Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Birthers Are Losers! The Birthers Are Winners!

My son and I just finished a 30 minute game of Candy Land. I won, finally. He's beat me a lot. So much in fact that when I won this time he threw down on the ground bellowing and sobbing.

I told him if he was going to act that way all the time when I won, I wasn't going to play the game with him anymore reminding him that when he won, I patted him on the back, shook his hand, and gave him Congratulations. I asked him to do the same for me.

This was like choking down dirt for him, but I continued firm in my request and shunned the game until he came to the table with his hand out and his congratulations was said in as genuine of a tone as a four year old could muster.

That got me thinking a little bit about winning and losing. How do we as parents teach our children to be "good losers" as well as "good winners", and does teaching them both not make them "neutral" anyway?

My Mom used to say "Celebrate your wins" in a way that reflected that if you didn't no one else was going to. That stuck in my head and I think its true. We should celebrate our wins but we're also taught to congratulate the other guy who lost to be a "good sport" wither we win or lose is a certain neutrality.

We're not devastated as much if we do lose because we understand the game can be played again and we're not as cocky when we win understanding that we could lose and be expected to "be a good loser" at the same time.

Now what about the game of "politics" and how well America functions with the winners and losers? I've often reflected that in politics it was the "losers" that actually were the one difference in a political race that celebrated the choice from Tyranny or a Dictator.

That is to say without someone losing a political race, what your left with is a Dictatorship or Tyranny in some form, so how grateful are we for those who run the race and lose in the American political arena?

When Republicans have won Democrats haven't gone off on a killing spree and when Democrats have won Republicans haven't gone off and decapitated the winners circle. In general, we are pretty good winners and we are pretty good losers in America when it comes to political races.

One of the reasons however we have been both good winners and good losers is we played under the same rule of law. That's what a Constitutional Republic is. Both winners and losers adhere to a Supreme Law and we call the Constitution the Supreme Law of the Land because it takes precedent over the winners and losers.

Winners don't get to "void" out the Constitution just because they won making everyone else slaves. When the law is disregarded however by winners, either to win the race, or in losing the race and being so bitter about the law, that is the recipe for war.

Its very interesting that the people in the three Branches of Government have basically exempted themselves from Obamacare, and some big companies have also seen fit to be "granted" excemptions in one way or the other. If Obamacare is so good, why isn't it eagerly looked forward to put on like a garment or a pair of shoes by those in the Government?

Isn't leading by example the test of a good principle anymore? What kind of example is our Government giving us?

I've been a very good loser in my life. At first I won a lot. I remember in my 13 year football career losing no more then a handful of times which was pretty incredible. Boy I had a taste for winning that seemed insatiable. Then life kind of caught up to me and started handing me out a big dish of losing. I lost wives, children, property, political races, so much it was an easy step to think I was just a big loser.

Life hitting me pretty hard in the losing direction was a winning event for me however. I started to gain not only an appreciation for losers, but an appreciation for losing and what I was learning in the process that all of a sudden I wouldn't have wished otherwise. The foundation I thought was crumbling was actually being made much stronger and I found myself thanking God for my trials and realizing that adversity does build character.

In Roosevelt Utah in the news a head Football Coach got wind of his players not pulling their grades, and even the report of their bullying some other kids started. Of course it wasn't the whole team, but the coach decided to pull the entire teams equipment from them. "Your not worthy to play this game!", was the message with your actions reflecting your character.

Community service ensued, grades and attention to homework, as well as a greater respect for others followed equipment being reassigned. I recalled as a sophomore in my own high school the stand my head coach took against nearly the whole starting senior team when it was found that caffeine pills were being used inappropriately as a drug for practice and games.

Oh my, talk about devastating a group of kids as far as football was concerned in what was supposed to be their highlight their Senior year! Shock waves rippled through the community and have continued to be remembered for, well, here I am writing about it 30 years later.

Playing by the rules is important and when winners start changing the rules as they go along, and manipulating the contest, or race in order to gain or use power, well that's when a great system breaks down. In America we've had a great system of Government, of course we've had some problems, but generally war hasn't broke out over an election, but it was because we had the "law" that we felt we could trust.

With Obamacare, we are shown that the people in the Government don't trust it, so it follows, why do they even think we would trust it?

The same logic applies to Obama himself and his eligibility to occupy the Office of the President. If our Government in all three branches is unwilling to recognize the foreign influence a danger to our Independence as a national security threat, and the application of the knowledge gained in hearings on the subject as recent as 2000 as wisdom, how can we trust them?

You know that's one big reason the oath to the Constitution is taken by every official working for us. They swear an oath to the Constitution as an adherence to a Supreme Law that's good for everyone. Do you realize how much blood has been spilt over that law and the differences in opportunity that law provided everyone over our lifetime?

So what possesses people to change it and what possesses people to resent it, and in resenting it, what is the application that is being championed?

Tyranny, Dictatorship, slavery.. these are the principles that are anti-Constitution. One need look no further then Obama squirming about saying he was a 'native born' citizen to know and understand he is not a natural born citizen- born in the United States to Citizen Parents.

Now I don't hate Obama because he's not qualified to be President. I don't like his actions of fraud upon our Law and I do think its a national security threat, however I have defended protected and preserved the principles of the law by going through the proper channels to champion the Constitution, because I do believe in it. We Birthers haven't given up, because we have patience for the law.

Perfect law will have its perfect way and perhaps it isn't instant justice, but justice does have its reward and while the sun comes up on all, both the weak the strong, the wicked the righteous, the lessons we learn every day are of great value to principles. Perhaps a short stint with the devil is necessary for 1,000 years of peace because it creates a desire for the Constitutions values.

The burden and yoke of debt is heaviest upon the prisoner who longs for a breath of fresh air, who longs for the smell of a rose, who yearns to hear the songs of freedom the birds sing. I've thought a lot about the Lord repeating so much in the scriptures he will release the prisoners. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters and so it is for those not weighed down in such insatiable debt prone to winning at all cost hungry and never satisfied.

To open America's Government up, open America's borders up in such a way as the Supreme Law of the Land known as our Constitution is not applicable any longer is to reason there is no difference in America and any other Country in the World.

Here in America we do love winners, but I think we love losers too and in some fashion that neutrality pointed in the direction of the United States Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land affords us the trust that has made America so wonderful!

That's the reason we fight so hard for the Constitution that affords opportunity to win and to lose. God bless us all.
Update Sept 27th,2013
Here's a list of Republican Senators voting to fund Obamacare folks:
The following Republican Senators chose not to listen to the American people and voted to fund Obamacare!
Alexander (R-TN)
Ayotte (R-NH)Boozman (R-AR)Burr (R-NC)Chambliss (R-GA)Chiesa (R-NJ)Coats (R-IN)Coburn (R-OK)Cochran (R-MS)Collins (R-ME)Corker (R-TN)Cornyn (R-TX)Graham (R-SC)Hoeven (R-ND)Isakson (R-GA)Johanns (R-NE)Johnson (R-WI)Kirk (R-IL)McCain (R-AZ)McConnell (R-KY)Murkowski (R-AK)Thune (R-SD)Wicker (R-MS)

America is going to become Independent of the Republicans and the Democrats if they do not listen to the people by upholding the the Constitution according to their oaths.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Attempted Assassination Investigation Report on Presidential Candidate Cody Robert Judy

Attempted Assassination Investigation Report on Presidential Candidate Cody Robert Judy

On the twenty-second of September, about 12:30am former 2012 and current 2016 Presidential Candidate Cody Robert Judy started his vehicle to return home after watching the University of Utah trounce Brigham Young University with friends at a Salt Lake City, Utah Establishment.

After escorting a friend to her car, and checking it for safety Cody got in his car and almost immediately upon the quick mile to the freeway Cody recognized something wasn’t quite right. Picking up speed he scarcely had entered the freeway when he found himself swerving off in a desperate attempt to keep the car from flipping over when a passenger rear tire blew its air.

Cody was grateful to have got to the side of the freeway on all fours and immediately began the process of changing the flat tire while cars whizzed past him at seventy miles per hour on both sides exiting and entering the freeway while he was precariously in between in the arrow formed by the separation of directional traffic.

Even in the darkness of midnight, Cody managed changing the tire with the spare in about 15 minutes and was on his way simply thinking unfortunately his tire had gone flat after picking up a nail or a screw on the road and determined the next day to get it fixed.

The next day Cody took the tire into the Establishment where he had purchased the tire under warranty and providing free fix its on flat tires purchased from them. That’s when the professional tire technician came to him with bad news.

Upon attempting to fill the tire with air to identify the hole the tech noticed a big escape of air not from the tire, but the wheel well that had actually been punctured. The tech pointed out the hole directly inside the wheel well of the still un-separated wheel and tire and they both stared in amazement. “Have you ever seen anything like that?” Cody said. “No, Never in all my experience”, he said.

He advised Cody on getting a new wheel well first to put the tire on and then he would change it for him. Cody asked if something like that could be welded closed and he replied “No”.

“The next day I went into another establishment and inquired about welding it which again I was told could not be attempted with the alloy. I then called around and found a matching wheel well and headed down to Salt Lake City for it.”, said Cody.

Upon returning to the first establishment with the new wheel well Cody bolted out the door as the tire technician took the tire off the punctured wheel well. What had dropped out of the tire they both stared in amazement at- A six inch long quarter inch wide screwdriver had fallen to the floor out of the tire.

Cody asked the tire-tech about what he thought had happened: Had the tire been punctured with the screwdriver first, or had the wheel well been punctured first? The tire-tech replied, “In my best CSI theory the tire was indeed punctured here pointing to a clean hole in the center of the track, then the screwdriver rolled around in the wheel as it lost air the tire compressed and squeezed the screwdriver right through the rim of the wheel well.

The following video at the end of this report was made by Cody showing the evidence thus far collected over the last three days.

A feature blog report of Cody’s here, was made about a week ago and was carried by several on-line news services, reporting a leak from within the United States Government that cited Congress indeed had its sites on Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility qualifications.

Cody Robert Judy was a presidential candidate in 2008 that first apposed Sen. John McCain’s qualifications for President and filed it in court as a candidate in the race with standing and served it upon McCain and the RNC three days before McCain was made the nominee in LasVegas, Nevada. An insertion was made in the Judy v. McCain case of the argument coming out of the United States Supreme Court in Phil Berg v. Obama showing that case dismissed because of a lack of standing. Phil Berg was not a Presidential Candidate.

The importance of this cannot be underestimated as Cody Robert Judy in the Presidential Race of 2012 ran in the Democratic Party opposing Barack Obama’s qualifications as a natural born citizen. From the Iowa Caucus Cody went to New Hampshire challenging Obama’s identity and qualification to the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

After that, Cody went to Georgia, again challenging Obama’s right to even be considered in the Primaries and upon entering the State Lower Court in Georgia, on March 2nd filed Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse Investigation results released March 1st,2012 declaring Obama’s long form birth certificate nothing more than a long form fabrication.

Dismissed in that Court, Cody appealed first to the Georgia State Supreme Court and then United States Supreme Court having standing and incurring more and more damage to his campaign the longer Obama was allowed to run in the race in the Democratic Primaries.

Cody Robert Judy in appealing to the United States Supreme Court was denied even a case number for nearly seven months with seven attempts. The post man begin making funny faces as many times as Cody was seeing him with a returned box and as many times as Cody again was sending it back to the Court Clerks of the United States Supreme Court.

Along about that time, two other cases involving cases against Barack Obama’s Qualifications were making their way out of the Georgia Supreme Court to the United States Supreme Court with one major difference: Neither case had a Presidential Candidate in the race with standing and were subject to the same treatment Phil Berg had received from the United States Supreme Court in 2008 being cited with “no standing” because he was not in the Presidential Race.

Obama’s own attorneys made clear the criteria of “A Presidential Candidate” being necessary to satisfy standing in reported news interviews regarding the Berg v. Obama case.

Suddenly and quite amazingly, Cody’s case finally received a case number, one week after each of those other cases from the Georgia Supreme Court, in the United States Supreme Court. The timing was devastating though as the Court had gone on recess.

Had Cody Robert Judy received a case number when he first filed in the United States Supreme Court , that Court may have had plenty of time to rule on the eligibility prior to the Democratic National Primary Convention. Even as it was filed 6 months later, Cody still made every attempt in Emergency Motions noting the circumstances surrounding the importance for perhaps the Court to at least hear the case on its merits before the Election Process gained further momentum in Obama’s favor.

As Obama was allowed to go on Cody’s Campaign was continually damaged. Cody Robert Judy’s Campaign was constitutionally viable and qualified whereas Obama was an unqualified candidate by the demands of the Constitution as a natural born citizen – not being born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.

Cody’s case was dismissed by the Court Clerks of the United States Supreme Court without a hearing and with the same reasoning as the other two cases from Georgia. Neither plaintiff on the other cases were being whipped in a race with millions of dollars that a campaign cost wreaking devastating consequences as was wrecking Cody’s Campaign for President.

It was dismissed and Cody immediately filed for a Review citing the Clerks of the United States Supreme Court as harassing his case in the events of his filing the case prior to the others coming up from Georgia, and cited the Clerks for unlawful delays of justice. This was also dismissed only eight months ago in January of 2013.

Over the last eight months of 2013 Americans have been bombarded and pulverized with nearly two dozen scandals coming out of the White House ranging from murders of American Ambassador Chris Stevens, Border Agent Brian Terry in gun running operations abroad; as well as being terrorized by IRS profiling and NSA spying on all Americans simply to name a few domestic confrontations.

During this time, America’s military has been used to spring the Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Libya, Egypt and now Syria. Americans can hardly hold their lunches down over the diabolical news coming out of the White House that they are not spying on them and Obama’s long form fabrication is not a fraudulent document whilst professionals hired by Obama’s own law firm in past cases testifies of its fabrication details.

Bolstered by Tea party Republicans, The House of Representatives finally bolstered enough courage to send the United States Senate a budget for the Government minus the funding for Obamacare. Enraged Democratic Senators are flailing about like fish out of water at the law signed by an un-constitutional Commander-In-Chief and all the House has to do is open a hearing of verification of qualification on Obama and the Pandora’s box will descend upon the U.S. Senate like the story of the Emperor with no clothes on.

“The U.S. Senate would be seen as insane and incompetent to deny the evidence of facts represented and confirmed in Obama’s ineligibility and identity fraud upon the people, in a full and thorough investigation by the House and in full view of the American people”, said Cody.

This is the significance of the JUDY v. OBAMA case 12-5276 , with one more major notice. That is the one Obama has hid behind the most.

Because Cody Robert Judy filed his case on the eligibility against Sen. John McCain first, the case of ‘racism’ is seen as unsubstantial and unmerited, and the case of Constitutional Principle becomes the reality of the case in the Media.
That is a very substantial reason for an all out assault upon Cody’s person either by direct or indirect attempts on his life which we are taking very seriously here at the Cody Robert Judy 2016 Campaign.

This is also what makes the six inch quarter inch wide screwdriver in Cody’s tire a significant detail for an Assassination Investigation on a presidential candidate, as his testimony in front of Congress or the United States Supreme court could provide the key to opening the truth and the transparency Obama has done everything to hide.

We are asking everyone who reads this to take this to their personal Representatives and Senators demanding hearings or facing the promise of their lost vote. We are Americans and not only can we handle the truth, we demand it, for our Government is a Republic and We The People are the executives in charge.

There is no election where fraud, forgery, and scandal can call precedent for a winner. Given the TRUTH , Americans would have never voted for Obama in the first place and that truth travels across party lines for who of the Democrats really can say they would vote for someone who knowingly was deceiving them, lying to them about his very core identity and certainly doing it for the benefits of power over them Senator Harry Reid?

Every American must grab hold of the Truth and shake the very foundations of Earth and Heaven with it, and see the politicians who forbid the investigation on Obama’s ineligibility as grossly incompetent for the office in which they hold, and to the oath upon which they swore to the Constitution. To do otherwise, is simply to sign up and prescribe to the felonies of the elite casting aside the value of your American Citizenship.

Field Report:

Update 09-29-2013: Cody followed up with this investigation with a meeting of the establishment's security in which this took place. Unfortunately, none of the 3 security camera's they had were working due to "parts" that had to be replaced and were on order. We are asking if anyone has any other information about this to come forward with it to aid in this investigation and we will post any additional findings as they come. Thank you.

[ If you would like to help Cody Robert Judy in his bid for upholding the Constitution in “America’s Birther Campaign”, or ABC Campaign ,which highlights the United States Constitution with information and education for voters to understand the tough questions politicians should be answering in 2014, and in the coming 2016 election for the Office of the President please make a contributions here: ]

Cody Robert Judy 2016 Staff
Cody Robert Judy

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Show Me The Reasons I Love You

"Show Me The Reasons I Love You" by The Cody Robert Judy Band.

This song is Cody's favorite because of the principles it names and that fact that we all sin and God keeps on loving us. Its as if God loves us for all the wrong reasons. This song champions Faith, Courage, Freedom, Hope, Liberty, Courage and most of all Love.

In charges liberty to the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 demanding the TRUTH of the Natural Born Citizen clause of the qualifications of the Office of President because the evidence proved with the criminal professional team of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse with lead investigator Mike Zullo Obama's long form birth certificate was a fraud.

The case was not even heard and I was running for President in the Democratic Party which represented TRUE STANDING and a real case of damage that was lawfully negligible by the rules of the Presidential Race and the qualifications of the Office of President our Constitution demands.

Of course the United States Supreme Court can hear any case that they want to and I along with those who support the Untied States Constitution agree that this is the biggest fraud every perpetrated on the entire Country and if it doesn't deserve to be heard nothing does. Its literally the BIGGEST SCANDAL in United States history!

For Elected Representatives, Senators and for Judges at the highest level to ignore this on their oaths only serves The People of the United States evidence that our Government is corrupt at the highest levels and we must not forget this at election time!

Please join hands with me if you are a believer in our United States Constitution. If you believe America is not about a welfare state, but about charity and love. No, we don't turn our backs on the poor, but we teach men to fish rather than giving them fish. We are about restoring America from the inside out and from the top down.

That is why we are Taking A Stand for the qualifications of the Office of the President. Its a line drawn in the sand that if we can't get right, we sure can't get the rest of it right. Our deficit spending out of control, our nose as the worlds policemen has got to stop and we need to bring home the values that have for generations made America strong.

Thank you for passing it on, and stirring the pot that our Constitution is the great provider of our opportunity and one that we don't want to pass away.


[ If you would like to help Cody Robert Judy in his bid for upholding the Constitution in “America’s Birther Campaign”, or ABC Campaign ,which highlights the United States Constitution with information and education for voters to understand the tough questions politicians should be answering in 2014, and in the coming 2016 election for the Office of the President please make a contributions here: ]

Cody Robert Judy