Thursday, January 5, 2012

Georgia Decision Denying Obama's Motion Rears Racism's Ugly Head

Comments and Considerations

The Racist Card has come out to show its ugly head as you read through the comments here at the Ledger-Enguirer which posted this article.

Georgia judge to hear arguments on eligibility of Barack Obama on ballot; Orly Taitz hails decision

One of the worst comments of 'racism' I found here and decided to address it.

Questionman- states:

You racists are pathetic!
At least Obama managed to keep one promise, Bring America together. He brought together every racist, bigot, extremist, homophobic, closet racist #$%$ that resides on the right! It not only shows how bereft of ideas the GOP’s members truly are, their racist rhetoric shows the despicable nature of their character. The GOP are the sworn enemy of the American people and protector of the privileged 1%. These bafoons need to be VOTED OUT because they are so H8ll bent on destroying obama that they are destroying this country because president obama can’t govern. Itis utterly ridiculous that they continue to play these games with filibustering everything and everybody. It’s Offical, Anyone who hates Obama are racists! Obviously Anyone who calls for Obama’s impeachment is a racist, because they can’t stand having a black president And despite what the ignorant “birthers” want us to believe, Obama hasn’t broken any laws that would be considered impeachable, except being black!

Cody Robert Judy responds:@Questionman

Boy it is really sad when the “racist” card is pulled, especially when it is so clearly discounted in the Georgia Action as well as New Hampshire. I am a Plaintiff on the case and a Democrat, who by the way sued Sen. John McCain in 2008 and Barack Obama on our Constitution’s requirement for President.

The biggest foul of ‘racism’ is being played by not informing the public exactly who is sueing Obama with the details so that the public knows I didn’t just pick on the ‘black guy’, but also sued McCain for not being a ‘natural born citizen’ because he was not born in the U.S., but in Panama, this in my opinion failed one of the two-prong test. Obviously the U.S. Senate disagreed with me in giving Sen. McCain non-binding unconstitutional senate resolution 511, but by God when McCain considers with fondness the place of his birth it isn’t the good ole USA. The natural loyalty of his birth doesn’t belong here but its in Panama, as Van Halen would sing it. Besides who needs Congress to tell ya your NBC lol

Obama fails the second of the two pronger without two Citizen parents. Its a Constitutional issue, and calling this ‘racist’ is a sign of desperation, not to mention authorization of fraud and forgery in the Highest Office and being all good with that. That’s really un-American, illegal, and well… a great example of what Obama is outlining as his character truthfully.

Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 Eligibility Campaign

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

CRJ Update: GA Case Denies Obama Motion to Dismiss

CRJ Update: GA Case Denies Obama Motion to Dismiss

Today, January 3rd, 2012, the Georgia Federal District Court Judge denied Obama’s Motion to Dismiss.

For a detailed report check out WND's Report here:

As an update and intelligence report for those who read this, in understanding why it is so very important to help my campaign and contribute from many different States to show a well orchestrated and competitive campaign .

Dear Orly

Great News in Georgia, I'm sure our excitement is equal. ;)

I can just hear David De'Jute and Michael Jablonski's cogs turning as they try and tear apart this case with the "Political Question Doctorine", stating the same argument presented in the 9th Circuit:

(The political question doctrine serves to "restrain the judiciary from inappropriate interference in the business of the other branches of government" by prohibiting the courts from deciding issues that properly rest within the province of the political branches.)

(The issues sought to be raised by appellants herein, regarding both whether President Obama is a "natural born citizen of the United States" and therefore eligible to be president as well as any purported claims raised by any criminal statutes … are to be judged, according to the text of the Constitution, by the legislative branch of the government, and not the judicial.)

I wanted to give you some information about my campaign so that you are prepared to fight this kind of an argument off with facts relating to my campaign. I know this was a problem for your case with Allan Keyes, and there's no reason not to assume they may hit you with another Motion to Dismiss on different grounds such as this.

Here are some things you can mention about my campaign.

1) Cody Robert Judy is directly hurt by Obama's ineligibility because I am a candidate in the same party.

2) My campaign has 138 Videos on my self and my campaign YouTube Station CODE4PRES- (Mitt Romney's Believe In America YouTube station has 85 to date.)

3) Features a 50 page website:

4) A feature or principle Blog that is over 2 years old with over 200 entries

5) Monetary support for my candidacy has come from multiple states of the Nation including Arizona, California,North Carolina,Minnasota,Utah,Oklahoma,and Texas.

6) Reports on my Campaign have come Nationally 6 times in publications in Iowa, Wyoming,Arizona, Utah

Thanks for all your hard work, and I sure will continue mine.I'm very proud to be apart of this case.

Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign