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All the Nuts Are Gone - Article II Patriots/Birthers still here

All the Nuts Are Gone - Article II Patriots/Birthers still here

Also Featured Editorial here at The Post & Email:

And forwarded to Utah U.S. Senators Hatch & Lee/ Representatives R -Jason Chaffetz,R-Rob Bishop,D-Jim Matheson
Arab Springs Muslim Brotherhood financing, Fast & Furious Gun Running, Benghazi, Verizon Wireless Wire Tapping, A.P Reporter Wire Tapping Scandal, NSA Recording all phone conversations, IRS Profiling conservative candidates and Tea Party non-profits, how much more can the public take?

During the last 7 months, or the first 7 months of Obama’s second term as occupier of the White House the public has been spoon fed no less than one big scandal, ( make that “phony” scandal in Obama’s words), per month and you have to ask yourself, as I ask myself, ‘ Why?

Isn’t it a little disconcerting to you and the Obama State Controlled Media, that they managed control over the one issue haunting Obama’s First Term calling Birthers “nuts”, but soon after the Second Term began the lid blew off and all hell broke loose on a plethora of scandals? How could this be? How come they couldn’t protect Obama as they had from “Birthers” claiming Obama wasn’t a “natural born citizen” and his hand-held released long form fabrication was error free?

Well, you might think that one of the scandals mentioned above actually might be “The One” to bring Obama down, but the truth is there isn’t one that doesn’t shrivel in the eyes of Congress with one word, “National Security” and the “Rights” of those charged with administering it in our “best” interest.

Sarah Palin was recently interviewed by Greta Van Susteren, Host on Fox News, and held up what she called a “Red-neck white chalk board” with the 7 month scandalous affairs scribbled in black magic-marker down the big white envelope, while whistle-blowing that her mouth had been taped shut during her brief courtship of the Vice Presidency in 2008 by GOP leader and former presidential candidate John McCain.

There was one scandal left off of Sarah Palin’s ‘red-neck white chalk board’ I noticed, and that was Obama’s long form fabricated birth certificate and his fraudulent selective service registration. Both of these, are credited by lawful persons qualified to investigate and determine professionally to be “phony” and thus illegal, constituting actionable cause of criminal offense with and in behalf of National Security interest in mind.

The likes of these, mires Obama as unconstitutional and unqualified for the Office of the President according to the Supreme Law of the Land, or Constitution. Now, what are all of these other scandals built upon if not Obama’s phony credentials?

Birthers have been completely vindicated and the load of “nuts” used by the Obama’s State Controlled Media to vilify them has completely run out. What must be done then to save the god-king Obama, emperor of the world, and chosen one as savior to us all?

Surely only mad-men would continue on the course of seeing Obama removed as a liability and a disability according to Amend 14, Sect 3 of the Constitution in the order of holding the integrity of United States Supreme law together. Could there be any such mad-men in Congress searching their own souls as “good free men” willing to do something rather than be king men watching humpty dumpty fall off the wall?

“All the Kings Horses and All the Kings men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again”, isn’t that the way its suppose to work when Humpty Dumpty builds upon an “un-constitutional wall” occupying the office as a usurper hoping against odds no one will see him as the emperor with no clothes on striding down MainStreet un-covered by and naked of the United States Constitution’s demands for President?

You know when horses are fed the good alfalfa hay; they look forward to being fed every feeding. They perk their ears up and look at you with beaming excited eyes and ears. Sometimes during winter months some of the good hay not dried properly has gotten old and is borderline mildew.

The horses of course are hungry but they look at you like, “Can’t you see I haven’t finished the old crap hay you gave me this morning and now you’re putting more crap hay in my manger”. There is a tolerance level horses have with mildew hay.

They can eat a little but not much or they will colic and die. A farmer is loathe to feed it, but he has also paid a high price for the hay, especially if that’s all there is. He almost apologetically must feed the horse or it will die of starvation.

So, what happens when the ugly bad news is all you have to report but the public has been fed so much ugly bad news they’re near the toxic level of indigestion about the highest office in the land, and why would you do such a thing any way?

The public is near sick to death from so much scandalous feedings and no law to do anything about it? It’s as if they are trapped by the Congressmen unwilling to take a stand for the good hay. Why has the farmer fed so much bad hay anyway?

Well, I’ll tell you why. It’s because there are no more “nuts” to feed the public about Birthers and they are desperately trying to increase the toxic level of indigestion to the public to a point where the public wouldn’t care if Obama wasn’t a “natural born citizen”. They just want to make it to the next season without dying- Make it to spring and a new crop of hay, or in other words, the next election.

The only way to do that now, Birthers have been completely vindicated; now Birthers are seen as having the only immaculately clean barns; and now Birthers are seen as having fed the truth, which is good clean hay to the public, is to create a toxicity level high enough that the public is near death and awash to the decision on wither it is better to eat the good hay the Birthers have furnished up to preserve the Constitution, or wallow in nauseous smelling barns eating bad mildew hay until the next election risking death and a national security catastrophe?

Ordinarily that would be an easy decision, if it weren’t for the fact the load of “nuts” had been fed to the public about Birthers in the first place, it would be a very easy decision.

So, the question is formed,” How can the god-king Obama rape, pillage, murder, and plunder devouring all of America and her future generations, against the law while all the kings horses and all the kings men fret about wither they can get re-elected to office feeding the mildew hay, because all the nuts are gone?”

Neither, Congress or the Media can say the Birthers are “nuts” anymore. Obama is ineligible for Office. The Cold Case Posse 2500 hour investigation has been submitted to the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 in 2012 and 2013 in what amounts to an authorization to defraud my campaign of 20 million dollars by authorizing Obama candidacy without investigation or even hearing the evidence supporting the facts Obama is not a 'natural born citizen'.

I'm not sure when the rest of you had 20 million dollars ripped off from you but it makes me damn mad. Obama has ripped me off, all those who supported me as a qualified candidate, and why stop there. Obama has defrauded and ripped off every campaign for President since 2008 by billions of dollars. Any one reading this think you'd be okay having Obama come in your house and rip off everything? All your savings, all your hard work, all your time, energy, and leave you buried in a hole so deep no one can see you?

Oh yeah, silly me, if your an American he has had done that to you too. Just because you are living on borrowed time in your fancy house and driving your fancy car doesn't mean your not a slave sold as such by the American debt some 17 Trillion dollars now and growing faster. Just because your pointing at me in my decadent hole doesn't mean the ground isn't falling out from under you and that as Obama erodes the foundation of America's Union, the time will come when you won't have any power to recover from the cave in.

Probably more disturbing then any loss of property is the stripped principles and integrity of the United States of America. As one tearfully remembers the winter of Valley Forge and the meager rations sometimes every other day of a piece of bread the naked soldiers of Washington endured, with few having blankets, shoes or even pants to cover their nakedness in harsh winter the principles of integrity burned in their hearts and they did not abandon them as deserters of the Republic for which we now stand, or at least did stand.

In the dead of winter men fought for our freedom and liberty for the Constitution which was a promise to future generations of the opportunity not to be spied upon, not to be profiled by the IRS, have witch hunts upon reporters,to have marines told to stand down in protections of our embassies,to fund known enemies and terrorist abroad siding with a particular religion rather then fighting for the freedom of all.

The grievances of George Washington and his men would make you weep and cry to begin to reiterate made so many times by what President Washington referred as the discernible dilapidation of quality person's in Congress. The heart grows heavy with the many times all hope was in reality extinguished from the cause of the Republic with out-numbered forces, traitors, and tyrants.

However the rays of hope burn bright to just how many times Congress called a day of fasting and divine providence turned the winds towards the prayers of those fighting for independence, even as we are now helpless having appealed to the United States Supreme Court multiple times, having petitioned Congress over and over and over again.

Tis my prayer, the Almighty of the Universe indeed look upon our Republic and see the discrimination, the unjust wicked plundering, the slaughtering of innocent blood, the pilfering of property and monies,the grievances formed from wicked intentions and release us from the enslavement for which we have been disposed as children of the Republic and upon our records make his righteous judgments.

Come what may I would like everyone to understand we all must see where we are on these facts. As it is much easier to offend the righteous with ridicule then defend the righteous with a sober stand I ask you to enjoy my new song, "Where Were You" posted up yesterday as it depicts much of what we are going through. Here are the lyrics and you'll understand quite well my meaning:

Where Were You (words version) written/performed/and produced by The Cody Robert Judy Band. Words:
Where Were You
You Flood me with your perditious lies -concocting them with your evil lies -- To some it may come as a big surprise -- That from me you've broken all your ties --And now that you realize -- You can't just hypothesize --About me you criticized -- The truth you didn't publicize.
Oh Oh -- Where were you when I needed you --Where were you when I needed you- Oh Oh where were you when I needed you -- the truth you can't recall- You let me take the fall -- Cuz you thought you had it all -- Oh Oh where were you when I needed you
When you move without love and then you cry -- You have no God listening in the sky -- He'll be slow to hear and watch you die -- In the end its all been prophesied -- Your Unions voted the political lie --You voted and then you cast your die --You ripened and dried upon the vine -- And then you fell into decline -- You forsook the Savior who is divine -- Refused to look and see the sign -- And now your gonna cry -- Your gonna cry -- Your gonna cry...
Oh Oh..Where were you when I needed you..cont (repeat)

Cody Robert Judy

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What A First Marathon Race- My Desert News Classic Marathon Experience

July 24th, 1847 A day celebrated in liberty and freedom in Utah as "Pioneer Day" commemorating Brigham Young's entry into the Salt Lake City Valley on Exodus from religious persecution with all the excitement of the 4th of July- Parades, Rodeo's,Concerts, Fireworks, and all kinds of Races including the Desert News Classic Marathon sung as the oldest Marathon west of the Continental Divide.

They came from all over the United States to run Texas, Idaho, Wyoming,Washington,California,Florida, Colorado,Arizona,Oklahoma,Kansas,Nevada,Virginia,Washington DC,New Mexico,New York,Ohio,Missouri,Alabama,Montana, Illinois,Indiana,Minnesota,Massachusetts,Wisconsin, Hawaii and as far away as Australia.

What a Race!

This was my first Marathon race and I was just thrilled with achieving the two goals I had set for the race. 1) Run without stopping to drink, walk or use the "honey-bucket". 2) To run the race in under 5 hours. I achieved both. I ran through my water stops without stopping, held my bladder well, and got in under the 5 hour mark by a whopping 16 minutes.

In addition to this being my first Marathon, it was also the longest distance I'd ever run by 2.3 miles. The closest I'd ever come to the 26.2 miles a Full Marathon represents is 24 miles ran a little over 3 weeks ago in training. I did that 24 miles in 5 hours so to do the 26.2 miles in 4 hours 44 minutes was a personal crusher of barriers.

You may or may not have read the piece I did last on this blog which detailed a bit of my training for this in my age class and weight class called the Clydesdale Division, which was happy to place 2nd in.

I was 2nd in my "Age Division in the Clydesdale Division" - 4th in the Overall Clydesdale Division - 31st in my Age Division overall - and 310 Overall in the whole Full Marathon of some 500 Entries.

Time: 4 Hours 44 Minutes w a 10.50 /mile average

My Desert News Classic Marathon Experience

One of the mistakes I made based on inexperience was depleting my reserve tank a little in training. I ran 16 miles 3 days before the race and 7 miles 2 days before the race instead of tapering my miles 5 days before the race to 5,4,3,2,1 mile, but where mistakes were made I did a good job in eating 2 days before the race to make-up for the depletion in stores with the 48 hours I had before the race.

I ate like a Clydesdale. Monday for example I ate 2 boiled eggs, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with cherry jam, a big apple, a banana, a large plate full of pasta, 1/2 a can of black beans, 4 big pancakes covered liberally with peanut butter and syrup, 2 fried eggs, and 32 oz. of pure Orange Juice with protein and electrolyte supplements added, and that was before Noon.

After that I had a whole plate of Chips smothered in shredded roast beef, cheese,onions,jalapeno's, for a snack, a large portion of roast beef, 2 potatoes, a whole onion, 2 carrots and half an apple pie for desert the whole time pouring down liquids 16 oz of milk, and near 2 gallons of water spread out the whole day.

The day before the Marathon was much the same diet except I stopped eating entirely at 6 pm that night to let the compost settle and work its magic. The night before the Marathon a good sleep would work well. I tried, but it didn't happen.

Went to bed at 9pm but my heart was all ready in the race beating like the starting line gun was going to go off any minute. I tossed and turned till 11:30pm finally took 2 Tylenol and slept like a baby till my wonderful ex-wife who I'd ask to give me a ride to the bus text me saying she was in the drive-way at 1:45am.

I leaped out of bed and into the shower, scrambled to get dressed and grabbed my packed back-pack and was out the door at 2:05am on the way to Rice Eccles Stadium to catch the bus up to the Park City starting line at 3:15am. Damn., decided to leave the back-pack with her and forgot my bandanna. She turned around quickly and got it to me before the buses took off.

It pays to be on the first bus, because when you get off there is no line to the Honey-Bucket Porta Potti. I made my dash twice, the second time waiting much longer in line. Approximately 500 Marathon Runners using 12 porta potti's can be an exciting place to be if you were a bear watching from the woods all those humans doing different dances holding it I laughed and imagined.

5am - thirty minutes before starting time.

Well, the gun went off at 5:30 am without a hitch and we all launched down a tortuously steep 5 mile switchback down hill. For me personally I felt the muscles holding the most lactic acid in my body was being pressed on with a vice grip- my schin muscles. I could not get comfortable and was damn near in a wincing snarl looking forward to every mile marker for the pain to stop.

Finally, around mile 4 it begin to subside and I was beginning to notice the beautiful scenery and enjoy the race when I grabbed my first water and opened my first CU just for practice and entertained a sip before I staggered into "the hill". So many people had talked about the downhill treachery and no one had mentioned what I was staring at.

It wasn't a "hill" - that was a flipping "mountain" to climb with probably 3 ridges that cut back to reach the summit 3 whole miles up a grade that would have an 18 wheeler gearing down to 20mph to climb. Wow! Was I ever glad I had trained with hills. I geared down to my low hill climbing running pace and sailed over it with a wild roar to my fellow Marathoners: "Let's Get This!". I was a much happier runner going up to mile 8.

Hadn't had too much experience running down grades so steep and from mile 10-12 I felt like I kept trying to learn how to relax my mid-torso and lean into the hill with faster quicker steps which worked much better then a flexed torso and a slight forward lean. I watched many other runners especially a lot of women pass me with a gate I had not mastered that seemed second nature to them.

I was awed with my fellow runners on this beautiful summer day treading the path Brigham Young had entered the Valley in. I could almost see him buoyed with pride in Heaven at what a beautiful pasture of green and flowers the salt desert he had entered had become, and here I was celebrating this with my fellow runners who had come from all over the United States and who were in my mind some of the greatest athletes in sea of our culture to rub shoulders with.

It was humbling to share the same pavement as they did. I road up on the bus with a trim classy 90 pound oriental lady who had called SLC home a week, just for this race. Maria was from Buda (near Austin) Texas and she was running her 46th Marathon at age 55. Maria was about to win her age Division at a scorching 3 hours and 50 minutes with an 8:47 pace. Wow!

There was no getting around it, I had to run my own race and settle my 210 pounds of collected Clydesdale hitting the pavement hard with all the strength and stamina I had- Slow,steady, and firm. One couple passed me and with the encouragement they mustered flattered me two shades saying; "Those are some good-looking calve muscles you have. The kind you need to climb hills".

I carried my phone and will share a few text and times I sent them to my sweet ex-wife who had agreed to come and get me after the race after she'd dropped me at the bus at 3am.

Mile 13 was coming up and I felt strong. Starting at 5:30am and now half way past mile 13 I text at 7:46am "Just passed half way" in 2 hours 16 minutes, but it was the 20 mile Marker I was looking for to increase my pace a little. At mile 19 I text at 8:45am ":) mile 19 past".

Molly had told me to increase my pace at mile 20 but as I broke out of the canyon at Mile 18 I was starting to feel fatigue set in and have her way with me and felt a drag that required 2 more cliff packs to shake.

The Salt Lake Police Department was doing a great job directing traffic for us and I thanked every officer I passed for his time for us. Again I was feeling stronger and passed through intersections feeling collected and in good form and we Marathoners begin to see a few people on the side of the roads waving and encouraging us which was a great inspiration to me as I hit mile 23 at 9:38am I text, "Past mile 23" and side stepped an officer laughing I said, "Don't run and text" and I kidded with another in a 15 mph zone, "I wished I was speeding!"

The pavement begin to make mince-meat of my muscles as I worked my way down to the 24th of July parade for mile 24, but as I entered the Parade Hall and heard the cheers of the 100,000 people my spirit took over and forgot about the pain. Now I was riding on angels wings hitting my feet on the street like a prancing Clydesdale pulling his load as a happy camper headed for his oats after a hard days work.

Mile 25 we turned off the parade route and all my enthusiasm with it. My body was saying "this is farther then we have ever come before", remembering the 24 miles I had done 3 weeks ago. At 10am I text,"1 more mile to go.." and indeed reassurances from friendly officers steering our path clear encouraged the few around me.

As I plodded away at my trot from about mile 22 to the end I was now passing those who had passed me and were walking. Like I said, "If your still running at any pace your still going fast at the end of a marathon" and I had kept my run going and had not descended into a walk-run-walk pace which many were doing. My steady as-you-go pace was now paying off.

Finally at last corner I turned and to my delight I saw the finish line some 500 yards away and my legs begin springing into action and floating again at the distant cheers and encouraging yells. We turned back onto the end of the parade route at 9th east and I saw the big arch of the Marathon across the street, loud speakers blasting some muscle beating music, and I was a now dashing a proud Clydesdale about to over-take another couple of runners who had passed me earlier. The screaming announcer yell my number in anticipation of the short distance race I appeared much more ready to win, and the thrilled crowd burst into applause at my last 100 meter sprint that felt as if I was floating above ground.

No longer was I the 210 pound Clydesdale collected and steady,- now I was the springing deer bounding over sagebrush, my hands in the air I had completely forgotten about the 26 grueling miles behind me and I yelled "Whah-whoo!" approaching the finish line and roared,"YES!" as I crossed it.

I was so thrilled I'd made it and achieved my personal goals. Indeed, and I had finished my longest run and first ever Marathon. I was grateful to God for the expression of talents I had been given by the Almighty, honored to have been part of a legacy of religious freedom, liberty, and independence this race was all about and touched personally by the encouragement, personal efforts, and great spirits of my fellow Marathoners whom I was now apart of and I had a Finishing Medal to reflect on a wonderful memory.

Post Script:
Enjoy the new alternative genre abstract rock song I made with some pictures of the Marathon during my two days of recovery ;)

Cody Robert Judy