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Eligibility Challenge Presents: Stripping Americans Down to the Bare Bones

Stripping Americans down to the Bare Bones

Often leaders are associated as coaches, navigators, pushing you towards what you hope will be a winning season. They can be hard on you like a drill sergeant whose sole purpose might be tearing you down so that you can be built back up even better. They will take you through drills that are seemingly harmless that you can see success with gaining your confidence in what they are doing for you.

They had every intention of making you stronger, recognizing who you were, and then all of a sudden the Coach says something like, “ I’ve been trying to break you down so I can rebuild you, but you just haven’t been getting it. So, what I’d like for you to do is take all of your clothes off and line up shoulder to shoulder, men on the right women on the left. “; and everyone just does it.

They go take their clothes off and put them in a little hole that is dug just in front of the trench they are lining up to. Their backs will face the trench when they line up shoulder to shoulder and they will be eager to hear what is going to happen next.

They understand that whatever happens, it is for the best and that sacrifices have to be made that basically eliminate complaints. Ultimately that is what they are sacrificing – the ability to utter a complaint. In order to act as one cohesive team there can be no division.

It is very important that everyone get into line. Order must be maintained. It is carefully pointed out that fighting, even discussion is not called for, and the ends will always justify the means. The weaknesses are exploited and ridiculed as complete and utter failures; even going so far as to breed contempt for them in favor of just doing what you’re told. Is that so hard?

Anger and ungratefulness replace wisdom and understanding. Gratitude to God is seen as contemptuous and weak mindedness and is used as a sign of deserving ridicule for obvious failures explained clearly in analysis of the mind.

Skilled politicians have been able to manipulate populist, nationalist, or racist feelings to advance authoritarian rule. We hear things like, “The system was broke to begin with, the scab has to came off before the wound gets better which means the band-aid must eventually come off too. I hope we can begin to see the bigger picture”

Indeed a party that can effectively paralyze a democratic government can blame the Constitution of a Republic, for checks and balances gone awry and get away with it, however, they must assuredly do so by violating the Constitution first, especially noticed in the Executive Branch, because adhering to the Constitution would be a violation of their agenda.

It took all of 12 years for Hitler to rise to power and the reign of terror to hit the world from what seemed a defeated democracy in Germany wounded by disastrous inflation that ate away at the economy, the global Depression marked in 1929 when the United States stock market crashed exacerbating the situation as banks failed, factories closed, and millions of people lost their jobs.

The release of the Glass-Stegall regulations that Pres. Clinton signed off on created a wide open vacuum of trading that banks saw they could make a ton of money on, as the wall of security that separated commercial banking from investment banking collapsed.

Construction boomed as sub-prime mortgages, over 90% in 2006 for example, were adjustable-rate mortgages. These two changes were part of a broader trend of lowered lending standards and higher-risk mortgage products. Everyone no matter what the credit score or employment history could buy a house on an adjustable-rate with the promise to refinance later based on the increased value of the home.

Oddly enough, or not, Democratic Party bar-tenders ; the de-regulation by Clinton gave rise to financial regulatory reform by Obama. You may have heard of the phrase you can’t win for losing, but the Democrats say, “They couldn't lose for winning.”

"In total, the administration estimated the cost, often referred to as the hidden tax, of the 43 new regulations to be approximately $28 billion, the highest single year increase in estimated burden on record, resulting in thousands of lost jobs. This new burden is on top of the $1.75 trillion estimated burden of existing regulations."
--Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, in a December letter to trade associations.

The biggest flaw was they did it with Obama who is not eligible by the Constitution’s demands for a natural born citizen, but to have done so without Obama would have also been a violation of what they were doing: destroying the United States Constitution from the inside out.

The Achilles heel of Obama has always been his eligibility per requirement of the Constitution for the office of the President Article II, Sect. I, Clause 5.

Now while you may understand a few things about Obama, this 3 minute video will show you a couple of things you didn’t know about Obama and its worth the 3 minutes especially if you think Birthers are crazy.

The crazy in Birthers has always been the fear of truth by Anti-Birthers because the eligibility of Barack Obama hinges the cover-up and in such the agenda to dis-arm America and in so dominate, control, and subjugate Americans.

The neo-fascist socialist movement has always demanded as many on the government pay-roll as possible, as many people unemployed as possible, and as many people dependent upon government as possible that translated into dependable votes based on the fear of losing anything you had coming or were dependent upon you couldn’t afford otherwise, be it health care, a roof over your head, or food.

The number now on food aid is historically high. The number stood at 46,224,722 persons as of October, the most recent month on record.-January’s will be worth the look. And it’s also true that the number has risen sharply since Obama took office now 15% of Americans reportedly on food stamps really makes you wonder about the unemployment number being reported fewer than 8%.

Obama has orchestrated a reliance on importing goods made from slave labor. Without penalizing companies like Apple for making products at below half of minimum wage over in China by demanding at least a minimum wage import duty America is not the place to make anything. If a country loses its ability to make a product its population is quickly regulated to working for the government.

You may have heard of the 300 openings at Delta Airlines for flight attendants receiving 22,000 candidates or US Airway 16,500 candidates vying for 450 openings.

The cycle with Apple one of the companies projecting growth in 2013 takes dollars out of America from otherwise employed people, marginalizes the country for a lower wage, and then demands we pay for it by buying a product which increases the wealth of a company hiding taxes in foreign banks.

It seems we are actually paying companies to find foreign slave labor because we have an anti-slave sentiment in our Constitution? This is of course the nature of pure capitalism that needs to find a stiff upper lip for at the minimum, a protection of minimum wage abroad, or an Act deregulating minimum wage for "piece-work" that employers won’t be penalized for.

Through a form of “Piece Work”, the dollar is put to our Country, spent here, and would be competitive to foreign slave labor. An incentive might be given to companies that maintained their minimum wage accounts through some sort of tax break. This is what I’ve been thinking about anyway.

We do necessarily need to level the playing field which is anti-American, because as it stands right now unless we make America a business friendly place and give incentives to companies to stay here, we will see a continued deportation of American jobs to leaner regulations that are set to beat Obama’s Regulations set up to empower a loss of freedom due to a economic collapse and necessarily strip Americans down to the bare bones.

3 Minutes ..If you think Birthers are Crazy!

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Cody Robert Judy for President
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Election Challenge Update: Judy v. Obama 12-5276 United States Supreme Court Ltr. Chief Justice John Roberts

Election Challenge Update:
Judy v. Obama 12-5276 United States Supreme Court Ltr. Chief Justice John Roberts

2nd Letter to Chief Justice John Roberts concerning Judy v. Obama 12-5276 by Freedom&Liberty
The 20th Amendment proves that the President elect may be found to be ineligible at any time by one with proper standing to ask the question. My action was initiated prior to the beginning of Obama's term, and has not been fully adjudicated by a judicial tribunal of last resort (in violation of 3 US Code 5). I still have standing to press this action seeking Declaratory relief as to whether Obama is an eligible natural born Citizen all the way to SCOTUS.

"If a President shall not have been chosen before the time fixed for the beginning of his term, or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified".
"If the president shall have failed to qualify before the beginning of his term" clearly leaves open the possibility that he may be found ineligible AFTER the Electoral count.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SUPERMAN'S CLOUD 9 - The Eligibility Movement needs a Superman

Were any of the Justices of the United States Supreme Court even briefed on the case Judy v. Obama 12-5276?

I was encouraged about the news that Chief Justice Roberts at least referred Orly Taitz case to the rest of the Justices for Conference, however the conference is set for February, but it was better then him denying it himself. That's actually quite interesting.

I suppose we could use a Superman to uphold the United States Constitution's "natural born citizen" clause found in Article II, Section I, Clause 5 for the office of the President that Barack Obama is hot water with. Interesting note here from an anonymous com mentor who is basically saying "SCOTUS" has either no intel on the case, or is not interested in seeing to it that the Constitution's demands are upheld in the case of Barack Obama.

Anonymous Comment:
When a petition is filed the Respondent either files a response or waives its right to file a response. If it waives its right to file a response, and at least one Justice believes that the petition has merit, SCOTUS will call upon the Respondent to file a response. In your case, no response was called for, which means that your petition was "dead listed" - i.e., it was aside to be formally denied following the scheduled conference date. Your petition was never discussed at the conference on January 4. No response was called for, so your petition did not make it to the Discuss List. Look at the other birther cases which have been filed with SCOTUS and you will see the same pattern - e,g, Kerchner v. Obama, Taitz v. MacDonald, Berg v. Obama, etc.

Cody Robert Judy- January 9, 2013 4:48 PM
Well, I think you're right about that. That leads us back to the premise however that SCOTUS is not deciding the case. How could they even know what was in a case, unless it was noted to them by a Clerk? If the Clerks are against you, you have no access to a Justice?

If what your saying is true, not a single justice cared that the Constitution was changed by an Administrative Court Judge when it comes to the Office of the President.

That just doesn't make sense to me. I'd think if the qualification was going to be changed they'd want to make an intelligent ruling on it and consider it, especially given the Legislative Hard Line which has forbidden changes to the Art. II, Section I, Clause 9.

We do have the words of Justice Clarence Thomas who said on record the Justices were avoiding this issue.

Well now to my new song -

Superman's Cloud 9- An Original By: The Cody Robert Judy Band -- The songs words apply to every man wanting to take on the qualities of Superman and embody the essence of love and attraction between a man and a woman who are feeling the chemistry and magnetic attraction pull them together. The song's inspiration came to Cody Robert Judy from the experience of January 5th 2013. The song was written January 6th,2013 by Cody.

Superman's Cloud 9 -- Words By: The Cody Robert Judy Band

Vs. 1 -- Ever had a woman treat you like a man- Believing you can be just like Superman? Well I met one last night I tell ya she's a prize- Met her on the dance floor- Caught me staring at her thighs. Then I looked up and saw fire in her eyes. Well you know you're not all that, but you're doing the best you can- For you wanna take that ride -- Be like Superman.

Vs.2 -- Put your hands around my waist --Feel my Superman case. You know I'm hard as hell- That aint nothing I gotta sell.- I'm the man of steel -- That you can plainly feel- But your kiss is kryptonite -- I can hardly put up a fight -- With your arms around me -- I am Superman tonight.

Second Chorus:
You put your arms around me -- Everything becomes clear. With my hands around your waist -- Everything disappears.

First Chorus:
You wanna take a ride with me -- Because you think you can -- Take a ride to cloud 9 -- Cuz I'm your Superman- I'm your Superman -- I'm your Superman -- I'm your Superman -- I'm gonna be your Superman -- I'm your Superman.


Monday, January 7, 2013

No Leg to Stand on- The Justices denied Judy v. Obama 12-5276

My ,- Our- ;), "Petition for Rehearing" with the U.S. Supreme Court was "Denied". ; /

Makes me feel bad because they wouldn't even hear it and in doing so they have basically, officially squashed the "natural born citizen" qualification for President in the Constitution without a word or hearing.

I just feel terrible they wouldn't even let us have an oral argument on it,just locked us out.

You know I can hardly believe it. I wish I had one of the Justices cell phones because it just doesn't make any sense. Without being able to speak with them we are left to take the "Clerk of the court's word" for it.

Because of the process I've been through I know its entirely possible they didn't see the case and some Clerks black-bagged it, but there's no way to talk to them. If not that, then you wonder if they are so threatened that they feel the compromise is in the broader interest of the agreement;say someone's got a nuclear pointed at NY, and they simple are black mailed, which is entirely possible.

Faced with that situation what we any of us do? Say good bye to 8 million Americans in NY? God.. that would be hard.

Frankly, I think we are in a hell of a situation here and the "agenda" of what's going down is just going to blow us away when its fully understood. I mean when the FBI, CIA, SCOTUS, Military and Congress say its okay to forge birth certificates and lie your way to the top what do you say? "We tried", that's pretty pathetic but that's about where we're at.

If I hadn't been through what I've been through with the SCOTUS Clerks I might have more faith that the Justices had indeed reviewed my case. Its the actions of the Clerks of the SCOTUS themselves, that I can not deny, that make me suspicious that the Justices haven't seen their way to this case.

These actions I am left to contemplate myself and if I had not been the recipient I would have nothing to say, nor would I probably believe it if someone was telling me as I am you.

But ... I don't think there is anything to do about it either. I'm scratching my head. The good thing I do know, is that if its a pit they're digging for our Constitution, I'm sure they will find themselves in the pit they had dug sooner or later. I hope that's not the case but God won't see our Constitution die though it may hang by a thread, the thread won't break, in this I have faith.

One thing I do share is the frustration of many Americans who 'trust' their leaders and those they have elected to do the right thing and defend the Constitution. We have proven that Congress was shammed with the CRS Memorandums about Obama's birth certificate and that thousands of letters have gone out to the public with the advice of the sham perpetrated by Jack Maskell. Here's a review if you missed that.

We know that Congress was manipulated. We know that Obama passed out documents certifying his birth that were manipulated. We know his lawyers know that his long form birth certificate and short form and selective service card were manipulated making them non usable for official purposes.

We know that Obama's purported father disqualifies him from being President. We know they all know this, and that they know we know, they know we know they know, however those elected leaders in Congress that can do something and should do something about it won't.

Is it embarrassment because they have all been snookered? Is it a deep seated hatred they have for the Constitution itself? Is it power unchecked that once they get to Washington DC numbs their brain and head?

Perhaps its the snake that they feel isn't coiled quite tight enough for them to throw down the gauntlet on Obama's eligibility so we can at least have a president who fills the natural born citizen requirement of our Constitution in the White House as a commander-in chief who isn't a walking talking violation of the Constitution?

Do Republicans still feel cozy about watching Obama make a mockery of the Constitution and a mockery of them in economical protocol and the economy with a 16 Trillion dollar debt that is going up 100,000 every 6 seconds, to a Government who offers no palatable smidgen of sweet to reducing their spending?

Ever wonder how both the Iraq war and Afghanistan War could be over and our Government figure out a way to spend even more money now?

So often with the victors of war go the spoils, and Obama is spoiling our Nation and I don't think this is a place even anti-birthers, including the media, who somehow retain a verifiable certifiable belief that nothing is amiss when it comes to Obama's eligibility in the face of professional law enforcement investigations on the matter, and with what a little homework could uncover.

We're left thinking they don't like home-work, or they just don't think it matters all that much. That is definitely one way to think. Perhaps understandably they think, "No single individual can stand up against all of this because so many people are involved now."

Credibility, integrity, honest, virtue, even the moral fiber of our society is at risk because those in charge put it all on Harvey Dent... ole two face himself: Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama, whichever one he is when he turns profile. You've seen Obama cast as the Joker, but Harvey Dent who turned into Harvey Two Face makes more sense.

No one raised the roof about Obama being a U.S. Senator and there he was living the dream of a Kenyan Born lad who had literally overcome so many odds.

Somewhere in between the time Obama was a U.S. Senator and the decision to run for President he crossed a line and now we have Obama two-face and what seems all of our Government, on both sides of the isle, defending the very acts of fraud and forgery most would go to prison for perpetrating at the powerful and important level of the Office of the President.

Well, like Nixon said he believed, " When the President does it it's not illegal", only difference between the mentality of the media now verses the mentality of the media then was Nixon was a Republican, and the media now shares Obama's feelings rather then apposes that view.

Ronald Reagan appointed three United States Supreme Court Justices and many people don't recall that was superseded by Nixon appointing no less than four United States Supreme Court Justices, when wondering about justice being blind then as compared to now.

There is one slimmer of a positive to note here in the contemplation of the actions here by the United States Supreme Court Justices and that is the broader view that the United States People are gaining of them and of the integrity of the United States Supreme Court.

Of course as you may have been introduced to in a blog of mine before, justice is not always right, even at the highest levels. Many many people have not been exposed to such thought. Its almost new to them even though people as myself have suffered the injustices for years.

I am happy to have many many more people join me in the ideology that justice is really fucked up in this country by most every official anyone knows. When you can count on one hand the law officials willing to knuckle down on Obama's ineligibility and the fraud and forgery present in this nefarious cover-up, and realize the paltry handful of people with integrity who are elected officials, you gain an understanding of being victimized by the un-lawful actions of officials representing the law, and how that feels.

Yes, I'd say Obama has done more for America then any person in the White House, when it comes to America gaining a empathy and understanding for those oppressed in prisons, set up, accused falsely, and having their Constitutional Rights abolished and stripped away.

Where are my 2nd Amendment rights to defend myself after I did the time society asked? Obama's taken my guns away and now he's after yours.He'll get them to, you watch.

These poor fatherless bastard Congressmen will tote up to him to; you can't trust them as far as their oaths. If their oaths meant a red-cent nickle to them they'd be opening up Congressional Investigations and Sheriff Arpaio and people like myself would be called in to testify on the matter of Obama's fraud & Forgery docs and his ineligibility.

Look what (Congress)they've done to your "natural born citizen" demand in the Constitution America. Threw that out like a piece of toilet paper they'd just blown their nose on or wiped their arse on.

I feel sorry for most American's now who "think" they have a 2nd Amendment Right or any rights, because Obama's closed the hamper on his dirty clothes or eligibility, and Congress isn't about to do Obama's dirty laundry.

You know I used to be an avid hunter too. Really enjoyed the sport. The Governments basically told me I can't have any self defense to myself. If someone wants to pull up and shoot away they can shoot anyone whose ever had a felony pretty well get away with it. Of course that's what the Government does and sadly we've seen it witnessed time and time again.

Government decides they see someone whose peaceable assembled at home and pretty soon here they come with their S.W.A.T teams and warrant-less search and seizures capacity armed with nuclear weapons if necessary and blows you to away to kingdom come. The hunters in every state might as well start sucking the wind-pipes of their deer rifles now.

I'm sorry to say this, but there is nothing right now between you and a clean Bill of Rights and you're own law enforcement people in you're own home town in you're own home state are witnesses that what I'm saying is the truth because they are in on the cover-up of Obama's fraud and forgery and his ineligibility! They are in on it, and helping Obama as his mice!

You think this through. If every Sheriff was calling every Governor and telling them they had thousands of people at his door clamoring about Obama's fraud and forgery expecting him to complain and the Governors had every sheriff in every county hankering, Obama and his mincing Congress wouldn't be more than another week in office.

That's the God honest Truth of the matter. Now you know the reason that the Republican Party is through. Its over. They are no longer the party of conservatism and if your American and conservative you need to understand this. The Republicans in office right now are not worth the manure out behind the barn as fertilizer.

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Cody Robert Judy for President
Plaintiff/ SCOTUS Case No. JUDY v. OBAMA 12-5276
Candidate ID P20003372
Committee ID C00501593

Petition for Rehearing under consideration:

Writ of Cert under consideration Judy v. Obama 12-5276