Tuesday, March 19, 2019

DC REAL PANIC Comes in the Form of A LAST RESORT- Where? OBAMA EMPIRE v. TRUMP EMPIRE on the Sacrifice Altar of a RICO LAW SUIT




on the Sacrifice Altar of a  RICO LAW SUIT

Over the last few days a literal political fire-storm has broken out and very few Americans are putting it all together. That's a big mistake because it is going to affect you. A great division is being recognized in America, but many American's are not aware of where and why this is all being played out, what the stakes are, and just how far the major actors on the stage are willing to take it as far as "the next level". This article hopes to explain "Why" that should concern Americans and "Why" their voice is needed now more than ever.

This may take a little time to digest because it's certainly in the category of meat instead of milk.

We began with a question: What is the LAST RESORT?

Response to

 The Real Panic Comes in the Form of A Last Resort 


Hey Kattie G., always love to catch ya once in awhile. I believe the "Last Resort" is always Obama's Ineligibility and Criminal Identification Fraud. President Trump has held it as leverage and we see that in his retweet of Tucker Carlson's analogy that [The Birther Issue] was the motivation for the Russian Steele Dosier Hoax. It's irony and consistent that Fraud would keep perping Fraud. The BIG QUESTION is how will President Trump 'use it' without getting dragged down in it?

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In some ways Trump has been blackmailed from using it, because he had a small part in it. The tell will be how much the American people will forgive with anyone involved in it. Trump was a business man and was chosen/ or/asked (don't know for sure) to go on the View and demand Obama's LFBC. No Politician would dare do it because they knew it would be the axe of their political career. Mr. Trump was perfect and he took the heat in being called a 'racist' for demanding it. Now, Mr. Trump didn't do that for free. What was the quid pro quo?

It was The Old Post Office coveted by most every brand name hotel chain. Mr. Trump only had 8 or 9 hotels and he received the bid from Obama appointee to The General Services Administration (GSA), an independent agency of the United States government, was established in 1949 to help manage and support the basic functioning of federal agencies. ... GSA oversees $66 billion of procurement annually.

What Dems never expected was that Mr. Trump could endure the 'Racist Heat' as a Presidential Candidate. But that's because they never suspected how deep Art. II. Sect. 1, Clause 5 {natural born Citizen ie Born in the U.S. to U.S. Citizen Parents} ref: SCOTUS Case: Minor v. Happersett -[ it was never doubted that those born in the country to it's citizens were natural born citizens]  was supported by the heart of the United States Voter and President Trump rode the Heat as an [anti-establishment Candidate]. Here's the video that details it.


So now what we have is "The Last Resort" which can be summed up as which Party of the Republicans and Democrats will bring it "OUT OF THE BAG" first. President Trump has hoped he could ride the storm of the Russian Hoax out till it piddled out and Mueller's Report is a dud without going back to Obama's Ineligibility and Identification Fraud or the Birther Horse.

What that gave Democrats was free pot-shots at him at any time because they knew he would NEVER bring it to surface again. However, Democrats may be crossing a line with the indictment of his children because the WHOLE TRUMP EMPIRE may be basically annexed by the Government in a Rico Law Suit.


Here is the story on that from: Napolitano: Trump can't survive 'another week like the last one'

[ Hidden in the Cohen testimony was an oblique reference to alleged bank and tax fraud that Cohen claimed he helped Mr. Trump commit, contributed to Mr. Trump’s wealth and has the present interest of federal prosecutors in Manhattan. Many of these events took place more than five years ago and thus are not subject to federal prosecution, so why would prosecutors be interested in them?]

[Here is where RICO comes in. RICO is the acronym for a Nixon-era federal statute, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, originally enacted to target the mob. It permits federal prosecutors to reach back 10 years to find any two criminal acts, which need not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt; prosecutors need only demonstrate that they were more likely than not to have occurred. Then the feds can seize three times the wealth that the perpetrators of these schemes amassed. That could bankrupt Mr. Trump. ]

What we may see happening very soon is Republicans and Democrats in a race to see WHO can throw Obama under the bus first because it will matter very much in the 2020 Election, who does it first.

President Trump has every advantage I could possibly have given him in the PROPOSED EXECUTIVE ORDER to PROTECT NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, but if he doesn't get on it quickly now, he could lose the whole farm and the election advantage over a very tactical and legitimate Law Suit under RICO - which would take more TIME for Democrats to pursue but that could come out in two years right in time for the Election.



It has been all the Control Wing of the Left side of the Media Highway could do lately to keep Obama's Identification fraud and Birther Issue out of the headlines.

On March 16th Drudge featured an article from The American Mirror which has been up and then taken down, up, and now down again as last checked.


I did manage to catch a couple of screen shots of the article before it went down again. The report featured two tweets from Obama's half brother which set up a political fire storm all over again, as it came from Family. One might ask what family negotiation failed for Obama's brother to unleash in 2019 what some would call irrelevant.

But there is a small little problem with that which is called TRUTH & JUSTICE and if our United States is not ruled by the Supreme Law of the Land and has been dedicated instead to the realms of blackmail, bullying, political convenience, and worst of all an Elite Deferment based on something those in power see as "too BIG to Fail", then we certainly are not living in the Land of the free and Home of the brave any longer.

So the question is set to everyone. Are we standing for a Constitution Republic or a facade of it where the elite and elected get passes for criminal acts and college admittance through fraud?

It reminds us that even the talk show host are saying 'Send them all to Prison!'

  MARCH 13, 2019 


Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin were among dozens charged in a massive nationwide college cheating scandal.

The scandal involved 33 rich parents allegedly paying bribes to get their kids into elite colleges including Yale, Stanford and Georgetown.

IF YOU WILL LISTEN to just 5 Minutes of this, you will understand what INJUSTICE has been done in the United States in the 3-Letter Agencies of the USA,in the Courts, in the Legislature, and in the Executive Branch's decorum.


You will gain an appreciation that Cody Robert Judy was the ONLY Presidential Candidate in 08,12, and '16 in the United States of America who sued both Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama and appealed in some 21 different Courts, in 6 states of the Union for Coast to Coast and three different times in the U.S. Supreme Court 12-527614-9396; Tenth Cir 17-4055 and you may begin to understand just how much trouble our Nation is in for ignoring the Truth and propagating the Lie.