Friday, August 27, 2010

We The People Preserving Justice

We The People Preserving Justice


There are so many cases of injustices out there seeking justice. All too often people, We The People, look to see how something or someone is framed without ever questioning motives, directions, or rewards for those doing the 'framing'.

Oft times we need look no further than our own back yard to understand the hell we have looked past, ignored, or just let slide because we were too busy, too distracted, or just didn't care.

The downfall of a society is oft times marked by the degree of social decay towards the concern we all should have that something is done right. The right way is also a perception but often can be associated with the moral high ground we would like ourselves.

This is really a very simple test to judge anything fairly. King Solomon asked God for a wise and understanding heart instead of riches, or fame, or earthly prosperity, and because of this request for a wise and understanding heart wherewith to judge the people he was given all of the above too.

A wise and understanding heart really ought to be a request we all make for every decision we make. This not only will help you as an individual, but it will help society as a whole, in the accumulative macro ground, or BIG picture, to maintain the high ground.

Where we have made mistakes, it is not a loss of anything to us but negative aspects or negative judgments, (which is no loss at all) to make amends for those. One of our forefathers said, I think it was Mr. Franklin or Thomas Jefferson, can’t quite recall right now which, but that is not as important as recalling the very important information. He said something along the lines of - it would be better to let 100 guilty men go then to imprison a free man unjustly.

That stuck with me because it deals with something we all need to think about. It is truly not the aspect of letting the guilty go free; it is more to the point, of how important it is that we not accuse men falsely, that we work very hard to seek with responsibility justice in an equitable way for all.

Oft times we gossip, or talk about someone without knowing the whole story. Worse yet, sometimes we don't even want to know the whole story because we are afraid our own judgments will be proven wrong. This is known as cankered pride. We are so proud of what we have done in the past, that we don't want anything to ruin it, not even a wrong decision, or judgment.

As an example of this we see very clearly in history many societies taken completely down with this cankered pride. Pride is something we should attribute to others rather than self direct. Telling your kids you’re proud of them really puts a feather in your cap rather than a feather in the child’s cap. Telling them they should be proud of themselves for a wise decision directs that word in a lot better perspective and place, if you have to use it. Isn't it better to just be happy?

Saying we are proud of our Country assumes less then saying we are very happy with our Country. I have been very proud in many ways that were not good. The pride let me down and didn't raise me up an inch. Today I seek more to be happy with myself rather than proud of myself. Perhaps giving someone a simply empathetic pat or ear,or a kind word when few are found. Every day we do need a kind word and when we seek to serve someone else rather than ourselves, we are more likely to get one. So America, let's just improve our odds at that and we'll do fine.

It is my firmest wish that we be a happy people and we come to decisions each one of us in our own lives that material things are nice but they are not the whole world and we indeed can be a happy people by getting out of the "me" world, and really looking around us to see what good we can do, what good can we say, what issue can we take a stand in, what injustice can we offer a kind word towards?

In the Bible we read that oft time’s offenses must come, but that those whom they come by are not going to be happy. This is a powerful incentive for all of us to remove the offenses we have made one to another.

I featured the above video knowing exactly how the men must feel who signed up to serve our country and in some ill fitted way have been charged with murder. I do not know the personal circumstances of each one, but if I were a U.S. Senator I would make it a very personal matter to familiarize myself with them in the degree of justice we seek and want our military personnel to feel in their hearts the matter of service is a worthy and just one. That is very important.

May God Bless Us with kinds words, with Justice we deserve and seek for, with chastizement at times because He loves us, and courage to face our demons and rebuke them for wisdom and understandings rewards.

God Bless America

Cody Robert Judy