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Is WND secretly propping up Obama Underhanding the Eligibility Solution?


Delivered to WND

I was wondering why WND had not done a feature story on the Georgia Supreme Court Case : Cody Robert Judy v. Barack Obama Case No.S12D1584 ?

Reporter Bob Unruh did these stories on the Georgia Supreme Court cases that are over now. These were very informative and up-to-the-minute reporting

1)March 7th ,2012

2) March 16,2012

3)April 4th,2012

With WND receiving some 4 press releases to multiple reporters frequently published by WND, Joseph Farah, Jerome Corsi, Bob Unruh, Diana West, and J. Kovaks all receiving all 4 press releases not a single story has been featured on World Net Daily on the importance of the coming decision that should be coming to us between around July 1st,2012.

WND featured in several of their reports mentioned above quotes from the attorneys representing the clients as well as the Plaintiffs that were a part of the actions such as Swenson, Attorney Irions from Liberty Legal Foundation and J. Hatfield representing Swenson and Powell. Quotes featured seemed to embody a disgruntled view of the law in Georgia and a basic contempt bordering hostility for the actions represented by the Georgia Supreme Court.

What clearly was not represented was that Irions and Hatfield did not represent a Candidate for President who was running in the 2012 election, even though I actually received a call from Irions who then declined to represent me as we had talked about.

Orly Taitz represented Farrar v. Obama in the Georgia Supreme Court and was also turned down here:

More recently, June 11,2012 WND featured a story about the U.S. Supreme Court refusing to hear an appeal from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals here: ,that was represented by Orly Taitz in Barnett v. Obama and Keyes v. Bowden – here: and here:

In the important 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision, reported by WND, is here basically following the story from none other than, stunningly, The Huffington Post: (Link Here)

The decision of the 9th Circuit is found here:

Perhaps the most important part of the 29 page ruling condensed was this:

"Plaintiffs filed their lawsuit on January 20, 2009, the day Barack Obama was sworn in and took office as President of the United States. The Plaintiffs are
active, inactive, or retired military personnel; state political representatives; private individuals, including federal taxpayers and at least one individual who claims to be a relative of Barack Obama; and political candidates during the 2008 general election"

"For ease of analysis, the District Court divided the plaintiffs into six categories: (1) active military personnel; (2) former military personnel; (3) state representatives; (4) federal taxpayers; (5) relatives of President Obama; and (6) political candidates in the 2008 election. The District Court concluded that the plaintiffs in the first five categories lacked standing, because they failed to show an injury-in-fact or showed only a generalized grievance insufficient to establish standing"

"The District Court assumed, without deciding, that plaintiffs who were political candidates in the 2008 election could potentially show an injury-in-fact based on their claim that they were denied a fair competition during the election because they had to compete with someone who was ineligible to be President. But the District Court concluded that neither they nor any other plaintiffs could satisfy the redressability requirement of standing, because the remedy they sought—a determination that President Obama is ineligible to be President and, therefore, his removal from office—would be beyond the power of the federal courts to grant, and implicates the political question doctrine and separation of powers."

"Once the 2008 election was over and the President sworn in, Keyes, Drake, and Lightfoot were no longer “candidates” for the 2008 general election. Moreover, they have not alleged any interest in running against President Obama in the future. Therefore, none of the plaintiffs could claim that they would be injured by the “potential loss of an election.”

"Owen 640 F.2d at 1132. Plaintiffs’ competitive interest in running against a qualified candidate had lapsed. Similarly, Robinson’s interest as an elector—derived from the competitive interest of his preferred candidates—was extinguished by the time the complaint was filed. For the foregoing reasons, the political candidates failed to establish redressability sufficient to establish standing. They cannot claim competitive standing because they were no longer candidates when they filed their complaint."

The crucial part of this decision is the opinion, explaining the law that the Federal Court of Appeals of the 9th Circuit held, and that to be candid, is the reasons that the ballot challenges brought by Citizens out of the executive branch courts absolutely lose standing in the Judicial Branch.

One can hardly see one County of a whole state for example overreaching a Federal Circuit Court covering a whole region of States.

Now covering the challenge set in Florida, WND has printed no less than 10 Feature stories on the Florida Ballot Challenge of a Democratic Party Member, which is really the Broward County of Florida challenge, yes that’s one county in Florida, that also has claimed affidavit’s of the Cold Case Posse team, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Dr. Jerome Corsi.

Speaking of the Natural Born Citizen clause in the Constitution demanded for the Office of the President, Counsel Klaymen told WND “The definition of the term is critical. Such a step has not been reached in any of the more than 100 legal cases that have been brought over Obama’s eligibility since before his election in 2008.’ Klayman also stated, ““The framers were not stupid. They understood that a president with divided loyalties could present a security and other risks for our nation,”

Lending the assumption that maybe all these eligibility attorneys were stupid for not having a Presidential Candidate in their arsenal just in case the Administrative Court flat out denied them and they had to go to a Judicial Court to appeal, again having the “standing issue” come into play, and falling flat.

Of course furious fever pitches the emails of all the Birthers claiming legal expenses that attorneys aren’t cheap, and please help to offset attorney expenses in these Ballot challenges handled by half a dozen action funds dedicated to their expenses.

What’s interesting is that Klayman and many of these attorneys fail to admit to the public what happens at the Judicial Branch as far as the “Standing Doctrine” and the reason Courts haven’t got to the definition of “Natural Born Citizen” being no one bringing the case to the Court had standing, again exclamation mark added, to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision on who has standing noted above.

While it wouldn’t seem strange for WND to cover this story ever so thoroughly as they are in Broward County Florida, what is strange is the absence of a story from a Democratic Candidate for President who was the first to actually submit Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s whole investigation as evidence upon entry of the Judicial Branch’s Superior Court, and has established “Competitive Standing”, and is now in the Georgia Supreme Court.

There are 3 standing requirements :

1. Injury: The plaintiff must have suffered or imminently will suffer injury—an invasion of a legally protected interest that is concrete and particularized. The injury must be actual or imminent, distinct and palpable, not abstract. This injury could be economic as well as non-economic.

2. Causation: There must be a causal connection between the injury and the conduct complained of, so that the injury is fairly traceable to the challenged action of the defendant and not the result of the independent action of some third party who is not before the court.

3. Redressability: It must be likely, as opposed to merely speculative, that a favorable court decision will redress the injury

What is mysterious here, is outstanding upon comparison, of preferred coverage of WND in relation to the subject of prior covered stories regarding the eligibility of Barack Obama with the legal criteria WND has covered for years involving standing.

Cody Robert Judy
Presidential Candidate – Democratic Party
Georgia (entire State Electorate )
Supreme Court of Georgia
Superior Court of Fulton County
Administrative Court (executive branch)
Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse
High Court Circumstances No Priors being rejected
Meets Judicial Court Conditions of Standing
Pro Se Representation


Michael Voltz
Democratic Party Member
Florida Broward County Elector
Administrative Court (Executive Branch)
Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Posse
10+ Feature Stories WND
Ballot Challenges all Dismissed
High Priced Attorney


This then begs the question that Barack Obama is a money-making machine for the WND coverage and while they might come close to the gate they really do not want to cover the story that has a real chance of unhinging Obama’s eligibility, or ramping up support for that end.

WND has by every media standard been a leader in the Birther Movement and coverage. WND CEO Joseph Farah has raised thousands perhaps millions of dollars with the “Where’s the Birth Certificate Billboard” and then after Obama’s release of the long form fabrication re-hoisted the “Where’s the real Birth Certificate" Billboard.

Recently I received a letter from WND entitled “A very important letter to WND friends” from David Kupelian Vice President and Managing Editor which cordially carefully extolled the virtues of WND’s coverage of the eligibility issue in no less than 5 examples, which were the only ones given as to the virtues of WND, begging the question: “What would happen to WND revenues if the Obama Eligibility issue was resolved?”

Might that explain the lack of coverage on a case that truly threatens to pull out of the Court the definition of a “Natural Born Citizen” ,seen as the unique requirement of the Office of the President, by fulfilling for the Supreme Court of Georgia the Standing question?

This then leads us to the creditable question for WND “Where’s the real Coverage?”

I, Cody Robert Judy, simply want the Constitution upheld, but have been left to represent this myself without any high priced lawyers wanting to represent me in this stand, or WND coverage of my campaign in a single feature story.

I am poor and of meager means, but I am qualified as a “Natural Born Citizen” to run for the highest office of the United States and I’m poor because I’ve put so much time into my campaign building it from the ground up without compensation or attention to my self employed business, which I have worked to maintain a bare minimum.

There are many in America who could identify with me, and I identify with them. We are Citizens clinging to our Bill of Rights, our independents, our desire for freedom and liberty, our Nations sovereignty.

Our Judicial Branch of Government was given a specific charge as a check and balance to the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch when it comes to interpreting the Constitution. The Judicial Branch was charged with checking our Legislative Branch to not pass unconstitutional laws, and checking our Executive Branch from dictatorship or tyranny according to the “Republic for which we stand”, based upon our Constitution from things like unreasonable searches, seizures, and an overbearing intrusion into our privacy.

When one of our Branches of Government breaks, we lose our balance and problems begin compounding themselves. I hope you can recognize what I do, and we can work together in fixing our problems.

I would ask you for your support and help for my campaign, not as a high priced attorney demanding compensation for the legal work I have filed to get to the Georgia Supreme Court, which most attorneys would say cost upwards of $30,000, but as someone who really understands you and what you’re going through because I’m experiencing those same things.

The work I have done on my Campaign represents what other politicians would say cost upwards of 15 million dollars but from its conception a week before R-TX Gov. Rick Perry got in the Presidential race till now has received less than $500, but that I have built with my own sweat equity from the ground up.

I’m still in this race and I’m not giving up. I’m hanging on with all my might because I know I am the only Presidential Candidate in America right now who has standing, a viable competitive campaign, who can court the delegates at the National Democratic Convention when Obama is declared ineligible, and there is no other answer in America to what my campaign can do, and will do.

Join me now if you believe in our Constitution and the United States of America.

If my case is not denied, that will then settle for all the cases in Georgia, and the Nation, that the law is not remiss in its duty towards the Constitution, but that the Court could not over rule itself by admitting standing when it had been ruled on so many times and clear up to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

What an honor that would be, and how happy I would be for our Constitution and the Judicial Branch. The very real and heavy burden upon the Justices who have ruled upon this issue would be realized by all of America. Their burden truly has been a heavy one to bear.

Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign


Yo, if you are going to lie, check the calendar. July 1 is a Sunday. Nothing is going to happen on a Sunday. And clerks never reveal that kind of information. on Breaking News.. Major Decision coming in July 1st,2012 Judy v. Obama Supreme Court Case in Georgia


June 12th,2012 my blog made an open comment that the Georgia Supreme Court would make a historic decision July 1st,2012 the blog entry went viral, but I think it was more because of my reference to the analogy of Seabiscuit being small in stature, looked upon as ‘poor’, and expected or trained to lose, then the date of July 1st,2012.

This is delightful example of the perception of truth and the mentality of those earnestly seeking truth and those that seek the false. You know Jesus said in Matt Ch.7 verse 7 “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”

Interesting side note of the verse he says, “Give not that which is holy unto dogs, neither cast ye peals before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

Now I love Lassie, and most all dogs and I love eating pork and watching porky pig too on Disney, but I guess this is an example of my getting growled at and squeezed by Old Yeller after he was infected with rabies and being made the brunt of ‘ Charlotte’s Web’ reading “Not So Terrific Pig” regarding Wilber, because rather then look for the truth or asking, many obots simply went to the calendar and decided it was impossible for the Supreme Court to issue a decision on July 1st ,2012 because it fell on a Sunday.

That was credit enough to de-bunk the whole statement for the splenetic Anti-Birthers to poke fun and ridicule my statement on half the sites, using me as good sport and target practice.

Now I’d say 75% of Americans totally got it. They understood from my statement that the Clerk of the Georgia Supreme Court had in a phone call stated that the Georgia Supreme Court, under normal operating rules and procedures, issued decisions on such as I had docketed, 30 days from the listed date of Docketing.

While I did not release any press about it until June 7th,2012, due to the nature of insightful courses being dialogued within the Supreme Court and other Government Agencies involved, the record shows it being Docketed May 31st,2012, and of course 30 days from that date would be July 1st,2012.

To the Anti-Birthers credit July 1st, 2012 does indeed fall on a Sunday; and again to their astute credit The Georgia Supreme Court has under the banner of God Almighty, faithfully, taken Sundays’ off. (Side note to self- Do you think one would be arrested for praying on their steps when they weren’t there?)

Of course in truth, Sunday does not prohibit the Justices of the Georgia Supreme Court from reading, contemplating, and indeed making a decision on Sundays, it just probably wouldn’t be announced till the Court opened on Monday. There are indeed some other possibilities that thicken the anti-birthers demand to nail down exactly what the Supreme Court of Georgia does and doesn’t do.

For instance, nothing prohibits the Court from making a decision sooner than 30 days either, I mean it could be June 25-29th,2012 and never forget the court asserts the rules and procedures as ‘general guidelines’ rather than exacting to, “infinity and beyooooond!”, as we might here Buzz Light Year declare in Toy Stories Tim Allen’s voice.

Of course my declaration that July 1st, 2012 would bring a decision, does allow generously the Court latitude for anytime before July 1st and after, truly by necessity, they are usually not open for Heaven’s sake.

You know it is really hard to believe that anti-birthers, such as Romney and Obama, are so exacting to my words. One would suspect that someone so exacting would definitely be upset about the Constitution’s “Natural Born Citizen” clause being somewhat different for the office of the President then the office of U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators, for instances really not worrying about elementary kids running for any office or for that matter foreign heads of other countries.

I mean why should we be upset about speed limits through school zones, or actually paying for anything in the stores either? With their mentality the Constitution should be read generally and not exacted or is that just for them and not for us?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all just say “I’m sorry” like Mitt Romney did for pinning down and cutting on his fellow high school class mate, instead of being charged with assault and battery carrying a 1-15 year felony? Or, with his hands on the steering wheel, been somehow charged with involuntary man-slaughter for the car accident that happened on his LDS Mission in which life was tragically lost. Can you imagine how different Mitt Romney’s life would have been if he’d had a felony and been charged rather than receiving passes?

Of course Attorney General Eric Holder’s life would be different too if he is charged a 5-life for every gun he’s handed over to known drug runners leading to a death or a crime, as they are, for instance, either doing or considering in Chicago for the leaders of gangs, where the murder rate has spiraled up rivaling the deaths of our military in Afghanistan.

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch said Holder ought to resign but not be sentenced or charged because he’s basically a good man. Sen. Hatch also assumes Obama a good man for the fraud and forgery he’s been involved with on America and her Citizens regarding his eligibility and person as Barry Soetoro.

Exacting the law may not look so attractive if it really is good for our leaders as it is for the rest of us because you can all see just how fast everyone ends up in prison, everyone you may be considering voting for President has done something that would under exacting conditions be considered worthy of Prison, they just didn’t get caught or they got a pass in their history.

Oh yeah, that reminds me of my statement that the Georgia Supreme Court would make a historical decision. Of course after a decision is made, either way, it does become part of the history of the Court which in all fairness is referenced historically.
If the Georgia Supreme Court Justices deny my Application to them, it will be historical in nature in saying that a Presidential Candidate doesn’t have standing, that the Court doesn’t have jurisdiction, that political parties don’t have any constraints in submitting unqualified candidates, that the Secretaries of States don’t have any authority to deny unqualified candidates, that tax payer money financing primaries can be used to promote in a primary any candidates regardless of age or demand of Constitutional requirement, that the Constitution can be constructed by one man instead of 2/3rds of Congress, and /or that there is no clause in the Constitution that ought to be exacted according to the justice we have known over the past 4 years in the qualifications of the Office of the President, and that generally everyone who has been convicted of fraud or forgery in Georgia ought to be given a get-out-of-jail pass on the merits of justice for all.

Personally, if the Georgia Supreme Court Justices do make a decision on July 3rd that affirmed my Application, July 4th would be a real ‘Independence Day’ to celebrate with additional enthusiasm for the Constitution celebrated after our Revolutionary War from England, and July 3rd is my son Cassidy’s birthday, so that would be an additional extraordinary event in my book.

One last thought about exacting dates, the ridicule I received reminded me of what would happen to a pregnant women who said her due date was July 4th and because the doctor was having a barbecue on July 4th, considered July 3rd okay. Obots probably would have thrown the women on the floor and kicked her belly till the baby was dead because she said she was due July 4th and the birth announcement came a day before.

Thankfully the general idea of July 1st ,2012 was understood by Birthers, and incredibly forwarded and spread around. I would like to personally and sincerely thank everyone who did so with the enthusiasm of good news because as everyone can see it just isn’t being covered by the main stream media (MSM) or even by many typically conservative news outlets we are accustom to hearing from on such principles.

I would definitely like to express my appreciation for all the facebook groups, blogs, and The Post & Email editor Sharon Rondeau for considering that “The People need to know”.

Cody Robert Judy

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Appeal for Amicus Curiae on Georgia Supreme Court Case

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen:

Over the last year we all have worked very hard on the restoration of our U.S. Constitution and I have been happy to rub shoulders with you all.

This letter is really to a point of my consideration and respect for you in that work. Our fight is reaching a critical level in the time that we have to succeed. I don't think I have to tell you if Obama succeeds in becoming the Democratic Party Nominee that the probability of success in overturning that nomination and the billion dollars behind that has a small chance of success.

The damage has been great, but what will be done by Obama if he is allowed to either become the nominee or become the next President is incalculable. I don't have to tell anyone receiving this email that 'precedent' is being set and that precedent isn't about maintaining our Constitution , our Sovereignty, or our Liberty and Freedom. The lines on this are clear and the ever present danger is that we don't have enough people fighting for us.

The mainstream GOP Candidates are running on the 'hope' that our economy will be the manifest for repeal of everything Obama, but what about the history for our children to learn? What about all of our children? It pains me greatly to think about sitting in a History Class with a lesson being taught on the Constitution and how we used to have the freedoms and liberties in that document but foreign powers entered our White House and we became something else and it walked right in through the front door.

Bill Clinton's words have been engrained into the GOP Candidates heads...its about the economy. It appears with Marco Rubio's endorsement of Mitt Romney that a close may be happening in the GOP Race. Let me tell you I am a Conservative on the Constitution and running in the Democratic Party. I have now finished an Application for Review Petition to the Georgia Supreme Court. These are deep waters as any lawyer would tell you and when it comes to this level we are facing the same argument as we did in 2008 with 'standing'.

The problem with no main stream GOP Candidates taking a stand is viability. Independents are hard pressed to challenge Obama outside the Democratic Party as well. I am one who is challenging Obama within the Democratic Party because it makes the most sense right now in the Primary Season. That's the politics of party. I'm hoping the Georgia Supreme Court sees it that way too but I need your help.

Within the next few days, a.s.a.p, it would be very appreciated if you would file an Amicus Curiae in the Georgia Supreme Court Case No. S12D1584 with any and all influence you may have within your prospective arena's of influence with the interest of the Constitution being upheld as the key ingredient.

I don't have to explain to you how important this case is and inform you as a Presidential Candidate with Standing, who has also cited Sheriff Arpaio's legal 'cold case posse' findings, that this is critical. If the Court denies this, they have in fact denied a couple of very strong criteria's from which we have been whipped thus far in the Eligibility/Birther Movement... standing... jurisdiction.. and precedent.

The biggest problem we are facing now is the September National Convention for the Democrats is coming up. My feeling is that Obama can't be eligible to compete in that, or we will face a brick wall with the Court deferring to "The Political Doctrine Question" on any and all subsequent challenges.

We are running very short on time for a U.S. Supreme Court Appeal if my Application for Appeal is Denied in Georgia. Think about it.. we start getting into Sep Oct.. and if Obama is made the Nominee at the Democratic National Convention it's over...just like it was in 2008. While Mitt Romney's campaign is doing well, please bear in mind what a Billion Dollars looks like in the hands of Obama as the Nominee and the consistent barrage that a Billion Dollars on Mitt's weaknesses will look.

I am definitely an economic conservative and a champion for our Constitution. I think that is where both parties should absolutely agree and I hope even though I am a Democratic Party Candidate that you will take a close look at the questions presented to the Georgia Supreme Court on my Application for Review and write an encouraging note in the form of an Amicus Curiae along with urging your fellow colleagues where err they might be to do the same. The Court requested 10 days for this service as of June 8th,2012, so I am sorry for being tardy with this letter but do hope with your busy schedules you might find time to consider this very important time sensitive criteria we have in common with Obama set to take the Democratic Nomination.

If I can unhinge Obama and court the "bound" delegates at the National Convention Georgia's primary, and every other state in the union's primary wouldn't have been in vein on an ineligible candidate using tax payer money at the States Primaries to get elected because no secretary of state has got the God given brains to tell him he's NOT a natural born citizen and to go jump in the lake.

Yours most sincerely and Patriotically

Please check out this post which was also featured in The Post & Email today, I'm doing everything in my power to boost the public eye on this very important decision that the Court has until July 1st,2012, or 30 days from the day of Docketing which was May 31st,2012, to make a decision. God be with us.

Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Cody Robert Judy for President 2012
Youtube: CODE4PRES

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Commercial & Three Important Q's about Georgia Supreme Court Case Judy v. Obama

Request from The Post & Email
Hi, Cody, could you answer a few questions and I'll feature your announcement as our blog of the day tomorrow:

1. You are representing yourself, correct? Is any attorney assisting you (or would you rather not say)?

2. Where will the case be argued on July 1?

3. Where can your latest pleadings in the case be found?

Thanks, Sharon

Dear Sharon;

Nice to hear from you.. and hope you are doing well. Direct to your questions okay ;)

1- Am I Representing myself?
Sharon this is a very important question because it addresses an issue which desperately needs to be aired out within the Birther or Eligibility Movement. I know some people take offense to having it called the Birther Movement. I don't, because a Birth symbolizes a "a new beginning" and in some ways that's what our Constitution represented when it dawned upon the world.

"Yes", I have not had any of the "Eligibility Attorneys" offer any help. I don't mean to imply that they are necessarily obligated to help or anything, its just that I have had to struggle so hard by myself to get this action in the Supreme Court and its totally different then 'just' a ballot challenge simply because it does feature all of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's investigation as credible evidence in the case as I submitted it to the Superior Court March 2nd,2012 one day after its release and I do have standing. The BIGGEST lesson learned from 2008-2011 was what?

Once you get out of a Administrative Law Court and into a Judicial Court Proceeding you had better have a Presidential Candidate as a Plaintiff, preferably one who is challenging in the same party and has some viability to address the political doctrine concern, because for instance, Republican Candidates who have no chance of getting the parties nomination are not "viable" contenders to challenge; and your Presidential Candidate must be contending in the 2012 election and preferably also did so in 2008 (ie., Allen Keyes, Leah Lax,Lori Roth- Orly Taitz and John Dummet - Van Irion ) That's it folks, and then you have to ask yourself how viable is that campaign? That's what the Justices are going to ask so why shouldn't you?

Now I am not apposed to receiving legal counsel, as I showed myself willing with Orly Taitz when this action began in the administrative court in Georgia, but she was unable to continue the case in the Superior Court based on a Judges ruling, and is not viable in the Supreme Court due to her being sanctioned by the Georgia Judicial Branch in the case where she was sanctioned twenty thousand dollars in Rhodes v. McDonald for trying to get court 'standing' on the eligibility case of Obama from a military person after the 9th Circuit ruled the military personnel don't have standing in Barnett v. Obama, she also conducted.

The 9th Circuit Federal Appellant Court taught us those lessons, so how does anyone expect to be successful outside that parameter with a "Citizen" Ballot complaint if it is not successful in the executive court level? You might as well throw your hands up in the air as soon as you enter a Judicial Court who has a ton of more requirements and law to continue to uphold.Why be concerned with that?

Well, if your concerned about the Constitution and Obama running around the Constitution's eligibility requirements why wouldn't you be addressing the Courts in a way that was harmonious with prior rulings? Many resources are being wasted in a movement that is trying to get its feet on the ground. If the "principles" are the most important thing to us, then these problems must be addressed and acknowledged by everyone within the movement, so that a more cohesive effort can be made in the right direction.

Now I don't mean to belittle anyone's efforts or zeal in this movement. I simply don't want people banging their head on the same brick when its a fruitless effort according to law that has been ruled upon by very high Courts already.

My case Sharon represents a very unique charge to justice simply because I have standing as a Presidential Candidate in the same party, with a viable campaign that is competitive and you could call me "Grandpa" in the Birther Movement. I think it is important to understand that this is not a racial movement and that is indeed about our Constitution.

You recall I sued Sen. John McCain 3 days before he was made the nominee at the GOP National Convention in 2008 because he is a Panama son and could run for President in Panama very easily as a native. He probably could have given Panama President Ricardo Martinelli a run for his money in 2009. In the Judy v. McCain case filed in Federal Court in Las Vegas, the Judge literally stalled in defiance of procedure until McCain had lost or until he could rule the case was "moot" because McCain lost.

Of course that ruling wasn't very considerate of Republican voters, but I'm really glad McCain lost. I was thinking we would really be in more of slight progress down hill if he had won and his birth, known to be outside any military complex, and Congress's "naturalization" act that gave him "Citizenship" compiled upon the Obama co-sponsored U.S. Senate's Act of non-binding Senate Resolution 511 that confirmed McCain's 'natural born citizen' status, would I think be a bigger peril then Obama's eligibility now. Sometimes its the slight progress down hill that is easier nudged further then a dramatic drop off a cliff as we currently face with Obama's eligibility.

I think that is important to address because some polls have shown a little over half of the Republican Party and Independents according to 2012 polls are Birthers, and near 25% of Democrats, according to the definition and if they don't come to terms with that the Republicans will face just as much collateral damage as Democrats when Obama's usurpation ends.

The Birther Movement is a very prevalent factor for the Courts to consider in that the general population in a near 50% margin consider the eligibility of the Office of the President is very important to our National Security and Economy, and there is no question that the Birther movement will candidly affect a bottom line of 25% of active voters,or 1 in 4 voters across the board, which we know has the power to sway the election.

Now for CNN and several other main stream media (MSM) companies, that would represent success and a real increase of their audience but they still aren't giving us the time of day, but I think that is going to change very quickly over the next couple of months as we begin to send or make the news to MSM instead of having them spoon feed it. The respect that they are giving 25% of the Country is atrocious and is an example of pre-conceived notions Birthers are knuckle-draggers according to an elite class of media personnel and corporate interest controlling them.

You may also recall in 2010 I testified, under oath, as a Presidential Candidate with standing in the CIA COLOMBIA OBAMA SEDITION AND TREASON TRIAL that was a key factor in legally getting a "guilty verdict" in front of a 10th Amendment Jury of Citizens. Without that testimony its very conceivable that the 12 person jury would not have felt compelled to the verdict and while it was a 10th Amendment trial and not a Judicial Branch Trial, it is worth bearing in mind that these citizens that served on that Jury were indeed very conscientious law abiding citizens taking that responsibility very seriously and doing so with no compensation whatsoever.

Americans have a real loyalty to Justice when it comes down to it, and at the same time we are a very forgiving people, but that in no way means that we don't respect our law and the fact our United States Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and that it is a cohesive document glued together like a beam resisting flippant construction.

Your Second Question. Where will the case be argued on July 1st?

The case will be argued within the Georgia Supreme Court and their decision I should have by July 1st,2012 and then we will proceed according to that decision. The case was Docketed May 31st and a decision will be rendered within 30 days that will allow us to proceed according to the verdict. The good news about that is its happening before the September 2012 National Democratic Convention.

Of course you are aware of the case in Weldon v. Obama - Counsel Van Irions, and combined Swenson v. Obama - Powell v. Obama Counsel J. Mark Hatfield that was combined once again show us when a plaintiff lacks "standing" the Court lacks jurisdiction and thus the Supreme Court denied both Weldon and Swenson/Powell without opinion.

My case will be historic in nature because it differed in two distinct ways as I've said. I do have "standing" and I submitted as evidence a law enforcement cold case posse investigation in the Superior Court that now is on the Supreme Court's plate. That doesn't mean I am going to win, it simply means the Court has many more questions answered in the affirmative in my case as to justifying or affirming my Application where the others were denied.

Your Third Question. Where can the pleadings be found.

Here is the link where anyone can read 67 page Application for Review the Supreme Court will also be reviewing. Barring the complications that arise from sua sponte filings that arise from complications and time restraints, I will try to post any other filings here for public inspection and review. The Court Number for my case is found under Cody Robert Judy v. Barack Obama Case No. S12D1584 and of course certified copies can be obtained from the Court at a cost per page.

Here is the latest Campaign Commercial featuring the stand being taken in the Supreme Court of Georgia, AND as always I must cordially invite all who do care about this issue to please do what they can to help this campaign. You can share it on your social networks and tell your friends about it, but you probably will not hear about this from the MSM or main stream media, so if you can please consider a contribution to help me get the commercials on the networks to inform more people about what's going on. You can visit my contribution page here:
and while many do not want to contribute until someone wins, it still takes money to win and riding the coat tails of a fancy that doesn't fight for the Constitution and defend the integrity of the highest office of the land is about the same as contributing to Obama's campaign.

Seriously folks, I need your help yesterday, so please consider helping any way you can.
"Eligibility Stand"

"Its' Getn' Hot In Here" 30 Sec. Georgia Supreme Court.


Cody Robert Judy

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Breaking News.. Major Decision coming in July 1st,2012 Judy v. Obama Supreme Court Case in Georgia

UpDate here- June 15,2012 Blog Entry

"I talked to the Georgia Supreme Court Clerk today and she informed me that a HISTORIC DECISION will be made on July 1st,2012! Is America ready to ride this horse to the finish line? "
- Cody Robert Judy -

Could this be the Sea-biscuit America has been waiting for?

If you recall the Seabiscuit story- he was puny, walked with a limp, and had been trained to lose to better horses to boost their confidence. He didn't look like any kind of a race horse , for they were large.. yet somehow this little horse inspired people with his heart and willingness never to give up.

Sometimes all anyone needs is a second chance and America is just the place to do it. Can America show Washington DC that all the little people make up what has made America Great by supporting a Candidate who isn't wealthy, hasn't held office, but understands the Constitution and has a vision for America to make her solvent. Just because politicians in Washington DC keep dolling out of a bankrupt checkbook doesn't mean we have to keep letting them do it?

They want America to be down ... to think that we aren't great. To think that we must be told what to say, what not to say, how to think and how to pray. They want to make it so you can't plant a seed in the ground and watch it grow because they want to take your independence away.

It seems that most politicians in Washington DC pander an atmosphere to America that we cant do... we can't say.. and we can't think. Well I say they are wrong.

We know what the Constitution says. We know our forefathers didn't want foreign influence living in the White House in charge of our military might. We know we have been given a chance to reap what we sow. To work and prosper and keep what we make.

Increasingly apparent is Washington DC's desire to place America on crutches.. so we don't use our muscles. So we think we are lame.

Well to hell with that! I say we are strong. I say we can think for ourselves. I say it is time to make sure Washington DC knows who is strong in this Country and that every Citizen in America is stronger with his Constitutional protected rights then most Citizens of any other Country.

That starts with TAKING A STAND. Thats why I entitled my book Taking A Stand. Because there comes a point and time when you just can't take any more. When you realize that what you hired politicians to do isn't being done.

Now some people have said they don't think that the qualifications of the highest office of the land matter that much, that are demanded by our Constitution. How is it that I can say I am more constitutionally qualified to be president then Obama is?

I can say that because I am without a shadow of a doubt a "natural born citizen"

Now we all know that means born in the United States to 2 Citizen Parents and it just goes to show people that if Politicians in Washington DC are willing to bend the Constitution on a point that is so elementary, just what do you think they are willing to do on points of your personal Bill of Rights?

That's right! They are willing to trash them. All of a sudden the danger becomes one person .. individually.. doesn't matter. Well how about 10, or 100 or 1000 or 100,000... what number matters if each person doesn't matter?

That is why by God I have been inspired to draw the line in the sand on the eligibility issue. I know and I understand that.. but hey Washington DC just doesn't get it?

Of course they get it. They are not stupid...but they think you and I are. Well, that mentality is like the hired man all of a sudden thinking that the people paying his wage doesn't have any sense in knowing what color of paint they want and painting the house the way he thinks it should be painted.

Can you imagine the outrage of walking into your house painted something totally different then what you wanted it painted?

Holy cow, all hell would break lose. Then on top of that can you imagine the painter you hired really telling you that you were crazy or fringe for telling him to paint it the color you wanted?

Well that is exactly what these elites in Washington DC are doing and it has got to stop now! Please take a stand with me, spread the word. Share this with all you know..information is a key and we have got to inform and educate more people to exactly what is going on.

My case in the Supreme Court in Georgia represents much more then myself. It represents America's history... every man or women or child who has died for our Constitution. Think about placing all that blood up on the scale and betting against it. That's what Obama has done! He has defiled the U.S. and it has got to stop now.

Please log on to and help Cody with a contribution today and Share the images that are catching American's eye right now made by one Patriotic American Bruce Goldwell! Imagine what you can do if you take action right now and share this with your friends?

Check out all the commercials that are ready and waiting for your dollars to tell Washington DC they are on notice, and to share with your friends HERE.

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Cody Robert Judy

Just a final thought I was thinking today at about 6am while I was jogging my 4k. The thought went through me like a ton of weight as I was thinking about this. You know I am a Christian and I love the wisdom of Jesus Christ.

Well one thing that dawned on me this morning in the cool crisp air was when Jesus said, "You will always have the poor with you" John 12:8 Well, I started thinking about the "poor" politicians that have represented the Constitution so poorly, and I thought you know Jesus was right.

Jesus knew Obama could spread the wealth all he wanted but we would still have his poor sorry ass with us. I just hope Democrats all over finally decide not to ride his horse into the Democratic National Convention and choose a real Constitutional winner... and that sure isn't Mitt Romney who is rich but has represented the Constitution so poorly in the eligibility issue we have been dealing with.

Don't forget Mitt was running in 2008 and his tune hasn't changed a bit on Obama. He still calls him President.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Flash Fire on Facebook - Game Changer Judy v. Obama GA. Supreme Court


Just in case you missed it, Bruce Goldwell, founder of The Patriotic American and a best selling author, released these images that are quickly becoming a Facebook flash fire!

700 Shares in less then 22 Hours.

Just in time for this image to Kick off..8 hours later..

MSM is not going to put this on the 6 O'clock news. The only way your friends will know about this is if you share this post. ..

I (The Patriotic American) spoke personally with Cody Robert Judy about his Court Case in Georgia. He is the first person in America to include the findings of Sheriff Arpaio's Cold Case Posse in his Court Filings. Cody also has STANDING which is something the Courts have said for 3+ years is required for anyone to challenge Obama's eligibility. This could be the "game changer". Paul Revere carried a lantern to signal the British were coming. Cody is carrying the lantern that says American's are coming. It's up to us to help him hold the lantern high. SHARE THIS POST.

The links for Cody's Court Case are on this blog post:

Cody Robert Judy is making a stand for Freedom. Let as many people as you can know about this. This could finally be the end of a horrible nightmare for America. Let's hope so.

Link to Georgia Supreme Court Case: