Saturday, October 29, 2011

Can the Birther Leaders Get Together?

Dear Fellow Birther Leaders:

Hello, and I hope you are well. For those who have asked about my Mom's bout with Lymphoma Cancer, Thank you for asking. She has successfully completed her 3rd round of chemo-therapy and is home and getting stronger. The third round marks the half way point through the recommended treatment- so 3 down, and 3 to go. Today I took her down to SLC, and we checked out the "Occupy Wall Street" protest happening in SLC's 'central park', there looks to be about at least 200 tents, and then we went to the Olive Garden. It seems a miracle to me that she even has the strength to do that, so I'm very happy with the results of the treatments thus far and thank God. Each treatment includes a 6 hour infusion of chemo therapy drugs, then 10 days of nupitan shots, and then we take off 11 days and do it again.

You know I received a 'note' or 'suggestion' from a citizen regarding Orly Taitz and I getting together, I haven't heard from Mrs. Taitz, about any prospective case being filed, or her wanting to work with me. I think her Social Security argument or case, when all is said and done is weak, based from a standpoint of proving 'harm', for the gentlemen whose Social Security Number is being used is deceased and is not using it, or complaining about Obama using it, and the Social Security Dept itself is not hurt by his use of it. Short of Orly appealing to an official Attorney General who then would file 'criminal' charges, I don't think its going to amount to a reckoning, accept in promotion, if it can be used, for 'public outrage'. This was also the case with her argument for 'military standing', it remains on hypothetical grounds the same as if someone on reserve 'might' be called up for standing, and or, as in the Staff sergeant Moran case, the military simply sees fit to 'honorable discharge' someone who doesn't want to work anymore.

The situation is grievous to say the least, and many of these candidates popping up for the 'eligibility' case and issue are also forgetting the 'Racist' tag they will face from the media just like Donald Trump did. Of course the main stream candidates have not forgot about their 'code of silence' being adhered to based on that tag and their own predicament, and those Candidates are the ones Donald Trump was used for. What this amounts to is a mis-use of quality legal representation funds. The attorney's have been wrong in their suppositions, Mario, Orly, and Phil, and Kreep are the big 4 used and on board for the eligibility issue, yet they collectively, I believe, have managed to collect the majority of "Birther Funds", or contributions from Birthers.

The argument for standing does remain strongest with a Presidential Candidate, however, just as important is that candidates ability to stand up against the Racist Charge, just as soon as the case see's any day light with the main stream media. Its ironic the Mainstream Media will cover 'racist charges' so quickly when they are levied by a black person ie. Candidate Cain v. Candidate Perry's fathers ranch rock, but thus far are unwilling to recognize the injustice and malign Obama's unconstitutional and unqualified campaign actually poses to mine as a qualified constitutional campaign. Unfortunately, the Main Stream Media and the 4 main Birther Lawyers have everything in common here, while I know all 4 attorneys I have written asking for help at least twice as leaders of The Birther Movement.

I mention this so that you, and others inquiring, will have a prospective of the view from my position. Along with the fact that my 'standing' can withstand the 'racist' charge, and the fact I've sued McCain and filed the *Motion for Joinder in Orly's case Barnett v. Obama, viewed over 2,500 times directly on my Scripd page, which she could have taken full advantage of but didn't, as well as my urging to Mario Apuzzo to help in Kerchner v. Obama, my Amicus Curiae in Phil Berg v. Obama, and my Amicus Curiae in Lt. Col. Terry Lakin case with Gary Kreep. I also was a witness in the 10th Amendment Court Case in New York Dr. Manning did as The CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial which has been sent to every Congressmen.
The collection of legal work I've filed and done surmised in this one paragraph constitutes well over $100,000, and I received not one contribution that covered this at all.
Now we can surmise the question "What good has any of this done?" Well, looking at the direct result, we have seen it accomplish nothing. We do not have a win in any Judicial Case that I have filed papers in, nor has Congress called for hearings based upon my testimony under oath delivered to them by a Peoples Court. Collectively however I have established what I call a Birther Resume that can withstand what Donald Trump could not withstand. Now if you placed a 'value' on something I have, that Donald Trump could not even afford, you'd have to say that's an 'Asset' to The Birther Movement or better yet our Constitution. That 'asset', hasn't not been valued by either the Mainstream Media, or the Big 4 Birther Attorneys, and I really don't think its because of interrupting a religious meeting that constituted my * charged criminally 18 years ago which record, is subject to well known object able facts that there was a violation of church and state in those proceedings. This could well become a considered a factor in the coming Presidential Debates as it pertains to the establishment of religion clause of the Constitution and candidates loyalty towards Church v. State when it comes to Gov. Romney and Gov. Huntsman, whose silence in my case, may come to be a factor in their own presidential candidacies, as a witness to their loyalty.

We must also surmise the totality of success of all of the Big 4 Attorneys work thus far with the same question, "What good has any of their work done?" If we look at the direct result, there have been 'No Judicial Wins", but more importantly none of them have the 'Asset' of withstanding the 'racist' charge, which silently can be factored in by a Federal Court Judge as well as any Appellant Court or Supreme Court.

Looking at this objectively, we can understand that Lawyers whom have said they represented The Birther Movement that have siphoned funds from The Birther Movement for their work, have less to show for it than I do, while they have ultimately refused my testimony and assistance while I have pleaded for theirs. If you were Obama and you could control the Birther Movement with part of the Billion dollars you had for the Presidential Campaign, controlling the Representation if you could would be a key. If you could deliberately control every dollar raised to support The Birther Movement there would be no doubt of your success?

You know , I'm not an licensed attorney but what I've learned about attorneys from my own personal and extensive experience is their slight of hand. They are claiming to defend you without putting forth the best defense possible, and these are facts we Birthers had better come to grips with. This has to do with money. Its plain and simple, rats work for cheese, and whoever has a big chunk of it, gets their attention.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you, not to aggrandize myself at all. I am the humble servant of our Constitution, but I've received a grand total of $120 dollars in contributions. It cost $350 to knock on a State Crt door, and $450 dollars to knock on the steps of a Federal Court, which I have thought about doing here in SLC and with a conservative Judge. We are still talking about an opposition that gets to respond and delay and file Motions themselves in a 3-5 year process. I would love to file in State Court in order to get to a State Supreme Court really fast, about electoral votes and petitions that are altered as well as Federal Court, but we're talking money and so far me and 2 other donors are it. It doesn't look good for The Birther Movement and where are all the 75% of Republicans who felt Obama was not qualified?

Many people don't see that the Primaries and Caucuses are coming quickly in January and their still thinking that the election is in November of 2012. The whole election of 2012 is being banked on and around the economy by Republicans, rather then the Constitution which has given us our economy. We still have an opportunity to get on ballots of Primaries and to influence caucuses, and to file court cases, but for God's sake are all Birthers so poor they can't contribute any money, or are they contributing to cases that are mis-directed on purpose?

My job as I see it is to be honest with you. Your job as I see it, is to evaluate the facts and write stories that may influence your readers. I may have spelled this out too directly to you and it probably could be said better but the points are clear. "Running as a Democrat" reached many people, but somehow we haven't touched and inspired them or provided to them the necessity of contributing to my campaign for the sake of our Constitution, which then I could proceed with making headlines by filing in court as well as being able to travel and stump my platform.

We see the headlines of the millions of dollars these candidates are raising for the fight which includes sweeping the Constitution under the carpet, stomping on it like its trash! Allowing the alleged fraud and forgery or Obama's administration to have a distinguished part of our United States history as the lustrous 44th President, yet we Birthers cannot raise even a hundred thousand dollars, which could be accomplished by 1,000 people contributing $100.

As the Presidential Candidate who has the ability to withstand the 'racist' tag the mainstream media that is all to ready to place on any successful candidate who raises Obama's eligibility question without having raised a finger to John McCain's foreign birth just as they did Donald Trump, I bear the burden of not inspiring people to contribute to my campaign. I confess I am at a loss without resources, however I most assuredly relay our cause is not lost if people understand the facts I've related to you. Perhaps you could put them together in an article somehow much better then I can?

Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory. I believe we as American's are suffering from a crisis in confidence right now because of lack of respect towards individual rights. We are told our own Constitution does not have any bearing on our lives; We are told that our rights don't matter; We are trodded down with calculated delay all the time we are sucked dry of our vitality.

From Ronald Reagan we have a warning which I think serves many Birthers who are discouraged and have become recluse in the fight: "I urge you to beware the temptation of pride -- the temptation of blithely declaring yourselves above it all and label both sides equally at fault, to ignore the facts of history and the aggressive impulses of an evil empire, to simply call the arms race a giant misunderstanding and thereby remove yourself from the struggle between right and wrong and good and evil."

We as Birthers know that our cause is within our Constitution, and this truth is on our side and this is our confidence. We must not fail to act in the most poignant way in which has shown itself to be true and faithful to our Constitution. I have pledged myself to that hope and confidence and hope to appeal to that within every patriot who still has a job, that together we can achieve what we see our Framers and Founders put down on paper. I challenge you to be among the 1,000 Patriots to contribute $100 and to pass it on.


Cody Robert Judy

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Come On Mr. Joseph Farah of WND Eligibility Confusing New Birther In Town?

In contempt of:

Come on Mr. Farah, talk about making the principle of the Constitution confusing, and the disinformation of “Big Media”, and can I believe you actually wrote, “It matters not where he was born”, after what has to be a multimillion dollar campaign of bill boards, “Where’s the Birth Certificate”?

With hardly a word about Obama’s father for 3 years and WND focused so hard on Hawaii and determining Obama was not born there, now you’re ready to ‘can’ it and rely on what Obama’s Certification of Life Birth (COLB) said all along, that his father was not an American? What are we suppose to tell all the people that contributed to the bill board campaign?

We had the information all along with the COLB, and now we are running the “We don’t need the Birth Certificate” Campaign?

What makes this so offensive and completely unacceptable, even revolting, is the example of your disinformation of Minor v. Happersett considering the NBC criteria there was no question about the “person born in this country to citizens of this country” , see at approx 4:40 seconds on.

They did not excuse being ‘born in the U.S.” as part of being a natural born citizen, any more than was excused having citizen parents in the case. Why is it so hard to defend the two prong test of natural born citizen for you: “Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents”? Please enlighten us all.

Time and time again it seems WND wants to make this a partisan case, Republicans holding a firm grip on the fact that McCain was a natural born citizen and Obama is not. The disinformation continues: Omitting the fact that U.S. Sen. Res 511 was “non-binding” or not constitutional because it was not signed by a president or passed by the House. Omitting McCain was given his ‘naturalization status” with the act specifically passed by Congress for the Panama Canal Zone 11 months after McCain’s birth.
Now we see, not one but two acts of Congress here. One gets McCain naturalized from being a native of Panama, which we classify as ‘naturalized’, which then precludes him from ever being a natural born citizen. Then as if adding insult we see you defend McCain’s 2nd ruse, stunt, or ploy in gaining natural born citizenship by a non-binding act of the Democrat majority U.S. Senate co-sponsored by Obama and Hillary. My God Sir, are we all that stupid in your eyes?

Your wile of law and our Constitution deserves a better usher not to mention your outright collusion with the Big Media about myself as a presidential candidate who sued both McCain and Obama.
What’s your theory of making it a Constitutional Issue rather than a partisan issue? It won’t sell newspapers or interest readers? Oh yes, everyone Obama has a primary challenger swept under the rug by WND based on what? You get to guess.

Rather than rally the troops to 50 some primaries challenging Obama in every state within the Democrat Party, WND, is content to place it all on a Republican candidate in one big general election? Let me get this straight, 50 fights is less or more than 1? Not to mention over the course of the 50, maybe, just one of those Rhino speaking Republicans grows a pair of nuts on a tree and comes in hard for Congressional Hearings stirring the base as Donald Trump did… Oh yeah, don’t forget about the numbers he had, or the fact you have got to have a candidate who sued McCain to avoid the racist charge of the Big Media! I am that boy.

It’s plain that you’re contempt for our Constitution hinges on contempt at seeing a conservative democrat elected over a Republican rat-holing our Constitution somewhere below economic policy. That Mr. Farah is a pretty good definition of hypocrite or in other words, exactly what Obama is. While disparaging Obama you’ve become exactly what he is. Maybe it’s time for you to change, and for this we can all hope.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Please include Cody Robert Judy in Debates- Presidential Candidates Organization FEC Registered Candidate

Candidate Introduction
Full Name Cody Robert Judy

FEC Candidate number 0003372

FEC Form 2 Filing Date August 25th,2011

Candidate Logo

Background Information

Full Name Cody Robert Judy

Date of Birth- 12-27-1965
Spouse, If Any Single
4 children
Children, If Any
Current Residence Ogden, Utah
Hometown-Idaho Falls, Idaho

Education-BA Psychology minor: Sociology with significant studies in Business and Political Science
Highschool- Box Elder Highschool

Employment History- C.E.O. USA LEGACY ENTREES LLC
SandStar Family Entertainment
Golden West Training Center
Creative Country

Political Affiliation, Appointment and History Candidate:
1st District Rep U.S. House 2002 D
U.S. Senate Utah- 2004- D, 2010- I
President 2008-I
Official Campaign “The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign” -
Party: Democrat

Candidate’s Blurb

As a candidate for President of the United States of America I feel it is my responsibility to preserve and protect the United States Constitution in actions as well as words of promise. I’ve done that the best I could in the past with my law suits in defense of the Natural Born Citizen qualification demand for President. Our Constitution has provided the field of which our economy has become one of the greatest the world has ever seen. The success of turning our economy around, I believe hinges, with a return and restoration of sound Constitutional principles as a guide.

Candidate’s Full Introduction
Cody Robert Judy born in 1965 is a Natural Born Citizen; Born to Citizen Parents in the state of Idaho and is legally qualified to be President. Mr. Judy is an American Patriot who is a published author, has run for several public offices, and has proven to be a fierce defender for the United States Constitution. Cody opened his Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign 8-25-11.
Cody Robert Judy was a High school graduate of Box Elder High School, Brigham City, Utah, in 1984 and was a star football player there with a 7.6 yards per carry average. He graduated from Utah State University with Bachelors in Psychology and a minor in Sociology with significant study in Political Science and Business with a 3.7 GPA.
In 2002, Judy ran as a Democrat and then a write-in candidate for an open Utah seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. In 2004, Judy ran as a Democrat and then a write-in candidate for the United States Senate against Senator Bob Bennett, and then again in 2010.
In 2008, Judy ran for President of the United States as a write-in candidate in Utah declaring his standing in a lawsuit against John McCain and the Republican National Committee challenging McCain's eligibility to be President on the grounds that McCain was not a "natural-born citizen" born in Panama and naturalized by an act of Congress. The case was declared moot after McCain lost the 2008 presidential election.
Judy filed the first Brief of Amicus Curiae on behalf of the Petition in Captain Barnett v. Obama constitutionally challenging the "natural born citizen" clause of the U.S. Constitution in the case of Barack Obama.
Published in 2008- Taking A Stand-The Conservative Independent Voice, Cody Robert Judy’s spiritedly announces, taking a stand for the Constitution is the solution for solvency in our economy, “The Constitution created America’s economy and it runs through my veins”.

Candidate’s Profile
Age & Birthdate
45 – 12-27-1965

Swedish- Judy

Taking A Stand- The Conservative Independent Voice- Published 2008

Business Owner, Salesmen, Professional Horse Trainer, Carpenter

Lived in UT,ILL., AZ.,ID., and loved school, horses, and playing football.

Boy-Chaz, Girl-Jaycee, Boy-Cassidy, and Boy-Stradda

Box Elder High School Graduate.GPA 3.6 – Utah State Graduate- BA Psychology 3.7 GPA

Foreign Languages
A little Spanish

Military Service
Registered for the Draft 1983-84

Parents & Grandparents

Parents: Robert O. & Ali Judy:
Paternal Grandparents / Clark & Dean Judy / Maternal: Morris Leon & Ella Jeppson



Sister Shanin/ Sister- Kimberly

Former Wife: Jill, Carolyn, Brenda

Pro Choice for Life- I cherish life but don’t believe in slavery. I prefer mandatory counseling for informed choices. I believe that decision should be returned as a States Decision. I believe the Spirit + the Body creates The Soul and that combination hinges on the mothers choice and the breath of life. I believe in Gods’ promise for every Spirit Child- a body.

We should not be involved in invading Nations or being the policemen of the world. The interest of the United States has been carried to the extreme in a 10 year war that has cost near a Trillion dollars. While we cannot undo the past in the future a conservative reserve

A Balanced Budget Amendment would not force future administrations from creating Executive Orders to over ride it in a time of war or national disaster. Through energy growth, foreign aid cuts, and waste management a Balanced Budget can be achieved.

Business and Labor
This is primarily a State and Local issue in the many different fields of employment. Unions have served in many capacities in helping workers and their formation has a limited purpose to that successful means. When factories and jobs leave the U.S., the unions have failed also.

Capital Punishment
Does not deter crime, and cost the States more in legal fees then its proving worth pursuing. The issue of Capital Punishment should be reserved to the States and Federal Prosecutions should respect the States Guidelines in Capital Punishment.

Trade relations should be reassessed and revisited in part because of the great success of China’s growth as an economy, for a more equal balance that would not exclude Tariffs favoring American made as a respect for mutually equal working conditions.

Civil Liberties
Civil Liberties are to be protected and corruption and cronyism avoided when it comes to Civil Rights under the umbrella of The United States Constitution.

While Cuba is listed on the enemies list of the United States for their human rights violations and totalitarian regime, flights coming and going should be targeted for High Risk Security that would encourage a greater detailed search, while providing incentive for further reform.

Deficit spending has necessarily mortgaged future generations as slaves to that debt. Without the severe necessity of deficit spending created by our homeland being invaded risking their freedoms and liberties, I have no doubt that deficit spending is not justified.

Our economy has been hurt by the repeal of Glass/Steagall which was an open door for the housing bubble created at the time of the Clinton Administration when our Budget was balanced and unemployment was low. Develop natural gas, coal, and oil will return balance.

While I believe education is important the federal education interference has become a liability to unleashing our fullest capabilities that can be handled at the State and local levels much more efficiently. Stream lining the education department makes sense.

Achieving energy independents is a real goal for my administration. It’s about relieving the burden of the EPA and finding more cost effective means to transfer our deficits into surpluses to meet our obligations and secure Social Security and Medicare.

The EPA has run amuck in regulations of dust and the wind securing for itself the nostrils of God is a national disaster. Reform the wasteful tactile of the EPA while encouraging responsible emissions in a more balanced approach makes common sense.

Foreign Affairs
Securing domestic growth and the restoration of our economy requires a reduction in policing the world. America is a beacon of hope and freedom to the world and should lead by example at home rather than be made a fool of abroad.

Guantanamo is a base of securing foreign enemies of war that should be handled by military courts. The detainees should not be tried in domestic courts with the rights of Citizens of the United States but as the Geneva Convention attributes, or, a new code for foreign terrorist be given in a provision of Homeland Security that is seperate and distinct from the rules of war and engagement and declaration of war from Congress.

Gun Control
As a defender of the United States Constitution I pledge support for large and small fire arms and the United States Supreme Court’s decision that every Citizen has the Second Amendment right freely, who is not incarcerated on parole or probation.

Health Care
Obamacare is ineligibly signed by a sitting President, so technically it isn’t an enforceable law. I do not agree that the Federal Government has the right to create a mandate for compulsion in Health Care Coverage.

Legal Immigration laws should be enforced. A nation without borders is no nation, our borders should be secured by the Federal Government as a responsibility to the Citizens of the United States. This is a responsibility of Homeland Security.

The United States should be preparing for a war with Iran and other communist countries just as they are preparing for war against us. Our war preparations should entail becoming energy independent so that we don’t finance our enemies in self defeating ways.

We have a huge investment in Iraq now with our permanent military structures that we should maintain as an investment in a strategic place until such time as we can sell it to recoup expenses.

Israel can depend on the United States as an ally in the respect that any other ally can depend on the United States. As Israel is not one of the United States, the United States maintains the respect of Israel being a foreign nation in the dignity and honor for its right to exist.

The reality of marijuana costing the United States money, and far more problems on its borders, and within its spiraling prison population, then can be justified, has become a reality too plain to ignore. I would support a reassessment on the potential crop treated similarly to tobacco and alcohol with regards to legalization.

Minimum Wage
The stimulation to the economy on American Made or American Grown products with the increase in minimum wage seen by eliminating the Federal Tax from paychecks for a year, could necessarily be a better way to stimulate growth, then raising taxes on Millionaires.

National Security
The United States Military is not a pre-emptive force or a responsibility to act force that can be commandeered by revolutionaries of any foreign nation without precise objectives in achieving victory that includes financing and repayment afforded with national interest.

North Korea
North Korea should assume payment of any further U.S. military presence, which they could handily afford with a small portion of the money they have made with our trade relations.

Palestinian Issue
The realities of accepting Israel’s right to exist, and the borders Israel has maintained since 1967 is the Palestinian problem that makes little sense with Israel’s concessions to citizenship, or for that matter any Middle Eastern countries willingness to incorporate.

Poverty is in the eye of the beholder. Many poor people are happy. The necessities of providing opportunity are American Principles protected in the United States Constitution and should be maintained.

Prescription Drugs
The prescription drug laws should be reevaluated to assess where wasteful spending in the FDA is occurring and causing for Medicaid.

Same Sex Issues
The Federal Government should get out of the marriage business entirely, and support civil unions between partners regardless of gender. Let the churches have the dictates of their particular sects believes in marriage and let the Government continue to support the Constitution. By this standard we eliminate the Government dictating Religions by law suits.

Social Security
Social Security can and should be maintained by securing a balanced budget through my 3 Ropes Initiatives platform you can see at

Stem Cell Research
Not opposed to stem cell research and would encourage continued scientific breakthrough for diseases through their use.

The Tax code itself needs to be reassessed to harness the full potential of the American Small business engine, with a 9.9% consumption or sales tax and capital gains tax as a fair tax. I’ve proposed an elimination of unemployment tax for small businesses under 5 employees and a $1000 dollar tax credit for new businesses that show a profit the first year.
Proposal on implimentation of Fair Tax on a scaled ratio to be released.

Trade Issues
While I don’t support isolationism the imbalance and shorthanded trade with other countries needs to be revisited to defend the United States of America.

I drive a Saturn Vue 2003 w 200,000 miles on it. Favorite car: 2014 Corvette & Mustang

Computer Literacy
I’ve built my own web site, blog, set up my Twitter, YouTube, Facebook Google accounts.

Mt. Dew, Diet Coke, Wine, and I like milk with my chocolate chip cookies.

Steak-Chicken-Seafood-Pork are the barbeque, Corn on the cob, potato salad, jalapenos.

Jesus Christ, my Dad, Martin Luther King Jr., Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy

Listen to Country most often but like to dance to PopRush. I appreciate music as an art.


I have a 15 year old Toy American Eskimo, and a 10 year old Calico Cat

TV and Movies
Rock IV, The Patriot, The Greatest Game Every Played, Seabiscuit

Campaign Platform/ Manifesto

Dear United States Citizens:
As your U.S. President I would be happy to serve you, and first and foremost do my level best to preserve and protect our U.S. Constitution.
That includes Article 2, Sect. 1, Clause 5 that demands our President be a 'natural born citizen'. This is perhaps the golden egg of our Constitution, for it protects us domestically from foreign usurpers who would put us in harm’s way, destroy our Constitution, and enslave our future generations with debt and as you know I have done just that in my past in suing Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama for not being qualified by the demands of our Constitution and U.S. Supreme Court precedent in Minor v. Happersett that politicians in Washington DC have ignored. This is the time in our history to declare courage by send Washington DC a message regarding the Constitutional Crisis and resulting economy. The message is clear: We vote for people who defend the Constitution.
Here is a portion of my 3 Ropes Initiatives Platform that provides:
Vision to Believe In.
1- America’s Strong Defense Initiative
Near 4,000 Soldiers have been killed in Iraq and America has paid out nearly a Trillion dollars for that war. Politicians say we did a lot of good, and our interest justified that, however America's future generations should not have to endure indentured servitude.

2- America’s Natural Resource Excavation Initiative
Do you ever get the feeling that America’s natural resources are seemingly used against us? Why shouldn't we be able to use our natural resources to pay down our national debt? America’s natural resources of gas, coal, and oil may be the only thing we have left to assure our future generations that politicians haven’t sold them into slavery.

3- America’s Enforced Borders Initiative
America’s borders perpetrated by illegal aliens abroad, shall, by any means necessary to maintain the dictate of Independence and liberty, be secured by the use of her military ingenuity and intelligence of deadly force. A nation without borders is no nation at all.
Please visit my web site for more detail and my 7 point Platform.

For inquiries, please contact at the addresses below.
Principal Facilitator: