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Christmas Presents and Christmas Presence - Considering our Gifts

Christmas Presents and Christmas Presence - Considering our Gifts

My feline cat writing partner of the last 13 years and I have lit the candle and settled into the warm flickering light and coffee of the brisk American dawn while the apprehensive tension of Christmas Eve cradles wonderfully in every soul though it may be for very different reasons across our Nation and in many respects the whole world.

The reflection of Christmas has thrilled anyone who allowed their heart to bask in the wonderment of someone’s eyes lighting up while unwrapping a surprise for them as a particular individual. To be counted and loved was the secret of the magnificent enterprise that seemed a small token for being good the whole year. For little ones these concepts of the “Present” wrapped up in colored paper or a wad of clothe were all the same magical mystery that embedded a delight in the heart, however as the tradition has unfolded the “Presence” of the spirit understood in the cannons of history to be the Holy Ghost as a comforter was the gift the Savior Jesus Christ promised would come to each and every one of us.

While running for the Office of the President the last two election cycles I have contemplated the irony of a politician and a preacher’s roles seeing in many respects the actual combination in the two positions are essentially required for success. Who indeed wants politicians who cannot deliver on a promise say, ‘That you could keep your Doctor” or who would blatantly obfuscate their identification knowing fraud and forgery was a necessary means to an end for what was termed a success?

You know what seems almost unfathomable to me is that Media or any political group of any issue would be offended by the term Jesus Christ spoken in a prayer in public anywhere, but would not be actually even more offended by understanding the criminal undertaking that Obama's identification documents represent as fraud upon every voting American. The criminal aspects of a fraudulent identification is something I would think we could at least come together on much easier than respecting each others particular diverse Faiths. Keeping foreign alienship out of the Office of the President with two full generations, Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents, was indeed why the construct of a 'natural born Citizen' was unique to the Office of the President as well as the other qualifications that are more strenuous then those of a Representative and Senator.

Politicians promise free phones, and pork brought back from Washington DC that has already been collected as a tax in their idea of giving to you as a distributer or Santa of sorts. Obama declared “Hope” if you would “Change” or maybe as it’s known in the religions of the world, “repent” of your wicked ways. Those who have a toxic anathema to religions might be fooled by the substitute word of “change” in place of the word “repent”, but I sure wasn’t.

When someone tells you to change, you better believe repentance is being asked for, so you have to think about what you did and whether a change or repentance is in order. Most politicians do try to offer you something for your vote as if it’s for sale, and it’s a pretty safe bet if you understand the position of a politician that the bigger the promise the bigger the price tag. You know I just had a good roll on the ground laughing when I heard that insurance companies and Obamacare were such a big success now because enrollment had become automatic.

Now another little substitute word is worth noticing being used here that might seem very unsuspecting. The word “automatic” seems rather a convenience at first glance, but when Government is involved with recruitment automatically the more tenuous articulation for the word they might fear you suggest is “Drafted” or “Forced”. The liberal excitement for Obama’s draft is actually quite remarkable as they were once such draft-dodgers for the country and now they are all for a draft.

My Dad and I always found it amazing how Government hadn’t figured out a way to reward you for sitting on your butt and letting nature pave the way and work for you if it was harnessed properly. Government found ways to build and finance Dams and Bridges that got paid for, but remarkably the tolls and taxes never ceased and your bills never decreased. My Dad in the 70’s said they had carburetors that could get 100 mpg invented but that the incentive for a particular industry bought them and refused to give them to the public.

Indentured servitude is a concept well acquainted with those associated with government; they press the hammer down till the tax rate goes to 70% or 80% and blood runs thick in the streets in a revolution, then the process starts all over again. When I think about being a politician or a preacher and which I’d rather be if I really had to separate them, I’d pick a preacher’s job over a politicians, number one because of my testimony and number two because a preacher’s promise is sounder actually in nature. I actually run for Office as a politician because I hold out hope for some integrity in what now amounts to a cesspool in the body politic.

ST. JOHN 14:16 “And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever; v.17 Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him: for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you. v.18 I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you.”

This Comforter known as the Holy Ghost in the religious halls has an interesting concept we should pay close attention to. Did you catch it? The “Spirit of truth” verses what? The Spirit of a lie, deceit, fraud, forgery, which would you want as a ‘presence’ for Christmas? If you say you’d rather be deceived or lied to, or be taken by fraud or forgery I’m really not sure why you’d even bother reading this.

When you realize Obama’s identity documentation in his long form fabricated birth certificate and altered draft registration at the root of his placement in the Office of the President without which he would not be there, you understand the hope of so many behind his fraud to capitalize on a lie, to precipitate division in races, and most clearly to abolish the United States Constitution because he is not qualified according to the requirements listed for the Office of the President.

We are also left wondering whether free speech includes ‘racist comments’ or a ‘racial interpretation’? I made the comment once that all have claim on being “Black” as you close your eyes and understand the color your seeing is the same, indeed blood runs red in everyone also. Indeed individualism is celebrated in the United States Constitution and protected.

You know what I really love is admiring the character inside a person. There is nothing that is more beautiful and attractive then really outstanding character and without that beauty, the beauty of the flesh indeed falls flat on the face value. This character is influence by the Spirit attentive to the person inside that the world doesn’t have the ability to see with the naked eye and so doesn’t comprehend but it nevertheless exist. The Spirit of Truth is the kindest and sweetest to the body also in a complete harmony.

Health and Happiness have been equated to be a harmony of the body, mind, and spirit in action. This is as sweet as can be experienced by human beings and is a tremendous gift available to literally every one able to comprehend these constructs.
It is my prayer for you that you will do all you need to do in the order of bringing these things into harmony and thereby experiencing this sweetness as a “Presence” and thus a gift for your Christmas this year. Last night I watched recent release in Red box called “Left Behind” with Nicholas Cage. It was an interesting entertaining experience about what religions have called the ‘Rapture’ and what it would be like if every person that was ‘qualified’ or met those qualifications of innocence and goodness was taken and what the experience might be for those who are left. I thought Nicholas Cage was awesome for taking the role of the Captain of a big jumbo jet.

Being left behind is a question everyone asks themselves in the movie and where the others might be or what they might be experiencing. The world can be a dreary place for those especially when violence is occurring all around you and if you were involved with violence hopefully you would feel that at least in your heart you were fighting for a righteous cause for many more than yourself.

As we examine our individual roles in American History and realize how important each of us really is in participating in one of the truly great experiments of all time, I also recommend Dinesh D’ Souza’s movie “America – Imagine a world without her” that in a true understanding address many of the grievances about America in a good way from many different perspectives. That’s also out in Red Box now.

Well, last post before Christmas and I hope and pray you and your family will have a wonderful Christmas and before counting the presents under the tree, will count the presence of God in your heart as the most precious gift of all that he has given to us with a most loving labor.

Merry Christmas
Cody Robert Judy

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