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OBAMACARE : Constitutionally a Compromised ACT.

OBAMACARE : Constitutionally a Compromised ACT.
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The law demands that any ACT of Congress be signed by a qualified person for the Office of the President. Obamacare, or the Affordable HealthCare ACT, is certainly not a valid law if it is not signed by a qualified President. In a desperate plea to stem the tide from more Americans hopping on the Birther wagon as a way to remove Obamacare Obama himself in a desperate move has pledged to what.. bully insurance executives or just change the law real quick?

Obama wants to force all the insurance companies who have canceled policies based on the demands of Obamacare to re-issue the policies. That should come as no surprise, for bullying Americans into purchasing Obamacare with penalties and taxes is consistent with the bullying of the companies who are working in a free market or for profit margin.

Obama always says, “Let me be clear” and that doesn’t mean ‘transparent’ by the way. It is very clear, Obama doesn't see himself as a dictator but his actions are speaking louder than words. The American pain has begun to hit home in the conflict between the free market business system and a state controlled communism in a field every American is affected by. It may have just come in the nick of time.

Dashing hope of the illegality of Obamacare the United States Supreme Court ruled Obamacare legal as a TAX which Congress could impose, they did not receive the challenge Obamacare was illegal based on Obama not being qualified for the Office of the President; although they do have a record of dismissing most all the cases on Obama’s eligibility for lack of standing: or direct hurt in a Presidential Campaign.

Nothing has been changed about an ACT of Congress needing the signature of a qualified President to become law. The United States Supreme Court has refused to hold a hearing on Obama’s eligibility brought to them by a plaintiff with standing as a presidential candidate in the Democratic Party, hurt by Obama’s fraud as recent as January 2013, in Judy v. Obama 12-5276, but that doesn’t stop Congress from holding a hearing. In fact it encourages Congress to open the door on Obama’s eligibility!

Lock-n-step with the popularity of shared pain and a chance for political manipulation, even Sen. John McCain has come out now and said his own mother doesn't approve and essentially what Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Mike Lee have been saying all along during the government shut-down; Obamacare is fundamentally flawed causing unemployment, reducing hours, and cancelling insurance policies by the millions.

Millions of Americans didn’t care if the Senate didn’t produce a budget for four years, or that the debt ceiling has been raised through the roof several times because it didn’t immediately hurt them. In fact it’s no secret Obama himself picks and chooses the laws to enforce at his convenience born out in the Obamacare exemptions for many in Government and Big Business who..” just can’t afford it”, I guess.

The point is the Constitution has been breached many times by those in Government but it passes until there is a disaster, a war, or too many people are suffering. Obamacare is declaring itself to Americans just such a cause to rally behind the natural born citizen clause of the Constitution.

The notice in the mail that their insurance premium as skyrocketed, canceled, or the sticker shock for those who have managed to signed up on the crap-shoot web site of Obama-scare has hurt them immediately. Its noticed in pay-checks, premiums, and thus in the economy with what people have left to spend.

Now by the millions people are searching for ways to eliminate what could easily be classified as the biggest tax increase in United States history. They didn’t care about the qualifications of the Office of the President to be a natural born citizen –Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents – but they do now, because in theory it, when lawfully applied, has the power to put Obamacare on hiatus before its ever fully employed while at the same time sending Obama job hunting.

Standing up for principles that stand as pillars in our Constitution is what America’s defining character is all about. Those pillars of freedom and liberty became a great light in the darkness of the unknown by the un-insured. Security or the ‘sure thing’ was understood as diabolical and when the masses put their trust in it, it was understood that it was indeed bound to let them down. Indeed, risks defined American character with boldness and the chances we took under God with our pledge of allegiance to the Republic carved out of the rock the United States of America.

Politicians have for far too long won elections on “promises” of what they would do. Many of those promises came on the backs of not caring about the future generations paying for them or insuring their oaths were honest towards the Constitution. Why did they care? They would never be paying for it. It would be the future generation’s problem and their management of the Government would be over by then.

They would ride the wave till there wasn’t any wave to ride, then they themselves would hold out their hands to the future leaders in America if they hadn’t lined their pockets deep enough. This has been the mentality of many politicians in Washington DC and it’s got us where we’re at with the cancellation of the American Principles coming in the mail as insurance cancellations. Indeed its where the rubber meets the road and the public see's the light.

Restoring the principles is indeed the only way to stop the cancellation notices and because it’s happening in the very dangerous and precarious health insurance business effecting everyone , the Government take-over illegally of Obamacare, is raising the American ire. In pondering solutions readily and available to us, we simply have to uphold the principles of the Constitution to eliminate Obama-scare and retake the Office of the President that’s been usurped unlawfully.

The cancelation notices do not know any race, color, or gender. It’s a scourge crossing America like a cloud of doom and even now most of the Democratic Party shaking in their boots is unbelievably defending Obama’s eligibility when he’s not a natural born citizen. Obama was not born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents, hence his credibility as President is unqualified and Obamacare is moot.

A choice to follow with no guarantee of a participation trophy is yours; a guide of trusting principles came to be the hope that so many immigrated to America for. They were willing to roll the dice on chance let the consequences follow when they were provided with an opportunity to explore freedom and liberty hailing a future of freedom and light. Security was understood to be the ‘belief’ in who, what, or how you chose to worship rather than the State of Government as your faith.

Typhoon Haiyan that ripped through the Philippines nationally was not insured. The Philippine national disaster agency raised the death toll in the wake of the second category five Typhoon to 3621 and charity has come to the rescue. The great example of charity that comes even from other countries when disaster hits far supersedes mandates that insurance companies pay up and is a wonderful example of why Obamacare won't work.

America has contributed or pledged something like 12 million and China pledged 2 million after it was criticized by a Chinese newspaper for an initial pledge of $100,000. I don’t believe the Chinese people to be any less generous or hospitable or industrious then Americans, what may be understood is more Americans make $20 per hour and Chinese makes $2 dollars per hour based on a Government system of communism, but indeed charity is able to help more ultimately then communism or force which is the fundamental flaw of Obamacare and the use of the IRS as its enforcer.

One thing we do know is that ‘charity’ and love of country has guided the Birther Movement more than any financial gain received for standing up for the principle. No Birther has gotten rich with contributions the way that Representatives, Senators, and President’s pad their political war chest. This is a humble movement that has limped and gimped along in the strength of charity and a forging principle.

I recently spent some time over at a conspiracy web site that is dedicated to ridiculing Birthers. They are in a hyper-animated state over the fraud of the birth certificate which is fine but is only a small part of Obama not being qualified based on the fact he wasn’t born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents. Shape-shifting is one of their best tactics and they have never wasted anytime heaping the persecution on me for taking a stand in a particular religious meeting I was once a member of that the state came into and took over in a secular determination of words rather then allowing religious sentiment to peacefully have her way.

In some ways it was an awful sentence to be taken in a religious meeting out by the State after being beaten and mauled by a riotous crowd and by definition persecuted with a prosecution of the state for the evidence of a simple book I'll only use the abbreviation of B.O.M., but it came to shape me for years to come in ways I could have never imagined in the political arena running for office with a sheer determination and a developed appreciation for exactly what our Constitution provides as I suffered the unconstitutional prosecution. You can read my book Taking A Stand for the details if you wish, but the point is I learned first hand what a disaster it is not to have the Constitution enforced when you need it with your life hanging in the balances of justice.

The whole purpose of Birthers was to take a stand for the principle of the “natural born citizen” clause of our Constitution more than question the race card Obama supporters and the mainstream media is on record many times shamefully over and over airing. The qualifications we as Americans desired for the Office of the President is indeed a part of the Supreme Law of our Land. It is lawful and has been broken unlawfully perhaps even criminally in a deliberate deceit by Obama who handed out his long form fabrication in the White House press core room in April 2011.

The qualifications of the President in the Constitution have stood the test of time and ridicule coming under assault in many different directions while slavery was terminated the qualifications for President was not. That tells you it’s a big Principle when put under a microscope of law in an open hearing as a national security detail.

The respect for the qualifications of the Office of the President as law isn’t even opposed by anti-birthers for they recognize it as the law. They rather try to twist and contort the law searching and scheming of ways to contort it rather than subscribing to the clout and trust dedicated to our national security that it must take two full generations for an individual to be President. That’s what Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents does. It separates with two full generation’s alien nationality.

Now as the 2000 hearings held in The House, if you’re a Dictator in a foreign country with loads of cash how easy would it be to wed, impregnate, finance and claim your heir to the Presidency with an American women taking over the whole U.S. military during one lifetime? That is what’s possible when we eliminate the “Parents” aspect of the two prong test of a natural born citizen – Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents? Snowden’s leaks of the NSA spying on Americans certainly demonstrate the notion that spying on foreign governments hasn’t lost abit of fashion and Obama seems to have relished in broadening that aspect to include our allies.

The fact still remains that the grandfather clause of the eligibility requirement for the Office of the President allowed the founders to run for President, who indeed were born in America, such as Thomas Jefferson, before the Constitution was ratified, lending us the credential of the principle, that had it not been stated so, those who were born here in America with only one parent or with neither parent as Citizens of the States who were aliens, were not eligible as ‘natural born citizens’.

Anti-birthers despise the grandfather clause of the eligibility criteria found in Article II., Sect 1, Clause 5. “or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of the Constitution” because it clearly distinguishes a “Citizen” is not necessarily a “Natural Born Citizen”. Though laws maybe broken by past examples as Presidents such as Herbert Hoover,Chester Arthur,Andrew Jackson in the same slight of hand way Obama has intended, they didn't live in a digital age under the surveillance of government as we are fighting against either. The natural born citizen clause may be just what the American Doctor ordered as its applicability has not worn out with Obama but his policy's and scandals have worn out with us.

Now, I think it’s a revealing tenant of anti- birthers steam rolling for Obama to point and reach for the ‘race’ card as the reasoning for Birthers. Indeed being born in the United States was never the quintessential definition of a natural born citizen as many of the signers were born in America but still would not have been able to run for president without the grandfather clause.

All one has to do is ask the question, “Why?”: “Why weren't some of the founders and framers considered ‘natural born citizens’ if they were born right here on America soil? That question was answered with the grandfather clause.
While many American Citizens were aware of Obama’s birth in Kenya as written about by his publisher and in Chicago papers
as a Senator, and his father an alien, not many understood McCain’s shenanigans, but have come to understand more about Sen. McCain than ever before as a progressive aligned against the U.S. Constitution.

Many in the Republican Party twisted and contorted the principle to conform Sen. McCain’s Citizenship when he wasn’t born in the U.S. or in any U.S. Military hospital. He is a native son of Panama and maintains a dual citizenship by his birth with Panama and the United States. Dual citizens cannot be President and McCain used two ACTS of naturalization of an alien by Congress to first obtain his Citizen status at 11 months old, and the second as non-binding senate resolution to obtain a ‘naturalization of an alien ’ to the Office of the President, to be a natural born citizen, sort of qualified by half of Congress and purported by former Sen. Hillary Clinton as really weak although she and Sen. Obama were co-sponsors.

McCain’s abuse of the military has reached far and wide ranging from a prank he played ending with the deaths of many in a fire resulting aboard a cruiser from a wet start of an airplane to this slap-happy prank he’s pulled on the public about being born in a military hospital in Panama while slapping around the principle of the natural born citizenship clause with the pranks of non-binding senate resolution 511 he abstained from voting for himself as the driest of all humors towards the rank and file of all the GOP Senators of 2008 that led to my filing and serving the suit three days before McCain was made the nominee in 2008 in Judy v. McCain Las Vegas Nevada Federal District Court anti-birthers and the media don't like to talk about as it dilutes Obama's race card as well as Birthers in general.

Whilst the 11 in 480 million –times-many-generations chance of a military person born over-seas running for President after the Constitution was established is a possibility, that remote possibility has not ever happened. It certainly has far more dangerous consequences then simply upholding the natural born citizen clause as part of the Constitution our military men and women are sworn to uphold rather then sworn to trample.

Its only been read by about 1,715 people so far, but Judy v. Obama Case No. 12-5276 was actually the very first State and Federally filed complaint that incorporated as evidence in Sheriff Arpio's Cold Case Posse results found by detective Mike Zullo which was released March 1st,2012 that included over 2500 hours of professional experts who have training in the fields in discretion of Obama's long form fabrication. The State Court receiving that was Georgia's State Court that Obama though served by an Administrative Court refused to appear at but was represented by in the Judges' opinion and in appeal of that was a "Response to a Motion to Dismiss" by Obama's attorney you can see on page 10, and signed March 2nd,2012.

Recently, Democratic Party leader Senator Harry Reid received at his four FAX stations the request in a letter that the Senate take up and hold a hearing on this matter and thus far it has been refused. Recent reports now find that the Democratic Party advantage of the government shut-down has all but vanished and the Republican Party now is seen as receiving the election or political benefit over the disaster of Obamacare.

I would like you to share share share because at no time in our history with Obama has it become more important to show a legal and positive solution to the Obamacare scourge affecting the country and we need every American to become more informed and educated on the matters that are politically going to effect their future to write, fax, and call their State U.S. Representatives and State U.S. Senators with the facts and knowledge that we know Obama is not qualified and that Obamacare can be made 'moot' without a qualified president's signature.


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CROSSFIRE - song asks: "Is GOP willing to use Natural Born Citizen Principle to stop Obama-scare?"

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CROSSFIRE - song asks: Is GOP willing to use Natural Born Citizen Principle to stop Obama-scare?

Enjoy the pictures I took of the veterans day parade. The new song CROSSFIRE, asks," "Is GOP's willing to actually 'use' the Constitution's 'natural born citizen' clause in order to end Obama-scare, because it wasn't signed by a qualified or legal President according to the Constitution's demand for the Office of the President?". By The Cody Robert Judy Band- If democrats and republicans will not enforce the Constitution, Americans are the only ones who lose and get caught in the CROSSFIRE. Highlighted also on Saturday the Happy Birthday to Marines with a parade of motorcycles on Saturday 11-9-2013 God Bless America.

Cody Robert Judy v. Obama in United States Supreme Court Case No. 12-5276 asks the question from a candidate who ran in the Democratic Party 2012 and also asked the same of Cody Robert Judy v. Sen. John McCain in 2008.

You really have to start to wonder where the GOP's logic has gone if they are willing to denounce principle's of the Constitution and wonder why they lose elections. If Obama's D's won't stand for the Constitution and neither will the GOP, is it any wonder the Democratic Party win's elections? I find it very interesting that the GOP is wondering how to get the 'minority' vote, when they won't take a stand for the minority?

The power of the individual is the minority and no where is that more clear then in the natural born citizen clause of the Constitution demanded for the Office of the President- Born in the U.S. to Citizen parents.

How is it possible to respect the GOP's unwillingness for millions of Americans to lose their healthcare coverage, and for taxes to escalate so high according to the implementation of Obamacare (scare) while realizing they are unwilling to actually take a stand on principle of the Office of the President's qualification demand?

Millions of Americans could easily blame the GOP for this over-site and unwillingness to take a stand against Obama when they have the ability, responsibility, and duty according to oath to do just that. The Democratic Party leaders also have that duty and were FAXed this letter that makes it clear.

Republican leadership in the House need only take up the Constitution in order to win and permanently shelve Obamacare. If the principles by which our United States Constitution are not used in fairness, protecting my rights as a Presidential Candidate, your rights are no less valuable and that the lesson you should take to heart if the GOP refuses to hold a hearing on the eligibility of Barack Obama/aka Barry Soetoro.


[ If you would like to help Cody Robert Judy in his bid for upholding the Constitution in “America’s Birther Campaign”, or ABC Campaign ,which highlights the United States Constitution with information and education for voters to understand the tough questions politicians should be answering in 2014, and in the coming 2016 election for the Office of the President please make a contributions here: ]