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October Surprise of the Century and Midterm elections?,_2010.html

This is the biggest Trial Transcript to be released in our history... Amazing facts. CODY ROBERT JUDY's testimony is covered from Day 2 pages 48-77 he was the only witness with official 'standing' to testify at the trial

Back in May, Pastor Manning of Atlah Ministries teamed up with the American Grand Jury and conducted a 10th Amendment Trial against Obama, Columbia University and the Central Intelligence Agency. Pastor Manning just released the full transcript from the trial. The complete transcripts are embedded below.

Via Atlah; - The C.I.A. Columbia, Obama Sedition and Treason Trial Transcript -
This historic document is the eternal fruit of the labor and sacrifice of some of America's greatest patriots.

This transcript contains the unabridged truth spoken and witnessed by fellow Americans who did so with their lives and liberties under the threat of death.

You will find contained herein a clear portrait of the most insidious, mysterious and feared man in the history of our Republic.

Please use and view this document as a declaration of liberty from the failure of our government to protect and defend the people called Americans, and the hallowed words of the U.S. Constitution.

God anoint and save this document.
God save and bless America.

In his Royal Service
Pastor James David Manning

1- See the trip made by Cody Robert Judy all the way back to New York here on YOUTUBE HERE -

Rarely has the sacrifices of one man been so detailed and poignant in our United States History, but the fact remains Cody Robert Judy, the only conservative candidate for U.S. Senate in the State of Utah, is running with a record of having "standing" in the TRIAL OF THE CENTURY covering the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama, the usurper in the Whitehouse.

This Trial affects every man, women, and child who is now breathing United States air, for Barack Hussein Obama is signing into laws and policies right now a social agenda meant to break the back of America and destroy her and the dream of America for our future generations, and Cody Robert Judy has been a key witness in this Trial; a fighter who has taken a stand for you and me.

Cody Robert Judy is a Patriot for America and for Utah. We are proud to have him as a son who graduated from Box Elder High School in Brigham City, Utah and Utah State University over in Logan, Utah. Cody Judy is now running for United States Senate as a Write-In Candidate for our great state of Utah and with the sacrifices he has made for all of our freedoms and liberties and for our U.S. Constitution which he has alone championed in the greatest siege from within our Nation has ever experienced, it will be our great privilege to have him standing for us as Utah's next UNITED STATES SENATOR!

From The Cody Camp
Cody Judy- Write-In U.S. Senate Utah
U.S. Senate UT

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2 Weeks Press Release- Time To Share With Neighbors


In less than two weeks, the last television campaign commercial will air, the polls will close, and if you haven't voted for Cody Judy as your next U.S. Senator, you'll have the same voters/buyers/ remorse from the last time you picked a politician for U.S. Senate like Senator Bennett from the Republican Party - we all know how that vote was a disaster for you.

It's really time to do some soul searching and get a handle on something; the National Parties are really corrupt as far as standing up for our United States Constitution. They look at their oath as a joke. Why else wouldn't a single candidate for U.S. Senate not pledge to bring Obama's Fraud as a Natural Born Citizen out in the open? It's simple but Republicans aren't going to do it because McCain had the same problem, and you can bet Democrats sure aren't going to.

That leaves you with one choice to vote for a man who has repeatedly stood up for our United States Constitution in the biggest fraud our United States has ever experienced. Cody Judy has Federal District Court papers in both Las Vegas Nevada, and in California against McCain and Obama, but the issue is just too big for one judge to stand up on. This needs to be handled in the U.S. Senate in a hearing/trial to assure a simple qualification. Obama doesn't have a long form birth certificate, we already know that, and he sure doesn't have two parents who were United States citizens, we just need a U.S. Senator with the courage to bring it to the floor.

Your support over the last ten months has been amazingly scarce. We would like to thank you but theirs no one to thank in the state of Utah, but there are a few patriots outside of Utah who are watching this race very closely. With Halloween on the way, we could say you'd have to be blind as a bat not to think the media isn't watching this campaign very closely but they are doing their best to keep it hidden from you.

So we are literally going to cuss you out right now, because you have only two weeks to pull your head out of a party where the U.S. Constitution doesn't shine anymore if your still there.

All of the organization, passion,energy, investment in Cody's opponents is going to be a waste anyway, because Obama is going to flat out destroy the United States capital, independence, and our individual rights that we have in the U.S. Constitution. What do you think social justice stands for? It sure isn't for individual rights. What do you think redistribution of wealth means? It sure doesn't mean you get to keep your own 401K, your hard earned income and investments for life. Do you really think that just because you have a good idea its going to be yours? Not with Obama and the corruption of our United States Constitution.

Early Voting opened yesterday. Have you voted? Find your polling location here.

We're all in this campaign together believe it or not, and Cody Judy is in it to win, and he needs your help. Let's give them an election victory that will echo across history!

Thank you for all you've done, if you have done anything. Thank you for sending this to your neighbors now; because we only have two weeks left and you've got to act NOW. If you don't get out and tell this story to your neighbor and plead with them to pass it on, you just haven't done all you could for Your Country.

Cody said one time, " I would rather lose with a clear conscience knowing I'd done all I could do in at least providing a choice that was right, than win a battle for a corrupt party that was just going to seer my conscience later. Isn't it time we quit thinking about what was impossible and started thinking that its just time to choose a candidate that is a fighter for our United States Constitution rather than a fake for it, AND it happens one vote at a time".

To use a great line of Obama's, " Let's be clear about what we can be clear about ", Mike Lee-R, Sam Granato-D, and Scott Bradley-C have had a very long time to come out and clearly state Obama was not eligible to be President and they haven't done it. They also have had a very long time to understand that what Obama' is signing into law is only made possible by his eligibility. The reason is very clear to you because your no dummy; Obama's goal of sending America to hell is directly tied to his pen and his pen is tied to his qualification.

Cody Judy is the U.S. Senate choice that is a champion for arresting Obama's pen through the eligibility qualifications of The Supreme Law of the Land, The United States Constitution.

Check out Cody's latest commercial, his latest blog report, and help Cody out with a high $5!

1-See Clearly - WRITE-IN CODY JUDY U.S. SENATE commercial -

2- Understanding the Sanity behind the Restore Sanity Rally-

3- Help Cody with a high-$5 -

Again DON'T forget to tell your friends, family, and other patriots of America in Utah that there is one very clear choice for United States Senate and that is Cody Judy.

Cody Judy is an easy name to remember, so tell them to write it in on their ballot for United States Senate to be able to wake up the next morning and realize that THEY have voted for part of the solution instead of the lesser of two evils.

The last great Cody Quote we want to share with you, because it's the one thing no one can take away from you:

"The greatest media tool is simply one voice to another- Politicians don't need a million dollars to tell you how to vote, they simply need the truth because People will share the truth, and that will indeed keep the United States free."

Thank you from Cody Camp and we hope you have a great week and share Cody's web site , and his YouTube Station CODE4PRES, because if anyone watches all 52 videos/commercials there is just no way they wouldn't know who Cody Judy is. Cody is a father, he's educated, he's experienced, he's a businessman, he's a fighter, he understands common law, he upholds and stands up for the Constitution and he has given freely his time, talent, and fortune to the security of our freedom and liberty. No one will ever say Cody Judy could have given more, but he didn't, because he's done everything he possible could to raise his voice with a warning for us to hear loud and clear.

How do you spell politician that Utah and the United States needs ... C.O.D.Y J.U.D.Y U.S. S.E.N.A.T.E

Cody Robert Judy
U.S. Senate 2010 UT
CRODE4PES YouTube Station

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Understanding the sanity behind the Restore Sanity Rally

How is it that a restoration of sanity in Washington DC rally would not include the qualifications of the President of the United States being tried by the U.S. Senate?
How is it that Republicans running for Congress would not vote to restore our Constitution?

How is it that our United States Constitution has become so far out of reach of even Republicans on this important issue? It’s as if they either don’t understand that a President has Veto power that will haunt them if they do gain control of the House and the Senate and the only way to retire Obama’s Pen is to literally arrest him from power, or they literally are running the greatest bluff game I've ever seen and will pounce hard on Obama Constitutionally when the elections over and that's their game plan all along.

When did it become sane to allow a president who is not a natural born citizen to pretend he is?

When did it become sane to allow zero accountability, and cloak transparency with a wall of secrecy?

When did it become sane to socialize America and forget about the freedom and liberty that has made her so great.

I fully hope that Jon Stewarts Restore Sanity Rally is recognized by America because if we don’t restore our Constitution and it’s simple qualifications for our President, we are simply underestimating our potential to say the least, and giving up on America at the worst.

One thing I do believe is that those thinking it would be so great to destroy America, shred the Constitution, and continue down the road of eliminating America’s Sovereignty, will find that when it comes down to it, ruling America isn’t all that its’ cracked up to be, because we American’s just are not really that good at being ruled by other Nations.

That’s why we have needed the U.S. Constitution in the first place; it was the guarantee of our rights as individuals that we call the independence of every individual that kept us in line.

I sure admire George Washington’s remarks when he said American Christians would rather die standing up, then submit kneeling down. I think those who seek to destroy our U.S. Constitution that is the heart of America will find the problems they face far outweigh the enjoyment, and that America is much better off as a free and independent Nation meant to be a beacon of hope, a light in the darkness, and a place where dreams come true.

So it is my advice to you who seek to destroy the United States by the pollution of our standard the United States Constitution, the 1 thing that brought our states together in harmony, that you will not rope is freedom and liberty and individual rights our Constitution demands. You will see that in trying to do so, the body of what you hoped to rope will dissolve from what you thought you had, into so many different states that the wholeness is not yours to gain.

Unfortunately for you, the very thing you hope to gain is only held together by our Constitution and in destroying it, as your doing with the pass you have given to Obama and McCain as far as being ‘qualified’ under our Constitution, though neither of them were, and every voter wither Republican or Democrat should be just as outraged that their vote was thrown away on a fraudulent unqualified candidate, your admiration of our strength will be a cruel disappointment and a bigger hassle then you could have ever possibly imagined. You will see exactly what I mean in a very short time if you understand sanity and can "see clearly" see "two videos' below" to understand.

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Cody Judy