Monday, April 11, 2011

Burning Koran Huh? Watch Burning of U.S.C Rush Limbaugh

Cody Judy burns 12 pages of the Constitution in effigy of Obama and Congress's silence on a Verification Qualification Hearing. Burning Koran Huh? Americans ought to be upset about Congress burning 12 pages of the Constitution, the Central Feature of U.S.C.; qualifications, duties, and restraints on U.S. President. Allowing Obama to remain another 2 years because of a mis representation to voters of credentials? That is a crime and upholding voter fraud upon Americans. Angela a caller on the Rush Limbaugh Show features "Those responsible R's and Rush, should be ashamed". Cody says "Read his letters to Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh in Taking A Stand;"We gotta put a lid on this!"

Burning Koran Huh? Watch Burning of U.S.Constn Rush Limbaugh Part A

Burning Koran Huh? Watch Burning of U.S. Constn Rush Limbaugh Part B