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FOX NEWs unloaded on Obama this week with a couple of their superstars. Sean Hannity and Judge Jeanine Pirro, as a guest on the Michael Savage Show, in a closely approximated narrative blurting out “Manchurian Candidate” and the "I" (Impeachment) word with Obama as the declarative nativity surrounding the circumstances of their displeasure.

Is this feigned disgust or just another one of the rant and raves we’ve become accustomed to with Fox acting out in panderous outrage about the latest scandal with the promise of a parent that if he does it “one more time” after the 24 other scandals he’s through, insinuated former 1998 House prosecutor of Bill Clinton's Impeachment trial S.C. Senator Lindsey Graham whose facing a primary in deep rooted red state this Tuesday.

How many parents would literally let their kid get away with 24 and counting scandals and issue ultimatums that if it occurred one more time they would discipline the child? I don't believe there's anyone from South Carolina that would let that happen in their home. We have literally seen Congress throw a temper tantrum at Obama with the “Enforce the Law Act” passed in 2014, yet Obama as the belligerent child has basically turned the tables on Congress. One wonders if the Legislative Branch has a check and balance equally on the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch how is Obama so errant. How does he gloat with such disdain if the check and balance system is so effective? What does he have over Congress? How is he able to treat them like puppets on a string?

Blackmail is the use of threats to prevent another from engaging in a lawful occupation of writing libelous letters or letters that provoke a breach of the peace. The offense of blackmail is often taken or carried out during an act of robbery. This occurs when an offender makes a threat of immediate violence towards someone in order to make a gain as part of a theft. For example , “your money or your life”, is an unlawful threat of violence in order to gain property. Blackmail is an act, often a crime, involving unjustified threats t make a gain or cause loss to another unless a demand is met. It may be defined as coercion involving threats of physical harm, threat of criminal prosecution, or threats issued for the purposes of taking the person’s money or property. Blackmail can be considered a form of extortion or taking of personal property by threat of future harm.

The short answer to this quarry is Congress has used up its “check and balance” powers with the Executive Branch under Obama, and Obama knows it. Creating a legislative act to state what the executive branch is rogue as Congress did in the entitled “Enforce the Law Act” was about as severe a measure as Congress can put out to announce their displeasure with action of the President to enforce the laws. Of course this Act feigns disgust to their constituency at home as a matter of fact. Therein lays both another problem and the question.

You see somehow, some way Congress bought into the fact that Obama was eligible to serve as Commander in Chief in the Office of the President simply because of an “Election”. Now you might think or say, “Cody, after an election it’s all over, that’s it”. If you are saying that it is simply your naiveté about the Constitution’s language that if a “President elect” shall fail to have qualified he can be removed in many ways but for Obama as a disability”.

You mean to tell me that after an election if the President fails to qualify under the Constitution’s qualifications clauses he can still never be allowed to hold the Office of the President? Yes, that’s right. Election be damned, the Constitution’s qualifications for the Office of the President is what comes first and foremost. That is the oath all take before they even get to Congress, over and above bringing the pork home. So, how did this “Pass” Obama received slide out from under Congress’s noses and how does it prevent Congress from acting in a more severe measure to “impeach” or "remove" Obama?

Well, no one knows better than Obama that he actually isn’t qualified as a natural born citizen. Yes, you heard me right, no one knows better than Obama himself. Oh the tangled web of regret Congress has now in tangling with the spider that has them all wrapped up. The tailored way this happened actually occurred when Obama was a Senator in Congress himself.

A deal was constructed with the Democrat Party and the Republican Party that McCain would get his ‘non-binding’ U.S. Senate Resolution 511 declaring him a ‘natural born citizen’ from at least half of Congress and Obama would never be challenged on his because the deal would have been impossible without the majority of the Democrat Senators voting for it along with every Republican U.S. Senate accept Sen. McCain. (Text of 511 here.)

D- Senator Barack Obama and D- Senator Hillary Clinton were actually co-sponsors of that non-binding senate resolution but EVERY SINGLE Republican Senator voting for it added another nail to the coffin of the Constitution, accept McCain who abstained from it basking in the glory he had been drafted by his esteemed colleagues who insisted even upon his adamant vote to refuse such glad tidings. Who would have ever thought a non-binding U.S. Senate Resolution would have such a long lasting and incredible defense for Obama and simultaneously cost Americans untold fortunes through future generations?

There was no objection vote in Congress’s Counting of the Electorate in 2008 because every U.S. Republican Senator had bet heavy on McCain and come up short losing their bet in the election. They would just have to ‘deal’ with Obama even though they might not like it for four years until Gov. Romney would bail them out right?

Certainly they could handle it for 4 more years; they’d done it with Clinton but they had “impeachable powers over Clinton to keep him in line a little bit, and they demonstrated it over a little lie to Congress. Obama has over 24 scandals, big ones, and nothing? Who can escape the illogical and apparently obvious fairness of it all?

In the U.S. Senate Resolution every single Republican U.S. Senator had basically voted to change the Constitution of the United States without consulting the House of Representatives, because their vote was a vote for a ‘hands off’ Obama on his Eligibility Question in exchange for McCain’s Res. 511 which Republicans did not have the vote to carry in a majority controlled U.S. Senate in 2008. Why do you think Democrats were so eager to say, “Sure, we’ll give that to your boy, Sen. McCain”? We won’t allow partisanship to stand in the way of something like that.

Now when someone’s got you over a barrel because you’ve done something wrong in the first place, they can roll you over and over and over that same barrel because the only way to get off that barrel is to admit you did something wrong in the first place. That is always hard to do. As a lie is built upon so are the cost of the lie increased and also the damages of the lie recognized as needing to be defended until it’s “too big to fail”. When did we start hearing that? Federal Reserve Chairmen Ben Bernanke defined it in 2010.

But Truth was what we were taught would prevail. Truth is what we were told would set us free, and cannot stand a lie, especially when the cost of defending the lie threatens the national security of U.S. Sovereignty and future generations wanting and deserving a chance at American’s opportunity and dream. Let me tell you something about former SOS Hillary Clinton's vision of 'globalization'.

It doesn't bode well with individualism and the blessings we seek here in the United States of American. It bodes well with a sacrifice of the individual's rights for what the State sees as the greater good. That message is being channeled through everything she's apart of and says "State first, Individual second" right down to her clothing if you have an understanding of it.
Globalization at what cost? The cost is greatest with the individual, the threat of the individual is the greatest threat perceived by the State. That was the fear of allowing the United States to exist in the first place remember!

Congress can threaten to impeach Obama, but no one knows better than Obama that you cannot “impeach” a person in the Office of the President who isn’t qualified. Impeachment is reserved specifically for a “qualified person in the Office of the President” who has done something wrong. We all recall former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment due to a lie stated under oath to Congress that he had not has sex with Monica Lewinsky, which Lewinsky’s own affidavit and testimony confirmed.

What put President Clinton over the barrel were actual recorded conversations Lewinsky had with a friend she did not know about that were recorded. When those tapes came out Lewinsky’s own word was as muted as President Clinton’s was. She couldn't cover for him with a lie anymore. Sex was not what the Impeachment was about; it was about lying to Congress, impeding justice in a cover-up of what had actually happened. It was the truth we wanted.

If those tapes had not been made and released the whole thing would have never been uncovered. President Clinton surmised it better to be prosecuted for lying than a sexual relationship with an employee or intern subject to his authority. In the end it proved the best course and the U.S. Senate excused him. That acted as a dousing hose on the flame in the House of Representatives. So picture Congress saying to Obama we're going to impeach you and Obama saying "You Can't" as his defense! Congress is caught in their own trap, and Sen. Hillary Clinton is a big part of it and has been from the beginning. She was of course a co-sponsor of U.S. Sen. Res 511.

Now over the course of five years many laws and policies have been enacted under Obama including the granddaddy of them all Obamacare- indeed 1/5 of the entire U.S. economy is under this Act. 1/5 of the entire U.S. Economy represents a lot of money that Congress didn’t have to spend before and now they do. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats want it to “Go Away” due to it not being signed by an eligible President. Like U.S. Sen. Res 511, the Republicans and Democrats are united on Obamacare. If that wasn't true Republicans wouldn't have financed it in the House.

You do recall that every Act must be signed by a Qualified President right? Think about the "National Defense Authorization Act", that provides indefinite detention of terrorism suspects without trial.

All those laws and all that money, and all that 'control', would just go “poof” if Obama was found “ineligible” to be signing with the authority granted a President’s pen in the Office of the President. Congress would in affect be throwing out a ton of work they have been doing for years. The more time Obama has been in office the more laws have been passed and in such the more insurance Obama has that his “Eligibility” as President would never be questioned in Congress.

The more insurance Obama has that:

1) Congress wouldn’t/doesn’t want to lose all their work, and
2) Congress would not want to admit they did something wrong by not challenging his eligibility right at first regardless of the bi-partisan pass that was given to their loser McCain in Sen. Res. 511.

At least admit with me that had Republicans challenged Obama on his eligibility it would have been an injury to their cooperation with Democrats with U.S. Sen. Res 511. Now you know why Obama can push them over and over the over the same barrel and they just emphatically claim Obama won the election and there's nothing we can do about his fraud and forged documents of identity. In fact, we just have to tell America that forensics on documents is a lie and keep repeating it until its believed.

Obama knows they cannot “impeach” someone who isn’t qualified. Impeachment is reserved for a qualified person who’s done something wrong. The only measure left to Congress is to toss all their work out and admit they messed up pushing politics over principles of the Constitution in order to gain powers since U.S. Sen. Res. 511 was passed.

This is the tailor made blackmail Obama has come to push the envelope on over and over and over in scandal after scandal after scandal.It wouldn't be blackmail if the Constitution was being upheld, it would be politics, but Obama's a walking talking violation of it in the Office of the President. That makes it blackmail. He knows, Congress knows it, we all know it, but Congress doesn't want to trash all the work built up on Obama's false narrative so they keep building upon it which is only going to increase the toxicity and damage of it when it crashes.

The only freedom from this tailor made blackmail is that Congress hold a “disability-impeachment” proceeding which effectively removes Obama as an unqualified candidate and certainly gives up every law that has been signed by Obama as pending for the next qualified person in the Office of the President. I think we could actually make it through that transition smoother than anyone might think.

Now you know what’s at stake, the interesting question to ask is, “if you were in Congress which way would you go?” Well, of course to the Congress as of now they have sided with Obama and the cover-up right through 24 scandals and counting.

The latest has Americans’ screaming about the exchange of 5 Taliban Leaders for one soldier who has allegedly been reported as a deserter by some of his fellow soldiers but has been called by the Obama Administrations Susan Rice as serving honorably. The same Susan Rice who was the star of the Sunday talk shows in claiming Benghazi was the result of a videotape that an investigation supported by Congress has now been leveled as false and Benghaze preventable.

Congress now debates their bloody noses being rubbed in the dirt of Obama’s ineligibility at the cost of 13 years of war in Afghanistan, all the life’s that have been lost, and all of the danger now presented to Americans for a greater incentive to take American’s hostage all over a non-binding U.S. Senate Resolution allowing a unqualified candidate who was not born in the United States to be declared by an Act of Naturalization that he was a “natural born citizen”. The second such Act of Congress the Senator from Arizona has had on his foreign alien-ship.

Do you think it was worth it? All of the life’s lost, all of McCain’s contributions a waste, all of Romney’s contributions a waste, all of the money Afghanistan has cost in getting the 5 caught and captured over the ten years a waste, all of the 24 scandals and counting Congress has not been able to do a thing about, and all of the cost and rights those scandals have cost every single American?

Only one candidate for President in America sued McCain and Obama in 2008 and 2012 that has continually held his hand out to Congress and the Judicial Branch Courts as an aide and a servant of the Constitution in “Standing” to stop the madness. Only one candidate in America with a record of holding ‘principle’ over ‘politics’ regardless of party and irrespective of race. That candidate is I, Cody Robert Judy, and of course that’s another big reason Congress with all of its potential presidential candidates thus far refuses to shake my hand in the offer. Ask yourself a good question, "Who resents the truth and Why?".

In shaking my hand, they also admit they have allowed this mess and it doesn’t bode well on their aspirations for President. That is what you call a tailored blackmail because the Constitution is what’s right and every Congressmen and Justice for that matter is being held up from doing what’s right because they are caught doing what isn’t right and that is covering up this identity scandal and the Constitution's claims about it. They’d just as soon keep me covered up in the dust of the dustpan, which represents the biggest cover-up of all.

Your recognition of this is the other key of the puzzle. In truth We The People indeed do have a choice right now to support the truth and pass it on. "Truth is Real" may seem like kind of a weird campaign slogan when you first read it. However, reflect on it abit. Think about the destruction a lie can cause in your marriage, in your business dealings. When you have been lied to and lied to and lied to what becomes so valuable that you would price it like gold in value? Truth.

If you think “Truth” is worth it, support it and quit supporting the lie. That is the beginning of change, or we can just keep on going down this road and see where it leads with Obama. Which is it going to be?


I'd sure appreciate your helping me out in the American Birther Campaign (ABC) Campaign for Cody Robert Judy for President 2016. Thank you for your consideration.

Cody Robert Judy
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I-Report CNN National Treasure 2 I Am The Birther King Secrets of the Clown


The following is a very long post divided into THREE PARTS.
Part II. Chronology of Revelations,
Part III. ANALYSIS OF FIRE- Conference with Doug Vogt


Two different on-going investigations capture the attention of the public spotlighting the soiled and nauseating state-of-affairs leading Barack Obama out on the porch in the opining ceremony with United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts administering what would be a scrubbed oath of the Office of the President precipitating his residence in the White House.

Why did it matter that one Freudian slip had occurred in that first undertaking triggering an additional second ceremony with Obama to sure up the proper language for the Chief, if Chief Justice John Roberts wasn’t disturbed with his inaccuracy why should Obama be in repeating the faux pas representing a spotty assault of misjudgment in the highest office in the land?

Obama had been elected what else mattered? According to many that is all that mattered. Obama didn’t see it that way. Obama was so concerned about the way the public might see it that he insisted. Indeed “how it looks” could be the sub-text title of Obama being booked, excuse me I meant to say his book. Obama wanted a mulligan; a do-over, to which Chief Justice Roberts acquiesced.

One could ponder that if the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court was not concerned about re-construction of the Constitution in the one sentence found as the oath of the President in the United States Constitution (U.S.C.), why would he be concerned with the one sentence in it describing the qualifications for that office in the United States Constitution that requires a ‘natural born citizen’?

Indeed it would seem Obama should be less concerned as a walking talking two-term violation; Chief Justice Roberts more concerned in lifetime tenure, but things were backwards and it all revolved around the word “Faithfully”.

The importance of the word and its placement in the sentence cannot be understated because to “execute the Office of the President to the United States faithfully” could be seen as a communist manifesto dictator’s command to assassinate the office, and means something entirely different than an elected patriot’s service to, “faithfully execute the Office of the President to the United States”.

We read in the Bible Revelation 19:11, ‘And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.’

Obama had been trained to read a teleprompter of speeches without error and his training took over in a demand to recite the oath correctly administered - practice makes perfect- not necessarily. However it can be stated in Obama’s demand to retake the oath he joined Chester Arthur who also obfuscated the qualification of a natural born citizen going so far as to burn a British foreign citizenship out of his history as his father was naturalized in August of 1843 and Arthur was born in 1829. Obscuring true history is actually what an unqualified candidate for the Office of the President has to do in an effort to obtain their treasured goal as we are now starting to see with the efforts of Sen. Ted Cruz renouncement of Canadian Citizenship and a couple of straw poll wins in the Republican Party.

Yes, two investigations, One investigation of the Cold Case Posse ( CCP) features additional technicalities or errors of the long form birth certificate that surround a clouded identity that over 200 Arizona Surprise Tea Party patriots had rallied their Sheriff up to investigate in an effort to sabotage a well orchestrated campaign for Obama’s second term. What else could you call anything like that honestly when it happened three months before the 2012 election and four years after the first election?

One could fairly ask the question, “Where was their concern and support when McCain born outside the parameters of the U.S., on foreign soil inheriting naturally by soil that foreign citizenship, not in any dedicated military hospital, his citizenship also baring the official mark of two Congressional Acts constituting naturalization? I have not seen the language in the Constitution as of yet stating, “If the favored candidate in your “Political Party” is not qualified the Constitution’s qualifications no longer apply because popularity trumps principle”, but that is the mark of what’s happening in our Republic.

As a candidate in the 2008 Presidential Election suing McCain in Federal Court was not easy. I didn’t receive any of their support monetarily and I know I didn’t receive their votes. In fact their actions supporting McCain, as well as the rest of the Republican’s have tarnished the principles of the Constitution’s qualification for the Office of the President with the racism charge brought out as a full force defense weapon. Showcasing conservative hypocrisy is a favorite and their own actions passing McCain and Objecting to Obama constituted a harmful action and the Mainstream Media hasn't missed the easy pounce. Just ask Donald Trump.

This assertion has not won me any speaking invitations or any popularity straw poll contest with either Republicans or Democrats who’ve seen my lawful acts in Court on McCain and Obama’s qualification in defense of the U.S.C.’s qualification as a kind of self-mutilation action- kind of like blowing off both your legs and believing you still can walk. Truth is I certainly didn't sue McCain and Obama on the NBC Clause because I didn't like Republicans or Democrats. I did it because I love the Constitution more than the parties.

Indeed if both main parties have combined in agreement on dismembering the qualification in Congress shaking hands on non-binding U.S. Senate Resolution 511, as D-Sen. Obama, D-Sen. H. Clinton, and R-Sen. McCain did, the only leg left I had to appeal to was the Judicial Branches defense of an individual Party found in the Constitution’s assertion there was a clause-claim of “Justice For All” in the pledge of allegiance. I certainly am part of "All".

I’ve struggled to mount that horse clinging to its neck like you would a bolting horse amid the bombs bursting in air not wanting to be seen as the same threat as the fire over head to an animal that can hardly tell the difference in its automatic flight and fight tendencies. Difficulty is an understatement, building trust a time consuming detail not readily afforded, and mission impossible more tuned to the description.

The other off-shoot of the CCP investigation is reported to be much a more detailed or personal criminal investigation or “who-done-it-investigation” controlled or fueled by an official action/investigation of the Sheriff’s Office paid for with tax-payer money, then the volunteer extension arm of the CCP paid for with contributions rather than the tax dollars: feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

My interest in this “Criminal Investigation” actually begins and ends with seeing it concluded, because it is in fact serving notoriously as a distraction from the principles in the natural born citizen clause of the Constitution that was included as a qualification for the purpose of serving as a natural defense by rendering two generations between any foreign citizenship in the Office of the President, that was by the way, not included for U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators qualifications.

One might gather from that, service in either of those two bodies was not a requirement or qualification to be President either, though popularity might deem it so to the clamor of Governors and Mayors. Indeed, how they all must think their “Elected Office” is the best pre-requisite, yet the opposite is now true it seems for none have defended the actual qualifications for the Office of the President holding “Party” higher the “Principle” as the necessary means to money in order to get elected.

While I understand my faithful readers might be shaking their heads at my prescript bullet points here they have heard and read ad-nauseam, I cannot for the life of me begin without their declarations as solid foundation material to build upon. On the President’s shoulders sits a burden to be true and faithful to the word of the law in its execution or action. The President must carefully and faithfully balance both directions from the Legislative Branch and interpretations from the Judicial Branch with defending, protecting, and preserving the Constitution of the United States of America.

This balancing act if you will is a check and balance of the President’s Authority in the Executive Branch to the other two legs often walking in their own directions and treading on the Constitution as much a domestic enemy to the Constitution’s principles as a terrorists plot to destroy from inside as from some outside existential foreign nation plot to overthrow the United States.

If U.S. non-binding Sen. Res. 511 serves for no other purpose it serves us well here in understanding the catastrophic blow to the Constitution a bipartisan effort creates in illegal construction on the Constitution for the sole purpose of the ego, political agenda of these three Senators in getting elected to the Office of the President.

It has to be one of the all time dumbest political decisions for a qualified candidate like former Sen. Hillary Clinton to hop on board with unqualified candidates when she could have crushed both of them utilizing properly a sound defense of the Constitution. Benghazi pales in comparison to the damages she cost herself in that perilous action for popularity.


I’ve never really been accepted into the “Birther Crowd” per say. I understood completely they may have felt my own history of incarceration on the record didn’t warrant their support of any kind regardless of the unlawful prosecution surrounding the circumstances of it. The exception of that might be Rev. Dr. Manning of the Atlah Church in New York. I say that “might” simply because of his hospitality to me while I was invited out to the 2010 CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trail held under the U.S.C’s 10th Amendment to testify as a Presidential Candidate who had sued both McCain and Obama rendering a fair equality to the principles of the qualification within any community, but most importantly to the Jury selected from all over the United States.

Wayne Allan Root a V.P. candidate in 2008 in the Libertarian Party was Pastor Manning’s first choice but he backed out concerned about his own political future in such a bold stand. I was all that God had sent Pastor Manning as far as Presidential Candidates able to declare to the Jury an infringement legally upholding the very important “standing precedent” served well with my testimony. He dealt the hand in front of him, calling me on the stand and placing me under oath, and to his surprise God had provided everything he’d hoped for and much more then he’d expected. God has a reputation for doing that when we humbly do everything we can.

Pastor Manning’s whole trial nearly imploded when his hopes of Orly Taitz serving as legal prosecutor were cast aside by her own cautionary involvement finally getting the best of her. She sabotaged him on her own promise and commitment the very last minute she possibly could. The trial would have gone down in flames indeed if he had not accepted the calling for him to step up to the plate and serve in her place armed with a keen sense of communication and understanding of law well developed in his doctorate study and master of the canonical text the Bible. If there is one thing the study of Bible is, it’s the study of law.

To my understanding many witnesses actually had their way paid out to New York and their accommodations paid for beforehand, which was not the case for me. In fact as I drove out to New York from Nevada sleeping in a work trailer at truck stops and scrimping on meals for gas I was completely broke by the time I arrived and I had no idea if my testimony would even be used in the shadow of Wayne Allan Roots expected testimony. After the trial I pleaded owing to my poverty I had not the gas to even get back home and the Church took up a collection for me I was so grateful for. I was however not asked later to serve on the Committee to release the trial transcripts as others were who had testified such as Miki Booth whom I will get to a little later, and have been asked just twice to be on two 10 minute segments of the 3 hour Manning Show over the last 4 years as my case proceeded through the U.S. Supreme Court.

Birther Queen served the Main Stream Media sensation in Orly Taitz. She spun out on me like a crazy top in 2012 when she was refused practice in Georgia Pro Hac Vice and I had to step up to the plate in her stead like Pastor Manning had, or face implosion of my own case in Georgia’s Superior Court appealed to Georgia Supreme Court and finally to U.S. Supreme Court.

She spun out on me again at the hint of a Congressional Hearing which I had appealed for in both the Republican and Democratic Party leadership circles of both Houses of the Legislative Branch becoming my worst nightmare in the Birther Crowd taking the unlawful prosecution of my past and putting that right back in front of everyone without a call or concern in the least and certainly not including my defense.

I had highlighted for both Houses of the Legislative Branch advantageous political rewards if they would simply conduct hearings and Orly not only went ballistic she went to war pulling up prosecutorial mental health evaluations without any of the rebuttals or defenses I had used to overcome and gain a trusted stand with. Wasn’t this a little unusual even unethical practice expected from an attorney because of one story ‘hinting’ at Congressional Hearings from someone who had once served as my attorney?

I thought it was; especially considering even political candidates I’d met in races for Congress and the U.S. Senate over the past 12 years have chosen not to go back 20 years in digging for dirt as it could easily backfire if the public took an interest in truth. It wasn’t necessarily Orly’s ability to hurt me politically as an opposing candidate as we’ve never run a race against each other, as I considered it interestingly enough her sabotage of the Birther Movement at the hint of Congressional hearings. If she’s the Birther Queen hoping and praying with her last breath Obama is removed why sabotage an effort to bring that into a Congressional Hearing? Two possibilities exist: A) her ego spun into a jealous rage because she wants credit. B) She’s working for Obama and not against Obama. Indeed she continues to have the exact same problem she has always had no matter what direction she goes "standing", no one has been hurt by Obama directly she's represented in away that also is not seen as racist.

I constantly urged the Birther’s to get together and support a laser focus in the elections where it counts in the political race of the President of which I’ve been a candidate over the last two cycles but to put it plainly I’ve probably received contributions from only a couple of dozen people in two Presidential Contest spanning over 7 years that you would say was on the fringes or outskirts of the Birther Movement, nothing from inside the Birther Movement. No money, no votes, and not many “likes” on my facebook, although I have near 5,000 friends.

It’s as if the Birther Movement in general for me has, from my significant and unique post, been a non-participating audience. It’s as if they said they were in my corner, but there is no record of them in my corner and there are records of attacks as I mentioned with Orly. Why is a worthy question given the extent of my faithfulness to the principles of the Constitution, especially given the disregard of so many others receiving support? Many Americans are upset about the scandals and do not want to recognize they are only symptoms of a head that is very sick that would not be there if the simple qualifications for President were upheld. Support for a Candidate saying this is all the political arena needs to see and it would change.


I’d like to propose a little parable that mirrors some thoughts I now have of the Birther Movement. At what point do you call someone who’s been your friendly next door neighbor an intruder who’s taken over your home and is now sleeping with your wife, acting as the father for your children and eating you out of house and home because you’re a nice guy and were distracted?

Of course it didn’t start out that way. You invited him over for dinner. You had to go to work. Do some shopping and one thing just lead to another? Your wife fell in bed with him on accident. Your kids fell in love with him playing the funny rabbit game, and then suddenly you’ve noticed you’re spending your time outside the home, still paying the bills, but it’s been taken over. He’s living inside it with your family raising them entirely different then what you had in mind and everyone’s just going along with it.

That’s what I think Obama has done with the Birther Movement from the very beginning and it’s becoming more and more apparent. Obama created the Birther Movement first by just simply not being transparent. Most people let him off the hook with that promise. You all know this. If Obama was true and faithful, a release of his personal documents long form, short form, college transcripts, draft registration, and any other document that was needed to blow the covers out of the Birther Movement could have happened in a week or less. Obama's released nothing but forgeries on his identity, so he still hasn't been transparent or faithful with you about his ineligibility. You know if there was nothing to hide and he wasn't illegal, then he certainly would have no reason to carry this on for 6 years don't you?

I’ve released all that information myself as a candidate and I’m not even close to the job. Obama knows he’s hiding things about his identity and so do you. His own actions created The Birther Movement for and as an opposition, to control, as an opposition to keep your mind off his taking over your house, family, while you paid for it. That’s not dumb, it’s criminally brilliant. The natural born citizen clause is the only thing that turns national security against Obama instead of allowing him to use it, employ it, as a safety net of justification for scandals.

The good news is that the more people that are on to Obama being the undercover president and sponsor of the Birther Movement in a plan to control his political adversary so he could actually control the whole political field, the better off we are going to be.

The problem with that is a great division takes place and people you’ve called your family, people you’ve spent time with, people you’ve rubbed shoulders with, and ate with at your table, you have to break away from and call criminals because they have literally robbed you blind and counted on the fact that you would do nothing because you were a nice guy and they justified their wrong actions based on a selfish interest they had.

If you do nothing they have no qualms whatsoever in the conquest of taking over your home and family. They are ravenous obnoxious crude and lawless wolves in your house and they believe they are liked and entitled because of these characteristics. They actually were rewarded by those characteristics for a time but now you have to take a stand, cut the reward out, and call them on their behavior in order to protect your family and your house.

If you understand spies, moles, and traitors in your house, their job is to object in a way you’d approve. They act as your friend, maybe even your best friend. Remember Jesus picked out Judas who betrayed him with a kiss for 30 pieces of silver, but not before getting into his confidence, eating with him, living with him, following him. Jesus apparently didn’t have a lot of collections or contributions happening either even though he was defending the principles. You might have already made the deduction that if Jesus had been paying his apostles more money the 30 pieces of silver wouldn’t have been valued as much in the first place? Of course Christ knew he needed Judas and for many purposes.

The rigorous shaking of the house ought to be handled and respected by everyone in order to preserve the house. Someone who’s true through and through can handle a shaking up. For them there is nowhere else they want to be. I knew a man who was the President of his company once who in a business meeting took his second and chewed him up one side and down the other for something he did not do. The second could have easily left embarrassed, shamed, and angry, at the fault he was accused of and innocent of, but instead he asked the President what he wanted him to do. The President apologized and said, “Nothing, I love you; you passed”. The point here is what? Sometimes you do have a traitor in your midst, and when you do even though you're a friend, you've ate with them, you have to fire them.

When you understand your house is under attack anyone living in the house and under that roof needs to be able to handle a shake down. If they can’t handle a shake down, or the facts thrown at them in the assumptions of accusations, they just aren’t true and in fact they are causing you more damage and harm than good posing as a friend so they can stab you in the back. They are an enemy in your house and they are the worse kind of enemy.

I was never asked to be part of the Birther Summit September 2011 Dean Haskins-Miki Booth principle leaders involved with that and I was not asked to be part of the Constitutional Election Summit May of 2012 in Texas leaders included
Wiley Drake, Orly Taitz, Miki Booth, Carl Gallups, Rev. Dr. James David Manning, which I do not relate as something I'm upset about as much as I do that you can have an understanding I really haven't been a BIG BIRTHER, or appreciated as one even though I am the only Candidate for President in American who wasn't a racist and sued Mccain and Obama on the principle because they both equally had violated the Constitution. Both main parties are in on this. I am the opposition to the joined together "Demcrats/Republicans".

Right now the Constitutional incompetence neutering the authority of the Executive Branch has all of us really living without any Constitutional Rights by authority. This is very serious and precariously dangerous margin call to find ourselves in. We probably should have been history two weeks ago and we are held together only by the grace of God as it were by a thread. Who would have ever imagined such a state for us to sink to?


Yesterday (June 1st,2014) I had a conference call with Doug Vogt from approximately 10pm to 10:55pm MST. He was very polite in returning my call within an hour from the time I had left a message. I felt I had questions for him no one else could answer after pouring through his Affidavit in the United States Supreme Court as well as the sealed one that a reporter had gone in and unsealed because the U.S. Supreme Court refused to unseal it.

I felt I understood the reasons Doug had sealed it so that no one’s feelings would get hurt in case he was wrong. This is what a Grand Jury does is elaborate on the evidences. His question to the U.S.S.C did after all involve wither a citizen had the right to submit evidence to a Grand Jury in an alleged commission of a crime if an attorney general was blocking that right or did not see fit to submit the evidence.

The problem Doug had was again what has been Obama’s greatest defense, he had no relative standing claiming he was harmed in any particular instance that could not be generalized as the same hurt by everyone one of the public. While litigants can be awarded the right to submit evidence to a Grand Jury by a Court at the very least compelling evidence must be shown of damage in the criminal action that was so ignored by a capable federal prosecutor.

Here is where “Ego” hits the pavement again, and champions of intelligence, facts, and truth, miss their mark because they 1) had no substantial injury 2) refused to collaborate with someone who did like me in my political campaign and race with Obama!

In fact when I talked to Doug I explained my case with the U.S. Supreme Court which he related he’d never heard of before and for which he gathered to himself no collective thought of coming together in the instance when I asked him if my case proceeded if he’d be willing to testify if the need arose. He rather reflected that’s not how things worked in the U.S. Supreme Court and only people who were qualified could practice in front of it. I agreed, but also inserted I was the only one they could talk to in hearing if they so wanted to hear about my case unless they assigned counsel that would still give me a pretty good seat in the house.

All of this aside let me get back to the value of the information Doug provides as credible analysis of the fraudulent identification documents Obama has employed in his own interest; it certainly isn’t me rejecting the help Doug Vogt can give to my case with the expert opinion of his regarding the authenticity of the documents Obama presented as genuine in the White House Press core room and rest assured I won’t let his ego stand in the way of my calling him again if the need should arise. Doug asserted a theory of who was involved in committing the forgery(s) of Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate in the unsealed U.S. Supreme Court document that involved five people:

1-Loretta Fuddy former and now deceased Hawaii Department of Health Director

2-Alvin T. Onaka Ph.D., Hawaii State Registrar

3-Dr. Conspiracy- Kevin Davidson- Author of 7 year running Obama propaganda tool smear and poke-fun-of-The Birther’s up- and-down-left-and-right site

4-Johanna Ah’Nee Randolph-Hawaii Resident & Commuter Graphics Artist and sweet dear friend to Miki Booth and Al who is also her employer that owns a printing shop in Hawaii

5-Miki Booth- long time Hawaii Resident known as The Birther Princess Author of Memoirs of a Community Organizer from Hawaii- Hawaii Birth Certificate Collector –Electronics sales person and former sales manager for Hilton Waikola Village and very prominent and beloved member of The Birther Family.

Before speaking directly with Doug Vogt on Sunday Night, I had put together the following chronology of events or points-of-interest surrounding and including Miki Booth’s involvement because her and Doug’s exchange had graced attention in a blog piece I’d wrote May 13, 2014, while I at the same time I was going through the 26 pages of Doug’s Unsealed Affidavit as well the 20 points of fraud held in his original or Unsealed Affidavit that technically shred Obama’s long form birth certificate as fabricated by a graphics and copy expert, and included other witness(s) and legal information in his Petition for Certiorari.

I think it’s important for everyone to remember Doug Vogt’s expertise was referred heavily and relied heavily upon in the Surprise Tea Party Patriot’s 240+ signed petition August 2011 to their Sheriff Joe Arpaio before the Cold Case Posse was born and that after it was born Doug Vogt’s expertise was continually relied upon to examine documents both Jerome Corsi –author of- Where’s the Birth Certificate- and others had relied upon.


First -I was shocked to hear Miki Booth say in her interview published with the Post & Email May 15th 2014, that her friend Johanna Ah’Nee received her birth certificate in 1995 because I had just read Orly Taitz assertions that she emailed Miki Booth and Johanna Ah’Nee in Dec. 11,2013 regarding their claim to her that they had tried to get their long form birth certificates but Hawaii had denied them, so Miki had gone to her friend Al who owns a printing shop in Hawaii and asked him if he could get someone he knew to go get one in 2009.

Chronology always helps you kind of understand the way things happen in order to gain a perspective so here we are a little rough as to content I was gleaning from my surfing trip on the Internet:

June 13, 2008 Pre-election Obama Camp releases Short Form B.C. prints Obama’ Birth Certificate The Final Chapter -

Brian Schatz – Aug 2008 Chairmen of the Hawaiian Democratic Party

December 8,2008 is born or birthed from Dr. Conspiracy Kevin Davidson- but it wasn’t until 2012 we found out from him who he was and that he had spent his career working for state and federal government agencies, primarily dealing with health care and vital records data systems. He designed and implemented the first electronic birth certificate printing system in 1977 and has since served on the National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems (NAPHSIS) Fraud Prevention Committee. He boasts attending presentations of vital records fraud and identity theft. He boasts being an active insider doing contract work even now, who certainly knows more than any Birther: Propaganda Wing for West Wing of Obama Administration lives reportedly through Jim Johnson former head of Fannie Mae 1991-1998 just behind
1999 Housing Crisis unlocked by President Bill Clinton (1993-2001)in repeal of Glass-Steagall.

2009 – April- Mr. Davidson/Dr. Conspiracy creates for some reason an Obama COLB LONG FORM RECONSTRUCTION. Modifies files in August –Types “African” in race box instead of Negro, Black, or Afro-American-Department of Health race classifications- Obama catches wind of Corsi’s book. (Vogt ref)

2009 According to the e-mail received by Taitz recently Al and Johanna Ah’Nee-Randolph went to Health Department after 2009, after Miki could not get her LFBC and the Health Department refused to give Johanna Ah’Nee her LFBC.

Feb 10, 2010 Miki Booth produces Hawaii L.F.B.C of her son reported by P&E John Charlton of the Post & Email prior to Sharon Rondeau’s acquiring it.
She’s noted for SHOCK and AWE as she runs to the front of a Tea Party gathering holding a Hawaiian birth certificate for everyone to see inserting herself squarely in the Birther Movement at that point with the connection as a resource for Hawaii’s long form Birth Certificates.

May 14th, 2010 Miki testifies at the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial held in New York at Atlah Church w Rev. Dr. James David Manning. This is where I first met Miki Booth also as I testified as a presidential Candidate.

Sept.29th 2010 Miki goes on a Cruise w WND and hands Corsi the binder of certificates; Corsi’s doing book research of “Where’s the Birth Certificate” that comes out May 17th 2011; Obama knows Corsi is working on the book significant because Democrats painfully recall Swift boat Book New York Times best seller “Unfit for Command” Corsi wrote seen to have rocked John Kerry’s candidacy for President. If Miki Booth’s birth certificates in the binder she hands’ him are faulty and relied upon it’s the perfect way to sabotage a book even before it comes out.

January 2011 towards end of January 2011 Loretta Fuddy appointed director of Hawaii Department of Health. Hawaii Governor Abercrombie friend of young Obama fires his first appointment 3 months into the job and appoints Loretta Fuddy USA Sebud Chair Leader, also was a close “SEBUD” spiritual friend of Obama’s Mother Stanley Ann Dunham.

May 2011 Miki asserts to Corsi her friend Johanna Ah’Nee would like to help him. Corsi meets up with her in a Hawaii Hotel where she gives him copies of her and her sons’ (Miki refer to a daughter in her book) Vogt ends up being asked by Corsi to take a look at these two.

Aug 7th,2011 10:30 pm Orly Taitz flys into Hawaii met by local attorney John Carroll and friend of Miki Booths Johanna Ah’Nee. She offered to help Orly with her case and drive her around. Orly turned her down, and rented a car herself. Another point of shaded revelation Miki has w her interview with P&E 5- -15-2014, where she very slightly describes Johanna’s involvement as so minor as to be inconsequential only directly giving Miki Booth her birth certificates. Orly’s experience omitted as well as Corsi’s with her.

2011-Johanna was referred to Attorney Orly Taitz in 2011 by Miki Booth, who knows Johanna’s employer, Al, owner of the printing shop: Sure Shot Graphics and Printing Supplies in Honolulu, HI.

Comment: Hawaiiborn April 7, 2011 at 1:15 pm #
. ahh from Miki Booth’s explanation on her facebook profile: A friend applied for it in person. Paid $10 bucks. It took exactly one week. A short-form can be obtained while you wait. I’ll be in Hawaii at the end of the month- (Also confirmed or referenced in Miki’s Book on page 129 Vogt ref.)

April 27th,2011 Obama releases Long Form Birth Certificate to White House Press Core a couple weeks before Jerome Corsi “Where’s the Birth Certificate” comes out, and prefaces May 1st, 2011 Osama bin Laden shooting and body burial at sea. Spotless, No “E” in Alvin T. Onaka Ph.D. Registrar of Hawaii Stamp 40 days before and 14 day after w other Hawaii Long Form B.C’s Vogt examines and includes - Registrar’s stamp information provided by Vogt’s Affidavit.

May 2011-Vogt Reports: Corsi meets Johanna in Mid May 2011 to give him a copy, she gave one to Orly Taitz and Miki Booth. This really implicates Johanna much as a much heavier player in this then Miki related in the interview with P&E which is a BIG source of trusted and reliable information for the Birther Family/Community. Has Editor P&E Sharon gone soft on Miki because of their close friendship and running around protest rallies together?

May 25th ,2011 “Obama Code” by Jerome Corsi
sites smiley face could be an ‘E’ “It is arguable, viewing the document at 1,600 magnification, that the smiley face could have been formed by inserting a stylized letter “E” into the rounded outside loop of the “A” in Alvin. The TXE and the smiley face in the stamp of Alvin T. Onaka Ph.D Registrar for Hawaii are not seen on other examples of the state registrar’s seal, such as the copy of a long-form birth certificate released by the Hawaii Department of Health as recently as March 15: Read more at
There was other phony stamps created to give the Registrar plausible deniability.

Sept. 2011 Miki makes a trip to Hawaii and reports Jesse Koike, a supervisor at the department of health said, “short form was only version available to requesters” where Miki pulls out Obama’s long form and says,‘ Oh yeah, Obama didn’t get a court order for this, you guys gave it to his lawyer Judith Corley’. (Judith Corley Esq. is retained by Obama to fly from Washington to Hawaii then to DC costing near $7,000 in expenses as preferred method of picking up Obama’s Long Form B.C. even after Hawaii Department receives Obama’s Personal letter requesting it. Obama asserts seamless trail of handling the long form is made rather than $14 dollars with mail carrier who may have, what, sabotaged his long form birth certificate? Or as Vogt speculates a payoff is delivered making a seamless paper trail of money transferred for certifying a fabrication?)

Dec 1, 2011 Miki to Hawaii to continue work for Birther Summit Dean C. Haskins pictured w Orly Taitz at the Hawaiian Elections Board Office

May 26th, 2012 Miki reports a day after speaking at the Constitutional Elections Summit in Dallas TX, she met Robert J. Groden, photographic Consultant to the House Select Committee on Assignations and Technical Advisor to Oliver Stone’s “JFK,” the day after I spoke at the Constitutional elections Summit in Dallas. Mr. Groden has debunked much of what is in the Warren Report but most Americans still believe the government’s official report. We agreed that there is a cover up of massive proportions going on regarding Obama’s background. He told me the CIA controls the press and showed me a copy of a CIA Dispatch which gives instruction on how to “employ propaganda assets to answer and refute the attacks of critics…” - See more at:

Nov. 30,2013 Taitz Emails Miki Booth and Johanna Ah’Nee Randolph asking a question that never gets answered (presumably because Miki had been caught in a lie or just failed to get back to Taitz “How did she get LFBC finally after the Health Department refused it to her in 2009?) (Is distance artificially created with this between Taitz and Booth?)

Dec 5th,2013 Dr. Conspiracy names Miki Booth in commenting on his article- I really don’t see any reason to think that Miki Booth was the unnamed Birther who promoted Vogt’s putative forger to send her birth certificate to Corsi.

Dec 2nd,2013
“A couple of days ago Taitz wrote to Miki Booth and Johanna Ah’Nee Randolph and asked how did Johanna finally got her BC after the Health Department refused to give it to her. Taitz did not get any response from either Miki Booth or Johanna. Taitz suspects that the alleged LFBC for Ah’Nee was a dry run for Obama. Investigation continues. This press release is being forwarded to Jerome Corsi with the request to safe keep the alleged original sent by Ah’Nee to him.”

Press Release from Attorney Orly Taitz Esq Site:
[In and around the time of Obama’s release of his alleged Long Form BC there was a release of another BC by a volunteer. Jerome Corsi and WND published this BC in a redacted form. Later a number of volunteers found the name of the volunteer in the Hi Advertiser based on her birth date August 23 and part of her mother’s name, which was not fully redacted. So from 2011 this bc was not a secret, it belonged to Johanna Ah’Nee .

[At issue is a discrepancy: Article by Jerome Corsi states that this BC was issued in 1995, it contains the back of the BC with the alleged 1995 stamp, however it conflicts with what she told her employer, namely that she did not have a long form bc as late as 2009.
[Johanna was referred to Attorney Orly Taitz in 2011 by Miki Booth, who knows Johanna’s employer, Al, owner of the printing shop, Sure Shot Graphics and Printing Supplies in Honolulu, HI.

[Her e-mail stated that Miki Booth asked Al to find a long form BC, as health department refused to give Miki her long form BC. After Miki Booth could not obtain her long form BC, she asked Al if he could go to the Health department with someone else and get it for another person.
According to the e-mail received by Taitz recently Al and Johanna Ah’Nee-Randlph went to Health Department after 2009, after Miki could not get her LFBC and the Health Department refused to give Johanna Ah’nee her LFBC.]

This contradicts with the article in WND by Jerome Corsi, whereby Corsi posted the back of the alleged original BC that Johanna sent to him and it contained 1995 stamp.
Now we have a real discrepancy: according to the stamp on the back, this LFBC copy was given to Johanna in 1995, however it contradicts the fact that she did not have it as late as 2009 and went to the Health Department to ask for it and could not get it. Taitz got from Ah’Nee only a copy and did not have the copy of the back of the LFBC with 1995 stamp.

Johanna met Taitz in HI at the airport when Taitz flew there with 2 experts around August 7, 2011. Taitz had late dinner with Johanna and her niece and a local attorney. Ah’Nee was supposed to go with Taitz to the Health Department the next morning, but she e-mailed Taitz at around 5 am saying that she changed her mind and will not go with her to the Health Department.
What is also interesting, is the fact that Johanna demanded that Jerome Corsi return to her the original. Why did she want it returned? Why would she give Corsi an original instead of a copy?

Dec 11th,2013 Loretta Fuddy – Hawaii’s Health Department Director dies in swimming accident after plane makes a safe emergency water landing.

May 11,2014- Doug Vogt’s Sealed Affidavit is unsealed at the U.S. Supreme Court and his assertion list of alleged Obama forgery ring reveals who the forger is- accomplices are listed. Vogt Affidavit - P 22- Vogt “They willfully let a foreign agent become President of the United State”

May 13th 2014 Article BREAKING: Congress feeling the Heat to open a Select Committee on Obama’s Qualifications Judge on SS # Miki booth responds “Doug Vogt is a f***ing idiot, he’s gonna get his ass sued..” leaves Orly Taitz name out of her comment but includes Corsi and Zullo experience with Johanna Ah’Nee Randolph.

May 15, 2014 Miki Booth states in interview with The Post & Email( P&E) Editor-In-Chief Sharon Rondeau Johanna’s LFBC was received in 1995 and calls Doug Vogt a ‘very dangerous man’’ his assertions ridiculous absurd’

P&E Interview with Booth- Q- did you provide your husband’s b.c. to Jerome Corsi ? A- “..a copy of my husband’s was in a binder of Hawaii birth certificates that I gave to him.” PLURAL..A WHOLE BINDER OF THEM.
A. USES Dr. Conspiracy as a witness of her defense. Why not Dr. Corsi or Taitz?

B. Johanna never wanted to be identified she gave Corsi a copy (not original but wanted it back according to Taitz press release) and Booth a copy as did several other people.( Miki’s loaded up with Hawaii birth certificates to make up one? Miki leaves out Johanna gave one to Taitz at the airport when they met, but Miki doesn’t say this in the interview)

C. Original incrimination- both her son and Obama’s delivery doctor were the same man “Dr. David A. Sinclair”. She said it was a poke in her eye. ( 20 years age difference between her son and Obama)

D. Victoria Windsor reportedly the one who called Miki to tell her turn on your TV, they released “the” birth certificate. (Not “Obama’s” birth certificate or “his” birth certificate.) Miki reports it was Victoria who told her about the TXE and the Happy Face “E” on the Alvin. Vogt commented to Miki I reported in “Congress feeling the Heat” that she was the only one that knew it was an E at first. Miki did not relate this to P&E, thus was holding something secure and not being forthright. Miki says, “Vogt says its an E and that its Johanna’s signature” and laughs indicating humor of his being off technically in a summation ‘he’s not to smart after all’, as he didn’t name her as the forger. What Miki really wrote in her book was she was the one who suggested it was a signature of the forger in the first place. This was not Vogt’s idea at all but Miki’s Vogt says,. “To refresh your memory, on Page 356 you write “But nothing was more shocking and left me with such a feeling of disgust than the blatant, obnoxiously taunting “signature” of the forger—a “happy face” drawn into the “A” of Alvin T. Onaka’s signature.” ( Now she calls that misguided, wrong? It was her idea.)

E. Miki ridicules Vogt about “tiny little anomalies” he picks out Miki seems to excuse, by saying that looking at them prohibits him from looking in other directions; states as a fact that’s this is “wrong” “mis-guided”, “tunnel vision” saying Vogt suffers from all three, and then admits he found those in birth certificates she provided to come to the conclusion they are all forgeries. ( Excusing discrepant type errors as “anomalies” seeks to lump technical-mechanical error as indeed excusable human error or mistakes which is not part of Vogt’s affidavit whatsoever. He deals in the mechanical world of probability that takes human error out of the factor understanding it was humans that made the technical errors with machinery.)

F. P&E implicates or kind of reminds Miki of her rights if Criminal charges are filed that she has a right to review the evidence of a Grand Jury and after the interview but on the flight to OAS., Miki says “Johanna did not know Obama when they were kids’, which Vogt says or referred to as a connection directly to Obama.

G. Are Vogt’s assertions reckless and unfounded because Miki has worked her way into the Birther movement as a volunteer providing a binder full of many different and varying Hawaii birth certificates that have obviously put him to the test?

H. Blatant, obnoxiously taunting- were the words Miki used to refer to the “E” Signature in her book, do we see any of those attributes in Miki’s behavior?


I. Princess Miki – Named by Obots Squeeky Fromm Girl Reporter age29 -

J. Vogt asserts that Johanna Ah’nee knew Obama as a child in Hawaii because they were the same age born the same month. Her father was a Marine Firemans’Union Member for 51 years, died Oct. 2012, one of three of the same Unions Communist Leader Frank Marshall Davis wrote for in the newspapers, the same one who Obama was taken over to see 2 or 3 times a week. Picnic social gatherings of union members could have brought them together.

PART III ANALYSIS OF FIRE- Conference with Doug Vogt

Truth is what we are after here right? The search for evidence is really a search for truth. Truth is real it’s not imagined and so is evidence. There are lots of different kinds of evidence. There’s the testimony of someone that serves as a witness to a crime. That is what we have in Doug Vogt’s Affidavit. This is his witness.

As a witness in the Court, perhaps he his question has been dismissed from the question of law he asked the U.S.S.C, however his testimony or witness has not been dismissed, only the question of his ability to bring his witness and the facts he believes constitutes a crime to a Grand Jury. We have to consider, we have a right to consider his evidence in the Court of Public Opinion at the very least. So, what exactly is he is witnessing? In his expert opinion he has witnessed a crime of the greatest magnitude. It is the crime of an identity forgery that actually implicates the person in the Office of the President who doesn’t belong there and is not qualified because of his identity fraud.

I have argued in my own U.S.S.C Case Judy v. Obama 12-5276 that Obama is not qualified to be in the Office of the President because he is not a “natural born citizen” , having taken Obama for his word, the State of Hawaii for its word, Alvin T. Onaka Ph.D. Hawaii Registrar for his word in a certification of Obama’s long form birth certificate, I have used that information to showcase the fact Obama has a “foreign citizenship” inherited from his father at birth Barack Obama Senior (his father) who is listed as Kenyan. Others have insisted that Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham is American and so he inherits her Citizenship. This is true, one Kenyan Citizenship from his father and one American Citizenship from his mother don’t equal “Natural Born Citizen”. A natural born Citizen is a two generation person born in the United States. That means “Born in the U.S. to Citizen parents.

So, I contend regardless of where Obama was born the foreign Citizenship inherited from his father, just like the one he inherited from his mother is of equal consideration. Those who oppose me want to toss his father’s citizenship out of the picture and burn it. I contend his father’s inheritance should not be burned but that it should be honored as a father. There’s also the legal adoption papers serving for Obama in another father’s honor and that is his legal school record showing he was legally adopted from Indonesian Lolo Soetoro and many of us have contended Obama went to College on a foreign student scholarship. This Indonesian Citizenship would also be considered a foreign citizenship that while honoring his father Mr. Soetoro actually does prohibit him from being vested with the power granted by We The People in the Office of the President as we have agreed in our Republic.

Yes, Obama may have been elected and may be in the White House, but we cannot dismiss the facts that if all the evidence had been known to the voters of the United States at the time of the election about his identity he very well might not have been elected, and if he was he still wouldn’t qualify. Our Constitution actually provides language for just such an event “if the President or Vice President elect shall fail to qualify”. Some assert the 14th Amendment changed the qualification for President which is really about as far-out-of-first-day-in-law-school as you could possibly get.

Now Doug Vogt’s assertion and witness contends something entirely different. Doug’s witness is that Obama’s long form birth certificate is a fabrication and is not authentic. It was criminally forged and after it was forged perhaps it was authenticated by the Official Registrar in Hawaii’s Department of Health (DOH).

We have Loretta Fuddy in the Office as the Director of the Department of Health a very devoted and loyal friend to Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham. We have a Governor who was a personal friend of young Obama and his parents in the State of Hawaii firing his appointment to the Department of Health 3 months after he took office and appointing Loretta Fuddy to the office all before Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate magically appears to the public. Wow that’s pretty nice, “let me make a couple of phone calls and see what I can do? Hell, it’s for the President, right?” But that’s not the end of it.

This is where Doug Vogt’s evidence only begins. His evidence as a graphic expert discoveries forensically, CSI style, that Obama’s long form birth certificate is made up of many different type settings and is basically a copy and paste job that is about on the level of a grade school education and is so far out of the realm of a copy of a authentic long form birth certificate that the Hawaii DOH might as well put their seal on my birth certificate and sent it home with Barack Obama’s attorney.

All the names and places might be correct but numbers and times don’t match up. So literally if we can type up a document and get a seal put on it, take that to your bank, we can unload your entire bank account just like the movie “Fun With Dick and Jane” starring Jim Carrie? Remember when Dick and Jane got former Globodyne Jack McCallister President’s signature all they needed was a seal. Well, you can put that seal on anything, but putting that seal on a cut and paste job still makes it a forged fabrication that has only been authenticated by Hawaii’s Department of Health. An authenticated fabrication is still a forgery; it’s just one that has a real seal on it. But that’s not the end of it, what if we could actually pin-point the forgers’; the people who put this fabrication together? That would almost seem impossible.

Remember at the beginning of this article that little discussion we had about “the way it looked” when Obama insisted on taking the oath of office a second time? The fuel for someone to always want something to look perfect is an over-whelming fear that it’s not. If you know it’s not perfect and it has to be, your constant is covering up the imperfection. With Obama, anything that would uncover his Constitutional Ineligibility would be the very most upsetting thing on his conscience. Seeing to it that he took the oath a second time because it wasn’t perfect or might be used precipitated him insisting he do it over and Chief Justice John Robert’s get it right.

This is the same kind of thing that has happened in The Birther Movement. Both in Doug Vogt’s affidavit and my conference with him he witnesses that the Cold Case Posse called him in to take a look at the long form birth certificates Jerome Corsi had been given by Miki Booth in the binder full of long form birth certificates she gave him in his research for the book Where’s the Birth Certificate.

Let’s not forget that Jerome Corsi’s book if nothing else served as a dreadful fear-factor for the Obama Campaign. If it were possible to sabotage that book’s evidence as soon as it was known the book was in the works, any measure might be suspected as exactly that. Presto, not only do Hawaiian Long Form Birth Certificates fall into Corsi’s lap they are coming from two very good friends from Hawaii.

Obama’s Campaign had released a short form birth certificate, COLB , or certification of life birth, and the contention was that Hawaii did not issue long form birth certificates any longer and Miki Booth was at the forefront of not only inserting herself into Jerome Corsi’s book, but into the Tea Parties and The Birther Movement.

We have a report of her making her way in front at a Tea Part rally waving her husbands’ or son’s long form Hawaii Birth Certificate just to show they actually existed. While on the surface this shows her participating in a rally shall we say opposite of Democratic Pep Rally for Obama we also know this could have provided a little cover for her to approach Jerome Corsi and we definitely know Obama would have been interested in sabotaging Jerome Corsi’s work under construction. I mean the very last thing you’d really want to be doing is passing off to Jerome Corsi a binder full of Hawaiian Birth Certificates some of which were also forgeries that might cover for a couple of mistakes that had already been made on Obama’s short form COLB. Here we are again, “taking the oath a second time”, because it wasn’t quite right?

Miki Booth – now 64 years old was in sales. She was good at it; so good that the Hilton of Waikola Village hired her as their esteemed Sales Manager. She was accustom to walking up to people she didn’t know and selling them what she had to offer and making them feel comfortable while she was doing it. Miki was born in Japan and immigrated to Hawaii at age 4 and has lived there most of her life. She married a born and raised man from the State of Hawaii. His father was born in the city of Honolulu, on the island of, Oahu 1919 when Hawaii was only a Territory of the United States. Queen Kapiolani of Hawaii’s last’s reining year was 1899, did she have a little “Princess” in Miki Booth that would get even?

From her book: "The ambience of the formal dining room reflected a grandeur of a time past, a time of the last Hawai’ian princess, Kaiulani, heir to the throne. Victoria Kaiulani Cleghorn, crown princess of the Kingdom of Hawai’i, lost her birthright when a small group of businessmen overthrew the Hawai'ian monarchy in 1893. Kaiulani was stranded in England, where she had been attending school, until she was able to make a trip to America where she unsuccessfully pleaded her nation’s cause. She returned to Hawai'i to comfort her people and show solidarity with her aunt, deposed Queen Lili’uokalani. Princess Kaiulani died of a broken heart, it’s said, at age 23 in 1899, shortly after her country’s annexation to the United States. - Excerpted from "Memoirs of a Community Organizer from Hawai'i"

Growing up Miki refers to her watching a big change happen to Hawaii as the rich moved in precipitating their moving to Oklahoma as she said in a recent talk as a return guest of Atlah Church Feb 11, 2014, Things had changed in Hawaii in an economical resentment to foreigners moving in.

Miki graduated from Castle (Aiea) High school, which was only 2.4 miles from the Punahou Private School K-12 Barack Obama graduated from. They were roughly ten years apart in age but Miki had a friend named Johanna Ah’Nee Randolph was actually was exactly Obama’s age born the same month even. Her long form birth certificate would be particularly interesting to examine because of this fact you can imagine Jerome Corsi thinking during the research for his book.

I’ve always contended that Donald Trump was in on the game if you can imagine his call in the Media triggering a ready fabricated birth certificate delivered to the White House press core, just two weeks before Jerome Corsi’s book “Where’s the Birth Certificate” came out. Imagine that? The other tid bit of evidence I have for that is Donald wasn’t willing to give me an audience and in May 2011 I had ramped my own Presidential Campaign in the Democratic Party as a Candidate for President in 2012 competing with Obama for the nomination into high gear and had sent Donald Trump my standing in CIA Columbia Obama Trial and made a video about that. Google: Donald Trump Receives Cody Judy’s Standing in CIA Columbia Obama Trail. In fact my most watched video with over 10,000 views was titled “Donald Trump calls Whoopi on Obama Birth Certificate” March 24,2011.

You have to understand Republicans really have just as much at stake as the Democrats in helping keep this covered up because of the bi-partisan hand shake in U.S. Sen. Res 511. Donald is a businessman, but not exactly independent of Republican and Democrat Parties. He was a perfect person to ramp up the frenzy providing the need for Obama to release a long form birth certificate, which had long been fabricated and made for the ready in a perfectly timed release before Jerome Corsi’s book hit the stand.

Back to Miki Booth. Miki was not shy in the ability to “confront” people, but when you’re holding all the cards what exactly do you have to fear? I really don’t think Miki every thought there was a chance of being caught because of the plan. If you feed both original and other fabricated birth certificates into the investigating pots, you have created plausible deniability and then all you have to do is be a really loud cheer leader that serves as a very good cover for you.

There are a few things I probably wouldn’t have done if I was Miki Booth 1) feed a document expert(s) fabricated documents that could be directly traced back to me. (Vogt Aff) We know Miki was feeding Jerome Corsi long form birth certificates from Hawaii, long before Obama released his and long before Corsi’s book. Miki built a façade of mocking Obama around her own book Memoirs of a Community Organizer from Hawai’i and the forward of that book by Neil Turner recites Douglas Vogt’s 13 page affidavit with points of Obama’s forgery and now she hates his guts. That’s what I’d call awkward.

2) I wouldn’t have dared to write in cursive the Doctor’s name that graced both Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate, “David A. Sinclair, m.d.” on my son’s commemorative Kapiolani Hospital announcement making perfect A’s that looked just like the “A” in Alvin T. Onaka’s signature, and then admit I had signed his name because it might give people the idea that you were comfortable signing other people’s names on document’s that didn’t belong to you, and in such show a capability of making your very own registrar’s stamp and having it produced at your friend Al’s Printing shop where your other friend Johanna Ah’Nee Randolph worked who had also met Orly Taitz and Jerome Corsi feeding them Hawaiian birth certificates.

3) During the years Miki was growing up in Hawaii another thing was almost rampant with the influx of Japanese People immigrating. Multiple reports abound of Japanese buying birth certificates and that got easier with computerization and production of computer printouts that could act as COLBS. Miki was Japanese born and her husband had a family reaching way back to the beginning. In fact Miki’s father-in-law has a picture on his ancient long form certifying his birth in 1919 that is stamped with Alvin T. Onaka’s signature in Oct 21st, 2004. It’s definitely a cut a paste job but there is another unusual thing about it I probably wouldn’t have done in putting that on my facebook page, because out of all the long form birth certificates that were fed to Vogt, Corsi, the Cold Case Posse’s Mike Zullo by you and Johanna there were plenty that didn’t have the “smiley face” or “E” on it in the stamp of Alvin’s T. Onaka’s.

In fact this was spoken about as an anomaly in my conversation with Doug Vogt, and he exploited that showing stamps dated 40 days before Obama’s Long form and only 14 days after, but Miki’s father-in-law’s has that smiley face. The reason I wouldn’t have done that is because it looks like the beginnings of a pattern that would be duplicated on the most famous work of art in political history which I think Miki Booth Signed in the Letter “E” on ‘Barack Obama’s long form Fabrication’. You see when you rotate an E you have an M and if you said Miki’s name and wanted to create a branding iron that is typically done with one or two letters what could you write as an initial? A slightly rotated E, that could both be seen as an “M” or an “E” depending on how far you twisted your head pronounced as Miki’s name or M-kEE.

In fact I probably wouldn’t have chosen the graphics you did in designing the title of your book on the stylized “M”, because in the title of your book Memoirs of a Community Organizer from Hawaii, I get the real impression that’s the same stylized “E” found on Obama’s long form birth certificate. You know it’s just too confusing, too close; I’m constantly taken the title of your book and rotating it, just like the one rotated small “e” on Obama’s long form birth certificate.

I specifically asked Doug Vogt if by any chance there were two and he could have missed one of those, but he repeated to me “no” twice. Doug Vogt’s theory of the signature of the forger is an implication that Johanna Ah’Nee Randolph’s “signature” that he gathered was an implication made in Miki’s book on page 356 to be a graffiti mark or initial.
This is where Doug and I parted ways a little, but I understand his theory completely and we went over that. He felt like “Ah’Nee” was actually spelled completely out letter for letter and he sees that an obscure way like this which I didn’t grasp until I read his affidavit. I just looked at the two letters as a brand the “A” in Alvin standing for “AH” and the stylized “E” standing for “Nee”, but this is how he explained it. This is of course looking at Obama’s long form birth certificate:

The “A” in Alvin T. Onaka’s signature stand for “A” in Ah’Nee
The messed up H that looks like an X stands for “h”
There is also a kind of hyphen type mark that is extra ~ squiggly line in Alvin’s written cursive letter “n” that goes through the humps of the cursive n which he gives credit as “N” in Ah’Nee as well as the hyphen mark making the first ‘e’ in Ah’Nee.
The last “e” of Ah’Nee he gives credit to in the one rotated ‘e’ up in the birth certificate language of NAME that has one rotated “e” in it very strangely.

Doug has been looking at these Hawaiian Birth Certificates that Miki and Johanna Ah’Nee Randolph had been feeding the CCP for a long time before Miki’s book came out, but Doug does give credit to reading Miki’s book as the “clue” that the “E” we all thought was a smiley face was actually as she called it a chilling “signature” of the forger starring right at everyone kind of laughing.

If you took Miki for her word though that in that Smiley Face was the signature of the graphic artist I don’t think you have to play hopscotch around the document which you kind of have to do with Doug’s theory although they are relevant points. If I were taking Miki’s word for what she was saying I totally get that one letter “E” is her signature initials and there is close to one on her father-in-law’s stamp of Alvin T. Onaka’s which I think may have been done by Miki in a “plausible deniability” just like she offered in signing Doctor David A. Sinclair M.D’s signature on her son’s remembrance commemorative certificate.

For me when I saw that capital A in his signature that Miki had written in her own hand I just saw the “A” in Alvin T. Onaka’s stamp. I mean there are a lot of different ways to write an A and Dr. David A. Sinclair’s actual signature bears more of a straight up and down capital A in his own cursive handwriting, but Miki’s A is very close to Alvin T. Onaka’s A in his own handwriting which just easy penmanship for Miki to me.

I think there was some money to be made in Hawaii making out fake COLB’s especially in the time that Miki resided in Hawaii. She commemorated the precipice of her and her husband moving was things getting more expensive and she admitted to working two jobs at points in her life while he retired as a police officer. I know you have some lines within the police force that are drawn as to what’s ‘dirty’ and what’s not, but what you do have in a “Police Officer’s” position is a handle on who might need a COLB and word gets around on where to go and who can do it and who can be trusted.

I believe it was the Maui police department in Hawaii that nearly blacked out completely Loretta Fuddy’s autopsy report leaving hardly anything recognizable as to the cause of death recovered under Hawaii Uniform Office of information Practices (UIPA)(OIP) and (HIPAA). So my feeling is that police department is one shady or even dirty place. I actually did have an experience there myself where on my Honeymoon in March of 2007 when we come walking back to our car in an undercover parking garage.

The convertible we had rented had been broken into and my golf clubs and bag had been stolen. In reporting it stolen to the police I wasn’t left with a good impression of the police department at all and they looked at it as if they knew whose territory that was and who did it, because it happened all the time, but they received a commission on the sales, so about all they would do was keep an eye out for them and they handed me a report for the home insurance they knew would reimburse me. Seeing my golf clubs gone at that time was probably as bad as if you’d looked down and saw your arm was suddenly missing. I was so sick I nearly passed out, mostly because I was golfing on the Nation Wide Qualifiers at the time professionally and that was like having your tools that had been custom made and practiced with so many hours with disappear without a trace. They could never be replaced exactly and it would take a long time to adjust a swing with different clubs.
Passing out long form birth certificates to dis-credit the claim that Hawaii was not issuing long form birth certificates anymore, as Miki Booth was doing you could say was an activist roll opposed to Obama, but the greater weight I think comes down on Obama’s behalf because the Hawaii Department of Health by Miki’s own words was just issuing a short form and the long form was just a little longer to wait for like 10 days. So the ‘activist’ roll is reduced even by your own word or standard which tips the balance even further towards helping Obama. Miki’s reactions to Doug Vogt’s affidavit do bring the saying to mind, “I think ye protest too much”.

A couple of other points, Miki showcased a long form birth certificate from Hawaii from a friend from the Tripler Medical Center date of birth 4-12-1995. Now her claim for this service was, “See!!! Damn Obots don’t know what they are talking about saying there is a “Religion” box on the long form birth certificate. That would be against the Constitution!”, however, the Obots over at picked that up as a service to them because what Miki was showing them was a long form Hawaiian Birth Certificate that had multiple races issued to it. In the boxes for “Race” of Mother “Hawaiian/Chinese/Korean/German/English/Portuguese and for the Father – Black Stamped March 15th,2011, a defense against Obama’s Long Form and short form saying he was “African” was actually what was printed in the mother’s race box.

So Miki was screaming one thing as a Claim, and delivering an argument for quite another in the underhand. It’s impossible to ignore these things in the consideration of the timing that they were happening.

Of course my investigation is in the interest of as I said Truth and I’m no expert, and as I said all this criminal investigation really takes away from the Constitution which as you know I have kept my focus on like a laser, but there was another question nagging at me. I appreciated Vogt’s understanding of forensics and his analysis on who he felt or thought did the research for the forgery pinning that on Kevin Richardson /or/ Dr. Conspiracy author of opened for business Dec 8th,2008 has definitely served Obama as a propaganda front if you will almost in preparation of what was sure to come in controlling this opposition as The Birther Movement for Obama.

In that May 15th, 2014 post I wrote that included Miki I mentioned Dr. Conspiracy having taken a few pot shots and written a couple of stories on me which is probably way more attention from him then I deserved, but it was right along the same pot-shots Orly Taitz had taken at me rather than the argument of say “The Constitution’s Natural Born Citizen Clause” and the idea that ‘foreign citizenship’ is both inherited by soil and equally parents and no foreign citizenship was allowed in the Office of the President because it cut down the natural defense of two generations to the Office of the President to one and that was a danger as it is seen to our National Security as you can find in the Congressional Deliberations of it 2000. All this hype about it not being relevant to our day is just as “dirty” as you could pull out or find in a sewage truck with a full tank.

Anyway, I about fell off my chair when I’m reading a April 28th, 2011 post/picture Miki Booth posted and in a discussion of who this Signature of Local Registrar as U KC lee because his signature is forged on Obama’s compared to a child born in Tripler in 1955 Hawaii Territory, but the copy was made in 1961. Then a list is made of 5 suspects Alvin T. Onaka Ph.D, Chiyome Fukino, Joshua Wisch, Brian E Schatz and Neil Abercrombie.

What snapped my head around was what I saw under Alvin T. Onaka Ph.D I had no idea about: President of NAPHSIS – National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems working with Canada, Mexico, the United Nations and the U.S. Government where had I seen that before? It was in the Vogt report under qualifications Dr. Conspiracy /Kevin Richardson/ had listed as a pat on his back or resume. That certainly tied Mr. Richardson to Alvin T. Onaka PhD and that was something I didn’t think I’d ever find and it was not mentioned in Vogt’s report although being the President of something that big certainly confirmed the wonder I had in my May 15th, 2014 post of why I sensed a certain respect coming from Mr. Kevin Richardson/aka/Dr. Conspiracy as he referred to him as Dr. Onaka.
Recall on the Chronology list?

December 8,2008 is born or birthed from Dr. Conspiracy Kevin Davidson- but it wasn’t until 2012 we found out from him who he was and that he had spent his career working for state and federal government agencies, primarily dealing with health care and vital records data systems. He designed and implemented the first electronic birth certificate printing system in 1977 and has since served on the National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems (NAPHSIS) Fraud Prevention Committee. He boasts attending presentations of vital records fraud and identity theft. He boasts being an active insider doing contract work even now, who certainly knows more than any Birther: Propaganda Wing for West Wing of Obama Administration lives reportedly through Jim Johnson former head of Fannie Mae 1991-1998 just behind 1999 Housing Crisis unlocked by President Bill Clinton (1993-2001)in repeal of Glass-Steagall.

These two guys have to have a tremendous respect, know-how, and understanding of one another and Dr. Conspiracy/aka Kevin Richardson certainly let us know it as he is smarter than any Birther. Indeed!

A couple of things Doug and I both concurred on. There is no way that the Cold Case Posse separates any truth he has uncovered forensically on the identity documents he's examined. Some people might have thought that because of the rejection of his case at the U.S. Supreme Court. Truth doesn't evaporate even though a question to the court might. Mike Zullo of the Cold Case Posse is a very good investigator and must dead-pan a ton of things so no one he's moving on on get's spooked. And you can certainly be the judge yourself in reading Doug's Affidavits and see here I've brought a few more things to the table just from a little different angle. You my friends are the key to passing this on and seeing to it our work doesn't collect mothballs, so I really do appreciate your passing it on.

In closing and in my conference with Doug Vogt I don’t think really anything I have written down serves to weaken his case and in my concern for Miki Booth I found a few things that I wish I hadn’t have found hoping to find more of a defense for her then a prosecution, but in all actions are actions and must be laid on the table. I certainly have had the greatest respect and friendship for Miki Booth, but I don't think Americans hold to much love for traitors. I've said it before, Obama didn't do the cut and past job, so the angle on finding out who did this is indeed prosecutions and hopefully the birds start whistling for relief. If I can aide in some small way by showcasing to them what's headed their way perhaps they can find things much easier on themselves coming forward rather then waiting for the search warrants to roll up on them.

In fact in recently commenting on her post she commented back to me that “she just loved me”. We both love horses and the biggest hurt in my heart right now is actually feeling that she loved our Constitution as much as I did, but I can’t think of much more one could do to destroy it than aiding and abetting someone who is not qualified for the Office of the President. Americans have a lot of good judgement when it really comes down to it. Its a real privilege to be a Citizen in America and be able to hold your own judgement in the far greater degrees then many other types of government knowing that you as an individual are vested with rights is not something to take for granted or toy around with as if you'd just love losing those.

I hope Miki and everyone involved in this will search their heart and that we will find cooperation and a much greater light shed on the truth because there are still massive black holes that need to be filled in and the opportunity is certainly still there. Believe it or not there is still a ton of stuff I haven’t written about that I found in my study. In the meantime, anything anyone would like to say to me I would receive it kindly written down and sent to me in the comments section that for this post I have reserved to moderate in confidence.


I'd sure appreciate your helping me out in the American Birther Campaign (ABC) Campaign for Cody Robert Judy for President 2016. Thank you for your consideration.

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