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Back to School & Congress Back in Session - No, We Didn't All Screw That Up

Back to School & Congress Back in Session - No, We Didn't All Screw That Up

No, we didn’t all ‘screw that one up’. We didn’t all hop on the bandwagon of Obama being eligible for the Office of the President and we didn’t all decide that the Constitution’s qualification for the Office of the President all of a sudden had been regulated to be any person who was a Citizen. That didn’t happen.

What happened was a few people decided they could ‘trap’ a whole bunch of other people in a conceived ‘racial trap’ if by giving Sen. John McCain a pass on his natural born citizen test and his being born in Panama in the Panama hospital, not a U.S. military hospital, and conceding McCain’s native born citizenship to the foreign nation of Panama excused as a foreign citizenship, and complacent with allowing dual citizenship in the Office of the President, that there would be no political opposition to Obama’s foreign citizenship also being allowed in the Office of the President. That’s what happened.

Whose white-picket-fence-leave-it-to-beaver front yard fell into a collapsing septic tank buried 10 feet down? Who didn’t see that one coming? Well, pretty much every Republican Candidate for President or Vice President over the last two presidential election cycles.

Yes, they are all standing in the septic tank now, and the only way out is to laugh it off and say, “Well, we all screwed that one up didn’t we?” That pretty much levels the playing field doesn’t it? There’s only one problem with the statement. We didn’t “all” screw that one up. Some of us didn’t screw it up at all and some of us didn’t screw it up just once but actually did it twice as in Mitt Romney not seeing it with McCain in the 2008 Republican Nomination in 2008, and after he won the Republican Nomination in 2012 not seeing it with Obama.

Not to be outdone in screwing it up, let’s not forget Hillary Clinton screwed it up twice also. Once with John McCain and once with Barack Obama, both in 2008, had she stood up and fought it out with McCain, Obama wouldn’t have had a chance. I’m sure there is a missing book to be written about this; the hope’s, reason’s , why’s, and the political strategy she chose that didn’t pan out like a missed window of opportunity closing on an athlete’s aspirations because of an injury. It just happens and there isn’t a lot you can do after the fact except down play it, dismiss it, or just simply to declare everyone is standing in the same septic tank.

I think the most important questions of our day politically speaking are, “Which was it, not seeing McCain’s or Obama’s ineligibility, or was it just a blatant disregard for the Constitution’s Qualification Demands for the Office of the President? And, “What are the ramifications of not seeing it, or dismissing it as a standard of principle or morality in the context of our national security and the job or duties of the President?” Context of our national security really entails maybe estimating how big it is on the, oh let’s say the ‘Richter scale’ like comparing it to an earthquake. What are/were the ramifications? How many people did it affect? What were the damages?

These are all legitimate and reasonable concerns. Politically speaking, “How big of a screw up was it in total?”; Did it have the negative impact on a relative small portion of the population, say like a non-binding senate resolution effecting the girl scouts of America, or did it sack the whole United States of America with 10 trillion, promulgate ISIS/ISIL and lead to the total breakdown of safety in America and the error apparent strategy of beheading mainstream media broadcasters as a political tool to incite the United States into a third world war?

Don’t you just love moral crusades without any morality involved? They are easy campaigns aren’t they? Being easy is right next to being slutty, and boom you are right back into being in the septic tank covered in smelly waste.
Okay, let’s count the number of politicians who saw this coming and stood up against McCain and Obama in 2008 and 2012 as a Presidential Candidate. That should make things a little easier shouldn’t it? Ok.. one- Cody Robert Judy, that’s me, ummm, two… ? Hummmm? Can you please help me with two? Come on, it can’t be that hard. Who has a Court record against McCain and Obama in 2008 and 2012?

There has to be some passion out there for the United States Constitution and the safety of every man women and child in America, not to mention the enslavement of 8 Trillion Dollars? No?

Ok, let’s go about this a little different way; maybe saddle Cody Robert Judy with some more weight because he’s just too far out there in front of the pack to even make the competition have a chance. Let’s just open the presidential field to potential candidates with a good moral compass. Let’s take all people who have a national microphone to the test and list how many of them used that microphone as a defense for America over the last 7 years on Obama’s ineligibility?

Dr. Ben Carson, let me ask you where were you? Where have you been on this issue? Mr. Allan West, let me ask you, where were you? Where have you been on this issue? I do know where Dr. Pastor James David Manning has been, especially after speaking to him in his office and handing him the U.S. District Court case of mine entitled Judy v. McCain. That wasn’t racist that was American! We hold ourselves accountable to the law in a Constitutional Republic.

Now do we forgive people here in America? Of course we do., but the prerequisite for forgiveness is at the very least an admission and a change of direction. How can you forgive if people say ‘we have not offended?’ That’s what we are seeing with politicians across America and I have to say it’s pathetically weak. You want someone strong, look to find someone who is willing to take responsibility.. right? Isn’t that what most of the teachers across the United States are recommending to our children right now in the first week of school? Who in Washington DC wants to take responsibility for the U.S. Constitution’s demand for a natural born citizen in the office of the President?

It’s the most referred position in the U.S. Constitution thirteen pages in the pamphlet. Its’ not a light or transient reference like oh, let’s say the whole Navy mentioned twice. I have to ask people what exactly they consider important when it comes to leadership because I see a lot of people mobilizing behind the formulation of national campaigns that might be blown away by the huff and puff of the big bad wolf because their houses are built on straw or sticks.

This is not a self aggrandizement in the least and if you’re seeing this that way I think you need to consider the ramifications of what’s happening, and what has happened with more than 25 scandals that didn’t necessarily have to happen if Obama wasn’t in the Office of the President as an unqualified individual. If you start taking that a little more seriously I think you would see my interest as a plea for others to ‘repent’. If you have lost the understanding of the power of repentance, you have lost the understanding of love.

If you know longer want to hear your children say when they have done something wrong, “I’m sorry”, simple little words that invoke mercy and compassion to the threshold, by all means stay on course. But if you do understand the great love, mercy ,and compassion ignited in the hearts of just people, at the words “I’m sorry”, you will understand repentance is ‘empowering’, not disabling’.

Do I think the American People have the power to elect politicians who at the very least would say, “We are sorry, we didn’t take a stand against Obama’s ineligibility, but we are doing so now. Please forgive us.”? Why, yes, yes, yes, I do.

I am praying for you every day and I need your prayers to. I have every capacity in my being that is willing and ready to support those who will do this regardless of political party. America the beautiful is an America that turns to God for answers; not necessarily out in the streets or in a church in front of a bunch of people as much as in your homes and in your secret places and most importantly in your heart.

An actual prayer in your heart is of great value in the heavens and does not fall on deaf ears, but is heard and attended to by angels and felt by God who is also moved with compassion and is not screaming repentance to disable you, but is whispering repentance as a hope and encouragement so you can recognize an empowerment in yourself. What a wonderful hope we have for our children to fly on eagles wings. How is it you don’t understand your Father-In-Heaven wouldn’t also want you to fly?

As you understand your own ‘hopes’ and ‘dreams’ for your children, you also understand God’s for you. Do you not wish the best for your children? I know you do. So I also understand that you do not want them to go in and rob other people of what is not theirs. That basic morality is traced right back to the Office of the President and in keeping with the hopes of your own children’s ability to fly, each principle kept has a reward of strength and encouragement, and those unkept are disastrous mines that hold us back and impede our journey.

Our children are going back to school, and Congress is coming back in session, let’s hope we can hurdle and learn a few things that were holding us back this new school year.

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On a matter of 'House Keeping' the Affidavit for the Default Certificate and a follow-up Motion for Default Judgement and Order were filed in the Judy v. Obama 2014 Civil Case 1:14-cv-00093 this last Tuesday, Sept 2nd, 2014.
Update on Judy v. Obama 1:14-cv-93 filed in the U.S. Court (District of Utah)


Those wishing to read the U.S. Federal Civil Rights Complaint may now do so here now as it is public information: Judy v. Obama 2014 U.S. FED Case No. 1:14cv00093

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