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Update Nov. 24th 2012: I want to thank the following individuals for their contributions towards upholding our Constitution and encourage others to step up to the plate and help us. Fight! Stand! Deliver! This is the most important and only challenge to the Election 2012 in the United States Supreme Court at this time. It usually takes years. Your support for this United States Supreme Court challenge in the election of 2012 Judy v. Obama 12-5276 is key to upholding our Constitution and the integrity of our Country's election process.

Thank you Phillip Solarz- Michigan for your $10 contribution!Thank you Mary Keen from Maine for your $100 contribution on Thanksgiving Day! Thank you Rachel Smith Utah for your $10 contribution! Thank you Robert Moran Florida for your $10 contribution!Thank you Mark Wilson Georgia for your $10 contribution!Thank you Barbara Pafundi Florida for your $30 contribution! Thank you Robert E Dwyer North Carolina for your $1 contribution! Thank you Deborah Shelton Texas for your $25 dollar contribution!Thank you Christina Danielson Florida for your $20 dollar contribution! Thank you Jim Black-Florida for your $75 contribution! Thank you Larry Radkan- West Virgina for your $5 contribution! Thank you Haskell Bass- Oklahoma for your $100 dollar contribution! Thank you Richard Larson- California for your $5 contribution! Thank you Oscar Savaryn- Maryland for your $25 dollar contribution


My love for God is the sweetness in my life and when I saw the new movie Lincoln over Thanksgiving I just wept in understanding what it was like to go against everyone who was saying it can't be done. I know without a shadow of a doubt of God's love for our Country and his direction to me of which I am honored to serve, and by the Constitution you don't have to be a majority to win. If the majority chooses un-constitutional, the Republic's minority can win. ;)

No sooner had the ink dried on The Post & Email feature story Sharon Rondeau had done Sunday Nov.18TH entitled “ Presidential Candidate's Eligibility Challenge Moves Forward at U.S. Supreme Court pb WILL THE ELIGIBILITY QUESTION FINALLY BE ANSWERED?”, than double trouble begin brewing in the Supreme Court of the United States.
The Petition For Rehearing begin with an official pro se appeal letter to Chief Justice John Roberts October 6th , just 6 days after the official “Denied” entry was posted on the docket October 1st.

It’s no secret that Cody Robert Judy’s Writ of Certiorari went through an excruciating and exhaustive excoriation by the United States Supreme Court Clerk’s Office in early July denied at least 7 times, but what was amazing is as soon as another Georgia Supreme Court appeal came through on Obama’s eligibility Cody was given a case number.

Call it irony, or luck, or more likely call it “cover” for chucking all the Obama eligibility challenges into a pile marked “dismissed for lack of standing”, but that’s been the going freight charge that hasn't allowed any case to make it passed “GO” in the United States Supreme Court.

Cody said a few months back, “ I could see the writing on the wall. It was just too obvious as to what was happening after being denied so blatantly this summer out of the Court Session and into the Fall Session which was closer to the Election. My biggest question really was ‘has this got to do with what the Justices are actually doing or is justice being manipulated to the Justices by some clerk?’, which would be a huge scandal in the Court.”

With that little bit of prep for the story, here’s what Cody said today.

Today, (Monday -November 19th) a day when I am usually gone out of the office and many times out of town, some changes had taken place which called for my being here and taking care of my son.

We were at McDonalds about Noon for a bite to eat and the impression hit me to call the U.S. Supreme Court Clerk’s office and ask them why my “Petition for Rehearing” had not been placed on the docket yet.

I actually wondered because I've called before if it was too soon to call because packages have to go through a security detail and I knew mine had arrived there on Thursday. They have told me a time or two to give them a week after a package arrives to see it on the docket.

Incidentally, or not, I've actually only managed to get the case Analyst assigned to me one time out of maybe a dozen, and she’s the one who told me that. The rest of the time I've got her answering machine and though I've asked for a call back from her, she has never complied with that request.

So you understand a little bit how surprised I was today when I caved in to the strong impression and called a little earlier, and actually was put through to her personally, and didn't get her answering machine.

I asked her where my Petition for Rehearing was at and she told me she’d sent it back to me and that the letter from the Clerk’s office telling me to submit it within 15 days of their Nov. 7th letter was wrong and that the timing had actually run out for me to file that.

I said, “Wait a minute, I filed a letter to Chief Justice John Roberts you should have on your docket entitled “RECONSIDERATION request” on October 6th, just six days after the official ruling Oct 1st. Six days isn't even close to being the 25 days allowed.

I said, then you guys told me I had to submit a formal motion which I did within 25 days. You received that one and sent it back to me stating it didn't comply with Rule 44 telling me I had to resubmit it properly giving me a time frame to do it in. I obliged you in that. Now you’re telling me my letter dated October 6th isn't the date you’re going by? I told her that information was in the Petition for Rehearing did you read it?

She said, Well we are not suppose to read the documents submitted, we just take care of timing problems if something is late. You submit an affidavit stating what you've told me and and we’ll take another look at it.

I said, how are you going to be able to discern my affidavit when it comes if you don’t read the documents that come in and just send them back? She did this to me before with my Writ of Certiorari and I resubmitted without any changes and was given a case number but the timing was all working for Obama.

I was just livid that I would have to file another document based on her incompetence to simply look at the record, but I took a deep breath and started typing.
We finished up at McDonalds at about 3pm. Stradda had a blast playing with all the kids that long. It was like a revolving door of new friends walking in for him to be excited to meet and play with.

We went over to the printers and got a copy printed. Then, ran to the bank for a Notarization: then, it was back to the printers for 14 copies to be made with the Notary Seal and signatures on it, as well as getting a PDF file made, so we could email to Obama’s attorney and the Secretary of state in Georgia.

Here is what was made.

Then it was about 4pm and I was thinking I wonder wonder wonder..if by chance? Our mail comes about 4:00pm so we headed home with the documents we had made. As I rolled up to our place, sure enough sticking out of the mail box was the package to from the U.S. Supreme court with my returned “Petition for Rehearing” stuffed inside and the letter from the Clerk stating what she’d told me.

Well, we didn’t even turn the car off. I grabbed it and headed for the Post Office and had everything back in the mail to the United States Supreme Court by 4:30 pm.
I can’t believe all the “ifs” involved with this. If I hadn't been watching my son I would have been busy working or out of town and would have never been able to get it back to the Court before the Thanksgiving Holiday.

If I hadn’t have called I could not have had the documents ready to insert them back in the mail the same day I received them and it would have still not been there before the Thanksgiving Holiday if I’d sent them tomorrow.

Its feeling like I made a home-run today. Knocked it clear out of the ballpark and rounded every base. It’s just feeling like this case is not my own and that some divine providence is watching over it for which I am or seem to be a grateful watcher just like you, even though I’m playing a part in it.

We had a little fund raiser last week and raised $31 dollars. My campaign didn't go into debt so I don’t want you to think that every dollar you may contribute is not going directly to this case and this cause. I can’t do this on my own, nor should I have to.

I was thinking this morning if the Court decided to hear this case I’d have to get back to Washington DC and I don’t even have the money to do that. I need you to help me. This is our Country, our Constitution we’re taking a stand for.

Lady at the bank told me it was good to see me today, but she was wishing she hadn't seen me. I said why? She said, because if I hadn't seen you then you might have been in Washington DC doing something about the election.

I told her it’s not over. I’ve got Obama in the U.S. Supreme Court and if he’s proven ineligible its game over for him. She said, “just promise me you’ll do something about Obamacare.” I said, “You got it.”

You know it’s not really a good sign when people in banks are pleading with you.
Well, anyway that’s what happened today and I need your help. I think about businesses who are adding up what Obama care’s going to cost them and either cutting their employees or making them take a cut for it, and its hard for me to understand why every business in America isn’t behind me sending me $100 or $2500.

You know it’s going to cost them that much per employee, so from my perspective their dollars are very wisely spent on my Campaign.

Forget about Mitt Romney right now, lick your wounds, but this is Uncle Sam pointing at you telling you “ I NEED YOU NOW ”

I also got the web site back up which was flickering out by paying for another month. Now I need your help. Please log on and figure out what you can send me that’s not going to break your back, but that you feel is actually saving for you if we win and Obama is proven to be ineligible by the demands of the Constitution for a natural born citizen.

Do it now please, because when the Court decides to hear this case I’ve got to buy airplane tickets and it takes me two days to make a transaction from Paypal to my account and we might not have two days.

I don’t want my next blog to say, “Supreme Court decides to hear the case Judy v. Obama but Judy never showed up because no one believing in the Constitution would help the poor guy out a few bucks and he couldn’t get a plane ticket. So isn’t it funny, Obama actually broke everyone so bad that they couldn’t even take a stand for the Constitution in the United States Supreme Court when the opportunity was presented to them? Guess they’d pinned all their hope and money on Romney and there just wasn’t enough to round 3rd place and bring it home for Conservatives.”

You know I want you to remember this very important message I’ve been trying to get through that big elephant skull so they’d get off their Ass. Now listen, you don’t have to be a majority to win if the majority has chosen something unconstitutional. A minority in this Country can rule if they take a stand for the Constitution, because this is a Republic founded on the United States Constitution as the Supreme law of the land.

The unconstitutional thing the majority has chosen is none other than Obama. Obama is a walking talking violation of the Constitution in the White House. Now please, get your credit card out and make a contribution to me that says, “I am American and I believe that.”

If you don’t believe that, then you don’t know what being an American is really all about. Go read our Constitution and then go ask a minority seeking naturalization why they want to be American.

Please enjoy the Commercial for I am American. Please, I’m working my butt off for you and you could sure help us by making a contribution today.

Thank you
Cody Robert Judy

Sunday, November 18, 2012




(Nov. 18, 2012) — The Post & Email recently spoke with Cody Robert Judy, 2012 presidential candidate and newly-declared 2016 presidential candidate, about a new development in his case at the U.S. Supreme Court challenging the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama II.

Judy claims that Obama is not a "natural born Citizen" as required by Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S Constitution because he was not born to two U.S.-citizen parents and may not have been born in the United States. Numerous overseas newspapers, Obama's own literary agent, and some U.S. journalists have reported that Obama was born in Indonesia or Kenya. In 2007, without explanation, his literary agent changed Obama's biography to say that he was born in Hawaii.

On November 10, Judy received a letter from the U.S. Supreme Court asking for more information in regard to a Petition for Rehearing which he had filed at... (cont.. )

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign would like to thank Sharon Rondeau at The Post & Email for the Interview & informative report.