Friday, November 16, 2012

The Change in Hope Americans Have

The Change in Hope Americans' Have.

Obama campaigned in 2008 on HOPE and CHANGE and the last few days I've seen how much damage has been done to the "Hope" of Conservatives for Change.

With my complaint now in the United States Supreme Court, that was received by the Court on election day, the letter from the Court Clerk for me to change a few things and resubmit it within 15 days of that letter, which I have now done, it seems the worst part has been trying to convince people who should be 'hoping' for this that there is still hope.

My post yesterday exemplified the facts we have faced for the last four years in the reasons that all the Challenges to Obama's Eligibility have been dismissed, and that this case is different in "Standing" and "competitive standing" then anything the United States Supreme Court has received on Obama since this eligibility challenge on Obama started, but it sadly seems there is very little hope.

Hope is something Obama has worked very hard at destroying and he has done a good job at that. Hope in "justice for all " is a theme Obama repeated during his campaign over and over. He repeatedly barked that "everyone should be playing by the same rules", but Obama is not playing by the same rules as a Constitutionally qualified candidate.

Obama is not a natural born citizen. He is not qualified to be President. Approximately 150 law suits have been brought up on that issue but the greater portion failed on 'standing', a few on 'jurisdiction', and a few on other technicalities. Of course these are legitimate legal concerns that must be honored.

However, it seems people are more about losing hope then in simply seeing to it that the technicalities were taken care of, and the competitive standing was satisfied and bringing that to the Supreme Court of the United States, which leaves me scratching my head as to why?

The power of the Constitution I believe is alive and well. I do believe in the United states Supreme Court. I have hope in the Justices and in justice being delivered.

I've been screwed over by more courts then I care to mention right now, so I have to ask myself where my own hope comes from and how come Obama has not destroyed mine?

Today I received a $30 dollar contribution from Florida from Barbara who has hope. I was so inspired with her energy and willingness to help in this United States Supreme Court challenge.

My left hand tendinitis is so bad its difficult to do a belt buckle up, but my smile hasn't changed because of the spirit of hope which I am given.

When I started this in 2008 I had no idea where I was being led. Now in 2012 ten days after the election, Mitt Romney has conceded the election, and here I am in the United States Supreme Court with a motion and case in front of them on Obama's eligibility from a Candidate for president.

America offers this hope. Our Constitution offers this hope. My complaint offers hope, that justice can be appealed to. This 'justice for all' is a big deal in America. It inspires hope.

Ultimately I do think God inspires hope. He can take discouragement and turn it on its ear so fast you'd wonder why you paid it any despair. Hope can certainly be tried in the fire to prove itself and those who have it.

George Washington cultivated hope. He said, "I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man."

Wow..does anyone think Obama has that aspiration? With Fast & Furious, and Benghazi evidence coming out and that actually failing the Republicans in the Election, one must wonder at the root of Obama's honesty that they kept sweeping under the table.

Last night I read in my daily Bible chapter something that struck me as evident today. Psalms 12:8 "The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted."

I believe Obama with all his lies and cover-ups is indeed the vilest man the United States has ever seen and the result of that we are seeing the wicked walk on every side of the isle... Republicans and Democrats.

There are many reasons that 'hope' has taken a nose dive and there are many people feeling that today from Israel violence erupting with Hamas affecting peace in the Middle East to Petraeus sex scandal going deeper into a Benghazi cover-up and the Hostess Brands Inc. affecting 18,500 employees Company released today, we can see for certain how much hope is seemingly destroyed in one day.

As certainly as we have ever needed our law to count for all, our United States Constitution to stand, this is the time.

Until the United States Supreme Court denies my 'Motion/Petition for Rehearing' we do have hope that it will be accepted. As long as there is a Court to receive this we have hope.

Let this hope work for you and help me in this effort please.

Cody Robert Judy

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Where is the Tea Party & Conservatives now on Obama's Eligibility?


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From a conversation post linked below between Cody Robert Judy and Retired Col. Ronald A. Nelson United States Airforce.

Comment by Ronald A. Nelson Col.USA (Ret) yesterday
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Thanks... but the US Supreme Court will refuse to hear your case indicating that this matter as already been decided by others. By the way... it is Congress that has the Constitutional duty to vet the president for his Constitutional eligibility not the Courts.
It would be better if you sued Congress.. naming the Speaker and President pro-tem as the main defendants for failing to properly vet the President. You might also file suite in every State with the States... Sec. of State... naming the State and the Secretary of State as failing to properly certify Obama as an eligible candidate for President... Most State's voting laws, require that the Secretary of State take reasonable steps to vet all candidates for their qualifications before being placed on their ballots.
Enough said... all of the above has been tried before and without any effective results... that leaves very little option to the public... they can either roll over, allowing their vote to be corrupted by voter and election fraud OR... they could assemble in mass in every State Capitol to demand that the government resign subject to new elections... peaceably, assembling... 10's of millions, shutting down the economy and government until they act to resign... pass a 'Term Limits' amendment denying any elected, serving or past official from ever holding public office anywhere again. But that's not going to happen because the people are simply too lazy... or fearful of loosing their jobs. Wait until the dollar collapses and hyper inflation sets in... there wages will be unable to keep them from starving and being evicted from their homes... it is past time to act in unity... too, demand that both the State and Federal Governments resign subject to new elections.

@Ronald A. Nelson Col. USA (Ret)

Thank you for the time you put in as a response. I really do appreciate that. I have to say Col. your response may be wrong, of course perhaps your betting on the odds, or prophesying, or predicting, whatever you want to call it, but because you are who you are, there can be an amazing amount of people who decide NOT to support this effort. So I have to point out where your wrong. With all due respect Sir your "Thanks" seems insincere and most thanks are when the following word is "But..".

1st paragraph -

Precedent for the court is MINOR V. HAPPERSETT on Natural Born Citizen if you respect Larry Klayman as an attorney- born in the U.S. to Citizen parents. The Supreme Court has never ruled formally against that.

By the way.. Congress is the Legislative Branch of our Government has has repeatedly thrown down the gauntlet in what we would call a Legislative Mandate to uphold that natural born citizen clause. Some 20 attempts in the past to change it have failed. That gives the Judicial Branch a duty to uphold it or call it 'unconstitutional' as indicated in the doc here. Did you read it by chance? If you did you would be 1 of 82 people and 1 of 536 of the second one.



Your Second paragraph -

"It would be better if I sued Congress" What? Whose going to be the Judge between me and Congress? Someone in the Judicial Branch? Yes.. so we're back to what I'm doing in the same Court basically. Of course if you read the document then you'd know the Secretary of State of Georgia is included. You'd also know that this eligibility challenge started at the lowest level in the State of New Hampshire and worked its way up to the State Supreme Court. Then I went down to Georgia and started in the lowest level Administrative Court where I finally received a opinion from a judge that basically stated the Natural Born citizen clause didn't apply anymore and the 14th amendment had superseded it violating constitutional construction holdings.
You would know that has NEVER happened before, so that a lower court decision could actually be taken to the higher courts without the issue of 'standing' being the reason for the lower court dismissals.

So your second paragraph is not 'wrong' its just about 10 months behind me, and what's taking place with this suit. In all of the law suits there has never been an active Presidential Candidate who made it to the United States Supreme Court..never. "Standing' is a serious legal issue and must be adhered to I agree, but when Obama's attorney's acknowledge a Presidential Candidate has standing, (along with the 10 Circuit saying from 2011 in the eligibility challenge of 2008 in Keyes (Barnett) v. Obama saying that it must be 'active' , hence my declaration in 2008 2012 and 2016, you'll note the commercial is the first 2016 Pres. Commercial), then you'd acknowledge this case is unique and has at the very least avoided the mistakes of 2008 cases against Obama and most of the 2012 cases on his eligibility. "Competitive standing" separated eligibility cases of Citizens and a presidential candidate.

Your 3rd paragraph-

"All the above has been tried before without effective results.." If my case fails I'll give you that, however lets put your perspective into a military setting. If you'd tried to take a hill from both sides and the front with 3 battalions, what idiot would say when the President asked, "Is there any thing that hasn't been tried yet?", No, its all been tried without effective results?
President: " Well have you tried 4 battalions from every angle? ", "No Sir, we haven't actually tried that, we were sure stupid not to have thought to at least give that a try."

Well, anyway that's how your lack of support makes me feel on this Col. Nelson. You know Mitt Romney gave it a shot from all the 'normal' procedures. He was a good businessman in a troubled economy, but he wanted to play "win the Presidency" without challenging the fundamental Achilles heel of Obama. His eligibility. That's like, let's fight this fight and allow the D's to tie one arm behind our back because we don't have much faith in the Constitution either.

Now the eligibility stand this Tea Party Group took has above all others focused on and accepted has treated my news and case like dirt. Not one post has been sent out by the Directors to the massive list of subscribers...Not one.

Is that because those responsible for updating the members on serious issues, like you didn't believe this was a viable option, or because they were such huge Mitt Romney fans that they became blind to the core of the Constitution the same way Obama would like everyone to be?

I'm not sure both are not true to some extent. What I do know though is IF you have been involved on the eligibility issue like I have from the time I have, which was the beginning in 2008, then you would know with good sense what every court had ruled on every case and for what reasons, and then you would know that my case is 'unique'.
If there is an issue with my case that worries me most its about the Court sweeping my case under the carpet because it doesn't even have the support of the people who are suppose to be supporting it...The Birthers.. the Tea Party... people like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh..Conservatives.
You know the only problem I see with your logic Col. Nelson is every time you come up with a good idea, you never have to worry about someone else shooting it down.. because you do it yourself.

But.. thanks for the comment Sir.

One more thing, I was the only candidate in 2008 who went to bat for Lt. Col Terry Lakin who lost his retirement after 5 tours as a surgeon. I wrote an Amicus Curiae for his Military Trial.

I hope I haven't offended you Sir, or the Tea Party, and your ability to want to help, and get behind this effort by my direct confrontation of the issues you brought to me.

Sincerely Yours in the love of our Country & Constitution
Cody Robert Judy

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Contested Election Petition FILED IN U.S. Supreme Court- See What's Happening!


The Petition for Rehearing the Writ of Certiorari has been mailed and emailed to the United States Supreme Court today- Nov. 13,2012. This Petition to the United States Supreme Court is Judy v. Obama Case No. 12-5276 and it is contesting the eligibility of Barack Obama's qualifications as a candidate for President of the United States by myself as a candidate also for the same office.

Some have asked me if this is for Mitt Romney or a recount?

In answer to that question, no, this is on the eligibility challenge of Obama. Its important people understand that I do not have control nor is the SCOTUS Judy v. Obama 12-5276 action about a 'recount'. This is not about Mitt Romney winning the election.

Mitt Romney conceded the election and its important people understand that when you do that, its considered a verbal contract and is legally binding. I don't think that if there were 40 million votes not counted for Mitt Romney that they would count, or need to count them, because of his concession of the election.

I have not conceded the election because Obama was ineligible. I have contested the election basically for Democrats who voted for an ineligible candidate who were not qualified, so basically have contested for the greater half of the Country.

The Petition for Rehearing has been sent today. People have to understand that Mitt Romney is gone and if Obama is declared ineligible it will not bring Mitt Romney into the White House with a win, and that is due to his conceding the race. Its a difficult situation and one major reason its really a stupid business decision to concede a race before all the ballots are counted., especially to be seen as a 'good guy'.

That's probably one "not so smart" business decision Mitt Romney made and my decision not to concede the election is bringing lots of ridicule, name-calling, derision, anger, and generally a stomping and gnashing of teeth from many people.

The only thing I can say is "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names and faces I'm pretty used to." ;) I've never thought being a "derogatory name" was part of making sure a bad situation was made right, especially when it included adherence to the Constitution of the United States. So what's going to happen?

There are many things that could happen including a new election, but it might be open and would not consider Mitt Romney's 2012 votes that were conceded. If Republicans and Conservatives want another 4 years of Obama the best thing they can do is NOT HELP ME.

If they don't want another 4 years of Obama the best thing they can do is to take a stand with me for the Constitution, help me by contributing to the campaign or spreading my post, so others who have a little extra money can be made aware of this.

If you decide that you do not want Obama the next four years, then something has to be done about the election and Obama's eligibility is the best chance for that and that's where my actions come in.

So, very important to understand every Mitt Romney supporter has a choice right now, a new one.

Obama another 4 years or help me. Secession isn't going to work, though some petitions are going around, your not going to get over half a State on a petition and besides citizens need to consider that is exactly what Obama wants right?

The U.S. split up, the Constitution gone- seems like it fits into his plan? Maybe that's not the best thing to do. Maybe the best thing to do is to take a stand for the Constitution like I have been doing.

I really think the best thing we can do as American's is very simply take a stand for the Constitution. Please join me, help me right now, because this is the right track to be on and I have 'standing' in the 2012 election and the 2016 Election.

A Mitt Romney win would have made my challenge 'moot' and Obama would have gotten away with usurping our Constitution. Thank God that didn't happen!

Here is the legal Petition for Rehearing Legal Docs that were mailed/filed/emailed in the United States Supreme Court.

Please make a contribution and help me in this effort today. Here's the contribution link.

Thank you and God Bless you... and may God Bless America and preserve, protect and defend our Constitution.

I want to personally thank the Robert E. Dwyer, the one man who contributed to our campaign $1 yesterday from North Carolina. His heart was in the right place and I am personally very thankful to him.

People might laugh, joke, and make fun of it all they want. As for me and my house, I don't think the Lord would ever laugh, joke, or make fun of the widow's mite.

I understand there are many places for your dollars to go, but this patriot from North Carolina realized that we are fighting for the future liberty and freedom of the United States of America as a Republic under our Constitution and his one dollar our Campaign received yesterday paid the postage for one of the legal envelopes that contained the Petition for Rehearing to the United States Supreme Court, sent today to Obama's Defense attorney.

Not bad Mr. Dwyer. ;) Thank you Sir. I hope that you print this out, because I'm betting that in a few years there will be quite a few people who wished they had that honor, and who knows, you might sell this letter of yours on E-Bay for $50,000. ;)

Now to the rest of the 300 million Americans out there, will you match Mr. Dwyer's contribution?

Post UPDATE: I just did an hour interview with Ms. Sharon Rondeau from The Post & Email regarding this so would encourage all to look for that cover story tomorrow.

Cody Robert Judy


Monday, November 12, 2012




Dear American Citizens,

God bless you, on Saturday Nov, 10,2012 four days after the Presidential election, I received a letter from the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES (SCOTUS) signed by Mr. William K. Suter by assistant Gail Johnson saying they had received my MOTION FOR RECONSIDERATION OF WRIT OF CERTIORARI that was postmarked November 1st and received in their office November 7th, 2012.

This would co-inside with the security department of the SCOTUS receiving that document election day Nov 6th about 11am as I reported to you in my report that day. The reason I’m telling you this is to update you that SCOTUS has asked for a revision and re submission within 10 days, which is fantastic news. I’ll explain to you why, mostly because of what my Mom used to say to me.

She used to say to me when I was a kid and still does occasionally, “more words Cody” in an effort to get me to explain something a little more in detail that I may have glossed over and not satisfactorily explaining to her. I wonder sometimes if I’m doing a good enough job for you. Boy, our world sure is changing from a place where balancing “more words” and “getting your point across in one text message” must somehow find a balance.

I will give both the short and the long version. For those of you who want the message in a short form text message here it is:

Text 1-“The Nov. 7th,2012 SCOTUS letter means CODY ROBERT JUDY is still in the Presidential race of 2012 and has not conceded the race- it isn’t over- and Barack Obama has not cleared all the hurdles necessary to be President contrary to what the media would have you believe. You know the Electoral College vote has not happened!

Text 2- “Cody needs your help immediately! Appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court are expensive. The Campaign is tied together with bailing string and fishing line right now- we desperately need new laptop computers- advertising and traveling dollars- and our rent & electricity bill is two months behind and the web site bill is due tomorrow. Please go to and make a contribution now, especially if you were a Mitt Romney voter.

Ok, here’s the long form for those of you who haven’t gone to and made a contribution yet. You know 30% of the Country fought in the Revolutionary War while the other part sat back and watched. I want to address those people who are watching right now… Glenn Beck & Rush.

Yes, I received a notification that Glenn Beck is now following me on Twitter. Just to be fair, Glenn I sent you a notification back and am following you now too, and I’m listening to you right now. Here’s what you’re saying, “ as delicious as pie Obama tax … bla bla bla” you’re talking about the fiscal cliff we’re headed for and a commercial just came on. I wonder silently if Republicans will help or if they are too bitter and would rather sabotage efforts to remove Obama legally in a misguided effort to prove themselves right.

I've have around 4,500 Facebook friends many of whom asked to be my friend because they were interested in being able keep up with the Campaign and the SCOTUS Case Judy v. Obama 12-5276. I honored that and accepted their friendship request. I have 2 questions for those of you who are watching. How do you feel about that? How do you think .., How am I supposed to feel about that?

Feel about what you ask? How am I suppose to feel about your sitting on your hands while I save the Country? You say, “ Who the hell do you think you are Andy Jackson?” I say, “Well, I am the Constitution against Barack Obama. How powerful is that? How powerful should it be?”

I imagine myself in George Washington’s army who crossed the frozen river in the dark of night after losing 13 battles, understanding that he had to win one to get more recruits and to give hope to those who believed in the principles of the Constitution that hadn’t even been written yet, and to quell the nay-sayers who had been doubting Thomas’s and watchers of his Revolutionary efforts. Hello Mitt Romney. How’s your campaign going- Billion dollars later.. And you lost.

If you could have seen the glory of America at a time even before the Constitution had been signed, and you were a “watcher”, how could you not send, how could you withhold a little bit of money to George Washington in order to get one of his soldiers out of the worn socks and boots as you saw the red snow that marked their way?

How can I convey to you the need at this time when victims of Hurricane Sandy are so desperate also, and so many Americans are facing a rough road and are stretching every dollar? I have to, in the faith, belief, and hope that the Constitution is more of a blessing to everyone for this generation and for generations to come. Hurricanes will pass go, but the Constitution or the lack thereof will stay.

My campaign needs laptop computers because ours are limping from being sabotaged, we need really badly to sure up our traveling expense account, completely depleted now. If I was called to Washington DC I’d be walking or hitching a ride.

Could I depend on Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh to get me to Washington DC because I have a case against Barack Obama not being qualified, or is their attitude one of .. “We’ll wait and see how the ruling goes first?” How am I supposed to feel about that? How do you feel? Is it just my problem?

The legal Revisions cost money; ask any attorney if they will work for free and the answer is usually no, there will be copy fees, postage and mailing fees, Insurance needs to be paid, web site needs to be paid, electricity is two months now unpaid shall I go on? Ask yourself if you’re enjoying hearing this…ask yourself if Obama’s camp is enjoying hearing this? Whose camp are you in?

Of course I am used to cutting corners and managing the best I can with what our campaign has received, as we have the whole year and a half since the Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign was founded a week before TX. Gov. Rick Perry got into the Presidential race, and truthfully I cannot believe we have had to stay in the race the entire time in order to maintain our ‘standing’.

We have had to, at any time, be ready to replace Obama against Mitt Romney’s campaign. There’s 185 or so Video’s on my YouTube Station, over 250 Blog entries detailing what we've been through, a 100 page web site, and the worst part is America is generally unaware of our campaign or the facts that we were in Iowa, went to New Hampshire clear to the State Supreme Court , in Georgia clear to the State Supreme Court there, and finally, since around July have been furiously working on the United States Supreme Court case Judy v. Obama 12-5276 the mainstream media has been silent about.

One thing I want to convey to you is that none of the commercials I made that had Mitt Romney in them were false, and you know it now ,for sure. Nothing I said or wrote about Mitt Romney was a falsehood.

The Republicans fight without the Constitution didn't work, and in a campaign where the oath of Office demands preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution, is that at all surprising to you? Did I not tell you unemployment would suddenly dip below 8% just before the election? Did I not tell you Obama controlled the gas reserves and Ohio had gas below $3 dollars a gallon during the election?

Obama is not a ‘natural born citizen’ and as much as all of his supporters would like to say that the qualifications have morphed and a naturalized or 14th Amendment citizen can now run for President, it simply isn't true. Obama is not a natural born citizen by his father, and he’s never proven where he was born. That’s a two prong test, fail one and you can’t be President, fail them both and you still can’t qualify to be President.

Everyone who voted for Obama did not have their vote protected and has been disenfranchised in voting for an ineligible candidate. Now while they may not appreciate my defending their rights, or yours, future generations of America will have a different outlook because hindsight is always 20/20.

I am asking for your help. Future generations will look at you and ask “Why didn’t you help?” Please make a contribution(s) today. If you can’t, please forward this to someone who you think could, or even someone you think should, make contributions today. Send this to every rich person you know. It’s got to get to someone who has 100 million dollars in the bank sooner or later.

Send this to every media outlet you know, with an expression of what you think of them because they have hidden this fight from the American Public.

They have continually swept under the carpet my campaign even though as a Presidential campaign I have Obama in the United States Supreme Court. But, they would cover Mitt Romney’s son in a town at a small campaign event, or Jon Huntsman’s daughters campaigning for their dad with a music video.

Now of course I cannot promise you anything accept that with a contribution to my campaign you will know that you have contributed to a campaign that has and continues to take a stand for the Constitution against Barack Obama’s ineligibility unlike any other campaign in history; against the fraud and forgery of Obama’s identity records investigated by professionals in law enforcement; and a campaign who has fought for you whether you see or like it or not, and is still alive.

If my campaign is successful, Obama will not be in the White House the next four years. If the Supreme Court of the United States determines to hear my case basically in the order of my campaign’s damages due to Obama running and not being qualified, and we win, how will you feel about that?

Please help all of making a contribution now at

We will post exactly how much we have collected because it’s time that you knew exactly what this campaign has done for you with so little help and we want you to join this effort as an American.

It’s also time to shame those who could help and haven’t because America and our Constitution have given them so much… HOLLYWOOD… hint hint ;), and to be seen as so ungrateful as to just watch is almost like applauding a massacre or a extermination of alternative lifestyles order. Without the 1st Amendment Hollywood would be behind bars right now and they know who would like to put them there, but they need to know that if the Constitution dies,…that’s where they will be.

The bottom line is also for those who said "There will NEVER be a RECONSIDERATION" by SCOTUS, you have also now been proven wrong. And for those who keep going to those people who keep telling them I will never be successful, haven't you figured out by now that they fall into two categories either "doubting Thomas's" or those whom I call " bounty hunters", those who really don't want anyone else getting any credit besides themselves about Obama's ineligibility."? We all know them, or should know them anyway and its not so much about the Constitution for them as it is about their professional career.

I will let you know if any of the Bounty Hunters calls me and asks to help pro bono because they sure haven't offered any help so far.

Please enjoy the commercial and understand that I have not quit the 2012 election, but I am also legally under an obligation with certain demands for standing to continue this into 2016 if necessary because what’s filed in Court today might take 3 months to hear and if I step in there and am not a qualified candidate, they will say its ‘moot’.

So please, make a contribution today. We need $10,000 immediately! Whether that comes from 5 contributors of $2,000 or 1,000 contributors of $10 we need it now…today! Please, please, help us..Help the United States of America.

I will keep you informed and post the document received from SCOTUS this later today or tomorrow.

Now if your one to say, " you know I'd make a contribution today Cody if I knew you were telling the truth about the Supreme Court of the United States and the letter. If you'd just show me the letter I'd believe", then what would you be obligated to do if I showed you the letter?.

Please contribute right now. ;)

Cody Robert Judy