Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Your Promise Man- A Cody Robert Judy Band Original

The biggest crowd affected are young people, College, Highschool, its their dreams that the politicians in Washington DC are in fact selling with our debt and no incentives to stop the spending, after all they won't be in office by the time the other shoe drops.

It is with this concern that I have made the following rap song and put it together in a format that young people might be attracted to dig in and learn the truth of what is going on and how their futures are being sold.

I have a deep seated love for freedom and liberty because of the experiences I have had where the Constitution counted for nothing. In this situations and circumstances unfortunately a real appreciation for our rights our established.

I'm working on a rap sheet with the words that I will post soon, so stay tuned and check back here! Mean while enjoy. Please bear in mind that it is not the people who already believe in the Constitution that we need to engage, attract,inform and educate It is people who are not in our crowd yet.

One clip in the video of former Republican Candidate for Vice President Ryan, who many would say was on tract and defending the Constitution; yet you see he makes fun of those of us Birthers who are standing up for truth despite unpopular media coverage as we have recognized that the economic conditions in our country have indeed been compromised with the principles of our Constitution being flushed.

If leaders like Representative Ryan cannot afford to take a stand for the qualifications of the office of the President, we can safely say they are not willing to take a stand on our economy and disastrous debt. Its a pretty safe bet that these kind of leaders are not steering our Country in a direction that will maintain our freedom and liberties and that they are not concerned with anyone else but their own private motives of power and passing the buck on to us UNTIL they are not in office.

Your Promise Man - An upbeat rap song by The Cody Robert Judy Band exposes Obama's identity documents as altered and recites that he's not qualified as a natural born citizen, his long form birth cert is altered, his draft registration is altered which means we have a usurper in the White House.

Cody Robert Judy