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The 12 CIA Columbia Jury are Chosen, and 13 Marches Around Columbia Made

The 12 CIA Columbia Jury are Chosen, and 13 Marches Around Columbia Made

Much has been written and said about the ‘verdict’ of “Guilty” on the CIA Columbia Obama Trial, but not much has been said about Day 1 and how the Jury was chosen. This unique Trial in American History is not going to pass or fade away, in fact, I think it’s just barely starting to take off and explode. As a witness to the trial all 7 days, in fact the only person to make all 13 marches with Pastor Manning around Columbia, and as a witness in the Trial, the perspective I have, is certainly unique.

Just for a moment close your eyes and imagine you are in fact being questioned for jury duty. Now imagine the defendant is sitting in the White House acting as the President of The United States. While your initial response may be excitement to be on the Jury, when you began to contemplate the gravity of the circumstances and intense implications a certain weight is bound to come down upon you, and so it was the 12 chosen jury members of the CIA Columbia Obama Trial held in Harlem, NY May 14-19th, 2010.

First let me say, in my references to Pastor James David Manning as Pastor Manning, I do not mean to assert he is my Pastor or Reverend, Bishop, or moral Church Authority in a personal way. I refer to my asking him what I should call him in my first meeting with him and he asserted “Pastor Manning would be fine.”, and I use the term as a simple sign of respect to and for him.

In fact I first met him just a day and a half before the Trial was set to began as I arrived in Harlem, NY having only had 3 phone conversations with him prior to that time, and having seen The Manning Report roughly a dozen times before that. I mean only to assert the very limited contact I had with even knowing him prior to the Trial. I had sent him the court records I had filed in Judy vs. McCain and Barnett vs. Obama, which also had my 2008 Declaration of Candidacy for the President of The United States within, and a small note stating because I was in fact in the same election race with Obama, that I had been directly hurt by Obama’s lack of Constitutional Eligibility and in that sense had ‘Standing’, something the Federal Judicial Court’s had used to dismiss a host of law suits against Obama for the same reason.

My concern in going at all was that I had no idea how my testimony would be used, I had some idea how it could help, but I also was of the mind that my testimony would also be bitterly contested from the shadows of my past as to the credibility of my testimony. In one of the phone conversations I had with Pastor Manning prior to going I expressed my very meager means of paying for a trip like this, and the only thing really going for me was that because I was self employed, I wouldn’t lose my job or have to worry about getting time off to be at the trial all 7 days.

Pastor Manning first agreed to help me with travel, food and shelter in the second phone call I had with him, which was proceeded by a first wherein only a second appointment was made for the following day. A few days went by and I hadn’t heard from him. I then called as the time was approaching and he conceded that due to the expenses he was incurring there would be no way he could help get me there.

The night before this conversation had taken place I’d had a dream that I was
arriving in New York via my Saturn Vue pulling my work trailer just in time to hear my name called as a witness. I saw in the dream I was helping in some small duties of the trial and was staying in a bunk there and stating to someone that I had driven clear across America to come to this.

Without that dream I wouldn’t have had the courage to go, but I felt very sure I was suppose to go, and thought though my car didn’t exactly need the miles, and I had some trouble recently with the transmission light coming on, somehow things would work out. I had to have some money to get across the Country so endeavored to buy a load of meat I in my business sell, and go to Battle Mountain, Nevada to sell it. I had been to Battle Mountain, Nevada before to sell, and felt perhaps the time was ripe for those former customers to be ready to buy again. I had 2 days before I had to leave if I was going to go.

That’s where things started to happen, that were affirmative in pointing me that way. The first day I arrived in Battle Mountain however I was only able to make 3 small sales and I’d hit most all the affluent places and past customers and I learned from many, another meat company had recently been through. The situation was looking grim and it was discouraging to me. The following day however proved different as I served an area that was a lot less affluent with income, but for some reason was buying from me as if my meat were hot pancakes coming off the griddle after a 3 day fast. I ended that day sold out.

I now had the money to at least get out there and service my vehicle before doing so with an oil change and a quick check on the brakes. I knew however it would be very close and I might not have the money to get back, but hoped perhaps in making the trip that I might get a contribution or two as people saw from my blog, website, and facebook what I was doing. Perhaps they would help and I would find the some help along my course. I endeavored to call my journey, “The Taking A Stand CIA Columbia Obama Wake Up America Trial Tour” and you can see the pictures of that on my facebook.

The fact was also present in my mind, that if I ran into any vehicle problems across the entire country and back that I could be in some serious problems. I in making and returning safely do express my gratitude to God for the safe arrival and return.
The first day I arrived I did in fact find Pastor Manning very busy and many of the congregation working tirelessly in preparation for the trial. Not being afraid of work, I mentioned my building skills in building a platform for the second jury bench to raise it up approximately 3 to 4 inches. Within an hour I was at Home Depot in Harlem, NY picking out materials to do just that and by the end of that day had finished building that. In some ways being at Home Depot, and working with familiar tools eased my own out of water experience in being in New York and the traffic terror I had experienced just getting there.

The first night I indeed slept in my trailer parked in the street that the Atlah Church in Harlem cornered in the same place this YouTube Video shows my Vue and Work Trailer in the back ground.

The very 1st march didn’t proceed the first day of the Trial, but the day proceeding the first day of the Trial, and for whatever reason, Pastor Manning asked me to go along with an Elder Adam, I belive was his name. We three did what Pastor Manning called a “dry-run” of the 26 block area around Columbia and Elder Adam and I flanked Pastor Manning and handed out about 200 flyers each as we made the march. While I didn’t know it, this was being counted as the first day of the 7 days of the Columbia march, the 7th day culminating in 7 rounds around Columbia, making it 13 rounds all together.

The Elder that attended the first march with me was unable to attend a few of the other marches, but I made them all, so was the only one besides Pastor Manning to do so. That seemed almost odd to me for some reason that he would ask me to go, but he did and I was grateful feeling it very inspired that for some reason I had been chosen and was in fact asked to go even though I was not a member of Pastor Manning’s’ congregation.

In a spiritual sense the march was a witness to God about what the Trial surrounded, and that was, our United States Constitution being held up as the banner and Supreme Law of the Land, more especially in the presidential qualifications held within its sentiment and reflections. In the spiritual realms of Justice for all, it is by two witnesses that God’s word is established, and so it was there were at least two witnesses who marched 13 times around the Columbia University area. I don’t know how critical that is or was, but I suspect it will someday be known to all of us.

The first day of the Trial was mostly taken up with introductions and the formality of choosing a Jury. Pastor Manning had a list of some 70 potential jurors. These were people who had emailed him from all over the Country stating they would be willing to serve as jurors and would be able to serve on the jury the whole time.

This of course wouldn’t be easy to accomplish either, if you just for a minute think about leaving whatever you are doing for at least 9 days, if you counted one day for travel there,7 days of trial, and at least 1 day travel back home. Imagine just for a minute the sacrifice that would require of you if you had to do it, and you will begin to realize that every one of the jurors had to do that exact thing.
It took tremendous sacrifice to serve on that jury, and the only thing they received was lunch one day. The jury received absolutely no stipend or pay whatsoever.

As I recall a few of the witnesses and where they were from, a lady had traveled from Germany who was a U.S. Citizen, a man from Texas whose wife was also in the hospital, a guy from New Mexico, a guy from Florida, a couple of the jurors were from upper New York, so as I said a wide variety of locations.

Pastor Manning questioned each of near 20 potential jurors who made it there on their own accord and from that pool, chose 12 and 2 alternates. I was surprised that every one of the 12 chosen actually hung in there every single day, and the alternate didn’t have to be used to my knowledge although I was not present in the approximate 3 and half hour jury deliberations, so cannot say that without that stated.

The questions Pastor Manning asked ranged and were not all asked of every juror, but as a guide generally followed this form:
Juror by name:
Where are you from? What do/did you do for a living? Where did you go to school? How did you come to know about this Trial? What party affiliation are you from? Do you think if evidence is presented that Obama is indeed constitutionally qualified for President that you can recognize that in your decision? If you find through the evidence presented that Obama is not constitutionally qualified can you find a guilty verdict in your decision? Do you think you can be fair and just with the evidence presented to you? Are you a plant set to disrupt the trial in a subversive way in say making sure there is a ‘hung jury’?

After each potential juror was questioned, it was noted that the Defendant had been served the indictment and had chosen not to attend and that they certainly had the opportunity at that time to cross examine every juror, if they had wanted to. The defense dream team for Obama never showed up.

The jury was sworn in, and the Trial began. In just examining this part of the proceedings I would ask every single American if they were on that Jury and the acting President of the United States was named as a defendant, if you yourself would not take the duty seriously.

I was very impressed with the burden that fell upon the shoulders of each juror and that was also reflected in their continuous and dutiful attendance, nothing slacking, many of them note taking, and I can say at no time during the entire proceeding where any of them found sleeping on the job. They were very attentive, alert, and I believe were represented in a pretty evenly represented way in gender, diversity of age, and cross cultural way in education, income diversity and race. I believe it was 7 women and 5 men that were ultimately chosen.

Hear the closing arguments to the Jury here:

‘Our peculiar security is in the possession of a written Constitution. Let us not make it a blank paper by construction”. - Thomas Jefferson to Wilson Nicholas, 1803

Cody Robert Judy
Help Cody in his run for U.S. Senate 2010 in Utah

Is America Sick of Seeing United States Senate Seats Sold- Will Republican voters in Utah figure it out?

Is America Sick of Seeing United States Senate Seats Sold- Will Republican voters in Utah figure it out?

It is dis-heartening to say in the least to see the back room deals going on in the Republican Party here in Utah. Just as one example this report from www.redstate, offers something Utahans’ as well as every American should be very concerned about.
Eagers radio statements totally contradict what she said after the fact. I like Cherylin, and trust her, but the two statements to not correlate.

The radio statement said:
Bob: Did he offer.. just so I’m understanding.. but did he offer to pay your campaign’s debts?
Cherilyn: Yes, but again, in an appropriate way. It was in no way sort of a bribe or anything. It was just very cordial, very kind thing for him to be concerned about.
Very clear. Did he offer to pay your debts? Yes!

American’s wonder about the integrity of who they are electing and where it stands.
Unfortunately, voters seem more willing to elect one who is a perceived “success” by the money of a candidate, rather than the actions, although Mitt Romney’s endorsement of Senator Bennett was dis-regarded by the Republican Deligates.

On the heels of Incumbent Senator Bob Bennett, a respected millionaire in Utah and 3 term U.S. Senator, losing his seat in a Republican primary, with a chant of his lost conservative principles in voting for TARP perceived by most Republicans as a contradiction to the ability to fail which is a safe guard against socialism and government control and security, Utah is very close to simply trading 3 terms for another millionaire Tim Bridgewater, or Mike Lee an attorney in the June 22nd 2010 primary.

Without Mr. Bridgewater’s personal loans to his own campaign totaling a little over $300,000 pre-convention, his campaign may be on its face.

Lee has served as a law clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. Lee also was a general counsel to former Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. and a law clerk to federal Judge Dee Benson and has worked as an attorney in Washington, D.C., as well as Utah. His father, Rex Lee, was a former U.S. Solicitor General and a former president of Brigham Young University.

"Our Founding Fathers decided that it would work best if they gave Congress only limited powers," Lee said. "Unfortunately, too many of those who serve us in Washington — Republicans and Democrats — have lost their grip on this principle." He said too many view the Constitution as something "that can be ignored whenever it is convenient."

But, is Lee a “birther” or Article II Patriot, or is that conveniently ignored by Lee?

He has been nowhere on the scene and as an attorney has passively sat down on the Obama Usurpation of eligibility that our Constitution demands. Is that what Utah wants as a Representative? If past legal actions indicate what Lee would do in the U.S. Senate, we could surmise that our Constitution will not be defended with any courage. The millionaires club for candidates is limited to Utah, as California’s Governors race shows.

The California Governorship is up on the auction block also by a couple of big money accounts with more money being spent then has been witnessed before.


“Will Whitman, the former eBay CEO, exceed her promise to spend $150 million of her fortune to try to buy herself, in essence, the headache of running a state with a budget gap almost 15 times her net worth?”

“In any other election, it would have been Poizner facing charges of trying to buy the race; he has pumped $19.2 million of his own cash into his coffers. But in the face of Whitman's $1.3 billion fortune, Poizner until just recently found himself playing the role of poor man, dogged at times by rumors he was planning to surrender”

One wonders if anyone can compete that isn’t a millionaire? It’s important to understand that actually being a millionaire is not a “qualification’ for any Federal Office. When considering how millions have been made by any candidate, America should indeed question the motive for pumping more money into a campaign then the office pays in a year.

Success in business obviously commands some respect in entrepreneurial skills, or family success, but to the person who pays the most taxes may not go the integrity or in fact necessarily the courage to within the outline of the job description defend the U.S. Constitution.

This election year provides voters with a very simple question of determination, on wither a candidate is in fact willing to defend the U.S. Constitution:

Are you a U.S. Constitution supporter, an Article II Patriot, ‘Are you a ‘birther’?

If the answer is ‘yes’, what have you done in opposing an illegal usurper in the President’s office? And, would you be willing to call for a U.S. Senate Trial on Obama’s ineligibility defined by our Constitution, if you were a U.S. Senator?

Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, once considered the top challenger to Bennett, said that other candidates besides Lee lack the "experience, the background, the commitment, the zeal, the understanding of the Constitution" that he believes a public servant needs. He said Lee has those qualities, "and I can give him my 100 percent support." While the Utah Attorney General has been brave in being 1 of the near 16 States Attorneys’ Generals pledging legal actions against the Health Care Bill, the passive resistance to Article II, is actually affirmation of Obama’s ineligibility by our Constitution’s Standards.

This in affect has been like trimming the top of Obama’s tree’s rather than pulling him out by the root. Which one do you think is more affective for the weed in the White House?

In my own case, I have been a witness against Obama’s eligibility, and one who had standing based on the fact I did run for President in 2008. I have felt that not only was it my defense of the U.S. Constitution which propelled me to witness and take a stand, but also simply being in the same race, it was and is my duty as a candidate.

Now if you ask me how many people supported me in this endeavor, how many millions have been contributed to my campaign, I can tell you that there were no dollars contributed to my presidential campaign, and I spent less than $5,000 in running. I can also tell you in my run for the United States Senate Seat in Utah, that I have received no contributions and I again have spent thus far less the $5,000.

I’m not quite sure it’s a bragging right of any citizen to say that they haven’t supported me a single dollar, or any business of say like BP who contributed $77,000 to Obama’s presidential campaign to say they haven’t contributed to my campaign either. I don’t think it is, however it is a testimony to any voter who wanted to vote for me, that I have cost them the least of any candidate and that might contribute to a theory that I would cost them the least in office also.

That would mean that the debt would go down; that would mean that the Constitution which I have defended while not being in office would continue to be defended while I was in office and that would mean that the size of the Federal Government would decrease in size while I was in office rather than expand. That would also mean that I might not borrow from foreigners in order to keep running in the race. It might mean I hold the office with the integrity that American’s and Utahans’ hoped for, but haven’t seen for quite some time. And, most of all, it might mean that I don’t owe anyone anything in holding the office and being able to discern from a point of neutrality the defense of our Constitution.

The question is will Utah, specifically in the U.S. Senate race, and American’s all over the United States figure this out?

Here is the closing argument in the CIA Obama Trial held in Harlem New York where a 12 panel jury from all over the United States found Obama guilty of fraud for stating he was eligible on his Declaration of Candidacy, and for receiving monies fraudulently in a deception of the candidacy and subsequent election. Every vote for him was in fact given on a false set of perceptions he in fact orchestrated and perpetrated upon the American public.

James Madison :
"The ultimate authority...resides in the people alone."
"It is proper to take alarm at the first experiment upon our liberties. We hold this prudent jealousy to be the first duty of citizens and one of the noblest characteristics of the late Revolution.
The freemen of America did not wait till usurped power had strengthened itself by exercise and entangled the question in precedents. They saw all the consequences in the principle, and they avoided the consequences by denying the principle. We revere this lesson too much forget it."
Let's hope that some of the U.S. Senators now in will indeed review the qualifications and eligibility of Obama in connection with keeping the Trust with the People.
The signatories to the letter to Holder were Sens. John Cornyn (R-TX), Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Charles Grassley (R-IA), Jon Kyl (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Orrin Hatch (R-UT), and Dr. Tom Coburn (R-OK).

Cody Robert Judy
U.S. Senate Candidate Utah 2010

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Forefathers Were Very Intelligent Men- Wake Up and Smell the McCain - See some CIA Columbia Obama Trial Evidense Submitted

Forefathers Were Very Intelligent Men, Wake Up America and smell the McCain!

This entry started here from The Post & Email.. a great defender of Art II.

This is some of the paper work submitted in the CIA Columbia Obama Trial in Harlem, NY, you'll find on this link!

If you will, consider the 1937 gap recognized by Congress and specifically passed for the Panama Canal Zone, which granted McCain citizenship. You can research this act by Congress specified for that region.

In the argument, alluded to this on page 16 Judy v. Obama , but all the information is great!

One has to understand that U.S. Sen. Res. 511 was the gag order for Republicans, that every R Senator voted for; in affect closing the door for objection in the Senate by R's of Obama's eligibility. This is the "key" and why Sen. Hillary Clinton, and Senator Barack Hussien Obama were co-sponsors of that in the Senate Judiciary Com.

America has been swindled based on a 'bad' deal for McCain...and the unification of parties on the issue of Obama. This began the lie, that led to another, that led to another.

Yes, America should be very angry and kick the hell out of the Senate every R that voted for this Sen. Res 511 , mind you this is their part in the Obama Emperor rule. They are not excused. They had a responsibility to uphold the Constitution.

It was also brought out in the Trial that the Congress considered a change for the Natural Born Citizen clause as late as the year 2000, McCain's first run at the presidency, but it was soundly defeated. It's time America woke up and smelled the McCain!

You know I think our forefathers were genius... I was reading Article 1 Sect. 8, 10th clause and what STUCK out like a sore thumb for me was "and Offenses against the Law of Nations"... an interesting parody to
The Law of Nations or the Principles of Natural Law(1758)

What was interesting is so many have said our Constitution didn't define "natural born citizen", and here within the Constitution is a exact wording of the work that our forefathers held in high esteem.

“On every question of construction[of the Constitution] let us carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or intended against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed”
Thomas Jefferson June 12, 1823-letter to Judge William Johnson

Peace Everyone ;)

Cody Robert Judy