending me not 1,000, and not 10,000 for a little bittie plate of food, on top of the air fare and the hotel you’d have to spend to come get your little single serving of food., but your sending my campaign 368.88 cents and your getting enough steak and chicken for you and your family to eat for 2 weeks, or, for you to invite everyone on your block to a barbeque to discuss the Campaign and our Constitution. You’re around people you know, family can get together and you can have a really good time, invite the neighbors, plus your helping a campaign with the same money you’d be spending at the grocery store. We are going to do this for 30 days and see how it goes. Go to my website, hit the contribution button, and let’s have a great steak day.