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Cody Robert Judy reminds Republican Candidates Forgetting the Morality of U.S.C

Cody Robert Judy reminds Republican Candidates Forgetting Morality Of U.S.C.

Forgetting the Morality of the Constitution's Natural Born Citizen Clause, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, and Mitt Romney are featured as 'Grandfathers' forgetting the children by not taking a stand for the Constitution's qualification demands for President in the ineligibility of Barack Obama like Cody Robert Judy has done.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cody Robert Judy Key Player Big Plays U.S. Supreme Court Obama Eligibility


CODY ROBERT JUDY Key Player Big Plays U.S. Supreme Court Obama Eligibility

As you may know the New Hampshire Election Commission denied Cody Robert Judy's complaint along side Orly Taitz which was then appealed to at the New Hampshire Supreme Court who refused original jurisdiction. This action catapulted the "Complaint" to the United States Supreme Court in record time.

For those who feel the 'action' is not aligned with the Constitution, or somehow feel that the action is somehow 'frivolous', Cody related on his birthday December 27th:

"To say that these actions we are taking are frivolous or aside from the Constitution represents a truly degenerate and callous frame of mind towards innocents and morality, say nothing about disrespecting the true sacrifices of our blood stained Constitution signed by those who have defended our Constitution with honor whom have fought for the keystone principles of freedom and liberty. To align oneself with the principles Obama has represented in the fraudulent actions of stating he was a 'natural born citizen' not to mention the obvious forgery intended to represent a long form birth certificate is to align oneself with those who have been imprisoned for robbing the virtuous and innocent of dignity and respect. The actions are deplorable by any Republican or Democrat positioning themselves out of order and in a shameful representation of racism over and above the Constitution."

1-Cody Robert Judy Key Player Big Plays U.S. Supreme Court Obama Eligibility

2-Cody Robert Judy & Stradda wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Cody Robert Judy and son Stradda share their exciting adventure with Santa's reindeer to the music of "Christmas Champion" sung and written by Cody with the Jeff Oxborrow Band!

3-Cody Robert Judy Releases: CRJ's Three Ropes Initiative Platform 2012

Cody Robert Judy releases is CRJ's Three Ropes Initiative Platform 2012 for his Presidential campaign that include 1)Strong Defense Initiative 2) America's Natural Resource Escavation Initiative and 3) America's Enforced Borders Initiative that address upholding the Constitution, the U.S. Economy, and maintaining U.S. Sovereignty.

We would like to thank all those who continue to contribute towards the defense of the Constitution through Cody's Campaign. Cody often is so moved by those contributing especially in the hard times that he can hardly hold the tears back moved with such gratitude for Patriots who still believe the Constitution is a special Vision worth believing in.

We hope you have a great week!

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Cody Robert Judy
YouTube: CODE4PRES- 135 Videos

Monday, December 19, 2011

The New and Improved Birther Movement 2008-2012

The New and Improved Birther Movement 2008-2012
Comprehensive Look at New Hampshire’s Supreme Court Eligibility Complaint

Before the New Hampshire Supreme Court is a case that could shake the political world clear through the Washington Monument. Delving into Taitz v. Garner one sees a deck stacked against Obama in ways that are innovative and original from 2008 showing the Birther Movement has shape shifted into a much more intelligent force than it was in 2008, something Obama and co-conspiratorial Democrats of course were not hoping for when the Obama 2012 theme song was picked out, “I fought the law but the law won”.

Understanding the law has to some degree been left to the lawyers and judges so long that justice may have been left behind; there is no secret that in any case both sides indeed are given a chance to make their point of view hoping that justice will side their way.

While the body of evidence might be stacked to one side there are a host of elements and principles that also must be included in order to accommodate justice. “Standing” was a principle used for the most part against a U.S. Birther Movement in 2008 citing Citizens didn’t have standing to file suits favoring instead actual candidates in the Presidential Race (*9th Circuit).

*( )

In 2008 Obama had the advantage of the surprise attack from which the Birther Movement could not form and organize fast enough to block. Deals had been struck with the Republican candidates based on a Democrat controlled U.S. Senate giving Sen. John McCain non-binding U.S. Sen. Res. 511 declaring him a ‘natural born citizen’ with two citizen parents even though he was born in the foreign nation of Panama.

Until Obama was declared the Democrat Nominee independent and write-in candidates couldn’t really file complaints because the issue within the Democrat Party was not “ripe”. In other words, then Sen. Hillary Clinton would have been the best example from within the Democrat party to take a stand against Obama’s eligibility. Now, Obama’s fixed Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was indeed a Co-Sponsor of McCain’s Res. 511. Not only was the valuable media ‘race card’ fixed (which raised its ugly head with Donald Trump in May of 2011), but so was Sen. Clinton’s *Campaign Debt.*( )

Once Obama cleared the entire Democrat Party his lock was sealed because Republicans had just nominated McCain as their nominee. Anyone not challenging McCain’s Eligibility would or could be called a racist for challenging Obama’s eligibility, and no one knew it better than the 2008 Republican U.S. Senators.

Days prior to McCain being made the nominee McCain v. Judy was filed in the Nevada Federal District Court challenging McCain’s qualifications according to the precepts of Supreme Court Precedent case Minor v. Happersett that maintained without question ‘natural born citizens’ being those whom were born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents, and an Emergency Motion was made in that case against Obama before he was sworn in that featured the case being argued by esq. Phil Berg at the Supreme Court that was dismissed on ‘Standing’ failures.

Phil Berg was stuck and decidedly kept from including Cody Robert Judy in his argument to the U.S. Supreme Court, although Judy had filed Amicus Curiae to him, it was never docketed.

After 3 years, Donald Trump was used to flush the Birther Movement once and for all, uniquely positioned as a Republican who had never held office, with the majority of his contribution money going to Democrats. Trump was rewarded June 22, 2011, with an NBC whopping $130 million dollar contract for Apprentice following the April 27th, 2011 release of Obama’s long form fabrication in spite of NBC’s *Lawrence O’Donnell’s exacerbated cries of Trump as a racist.

*( )

In an era where television salaries are being slashed, long-term contracts are disappearing, and where so-called "Reality TV" (scripted television shows that do not pay their participants, or pay very low fees) is replacing quality programming a contract like this is irrelevant and abusive to the whole entertainment industry. One need only consider the political roots of MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, who host “The Last Word” to understand the “Racist” tag that was a shot over the bow.

From 1989 through 1992, O'Donnell served as Senior Advisor to Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan. In 1992, he was Chief of Staff to the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works. From 1993 through 1995 he was the Chief of Staff of the Senate Finance Committee. He first began working with Sen. Moynihan as Director of Communications in the Senator's 1988 re-election campaign.

Indifference to the major networks patch work on Obama even now in a new * PPP poll a crushing 52% of Americans are part of the Birther Movement and the “Anti-Birther Crowd” is losing followers as fast as Newt in the Iowa polls today

*( )

Heading into the Birther Movement 2012 one will see things that didn’t exist in 2008 in the form of growth, evidence, charges, and organization and this is translating itself into support for comprehensive legal work and political maneuvering with Candidates, Lawyers, and a Citizen population, SuperPacs, and many Patriot Organizations galvanized on the common thread among 50 States; The United States Constitution, and specifically Article II, Sect. 1, Clause 5’s demanding qualifications for the President.

New Hampshire has prided itself in supporting the United States Constitution and being the first State Primary to set the pace as a small but significant force in politics. Business is anything but usual in the first post-colonial sovereign north eastern state with what looks to be the most comprehensive well written legal challenge, with Presidential Candidate Cody Robert Judy representing STANDING in running as a Democrat, to remove Obama off the Ballot in front of the New Hampshire’s Supreme Court with the Primary still a month away.

In layman’s terms, the New Hampshire Supreme Court acting in the highest Judicial Body of law for New Hampshire, subject only to the U.S. Supreme Court, will see evidence of Obama not being qualified for President as a Natural Born Citizen from a presidential candidate within his own party, supported by 10 current members of New Hampshire’s State Legislature, and a lawyer whose the most experienced constitutional eligibility lawyer in the United States: Orly Taitz.

In addition the Court will see evidence supporting the long form birth certificate being a forged document, along with collaborating evidence supporting its forgery from Obama’s misappropriated Social Security identification, his altered draft registration and recent tax records, as well as a stacked or gerrymandered political panel making up the N.H. Election Law Commission.

Support for this action has come from thousands of hours of volunteers and contributors from Patriots all across the United States and its twin action has already been filed in the Georgia Federal District Court. One of the advantages of New Hampshire’s action is it’s at the State Supreme Court Level already with Candidates who have been kept off the ballot by Democrat Operatives for Obama shamefully representing a very small tent in the previously heralded big tent of the Democrat Party.

We here at the Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign headquarters would like to thank everyone who has helped us so far, and we would like to extend our appreciation for the State Senators everywhere who are standing up against the corruption and cronyism that has stained the Democrat Party. We are doing everything in our power to right the ship that has been hijacked by the elitist of the party. The Democrat Party has its roots embedded in the Constitution however many have forgotten about that in both parties.

Please extend your hand today so that we can make a charge in Texas. Now that Texas has 38 Electoral votes, four more than in 2008, and second only to California’s 55, one can see that Texas’ Winner-Take-All Electoral votes is a strategic objective for the Democrats in 2012 and we need to make sure Cody Robert Judy is on the ballot. The deadline for this Ballot is Feb 1st, 2011 so please make your contribution today in support of the Constitution Cody Robert Judy is standing up for so boldly and check out his new Three Ropes Initiative Platform page with a new featured video about the ">3 Point Platform here:

( )

Ms.Lori Grider
Western Regional Campaign Director
The Cody Robert Judy for President U.S.C Eligibility Campaign

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Captain Pamela Barnett according to my record

thanks for getting back to me.. would you feel comfortable telling me what you were arrested for or showing me your record?

Cody I believe you to be a good person, I just need to verify it so that we can maintain a public relationship.

thanks, Pamela

Everything is on those two videos I sent you. I spoke with Orly last night on the phone and was angry because she wrote in that email that my 'felony' was a problem, and so Leah Lax was better.

I told her you should know more than anyone, that "justice" doesn't always come out in a court of law. I have made video, wrote a book, and blogged myself to death on this. If you can't take the facts I present in the videos and run with them in defense to anyone who attacks me, then I can understand your frustration.

In one of the videos I said, I was convicted of aggravated burglary, however its a unlawful conviction. I know more than anyone how damaging it can be when the 'media' is bought and paid for. Ask yourself if someone deserves the right to 'evidense' used against them in a court of law? Ask yourself if someone deserves the right of separation between church and state if they are being charged, or in my case 'framed'? Ask yourself if the Judge who was a Bishop of the LDS Church directly under the line of authority of Howard W. Hunter at that time the leader of the LDS Church, who I interrupted was not out of line not to recuse himself? Ask yourself why I fired my Defense Attorneys twice and took my case clear to the U.S. Supreme Court for evidense, the 'Church Copyrighted" , the State Had and used in my case, but refused to give me?

This is all in my book which I've encouraged anyone who 'wonders' about this to at least read, to see the evidence. I've made it easy also for people to see the evidence in videos and so forth. The bottom line Pam, I had no weapon whatsoever, was framed so nefariously and was trapped in a system that didn't give a shit about the Constitution.

The fear people should have about Mitt Romney... he says himself Family, Faith, Country... those priorities are screwed up for a President. It should be God, Country, Family.

I constantly address this Pam if people will read what I write., for instance as recent as this blog entry

The thing I was upset about Orly over, was saying that having a felony on your record was somehow a disqualifier, which it is not. Our Constitution makes it very clear in U.S.C. Amend XV 'rights of citizens shall not be abridged on account of race,color,or previous condition of servitude'.

When people say 'felones' can't vote its a damn lie, they can outside of the system and pay taxes too. Some States allow absentee ballots on Federal Elections of those who are even incarcerated. One in five Americans now on parole, probation, or in prison is a huge percentage of our population, which I've studied a great deal finding its an empire building system that is being used to virtually black mail appropriations with the threat of releasing violent offenders. Its a crying shame.

Anyway, I told Orly in running for Public Office you should know these things, and when she said she wished I had told her, I about flipped out on her because she and I had this exact conversation over a year ago when I was running for the U.S. Senate. I explained, "Orly you should know that you can be "right" and take it to the U.S. Supreme Court and if they don't think it affects enough people you won't get heard"

Finally, we should not be too harsh on those who having been accused of a crime have paid the penalty. Its over, when someone has paid the penalty. Its not right to expect someone to keep paying the freight on a package that has been paid for allready is it?

Even the P&E story that was done on me has mentioned my conviction, the thing that is less talked about is the unlawful prosecution and the biased media coverage. We, the general public, have learned a great deal about a biased media with Obama when we used to think everything in print was 'gospel', well biased media in my case was a real factor.

There is very few newspaper articles that detail the lines of Church and State in a criminal proceeding being violated, rights of evidence refused to the public and the accused, and biased Judges not recusing themselves and not being sensored for it; why do you suppose ALL of these happened in my case? They are facts, that have been swept under the carpet just like Obama's ineligibility!

I spent 3018 days in prison and no lawyer cared, no one cared about the injustice that was happening. I won't go silently into the abyss and we won't let Obama roll over our Constitution. I know more then anyone, except maybe Orly Taitz because she's lived in Russia and understands what happens to a system corrupted with communism, what the deprivation of our Constitution means exactly!

In an email I sent her I said something to the affect that " our past have brought us an understanding of why this fight is so important". I certainly meant her experience in Russia and mine in Prison.

Can you imagine being hauled off to a FEMA Camp? There with no rights, no charges, and no constitution... you might experience what I went through. I fight this fight because I know, I've experienced it.

Of course no one cares until it effects them personally, then they all will clamor for the Constitution but it might not be there to save them. I fight for the very rights of the people who accuse me, and don't want my Constitutional rights upheld.


Cody Robert Judy

Thanks Cody.

God bless you and your family.. I agree even if you were guilty that convicted felons deserve a second chance if the show promise of reform in following the law.

and yes I know that convicted felons can be POTUS legally as long as they meet the qualifications under Article II.


Cody Robert Judy presents CRJ's Three Ropes Initiative Platform Three Ropes Platform
Dear United States Citizens:
As your U.S. President I would be happy to serve you, and first and foremost do my level best to preserve and protect our U.S. Constitution.

That includes Article 2 that demands our President be a 'natural born citizen'. This is perhaps the golden egg of our Constitution, for it protects us domestically from foreign usurpers who would put us in harm’s way, destroy our Constitution, and enslave our future generations with debt and as you know I have done just that in my past in suing Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama for not being qualified by the demands of our Constitution and U.S. Supreme Court precedent that politicians in Washington DC have simply turned a deaf ear on. If at any time in our lifes it was important to send Washington DC a message, sending me to Washington DC as President would certainly put those deaf ears on notice too.

Vision To Believe In Cody Robert Judy's Three Ropes Initiative Platform extends to America a plan to protect the Constitution, Impower our Economy, and preserve our Sovereignty. Here are 3 other Initiatives I think would really help our Country get out of the mess we are in right now, and you can now watch an abbreviated form of the 3 Ropes Initiative Platform because I just finished a YouTube video of it above. Click on it and enjoy!

Cody Robert Judy Releases: CRJ's Three Ropes Initiative Platform 2012

1- America’s Strong Defense Initiative
At least 919,967 people have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq since the U.S. and coalition attacks, based on lowest credible estimates. Obama has continued the Bush premptive strike doctorine and has further engaged the U.S. with the U.N. responsiblity to protect doctorine making the U.S. the police force of the world.
Near 6,000 Soldiers have been killed in Iraq and America has paid out nearly a Trillion dollars for that war. Politicians say we did a lot of good, and our interest justified that, however America's future generations should not have to endure indentured servitude , nor America's hard earned tax dollars squandered on something less than a citizenry willing to incorporate our U.S. Constitution. A war duty tax of natural and mineral resources and the facilities in which they are produced or refined upon foreign soils is fair to the defense used to liberate foreign peoples up to a 35% gratuity until war debt is paid starting with Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. Foreign countries are getting in the habit of draining the U.S. as their police force for a gang called Al Qaeda and the word Democracy. While we support freedom and liberty here under our Constitution as a Republic, we should also respect the sovereignty of other nations, and these other nations we are sending so much money into are highly unlikely to adopt our Constitution. Why should we trade one dictator for a legislature in place likely to do the same thing, and not demand our hard earned tax dollars back?
Springs Revolution has become Obama's magic word for America to spend billions in a foreign country and it needs to stop.

Debt clocks on Iraq and Afghanistan

2- America’s Natural Resource Excavation Initiative
Do you ever get the feeling that America’s natural resources are seemingly used against us? Why shouldn't we be able to use our natural resources to pay down our national debt? America’s natural resources of gas, coal, and oil may be the only thing we have left to assure our future generations that politicians haven’t sold them into slavery. Every time we turn around the Federal Government is declaring a National Park in Utah or some other state. Land is taken without just compensation. That's not right. With balance America would soon be out of debt responsibly unleashing our natural resources encouraging greater freedom and liberty among our people. While Government has been used to tie up these resources from the people in many ways, I think the government can be used to encourage businesses here in America in working towards the value standard increase of our dollar.

3- America’s Enforced Borders Initiative
America’s borders perpetrated by illegal aliens abroad, shall, by any means necessary to maintain the dictate of Independence and liberty, be secured by the use of her military ingenuity and intelligence of deadly force. A nation without borders is no nation at all, and the security of our borders is every bit as important as any foreign war in the Middle East. Would any one of us just leave the front door open to our house for anyone to walk through?


Through America’s Conservative values and faithful citizenry, we can be a happy people. Debt has made us miserable, stifled our charity, dampened the hope of future generations, and cost us far greater heart ache. We need to figure out ways to repay our debts responsibly rather than war. While our jobs have been shipped overseas and corporations have found cheaper labor abroad, America is paying the price 2 over, with no jobs, and in purchasing foreign goods. This doesn't even make sense and we are definitely on the road to bankruptcy. As we have seen banks bailed out, city and state governments are on a very fine line to throwing their hands up to the Federal Government and asking for bailouts also. Without any steam to move forward, we will find ourselves sliding back. I think it is more important to get out of the way of the small steam engines of enterprising small businesses that can literally double in 1 year, then to fund a top heavy Federal Government.

America, I promise you I would work very hard to find positive solutions for solvency. I just know we can lead in this effort and with conservative principles; we can achieve and sustain a better quality of life then this massive debt we are seeing. By reducing capital gains tax, and literally allowing many of the federal income tax dollars to be kept in the pockets of the citizens, positive incentives can be seen by businesses here immediately, spurring the growth we need and creating incentives for jobs to come home. Restoring the Constitutional integrity of our Country is paramount to turning the economy around and there is no doubt this will require your faith.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Racism Run's Rampant Among Anti-Birthers

Racism Runs Rampant Among Anti-Birthers
News Flash- Its about the Constitution Stupid

Re: Nine NH Republicans help birther cause

'representatives have brought shame on the institution they serve and the state of New Hampshire'

Why don't you show some respect and capitalize "Representatives"? These elected officials were elected by the people in their communities. They also swore oaths to the Constitution.

Obama may have thought he secured his "race" card in the U.S. Congress by sponsoring Sen. McCain's bestowed 'natural born citizen' declaration in non-binding U.S. Sen. Res. 511,but that didn't fly with me I sued McCain first and then Obama.

The sad affect of underpublizing meaningful constitutional based judicial action is corrupt capitalization on those who are are not educated, especially when it comes to the capitalization of 'racism'.

Salons report here has brought shame on journalism, and motive seems intent on lack of respect for authority by not capitalizing 'r' in Represenative, as well as outlining the fact that a court of law has not heard or seen the evidence that supports the highest office in the land actually forging and falsifying identification documentation.

One simply has to ask "What would Obama and supporters be afraid of?", to understand the rage of racism flaunted here in comments.

This is sad to me and offers no respect for our Constituion's qualifications demands of a natural born citizen. Its about the Constitution, not about race.

Playing the victim and saying its about "race" underscores either ignorance of facts surrounding Obama and McCain and the quid pro quo that existed among the Federal Government. The same quid pro quo doesn't exist between every State Elections Office and that is where Obama's Manipulation will fall apart.

Unruly behavior in the Elections Law Commission decision started with a polite crumpling of the agreement between 50 States, and no matter how polite a decision is made contrary to the respect of our Constitution, it is an unruly assault upon We The People.

A thorough read for those disagreeing is available here: Judy v. Obama

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Welcome to: "Operation Occupy the Democrat Primary"

Welcome to Operation: " Occupy The Democrat Primary "

Dear Registered Citizen Voters of America

The time has come for "We The People" to come out of the closet. I would like to Report to you that I am thrilled with the amount of people who are couragiously stepping forward as "Americans" who are concerned about our Country, the direction we are going, as well and most importantly, the corruption of the Constitution in Obama's Ineligibility, and where this is leading us.

The warm fuzzy fact about corruption is when the American People "GET IT", they move in such a force that hell hath no fire. Meaning there is no fire in hell the American People cannot put out. You've heard the saying "When Hell freezes over" as if that would never happen, I contend the exception is when the American People move for TRUTH and FAITHFULNESS towards our Constitution.

The courage a "Free Man" has is unlike any paid government soldier, or any paid federal employee. A free man fighting for a true and faithful course has the power of influence and pursuasion unmatched with any elite aristocrat.

That is the reason I am encouraging and reporting and predicting that the rise in Democrat Registration is going to hit an all time high. Republicans all over are going to feel the blanket pulled off their bare asses. Democrats are going to think they are in for a wind fall, until the Primary comes along and Obama finds himself losing!

Welcome to "Occupy The Democrat Primary", I don't think you'll like it unless you love the Constitution, unless you have some respect for the blood that has been spilt for that Constitution that is in full force and effect now. The same one Obama has been trying to change but hasn't managed yet. The same one the Republicans hide in shame from.

God Bless every American who registers as a Democrat for the Primaries and votes for Cody Robert Judy. That vote is NOT WASTED. That vote is a full fledged "Wake Up and SMELL the coffee cuz we are tired of the dog shit you serving Washington DC Insiders.

Not only is the Republican Party given a "sit up and take dictation" notice by a vote for me, but Obama is defeated. Can you think of a better way, a more civil way, to have Washington DC declare, "We found ourselves in a Revolution with the People" and we LOST!

If you think your freedom and liberty are important, if you think your rights as a Citizen should be stood up for, if you value the Constitution as the Declaration of those rights that unites 50 States then you qualify for "The Occupy The Democrat Primary".

If that is remotely of interest to you then join "The Occupy The Democrat Primary" party today, register as a Democrat, and contribute to my campaign. Go to my web site on the volunteer link, and help by learning the 10.5 ways to help my campaign for free.

Cody Robert Judy

Thursday, December 1, 2011




In an unprecedented constitutional move Democrat Candidate for President of the United States- Cody Robert Judy has teamed up with Dr. Orly Taitz Esq. in rolling out the red carpet for the Constitutional demand for a Natural Born Citizen and spotlighting the ineligibility of Barack Obama to meet that requirement in virtually every State of the Union contesting every Democrat Primary and Caucus in the United States in the 2012 Elections.

What makes this unprecedented in history? While the Federal Government has a jurisdiction over federal elections it is the States that ultimately make up the entire Federal Government and have power over candidates in the “ballot access” , and nowhere is that more apparently expressed than in U.S.C. Article X.

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Every one of the 50 States has a State Elections Office wherein a challenge can be made to the individual State on the merits of Barack Obama’s eligibility and in most cases these are handled by an Attorney General of that State, or some Elections Law Commission designated by the States Legislature to by a type of Super Committee of elections.

These Election Law Commissions or authorized Committees are duly charged to screen candidates asking to be included on Primary Ballots and Caucuses. This could be the first place a candidate is vetted by a legal represented authority of the people after the candidate has declared him/herself a candidate to the Federal Election Commission.

What are candidates screened or vetted for at this level? They are screened and vetted for eligibility of the particular office they want to be elected to, and most often the Commission or State Elections Office, Secretary of State, or authorized individual charged with the task of accepting a candidates Declaration of Candidacy stating they are eligible also receive the money or fee from the candidate called for by the State to be included on the ballot of the State Primary.

Candidates at this level are indeed subject to Complaints and Objections as to the candidate’s legal or Constitutional qualifications set forth by law and most often these are directly sent to the States Attorney General’s Office for delegation of the Complaint to the body set forth by the State Legislatures for handling such complaints.

For example in New Hampshire the site of the first State Primary, Secretary of State William Gardner or his designee has removed at leasttwo candidates from previous New Hampshire ballots for constitutional ineligibility: Abdul K. Hassan, Esq., a naturalized citizen born in Guyana, and Sal Mohamed, who was born in Egypt and was naturalized as a citizen in 1983.

While most States grant ballot access to a candidate on face value, in other words they don’t question a candidates declarations, ballot access does not preclude litigation from proper plaintiffs to remove a candidate’s name from the ballot if the candidate does not satisfy the qualification for, in this case, President of the United States.

The term “proper plaintiffs” has been designated by the courts, by many dismissals of Barack Obama eligibility cases in 2008, to mean having proper standing or in other words, “a candidate for the same office”.

In the “Primary Stage of an Election” standing would be most importantly accepted fact to someone from the same Party, as it could be argued a challenge from a candidate from another party is not ripe for argument until the challenging candidate was indeed made the nominee of his/her respective Party.

One way to understand this is to picture a horserace and understand that when a jockey is weighed with his tack no less than a certain amount of weight can be placed upon a horse to make the race fair. If for example one horse was carrying 119 pounds and another horse 109 pounds the horse that is carrying the least amount of weight would have an advantage.

Of course the entire general audience can’t fit into a place to see every jockey weighed, so it comes to be that other jockeys can object to each other in front of the official standing in front of the scale. They have proper standing as they have entered and in such have paid the price to race. They stand to lose the most by an ‘unfair race’ to someone who has defiled the rules.

Rewind: 2008 the Democrat Party was plain and simply overwhelmed or beset by Barack Obama due in large part to Republican Candidate Sen. John McCain who was bestowed Non-binding U.S. Senate Resolution 511 co-sponsored by Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama and voted “yes” on by every Republican U.S. Senator save one: Sen. John McCain.

Evidence would support the fix for Obama was in already and Sen. Hillary Clinton knew all about it because she had nothing to gain from Sen. Res. 511, and Sen. Barack Obama had everything to gain by it namely the “Race Card”. If a single U.S. Senator raised his voice against Barack Obama’s Eligibility the “racist tag” would be so clear and present no elected official could stand it because of the Bestowed 511 McCain received, and no unelected official candidate either as was the case with Donald Trump who at one time had garnered the favor of 75% of the Republicans.

If McCain was given the pass on his Congressional Honorable Mention as a Natural Born Citizen born in the foreign nation of Panama, and Obama were questioned about his father being a Citizen from Kenya, East Africa, the major difference between McCain and Obama would be pounced on: “Color”.

Rather than lick their wounds and realize the war dog had become a whore dog to the Constitution, Republicans doubled down and bit their tongue hoping for a comeback in 2012.

This all happened in 2008 with the exception of one Presidential Candidate who ran as a conservative write-in: Cody Robert Judy. Cody sued Sen. John McCain first and the entire Republican National Committee and then he included Sen. Barack Obama before the 2008 candidates were even made nominees’ of the respective parties.


However the process of the 2008 Election Primaries were over when Mr. Judy filed his suit against McCain, although the timing could have been argued as perfect for standing because McCain was made the Republican Nominee 3 days after the suit was filed and Mr. Judy was not running as a Republican.

Fast forward: 2012 the Primaries have not begun but are set to begin in 1 month set first is the Iowa Caucus Jan. 3rd, and then New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation-Primary January 10th, 2011 and the Democrat Party is set up for a collision with Cody Robert Judy running against Barack Obama as a “proper Plaintiff” filing complaint after complaint in every single state and what better attorney to represent the Constitutions fight then Orly Taitz. (See the Attachment on this file- Esquire Represenation Declaration)

In short we have the right candidate at the right time with the right legal professional fighting in every single state of the Union. Barack Obama may have had sympathizers in the United States Senate across the aisle because of their teeter tauter with McCain, but that quid pro quo didn’t happen with every single State attorney General and every single State Legislature in the entire country.


If just one state prohibits Obama from gaining access to the ballot the domino effect could officially end Barack Obama’s run in the White House. That’s why it is so important for you to spread the word, spread this story like wild fire because this decision is coming back to the people and its gaining momentum. Cody Robert Judy needs your help to pay his Primary Ballot access that could cost upwards of $1,000 per State.

In truth many will join as the wheel gets rolling but we Birthers who are on the front line have got to push with all of our might in order to get that wheel turning. The battle lines are drawn. If every person who watched Orly Taitz argument at the New Hampshire Election Law Commission Hearing just gave $2 dollars to Cody Robert Judy’s Campaign we could secure his name on the ballot of every State.

If you’re a Birther, and Article II Patriot and you haven’t contributed to Cody Robert Judy’s campaign, now you should understand what is happening and why that is so very important.

We invite you to tour the many pages of Cody Robert Judy that are new or improved from the last time you vistited including : CRJ Intro, CRJ TV ,the CRJ Bio page which has drop down links now to many of the issues that are important to you. On the official Cody Robert Judy for President web site at we are dedicated to improvement and will continue to upgrade and pave.

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Why America needs more than Mitt Romney as President?

Why Mitt Romney Would Not Be A Good President

Much has been said about Mitt Romney as the developing candidate of the Republican Party and why he would be a good President. Personally, I don’t think, “It’s his turn”, is any reason to vote for someone as President, because sooner or later it would be Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger turn, Sen. Marco Rubio’s turn, or even Glenn Beck’s turn, though the latter would be more constitutionally qualified than the formers.`

Opponents on Mitt’s right, even more so than on his left, seem determined to continue the assault upon the former Governor of Massachusetts and Salt Lake City, Utah Olympic turnaround C.E.O “Mitt-Romney-Tender” over his flip-flopping ways. But hey, a coin or a dollar’s assessment is made valuable by both the heads and the tails of it.

Proponents of Mitt Romney like to exploit the fact that because he has flip-flopped on many issues, he would appeal to the conservative democrats and independents, and by that means perhaps gain favor in a general elections, thereby making flip-flopping a positive incentive for all candidates.

That said the dream I had last night ( 11-29-2011) makes more sense than all of these and I believe it points to the truth of why Mitt Romney would not be a good President. The dream seemed to come as an intelligence report more than a scene or a play.

‘Mitt Romney would not be a good president because of his temperament. Although Mitt would be invaluable in a key position of any administration such as in Labor, Commerce, HUD, or the Treasury Departments, more is needed when it comes to being President.”

Mitt Romney’s work for Bain Capital, the Salt Lake City Olympics had to do with trimming the fat or finding the excess and he was good at that because he is exceptional at dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s of detail in a micro managerial way, but more is needed to be President in the temperament department and that’s a weakness of Mitt Romney and not one we need right now as President.

Personally, I’ve never met Mitt Romney but I’ve heard of rumored nasty outburst that happened at the Salt Lake City Olympics, and I saw the way he acted when Gov. Rick Perry TX., interrupted him in debates, and I think these would classify the pugnacious disposition I’m referring to.

Now the reason I thought that this ‘intel’ dream was interesting is because “Temperament” does reflect in a direct way to a person’s actions in leadership capacity. While I related I’ve never met Gov. Romney, he’s never met me either, but he knows who I am as a Mormon.

Protesting the leadership capacities of the Mormon Church Hierarchy I spent nearly a decade in prison in Utah, not because I physically assaulted or maimed anyone, or destroyed or took property that wasn’t mine, or even brandished a weapon. I simply stood up and said I don’t think your being honest leaders.

I demonstrated my protest and feelings with a “Book Of Mormon” that is abbreviated B.O.M. in a LDS Religious or Mormon Fireside Meeting, standing up in that meeting, and taking a stand for my beliefs on where they were going wrong. Of course I was Mormon at the time and felt obliged as long as I was, to voice my opinion which I had tried to do earlier in the week less spectacularly but found myself rudely recognized.

Of course my interruption of the meeting made the people of the Mormon Faith angry at me because they do think their leaders are directed by God, and can’t make any mistakes. They were so angry with me they lost their tempers and beat me and assaulted me. This was all recorded on Tape the LDS Presidency has copyrighted.
The “Temper” part of Temperament that is bad happens when equanimity has lost its place in composure of the United States Constitution. My incarceration was unlawful based upon insubordination of Constitutional Rights not given to us by the Constitution but defended by the Constitution.

One might ask is it a sin to ‘protest’ a wrong, or be convicted of protesting by a mutiny of the Constitution? Well, I think you probably understand the point of my saying my case was an ‘unlawful prosecution’ in Criminal Courts, although the Church Discipline of excommunication was completely within the lawful bounds of the religion.

Perfect examples don’t come along often, but when they do, they should be shouted as precedent.

Now if Gov. Mitt Romney says his Mormon Faith or ties or obedience to his Religious leaders would never be compromised in the position of United States President, and we know of a case where in the Religious Leaders of the LDS Church were in collaboration with the Civil Authorities in the Constitutions protections of rights of evidence of the accused in a criminal proceeding, wouldn’t it be fair to expect Gov. Romney to side for the Constitution in such a case, even if it angered his religious leaders?

Has Gov. Romney acted for the Constitution in his Mormon Faith, or against it in my case? Well, he’s certainly aware of my case, just as he is aware of the case that Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen by Obama’s own revelation that his father is not a U.S. Citizen on his long form birth certificate. Mitt Romney’s campaign received every press release I ever sent out in his 2008 campaign for President while I sued Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama.

In defense of the Constitution Governor Romney’s response to his personal knowledge of my case within his own Religious Faith’s bounds, and his personal knowledge of Barack Obama’s not being a natural born citizen have what in common? Silence: These are the tough questions he should be asked in debate.

Silence in defense of the United States Constitution is not something that is required by the oath of the President. However, Silence in defense of the Constitution might well be described as a prerequisite for the hope and change of the progression of communism or Totalitarianism, or perhaps even a Theocracy such as is the desire of the radical jihad known in parts of the Middle East as Islam’s Sharia Law.

Here in America we are a mixing pot of religions and our Constitution declares Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. Mitt Romney’s silence in my case shows his temperament for respect of the Constitution.

Silence in these cases I’ve outlined is the attribution of rebelliousness and harm of the Constitution, and I forthwith do not portend that as a useful character in the office of the President of the United States who is sworn to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution as the Leader of the freedom and liberty of America. The ripening of a leader in America may well come from America’s dysfunction rather than its elite function. That is why America doesn’t need Mitt Romney as the next President.

Sure the President has to submit budgets and recommendations to Congress, and no doubt the President’s job is a tough job, but many people have forgotten the number one job of the President is to preserve and protect and defend the Constitution because it provides the opportunity of America all of our rights listed in the Constitution defend. That is also why Barack Obama is a walking talking violation of the Constitution and the very rights and opportunity of all America.

This election is about our Constitution, and the Constitution is about the health of our economy. Gov. Mitt Romney may be able to help our Economy, but he has not been a fierce defender of our Constitution and that has everything to do with being a good President.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Racist Standard of Law over the Constitutional Standard of Law

The Racist Standard of Law over the Constitutional Standard of Law

- New Hampshire Law Commission upholds former sending U.S. spiraling backwards in time-

Upon watching the entire hearing I was moved to tears at the points made by every witness, and thought Orly conducted her presentation very well. After hearing that all the Election Law Committee were Democrats, I wish she had "rubbed" in the fact, just a little, that she had a Democrat Presidential Candidate who wasn't blind to the Constitutional Requirements of President, and that there decision reflects a loss of revenue towards the Primary Ballot with my boycott of the Primary as long as the Constitution has been removed from their favor in a bias of racism!

If their duty towards the Constitution in upholding the natural born citizen qualifications for President as the standard for being eligible for the New Hampshire Primary Ballot has been defeated, we are sadly left with the ugly truth of their duty towards racism being upheld as the basis of their decision. Racism is the belief that inherent different traits in human racial groups justify discrimination.

Their discrimination towards me in favor of Barack Obama's eligibility has no Constitutional backing. They therefore show in their actions the telling signs of racism against me. Discrimination is the unequal treatment of individuals. The unequal standard of allowing Barack Obama on the primary ballot with proof he is not a natural born citizen by the measure of his own release of long form birth certificate showing his father as a Kenya, East African Citizen is therefore racial prejudice, against the standard I am held to.

Prejudice is an attitude, however when it results in an action such as the Election Law Commission's taken against me, it becomes discrimination and allowing Obama on the Ballot with indifference to me is based if you will on "reverse racism" rather than the Constitution.

This is a very sad day in the fight for equality under the standards of our Constitution. This is clearly motivated as a cruelty towards equality in the United States of America, hostile towards and causing harm upon our Constitution by the very people entrusted to defend the Standard.

Cody Robert Judy - D
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

Hearing Link:

Friday, November 18, 2011

DOJ Election Trust Demands New Hampshire Revisit Obama on Primary Ballot‏

Dear New Hampshire DOJ Election Law:

Thank you, for your consideration of my letter/complaint. I am a candidate for office in the same party, and the same position as Barack Obama. Thus the argument of partisan politics does not enter into consideration of my complaint.

First let me say, I knew Mrs. Orly Taitz would have the problem of the Law Commission 11-18-2012, 2 pm hearing, saying they did not have jurisdiction over criminal matters when she brought up the alleged Social Security Number fraud and Fraudulent or Forged long form Birth Certificate.

However let me say, cooler thought prevailing, the criminal aspect of the allegations need not be considered to warrant prohibition on the Primary Ballot in the interest of protecting the Voter in the Primary Election from wasting a vote on a constitutionally unqualified candidate.

I hope my letter/complaint exhibits Barack Obama by his own release of his long form B.C. showed all of us, he was not eligible by the standards of a Natural Born Citizen showing his father is not a Citizen of the United States but is listed as an "Kenya ,East Africa" Citizen at the time of Obama's birth.

Of course this is in no way exhibited as a "racially prejudice fact", but as a "disqualification fact" that is based on demand of our Constitution's requirements for President, and this is the Supreme Law of the Land. These facts afford a removal from the Primary Ballot with the burden of further deliberation or review upon the candidate Barack Obama.

Obama holds by his own record and release of his Long Form Birth Certificate naturally a dual loyalty of inherited citizenship, which is forbidden by our Constitutions expressed demands for president as a Natural Born Citizen. This is a national security concern of voting citizens.

It does not need to be proven that it is forged or fraudulent. Obama's Released Long form birth certificate appeals to the hard facts as prohibitory for running as a qualified candidate, or holding, the office of President. If the intent of the Ballot Law Commission's review is to prohibit unqualified candidates from the ballot in the interest of the qualifying standards of office demanded by We The People through our Constitution, Obama's release of his long form birth certificate is where the facts come from that disqualifies him, and my witness stands against his qualification.

One interesting note to read regarding the Ballot Law Commission's Review: " The Ballot law commission shall hear and determine disputes arising over whether nomination papers or declarations of candidacy filed with the secretary of state conform with law. The decisions of the ballot commission in such cases shall be final as to questions both of law and fact, and no court shall have jurisdiction to review such decision."

This is a absolute powerfully corrupt statement, as it places the review of decisions out of jurisdiction of the Judicial Branch's Court of law including the United States Supreme Court, while at the same time leaving the "Primary Voter" without an Appeal to very important and pertinent information that includes election law and fact meant to protect the integrity of actual qualified candidates as myself, and more importantly the trust that voters give in the hope they can at the very least participate in Democracy's Beacon of hope for the world, voting in the Primary for an actual qualified candidate.

Facts are hard to deny that are actually given by the Candidate to the Ballot Law Commission. Barack Obama need not agree whether forged or fraudulent facts; for that is not the issue. The issue, we all agree on: Obama has given these set of facts contained in his long form birth certificate, and from this, any decision allowing him on a Primary Ballot is knowingly presenting as a choice an unqualified candidate to Primary voters.

Knowingly presenting an unqualified candidate to Primary voters would be considered a dereliction of duty of the Ballot Law Commission.

You also have a point of entry and trust that needs to be considered by the Legislatures of New Hampshire, and the DOJ of New Hampshire, regarding the integrity of the voting system as an agent to justice, our Constitution, and the Republic for which we stand.

I hope my complaint to the DOJ in New Hampshire won't fall on deaf ears, and they will see the cracks in the side walk that need to be repaired.
Again here are the links that detail my complaint and warrant your immediate attention for the eyes of the Nation are on New Hampshire.


Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Complaint Joinder LTR: The New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission

Cody Robert Judy
Federal Election Commission Candidate & Committee Registration Number:
P20003372 FEC Candidate number 0003372.
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
3031 So. Ogden Ave. Suite #2
Ogden, UT. 84403
- - - -
The New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission
New Hampshire Legislative Building
33 North State Street
Concord, New Hampshire 03301-6328
(603) 271-3321
- - - -
Hearing is scheduled Friday at 2 p.m. in Room 307 of the New Hampshire Legislative Office Building, and
Cody Robert Judy-D Candidate for President, joining Taitz (Petitioner) demands removal of Obama from the New Hampshire Primary ballot.

On October 11,2011 William M. Gardner, New Hampshire Secretary of State, issued a statement regarding the importance of the New Hampshire Primary stating "It is probably the most important political decision each of us makes because our choice can affect the lives and happiness of ourselves and our children for years into our future."

Regarding the vital role of smaller states he elaborated New Hampshire’s primary since 1916 is first for a reason and said, "Worse yet, if a national primary was held, or if the role of small states was eliminated, only the very rich or famous candidates would be able to put on the major campaigns needed for victory or to exceed expectations".

One vital way that we preserve our democracy is to have an election system that allows for the long-standing American dream to come about that just about anyone can grow up to be President of the United States, and that our boys and girls going to school now could feel that our Constitutional Qualifications for President held in the U.S. Constitution are just as affective preserving their chances in the future as it did in1787.

The keys of our Commander-In-Chief are exclusively rewarded to only those who are Natural Born Citizens, or who were Citizens at the time of the adoption of our Constitution in 1787. The distinction of Citizen and Natural Born Citizen clearly made within the Constitution itself. The only other requirement is that of being 35 yrs of age and 14 years a resident within the U.S., which I do hereby present myself as to being qualified for as I was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho in 1965 to parents who were also generationally natural born citizens.

In 2008 I ran as a Write-In Candidate for President and filed suit in the Federal Court of Las Vegas, Nevada against Sen. John McCain and included Sen. Barack Obama in that law suit Judy v. McCain. I am familiar with the 'partisan politics' represented and the malign of our Constitution's requirements of Qualification for President into the slippery slope of racism which threatens to divide our country.

With that said, I represent the same fortitude and resolve that our Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land; our United States intact, and the Qualification demands as well in tact by the fact that nothing has been remitted or repealed by the required two thirds of both Houses of Congress enumerated in Article V, as to the Presidents Qualifications in Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5.

To this I witness by the power of my testimony, with standing as a Presidential Candidate that Barack Obama's own public release of his long form birth certificate, prohibits his running for President, or his occupation of said office even at this moment of time. He is not a Natural Born Citizen, which even by United States Supreme Court precedent in Minor v. Happersett acknowledges the definition of being born in the United States to citizen parents.

I acknowledge herein my desire to enter into the New Hampshire Primary as a Candidate for President, by said entry date of the 3rd Friday of November, 2011 upon the confirmation by The New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission that the Constitution's requirements are still in effect, and Barack Obama is prohibited from the New Hampshire Primary as a qualified candidate.

If this matter is extended by lawful decision, I herein also request that an extension of my entry fee of $1,000 be extended for the decision, or in lieu of merit are extended until after the Primary if necessary. For it is my only desire to enter a constitutionally legal Primary, and that such would clearly uphold the U.S. Constitution, in a Presidential Candidates Qualification, is reasonable expectation.

If the matter, by your decision, is to allow Barack Obama on the Primary Ballot of New Hampshire when he clearly by his own represented record is not a natural born citizen qualified under the Constitution's guidelines and Supreme Court Case precedent, then of course standards so long upheld and extolled by New Hampshire's own Secretary of State are null and void, as well the reputation held in high esteem of New Hampshire's Primary since 1916, nearly 100 years of its States tradition.

By this I adjoin my complaint to Mrs. Orly Taitz complaint by my own accord and witness herein freely and by my own liberty.

Cody Robert Judy /s/ Cody Robert Judy Dated : November 16th 2011
Democrat Candidate for President 2012
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tell the Republican Party to Drop Dead?

While I share the frustration of all Birthers as an Article II Patriot alluding to Col Sellin sentiments I offer: while the "means" may be correct, (Voting Republican will simply delay the inevitable), the "Ends" ( it is better to let Obama win and allow a flawed two party system to collapse) does not provide an answer worthy of our Constitution.

With a two party collapse all Americans are still left at the drawing board as to "Who" to trust in defense of the Constitution?

I have been a defender of the Constitution continually with Federal Action as a leader in the Birther Movement. Its important to note that in The Birther Movement our Economy and National Defense are included very prominently in the balance. By no exaggeration our Economy and our National Defense are compromised with the Republican Candidates. I share that sentiment.

What I do not share is the 'hopelessness' represented in a "none of the above vote" and the presumptive nominee of the Democrat Party as Obama. Not all Republicans are corrupted, not all Independents are corrupted, and not all Democrats are corrupted. In fact, I believe whole heartedly that it is a very small percentage that is actually at work in the corruption. I believe we do out number them and that is why we can win IF those who are Birthers will actively start supporting my candidacy.

Listen, people are looking at the "Presumptive Nominee" of the Democrat Party as Obama instead of realizing what and how 'caucuses' work in the Democrat Party. I believe that is a fundamental error in political strategy by every Birther who is not actively lining up to support my candidacy.

Caucuses are won and lost by a majority. If you care about this country it makes sense to sign up as a Democrat, and line up at the State Caucus to vote for me and bring your friends. To share this vision please consider:

1) Obama's camp thinks he's a shoe-in and are not actively recruiting grass roots democrats to come out and support him in a Caucus that will in fact take place. Let's take the Iowa Caucus for Democrats in Iowa. Democrats are coinciding their Caucus with the Republican Caucus Jan 3rd, 2012.

2) Imagine if you will the media significance of all the Republicans and Independents walking into a Democrat Caucus and pulling a rabbit out of their hat with a WIN against Obama by Cody Robert Judy? This is far more important politically than wading through a list of 8 Republican Candidates in Iowa whose winner on the Republican side may or may not be the nominee anyway.

a.) Obama's base is ROCKED with the loss and its broadcast by the entire MEDIA!

b.) Who beat Obama? Its doesn't matter who won in the GOP, we have a LOSS already in the Obama scorecard to report. Imagine the Media sensation! Where was this Iowa Caucus Winner standing on Obama's Eligibility? The Question is BLOWN UP like it was when Donald Trump popped up and Republican Candidates see a wave, rather than catching the wave, and reconsider their perspective.

3) Iowa has a Veterans population, they have a farmer population, their are Iowans who love the Constitution. Who among us, the Birther Movement, has influence in these populations? Many retired Generals, and Majors, and Lt. Col's have influence and could use it in a focused fight! Quit trying to beat Obama in a General Election, the Republicans are not going to do it, sweeping the Constitution under the carpet as Patriots? They have long forgotten the "Creator" in the Declaration of Independence and the "Lord" in the Constitution seen in the Year of our Lord. Do you think God's really proud of the Republican's strategy and he's going to get behind it?

Do you think as George Washington penned " Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair. The event is in the hand of God", is so far fetched from the Iowa Caucus, if every single Birther in the Nation focuses on moving hell backwards in the Democrat Iowa Caucus by voting for Cody Robert Judy?

I am Cody Robert Judy, I am in the fight against Obama by myself. I am calling on all birthers for their help. Will you my fellow Birthers, in a depressed and disparaged state of mind think so hopelessly as to give up in the fight when you are needed most, all because the Republican Candidates won't comment on Obama's Eligibility? You'd rather leave the fight entirely? That represents loyalty to Obama and the Republican Party Candidates who keep their mouth shut. Is that where you'd like your loyalty to stand?

Well, I may not be able to win, but by God your going to see me in a political fight and your going to watch me lose. I wouldn't want you to miss the show you'll witness with your hands in your pockets on a $20, $50, or $100 dollar bill that may have provided a commercial to move Iowan's, me standing against Obama. You'll all be able to watch the tank run over the lone man standing against the tank in Tiananmen Square. You'll watch, and you'll have that on your conscience and God's witness against you for your in action just as much as you believe the 'in action of the GOP Candidates is contemptible.

Live with that and remember, a few can stand against a Tyrant in the Democrat Iowa Caucus, just as the brave King Leonidas and 300 Spartans funneled the enemy through the focused hot gates in the battle of Thermopylae. They may have lost or died, but all of Greece took notice.

Here is the Campaigns latest Commercial appropriately entitled : Faith, Family, & The Constitution
Cody Robert Judy

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Faith, Family, and The Constitution- Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 commercial


With the performance in the GOP Michigan Debate Gov. Rick Perry just showed America that career politicians can draw 'blanks', we didn't have to say a word.

Move over, move out, step aside Gov. Rick Perry, there's a new Democrat in Town with two pistol hot commercials.

While no one likes to draw blanks, it does show everyone that the job for President is not exclusive to a career politicians that would like you to "think" that they understand something "We The People" don't.

Here at the campaign for Cody Robert Judy we're fed up with our politicians actually being too smart for the Constitution and the oath they took to support it.

We gave them charge to protect and preserve our Supreme Law and they have ignored it, and in many cases been cowards in taking a stand for that which we charged them to watch over. The change we need?

Cody Robert for U.S. President- That message is the hope for Washington DC.

Cody Robert Judy premier " Faith, Family, and The Constitution "

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign presents: Faith, Family, and the Constitution. A 60 minute commercial for democrat caucuses and primaries premiering now for the early Democrat caucuses and primaries. This spotlights Cody's background and Constitutional work defending the Natural Born Citizen clause of our Contitution.

Commercial Script included here:

Hi, I’m Cody Robert Judy and I was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho, the son and grandson of wheat and barley farmers and we raised proudly, horse and cattle too.

You might say I lived a rich life by learning early that faith, and family meant happiness

A good part of preserving faith and family is making sure the opportunities are there for our children; we make sacrifices for freedom and liberty every day.

As a candidate for President of the United States I sued Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. McCain in 2008 for not being a natural born citizens required by our Constitution: Born in the United States to Citizen Parents.

I’m running for President again. From 1787 to 2012, nothing has changed in that requirement , yet many in power lack the courage to take a stand

I’m grateful for my relatives that died for our Constitution. Happy Veterans Day!
Faith, Family, and our Constitution- 3 good reasons I won’t forget, when you vote for me in the Democrat caucuses and primaries.

I’m Cody Robert Judy and I approve of this message.

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 Eligibility Campaign

Press Release: Cody Robert Judy Nails Obama's Religious War- Iowa Caucus Commercial



The controversy comes right in through Obama's election door as Democrat candidate Cody Robert Judy releases a stunning new commercial, entitled Obama's Religious War,
aimed directly at the use of U.S. tax payer money for the installation of Islam's Sharia Law in Libya, which is direct representation of a single religion that all religions in America are paying for.

Also in the add is a challenge to Congress to stand for the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land in holding hearings of verification for qualification.

According to a new poll a startling 1 out of every 3 Democrats are unsatisfied with Obama as a Standard-Bearer. Among candidates for the President, we don't think you'll find one accept for Cody who is throwing his weight behind the Constitution with such courage in defense of America.

We have included in this Press Release the script for the Commercial:

Commercial - Obama’s Religious War

Over a billion dollars of Tax Payer money was used to topple Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi

Libya’s transition leader declares any new government legislation will be based on Islam’s Sharia law,

Barack Obama just proved the use of our Military in a Holy War taking a stand for a Sharia Law in defense of the religion of Islam.

Don’t you think the Mormons will object?

I challenge Congress to support hearings investigating the fraud and forgery which occupies Obama’s Eligibility according to our Fourteenth Amendment sect 3.

If the Candidates for President won’t support the Constitution-What or whose supreme law are they supporting?

Hi, I’m Cody Robert Judy and I hope you’ll vote for me in the upcoming Democrat Iowa Caucus for President .

I’m a tested and tried Article II Patriot, and I support the freedom of religion in America.

A vote for me is a vote to keep America free. I support the content of this message.

Cody Robert Judy: Iowa Caucus Commercial Obama's Religious War

Also seen Here:

The United States is a mixing pot of religions and our Constitution advocates freedom of worship and religion advocated in our 1st Amendment. This is why its such a violation of powers to see Obama using our military for a specific religion. Cody Robert Judy- D- for President 2012 also challenges Congress to investigate Obama's fraud and forged violations of Constitutional Qualifications.

Thank you
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

Referenced Poll:

Friday, November 4, 2011

Why Gov. Jon Huntsman would not be a good President America?

Why former Gov. Jon Huntsman would not be a good President America? He fails to protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution. Quite frankly Gov. Huntsman, with your inflated use of the word 'germane' in the following interview seen at the end of this post, I'm surprised you don't find running for President 'germane' to upholding the Constitution.

This email was sent to Mr. Huntsman at his campaign website between Oct. 10th and October 24th,2011 and the video at was loaded up on October 29th,2011.

Dear Mr. Jon Huntsman:
RE: 2 suggestions for you to change the tide.

I am a candidate for President on the Democrat side, and with your help I think a mutual benefit could take place-Obama called in by a Congress for verification of Constitutional Qualification Hearings.

1-Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen with a foreign born father- Our Constitution demands that only a natural born citizen is qualified to be President. There are no GOP Candidates who have the courage or political resume to bring this up with the main stream media without being labeled a racist, as Donald Trump was, accept for me(accept I'm running as a D), because of the strings attached to them with McCain’s good ole boy non-binding U.S. Sen. Resolution 511 endorsed by all Republicans.

I apposed McCain in Fed Court Judy v. McCain as well as Obama as a candidate in 2008 thus do not have the 'racist' tag around my neck. I hope and pray you will find that in running for President you now can be a bigger voice in support for the Constitutional Principle demanding a natural born citizen then Mr. Donald Trump.

You could help to unite The Birther Movement across party lines totally eliminating Obama from the Democrat nomination in 2012, as well as dismantling in history Obama as the legitimate 44th president of the United States made secure only by the biggest perpetrated fraud and forgery upon the American People in our history. Obama’s sitting in the White House is an embarrassment to our Nation, our Constitution, and the blood of all that has been defensively spilt and this by God cannot stand.

The Birther Movement among Republicans was around 75% who felt Obama was not qualified. While partisan politics may play out running for President, we should be able to come together for the Constitution and agree the law at the time of Obama's birth demanded "born in the U.S. with Citizen parents."

If you took this issue on by yourself, I think you'd be hammered just like Trump was. However, if you brought this up with me, with my resume in suing McCain, I believe you would gain a huge bump for courage in the Republican party setting your campaign out from all the rest. One only need ask the question, who would any of the Republican Candidates rather go up against in a General Election, myself or Obama?

That said, defending the Constitution and coming together with a Democrat Candidate for president in that common goal, would and could necessarily put many more Republicans and Independents in your corner as well as attracting for your campaign an infusion of courage.

The story of your coming out in support of Art 2, Sect 1, Clause 5 and calling our Constitution more than just rhetoric, and Obama a moron (referenced for Jon using the word that week) for thinking he could get away with it, would garner you tremendous support for standing for the truth while your fellow GOP Candidates for President were willing to sweep it under the carpet.

Its bold, beautiful, and could be the biggest national boost to separate you from the pack politically available. The key would be not to alienate someone like me who has been in the fight. I sued McCain before he was made the nominee at the RNC in 2008.

This could actually be seen as your reaching your hand across the aisle, because I am running as a Democrat. I was ready to offer my Birther Resume to Trump but he was a plant for Obama to release his Long Form B.C. and cement it without review and Oprah's endorsement. I believe the Presidential Race is the only arena that could bring this out again for review with the same force Obama tried to close it with putting out the forgery. With so many candidates in the GOP Presidential Race funds are hard to come by, and setting oneself apart even harder with voters. Standing up for the Constitution Mr. Huntsmen is never and could never be even framed as a bad thing when the President's job is to preserve and to protect it. I extend my hand to you in this patriotic endeavor.

Emailing me or calling the number and leaving a number for me to call back would probably be the best way to get together if you'd like to pursue this endeavor. "Utah boys make good on the Constitution", that’s the kind of story the restores faith in Government and Politics for our up and coming generations who are so demoralized by the crookedness and corruption that hope is all but lost.

Cody Robert Judy

After Receiving this letter Gov. Huntsman blows it with the following remarks which refer our U.S. Constitution's demands for a President to be a natural born citizen as 'NonSensical". Quite frankly, I find running for President 'germane' to defending the U.S. Constitution Gov. Huntsman and I've found your position afar left of the Constitution along with your fellow Republican Candidates for President.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Standard Betrayal- Its the other guy Kicking Cain to the Curb

The standards of service that the Media has become accustomed to serving the public now is akin to the repugnant regurgitation standards most politicians dish-up as policy citing the economy as priority over the Constitution.

Gone are the standards that lifted us up with fair and unbiased journalism, replaced with the fear that reporting something without ridicule, cynicism, and a blatant misperception would raise the ire of fellow colleagues?

Recently there was an article I found myself in that was simply a case in point vis-à-vis entitled: “What’s ahead Nov. 1: for 2012 GOP hopefuls, it’s the economy”, by James Q. Lynch.

While committed for reporting to the Iowa Public concerns about the Iowa Caucus coming their way in just two short months, the author at 2011 was unmercifully blatant in this degenerate transformation of journalism for no other reason that could be ascertained but for pure political motive. That motive is and would be to get Barack Obama re-elected.

Now I resolutely understand that presidential candidates can’t tell a reporter what to say, or how to say it, nor will they probably ever be completely satisfied with what a reporter would call a ‘gleaming article full of softballs’, however, such a gross misrepresentation to the public which I’m about to express, is either highway robbery of the truth or such a gleaning of the kernels of truth that the ear of corn is easily rendered as barren.

I am also aware that in the industry of print, 5 paragraphs of a straggly 14, which included the unimpressive action of some 7 GOP hopeful presidential candidates in the National Association of Manufacturers forum at the Vermeer Corporation headquarters, is considered a literary climax about my campaign, the best of which for a strident reader at least includes a place to go: “his website”.

The introductory paragraph rivals me as a challenger to Obama, along with anti-abortionist Randall Terry who also has toted his campaign to Eastern Iowa, and the two closing paragraphs are mostly filled with exact quotes from my email. I can’t complain about those or I’d have to eat my own words, something Mitt Romney is acclimatized towards with his, and Herman Cain is getting a lesson in now.

The most important framing two paragraphs, which sum collectively up for the reader some facts, may make his reader’s faces resemble the Texas Rangers who lost in the World Series; filled with such hope just before losing game 7 to the dark horse,St. Lois Cardinals, that paraded their way back to win.

To quote his third paragraph, “ However Judy, who according to his website, is single but thrice married father of three, 5’10”,200 pounds, graduate of- I’m not making this up- Box Elder High School and now a meat wholesaler, believes the president can use some toughening up.”

Now to get a sensible grasp of the gravitational pull downward you need to go to my web site and read CRJ’s Bio Page. While the author excuses himself pre-mortally by saying it was a ‘quick read’ of my email that suggested to him, rather wisely, I wasn’t convinced I could win the nomination, Mr. Lynch really hangs three things out to fry; my family, my education, and my political point of view.

My family: he says I have 3 children when I have 4, which are all recognized in the same paragraph of my bio. He says’ I’ve been ‘thrice’ married? Is that even a word? How about “once, twice, three times a lady”? That’s the equivalent of a homophobic calling a homosexual a queer in public. I’m heterosexual and am not opposed to being married; big deal. 50% of the American populations been divorced if I got all their votes I’d win. Could I be offended?

In the same connotation of personal attack, Herman Cain gets excited about the word ‘nigger’ he says, white guy Gov. Rick Perry can’t say it, write it, or think about saying it or he’s offended? Is there a better word to describe every American’s portion of 14 Trillion in debt?

Yeah, I understand his version of “freedom of speech” perfectly and where he draws the line on hate speech and potentially incarcerating violators singular to their race and vocabulary. So yea I’ve been married three times and I’m single now. I haven’t been married for 25 years. At least there’s potential for all the eligible single ladies to decorate the White House, but Mr. Cain better understand that when he plays the race card, it’s not his race to win, and its a cheap way to get nominated for debates with Obama. I don't think America's gonna go for it a second time.

My education: Mr. Lynch doesn’t recognize a 3.7 GPA throughout a B.A. Degree from Utah State University that is printed in the exact same paragraph that he got my high school name from. It’s an insult to both, as there is a box elder bug, and a U.S.U, however the good news is unlike Obama, I’m a natural born citizen, won’t seal my education records, and my social security card hasn’t been someone else’s. These things are supposed to be 'mainstream'.

And finally, my political point of view- Mr. Lynch merely says the page suggest I am a Birther. My oh my, I don’t know of a suggestion that could be so blatantly minimized when it calls for exclamation. Hell yes I’m a birther! I’m the only Presidential Candidate in his whole article that is taking a stand for the Constitution, which I remind everyone is the only document that holds 50 separate States together in the greatest hope of united freedom and liberty the world has ever seen. I’m a Patriot of the United States.

I am not like the other mealy mouthed, fraud and forgery defenders, tromping the constitution mentioned in his article whom actually call the occupant of the White House the “P” word rather than the Occupant, disgracing and discrediting the Supreme Law of the Land with the very breath of life it takes in honoring those whom have been valiant for our Country with their blood, dying for our Constitution and its united demands in our Republic. I am the Reviver of the true Democrat Party.

Yes, I am different in that I don’t carry a push-broom around so I can sweep under the carpet the very document I’m prepared and will swear to preserve and protect so help me God, like all those Republican Candidates have in front of them to protect their racist stands for presidential qualifications, and warrants for civil unrest and protest.

We all know they gave the foreign born, 2 time Congressional Action, Panama loving McCain a pass so they had to put tape on their mouth about Obama’s not being a natural born citizen while they sold 2 generations of Americans down the slave entrenched China river, rather than taking a stand for the United States Constitution, but I did not.

Those 7 GOP Candidates you call “hopefuls” represent protocol for the 7 deadly disasters with which if you elect you will serve up every American Youth as a sacrifice to indentured servitude; there again violating our Constitution Amendment abolishing slavery started from Clinton's revokation of Glass Steagal Act running right through Bush's Iraq-Afghanistan and Obama's Tarp II spending sprees. We've been betrayed and sound Constitutional principle would have prevented this debacle.

On high horses they wonder what mal-content the youth in the occupy WallStreet protest could possibly have against your Republi-Cons and their blow horns Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, who can’t even recognize the demands our Constitution has made from Sept 17th 1787 till now, near 225 years, on the President’s qualification demands, while fraud and forgery flash before their eyes, and they sold out the very people who elected them for protection from slavery?

My name’s Cody Robert Judy and I’m running for President of the United States of America because there isn’t another Presidential Candidate who’s taking a stand for our Constitution. If you like those values and believe their credible you’ll have no problem supporting my candidacy. If you don’t like those values well there’s a host of disasters to choose from.