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Advocate for the Common Man- Wins - Justice is the Truth in Action

Advocate for the Common Man- Wins
Justice is the Truth in Action
Politics, Publicity, or just plain old Prejudice?

In Today's world the separation and division continues to grow, as does the argument, between the economic disparity as well political class on who has the interest of the common man at heart. As part of the common man class, Cody Robert Judy, can attest that it is a lot different on the inside than from the outside in actually dealing with the issues that afflict many in the United States of America who can't afford an attorney or even worse, can't find one who will represent them because of Politics, Publicity, or just plain old Prejudice.

Justice is the Truth in Action - and it remains the dearest hope of the heart for the common people determined to uphold a Standard of Law applicable to all equally. That Standard is constantly under attack by those who would just as soon see it disappear because they are not stuck in it at this Time. Sometimes people misunderstand circumstances, and those in upper classes of economic prosperity really do "hate" the poor as if they were a disease or plague they don't want rubbing off on them.

Monday, the 19th of June, 2017, Cody Robert Judy went through a harrowing Unlawful Detainer Trial as a Common Renter which depicts exactly the circumstances that also present themselves ironically with Judy v. Obama 17-4055 now under the scrutiny of the U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, as well the U.S. Supreme Court in many ways.

At issue was Renters rights of an old contract with the responsibility of a new Property Owner who had bought the property and was selectively conspiring to wipe out the rights of the Renter in the Property Bait-N-Switch of not honoring the old contract but simultaneously assuming the rights to terminate the old contract. It may be one of the biggest scams in the United States going unaddressed as a method of Corporate Theft not unlike ironically the Office of the President in the usurpation of the Office in the 2008 and 2012 Elections.

Most people just assume Justice will have it's way with the presentation of the Facts and Truth prevailing without the nuisances of politics, publicity, and prejudice. They don't count on the back doors being open between paid lawyers and judges and the inclinations affecting reputations and the pursuit of power upwards in their own legal careers, as well greed in and for the dollar.

That is why being, as the Judge in the Trial stated twice most emphatically to Cody twice while he was on the witness seat, "You're on the Knives Edge!", leaves the common man soiling himself in the balances of Justice. Of course the Court Room itself is the home turf and game field for Lawyers and Judges and new comers receive about the same welcome there as an apposing team whose come to play.

The Corporate Plaintiff was armed and polished with one of the best attorney firms arguably in the State presenting document after document of their methodical and diabolical case which arguably presented the step-by-step burden which had mounted like weights on Cody's shoulder the last month and a half. They presented a witness who was the manager of the new owner who Cody also had to cross-examine without any preparation or notice to prepare for.

The trial in such affairs is also an expedited action in favor of Property Owners leaving those who file an answer only three days to prepare in order not to be presented the street by the Sheriff's Office. While Cody was arguing his emergency three month buffer of prepaid rents was being disparaged and ripped off, the Plaintiff's Attorney was presenting a case of 'selective evidence' that framed the case to do just that asking for the two months rent, treble damages which can amount to three times the amount owed, and attorney's fees that easily added up to over $5,000.00, even thought the rent was $450 a month.

The problem for most Renters right along side most Home Owners is they are living by the month. It's become such an epidemic that has become the norm for which the Court's have become accustom to the point of assimilation. Another problem for Renters is who is going to hire an attorney that asks for a two grand retainer to protect a smaller amount of prepaid Rents?

To make matters worse the previous owner had moved to California and was unavailable as a witness to put on the stand and with him and his prior management team, had not forwarded the original contract now seven years old and buried to the new owner. This was a case of the entire responsibility of the File being kept by the Defender against the Plaintiff's "selective" and "deferred" prosecution.

Cody simultaneously to this action has been conducting now what has become a nine year action against Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro with as little help from the general public, in the face of near 80% of Republicans and near 25% of Democrats who hollered he was not qualified as a 'natural born Citizen'- ie. born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents in some seventeen cases across the United States. The paper work alone might fit in a moving truck, along with a thousand page divorce case in which Cody fought for 50/50 custody of his son in 2010, topped with a previous eviction case he had with the old owner in which the original contract just could not be found.

That eviction case had ended without the contract having been terminated however and was reconciled by the parties, so provided less relevance then the current unlawful detainer case. As the Trial heated up that original seven year old contract became more and more relevant to not being thrown out on the street.

In the thickened air of the Judge's words at 10:20 AM, "Your on the knives edge!", the Judge called for a 10 minute recess in the Trail that had already lasted an hour, for Cody to run down to his car and retrieve the latest rental receipt.

"As I raced down to my car I kept thinking about all the places I had looked for that Original Contract and come up empty. I got to my car and begin tearing through it under the seats, glove boxes, and every nook and cranny. Ripping everything out under the passenger seat now, I noticed a set of papers which had lodged itself from between the seats up into the bottom springs of the passenger seat virtually undetectable  unless viewed upwards from the passenger floor. I reached up and pulled it down from the entangled springs of the seat, and sure enough it was the original contract unmoved for seven years.

Racing back in I noticed the clock was at 10:37AM, and the Bailiff of the Court looked at me when I sprung through the Court doors like it was a little late. The Plaintiff's attorney began changing colors with the fire that began as I submitted the contract he had failed to bring to the Court's attention, and the light of evidence it held to bolster my witness of being not only a good renter, but an excellent one who had paid three months in advance and whom they now witnesses as "criminal nuisance".

His voice charged in his outrage and willingness to be the advocate for Corporate Theft, " I find this highly suspicious! I would ask the Court for a Bond from the Defendant.". The Judge calmly noticing his fit said, "I'll hear your argument for the Bond, but if this contract proves correct, you will owe him." That ended his argument.

After a week of taking the case under advisement the Judge ruled yesterday in favor of Cody Robert Judy; denying all of the Plaintiff's Request for what would have been double rents, attorney's fees, and treble damages in what was a touchdown for Renters finding themselves in the pits of Corporate Rental Theft in Sales Contract of Properties where they are often surprised, unconsulted, and victims of a transfer of Landlords through a Property Sale.

In the obvious comparisons with Judy v. Obama Case No. 17-4055 the U.S. Supreme Court's Individual Justice Application to Justice Gorsuch was recorded as being received by the U.S. Supreme Court but is M.I.A., although a copy was recorded by the Tenth Circuit served as a courtesy copy.

The U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals has as evidence:

  • The Lawful Sheriff's Investigation proving Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate is a Forgery and is not a copy of an Original, backed up by two independent document forensics experts.
  • The copy of the State of Hawaii's lack of Constitutional Certification of Obama, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi's dis-enfranchisement of the State's Correct Certification with one of her own made-up, as well as one for the other 49 States which also does not Certify Obama as Constitutionally Qualified.
  • The Complaint of a Presidential Candidate in the Democratic Party who has objected to his Civil Rights as a Candidate for President being violated by an unfair and unequal Standard.  That tradition and Standard in U.S. History being upheld and continued in a tradition also upheld and unchanged by the U.S. House and U.S. Senate for 241 years through dozens of attempts that have failed as "America's Choice".
"During the ten minute recess of the Unlawful Detainer Trial, as I was racing through my car, I couldn't help think if as much attention to the evidence in Obama's Usurpation of the Office of the President existed as this Trial, he would have never been allowed anywhere near the Office of the President."

Sadly, so many Americans have complained but have not cared about the support that is needed, here I am sadly fighting for the common man as an Advocate for in a cause with not one of the Nations top cum laude graduated attorney's or a single Elected Official most notably because of  Politics, Publicity, or just plain old Prejudice. 

UPDATE 7-5-2017
UPDATE: July 14,2017. 
The dispute was over the last 3 months included in the 6 months in the Remodel I did.  The first 3 were paid,  then the new owner terminated the old contract leaving last 3 months Buffer unhonored. The Judge gave me 2 of the last 3 owed. So, they got one month rent paid without my being reimbursed.  

The Court on July 25th called / scheduled a Pre-Trial Conference Aug. 8th, 2017.

Nearly a month after the Writ of Restitution was signed by the Judge and then Executed by the Plaintiff.

The Motion to Stay the Writ with Receipts of Rent "Paid" for July denied by the signing Judge of the day.

“… should we wander from [the Founding Principles]… let us hasten to retrace our steps and to regain the road which alone leads to peace, liberty, and safety.” Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1801
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