Monday, September 4, 2017

NOW NK Miniaturized NUKE It May be a GOOD TIME to Start SMOKING TOBACCO

Last Night I had a Dream I was on kind of a river-type U-Boat. The Captain was a fellow resembling actor (Jack Nicholson). The compartments we had to stay in were very small requiring a sit up or half lay down on your belly position.

The mission was Top Secret and we were not allowed to walk around even broad shouldered. We had to cover any idea that a man was aboard walking silhouette style. U asked the Captain once seated if he would grab my wallet and one other item I'd forgotten,  which he did, stating that was the last favor I could expect from him.

I then found myself above watching three submarines. One was ours. They were on an alarming collision course to me, and i began communicating to ours when it found itself in the middle being bumped.

These were very small submarines. The two others pulled over and one sea captain got in the others sub. They were old sea dogs reminding me of Russian Captains with weathered faces and fairly long beards.

Sunday posted on FB the Reports Kim Jong Un had successfully tested the miniturized hydrogen nuclear bomb in a cavern they had been digging underwater 10X''s more powerful than any prior  Test equal to 100 to 120 megatons of TNT capable of destroying any US City. I included the following Dream I'd had June 22nd and posted on FB which detailed Kim Jong Un being in just such a cavern like a James Bond scene.

RECALLING June 22,2017 Dream of Kim Jong Un

DREAM ABOUT KIM JONG UN- Today I woke up from quite an astonishing late afternoon dream. I was going through a very large fortress castle that was set quite literally as a top of a Mountain.

 From every door I opened the view was so steep you nearly could not manage going down and I quickly would double back through the Fortress to get back to the better way down.

I spoke to several people there who where guards about directions and relayed I'd never been there before when asking them.

There was an Exercise about to be commenced and it required a volunteer within Kim Jong Un's Military Elite to die. This was known among them and I saw many pass on the extension put before them in an understanding their Life would end. Fear took a hold of them in deferring.

Then I saw Kim Jong Un and quite a numerous entourage passing in front of me in what seemed an underground canal like you might see in a James Bond movie. They were on ski-doos riding on top of the water. Kim's was quite unique elaborate and he sat down in it low.

It passed me like a white hursh slow and methodical and it seemed he was on a glorious suicide mission he fully expected.

I saw a line of waters approaching and I said aloud, "There are missiles in those waters and on those ski-doos !"  I wonder about the possibility of creating a Gigantic Manmade Tsunami and that hitting a USA Coastline which I had never wondered before.

After Kim passed me, I recall turning and seeing a Military Operation take place. I picked up a hammer type Ax and said it's easy. You hit the Fortress with the hammer and you don't stop hitting until not one stone has not been overturned.

I spoke with one very serious man who seemed quite intelligent and sober minded. He conveyed to me Kim's suicide death wish as if it was foretold and that's the way Kim wanted it going out in a blaze of glory to be remembered as a kamikaze.

Everyone around him was marching to that Order also.

Then I proceeded and commenced to hitting stone with the Hammer-Ax. I broke some stone and saw exposed a curious stone Chinese Dog inside it. I hammered that too. I pushed and watched stones began to slide off the Mountain top and said again, "Don't let one stone go not overturned and crushed!", and was quite amazed I found myself involved in this.

This was when I woke up quite astonished at having never been there and never dreamed or really ever spelled Kim Jong Un's name out- I knew now.


In the Military Order of things Intelligence is KEY.  The story if the Lord telling Gideon there were to many warriors and to thin them out to 300 last Israel boast of its own strength and not realize it was the Lord who alone would deliver them.

Gideon a mighty man and warrior himself to his credit, in Faith obeyed, and thinned the army out to 300 who cupped water to his mouth from those who drank lip to surface of the stream/river.

In questioning the Lord , Gideon was told to send spys out early in the morning to listen in on conversations of the enemy. They were surprised to hear the enemy waking up to Dreams that they were being run over by big rolling objects and deducting this was Gideon' s Forces upon them. Fear seized them when Gideon divided his small group into four groups and began sounding trumpets.

They ran in all directions killing more of themselves than Gideon's 300! It was a great slaughter.

The point being to ignore intelligence is a Fool's Choice most certainly if it is Intelligence far more advanced and encrypted by The Spirit of the Lord.

YESTERDAY I also posted a reflection of the Sampson story with some very forgotten Truths about him and his Reign as Judge of Israel 20 years from which we only have a few, 3 chapters.

Kim Jong Un right now is in Sampson mode. The Lord who is the Ruler of all men, and repeatedly warned Israel about turning from the Law he had given their Nation, often sold them to their enemies as their rebellion sowed.

In the United States of America the acknowledged Supreme Law of the Land is the U.S. Constitution within which contains Article II. Section 1, C-5, declaring the Office of President come upon a [Citizen] at the Time of the Adoption of this Constitution, and only a [natural born Citizen] thereafter which was never questioned by Any Court or Judge, or Legislature to be one Born in the US to US Citizen Parents. To all others, there has been question and debate based on [naturalization] powers of Congress to adopt [Citizens].

Over the last nine years a great domestic battle in the US Courts has erupted regarding McCain, Obama, Cruz, Rubio,  Jindal's qualification to be President based on their not being agreed upon to fit the Qualifications commonly known as The Birther Movement.

Last Friday the 31st of August, 2017 the Tenth Circuit failed a Review En Banc,  or an entire 12 Judge Review of Case 17-4055 , which was my Case as a Presidential Candidate against the Constitutionally unqualified Barack Obama.

Far from superiority of color, is Equal Rights for the Office of President unfettered by Affirmative Action. Far from an [Individual] like [Obama] is the Lord's ability to [Test a Nation] as has been repeatedly read over and over and over again in the Biblical History of the Lord's Actions.

Of all the United States positions which is the highest honor? Of course a loyalty of Time seen in America's Choice not to Amend the Constitution attempted some 9 times since 2000 but failing,  Judges of the Courts , and a few prideful Political Egos have inserted a fatal flaw in Law forsaking what everyone has [agreement] on in definition.

This of course is a perversion of the Law the Lord has given to the United States and in such has shrunk the Umbrella of God provided in Protection alone afforded,  or not afforded,  by our Creator.

Unfortunately in that SHRINKING UMBRELLA of protection lies exposed the greatest concentration of the quote unquote "Elite" providing money,  exposure,  and the greatest amount of corrupt deception in the TEST of Barack Obama.

While the US Military is notable as a superpower given the grace of God,  even experts are baffled by two things:

1 ) Kim Jong Un's apparent mastery of a weapon so dangerous it could wipe New York City, Washington DC, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, SLC right off the face of the earth.

2) The loss of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Far from repentant of the usurpations of both the [Office of President] and the [Secretary of States Office] through Hillary's privatization of the Office through her personal server, Democrats and Responsible Republicans have covered the perpetrators of their own fellow Citizens ,through Treason and Tyranny, destruction protecting their  tracks and cozy positions in Fear of men & the MSM more than their Creator.

Experts do agree under cloudy conditions and multiple warheads fired with smart defense flares our US Protections could, and do in Test, Fail some as much as 80%!

Kim Jong Un is a Kamikaze type leader and his Focus is not South Korea, but is on the USA. He is far from a wild eyed cow, but is trained very well in calculations and stealth.

Being able to harness such destructive forces capable of literally wiping out East and West Coast of the USA takes a little more intelligence than the mocking MSM whose own day-of-destruction for deceit is known along with others so obliged to disembowel the US Constitution,  which when denied their rights and privileges will howl their own stupid but blatant cover up for Obama.

Kim Jong Un has certainly not Tested his First and Only miniaturized Hydrogen Nuclear Bomb capable of being smuggled into US Waters and Rivers in small submarines, and even river boats.

One of his most elaborate tactics is using smaller aircraft, more undetectable by radar, to drop elite paramilitary parachuting deep inside Soul South Korea to wreak havoc within the Populations.

The ability of a miniature hydrogen nuclear bomb to be delivered or hauled by a jet-ski amphibious vehicle is real smart, like his crop-duster air fleet,  and how many jet-skis are being tracked by our Submarines?

Kim Jong Un is not on a Defense Mission for North Korea, as it was related to me in my Dream. He is on a suicide mission; meaning he's already calculated his death but is going to do so in a great blow to the USA for in his mind all the sanctions his Country has suffered.

Alone of course, our Creator might allow our Military success over such. However,  with the prevailing determinations of corruption-in-US-Courts, Judges determined to indulge and compromise the protections of the US Constitution's Red-Line of security , agreeable even among themselves in definition of [natural born Citizen] ie. Born in the US to US Citizen Parents, the Populations of Citizenry they have acted as Traitors to.

God may protect the children who are uncorrupted and are a choice Generation, in a Rapture of Guardianship,  but it is a very thin and shrinking umbrella that protects Adults who have spent their powder, and lifetimes on the sidelines, or completely against the US Constitution.

What can really be mounted as a Defense of such arrogance against the Supreme Law of the Land?

Do you really think US v. Wong Kim Ark is going to save you?
[United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898), is a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court ruled that "a child born in the United States, of parents of Chinese descent, who, at the time of his birth, are subjects of the Emperor of China, but have a permanent domicil and residence in the United States, ...]

Or, do you think Minor v. Happersett would have more of a chance?
Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 21 Wall. 162 162 (1874) ... In that sense, women, if born of citizen parents within the jurisdiction of the United States, have always been considered citizens of the United states, as much so before the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution as since.]

In this opinion it is stated for those born in the Country to its citizens , these are the natives or natural born Citizens, there was never a doubt, but to others there are doubts.

As the doors of miniature hydrogen nuclear bombs have been laid at the footstools of Taurus Bull Dictator, along the Military Lines paralleling Hitler's audacity and acknowledged rough brilliance in military daring, I hope Americans understand Prayers without Actions are "moot"; and as the Court's have called my case, [wholly incredible and frivolous. ]
I am grieved indeed at the callousness of heart the Lord has placed upon these Pharaoh - Type - Judges bent in a path of population destruction as Pharaohs Army was drowned in the Red Sea.

I am grieved that my 3 Petitions to the US Supreme Court 12-5276, 14-9396, and even an [acknowledged received[ but un-docketed Petition to newest Justice Neil Gorsuch , a supposed defender of [natural law] , has not been DOCKETED.

I know many have not read the Book Of Mormon considered a religious cannon believed by Mormons to be simply a report of action on this American Continent that began about 600 BC and trailed into 600 AD to an utter destruction of the population.

 But if you had read it what you could most clearly see was the relationship of the downfall of a once great and powerful Nation on the shoulders of corruption in the Government and especially in the Courts of Law by Judges, Lawyers, and Politicians who turned away from Liberty and Freedom ultimately choosing slavery and death for themselves, as well as their generation.

As a matter of Choice and diligent and promised consideration,  God sent them prophets and warning voices which as surely as this generation has mocked, ridiculed,  and made sport of those Warnings and Admonitions, are mocked.

Our devotion to the Supreme Law of the Land as our Constitution, carved out of the blood and fortunes of our Framers and Founders, acknowledging repeatedly the Devine Superposition in intelligence affording victory by the Leaders has come under Domestic Terrorism and Treason, placing the security of every US Citizen in the state God won't use Kim Jong Un as a Sampson or equalizer.

After 9 years and some 17 Cases, 3 to the US Supreme Court, and many Petitions to Congress and President Trump, I am left without a single win, but more consequential a single ounce of Hope that prevailing minds might take their perilous actions and condition into the consequences of there betrayals of Oath-Of-Office.

No doubt, they are determined, as bull-headed Kim Jong Un is, to die in their stubbornness and argument against the simple understandings of Citizens while in constant defense of the realms of [Subjects] that they refer to as the nomenclature familiar to the Founders and Framers, as a glorious death and an eternal cement in their deaths.

If course our Framers and Founders were familiar with being "Subjects of the Crown " from which they rebelled and were called Traitors with warrant a and bounties placed on their heads as Felons.

To adopt the "Subjects" mentality through a derision and pollution of the one Office requiring the TIME honored tradition throughout American History as American born and bread ie. Born in the US to US Citizen Parents, save the Patriots fighting in the American Revolution as the first [Citizens], is the tell of corruption in outright exposure of the Supreme Law of the Land.

Now might be a good Time to start Smoking Tobacco as it provides a protective barrier against nuclear particles to your Lungs. The health nuts will all die for sure rewards for an unbalanced judgement and judgementalness just as so many refused to look at the Fiery Serpent Moses made as a staff to look up in and be healed. Many are not open and have closed themselves off by extremes of even wise healthy balances of judgement.  It's true,  Mormons in the USA may be the First wiped out as they have polluted their own Word-Of-Wisdom that was given mot by commandment,  and adapted to the capacity of the weak to the weakest of all who would be called Saints.

[Then one day as if by magic, a few thousand mice from the smoking experiment "accidentally" found their way into the radioactive particle experiment, which in the past had killed every single one of its unfortunate test subjects. But this time, completely against the odds, sixty percent of the smoking mice survived exposure to the radioactive particles. The only variable was their prior exposure to copious quantities of tobacco smoke. ]

In short we are about to suffer a great failure of what amounts to a Social Engineering experiment upon the population where the Elite want to kill off 2/3rds of the Population to meet their goals.

I think God always uses the wicked and corrupt to destroy the wicked and corrupt. He just simply steps out of the way and says.. OK.. go to it and see what kind of Protection you've had, compared to the force your exposed to without me.

Those forces can be brought up by war, earthquakes, hurricanes and natural disasters that absolutely overwhelm a Population ability to Remedy it.

[UPDATE: 9-8-2017  From AP -“Nature’s gone crazy,”  ]
Hurricane Harvey hadn’t even fizzled and Houston hadn’t even dried out from record flooding before Hurricane Irma formed and also grew into a powerful Category 4 storm. Right behind Irma, Jose has powered up to a Category 4 storm. It is highly unusual, but not unprecedented to have back-to-back storms of that strength, Masters said. And then there is Hurricane Katia, just a shade under major hurricane status, due to hit Mexico’s Gulf coast.]

[As Mexico was bracing for Katia off the Gulf coast, one of the strongest earthquakes in the country’s history hit late Thursday off its Pacific coast, near the Guatemala border. The magnitude 8.1 earthquake was felt for more than 650 miles (1,000 kilometers). The quake shook at a depth of 43 miles (69 kilometers) and a quake hitting at that depth with that strength is unusual, according to Cornell University geophysics professor Geoff Abers. It was one of the five largest for that deep in the past 40 years, he said.]

[On Friday, 82 wildfires were burning in the United States involving nearly 1.5 million acres in nine states in the West. So far this year, more than 8 million acres have burned, only behind 2015 and 2012. One fire at the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest in Oregon has burned more than 175,000 acres and is only 5 percent contained as of Friday, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.
Drought and a heat wave contributed. On Sept. 1, in normally temperate San Francisco, the temperature hit 106 degrees and at least six deaths were reported from the heat wave.]

 Can we ALL AGREE that we do not have a Judge in the Nation who has protected and stood up for the [natural born Citizen] requirement .. accept maybe Senate Candidate and former State Supreme Court Chief Judge Roy Moore?

Can we ALL AGREE Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse found some significant evidence of fabrication which deceased Loretta Fuddy admitted to doing as Hawaii's Health Director stating she " had that right " making alterations as politically were convenient perhaps for a payoff, which may easily lead down a road of blackmail, and then the fabrication of the Plan to destroy her?

Next the Cold Case Posse make the Case Obama's Birth Certificate is a Fraud.
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Obama's Last Press Conference BLOWS UP with Birth Certificate