Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cody Robert Judy Ltr. Georgia Sec. Of State Kemp- Obama's Eligibility Hearing

Mr. Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
FEC Registered Democratic
3031 So. Ogden Ave. Suite #2 Ogden, UT. 84403
- - - - -
Honorable Brian Kemp
Secretary of State of Georgia
214 State Capital Atlanta, GA 30334 Via Email to Vincent R. Russo Jr. Esq.-
Re: The Obama Eligibility Hearing and recommendation of Judge Malhi
Dear Honorable Brian Kemp: Feb. 4th2012
As the office of Secretary of State is charged with conducting efficient and secure elections, the inclusion of Barack Hussein Obama II aka Barry Soetoro must be stricken from appearing on the Georgia Ballot to protect and serve the public from voting for a candidate who has failed to provide any verifiable evidence that he is eligible for the office according to the demands of qualification held within The United States Constitution for the office of President, and at the least of which he has provided to your office admissible evidence of his being, in the very least a dual citizen.

Mr. Obama wrote asking you on the eve of the Administrative Trial hearing basically to take the case away from Judge Malhi, and you responded that if he should not participate he would do so at his own peril. Mr. Obama by and through his attorney refused to participate even after a Subpoena was upheld to their formal objection. Judge Malhi did condone Mr. Obama's behavior of contempt for the Judicial proceeding.
After reviewing Judge Malhi’s recommendation, I am asking you on the eve of your decision to basically take the case away from Judge Malhi also on the grounds that you as the Secretary Of the State of Georgia bear the responsibility much more so than Judge Malhi for the final decision and you were required to take the oath of office and any oath prescribed by the Constitution of Georgia and you had to swear that you would support the constitutions of the United States and of the state of Georgia. O.C.G.A. § 45-3-1

You also are aware that any public officer who willfully and intentionally violates the terms of his or her oath as prescribed by law shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than five years. O.C.G.A. §16-10-1. You have been briefed fully on the matter from my attorney Orly Taitz Esq. and all of Georgia’s eyes as well as the Nations are upon you. Make no mistake you will be held accountable to that oath, both in eternity and your near political future.

Wither or not you deserved that weight is not the question as I see it. You chose to take the oath and couching behind Judge Malhi’s recommendation will not relieve you of your personal oath. Permit me to say if one were to receive a recommendation from the devil it is still your personal choice as to carry out that recommendation or ignore it. I’m not a member of the GOP, but am running as a Democratic Party Candidate, and I wish to make abundantly clear to you Sir my party does not condone fraud and forgery associated with the actions of identity obfuscation of one man, Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro. He stands alone in these ill fated and illegal actions.

I sincerely inform you that if you agree to include Mr. Obama on the Ballot in Georgia Sir, that your grand statement is that the GOP most affirmably condones fraud and forgery. Now is that the sort of reputation you want to shuffle the GOP and shoulder the rest of your life? If it is, why you go ahead and put Mr. Obama on the Ballot and I’ll keep making commercials to the public like this one, only I’m gonna make some that personally include you that will not escape you ever in your public professional life.

Let me also make another promise to you. That as I boldly continue the course through all the other 49 States with complaints that exhibit the exact frames of evidence you have had to take a good look at that your reputation as someone supporting the Constitution will be clocked with an egg-timer just as quickly as another State declares that they will not tolerate or exonerate or condone such actions of fraud and forgery in the highest office of the land protecting with the check and balance system the Legislative and Judicial Branches of our Government. I assure you I’m just getting started!

In the remote possibility that you think there is not a single State in the Union that will not affirm this conservative moral fidelity, America will see that the GOP is exactly the opposite of what they profess to be and I will personally do my best to shout it upon every house top.

Please Sir, take my extended hand to you from across the aisle, and as an American Patriot do not fear the reputation of our Founding Fathers, your oath, and all those who have given their life to the last drop of blood for the very privilege of declaring boldly you are not ashamed to rub shoulders with those men.

Take with the super bowl courage of a winning team, and make the call- declare the penalty- for those who seek to infringe the integrity of citizens that are depending upon you for protection, and for the Republic for which we stand. May with your decision God bless you, and God bless The United States of America.

Cody Robert Judy

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

GOP "All In"- Obama's Eligibility..Green Light Update



GOP "ALL IN"- Obama's Eligibility.. Green Light UPDATE

Has the worst case scenario played its hand in that the GOP bet "All In", so hard against the Constitution its demands on eligibility for Obama by not speaking up for the "key" of The United States Constitution's that they, actually including all of GOP Candidates left in the race Gov. Mitt Romney, Speaker- Newt Gingrich, Sen. Rick Santorum, and Rep. Ron Paul, hope that Obama's covers don't get pulled by Cody Robert Judy so they don't look like they couldn't preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution if they were to win the Presidency?

As the scenario plays out Cody Robert Judy's representative Mrs. Orly Taitz may have found Obama's last move at writing the Judge in Georgia and the Sec. Of State and including his long form fabrication to be exactly what we had hoped for in proving just that.

'Green light' to see Obama's Hawaii files

As a slam to the GOP and their candidates for the 'cover up' they have so visibly assaulted the American People's trust with, WND editor Joseph Farah of WND announced on national TV right after Gov. Mitt Romney's win in Florida that a 'perfect' VP candidate for whoever won the GOP would be Sen. Marco Rubio who himself is not eligible for the office of the President

Farah on Fox TV: Rubio not a natural-born citizen-
'We've been through this with Obama now for 4 years'

If we as Citizens are looking intently for a qualified candidate who shows us the integrity of upholding the Constitution, it does seem very clear that when it comes to the "Key" of our Constitution in the demands of qualification of President, that upholds our National Security and strong ties to the Economy, that the GOP Candidates are absolutely willing to allow illegal actions of fraud and forgery happen in their site in order to gain the power they seek.

That is tantamount to being part of the fraud and forgery in malevolence towards our Country and against the Citizenry of the United States.

One candidate for President in Utah has proven himself a champion for our Constitution without the funding of a sugar daddy, as was seen by the failed presidential bid of Utah Gov. Huntsman’s latest release showing 70% of the Destiny Super Pac, or 1.9 of 2.7 million dollars, was contributed by billionaire Jon Huntsman Sr, and that candidate is Cody Robert Judy.

Jon Huntsman’s dad floated super PAC $1.9 million

Mr. Cody Robert Judy is actually doing what we would hope a President would do in taking an oath of preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution.

How far have these elected candidates of the GOP drifted in order to set themselves up for a win rather than show their actions as deserving the Office of President?

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign


Monday, January 30, 2012

The Troubling Questions Formed by The Media Black Out in Georgia

How long will the Media Black Out confiscate the intelligence of America’s Citizenry?

The story would be that in the first time ever that expert witnesses were called to testify and a compilation of facts was submitted to a Court of Law that is recognized in our Judicial Branch of Government, Obama coward in his secret chambers and didn't suit up as a player on the field. With nothing particularly important on the schedule watching the live-streaming feed coming out of the court room provided by those bypassing the thumb-hold media he had corralled Obama was the cascading clown being made fun of in the Courtroom with multiple identities.

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder shook their heads looking on the unimaginable event transpiring in the thoughtful agitation of knowing when it blew, their political careers would be blown out of the water with the despotism of comradery collapsing upon the greatest sham to ever hit American politics: Barack Hussein Obama

Why oh why had they not heeded their inner instincts? Why oh why had they crossed the line of principle and value? How had they lost the integrity of America in the glittering sea of Washington DC power and elitism that had crafted their political demise under the banner of what had come down as an acid rain instead of a banner of protection: The Constitution of The United States?

Had they actually become 'Domestic Enemies' to the Light House on the hill that the world looked to as a beacon of hope, freedom, and liberty? Did they look with admiration upon The United States Constitution that bound the 50 States together in a Republic for which 300 million Americans pledged allegiance or did upon inner reflection they look upon it as the piece of furniture they actually had come to despise in the American house? When had the end come not to the rescue in order to justify their means, or was there a choice now that had to be made upon the innocent, the dumb, the stupid, the poor who needed them in order to live?

Who were these plaintiffs? Citizens who actually thought they could challenge the President? Where had they gone to school and not learned to move with the crowd pushed by a few with cattle prods?

Surely these Plaintiffs were rejects of the Republic that offered not one ounce of sanity or deserved any recognition accept in scorn, dereliction, and banter.
The intelligence of the masses was the media and the media had made a decision in the angst of journalistic integrity and the anxiety of repose to stay the hand of freedom and liberty for the self destructive fist of force. They chose in the site of their Creator and public witness to bite the hand that fed them, and to deliver to the pit that which gave them breath- The banner of The United States Constitution.
Why…Why… Why had that choice been made?

Pride saith, “For me!”

To protect the ‘pride’ that hath no honor, no loyalty, but only has the victuals of leviathan was insane; nevertheless they had indeed chosen their master.

Not one report would be made to expose the depositor and defender of their first Amendment, their civil code forged by their fathers- the Founders and Framers of the United States of America. They would boldly stare down their portraits, their busts, their legacies, the paintings, the sculptures, their words and escape them and place them as ruins of a bygone age of carnival barkers and clowns.

Who knew better than themselves how to govern? Who knew better than to smash the uprising cry of freedom and liberty? And who knew better how to use the weapons under their control? Why, they did; but now all was threatened in the floors, the foundation upon which they had built, the pillars and high hands, the multi-levels stacked upon multi-levels forming the deck of cards they found themselves teetering upon, watching the finger tap-tap-tap, on the lower cards upon which they rested.

What evidence you ask, and who is the Plaintiff running for President in the Democratic Party that lives in Ogden, Utah bringing these complaints to the Obama White House door?

1. Affidavit and testimony of Chris Strunk in regards to Obama’s use of last name “Soebarkah”.

2. Affidavit and testimony by Linda Jordan, that Obama’s Social security number 042-68-4425 used by Obama, that does not pass e-verify.

3. Affidavit and testimony by licensed detective Susan Daniels, showing that SSN used by Obama, was issued to another individual, who was born in 1890 and who resided in CT in 1977.

4. Affidavit and testimony by Felicito Papa, Information Technology expert, who showed that Obama’s alleged birth certificate on line, is a computer generated forgery. Also, evidence that on Obama’s tax returns in 2009 he used the same SSN 042-68-4425, which was never assigned to him.

5. Affidavit and testimony by scanning and typesetting expert, Douglas Vogt, that Obama’s alleged birth certificate on line is a computer generated forgery and not a scan of a single document.

6. Affidavit and testimony of retired deportation officer John Sampson, testifying to evidence of fraud in Obama’s birth certificate and social security number, as well as evidence, that Obama possibly immigrated to US together with his stepfather Lolo Soetoro. Mr. Sampson testified that in cases like this he would seek a warrant for an arrest and deportation.

7. Affidavit and testimony of Orly Taitz Esq.’s - that she downloaded Obama’s law license application from on line records, which showed him committing perjury and fraud and hiding his prior last names “Soetoro” and “Soebarkah”. She testified that after she complained to Illinois bar, Obama changed his record from “inactive” to “not eligible to practice law”. She presented it to the judge to show a modus operandi. When she filed a complaint with the Illinois bar, Obama chose to forfeit his law license that was based on an elite Harvard degree all the order to hide his identity for political greed.

When the Plaintiffs served Obama with a subpoena to appear in court and provide certified copies of his long form birth certificate, redacted application for the Social Security card, immigration and naturalization records, Obama chose not to appear in court, he forfeited the whole state of GA with millions of votes, 17 electoral votes and possibly 4 more years in the White House, if other states follow GA, he did it to hide his identity under the last names “Soetoro” and “Soebarkah” and hide evidence of Social Security fraud and forgery.

Who is the Plaintiff bringing these charges to the door of the White House and running for President in the Democratic Party that has challenged Obama’s house of cards?

Cody Robert Judy , , YouTube: CODE4PRES and the mainstream Media have a black out on him. What is his Bio? What is his Platform? What possessed him to preserve, protect, and defend The United States Constitution, and what has he done the last 4 years in The Birther Movement?

How long will the Main Stream Media remain silent and the American People subject to the confiscation of journalistic integrity and honor?

What happens to the political chess board if Barack Hussein Obama is removed from the majority of State Ballots starting in Georgia, and more importantly what happens to the political chess pieces employed on the Obama coat tails when such a fabrication was known by those working and associated with Mr. Obama?

These are the questions that form THE MEDIA BLACK OUT.