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JUDICIAL JAM - REMEMBER THE BIRTHER CASES - Obama Appointees to Create Judicial Jam?

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 Obama Appointees to Create Judicial Jam?


There is such thing as conciliatory healing time after an election that is needed while the losers lick their wounds and the winners try not to rub salt in the wounds. However when the losers pick up political 50 Caliber Gatling Guns and start shooting, the winners are going to become losers very quickly if they do not fight back.

Barack Obama returning as a Citizen is not going smoothly for the Trump Administration and Obama is very close to that Mercenary Leader Position where Treason and Crime are masked in Civil War. President Trump was labeled The Birther Leader by Democrats unopposed to Obama's Illegal Identification being fabricated and forged in illegal actions.

Contrary to Obama's opinion that matches Nixon's in the Watergate Taping of David Frost, "if the President does it, it means that it is not illegal", Obama has felt that if he put together a long form birth certificate that was a forgery as a balm to critics of his not being a [natural born Citizen] ie. (Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents) that identification fraud would not have a claim upon his honor or the honor of his signature.
The simple fact of the matter is that without Constitutional Qualifications Obama would not have been legally a U.S. President, and ex post facto defacto president's have no claim on Congresses honoring Constitutional ACTs that Constitutionally require a Constitutional Qualified President's Signature.

An illegal signature that is not Constitutional is not called for in the U.S. Constitution. A Qualified Presidential Pensions is for a Constitutionally Qualified President and an unqualified person in the Office of the President has no right to it ex post facto.

This is where Trump's being nice about the Crimes of Obama, and even Hillary Clinton's usurpation of the Secretary of State Office with her Private Server, left unspoken might just as well be the call sign for Trump's One Term Presidency if he makes it that far.

In the past eight years raucous calls were made from between 250-300 lawsuits brought by Birthers extolled to be clogging up the courts and Taxpayers wanting Birthers to pay for their actions, but what of the call by the Left for Mexicans to clog up the Court's applauded by the Wall Street Journal, and which do you think will actually clog up the Courts?

Mexico’s government hasn’t endorsed the strategy or the group’s Phoenix mission. But it recently allocated some $50 million to assist undocumented migrants facing deportation, and President Enrique Peña Nieto has instructed the country’s 50 consulates in the U.S. to defend migrants.

The recent ultimatum upon the Executive Branch made by the Judicial Branch in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals noted the executive branch has not shown, nor accounted for, any real terrorism threats to match the necessity of repealing the Stay a Federal District Court Judge placed upon the Commander-In-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces temporary restraining order TRO on travel for incoming.

This flies in the face of a Study featured in Center for Immigration Studies Revealing 72 Terrorist accounted for in the 7 Countries affected by Trump's 3 month Temporary  Travel Ban, or cooling-off period from War-Torn Countries, with the U.S. Military Action carried over from Obama's constant eight-state-of-war-years- 50K bombs dropped in just the last two years.

Using open sources (because the Obama administration refused to provide government records), the report found that 380 out of 580 people convicted in terror cases since 9/11 were foreign-born. The report is no longer available on the Senate website, but a summary published by Fox News is available here.
The United States has admitted terrorists from all of the seven dangerous countries:
Somalia: 20
Yemen: 19  
Iraq: 19      
Syria: 7      
Iran: 4        
Libya: 2      
Sudan: 1    
Total: 72       
Mean time, Obama is not the silent and conciliatory type of past-presidents that America has grown accustom to. Far from disappearing into the background Obama is activated and capitalizing on a popular vote election that was lost to the Democratic Party with his own Personal Army of Political Activist that was funded by starving the Democratic State Parties piggy-banks.

The New Yorker featured Obama's Principle role in a state insurgency against President Trump in Todays Article HOW OBAMA IS SCHEMING TO SABOTAGE TRUMP'S PRESIDENCY

Far from sulking, OFA activists helped organize anti-Trump marches across US cities, some of which turned into riots. After Trump issued a temporary ban on immigration from seven terror-prone Muslim nations, the demonstrators jammed airports, chanting: “No ban, no wall, sanctuary for all!”
Run by old Obama aides and campaign workers, federal tax records show “nonpartisan” OFA marshals 32,525 volunteers nationwide. Registered as a 501(c)(4), it doesn’t have to disclose its donors, but they’ve been generous. OFA has raised more than $40 million in contributions and grants since evolving from Obama’s campaign organization Obama for America in 2013.

Obama's Organization for Action OFA and the Democratic National Committee DNC as Corporations were featured as responsible for Fraud in the cover up of Obama's Fraudulent Identification and Constitutional Qualifications from the beginning as the principle players Representative Nancy Pelosi signed two forms in 2008 assuring State Elections Offices, Obama was Qualified Constitutionally to be President.

The two forms actually testified or recognized the Fraud because it was Hawaii's Demand (Pictured on the Right) that she certify Barack Obama specifically Qualified under the U.S. Constitution's demands for a [natural born Citizen] while the other 49 did not require it seen on the left.
The two forms signed on the same date, and witnessed by the same Notary Public confirm the DNC Corporation in league with the OFA Campaign for Obama were involved in Fraud upon the Public in usurping the Qualifications for the Office of the President. Exhibit of Evidence in Judy v. Obama Federal District Court Case No. No. 1:2014cv00093 
A MOTION FOR A RELIEF OF JUDGEMENT or to REOPEN the Case due to the new evidence provided by a law enforcement investigation Cold Case Posse unit deputized under Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa Country AZ provided the evidence that Obama's long form birth certificate is a Fabricated Forgery, not an original, with the use of Johanna Ah'Nees identity birth certificate and was only recently released and available for criminal consideration by the Judicial Branch.

In the violation action afforded in the Sherman and corresponding Clayton Act of Congress, a Plaintiff can indeed and is supposed to receive assistance by a reporting Judge in the prosecution of a cabal or cartel who forms with two corporations to snuff out lower competition with illegal activity- fraud.

This is exactly what has been called for in the cartel formed by the DNC Democratic National Committee and OFA (Organization For Action) in the Civil Rights Claims of a Presidential Candidate with Standing against Obama's unqualified illegal state in the Office of the President.


The Chief Law Enforcement Officer, as recently confirmed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, was just sworn in two days ago, has more than likely not been appraised of the Motion for a Relief of Judgement under Federal District Court Rule 60 by the Federal District Court Judge of the Utah Division. However, the Motion is Pending, with it the Evidence, and the Public Watch for accountability.

With the recent 9th Circuit Appeals Court Decision to continue the Stay issued by the Federal District Court on Trump's Executive Order Temporary Travel Ban, that included an Obama appointed Judge, the legality of a President's Signature has become an even more contentious Constitutional consideration. 

Obama Appointees would definitely not be part of a Constitutional Judiciary, and Trump might eliminate a host of ghosts by moving on Obama's Illegal Signature -given the recent upheaval in the 9th Circuit as a Wake-Up to the political Gatling gun that is firing on him. 

If the United States Department of Justice headed by A.G. Jeff Sessions were to defy the Main Stream Media's cover-up of Obama and blow Obama's whole ineligibility conspiracy wide open as the Fraud and Forgery Corruption Case it is- that Obama's Justice Department continually deferred prosecution upon, the acts of treason upon the Constitution might be felt as a Constitutional 50 Caliber political reminder that the usurpation of the Offices of our Government will be dealt with ..shall we say... with the Constitution?

If Trump refuses to do this, as does his Justice Department, the signal is unmistakably that Crime in the highest offices is OK, and the color of office affords a Tyranny that in fact usurps the Executive Branch, infects the Judicial Branch by appointment, and trickles into the Legislative Branch who esteems Political Party Power higher than a Constitutional Consideration.

Our blessed Order of Protection afforded by the U.S. Constitution's Honor will come to an end and the protracted chaos and anarchy will become the norm the likes of which will be unlike anything the United States of America has ever experienced before. 

In fact the elect, those in the Elected Offices in their failure to ACT in the Order of the Office they were called for under the binding oath to defend the Constitution from foreign and domestic enemies within, shall utterly tear their own offices out of existence and honor, into the streets of the demagogues.


Assist Cody Robert Judy' Campaign Debt here thank you

As a friend, neighbor, or family member, and as a fellow American, I am asking your considered action in signing a petition to Congress and/or the President to pardon and reinstate Lt Col Terry Lakin, who, upon receiving orders to deploy, acted in full faith to fulfill his oath of office in questioning the legality of the occupant of the White House at the time as his commander-in-chief, a man whose posted birth certificate and Selective Service application have since been shown by forensic experts to be forgeries.

Go directly to the petition on the White House web site at

Find summary reportage at

Thank you for your diligent consideration.

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IS THIS WHAT WINNING LOOKS LIKE? Dems Scrabbling as Republicans are Waterboarded by Obama Appointees

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TRUMP LOSES in 9th Circuit GOP Travel Ban
 Dems fight to be Relevant still on Island Obama

The two Party System controlled by Republicans and Democrats in America have seen better days. Democrats face internal party discord in the vacuum of Obama hijacking the Democratic Party machinations with 'Organization for Action' (OFA) that starved States Democratic Parties and built around Obama. Trump pinned by Democrats, "Leader of the Birther Movement", never filed a single legal paper on the ineligibility of his own Republican Presidential Candidate colleagues Cruz, Rubio, or Jindal, but now is learning just how hard it is to navigate the hurling rapids of the Judicial Branch's dichotomous abuse of the U.S. Constitution in the security interest of the Nation that an unqualified ineligible person in the Office of the President poses; as well illegal immigrants the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just jammed open repelling Trump's security interest of a temporary ban for 7 war-torn countries that 50,000 bomb-laden-drone-in-chief Obama dropped his last two years in office democrats hardly know anything about.

Trump Tweeted "See You in Court" as the 9th Circuit Federal Appeals Court Panel ruled without opposition against him 3-0. If that is what winning looks like the campaign promise Trump made about winning is off to a very bad start.

The biggest problem in context of Trump's Tweet is he only has a couple of choices. Appeal to the Full 11 Panel Court in the 9th Circuit or to the U.S. Supreme Court. If he appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court political lines drawn a 4 to 4 split decision would simply defer it back in the favor of standing with the 9th Circuits decision. Trump does not have a favorable U.S. Supreme Court yet with his nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch from the 10th Circuit in Colorado unconfirmed and sure to receive some fight with Democrats in the confirmation process.

If Trump gives up now and rewrites the Executive Order he acknowledges Security in the United States has also been hijacked by the Judicial Branches unclassified hands. Now we must acknowledge one of the most disturbing things about this 9th Circuit Decision is one of the three Judges was appointed by a Constitutionally Ineligible President Obama -Judge Michelle Friedland.

Now tell me, Trump should not dig in on Obama's Ineligibility or that the U.S. Constitution doesn't matter? Obama has already hung Trump out to dry and Trump has made a big mistake underestimating the wicked medieval obstacle course Obama has set for him to pass through.

One of the more disturbing things about this ruling in the 9th Circuit that really negates a host of Classified Intelligence a President has, was the unleashed scathing attack Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple,Uber, Reddit, Netflix and Dropbox , all depending upon the United States of America under the U.S. Constitution that provided for them the 'opportunity' to reap the bountiful harvest they sowed with ingenuity and entrepreneurship, all harnessed together against the Security of the Country. They all filed opposition legal briefs against Trumps Travel Ban. It is as if these U.S. based Companies -  have set themselves up as being responsible under Civil Penalty for any wrongful deaths that might come from Terror Attacks in the interest of the almighty corporate dollar and their treasure chest founded in greed of exploiting American Workers for cheap foreign, maybe even slave labor.

The lack of appreciation for their beginnings and the land of free and home of the brave that gave them independently a chance has remarkable been forgotten. They have lost respect for Civil Rights afforded to American Citizens who are under the umbrella of the U.S. Constitution. No one else is. With their Briefs, any terror attacks resulting from their jam of security for a Nation is a legal witness of their Civil Responsibility in wrongful deaths. They have entered a very dark path in their agreement with Responsibility and Accountability. The Judges can point to them as contributors and enablers to America's vulnerability in Terror Attacks if they come as a result of this action.

Here is the 29 Page decision:

Since when President Trump was the security of our Nation not at Stake with an Constitutionally Ineligible person in the Office of the President? Since when have the Birthers, who have fought this in that same obstacle course being castigated and unsupported, received a dime of contributions from your 10 Billion the last 8 years?

Now before I blow the blood vessels out of my temples screaming at President Trump for his lethargic and low-energy bush-like characteristics on what the Birthers have been Championing in the pits of hell, I mean the Judicial Branch,  as the Security of our Nation, let's us all peacefully join in a civil conversation to consider in strategy what is most effective in the National Security of our Nation?

A-Fighting the Eligibility Fight-  A Commander-In-Chief who used Fraud and Forgery to obtain the highest office illegally with a fraudulent long form birth certificate and a fraudulent draft registration stamp so he could use deferred prosecution as a tool to open the borders wide open to a vulnerable population, and appoint Federal Judges to back him up for years


B- Fighting retroactively in defense every single case to the U.S. Supreme Court that comes along in 50 States of those who have crossed the Border and found their illegal act represented by the ACLU and Democrats taken to the court where that illegal commander in chief has appointed Federal Judges to rule in their favor.

Hummmm... it seems like an easy decision especially now Obama is 'unseated'. The decent representation of the Federal Attorney General's Office has been appealed for in just such a Case believe it or not now pending in a MOTION FOR RELIEF OF JUDGMENT to ReOpen based on the new evidence brought up by Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse.
Next the Cold Case Posse make the Case Obama's Birth Certificate is a Fraud.
55,000 + Hits in just a few weeks!
Obama's Last Press Conference BLOWS UP with Birth Certificate

In the violation action afforded in the Sherman and corresponding Clayton Act of Congress, a Plaintiff can indeed and is supposed to receive assistance by a reporting Judge in the prosecution of a cabal or cartel who forms with two corporations to snuff out lower competition with illegal activity- fraud. This is exactly what has been called for in the cartel formed by the DNC Democratic National Committee and OFA (Organization For Action) in the Civil Rights Claims of a Presidential Candidate with Standing against Obama's unqualified illegal state in the Office of the President that four of Obama's nominees in the 10th Circuit also snuffed out.


Even the New York Times recognized that the U.S. Supreme Court was faulty at Hearing and upholding Minor v. Happersett in the face of the Obama's assault on Civil Rights.


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Obama Out? Not So Fast - Why Birthers' Won't Quit Action in Federal Court

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The qualifications of the Office of the President in the U.S. Constitution Article II. Section 1, Clause 5 have been the Obama Administrations Achilles heel for the last 8 years. From People who keep track of the Birther Score Card Obama, McCain, and Cruz have had more than 226 Law Suits filed against them just on their qualification to hold the Office of the President in the [natural born Citizen] requirement. The reason Obama continues to be such a focus is because he is the only one who occupied the Office receiving the President's Salary, Retirement package, and Honor of the Office who is believed not to have qualified as a [natural born Citizen]- Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents

 Left unchallenged, Obama will continue his entire life receiving accolades, honor, and a Presidential Qualified retirement salary as a [Past (Qualified) President], and that leaves the Qualification Question for the Office of the President Open for challenge with Obama, and not over as some people have thought just because he was in for two terms and we have had a peaceful transition of power with Election 2016 being won by President Trump.

This is to say, if Obama as an unseated past President is found unqualified, he would lose the honor of the Title of [President] as well as the [Retirement Package] of a past President who met the qualification requirements.  Indeed Doctor Terry Lakin lost his [military retirement package] and served time in Fort Leavenworth six months on the precipice of conscientious objector by refusing to deploy or serve under an [unqualified President Obama] who refused to show his long form birth certificate.

An endeavor is underway by Petition to rescind the penalty and Pardon Dr. Terry Lakin that which he has suffered and is now near reaching 1,000 signatures. Why should Obama be rewarded with the honor of a [Past President Retirement Package] for what the Cold Case Posse Investigation under Sheriff Joe Arpaio has proven by two Forensics Crime Labs to be a Fabricated and inauthentic long form birth certificate?

Next the Cold Case Posse make the Case Obama's Birth Certificate is a Fraud.
55,000 + Hits in just a few weeks!
Obama's Last Press Conference BLOWS UP with Birth Certificate

Cody Judy February 8, 2017 at 11:28 am  (Quote) #
Joey: [Once a president or vice president has relinquished the office, issues of eligibility are moot and non-justiciable.]
CRJ Response: 
[I don’t think this is true, based on the Life-Time Title associated with the Office of President ,as well as the Tax-Payer Paid Retirement eligibility.
This was included in the Motion 2 Terms is a limit on being seated, the Honor of the Office in Title is for Life]
The theory of being a qualified President, and earning the rewards of the Office of the President extend far after one or two four year terms as a Constitutional Restraint of Power. There is the Retirement Package as well as the Honor of the Title and the Honor of the Signature on Legislation that extends well after the Time Restraint of the Office all costing Tax Payers what totals up to Trillions!

Even right now, President Trump and the Republican held majority of the House and Senate are spending millions every day wading through what is construed to be the Honor of Obama's Signature and even now Obama is enjoying the Retirement Package estimated at costing American's over eight million dollars throughout the rest of his life.

That is why Cody Robert Judy a 3X Presidential Candidate who sued Sen. John McCain and continued with Sen. Obama has pushed forward through the past eight years in Elections 2008, 2012, and 2016 and has filed a Motion For a Relief of Judgement and to Re-Open the Case with the new evidence provided by the legal law investigations of the Cold Case Posse.

The Motion has been docketed by the Federal District Court (Utah Division) and Cody is asking for your help and support. It was never just about Obama. It is about the Honor of the Office of the President and America's Right as a Sovereign Nation to qualify the President as born in the U.S. to U.S. Citizen Parents excluding outside allegiance in that particular office.

The Office of U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator have no such qualification requirement, and neither did the President for those [Born at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution], but afterwards the requirement of [natural born Citizen] became the requirement of the Supreme Law of the Land.

As inheritance is received from mother and father as well as soil, an All American Allegiance is understood as Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents and this was the sure interpretation without any doubt understood in the U.S. Supreme Court Case Minor v. Happersett . The 14th Amendment was never meant or exacted as a replacement for the requirement of the Office of the President's natural born Citizenship, and the inherited foreign parent citizenship of children here has been used as allegiance to gain dual citizenship for other Countries benefits.

Under the common law, according to the court, "it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners."[12] The court observed that some authorities "include as citizens children born within the jurisdiction without reference to the citizenship of their parents"—but since Minor was born in the United States and her parents were U.S. citizens, she was unquestionably a citizen herself, even under the narrowest possible definition, and the court thus noted that the subject did not need to be explored in any greater depth.
The Presidential Retirement package was indeed used as evidence of the reason why the suit is still applicable as Obama is still receiving Honor and Money from the Office of the President he must qualify for. If anything disqualifies him or Obama is found by a Court of Law not to satisfy the qualification requirements in the U.S. Constitution he would be subject just as Dr. Terry Lakin was to a suspension of those benefits at the very least.

What do you think, let’s just say Obama as an unseated person now is found never to have been Eligible in the first place, would happen considering his honor, and the honor of his Signature?

Do you think if Obama committed Fraud he should get away with it? Are you really advocating corruption in Elected Positions should be upheld?

Why would you not want a Court to adjudicate this?

Even the New York Times recognized that the U.S. Supreme Court was faulty at Hearing and upholding Minor v. Happersett in the face of the Obama's assault on Civil Rights.

Assist Cody Robert Judy' Campaign Debt here thank you

The reason Cody wants you to understand that the Race for the Presidency is a really tough marathon race is because of the Standards of the Race that are defined in the U.S. Constitution have been something he specifically has stood up for with the standing that is represented by competitors in the Race. 

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Obama's Crime & Corruption Enterprise IS Docketed in Federal Court - COLD CASE POSSE EVIDENCE IN THE HANDS OF THE FEDS

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~Obama's Crime & Corruption Enterprise IS Docketed in Federal Court ~

Main Stream News Media is silent about a Case involving unseated defacto president Obama in what may be the biggest dereliction of Truth we have ever witnessed as a testament of Fake News in the media as a cover up of what is actually being represented in the Federal District Court.

This is what Federal District Court (Utah Division) case Judy v. Obama no. 1:2014cv00093 represents in a very Real Case with a very real Presidential Candidate, with a very real Sheriff Posse Investigation in a very real crime state or criminal enterprise and with very real Civil damages.
To help us understand what is going on we must have a basic knowledge at least of Complaints to the Court. We must understand that a Judge has the ability to maximize and minimize any lawful requirement by the Judiciary in it's own type of deferred prosecutorial judgement. I have seen Judges for example sign Orders on wholly False Affidavits, understand they were false see the evidence they were false, and refuse to rescind their Order. This is a manifestation of corruption in the Judicial Branch acceptable as the Public allows it without ramification.

Tort,[ in common law jurisdictions, is a civil wrong[1] that unfairly causes someone else to suffer loss or harm resulting in legal liability for the person who commits the tortious act, called a tortfeasor. Although crimes may be torts, the cause of legal action is not necessarily a crime, as the harm may be due to negligence which does not amount to criminal negligence. The victim of the harm can recover their loss as damages in a lawsuit. In order to prevail, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, commonly referred to as the injured party, must show that the actions or lack of action was the legally recognizable cause of the harm. The equivalent of tort in civil law jurisdictions is delict.]

"What we do not yet know is the degree of corruption involved in protecting Obama as an unseated Defacto President in the face of Forensic evidence brought forth by someone in the Presidential Race with Standing asserting the claims with professional legal lawful authorities evidence." - Cody Robert Judy - 3X U.S. Presidential Candidate

[Legal injuries are not limited to physical injuries and may include emotional, economic, or reputational injuries as well as violations of privacy, property, or constitutional rights. Torts comprise such varied topics as auto accidents, false imprisonment, defamation, product liability, copyright infringement, and environmental pollution (toxic torts). While many torts are the result of negligence, tort law also recognizes intentional torts, where a person has intentionally acted in a way that harms another, and in a few cases (particularly for product liability in the United States) “strict liability” which allows recovery without the need to demonstrate negligence.

Next the Cold Case Posse make the Case Obama's Birth Certificate is a Fraud.
55,000 + Hits in just a few weeks!
Obama's Last Press Conference BLOWS UP with Birth Certificate

Tort law is different from criminal law in that: (1) torts may result from negligent as well as intentional or criminal actions and (2) tort lawsuits have a lower burden of proof such as preponderance of evidence rather than beyond a reasonable doubt. Sometimes a plaintiff may prevail in a tort case even if the person who allegedly caused harm was acquitted in an earlier criminal trial. For example, O. J. Simpson was acquitted in criminal court of murder but later found liable for the tort of wrongful death.] 

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters. - Albert EinsteinWe just read Constitution and Civil Rights in the Tort Definition

We also read Civil Cases do not have to be beyond doubt and have a lower burden of Proof.

We also know Congress has passed specific concerning Legislation about Cartels involved with two or more Corporations involved in illegal activity for their benefit we can construe as illegal actions and representations that harm others in the Clayton Act with specific penalties therein for infractions causing harm.

We also know you do not have to be a A.G to bring those to the Court.

 "With the Evidence unopposed by Obama ie and his attorneys , and they have not responded, the Court is put in a very different position with an unseated defacto President and the evidence presented by a lawful and legal authority "Cody Robert Judy - 3X U.S. Presidential Candidate
I include a partial comment from which I made on this Post

[If there is no award the Court can give for damages or an accident which caused damages, then there is no Justice.

If Rules of a Race can be violated with only the Winners Reward being taken away, and the losers of the race still losing, then there is no race. . No game.

If the game like a football field has parameters and rules, just like a Presidential Contest Race, then we can apply those Rules and assess penalties.

I’m very familiar with the Scorn of the Judicial Branch represented and associated with many of my Cases.

Failing to state a claim upon which relief can be granted , just happens to be a cool catch phrase to excuse wicked behavior as I’ve experienced. Won’t say all the time, but like any Principle it can be abused.

The abuse of it becomes very offensive. The penalty for the abuse of it is what? (Oh your never going to become a U.S Supreme Court Justice.
Guess what? Big Whoopi.. didn’t expect it.)

In Lance Armstrong’s Case, he was stripped of all Official Awards from the Time he started winning Tour de France Races. .. but interestingly enough, they did not award the Titles to second place finishers.

I’m reminded of a Law Suit I won in Prison suffering Maximum Security 23h/7 days a week lock down simply for refusing to cut my hair. I sued for a modest $10 per day which after 3 years added up.

The Judge with great Scorned nearly yelled at me in admitting I was right , there was unecessary discrimination between men and womens grooming codes in the standard of hair. The Judge said, ” You won .. you got your hair!!!”

The $10 per day Judge? That was a joke to him.

I was relieved for my fellow native American Indians who had suffered longer then I had. Yes, a Civil Right had been established.. even in Prison. It had been infringed, and suffered for greatly. It had been lawfully established.

The suffering was part of the establishing.

It’s a Civil Right to a Presidential Candidate to run a Fair Race with all of the requirements established declared in the U.S. Constitution serving as parameters of the Civil Right. Only Candidates have that Civil Right as it pertains to the Race for that Office.

Not being able to point to a single case of Presidential Candidate v. Presidential Candidate in the claim of a rule violation in the Qualification specification of [ natural born Citizen] because there hasn’t been one, is indeed my problem. I related this to the 10th Circuit.

Duh! Just because no one had the crooked audacity to break that Rule , extend by Obama in some selfish scheme in an entitlement of the ego that rules did not apply to him , does not mean a Civil Rights Claim in violation was not established that can indeed be awarded in damages, it means the Judge’s had scorn and contempt, and pompous disrespect for the Constitution.

If a red car hits a blue car and it’s never happened before, is it any less an accident covered by insurance? The Judge’s in my Case say in other words, because it’s never happened before there is no Precedent Case to guide them.

It’s like officials under the cover or color of Law are God and can do ANYTHING. We know it is very very hard to question the logic of any person in the Office of President who can send off a drone and kill any of us now in the principle of the Bush Doctrine which also became a Precedent unheard of before.

My Sister said to me yesterday, ” Well, what does it matter now Code? ”

Why does Fraud, or Crime, or Cover Up of Crime matter? I guess when you suffer it all of a sudden it does matter.

Precedent Cases are Established that others don’t have to suffer. No Person in Prison or otherwise should be penalized for their looks. Now they aren’t.

It’s an interesting Conundrum.. Judges look for precedent Cases to establish Precedent as a credit to them, but so Few have the instinct for Precedent Cases.

It’s all the same, they are like robots and anyone comes a long to challenge their robot ways with something new? It’s never happened before we have no guide to defer to "Dismiss". . Or . . It’s all happened before nothing new can come along "Dismissed".

Well.., Trump became U.S. President, Tom Brady began a come back in the 3rd Quarter and Won a 5th unprecedentef Superbowl, while the NFL named Mat Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons League MVP just after the 1st half, but no QB in history has won 5 Superbowls!

We have seen because of the Officials screwing up calls in the NFL a Mandate for Review on every Touchdown. And the ability for the other Team to challenge with the benefit of slow motion.

It’s Nature and the God of Nature saying you can say this or that based on your tiny particle of experience, but it does not make it so you Thick Skulled Idiots throwing temper tantrums when your wrong.
You have to Establish why your Complaint should be Opened up First. . Then , you establish the right to proceed. It was done.] End Quote


Most Americans just got done watching the Superbowl. How would they feel if the Superbowl was decided on an Error made by an Official referee? That is why slow Motion replays are now required on every Score of the Superbowl, and why the NFL has implemented the ability for a Team to throw a flag and request an Official Review on any play that they think might not have been called right.

You would think the Judicial Branch would be just as concerned when they see a piece of official evidence in an identification forgery that Obama handed out. Criminal Conduct has no statute of limitations like two four year terms in the the Office of President and while we cannot totally undo Obama's eight years in the Office we can still hold him accountable as well as setting a Precedent Penalty so that in the future Candidates have more of a Case History to Refer to in the hope of Justice when someone has the audacity to break the Rules and Regulations in our Constitution.

The Presidential Race is a contest of sorts also with Rules and Regulations outlined in our U.S. Constitution as for the qualification of Candidates. The Federal Election Commission or FEC is an organization set up by Congress to see that Candidates Register and to keep track of donations and contributions which also have rules and regulations that Candidates must follow.

We certainly want to congratulate what was an unprecedented Superbowl Performance by the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots in one of the most exciting games in football history in a knuckle biting and unprecedented OVER TIME GAME!

The Atlanta Falcons may have lost the coin toss in the Over Time that gave the Patriots the first chance to score a touchdown, which they did winning the game, but the Falcons undoubtedly were part of one of the greatest games in American's memories now. Congratulations to Mr. Tom Brady for another unprecedented 5th Superbowl Win along with the rest of the New England Patriots players, coaches, and owners!

What do you think, let’s just say Obama as an unseated person now is found never to have been Eligible in the first place, would happen considering his honor, and the honor of his Signiture?

Do you think if Obama committed Fraud he should get away with it? Are you really advocating corruption in Elected Positions should be upheld?

Why would you not want a Court to adjudicate this?

Even the New York Times recognized that the U.S. Supreme Court was faulty at Hearing and upholding Minor v. Happersett in the face of the Obama's assault on Civil Rights.


The reason Cody wants you to understand that the Race for the Presidency is a really tough marathon race is because of the Standards of the Race that are defined in the U.S. Constitution have been something he specifically has stood up for with the standing that is represented by competitors in the Race.