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United States Supreme Court Letter regarding Obama's & McCain's Constitution Eligibility

United States Supreme Court Letter on Obama's and McCain's eligibility- Cody Judy reads a letter sent to the United States Supreme Court Justices in 2008, an Order in the case of Judy v. McCain, and a Letter to Utah Senator Orrin Hatch on the eligibility of Obama and McCain, on The Lion's Den Show.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Exploring Lt. Col. Terry Lakin's Guilty Plea

Hello, and welcome to The Lion’s Den Show, I’m your host, and your toast, Cody Robert Judy, today is December 16th,2010 and many of us are mourning our brother Lt. Col. Terry Lakin who plead ‘guilty’ in his court martial military trail ruining an otherwise spotless record., Many of you are wondering why he would do that, and many more have just laughed at seeing the ‘nails’ pounded in this brave man’s coffin not understanding that they are laughing about the nails being put into their own coffin in similitude of their own Constitutional Rights passing away and being buried.
Today I want to try to help everyone understand what happened in that guilty plea, understand why after taking a stand about Obama’s Eligibility and standing so firm on the facts that Obama was not a natural born citizen, that Obama could not issue a single military order that was legal, and our military was in fact constitutionally right now a headless horsemen, as far as having a certifiably constitutionally qualified president and commander-in-chief.
First we must start with the basic question of ‘why’ Lt. Col. Terry Lakin would plead ‘guilty’? As I discuss this I want you to picture yourself in his place, incarcerated for near a year now waiting, being told by everyone that brought him his meals that he was a ‘fool’, and his own lawyers also telling him and carefully explaining to him, he ran a red light, and did in fact dis-obey direct orders. Telling him the Judge had just wiped out his only hope to call witnesses in his behalf, and there was no one to appeal to in order to change that.
I want you to consider for just a moment that you, having no experience with the legal field as a lawyer would have, you have no record of trouble or blemish your whole life and all of a sudden your exposed, in choosing the right, all that is dear to you being lost, all that you have fought for being put into a sack, and dipped in gasoline and a professional lawyer with the lighter standing in front of you, who is looking at you having handled hundreds of cases exactly as he is handling yours, that there is no hope for you to go right or left, that the only door to go through is the door he has carefully crafted for you, is familiar with many others using, and is guaranteeing you sincerely that any other course will not profit you one iota in the ‘cause’, or ‘statement’ your making, and the ‘punishment’ that is going to be dealt out.
The biggest tool used against you in these circumstances, is you haven’t done anything remotely wrong before, your record as a juvenile is clean, and your record as an adult is squeaky clean. You have no experience at being bad. That’s what those lawyers will tell you is your greatest asset that is still ‘worth’ something and then to tell you in choosing the course you have that you have embarrassed your family and made them victims… how do you feel about that?
Many may think I have just described Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, and I have, however I have also just described to you exactly my own circumstances in 1993. That was before they slammed the door on me for 8 years. Yeah, I didn’t think it could happen to me, I thought for some reason that these men in high places in the courts of law and respected by the traditions of our Constitution were valiant men and women. I trusted them with my life.
Lt. Col. Terry Lakin just gave his last remaining 2 ounces of trust to the law and plead ‘guilty’ with a hope, that you and I could see why. Will we see ‘why’?, or will we forever call him a criminal?, call him a coward?, call him gutless? Always and forever remember him as pleading ‘guilty’?
Is there courage in pleading ‘guilty’ ever? Is there ever cowardice is ‘charging’ a man with a crime, in spite of the spirit of the law? To both of these questions the answer is Yes! Yes! Yes! I tell you right here and right now that Judges who accept ‘guilty pleas’ in spite of the law, denying the very essence of the law first,… like witnesses, …like understanding motives, …like knowing corruption is being covered up, with their eye only single to the ‘charge’ are worthy of crimes against humanity in accepting ‘guilty’ pleas, because they heap judgments against and upon the whole society they represent.
I tell you right here, right now, that Potus Pilate who heard the charges of ‘sedition’ levied against Jesus of Nazareth, said about Jesus after questioning him, I find no fault in this man, he had more common sense than the military Judge charged over Lt. Col. Terry Lakin.
Remember Pilates’ wife warned him after a dream she had that he had better remove himself from this case or he and his family would suffer irreparable harm (Matt: 27:19). It was only after the Judge was threatened by the Jews of sending a report back to the Emperor Tiberius, whose suspicious nature he was very familiar with, that he passed a death sentence, knowing it to be ‘unjust’. Pilate was removed from his office a few years later in consequence of a disturbance in Samaria.
It is ‘not’ merciful, to accept a guilty plea over a known fraud, or Obama’s cover up. Its contempt of law; and at that, the highest law, or Supreme Law of the Land. We understand that our military men and women are given ‘guns’ and ‘bombs’ and all manner of warfare and charged to protect us with them. They kill people with those weapons but are decorated for valor. Lt. Col. Terry Lakin has saved how many people with his professional skills as a doctor, and now is dis charged as a criminal to prison for dis-obeying orders to deploy?
Have we excused our military, and ordered them to kill people, yet we cannot understand his reasoning for wanting a ‘qualified’ person as Commander In Chief? Lt. Col. Terry Lakin’s concern to help people has continued in his guilty plea where he found himself out of his field of expertise buried in a mountain of law built so high, it has forgot it’s base, our Constitution.
I understand this, because I have been through it, often I wish I hadn’t been through it. I thought about this yesterday, “ why do I care?” Wouldn’t it be better that I didn’t like everyone else who is perfectly content with charging me as a criminal, and now charging Lt. Col. Terry Lakin?
My wife said to me very wisely, she is technically still married to me even though she filed divorce and we are near the final, “maybe people do care, but they don’t understand.”
I thought about that, is it possible to ‘care’ but to not understand. Again, the answer is ‘yes’… so how do we gain understanding? We gain understanding from learning, but someone has to be teaching us for us to learn. Who better understands the hell Lt. Col. Terry Lakin has been through then someone who has been through what he is going through?
The threats and promises made to get Obama to where he is at, are far reaching and have been very expensive. There is a lot of investment in this fraud. There is a mountain of lies built upon a single lie which was ‘justified’ by one person,.. Obama. The question we all must ask ourselves is do we want what is built upon his lie? Do we want to eat that forbidden fruit?
Our Nation has been built with the money that is coined, and upon which is written to the last cent “In God We Trust”. The good that has come out of our Nation in support of rights, in defense of liberty and freedom to which the whole world has looked in amazement is built upon our Constitution. Shall we not want our children to build upon this rock?
Second Post:

Hello, and welcome to The Lion’s Den Show, I’m your host and your toast Cody Robert Judy, today is Dec. 15,2010. And, As you know, if you watched the last episode we have begun Lt. Col. Terry Lakin Action week encouraging you to call your state and Federal authorities and alert them of what is happening in the case and the injustice of having a highly decorated and honorable career officer of the army in a court martial trial with all of his dedication, decorations, and defense in service of this great Country and our Constitution, that…. authorities in the military and Congress,… as well the President are willing to wash down the drain without so much as raising a pinky.
I have had a few people ask me why I have come to defend Lt. Col. Terry Lakin with such “zeal”. That word actually was a good word until the ‘libs’ got a hold of it. I mean the word “zeal”. If people refer to someone now as a Zealot, the image draws up, with the media spin and twist on it, some religious wacko. Zeal actually means, “Diligence” “Earnest”, “Fervent”, or even “Initiative”, now when I say those words much more positive images come up. It’s part of the process of the head being the tail, and the tail being the head, first being last, last being first. This was prophesied to would become white, white would become black. Does everyone know what I’m saying when I say, ‘ you are so bad”?
One of my favorite scriptures actually refers to the Lord of Host’s zeal in accomplishing a goal. In Isaiah 9:6-7; and in the Christmas Spirit and Season, I think it’s appropriate and quoted quite abit, “ For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Councilor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even forever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.” Did you catch that? The ZEAL of the LORD OF HOST will perform this. I got zeal…dododododo…  it’s the reallll dealll..dododdodododo., ya I got zeal…dadadodoo.
Anyway for all the “libs” who don’t like the word zeal, there you have it, The Lord Jesus Christ himself referred to as having it. I don’t really suspect that many of them have any respect or reverence for the Lord, so it stands to reason that the words “peace”, “judgment”, and “justice” are words they have perverted, just as the Jews had done in The New Testament, during the time Jesus Christ was crucified, innocent of their perversions of the words. The law had become “perverted” in those days too, so much so that they thought it was “justice” to crucify the Lord.
That’s kind of what’s happening with our Government and law right now. They think it righteous to send an innocent man to prison, like Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, and let a “fraud” go, like Barack Hussein Obama, who has lied to them about ‘transparency’, lied to them about raising taxes, and lied to them about being constitutionally qualified as a natural born citizen, all because he thought you were dumb, like a jackass, dumb. Old stupid gluepot, good for nothing but packing more debt, and being whipped up the trail. If you stop and question him like Officer Terry Lakin did, he’ll send you to prison, as quick as pushing a button on his blackberry.
So, back the question of, “Why I have come to defend Lt. Col. Terry Lakin with my own zeal? Well, a long with many patriots who also are defending him and speaking out for him, who believe it is not right for a person acting as a President to be doing so under fraudulent qualifications, I too believe an Officer with integrity has a duty and sworn oath to the Constitution. Enlisted men swear an oath to the Constitution, not to the President. Our oath isn’t to “The Furor” as Hitler’s Germany was, it is to the Republic for which we stand, 1 nation under God, and framed by our Constitution, which is our liberty and justice for all.
That oath of every enlisted man and federal elected official, doesn’t go to the Pentagon as Chief Executive Officer, it goes straight to The President as our Commander-In-Chief. Along with others, I also believe Lt. Col. Terry Lakin should not be stripped of his “right’ to be able to ‘compel’ witnesses in his behalf as U.S.C. Amendment VI. (6) Declares. While he is in the military under a Military Uniform Code, our United States Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, over and above all other law
There is collaborating law in the military stating the same of which I have spoken which I have articulated in my Amicus Curiae filed and sent to Lt.Col. Terry Lakin’s lawyers, and the Military Court. Here is the link to that if you’d like to read it. ( Lt.Col. Terry Lakin Amicus Curiae.)
So for all of these reasons I have ‘zeal’ for Lt. Col. Terry Lakin’s case, but there is another one. I am experienced first hand at the hell of being ‘framed’ in a crime, I am experienced at being cast into prison without the evidence used against me I was entitled to, I am familiar first hand at the pretense of justice, when evil lurks behind all the pretenders faces, and twist and contorts the law away from words like ‘justice’, and “judgment” , seeking more the ‘trigger” of a trap whose jaws snaps shut around ‘justice’ or in deference to ‘judgment’.
This is the same evil trap the Jews used to crucify Christ, in whom there was no crime. This is the same evil trap which has no stomach for courage, no heart for judgment, and no mind for justice. Upon conviction I am familiar with the appeals process which uses the law to wipe their asses: Which favors a letter in the front of the alphabet rather than in then considering the letters as valuable in the middle, or the latter of the same alphabet.
I am familiar with a host of people calling righteous what was evil, and forgetting their own law, and that they are responsible for holding themselves to it, even in the face of their personal feelings or religious convictions. I was framed by “The Mormons”, my own people, with their hypocrisy towards the United States Constitution, and the Utah State Constitution. Even now I hear the cries of the devils that possess those who tread upon the Constitution with dirty muddy feet.
You may have seen I have defended many doctrines of the Mormons, if you haven’t seen it, go watch my video entitled “My Momma is a Mormon”. What has gone terribly wrong here, is, you think, like the Jews thought, their leaders could not go astray, both in the Church and the State. You follow them like sheep with no mind but to follow. They forgot they were sinners and told themselves everyday they weren’t.
One blessed graceful doctrine of the LDS or Mormon Church was the 9th Article Of Faith penned by Joseph Smith stating “ we believe “all” that God has revealed, “all” that He does now reveal, and we believe he will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God.” This simple article of faith incorporates every living word of every living person and known organization who speaks a word of truth. How many words of “truth” does it take to deny you own faith, if you are Mormon? It only takes “one” word… you deny that word of truth given by God, and you have denied your own faith. Do you remember the one word I spoke.. B.O.M. pronounced BOM, standing for The Book Of Mormon, that I backed up with true and faithful evidence? I did my time, they haven’t done theirs, but rest assured it’s recorded in Heaven.
I can tell you Lt. Terry Lakin’s having stakes pounded into his hands and feet right now by Congress and the President with a perversion of a Judge, who has denied the most basic and fundamental elements of a fair trial, something that if you were in the same position, you would be clamoring for. The other problem is you think it can’t happen to you. Actually you’re not alone, I thought that myself. I was you for a long time, ignoring the rights and the plights of the innocent who were framed, caring only for my next paycheck, and thinking I was doing what I had to in order to survive.
Well let me tell you something. You can do more! You can do more! Let me say it one more time for you..You can do more! And if you don’t, your only telling your God that you want more than anything else to go to hell. And He’s merciful; he will send you there, because that’s what you heart wanted.
You told him with your actions and your words, that you could not endure his Glory, so where he is, you could have no place. You didn’t have enough balls, you didn’t have the courage so many did who came before you, and who have sealed their righteous inheritances up with their words and deeds on Earth, God bless them, but you didn’t. You let people rot in prison before you’d say a word, what do you expect for an inheritance?
You expect people to be responsible for their crimes, but you don’t want to be responsible for yours? I think you have some soul searching to do, and for those people who know the truth, and are taking a stand for it, letting their voices be heard, God is going to bless you eternally! Amen!

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America faces Lt.Col. Terry Lakin Week While Obama hides in Smoke and Mirrors

Cody Judy host TheLion's Den Show featuring America faces Lt. Col. Terry Lakin Week while Obama hides in smoke and mirrors. Obama's transparency is costing Lt. Col. Terry Lakin his whole life of honorable service as the trial for a court martial begins this week and Obama hides under a cloak of fraud free with his blackberry.

Cody Judy