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Have Republicans learned the Value of the Rights of BEING a Minority?

Have Republicans learned the Value of the Rights of BEING a Minority?

What has changed with Obama’s Win? Obama’s still ineligible and has Lost.

As the election results are felt by so many, I find myself gazing at people all across America and I can’t help noticing my heart swell with love and awe at everyone who has gone back to work and who are carrying on.

The principles of our Constitution are not won or lost in one election anymore than our Creator has disappeared. It is the magnificent principles of faith in these principles that burns in every American’s heart that wakes us up in the morning and inspires us to take a step in the right direction.

Those who say the Constitution is dead are proven wrong by the brave men and women fighting for it and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for it. Of course it is discouraging to see its principles violated, especially in the land for which its banners have been prepared and for which it is declared to be The Supreme Law of the Land.

I thought I’d share the following facebook comment and my answer that illustrates the point.
• The constitution has not won yet against the blatant violations and ignoring it totally.. no the constitution i gone in this USA
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CRJ Answer to comment:
Cody Robert Judy I certainly understand your sentiment, I always remember at times like this George Washington losing like 13 battles before winning one. Can you imagine the loss of life of brave soldiers around your feet who gave the ultimate price as you walked a trail of tears.. wondering .. wondering.. about the principles of the Constitution these who had died had given everything towards? ;) What if it was the 9th battle and you were sick to your stomach and your men's moral was at an all time low. Can you imagine fighting 4 more that you were going to lose? The most glorious wonder of the Constitution is a light so bright with love so powerful that it lifts far more up then have ever been lost. It lives in all of us who take a stand for it.

Of course now is the time America needs leaders and those who are not afraid to take a stand for the Constitution. I've said all along that takes great leaders for America to be great and stand for the beacons and principles that have inspired and shook the darkness in the whole world with light.

What has changed with Obama’s Win? Obama’s still ineligible and has lost. Did the election cause Obama’s father to gain his United States Citizenship? No.
Did Obama’s win somehow change the results of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation that found Obama’s long form birth certificate and selective service registration to be a forgery? No.

Did Obama’s win somehow change his Social Security Card from the State of Connecticut to a home for Obama in Hawaii? No.

Did Obama’s win somehow restore Obama’s law license from the being barred from his use in the State of Illinois where its rescinded form rest in the shame of the lie upon which it was once predicated? No.

Has the United States Constitution changed since the election granting those who are at least 35 years of age, 14 years a resident, and a ‘natural born citizens’, born in the United States to Citizen Parents, the privilege of qualification for the Office of President? No.

Has the oath of office for the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate or the oath of the Judges across America changed to uphold the United States Constitution? No.

Is Obama a ‘natural born citizen’? No.

Is America still a Republic based upon the Constitution where the majority don’t often get their way because of the rights and honor of the minority and the rights that are protected by the Constitution?

Well, maybe the question should be, “What has changed?”

Have Republicans learned a lesson, and do they now understand the value of the rights of minorities protected by the Constitution? I think they should have a much greater understanding of not only being a minority, but the VALUE of our Constitution in protecting minority’s rights.

It doesn't matter how many people voted for Obama if he is not Constitutionally Qualified to be President he can’t be and a majority vote for him cannot stand in the way of the protected rights of the minority.

Does America still have a Presidential Candidate standing up for those rights? Yes, she sure does.

I, Cody Robert Judy ran as a Democrat and apposed Obama’s eligibility. I still have a Motion in the United States Supreme Court that attest to Obama’s ineligibility and features the criminal investigation of Obama’s identity ineligibility as a natural born citizen and thus the office of the President, that was received by the United States Supreme Court Tues Nov. 6th, at approximately 11AM.

Could the Republican House of Representatives decide to take the evidence of my case into their Judicial Committee? Yes.

Well then, nothing’s changed much accept the Republicans may have learned the value of being a minority, which ultimately might not be such a bad thing.

Thank you for reading this, and passing it on to your Congressmen and Senators, as well as your other friends on all the social media networks.

If this is important enough to you to simply pass on, then you are an American in which the Constitution of the United States burns bright and I for one as well as our founding and first President and beloved Son of the Republic George Washington are so proud of you!

Mitt Romney may have conceded the race but as an American the best thing he could do now is start today by taking a great and much more courageous stand for the Constitution with his heart and his money and that applies to every single citizen as well.

Entire Body of the complaint found here: Judy v. Obama 12-5276

Cody Robert Judy

I AM AMERICAN - First 2016 Commercial for Pres.

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Election 2012 - What Went Wrong? Reasons Republicans are reeling to Socialist

Election 2012 - What Went Wrong?

Reasons Republicans are reeling to Socialist

Ann Coulter today on Glenn Beck stated that she thought Republicans had run the best candidate they have had since Ronald Reagan. She said Romney was far better than John McCain and that the incumbency factor was a bigger factor than she had thought it would be.

Now, I like Ann, and have written about her beautiful hair before, and she is a crack-’n-whip that is faster than a bug zapper in a mosquito infested swamp with her tongue when she has to make a point fast, but occasionally she says something that is really dumb-founding that makes her sound like a socialist loving creature, and that brings me up to my topic today.

Coulter said something today that also was reiterated to me on Facebook yesterday by a dis-enchanted and bitter Republican. So I thought I’d shine a little light on it to focus a little attention on the issue Republicans are having with the Constitution, which ultimately was their Achilles heel in the election as I’ll explain.

You may have heard yesterday that with the votes Gary Johnson and a few other independent candidates for president got that Mitt Romney would have won the election and been pushed over the 270 electoral votes needed to win the electoral college vote. That theory has been circulated. It was in this context that Ann said she thought that unless you were a Governor or a member of Congress that you shouldn't run for President.

Is that a qualification Ann in the Constitution?

The facebook acquaintance I had a brief exchange with said that people like me and Gary Johnson made him want to puke and added heap upon his vocabulary onslaught by calling those “Independent Candidates” Egomaniacs that were insane for running in a race we could never win. He also mentioned that he thought I had about as much chance of winning President as a snow ball in hell.

I responded, “Well, .. you never know, Hell might be just around the corner.”, considering Obama’s second term.

What Ann Coulter said, ( I really feel like coming up with a nick name for her, maybe the Republican Rapunzel? That might work) ,was poignant to the elitism infesting both major parties but really was a crippling blow to Mitt Romney that Obama sold effectively. Nowhere in our Constitution has a pre-requisite of being a Major, Governor, Representative, or Senator in order to be President or run for President ever been instituted and there are good reasons for it, Ann never took the time to mention, but they certainly contributed more to a Republican loss.

Romney’s not “going to apologize for being successful”. How many times did Romney say that? A lot, but maybe that wasn't so much the issue as the elitism mentality that was exposed. What if Romney would have said to that kind of barb,“you know I respect that anyone who is 35 years old and is a natural born citizen can run for President.”?

Wow! That’s powerful! It recognizes the power of all Citizens and their rights in the context of the Constitution instead of zeroing the focus on his success as a businessmen compared to everyone else who hasn't been as successful.

What is absolutely hysterically about that is the Ruling Class of Republicans can’t even get the current demands of the Constitution for the Office of the President right. How does Ann expect them to adhere to even more qualifications, than being over 35 years of age and a natural born citizen?

Republicans ran John McCain, a foreign born naturalized citizen as their nominee in 2008 which is why they are winking and smiling out of the back of their mouths about Obama, and he received more votes than Mitt Romney. What does that tell us?

See Additional Info at bottom of this page.

Well I hate to tell Republicans, but there are Americans that actually agree with the Constitution and for those who don’t there is an agreement on how to change that, but rather than spot light all the legislative acts to change that which have failed, they are winking and smiling why they ultimately break the law and then many of the “Party faithful” call their representatives “good guys” rather than acknowledging the Constitutional cheats and liars that are making a mockery of our The Supreme Law of the Land.

That is stunning! You want to talk about the ultimate lessons in hypocrisy in Republican form?

The Natural Born Citizen clause is so fundamentally understood to mean, “Born in the United States to Citizen Parents” that it represents a Yes or No answer. Any type of citizenship that is questionable to the contrary, warrants a “No”, and that to error on the side of safety. This is a National Security major fundamental error on the Republicans part that has dis-enchanted those who have seen Republicans as strong on defense.

Now do you hear Republican talk-show host talking about their failure in this? No you don’t. You hear them talking about appeasement and yelling about how minority friendly they are with Sen. Marco Rubio ,Allen West, and Rick Santorum, and wondering if they ran the wrong Vice Presidential Candidate who couldn't even help them carry Wisconsin.

I’m telling you Republicans started this dirty little “Birther” game with McCain, and it’s come back to bite them in the behind, and it’s looking like with Rubio and Santorum they just might be on the path to McCain again , which is why I have thought and continue to think that there just isn't a Presidential game in town the Republicans are ever going to win again.

Ann said it, they ran their best and it just wasn't good enough to win. Mitt Romney considered by many to be squeaky clean on family, a detailed businessman, and experienced as a Governor who worked with Democrats. What’s missing for Republicans? Mitt Romney even had more hair than Obama.

How in the world do you come to terms with running your best and failing? Well, you never come to terms with it unless you have the ability to step back and look at a bigger picture.

Now one thing I do believe many Republicans have, and that’s the ability to do and to grasp the concepts of Jesus without being offended. The concept of loving chastisement has given way to “think tank” in the Republican Party in many respects I’m afraid, which has led to the huge factor of hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy was the biggest turn off to Jesus, and continues to be to the American public. It was the one thing over adultery and what seemed like every other sin , he’d really lose his cool over. The merchants in the temple selling merchandise might seem like good capitalistic idea with Republicans but Jesus wasn't going for it.
You know I love Jesus and that is one of the reasons I do. He is strong on forgiveness to those who are penitent, and very strict on the concepts of hypocrisy.
Sweeping dirt under the carpet as the Republicans have been responsible for with Obama’s identity is a complete and utter hypocrisy to our Constitution and then to hear Republicans say they are the champion party of the Constitution is about as big of a joke as you could come up with.

Republicans can hardly exact the price for the truth from Obama in Benghazi or Mexico’s Fast & Furious because of the hypocrisy of the ineligibility represented by their own cover-up of Obama.

There is no way the Republicans are ever going to win the Presidency again. I think it’s over for them. They are unwilling to make a reckoning and want to pick and choose the lies they get Obama on, in the order of covering their own asses. It seems tentatively, that they are completely unwilling to repent of this error either.

Until they are willing to consider their hypocrisy on our national security and economy, they, Republicans represent, with the very big issue of the qualifications of the President, it is very unlikely that they will ever regain the trust of Americans again.

I believe whole heartedly that if they had taken a stand for the Constitution on the demands of the Constitution in the eligibility department of Barack Obama, and fully investigated it with hearings in Congress or the Judicial Committee of the House in 2010, that ultimately they would have represented much more of a trust with the Constitution to the American People and that might have translated into votes in the Independent Parties, Tea Parties, and Libertarians who are all very Constitutionally oriented citizens of America winning the White House.

The Republican repeatedly have ransomed the Constitution wondering in astonishment why the Democrats who have the walking talking violation of the Constitution in the White House have been allowed by God to get away with it.
The answer is reflected for Republicans looking in the mirror. They have no one else to blame but themselves.

One very interesting thought is that Democrats have always gotten Republicans to play their game. That game consisted of Republicans playing the game with one arm tied behind their back. That arm is the principles of the Constitution. As long as Republicans continue to play the game with one arm tied behind their back, does anyone beside me think it’s hilarious that they expect to win?

You know if I was so anti-Republican would I even bother wasting my time? You know for me I think there are principles that Republicans represent that are very good and there are some principles that the Democrats represent that are very good but our Constitutional principles are those we can come together on.

I believe that as Americans we have the ability to decipher a good combination of these and ultimately we don’t have to choose the lesser of two evils. WE can form a more perfect Union together.

Cody Robert Judy

Senator McCain was born in 1936 in the Canal Zone to U.S. citizen parents. The Canal Zone was territory controlled by the United States, but it was not incorporated into the Union. As requested by Senator McCain's campaign, distinguished constitutional lawyers Laurence Tribe and Theodore Olson examined the law and issued a detailed opinion offering two reasons that Senator McCain was a natural born citizen. Neither is sound under current law. The Tribe-Olson Opinion suggests that the Canal Zone, then under exclusive U.S. jurisdiction, may have been covered by the Fourteenth Amendment's grant of citizenship to "all persons born . . . in the United States." However, in the Insular Cases, the Supreme Court held that "unincorporated territories" were not part of the United States for constitutional purposes. Accordingly, many decisions hold that persons born in unincorporated territories are not Fourteenth Amendment citizens. The Tribe-Olson Opinion also suggests that Senator McCain obtained citizenship by statute. However, the only statute in effect in 1936 did not cover the Canal Zone. Recognizing the gap, in 1937, Congress passed a citizenship law applicable only to the Canal Zone, granting Senator McCain citizenship, but eleven months too late for him to be a citizen at birth. Because Senator John McCain was not a citizen at birth, he is not a "natural born Citizen" and thus is not "eligible to the Office of President" under the Constitution.

Additional Info:
Here's John Birth Cert:

Here's the Law suite Judy v. McCain -

U.S. Supreme Court Case Minor v. Happersett Judy v. Obama 12-5276 - Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.
Two prongs..1 prong) born in the U.S. McCain was not 2 prong)To Citizen parents

2008 Judy v. Obama with much information on McCain

2012 Judy v. Obama 12-5276 SCOTUS

In 1936, the Canal Zone fell into a gap in the law, covered neither by the citizenship clause nor Revised Statutes section 1993 (passed as the Act of May 24, 1934), the only statute applicable to births to U.S. citizens outside the United States. As then-Representative John Sparkman explained in 1937: "the Canal Zone is not such foreign territory as to come under the law of 1855 [Revised Statutes section 1993] and, on the other hand, it is not part of the United States which would bring it within the fourteenth amendment." The problem was well known; Richard W. Flournoy's 1934 American Bar Association Journal article, Proposed Codification of Our Chaotic Nationality Laws, explained "we have no statutory provisions defining the nationality status of persons born in the Canal Zone . . . ."

Because the Canal Zone was a "no man's land," in the words of Representative Sparkman, in 1937 Congress passed a statute, the Act of Aug. 4, 1937 (now codified at 8 U.S.C. § 1403(a)) granting citizenship to "[a]ny person born in the Canal Zone on or after February 26, 1904" who had at least one U.S. citizen parent. This Act made Senator McCain a U.S. citizen before his first birthday. But again, to be a natural born citizen, one must be a citizen at the moment of birth. Since Senator McCain became a citizen in his eleventh month of life, he does not satisfy this criterion, is not a natural born citizen, and thus is not "eligible to the Office of President."

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The Best Results? Consult The Hard Truth -The Constitution Will Win

The Best Results – Consult The Hard Truth The Constitution Will Win

Why was Barack Obama winning the Election the Best Conservative Result?
The Constitution

Morning after the election- Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh on the radio- I haven’t been a regular listener for quite some time, but I’m impressed. Glenn’s talking about The Constitution – Now and Forever. Rush is talking about the rich being Santa Clause and scratching his head about how Sandy helped Obama.

I wonder if they gets it now? If they get that their words and actions pre- election have been two different things. They weren’t standing up for the Constitution pre-election. They were trembling in fear about the truth of the Constitution’s natural born citizen clause, which is the Pandora’s Box of the Constitution.

It’s this simple, you want to destroy America you do it through the office of the President, and its working.

Glenn is correct about half the Country voting for Mitt Romney and the popular vote being shy for Mitt Romney only by 2 million. Rush is right about Obama being down 10 million votes from 2008 and Republicans still losing by 2 million votes. Who are Birthers?

I wonder if Glenn & Rush remember 10 days ago Donald Trump’s Charity offer for Barack Obama to release his pass port records and college entrance papers for the opportunity to have 5 Million Dollars contributed to any Charity?

Sandy victims could have really used that, but Obama refused and Donald said everyone would know he was right about Obama not being qualified to be President: Everyone but conservative talk show radio host? I don’t want to pick on Glenn and Rush and Sean and Fox but I have to. The writing is on the wall. Read it.

Glenn talks about the sacredness of the Constitution, but I wonder if he even realizes that if Mitt Romney had won last night, all of Obama’s corruption, all of the fraud and forgery represented in Obama’s identity would have passed into the bliss of United States History?

I thought to myself this cannot be. I believe in the long term of history Obama himself will regret ever even asking America to double down on his contortions and twist and fraud of the Constitution.

I believe Obama was close to a spot in history but he got greedy with asking for a second term, just like a thief going for the big ‘safe’ instead of settling for what’s in the till. Two terms is just too much time and the cops are coming and his hands in the cookie jar. He’s going to get caught.

God is indeed waking people up. Did you know I am a part of a Birther Movement that is the backbone of the Constitution? I am a minority in this Country in that I’m a Birther. However, our Constitution is the center of America and we are a Republic.
Do you know that a Republic, based upon the foundation of a Constitution, is not a mob rule democracy? If the majority of a population in a Republic chooses wrong, or is opposed to the Constitution, the majority loses in a Republic.

“I believe the best is yet to come”, Obama said. “Oh yes.. the best is indeed yet to come Obama, but I’m not sure you’re going to think it’s the best.”

The minority can survive in a Republic. Birthers are a minority in the Country, but we are in the right when it comes to the Constitution and Barack Obama not being a natural born citizen, qualified for the Office of the President.

As a minority in this Country, I have the rights engraved in the Constitution to stand against the majority. Any minority in this country should understand this.
Whoever you are as part of a minority in this Country, you have had a place to survive in America. It’s part of the American Dream.

Birthers, people who believed in the Constitution have been ridiculed, scorned, put in a corner, scoffed out, rejected, made fun of, swept under the carpet and worse…and the so called conservative part of this Country has been a part of that political massacre.

How are you feeling about that; conservative radio talk show hosts of America?
Have you seen the light now? Have you thought about joining the Birther movement or have you hardened your hearts further and doubled down on protecting the lies of Barack Obama while at the same time you are horrified by half of America not caring about the lies Barack Obama when it comes to Benghazi, while you and your half continue to sweep the lies of Obama’s identity under the carpet and call Birthers loony.

Do you care that the Dow is down 300 points? Do you care about the economy of this Country, or are you so convinced with the side of the Country your calling ‘defenders of Obama’s lies’, that it’s your way or the highway, the Constitution be damned when it comes to the demand for a natural born citizen in the office of the president of the United States?

If that’s the case Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh receiving every press release from my campaign for a year, please do us all a favor, and print signs that say “The Constitution – Gone - Rejected Here” and hang that up in your offices.

Do you remember from your history lessons in high school that a ‘natural born citizen is a person ‘born in the United States to Citizen parents’ and that Barack Obama is not qualified?

Do you remember that there was an honest Sheriff in the State of Arizona who actually investigated, with people who had professional criminal investigating qualifications, Obama’s lies and that I have a case in the United States Supreme Court with those findings? Will you continue to cover-up for the Usurper?

The truth is you don’t have to look anywhere but in a mirror to understand why Mitt Romney didn't win the election last night. God does not want Barack Obama to go down in history as a President of the United States that endorses fraud and forgery.
Why is that so hard for you to understand?

Are you so dumb that the Bill Clinton slogan, “It’s the economy stupid” is greater the foundation of the Constitution and it’s principles? “It’s the economy, it’s the economy, it’s the economy”, wow, have you underestimated the power of the United States Constitution. Have you underestimated The Birthers? No, No,..It’s not a question.
America has always been a place where minorities could come and feel protected by the Constitution of the United States but everyone who has called Birthers, citizens of this country who simply asked for you to take a stand for the Constitution who are a minority, crazy.

Well if every minority is considered ‘crazy’ by the GOP, based on the stand the GOP has taken with Obama endorsing his fraud and forgery and identity theft and obfuscation, then why would God reward them with the White House?

Take a minute and assume the best God position you can and ask yourself if the vision of this Country includes the Chief of the Executive Branch, not being qualified according to the Constitution.

13 of the 48 pages of The Constitution booklet are referenced to the Office of the President. Why am I telling you this Glenn , Rush, Sean, GOP.. Mitt Romney.
I think Mitt Romney is a ‘good guy’ too, but what choice did he give God?
He was sweeping the devils work under the carpet.. Mitt Romney was. Yeah, Mitt Romney didn't belief me. He said in the most doubting Thomas voice you can imagine.. “Come on Cody”.

Well, just imagine a minute an election without Barack Obama? Now tell me if the principles of the Constitution endorsed fraud and forgery when it comes to the qualification demands of the office of the President.

Can half the Country even VOTE for Barack Obama if he’s not on the Ballot?
Can the GOP do a better job at “endorsing amnesty”, “endorsing redistribution of the wealth’, ‘destroying businesses’, ‘covering everyone with mandates on health care’, and ‘raising taxes’ then the Democrats? I don’t think so!

Can the GOP do a better job at taking a stand for the Constitution? I sure think so, unfortunately I think the GOP is gone, and Gov. Mitt Romney along Sen. John McCain as Party nominees for President have destroyed their party beyond repair. Being President of the U.S. is much more than being a “Good Guy”.

Independents are going to have to go this alone. Come join us if you believe in the Constitution.


I want to thank you for tuning in, reading, watching, and most of all spreading this around.

UPDATE ON THE United States Supreme Court case Judy v. Obama Motion for Reconsideration found here:

Delivered to the United States Supreme Court Nov. 6th, 2012 at 11:05AM
Priority Mail®
November 06, 2012, 11:05 am
Expected Delivery By:
November 3, 2012
Delivery Confirmation™

Every American should be very happy that this action, Judy v. Obama 12-5276, was not made "moot" by a Mitt Romney win.

Cody Robert Judy

Monday, November 5, 2012

SCOTUS Election Announcement Presidential Elections Contested & 1st 2016 Pres. Election Commercial


The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign has two very important announcements.

First the United States Supreme Court (has/is) (received/receiving) the formal MOTION FOR RECONSIDERATION of the Writ of Certiorari in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 that is found on this Scribd link:

This very well may be the first legal 2012 election challenge that will be noticed in the United States Supreme Court after the election itself.

Confirmation has still not been received of delivery, though expected delivery date has passed as of 4:27pm Nov. 5th, 2012. This means that confirmation might be expected on Election Day Nov. 6th,2012.

Priority Mail®
Processed through USPS Sort Facility
November 03, 2012, 9:34 am
Expected Delivery By:
November 3, 2012
Delivery Confirmation™

Today also marks the Premiere release of the 1st 60 Second 2016 Presidential Election Commercial for Cody Robert Judy as an Independent Party Candidate for United States President. This is an important 'NOTICE' because in the Keyes (Barnett) v. Obama decision the 10th Circuit ruled that it did not appear that the Candidates for the 2008 Election were still involved in getting Elected to that office in 2012, thus maintaining their "Standing", and as such their complaint on Obama's eligibility and grounds for relief were seen as moot.

With Polls at a near tie in Ohio the race with the Republican Nominee Mitt Romney and the Democratic Nominee Barack Obama may be difficult to call - who will be the major party or group of losers that may stir an eligibility challenge?

If Barack Obama loses in a very close race, perhaps the Democratic Party will become dis-enchanted with Obama and question his legal standing to even be on the Ballot in the first place protesting the election of Mitt Romney and the dis-enfranchisement of every Democratic Party Voter.

However, on the flip side of the coin, if Mitt Romney were to lose the electoral college vote, Republicans faced with another 4 years of Barack Obama's ineligibility may throw down the gauntlet on Barack Obama's fraud and forgery, insisting the Democratic Party never did put up a legal and qualified candidate and so their nominee should win by forefoot. Of course we all know if that happens Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity will indeed be in tears with wrenched hands and bowel problems, nevertheless it just might be the best lesson they have learned in their life.The Constitution is a power to be reckoned and the party who dismisses it, does so at its own peril.

One must ask themselves the question, "if Republicans had a choice between another 4 years of rule in the White House with Barack Obama or supporting Cody Robert Judy's eligibility challenge of Barack Obama which one they would choose?" Which one do you think they would choose?

In either case, Cody Robert Judy v. Barack Obama Case No. 12-5276 is indeed available to any particular political affiliate who sees a need to finally take a stand for the Constitution whether in the Judicial or Legislative Branch of the Government. While the Judicial Branch may have think they 'hood winked' the election, Republicans do have the ability to lay waste to Obama's fraud and forgery in open session of Congress as he is a disability according to the 14th Amendment Section 3.

It will be quite interesting to see who is willing to concede the election based on the fraud and forgery Barack Hussein Obama has presented to the public.

Cody Robert Judy