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Is the Democratic Party Worth Saving?

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Is the Democratic Party Worth Saving?

Solutions to the problems the Democratic Party faces may be so far removed from the Democratic Party Establishment that they crash through left field and knock themselves out crashing through the left field boundary wall of the United States of America political ball field. Identity Politics has paralyzed them to the point where Individuals have replaced Individual Rights and the gap left between their leaders and the Country in understanding that is unrecognizable.

 What is the classic Identity Politics Playbook? I'm black so I can win! I'm brown so I can win! Wait, I'm yellow so I can win! No, I'm female so I can win!  I'm a transsexual so I can win! I'm gay so I can win!

It's the complete opposite of being a part of the United States of America and having good ideas for Justice for ALL and if you take a look around Democrats you have lost over 1,000 Races since the King of Identity Politics usurped the U.S. Presidency because he was black and could win. The long-term affect of Identity Politics is akin to a sugar high that lifts one up quick and drops you down very low just as fast. 

This is what the Democratic Party has bought in to with "The first black President who was actually half white"; The first "Don't you want a women for President?", Candidate who has lost twice now. It is just not a unlimited magic-hat trick that is going to make the Democratic Party great again and when an Individual replaces Individual Rights the emphasis is on Tyranny of ONE and not on Civil Rights that has the Power of ALL.

An interesting experiment took place that emphasis the point brillantly at New York University (NYU).   

Eileen Reynolds

What was purposed was essentially what I would call a critique on WISDOM and the fact that regardless of gender, race, color, or any thing else, wisdom is noticed no matter whose mouth it is coming out of. Of course they conducted the experiment with the emphasis on gender and what they thought would be a slam dunk for Identity Politics.

If Trump's words were replaced by Hillary's words, and if Hillary's words were replaced with Trump's words, would the verdict of the election have been the same? You could almost sense they hoped the verdict would not be the same and that if Hillary spoke Trump's words she would NOT have won proving that a women has a proverbial character flaw which makes her a victim, and thus warrants a greater tipping of the scales for justice rooted in wisdom and understanding. 

Just the opposite happened. The Trump Actress who spoke Hillary's Lines in the debate, was disliked more. The Hillary Clinton Actor who spoke Trump's lines was liked more. 
People across the board were surprised that their expectations about what they were going to experience were upended.”

We both thought that the inversion would confirm our liberal assumption—that no one would have accepted Trump’s behavior from a woman, and that the male Clinton would seem like the much stronger candidate. But we kept checking in with each other and realized that this disruption—a major change in perception—was happening. I had an unsettled feeling the whole way through.  

The simplicity of Trump’s message became easier for people to hear when it was coming from a woman—that was a theme. One person said, “I’m just so struck by how precise Trump’s technique is.” Another—a musical theater composer, actually—said that Trump created “hummable lyrics,” while Clinton talked a lot, and everything she was was true and factual, but there was no “hook” to it. 

What this proves is that Hillary Clinton could have easily won the Election if she was not so intensified on anti-American, and divisive Identity Politics. Hillary Clinton actually succeeded in turning off half the Country and Donald Trump succeeded in communicating to the portion he needed for the win because he was speaking to more people about individual rights as U.S. Citizens. Clinton was polluting and diluting her message with the World of Citizens, but the world doesn't vote in American Elections. 

That is a complete and utter incrimination against the Democratic Party as far as I am concerned. To have lost the debate on Civil Rights is inexcusable! And furthermore, to not get it? Why that's just plain stupid! 


Well, picture Hillary Clinton walking around looking at her pink pussy hat all the time asking for your vote? Picture Barack Obama walking around all the time looking at his skin asking for the your vote? It might work once, but it's a short term high because America is rooted in wisdom and understanding. That has won the Civil War. It may have appeared blacks were free, but whites were freed too. No one want's to be a slave and many people seem to forget that there were white slaves and black Slave Masters

Individual Rights are calculable only to the greatest number of people affected. If you calculate the black freedom as only a fight were blacks are involved, you will not get one white person fighting for the freedom. That is understanding Freedom and Liberty and Justice for all. [Understanding].. think about that word.

 This is why I firmly believe the only way the Democratic Party will ever return to it's greatness in America is if Obama/Clinton Identity Politics is thrown under the bus and squarely run-over. But I'm not sure the Democratic Party has the "Understanding & Wisdom" to actually conceive that is what needs to happen, or to understand that their hope of "Identity Politics" was a sugar high - great for the 15 second commercial and terribly exposed in an hour long debate.

I have long defended many things Democrats have stood up for such as equal rights for all Citizens. When Republicans refused to remove "Marriage" from State Government leaving it to the Churches, in favor of "Partnership" in State Tax Considerations, under equal protections of Citizens they trampled "Marriage" if it was trampled in allowing Same Sex Marriage in equal protection of rights to Citizens. 

Democrats didn't do that; Republicans were bent on discrimination against Citizens when it's clear both female and male can vote.

When it comes to Pro-Choice and Pro-Life, I cognitively recognize children do not  vote until the are enfranchised at age 18. Prior to that they are under a dictatorship called type of government in the household with their Parents as responsible adults for their Vote. Life in the understanding of a Soul has it's creation in the separation and its individuality which then in extinguishment constitutes murder. The State confining a Citizen's Body for 9 months without a committed crime is an abuse,nor is a man committed to prison for spilling his seed for the same period or a women for her period and flushing her eggs down the toilet. 

That a body in a casket of a man who died of natural causes looks an awful lot like a human without the spirit, needed to create the Soul constituting a [Person], the same way a 8-9 month old fetus looks whose body never received the Spirit to make up the Soul, but we have an awful lot of people declaring a vicious murder has taken place, in lieu of God's Mercy, (and in my believe Promise to every Spirit to inherit a body) as if God can't make another body for that Spirit?

Democrats were mostly Pro-Choice, and Republicans Pro-Life, I chose to be Pro-Choice-for-Life taking to heart the way in which God created man in the distinct steps. 
 Genesis 2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. 
a- Body created first b. Then the spirit entered the lifeless body c. Soul created d. body + spirit = Soul 

The delusion of Democrats however into the delirium of Identity Politics has proven itself 1,000 times over to be a losing strategy across the Country. Rather than exposing Republicans false claims, with {Wisdom and Understanding}, that moves towards the center in Justice for All, they choose to lose by moving off the field entirely.  

I must finally add that Establishment Democrats have been hypocrites of the Big Tent Party by their own Bull in the China Room Experiment of Identity Politics episodic of discrimination against their fellows in reform, rehab, prison, and jails opting to discriminate in their own Primary Debates of the U.S. Presidential Candidates representative of those entering the Race. 

That is emblematic of what? The Elite Classes thoughts on who American's are? Who they ought to be? Well, let me say it in more simple terms. It's discrimination against middle and lower citizens by economic and class citizenship of the United States- all of who have the same power to VOTE! 

Troubling thing about that? They are willing to discriminate against me as a Candidate for having a felony 25 years ago, but not Constitutionally Qualify a Presidential Candidate as [natural born Citizen] ie. born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents. Summation? Their moral compass is twisted!

Trump, Fiorina, and Carson were all Candidates who had never before held office who were also aloud on the Debate Stage by Republicans. Democrats marginalized their un-elected U.S. Presidential Candidates refusing to give them a Debate Stage in a horrible example of elite discrimination.

 They are catering to a rich elite exclusive class that is indeed getting smaller and smaller across the Country and concentrated in higher population centers. Did Democrats show America how BIG THE TENT was or how SMALL it really is? 

That is a recipe for disaster in the interest of the United States of America, and if that is not their interest, they are on a losing lunar space mission to planet WTFK that know one here can comprehend as to relativity of our United States History.

So is the Democratic Party worth saving? I tend to think of that as do they have the will to win? I think they do, and I think they are worth saving if they are willing to move towards the middle of America instead of out of the left field ballpark.


Tuesday, March 7, 2017


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 Media Cover Up Represents Fake News Phenomenon!
Facebook Post

A ferocious attack on President Trump was unfurled Reviving Birtherism as the Entree of Choice Rib-eye for the Media, but not one Story directs the Public's attention to the TRUE Revival in Federal District Court ( Utah Division) Case Judy v. Obama 14-00093 where Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse Evidence has been submitted as Evidence for a Motion for Reconsideration of Identification fraud!

Everyone must ask "Why?" And remember that when supporting evidence has indeed come forward (ie. in the instance of Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse proving Obama's long form birth certificate was a fabrication), the MainStreamMedia ( MSM ) generally ignores it anyway if it doesn't fit their slanted agenda.

Imagine for just one minute, President Trump simply stating Obama was a "sick guy" because he had bugged Trump Towers during the campaign. Is Obama capable of such?  Obama's paranoid panic-trips are infamous and he has shown himself very capable of such given it took him three years to release a simple ten dollar long form birth certificate, as well as the cover up of lies he pushed over the 9/11/12 Benghazi motive being the {video tape} just three weeks before the 2012 Election.

When Hillary Clinton lost the election , panic set in again; because of all the scandals , cover-ups, and lies, being uncovered the Obama/Clinton Democrats began thrashing about because they know their legacies will be shattered forever when the evidence is brought to light? So, they target Russia as their bogeyman without a shred of evidence?

Is it evidence the MSM really wants with Trump's assertions Obama Bugged him during the campaign, or is it simply the False Narrative they want spinning and gaining speed as it twist and contorts into something that will cast a more favorable light in what they refuse to admit is a tarnished record that amounts to an erosion of trust with the general public?

Let us consider everyone of the following reports as casting a False Report based on forensic evidence Obama's long form birth certificate is not a copy of an original, and was fabricated with the use of someone else's identification which is ID Theft.  Let us also consider that not a single one of these Reports mention in the slightest an official Court Record and Case that has the EVIDENCE they supposedly thing so much of. They want Trump to show evidence Obama bugged the Trump Towers during the Campaign. They completely ignore EVIDENCE of Obama's fabrication and current MOTIONS in Court Considering the Evidence?

How is it, I ask, that we read these "Newspaper Reports" and NOT call them "slanted- biased - ridiculous embarrassing journalistic Media? The evidence of their 'cover-up'  makes them much worse than tabloid news or fake news. They refuse to report FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT Case and Evidence! The evidence shows you they refuse to include relative, current developments actually be considered in Federal District Court. By their own Standards they self admit to deceptive reporting.

Why Is Trump Returning to Birther-Style Attacks on Obama?
AMP - 1 day ago - by  Twitter @AdrienneLaF

2-ORLANDO SENTINAL- Trump blasts 'bad' Obama: birther sequel -
by: Hal Boedeker Twitter: @tvguyhal,amp.html

Donald Trump vs Barack Obama: From the 'birther' row to the wiretapping accusation
AMP - 1 day ago by:  Chiara Palazzo Twitter: @cvpalazzo
Aderholt: Russia-Trump coordination 'birther issue of the Democratic Party'
AMP - 4 days ago By: Howard Koplowitz | Twitter: @HowardKoplowitz

Donald Trump never stopped being a birther. by: Alex Shepherd Twitter @alex_shephard

Breaking News!
OBAMA'S I'D FRAUD - SCANDAL OF THE CENTURY 2 ELECTIONS 2008 and 2012 HOODWINKED BY FORGERY - Obama's ID not an Original long form birth certificate says Forensic Experts on two Continents. Media Cover Up represents Fake News Phenomenon!

They are not making President Trump look stupid. They are making themselves look very stupid, bias, slanted, and an embarrassment to journalism.

Until the MSM begins actually reporting the Facts, what good does any evidence do? This is not limited to the MSM slanted on the Democratic Side of the Coin. There are plenty of Republican Sided considerations who perhaps feel they are included so much they cannot pull out of what has been planted so deep with their establishments and moles.

This will really probably blow a lot of people away, but my goals have never been about Party Power, over Principle Power, speaking of those Principles in the U.S. Constitution.  I have stood up as a Write-in Candidate- 2008 against McCain and Obama. I have stood up as a Democratic Party Candidate for U.S. President in 2012, and 2016 against Obama. I have received help from both sides of the isle and that is one of the greatest compliments to our being Americans under the banner and Standard of the U.S. Constitution I have ever received.

If Democrats were united how could they have lost over 1,000 seats across the U.S. during Obama's disaster? If Republicans were united how could President Donald J. Trump have come to office? There are cross-overs from a lot of intelligent people who I love!

February 27th, 2017 I put out a little Picture Post on my Facebook and Instant Messaged it to only 5-10 personal contacts who I thought might consider it seriously. All but one did, but the one came as a great shock to me.
Here was the Picture Post that I also Tweeted

The Facebook Friend (I once had) that blew me away was Jan Morgan. She had received the Picture Post Feb. 27th, at 9;40AM. Jan's been a very staunch advocate for the Second Amendment and is a weekly Fox Contributor, but what I got back from her at just after midnight the day following was the  IM link to a story written by one of Obama's biggest supporters!  I couldn't have been more surprised, shocked, and at the same time disappointed to see Jan Morgan referencing to me what one of Obama's Key Players wrote about me.

I got up early that morning thought about what she'd sent and made the following reply sent at 5AM
Not quite sure if there's a question involved in that response, or if you are saying someone who hasn't paid for their Crimes is better than someone who has? Referenced story by Kevin Davidson: [ ]

The author of the Story you referenced is one of Obama's biggest Defenders Kevin Davidson, who was worked with Alvin Onaka.. the Registrar of Obama's Long form Fabrication. Do you feel that's a good idea?

It is surprising to me to see someone so great on the 2nd Amendment Stand think so little of the Qualifications of the President or highest Office of the Land -The Commander-In-Chief ?

If you are going to Read and make an assumption , by all means make it a Fair read and ask yrself if you are Prosecuted for a Crime, wouldn't you at least want the Evidence used against you? That's another very important Stand on the U.S. Constitution.

It was denied to me Jan by a corrupt union of Church & State with the Video Tape of the incident copyrighted by the LDS Presidency, used by the State A.G. and Judge , yet denied to me? Has Fox News ever questioned Why? They didn't want to see a Public Beating? That's always big news for Christians right?

KTVX CH4 ABC News did spend 10K as you can read at the bottom of this Post.

Taking a Stand for the 2nd Amendment is great, but it's a Stand no better represented in the same mentality of a Tyrannical Leader who wants to arm him or herself and disarming everyone else for Tyranny, and isn't worth a damn if you abandon the rest of the Constitution and it's not tempered with the rest?

Finally Jan, and I'm not taking it personal because you haven't read my book [TAKING A STAND The Conservative Independent Voice] , I'd ask you a personal question regarding the title of the Article you referenced in response to my request you stand for Elected Leaders Accountability when crimes are Reported by law enforcement personal to the Judicial Branch Court's, speaking in religious Christian sentiment, do YOU need a second chance?

How many Christians need a second chance?

How would we feel about the Lord if he said, "A Second Chance is not a good idea?"

Matt 18:21-22

Of course, yesterday the Judge received this and no one has Reported it. What makes more sense to you?

Reporting an incident that happened 25 years ago upon a man who suffered punishment far exceeding any Justice in violation of the Constitution 3018 Days in Prison half in solitary confinement fighting Civil Rights Fights ?


Failing to Report a Crime perped by a usurpation of the Office of the President suffered by every person in the U.S.and the resultn compromised Elections of 2008, 2012, and 2016?

It's rhetorical I suppose because you already let me know.

I respond in disagreement of the moral compass represented Jan and express my own disappointment in you, if that is something you choose to continue.

My first instinct is one of simple lack of knowledge. You can't Judge innocence, and while I'm surprised out of all thats available to Read, you chose the shortest and the worst, there is always the chance you move up in your Report and Study because you can't go lower. You are a very articulate and educated person which also isn't really working for you right now and speaks of the only assertion left.. Lazy Reporting that leaves the Public Disarmed.

There's more than one way to stand for the 2nd Amendment and that's armed with intelligence not stupidity.

I thought as a Reporter, and a II Amendment Activist, Jan would do a little more research so that her position could be made correct. I was wrong. I mean would Jan Morgan be lying if she said she was an Obama Supporter? With what she'd represented to me, it seemed she'd vote for Obama before she'd vote for me.

Obama is a Usurper of the whole U.S. Constitution. That includes the II. Amendment everyone, as important as it is NRA. I have always questioned the stupidity of someone who could not factor or reason a couple of very simple things to the question for instance:

"Which fight affected more people directly the Civil War or Barack Obama's Usurpation?"

The Civil War was fought principally over the abolishment of slavery wherein 4 Million Slaves were freed after near 750,000 soldiers died in battle.

During Obama's eight year tenure and the usurpation of two U.S. Elections, the U.S. National Debt rose some 10 Trillion which represents about $75,000 per man, women, and child in the United States. That debt is in essence a selling of U.S. Citizenry into slavery, but many many many more sold with a population of 320 Million People then the 4 Million freed in the Civil War.

The calculations of blood cannot possibly be measured until the debt is paid, and I have a very bad feeling that the blood debt will surpass the Civil War before it's all paid. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch called for more blood in the Streets

The last thing I got from Jan Morgan was the following announcement that she was blocking me from her FB Post, Groups, and a no contact cease and desist form. All for what? For filing a law suit on Obama for usurping the U.S. Constitution? How does that square Jan up with being a true Patriot?

Well, the truth is it doesn't and she is very close to acting in the Tyrannical Sense, even as she posed this cease and desist request, with her public declaration that Islam is not a religion to be protected under the U.S. Constitution's 1st Amendment with her Muslim Free Zone shooting range.

It is a very shaky stand to consider Islam a religion of violence by proof of the Quran and not consider Christianity also a religion of violence with many verses and stands in the Bible.  This is really a stand against people who have a particular religion and putting it to the test based upon scriptures and historical references of people who lived quite a long time ago. Of course it can have radical consequences, but we would have to ask Jan how she as a Christian would like to have her second amendment rights taken away based on her Religion?

I do not think she'd like that, but that is what she's advocating in her hypocrisy as a Patriot of the United States of America. Blanketing people under religion removes Individual Rights as Citizens and it is a mean nasty road.

Jan asserted next, she thought I needed psychological help. Well, again she didn't do very good research. I am a trained and educated psychologist with a BA in Psychology. I chose the field precisely because of the tendency of the professional world of education to demonize religion with its own atheism which amounts to a tyrannical dictatorship unsound towards our U.S. Constitution's protections of the 1st Amendment, that covers not only free speech, but freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and freedom to assemble and redress grievances.

WND Story

Consider this my formal request for you to cease and desist any form of contact with me.

Based on what I have seen that YOU personally have broadcast on the internet, ( not what others have said about you) I am not interested in being associated with you in any way.

I am blocking you from my pages. If you continue to make efforts to contact me here, by phone, or in person, I will file harassment and stalking charges against you.

You need psychological help.
I pray you get it .

This attachment could not be loaded.

What did Jan Morgan do when she said I needed psychological help when she is not a Doctor, or educated in the field asserting it to someone who is? She basically overstepped every ethical boundary there is in every capacity as a Citizen of the United States. This is the tendency of a bully and in that light, I believe she "may" need psychological help, and a restriction on her Second Amendment Rights due to her instability and volatility at the assertion Obama is not Qualified under the U.S. Constitution.

Jan's last epithet to me was made at 9:19pm when she picked out a Post of mine that links the most Patriotic song in my collection of 70 songs in the Cody Robert Judy Band that I also Tweeted the same day apparently as an affront to American Patriotic Songs?

If Jan is offended by a man with his shirt off, surely she wouldn't be caught dead flaunting her silicone enhanced breast off with all manner of weapons as a sales tactic, right? I also don't find it offensive Obama was pictured on the beach as an unqualified person in the Office of the President while or John F. Kennedy, William Jefferson Clinton, Ronald Reagan, or Gerald Ford were also Constitutionally qualified President who took their shirt off occasionally.

If that is the measure of Jan's judgement of needing psychological help, indeed there is some very serious mental health problems going on with Jan. What she is suffering may put any and every male in jeopardy termed [Androphobia] : is the abnormal and persistent fear of men

Published on Jul 25, 2014

Inspiring,breathtaking, and exciting new far out new American song! DAWN YOUR LIGHT AMERICA, comes to America in great celebration of Independence, liberty, and freedom by The Cody Robert Judy Band encouraging America to Celebrate all the good we do, we have, and to keep on looking for the best in one another. Released and featuring the 24th of July celebrating Utah's Pioneers and their trek to SLC, UT. celebrated earliest in 1849 and then in 1887 the celebration incorporating statehood. Enjoy and Celebrate the Love America!

I certainly will respect Jan Morgan's cease and desist request, and I hope others will  see past the charade of any fake patriotism when it consistently is an affront to the whole U.S. Constitution. There hasn't really been a friend to the U.S. Constitution when it come to the biggest fraud, and greatest affront to our U.S. Elections in Barack Obama's fraud, forgery, and ineligibility.  I will stand up and say it to anyone, I don't care if they are a reporter from Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC or a blogger. My case is legal backed up with plenty of facts and evidence, and filed properly in the U.S. Court. What have they got to show when the standard of journalism has deteriorated to a point where the public doesn't trust them?

True to the spirit of Freedom and Liberty and the Principles we Stand Up for in the U.S. Constitution, no usurping President is qualified, no celebrity who happens to be a U.S. Citizen is to big for the U.S. Constitution, and Americans are tired of being sold down the river by a class of spoiled brats who think for some reason their offenses will forever be hidden.

That cover-up should end now; because if you think your offences are so Lilly white you forget you just haven't been caught. When you are, you know God will meet out to you exactly as you have been advocating in your own judgement. How would you like a "Cease and Disist" Order from God when it come to your eternal welfare? Just something to keep in mind and it certainly is in good friendly order that I convey such.

Now I would like to extend a very big THANK YOU!

We would like to publicly thank all of you who have been moved upon to help, assist, and follow us on this very long journey. Those who have given your time to us, contributed to our cause, lifted our hopes, and helped us along the way, when most only sought to kick the dust of demise and bury us.

We cannot thank you enough, or tell every story about the importance of your help in a time most vital when all did seem lost in grievous despair. We ask that the Good Lord Bless and Keep you, and that your help will be a crowning jewel of generosity glorious to your Eternal Welfare that helped uphold our U.S. Constitution when it was threatened in our Generation.

God Bless You! We Thank You!

1 minute 32 Seconds - Bearclaw "You've come far Pilgrim" Jerimiah "Feels Like Far"





A MOTION FOR A RELIEF OF JUDGEMENT or to REOPEN the Case due to the new evidence provided by a law enforcement investigation Cold Case Posse unit deputized under Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa Country AZ provided the evidence that Obama's long form birth certificate is a Fabricated Forgery, not an original, with the use of Johanna Ah'Nees identity birth certificate and was only recently released and available for criminal consideration by the Judicial Branch. See the video below