Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Sunrise On The CIA Columbia Obama Trial

Saturday Sunrise On The CIA Columbia Obama Trial

Yesterday was a good day as far as the march as we all witnessed the rain hold off in the burgening clouds until literally the march was dismissed. Those who had cars waiting made it safely back to the church,and those of us walking back to the church were witness to an impecable timing for a dry march as we were drenched with a sudden downpour! The proceeding that took place were the beginnings of the Jury Selection and opening statement. For a kick off it was hard to really see how things might get any better and everyone seemed pleased. Here's a couple of reports:

Who would have ever suspected today’s proceedings would so far surpass yesterdays as to render it, well, just a beginning with the best yet to come. Today’s March made under the blue skies, and cooling breeze of New York was in many ways another layer added in the stack of bad news for Barack Hussein Obama and Columbia University.

But he does have his supporters who are angry who were disrupting things while proceeding where happening inside here’s a looksy:

To describe this in a way that could possibly be understood I can only relate it in abit of a parable that seems best to fit what is actually happening. Every day the march has in a spiritual sense laid wheel barrel after wheel barrow full of dung right in a row around a 27 square block area. The second day echoed the same result spiritually all around that 27 block area was a continuous line of wheelbarrows stacked now 2 high, and the third day the same stacked 3 high.

Today’s march was very powerful, as Pastor Manning instructed again we make the march in silence and personal prayer or meditation according to each. Today he also suggested that we go two by two, and if possible line up with white person and a black person walking side by side hand in hand. I have to tell you that this created one of the most touching and beautiful marches ever witnessed in humble opinion.

After the march, all proceeded down to the Church again, which is about 7 blocks, where the selection of a jury once again begin where the proceeding day had left off. A few more potential jurors were questioned and then a final 12 were chosen with a couple of alternates also chosen. Then the witness chair fired up.
The first presentation was considered an “informational presentation” and was put up on a big screen for all to see. It was the powerful testimony Lt. Col. Terry Lakin that you can view here also:

Next came the calling of witness and first Linda Bently an investigative reporter for the Sonoran News from Cave Creek, Az ( She had a very interesting testimony regarding the deliberate alteration of federal mail stamps in Barack Hussein Obama’s selective service record.

An expert witness (Joseph Smith) was called up to testify regarding his 25 years of service for the post office and their dating procedures on mail and his opinion on the dates stamped.

Court was adjourned until after lunch at 2:30pm

And then I was called to the witness stand for my law suit against Senator McCain and Barack Hussein Obama, what I knew about Sen.Res.511, and a ‘Declaration of Candidacy”. Through my witness the Court was also found to have ‘standing’ as I was in the same election race as Barack Husein Obama and suffered direct injury by his lack of Constitutional Qualification. Pastor Manning submitted both my Federal Court law suits in as evidence with all their exhibits and reserved his right to re-call me as a witness if the need should arise.

Court was adjourned at about 4:45pm, and I’m sure sooner or later my testimony will be made available for all to see, however I do not know when or where that will take place at this time.

Thanks for tuning in, and I will do my best to keep you informed.

I also need to ask you for your help in assisting me while I’m here and of course for the trip back home. If you can help with any amount I would greatly appreciate it and especially want to thank my facebook friend Judy Davis for posting Fox News numbers on my wall and asking them to cover the marches. them please and ask why this story is not being covered. I have and I have e-mailed two different links.

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Thank you for doing all you can do too…together we will bring this to every kitchen table in America.

Cody Robert Judy

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pulled Up To Atlah Missionary Church and Thanked God I Made It

Pulled Up to Atlah Missionary Church and Thanked God I'd Made It.

Well,through 'service engine soon' lights on my dash, to running very low on gas, I made it to New York, Whew! I can hardly believe I was actually crossing the George Washington Bridge this morning with my Vue – Trailer in tow. Wow, is that ever a bridge! Coming into it I thought I was in a mall accept, instead of people, you just saw cars going every direction above, below, side by side and you felt you were on some kind of escalator.

How relieved I was when I found the Atlah Church, and Pow!, what a sign as you can see in the picture.

Now you might have gathered by seeing me with pictures and what not, that I’m kind of a western boy. I’m used to being in wide open places, and coming to NY is a little like Crocodile Dundee coming to New York.

I met Pastor James Manning, his wife, and many of the staff here at Atlah World Wide Ministry and what a bunch of terrific and friendly people. I wish you all could be here so bad!

This morning I sat in on an interview with Pastor Manning with World News Daily today and one of the things I was very impressed with is his personal regard for our Constitution and his personal knowledge of the field in which this trial is taking place. I can tell you he has a grasp on the subject matter from many angles.
There were a few things happening with the preparations of the trial that were being formulated and I opened my mouth and sung out that I would be happy to help in any way. I received the chance to work and speak with some of these fine members of the community and was so impressed with how much they love America.

That’s what this is all about; Coming together for the love of our America. How important the Constitution is to our Independence, our liberty, and our way of life. How much we depend upon the Constitution to outline and frame this in our daily lives. As I framed the wall for the jury bench, I pondered the Constitutions frame in our lives.

The wood or raw material needs to be fashioned in a sturdy way. The square used to mark the studs straight; the mark of the pencil to know where to cut. The tools necessary to form the pieces planned to come together. How these all relate to our Constitution which was framed to be the foundation of our Union, the strong sturdy immovable law in which we could stand.

That is why it is so important that especially in the highest office of the land, we at least uphold our Constitutional requirements. If we can’t even uphold that, we make the demise of the rest of our Constitution so much easier from within, and that is what is happening at such an alarming rate.

You see and hear Republicans saying we should object to one policy after another, but what is happening? We are losing with every passing policy. If there is no respect for the Constitution at the highest office in land, as the President, what respect do you think Congress or any member of the Government really has for you as Americans? And what respect do you think they have for the oath they pledged to uphold the Constitution?

Well, America it is time.. the time is now to wake up! We The People are a power to be reckoned with politically moving on our Constitution. This trial is going forward and it is a historic event, and maybe remembered as the greatest event to ever happen in my lifetime as the World sees the free exercise for our Constitution with The People. Well, I hope you will stay tuned-in and I will update as it unfolds.

Here is the latest Manning Report

For my part in this I want to thank you for your support and ask for it if you cannot make it, perhaps you would consider helping or assisting and sponsoring me here.

I would very much appreciate your support and help, and if you cannot help finantially please do say a pray in your heart for me and I thank you for that.

Your Brother in Freedom and Liberty

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Cody Robert Judy

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Journey-These Are The Times That Try Men's Souls

The Journey
These are the times that try men's souls

My fellow patriots of the United States of America, you have been with me on a journey that is hard. I’m feeling like I’m so strung out on a tiny rope that I could fall any time. The check light of my car went off yesterday in Illinois. I of course have no money for a repair or a tow bill.

Have you ever been in a situation that was so precarious that you broke out in a cold sweat? Well that’s what I did as I imagined getting caught in the middle of nowhere and thought there was nothing I could do. I’ve had a little trouble with the transmission which is the reason it came on last time. I’ve tried to take it slow and not push it too hard. I said a little prayer and asked God to help me know what to do.

The answer was simple, “Carry On”, and so I have. I’ve now moved past Illinois, through Indiana, and Ohio and am on the verge of heading into the last leg of my journey into Pennsylvania. I can’t help but think of our forefathers who faced such opposition in their resolute to Independence from England and the battles for freedom that have been waged in the land I trod now. Abit of history on Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania, established by the Quaker Penn family, had been hamstrung in the early part of the 18th Century by the stranglehold the Quakers maintained on government. The population, particularly in the West of the colony, was largely German and Scotch-Irish with little commitment to the British Crown. The colony was a prosperous community of small farmers. In the East lay Philadelphia, the largest city in the American colonies and the first capital of the United States.”

“General Braddock’s disastrous defeat in July 1755 in Western Pennsylvania struck a major blow to the prestige of the British Crown. The withdrawal of Colonel Dunbar with the survivors of Braddock’s regular troops to Philadelphia, leaving Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and even Western New York to be ravaged by Indian raiding parties, encouraged by the French, led many in those colonies to question the worth of the link with Britain and to look to their own colonial governments to fill the vacuum left by the Royal Forces.”

“Braddock’s campaign provides a looming portent for the future of the colonies. Many of the participants went on to take major parts in the Revolutionary War: George Washington, Gage, Gates, Mercer, Lee and several others.”

It is truly humbling to think of the revolutionary war and the fight that took place for Independence and for a governing Republic that would embrace a new experiment on humanity of co-existence through freedom, liberty, and justice for all. That experiment looms right now, as it were hanging by a thread, precariously at a disadvantage to the overwhelming odds posed, which reminds me of my own condition and the fear which can rip into the courage to take a stand, press on, or to just abandon the cause?

Where would we be if these men had failed, had gone home because of one thing or another that put them at a disadvantage? Where would we be now, and where might we be headed if we do not take a stand now ourselves? As I think about the men who died in the revolutionary war and those who died in the Civil War for the precepts of individual rights and a Republic defined by our Constitution, I cannot turn back or shrink.

I must go on, and portend to our Creator that though it’s not bullets we face now, our Stand must go forward with every ounce of strength we possess as these men who have died in so many wars, and those who die today pledge an oath to defend the Constitution, we must take a stand now in the very necessary defense of our forefathers words hammered out in our Constitution which allow you and I to be free.
If our defenses of these words fail, surely the regret of indentured servitude we will lay upon the backs of our children.

“These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as Freedom should not be highly rated.”, iterated by Thomas Paine, is as easily spoke today with by far too many of our politicians who shrink from taking a stand for our Constitution.

Our forefathers could have never have dreamed of covering the country as I have in even a week, yet their fight and our fight is still for freedom and independence articulated in our Constitution and by God that demands a natural born citizen as our President.

One only has to look at the socialistic policies to identify this is not the noble work of an American President… cheating the Constitution, lying about qualifications, and then squandering the inheritance of freedom and liberty to our children with an embarrassing debt which just a generational theft- a parent selling their child to gratify instantly an appetite that is ravenous as wolfs that eat and are never satisfied.

This fight has not cost you anything, but it is on the verge of costing you everything. What do I mean by that?

I started this fight with John McCain not being qualified as a ‘natural born citizen’ and his selling his honor and integrity down the non-binding senate resolution of 511, which is a bloody trail of entrails. I filed that suit myself and conducted it myself. It didn’t cost you anything. I continued as a Presidential candidate of 2008 with not a single donation or contribution from any outside party or organization.

My standing as a Presidential candidate uniquely obligated me to take a stand against any other candidate in the race who was not in it fairly, as you have seen so many law suits dismissed because of ‘lack of standing’, I had standing and you certainly could not count on the Republican nominee for any integrity towards the Constitution as he prostrated himself to Obama like Obama did the King of Saudi Arabia.

Thus it remains my duty to call upon the integrity of my being to testify of this Constitutional violation of Obama not being a Natural Born Citizen, having appealed to John McCain’s qualification first to clean the conservative house, but having my Judge declare the case moot because Obama won, and thus putting that burden of responsibility fairly on Obama’s shoulders without regard to race or culture, this is Constitutional.

If I fail as a candidate in the presidential race to raise my voice, the courts have witnessed you don’t have a voice. You don’t have standing. If Obama goes unchecked with his social agenda, already over drafting America’s bank account 11 trillion, and another trillion to Greece this week, the eventual cost is going to be ‘everything’ you have.


I ask you for your help and assistance once again for I am doing all in my power for our United States Constitution to stand. Please take a stand with me and realize that is why I am called to witness.
Thank you

Cody Robert Judy
Your Brother in Freedom and Liberty
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sacrifices..I’ll Always Be There No Matter What It Is

Sacrifices..I’ll Always Be There No Matter What It Is
A Letter of Thanks to America
This morning I wanted to give just a little bit of an update on my travels across America and also thank those people who are helping me, because I couldn’t do it alone.

People have been very friendly and for the most part supportive. Really the only people who I have found in opposition to my traveling across America out to New York have been those who either thought the Constitution was just an old document that was outdated really having no clue as to its importance, and a few who thought they were kind of in, what I will call, the Socialist Elite Group or Party, meaning those who have money but believe they are protected, or shall we say enshrined, or encased in a group that is protected from every being poor or taken out of Societies Elite.
They’re kind of an odd bedfellows club that ranges from BYU College students, who were actually black, telling me the Constitution was not that important and outdated, to Retired People who were traveling in big Mobile Homes and who were very wealthy and secure.

This is also rather alarming and one reason I’d like to expound a little and with just a little insight describe the ‘value’ of our Constitution.

First to the black college ladies I met from BYU, I was stunned out of my mind, but would back up my thoughts with the testimony of another black lady I met in Wyoming who I reported this to and She said, “You got to be kidding me?! Don’t they know that without the Constitution they’d still be being bred, picking cotton and sayn Yes’m to a Master to whatever buck he wanted to mount them?”

While that is a little graphic, it is not altogether untrue, without the Constitution any American has personal rights stripped from him/her and is subject to slavery by its Government by hook or crook. Ever wonder why Obama has so little respect for the Constitution? It’s often the case that little respect for the Constitution indicates a revealing story: ever picture Obama himself as a puppet on a string to a bunch of big bankers and money men who actually think he is their slave because they have bought him?

Well, I’m here to tell America to Wake Up because the slippery slide without The Constitution leads straight down to hell, and that includes your perception of your money and elite security club! You’ve seen the stock market reeling and going up and down and all your 401 k and savings accounts in it? You’ve seen the riots in Greece and you think you are protected without The Constitution that protects your property and establishes a Supreme Law of the Land?

If you equate The Constitution to the Umbrella of God and you see that with ever tear and with every disregard you see a shred or hole in the Umbrella of God for hell to rain down on you, then disregarding it is in fact inviting the Lord of Hell into your life. Is that what you want Grandma and Grandpa? Do you want hell to come into your house and wreak havoc and chaos? Because if that’s what you want you just keep on thinking your “elite social club’ is impenetrable, and you remember that when you’re facing the jaws of hell gaping wide open after you.

I’m very sorry to have to use such examples to the sensitive ears and eyes who may read this, but America you have got to WAKE UP! Now, I want to share some of the sacrifices being made for this trip, not to brag or pat my back, but to make you aware of not only the gravity of our situation, but to bare you up if you’re in the same situation and let you know I am working hard, very hard, with you and doing all I can. There is nothing like knowing you at least have a friend who is also hurting but puts an arm around you and says, “We can do this together..we are going to make it”.

First I’d like to thank my wife for being my best friend. Although we are on a rocky road, as you may imagine my doing this does not sit well with bills and obligations of debt, she has remained my best friend and I text that to her this morning, she text back, “Well know I’ll always be there. No matter what it is.” That there is what I call “Gold”, the value in that is worth all the trouble endured.

I didn’t have a lot of money for this trip. I had a vehicle and a work trailer I’ve fashioned a bed in the back of to save having to get motels, so the money I did have could go for gas and food. Just the basics, the very least, I am not staying in big fancy hotels, or eating in fancy restaurants, although I’m certainly not opposed to those establishments and Americans affording those types of things, I simply have not been able to, but that has not discouraged me from making this trip.

Many people are indeed helping me to even sustain what I am doing, and I want to thank them for their sacrifices, their care, and the American Way of Capitalism that has enabled them to help me Take A Stand as a Witness in the CIA Columbia Obama Trial being held in New York May 14-20th.

Please let me thank first McDonalds. Their value meals, dollar menu, and free wifi have been great, and I’m love’n it across America! Let me thank Flying J, with which I can take a shower for $10 and rest off the road with the rest of America’s wonderful, courageous, and freedom loving Truckers! Thank you to every State in the Union for their respective “ rest stops” across the freeways of America. Thank you to every person who has worked on roads and built the freeway systems across America. Thank you to Saturn for making my vehicle which has been a trooper and Mirage for making my trailer that has served this dual purpose and saved me money.

I want to thank God for health, for safety, for good weather, for sustaining my vehicle in miraculous ways to gas stations when I was flat out, for keeping me warm in below freezing weather, and for my dog who is a faithful friend and shows me unconditional love.

America I have nothing, but I have it all and I’m filled with gratitude and want to express this to you. My eyes are swelled with tears and my heart is full of joy and courage to get through this, and I am humbled by those who have sacrificed for my freedom and liberty with their lives and fortunes. I challenge you to contribute to my campaign if nothing else so you can say to God, I contributed to Cody Judy’s campaign across America where he witnessed for The Constitution in the CIA Columbia Obama Trial.

I know God will bless you for that and if you can’t contribute financially say a prayer and express to God gratitude for Our Constitution, for his Umbrella of Protection on America, and ask him to sustain me and watch over me and this most historic Trial and all those coming and orchestrating this with time and talent, and for this I thank you.

Again, for those wondering why I have been called to witness for this trial please review this document: Brother in Freedom and Liberty

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Cody Robert Judy