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Polygamy - Amnesty's Advocate or Enemy - In search of Citizens

Amnesty’s Enemy: Polygamy – In search of Citizens
This post is proving popular so I thought I'd include here Dec 15,2013 an interesting development that is happening in the Courts JUDGE CITES SAME-SEX MARRIAGE IN DECLARING POLYGAMY BAN UNCONSTITUTIONAL

Gleaming about the irony of the United States Senate’s passage of the Amnesty Dream Act which would indeed naturalize some 17 million illegal aliens with a swoop of a pen and the scowling abstention of the practice of polygamy already legal and practiced in ¾ of the world In search of Citizens to pay taxes and support entitlement programs like Social Security, Medicare, Disability, Obamacare, Welfare Food Stamp programs, and let’s not forget vote “Democratic Party”, the truth is Congress continues to play the magic act of realizing Americans are not having children like they used to, America’s entitlement programs are in serious trouble hence the search of Citizens, yet they criticize in the Edmunds and Edmunds-Tucker Act, supported by Reynolds v. U.S. (1875) the practice of polygamy and a supposedly forced independence of women.

Have you heard the desperation plea in the advertisements yet for Amnesty, oh I mean, "Conservative Immigration Reform"? We’ll build hundreds of miles of fence, arm the borders with every weapon known to man, not let naturalized citizens go on welfare, make them learn English, pay fines, and the list goes on and on- but please please.. please..for God’s sake, let us have 17 million Citizens just this once and pass Amnesty sponsored by Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan and of course lets not forget about John McCain and Orrin Hatch? ( I laugh so hard when I hear that add it’s so pretentious.)

Under the deal brokered last week by Republican Sens. John Hoeven of North Dakota and Bob Corker of Tennessee and the Gang of 8, the measure requires 20,000 new Border Patrol agents, the completion of 700 miles of fencing and deployment of an array of high-tech devices along the U.S.-Mexico border. Question is how can they implement the toughest enforcement measures in the history of the United States when they can't enforce the law on the books now? Isn't it time we started talking about the real problem and the reason Congress both conservatives and liberals are freaked out right now and giddy over amnesty?

Someone’s going to have to pay for the retiring baby boomer generations and these Senators know it., As R- Gov. Jeb Bush so elegantly applauded in the MSM (main stream media) a recent speech stated in affect,the U.S. economy needs the labor of young immigrants, and immigrants are “more fertile.”“Immigrants are more fertile, and they love families, and they have more intact families, and they bring a younger population. Immigrants create an engine of economic prosperity.”

While quite an earned compliment one must continual ask what’s so special about America that so many actually want to come here rather than maintain and build up Mexico as their country? In short what is Congress offering and why won’t Mexico, or other countries simply adopt America’s Constitution and just ask to become the 51st State? Understanding the fertility of a population necessarily is requisite of good government", is that it Jeb?

Don't think Amnesty is a desperate attempt for Citizens to "pay up?" A Census report released Thursday showed that, for the first time, white deaths in the United States outnumbered white births. Population grew because of growth among Hispanics, African-Americans and immigrants. Yet Congress remains opposed to Polygamy? Do you sense a little hypocrisy here in outlawing polygamy?

Not many remember the John Taylor, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon LDS) 3rd in line from the Founder Joseph Smith Jr. ,words “ One backwards step, and the time will come when the greatest enemy of the principle (polygamy) is the Church itself” , speaking on the Christian practice of polygamy. Is polygamy more founded in Christian doctrines or in Mormon doctrines?

What a funny notion to think that Mormon’s were the key witness of Polygamy in the doctrines of Jesus Christ, due to such a small century of practice by Mormons, when the roots of the practice are traced back to Christian prophets of the Bible the likes of which many would recognize in Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, and Solomon. It seems even the occasional passerby of the Christian Bible would somehow gather that this practice or principle was one certainly steeped in Christianity, if those reading the Bible are considered such? Indeed the LDS/Mormon Church Authority has literally become as John Taylor prophesied and enemy rather than an advocate to the Christian principle.

Glenn Beck today ( June 27th,2013) somehow managed to collaborate that passage of same-sex marriage as related to a recent Gay Marriage ruling finding DOMA unconstitutional was indeed the foundation for the argument of polygamy and promised to get someone on the show tomorrow that could formulate that argument who practiced or was an advocate of polygamy. I’m almost certain we won’t be hearing from any member of Congress tomorrow on the subject.

However, isn’t it the most modern day fashion that while opposing Amnesty one would also oppose polygamy where Glenn Beck undoubtedly placed his foot? Talk about clash of the Titans in your wardrobe.

Let’s see, you oppose legalizing polygamy under the guise of what undoubtedly is the bottom of the barrel reporting statistics of those at the bottom of the barrel actual practicing it? Wow! I mean how stupid can you get? How inclined to hypocrisy are you?

Consider the reverse for just one moment. Consider the top of the barrel actually practicing polygamy and the picture it creates. Let’s formulate a little hypothesis:

Less women and children on the welfare dole of the Government Food Stamp line because George Soros, Mitt Romney and Donald Trump and Glenn Beck have opened their doors and can support 25 wives apiece very easily along with the 5 children each wife has. Each man has 125 children bringing the total number of souls transferred from dependency on the State to contributors of the State to 525. Not a bad ratio and a definite realization there is a difference in male and female in case you forgot there was, biologically speaking of course.

Not only did you deplete the welfare state you also substantially beefed up the contributions to the State! Its like a double whammy in the positive direction. It’s like one giant leap for mankind.

Now if you times that with just the top money making 25% of you, one actually rolls the United States out of the black and into the red, out of the debt and into the positive, in a single generation without Amnesty. The hypocrisy of those opposing Amnesty on one hand and opposing polygamy on the other knows no bounds and it’s a very good reason why you can’t trust the Republican Party as far as you can throw them.

Now if Amnesty passes, there is also a good chance that those steeped in the Christian doctrines of the Democratic Party inclusion process advocating the legalization of Gay Marriage, actually adopt the practice of polygamy anyway, so we’re not that far away from the Latino/Spanish/Mexican population being indoctrinated into polygamy Republicans. That ought to freak Glenn Beck right out of his mind. The Republicans lose AGAIN because they just can’t embrace their own conservative nature!

Can’t you just see Hillary Clinton’s 2016 calculator right now smoking?

Do you see any trouble with the 4:525 odds yet? Hell, I’m dirt bag poor and can’t afford one wife but I wouldn’t be a bit ashamed to let those four men who aren’t giving their fair share yet according to Obama, step up to the polygamy plate. I don’t think Congress should be ashamed of it either.

Lets’ see, the children undoubtedly also are given the greatest education money can buy and go on to contribute handsomely to the Government tax programs. Anyone come out of that on welfare? Yet the Government of the United States continually refuses the most natural human resource available under religious practices as an actual solvency solution.
Indeed, the Government is NOT allowing the rich to contribute in Obama’s words “Their fair share” and no wonder; the Governments got their dicks tied behind their back and has made pussy’s out the men. Let’s not forget the “individual” independence that feminist consider a paramount staple as polygamy demands women indeed probably are forced into careers they want and cherish while others get to stay at home. Oh God, is this TERRIBLE or what?

Imagine, women being able to spend their own paychecks, children living in castles, welfare lines minimized, social security solvent, and the streets paved in gold all over unleashing the creative powers of man -all rolled up in the gospel of Abraham?

Seriously, the problem is the Government has taken away the positive incentive for men to have children, who are actually theirs, rather than the Government taking the taxes and distributing them to children who are not theirs through the welfare and food stamp lines.

The Government no doubt loves the position of father- familiar, but the truth is, it does a really bad job of father, because, well, those on welfare are not their children either.

I’m quite certain that though the responsibilities of being a father are not always easy, that men can teach their children to fish much better than the government can hand out fish. Our confidence and trust in men ought to reflect the same in a social policy of getting the Government’s hand out of marriage, and out of Christian religious practices of procreation. I’ve advocated for years the Government’s hand should get out of the marriage practice and move to the neutral partnership advocacy in the tax code. Glenn Becks’ just caught on to the idea. In fact I wonder if he’s read my family and social network initiative platform or my 3 point Platform?

In short, It’s pretty sound wisdom to keep the Government out of your bed and out of your intimate relationships which is getting harder and harder to do without unplugging every appliance you have and taking the phone battery out of your iphone.

For Pete's sake, you can’t even have sex in your car anymore without the Government spying on you from a satellite. It’s quite a concept to understand God see’s everything anyway, quite another to realize the Government’s there too.

Hey Hollywood, the day is shortly coming when all that bragging you do on your social network of getting drunk and driving home, sexting, or talking on the phone while driving, or how about that affair your having anyway instead of practicing polygamy, turns into evidence to, at the very least prosecute you on criminal behavior, and at the very worst become the government’s best black mailing agent used to make you a real whore?

See any reason to take a stand for the Constitution yet and your privacy? How about not incarcerating the entire population of America while those prosecuting exempt themselves as Obama has on the natural born citizen clause demanded for the Office of the President in the Constitution?

Yeah, you know how that “Transparency” goes don’t you?

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Cody Robert Judy
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