Sunday, April 15, 2012

USNORTHCOM Obama's Military Indiscretion De-Classified


Att: General Charles H. Jacoby, Jr.

The time has come that our military commanders consider pressing charges against Mr. Barack Obama. Our military men and women swear an oath to the Constitution, not to the office of the President that is occupied by a legitimate President who is qualified under the Constitution. They certainly do not swear an oath to an illegitimate president that includes at this time most especially one who mocks the very essence of what the military is sworn to.

The totality of evidence brought and considered in every State Ballot Challenge is stacking up against Barack Obama. Employed attorneys all over the Country sought out to defend Barack Obama’s illegitimacy have been using different legal tactics depending upon the State they are in.

In Georgia Obama’s legal ‘Officer of the Court’ wrote an official letter representing Barack Obama and demanding that the Secretary of State actually pull the case out from under the Administrative Court Judge Malihi. In that letter Obama was represented with the long form birth certificate he released included in the letter by his 'Officer of the Court', and a summation that if the Secretary of State didn’t call off the dogs, pulling the case, Obama would boycott the hearing.

That ultimately happened with Georgia’s Secretary of State Kemp, Obama’s purported long form birth certificate in hand, responding that if Obama did boycott the hearing he would do so at his own peril January 25th,2012.

Fast forward to New Jersey Ballot Challenge April 10th a mere 80 days around the world later, and watch the New Jersey Judge rely on the fact that Obama has not submitted anything remotely resembling a long form birth certificated to him or the Secretary of State, thus the witness that was there to debunk the authenticity of the Birth Certificate posted by Barack Obama as his legitimate birth record and spoon fed to the media which resulted in a swarming feeding frenzy against birthers led by “sworn enemy to the Birthers” Chris Mathews, was kept seated.

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Indeed Obama’s attorney in New Jersey sited that they knew the long formed birth certificate, no pun intended, or what I call the long form fabrications, were indeed false documents.

While Georgia law required the burden rest upon the candidate at the hearings, the New Jersey Law placed the burden upon the ballot challengers necessitating the differing defenses.

While Georgia and New Jersey are indeed different States, Barack Obama is a single defendant in action. While the differing States may find Obama’s duck and dodge defense tactical, the single common denominators consistently are made fools of.
What are the single common denominators, or rather should we say who are they? The Military; the Press; the Democratic Party, and We the People.

The Military:

The Press:
CNN: President Obama releases birth certificate

Lawrence O’Donnell gets sucked in to Obama’s Maddness

The Democratic Party : Illegal Obama "Propped Up" By Congress!!

We the People-

Although smug in their defense as ‘Officer’s of the Court’, in any given particular statutes regarding Ballot access, the totality in the representation of one client can be easily sequestered as evidence against Obama; let me elaborate upon The Military, for it stands to reason that upon the facts of forgery and false identification Obama is in fact an ‘invader’ of the military on false pretenses making him domestic enemy and reasonably the biggest threat to national security this Country has ever witnessed with the perpetration of the highest office of the land.

Indeed every day that the fire climbs higher into Obama’s Birther Bed, is a more dangerous day for innocent civilians who may become the subjects of an Obama blackmailing scheme. Like a teeter that begins to totter the other way, a dangerous circumstance exists as Obama gets cornered with his finger on the nuclear buttons.

The United States Military is not divided into States with separate statutes and regulations. In fact the military has Courts, Military Rules, and a Code of conduct Obama is in fact subject to as an occupier in the Military Order as assumed Commander-In-Chief or assumed usurper acting within.

How would our Military treat a case of espionage, a spy acting in the order against the Constitution or for another State Country? They would arrest the subject, set a bail, and Military Trial for the double agent would not be afforded Civil rights under Civil Criminal Code.

Given the evidence in New Jersey’s Ballot Challenge, Obama’s representative, smug about the courts not giving in to the ‘political doctrine question,’ basically stated for the Court, Obama knew the long form birth certificate released by Obama at the White House to the Press was such a laughing stalk forgery that no one should take it seriously.

While the extraordinarily brazen and audacious defense worked in New Jersey, the Military Commanders see the totality of Obama’s defense and can see that in Georgia Obama did in fact submit the long form birth certificate as authentic to both the Judge and the Secretary of State.

Of course the whole nation was witness to Obama’s press conference releasing the long form birth certificate and his statement authenticating it from the presumed position of authority. This is seen by the Military as the presumed Commander in Chief releasing an “order”, but it was seen by the public as ‘The President” releasing his true identification papers. Obama no doubt would argue he was not ‘under oath’ in releasing the information so if it was a lie, he was not civilly responsible.

The question then could be presumed when is a President not acting as the Commander-In-Chief? The answer is ‘never’U.S.C. Art.2,Sect. 2… someone always has to be at the head and this may be where Obama’s defenses are tripping up.

Standing at his bully pulpit Obama issues an “Order” of his Birth, and if that ‘Order’ is false, fabricated, or forged, Obama has painted himself into a corner with the Military Court of which the position of Commander-In-Chief is subject to.

Obama may find sideshows and carnival barkers ( ) out here in Birther Land his audience to muse about decorating coffee mugs and tee-shirts with the forged long form birth certificate, however when his “Officers in Court” admit they know it’s a forgery in Court smugly aware that no State attorney general will prosecute for jurisdiction problems, and his ultimate appointment of the U.S. attorney general not about to press charges against boss; what is not calculated or forgotten is that every minute of every day Obama is assumed to be ‘Commander In Chief’, a position subject to the Military Courts of law and order sworn to allegiance of The United States Constitution.

The totality of Obama’s actions in every State can be assumed as one that is subject to a Military Tribunal and thusly the submission of the long form birth certificate to a “Secretary Of State” as evidence for a decision in Georgia, as well as the testimony of Obama’s officer in the Court in New Jersey stating the long form birth certificate is a forgery, all constitutes evidence in a military court that the Commander In Chief’s position has been ‘invaded’ by a ‘usurper’, and thusly demands Military apprehension and a military tribunal.

The list of retired military personal charging Obama is known in many an instant but to name a couple:
There is no higher authority for a U.S. naval commander than the superior office of commander-in-chief of the U.S. armed forces, the president of the United States. Yet, Cmdr. Fitzpatrick has publicly and formally charged "President" Barack Hussein Obama with the high crime of treason in a federal complaint filed with James R. Dedrick U.S. Attorney, Eastern District Tennessee, and Edgar Schmutzer, Dedrick’s Assistant U.S. Attorney on March 17, 2009.

In doing so, LCDR Fitzpatrick opened himself up to the very serious charge of mutiny, a crime which requires Court Martial and carries the penalty of death.
In the criminal complaint, Fitzpatrick has charged Barack Hussein Obama (and others alleged complicit) with treason, an act that, if false, constitutes an act of mutiny on behalf of Commander Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick was right, and his action constituted the ultimate selfless act of true patriotism, and a glowing example of what it means to stand on an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin actually has done time in Fort Leavenworth for the action that Obama now constitutes as a joke. How does one come to imagine the nefariousness of Obama’s actions against the military as requisite with the honor of the Office of the President?

You must imagine the heart of the adversary against America and the principle core values of Freedom and Liberty. You must imagine slavery, bondage, torture upon the innocent who’ve stood up with courage, and you must also imagine the victims of those who could not stand up for themselves.

There are a couple of reasons that I believe it is the inherit duty of our Military to conduct the arrest and the Military Tribunal. According to U.S.C. Art. 2,Sect.2, the person acting as President is actually drafted into the Military as Commander in Chief, but that is assuming he is eligible. Sect 4 declares the right for the Military to make intervention against all the officers of the Government including The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States for Conviction of treason.

One must assume to get conviction of Treason, insurrection, or the crime of using the military without proper credentials, there must be a military tribunal for a military breach of perhaps violations of the Posse Comitatus Act requiring that any authority using the Army and the Air Force must exist with the United States Constitution or Act of Congress and Obama as an illegal unqualified president does not fulfill that requirement, and in such is a violation militarily.

In the al-Awlaki case, the White House briefly considered attempting to capture al-Awlaki instead of killing him. The decision to kill was ostensibly made because a snatch operation was too risky, but the real reason was that it would lead to a trial—and the question of a military tribunal or a civilian court would be debated in Congress and the media. The evidence against al-Awlaki included considerable classified information that might reveal intelligence community sources and methods; if this material were excluded, the remaining evidence might not be sufficient to convince a jury or tribunal that he was guilty of anything other than exercising his First Amendment rights.

Interestingly, the National Security Council meeting where the al-Awlaki issue was discussed was recorded in a memo from which any discussion of the dangers of going to trial was excised, leaving only an account of the tactical difficulties in attempting a capture instead of an assassination.

President Bush also determined that the captured al-Qa’eda and Taliban fighters were not eligible for prisoner of war status.

Since the al-Qa’eda fighters belong to a terrorist organization and are not recognized members of an armed force, they are unlawful belligerents under the law of war.

On November 13, 2001, President Bush signed an executive (military) order which authorized the creation of military tribunals to try certain “non-citizens” for engaging in terrorist acts against the U.S. or aiding or abetting in terrorist acts against the U.S.

Congress has specifically provided for the use of military commissions in Article 21 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) wherein we find Art. 94 : Any person subject to this chapter (The Office of President being included under military as “Commander in Chief”) (1)with intent to usurp or override lawful military authority /or/( 2) cause the overthrow or destruction of lawful civil authority, creates, in concert with any other person, revolt, violence, or other disturbance against that authority is guilty of sedition.

There may also be a case involving Art. 106, as Obama has acted under ‘false pretenses’, and has given Russia information providing Moscow with the SM-3 data, despite reservations from security officials who say that doing so could compromise the effectiveness of the system by allowing Russian weapons technicians to counter the missile. The weapons are considered some of the most effective high-speed interceptors in the U.S. missile defense arsenal.

A court-martial is empowered to determine the guilt of members of the armed forces subject to military law, and, if the defendant is found guilty, to decide upon punishment. However, Obama as an ineligible usurper is not an official member of the military, yet he has operated within the military as an infiltrator constituting the ambition to override lawful military authority through an office he was not qualified for, and did knowing release false documents in the concerted effort to protect his usurpation.

A military tribunal is an inquisitorial system based on charges brought by military authorities, prosecuted by a military authority, judged by military officers, and sentenced by military officers against a member of an adversarial force and is the safest manner to isolate Barack Obama as his citizenship is in question. Additionally, no act Obama has signed as a usurping President is binding to the military and thus every identity record every known or connected to Obama is in fact the Military's to sequester.

The United States has made use of military tribunals or commissions, rather than rely on a court-martial, within the military justice system, during times of declared war or rebellion, and according to the Constitution Obama is seen as a “disability” not being qualified for Congress to conduct hearings upon. That is found in the 14th Amendment Sect.3. The Military however has a different approach in considering “rebellion”, “infiltration”, and “unlawful enemy combatants”.

The administration of George W. Bush sought to use military tribunals to try "unlawful enemy combatants", mostly individuals captured abroad and held at a prison camp at a military base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and according to the Constitution President George W. Bush has never been succeeded, pro tempore, by a qualified person that would qualify officially ending his term according to U.S.C. Amendment XX, Sect 3, and Amendment XXV.


In order to maintain the civil peace I believe it is incumbent upon our Military to ascertain the damage, isolate the offender from politically orchestrating greater collateral damage, and constitute a peaceful settlement on the chain of command being succinctly rendered as to maintain efficiency of the Military Order and the safety of the United States Citizenry.

The military is without a doubt the most reliable source of enforcement in a domestic usurpation of the Office of the President that might engage directly and successfully with the secret service protection of Obama, maintaining an undisputed civil peace for the population in the interest of procedural requirements of justice during any proceeding by Congress and the Military Court in the interest of the Republic.

The Military is within its jurisdiction of enforcement within the executive branch, under the Constitution of the United States as the Supreme Law of the Land in the Republic for which our Military stands, where the Judicial and Legislative Branches are not directly assigned to go.

Reports correlating the findings:

1)Link of Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court exhausting Civil Redress of Grievances.

2)April 12,2012 Ltr. U.S. Supreme Court Clerk.