Saturday, October 9, 2010

Love & Politics, are they really so different?

Two hard things we have to deal with in life, love and politics, first let’s tackle politics.

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Let me tell you I've got a degree in psychology and personality assessments have to do with my job quite abit in sales. When someone wrote to me, "I also need to be with someone who can be honest and up front about how they feel and what they are thinking.", and, " I guess that I am looking for someone who challenges me to be a better person - someone that I respect”, speaking of what they were looking for in a politician. I thought, ‘that sounds a lot like love’ and I said, “A lot is said here if you’re serious about that.”

Sometimes people say things like this just because it sounds good to throw in abit about being open to shall we call it 'constructive help', which is better than 'constructive criticism'. (lol) Most of the time however people are very happy with who they are and they don't want to make any changes, mostly because changes when it comes to who we are, especially changes for the better, are for the most part very difficult because it 'bends' us, and in so doing it 'stretches' muscles that haven't been worked or that are weak.

You look like you’re in pretty good shape? Do you work out? Well, if you do than you know how a good work out, will make muscles sore the next day, and the worst day is two days after. It's the same with our personality and character that have to do more with emotional, mental, and spiritual well being. Can you imagine working character muscles or mental, emotional, or spiritual muscles that have been neglected for a long time?

It's bound to be a little uncomfortable huh? In politics, writing my name, Cody Judy, on the ballot, for U.S. Senate, might be a political move that hasn’t been exercised for a long time, but maybe is needed now for overall improvement and strength. Let’s go back to love.

If the guy of your dreams walked by you in a grocery store, and he was your soul mate from Heaven, and there would be no other time and place on Earth that you would ever cross paths with him again, and this one meeting at the grocery store was it. Somewhere in the back of his mind he felt an attraction and though he was scared of rejection himself, he managed a "Hi..I usually don't know, approach someone at the grocery store in the cereal aisle, but I think your beautiful and umm... is there any way I could make a date with you, or we could exchange numbers?

Your answer to him, and remember this is your soul mate, and God is watching you blow this shaking his head thinking, she's gonna blow it..., you say to him, " I'm sorry, I bet you do it to all the girls, you’re probably a stalker, and I'm too fearful to take a chance on you; bye" ?

That's just a scenario, but I mean what happened to the courage of someone. I don't want to meet some stalker women either, but I think if you want guarantees on 'love', or politics that your really just trying to 'control' it, instead of like letting it fly like a butterfly and grow, and mature. Love needs time to grow and mature, it's not something that we can go purchase because we're tired. We have to constantly be willing and open to its' floating into our life... do you think I'm wrong here?

When someone asks questions, I don't know if you know this or not, but it tells you something about that person. People who want guarantees could in the extreme case be paranoid, they might be chickens, have no fiber or strength to make it through hard times, so who wants to get hooked up with someone like that? Why have you been voting for people who have been voting for the trouble we are in, yet you don’t want to change your vote or challenge the Party Power? While women are most attracted to security, guys have more concerns than beauty meeting the eye.

I'm sure you know guys have just as many concerns as girls. Some girls don't want anything to do with someone who makes less than $500,000 a year. They're tired of going to work, they want to relax and quit and never want to ‘worry’ about anything again. Now on the male side, we don’t want to just be liked for our money, position, or power. While it may be a slice of the pie we are, it is just a slice.

That's not what love is all about. Those type of girls will never get what they really want because they are unwilling to work at it. Love is a lot of work, and if you’re tired of being single, then maybe it's time to get to work and realize that love demands unselfishness, courage, long suffering, and a bond that is loyal to the principles of individual agency and so does politics.

Do you want to know a secret? Everyone wants to find that love. That love that is secure and free and warm, however very few people are willing to apply the same principles of the love or politics they want in their own life in order to receive it. Why should love come to you, if you’re unwilling to give love what love is willing to give to you? So it goes, we flee from what we really want, and jump into what we don’t need or truly want.

These are just thoughts... but I like the grocery store thing. Has just letting things happen naturally become so removed from our daily thought process that it's foreign? Have Main Street and Wall Street and the Banks, and the Customers become so fearful of losing everything that it has frozen them up from actually achieving what they want to achieve? I think so.

Don’t look now, but if writing my name in on the ballot seems so much harder to you than punching a hole in a piece of paper, or hitting a button in an electronic ballot box, then you probably don’t deserve me and you probably deserve just exactly what’s being dished up to you by the politicians you have been voting for the last decade. John Stewart gives and excellent commentary above of what happens when principle is sacrificed for prosperity, the prosperity will come to an end.

With love have we come to the point where we want a full disclosure of the last 5 years tax returns, a full search of credit and criminal history, and a personality assessment done by a computer before we go on the first date?

Well, it might keep us from getting burned? Well, it might keep us from taking the risks and thereby being rewarded with our trust also. That’s more about how America was built then the guarantee thing. Let’s face it, the guarantee thing hasn’t got such a good record either as we are seeing with the Federal Reserve. Remember the promise they made after the Great Depression. Give us the keys to the kingdom and this will never happen again? What a lie!

Can you see where when a human being gives you a guarantee that they themselves are playing the role of god, and they want you to worship them in their own image, their own intelligence thereby dis respecting any intelligence that might be greater than their own?

Boy I’ll tell you I know how scary love can be. I like the song that says, “ but if you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.” I hope you write my name in, CODY JUDY, for U.S. SENATE Utah, because as in love and politics, I may be a hard leap of faith, but if you make it, things will change.

The time has come when companies and banks say you’re crazy not to get a guarantee, but God recognizing this makes a fool the wiser one, and catches them in their own pit that they dug for you. While it may take more work to write my name in on the ballot then to simply punch a hole in “Party” down the line, the work will be a joy and you will feel a feeling of empowerment when you walk out of the polling booth knowing you have given the finger to “Party Power”, and put your hope in the individual power our Constitution is more in line of supporting.

Cody Robert Judy U.S. Senate 2010 Utah

Monday, October 4, 2010

ATK Space Age for Utah hangs on Principle for Prosperity

ATK, or Alliant Techsystems a mid-level United States aerospace and defense contractor, is a major supplier of ammunitions and related accessories to law enforcement agencies and commercial customers throughout the United States, and that division is headquartered in Clearfield, Utah, while the main headquarters is in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the company with some 18,000 employees in 22 different states has seen phenomenal growth with ammunition demands throughout the U.S.; more recently since the Obama Administration came to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

As important to Utah, is that ATK is the sole manufacturer of the reusable Solid Rocket Motor used to launch the NASA Space Shuttle. As part of ATK’s growth spurt in 2000, Thiokol propulsion was purchased that is centered in Promontory, Utah, just outside Brigham City, Utah: where yours truly went to High school graduating in 1984 from Box Elder High.

Last month ATK announced they would lay off 426 Utah workers from the Ares Rocket Project based in Utah as the Democrat controlled Congress killed the Constellation Program of which Ares was a part of. The Constellations Program would have returned astronauts to the moon and prolonged life of the space station till 2020.

ATK workers have been hit hard by layoffs. In the past 2 years; 450 employees in August of 2009, 500 workers in October of 2009, and 800 layoffs planned for 2010, yet ATK’s Patterson has praised Republican Congressman Bishop, who serves in that area known as Utah’s 1st Congressional District. Without Senate Bill 3729, Patterson said the damage to ATK could have been worse.

From WASHINGTON— Congressman Rob Bishop (UT-01), a former teacher at Box Elder though I never had him as a teacher there, released the following statement regarding an announcement made by Alliant Techsystems (ATK) that approximately 450 Utahns will be laid off today, September 30, 2010.

“Many of the people who are being notified of layoffs are my friends and neighbors, so this hits close to home.

“This is an unfortunate reality that far too many Utahns and Americans across the country are facing during these challenging economic times, and just as frustrating, President Obama and Speaker Pelosi seem intent on exacerbating the problems. In this instance, earlier action from Congress and full support of Ares and Constellation would have provided a more seamless transition and would have helped avoid major layoffs.

“We’ve been fighting this battle for months, but the Democrat leaders in Congress wouldn’t allow solutions, either in the NASA reauthorization bill or through the appropriations process, to come to the floor. Congressional leaders refused to pass a budget or an appropriations bill; instead they passed a continuing resolution, a stop-gap measure that keeps government running but does not sufficiently fund programs like Constellation.

“The current Administration’s job-killing policies have created nationwide uncertainty that continues to be severely detrimental to job growth and economic stability. I recognize the negative impacts that are coming from stupid decisions in NASA and Congress, and I will keep fighting to reverse these current policies. What we need is a different attitude within this Administration and a better balance in Congress, and when Congress does come back, we will continue this battle.”

My problem with this statement is the clear and present danger represented by the Republican Parties ability to blame Democrats for all the evils, such as not allowing solutions to come to the floor, job killing policies creating nationwide uncertainty for job growth and economic stability, yet NOT ONE PEEP out of him about PRINCIPLE’S OF OUR CONTITUTION that could knock Obama’s policies on their Democrat Asses.

Has Congressmen Bishop supported any effort towards the Constitution with regard to Obama’s eligibility as President? He sure hasn’t, and I have written Bishop informing him of the eligibility issue of Obama, and my contesting the 2008 election with standing, even as I did Senator Hatch, and Senator Bennett several times each. Not a peep out of them supporting the Constitution’s demands that our President be a ‘natural born citizen, yet they complain and bemoan Utah losing hundreds of jobs saying it’s so close to their heart and home.

I call Elephant Dung, a big heap of fertilizer fit for the manure spreader on this crock of crap. Why in the world would fear be spreading like a cankerous worm within the ranks of Republicans and for that matter our Government if they were boldly standing on firm ground our Constitution represents and fighting the good fight of principle that beckoned economic prosperity if properly instituted?

Obama’s has a record of dual citizenship that alone should nix him as the weakest timber based on our Constitution’s firmly planted foundation. Why it ought to so easily snap Obama and his policy with him that it wouldn’t even take a day’s work in Congress yet they cry and wail like women in travail giving birth in what I can only call Constitutional hypocrisy.

Everyone knows you can’t be a dual citizen and be President and Obama’s dual citizenship in Kenya through his father a British Subject is well documented and does not need a long form birth certificate to confirm. Obama’s mother was not a citizen 14 years to be able to confirm his U.S. Citizenship, and worse than that is the blatant change in Hawaii’s change in language in Obama’s nomination 2008 from previous presidential nomination certifying the candidate as qualified under the Constitution such as 2000 and 2004 you can see and compare here
page 31 and compare here to 00 and o4.
What more evidence do you need! I’m angry because these guys are sacrificing jobs and economic prosperity with their spineless defense of our Constitution and its costing people I know and grew up with unnecessary pain and suffering.

Now you ask me where the line is drawn between standing up for the Constitution and seeing Economic prosperity. Nowhere is it more plainly evident than in this example right in our Utah back yard. Now in anyone’s right mind, why would you support the Republican U.S. Senate Candidate ATK? Or Brigham City? Or Clearfield? Do you like being represented by manure for brains? Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! Or your certainly will lose your right to complain with complacency.

Why do I cry with such alarm…because I care and I love Utah; I care and I love our Constitution and I will fight for you like no one has. I have been fighting for this for a long time but no one seems to have put 2 + 2 together and how “Principle” purports “Profit” but it is my firm conviction that as a Nation we are blessed when it comes to supporting principles of freedom and liberty and we are cursed when we abandon those principles.

We can fix this, we can restore this, we can spread our wings and fly and it’s my most sincere hope that not only will ATK further expand their horizons but that we will someday be able to take citizen tours to the moon and become a part of space operations heretofore offered to only NASA astronauts.

I had a dream a few years ago that I was like one of the first citizens to take a trip like this on a rocket space craft. I certainly believe in our space program as fundamentally necessary as the pavement of our highways, or education of our children. I’m very excited where we can go and that even as the first explorations and trails of the west were plowed through by our pioneers and mountain men, that provided a way for the rest of us to enjoy the west, that NASA’s astronauts and engineers are these pioneers of space, a new frontier for all of us in the near future, as our abundance of natural gas, shale oil, and energy independence productivity makes things much more affordable than we can possibly imagine right now.

We must make the right choices and I want you to make a choice for me to be your U.S. Senator. Write my name on your ballot, Cody Judy U.S. Senate, and let me show you where my dreams will take us. America is supposed to be a place where you can dream a dream and where you can see the dream come true. I believe what we dream we can achieve.

Cody Judy

Tag'him and Bag'him Whitehouse October Surprise?

“Tag him and bag him” the Whitehouse finally issues the noose to be pulled on Osama bin Laden in the October Surprise for mid-term elections. Could it be that the recent resurgence of information regarding Osama bin Laden’s messages has been meticulously orchestrated to perk the ears of Americans once again in timely fashion for the mid-term elections? And could that be a foreshadowing pre-cursor of the coming October surprise that Democrats would/could use to gain support for the mid-term elections?

It’s really hard for me to believe, as I suspect it is with most Americans now, pondering the money and availability of all the technical realms of our great military that Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts is not known in the cross hairs of the CIA or our military right now, and the right moment in time is being pondered by the political strategist as to simply tightening the noose around his neck for a major kickback in the coming election.

Of Course I’m not the only one anticipating something big from Democrats whose ability and agility has come into question regarding the care to unemployment, confidence to United States Businessmen both large and small, and fear of a looming tax hammer that is about to come down upon all of our heads minus those crossing our borders without proper work permits and just basically here illegally making a mockery of those who have in affect stood in line, and worked hard to be here legally.

Jim Geraghty, writes in his “October Surprise”, a list a few of his ideas that included getting tough with Paris Hilton and sending her to Guantanamo?, “bombing Iran? Capturing Osama bin Laden or some other big name and announcing the news two days before the election?” October Surprise.

Of course it would make perfect sense with the surge in Afghanistan needing to be justified, and CNN wire staff reporting: “A second message presumably from al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden urged Muslims to help the people of flood-stricken Pakistan” and their dire need to interpret the purpose for a kinder and gentler Osama bin Laden.

It’s oh so sad that a focus of problems abroad that have so little to do with the real problems we face here in the States could factor in the mid-term elections, especially given the problems we face in the States are what we need our political leaders to get-out-of-the way of, with incentives like a federal tax sabbatical as a show of confidence, that investment in America will be unfettered.

More than anything, we need our Government to quit placing the fear of capitalism into the minds of main street and businessmen, with the grandiosity of global governance, global citizenship, and a redistribution of wealth held in high esteem of Countries and Governments who love the standard of living we have in the United States, but who hate the United States Constitution and the individual rights it defends as inalienable rights given to us by our Creator.

One might think the world would grasp a beacon of light for what it is, that here in America the freedom and liberty allowing a man to worship freely according to his conscience is a moral fidelity good for Government and business, that allowing a man the right to his property without fear of the phone call wiping out all you worked for over a life time is an incentive for production.

That in spite of lower slave wages that communist and dictatorial democracies have a tight noose on in other countries, that our Constitution Republic has been a great success in the United States, promoting happiness because it allowed men the pursuit of happiness.

I am so thankful and so happy that our United States Constitution was trenched out of what seemed impenetrable walls of elitism conspired with varying recipes of slavery. I’m happy to be an American boy born and bred in the United States. While I don’t mind other countries claiming their own strategy for success, I am perfectly content with the United States, for while we do have problems with politicians adhering to our United States Constitution, the elections in America have indeed proved a well and good process of removing bad ones affectively.

The process is seen in a stark reality of my own State and the removal of Senator Bennett in the Republican primary held earlier this year. While it is a great reminder of holding the politicians feet to the fire, and while the “party” might be able to clean house in one state, the pragmatic conservative ideals will not necessarily be espoused by the “party power” at the National level, thus in affect not pushing home the message in Washington DC.

This is why America is prime for a Restoration Revolution; and Utah could lead in pushing home the idea that “Party Power” held by the Republicans and Democrats in Washington DC is indeed a fading light that is growing weaker, and that the real success of America is held in high regard; it's the "independence" stupid.

“We The People” hold in high regard our Constitution, because at times our Constitution is seen reigning back the rule of the mob that over centuries has proven a weakness of democracies, to a higher standard of independence and for the individual.

The mental cruelty of Global Governance is the demise of the individual. If this was not true, Global Governance would probably not have a problem with adopting the United States Constitution as it’s model, rather than working to destroy it, and with it the rights of the individual.

One thing I believe is a common thread among all the wealthy and powerful. Their biggest fear is losing it all. So let us agree that Republicans, Democrats, and Independence in America have a strong core of individual protections binding them from Tyrannical Governments that seek to redistribute all their wealth and power to say Africa, Mexico, or Brazil as in say awarding deep water oil drilling contracts to dangerous for the U.S.

Now it is up to the People to throw off their chains and to recognize the power of the individual, and to recognize America has been a very generous help, but that our help was not forced or compelled and that makes the biggest difference in a free man, and a slave. Helping one’s self is always faster and provides more confidence recalling an impressive demonstration recorded with Pioneers coming out to Utah.

In an assertion of weakness the political mainstream is feeling, American’s should be weary of an October surprise that places the current Administration in any better light than the dismal battery that is running out of power. Without a re-charge of our United States Constitution and the principles and protections of the individual our Government is suppose to champion, there will be no resurgence of confidence needed to turn our unemployment around because that is the key to turning it around, that is the key to providing confidence of investment.

With my sincerest heartfelt pinning for America I pray, “God Bless America”.

Cody Robert Judy
Write-In U.S. Senate 2010 Utah