Monday, August 6, 2018

A New U.S. Senate Candidate for Utah! Write-In Cody Judy

Cody Judy Write-In Candidate 

U.S. Senate UTAH 2018 

 Campaign HQ Farmington UT 8402
 Campaign PR Contact – Volunteer Kim Barry PH: 385-319-1584

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Twitter @codyrobertjudy
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We are pleased to announce a Declaration of Candidacy for the United States Senate Office as a Choice for Voters in the State of Utah- Write-In - Cody Judy. Cody is well- known and a qualified Candidate for Utah.  Here is a Link to a short Brief of Cody Judy’s Political Record and some personal facts you may be surprised to learn. 

-Statement from the Candidate-

Providing a Choice for Utah Voters is the biggest reason I have decided to run as a WRITE-IN Candidate in the U.S. Senate Race. Utah has some of the greatest scenery on Earth in my opinion, but some of the deepest darkest most corrupt judges, political arenas, government leaders, and judgmental swamps in History of the United States.  My Candidacy simply offers a Choice Difference- Freedom and Liberty in Harmony with the Supreme Law of the Land without which the people perish for want of fresh air, food, and water drowning in swamps of deception, fraud, fabrication and corrupt cover-up. Utah doesn’t need another suit Utah needs a Superman-I am Cody Judy and I am that Choice.

Declaration Part I. -
Declaration Part II.