Thursday, March 5, 2015

NOT JUST A CAMPAIGN ITS A CAUSE- The 2016 Race for President


Also Reported on WOBC Radio with Andrea Shea King hosting:BIRTHER REPORT ; WOBC Radio The Betrayal Papers Obama's connection to the Muslim Brotherhood


The news is hard sometimes because its not good. We have to face the facts that over half of America has given up., literally given up on their rights being upheld in the United States Constitution. I make this plea to every leader of a group who has not given up; every Face Book Administrator I'm talking to you; every Tea Party Group this is for you; Every Patriot Organization sitting around the kitchen table this morning this is for you.

I woke up this morning at 6:15AM to this message from Diane Lenning who lives in Los Angeles, California and was responding to my Post in the Arpaio Eligibility Discussion Group on Facebook. Her message said:

[The POINT Sean and Mark, et al, is that We Allowed the "Natural Born Citizen REQUIREMENT" to Be NULLIFIED...Therefore, OPENING the FLOOD-GATES for Obama to Do Whatever He Wanted! Don't You All See that the "Natural Born-Citizen REQUIREMENT" was "THE SAFEGUARD" the Founding Fathers Put in the Constitution for POSTERITY (US)to Keep People OUT of the PRESIDENCY who Might have "Evil or Un-American Intentions." It's so SIMPLE, the Founding Fathers Probably Thought Even the Low-Level Intellectuals in SOCIETY would SURELY GET THIS! [It's Unbelievable High-Level Officials Have IGNORED This "FAILSAFE MECHANISM!]

I've tried to copy her message with capitalization correctly placed as she wrote it. Our Constitution while its not long a 2000 page document for only lawyers, politicians, and judges to read did much the same as Diane has done here for emphasis on words that were capitalized in the middle of a sentence. For example in part of the enumerations describing the powers of Congress Art. I Sect 8 Clause 10 in part reads "..and Offense against the Law of Nations;"

The Law of Nations was a book our Founding Fathers revered quite highly and referred to often in drafting our Constitution. written by Emerich de Vattel in 1758. In book one chapter 19,§ 212. Of the citizens and natives.

“The citizens are the members of the civil society; bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its advantages. The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights. The society is supposed to desire this, in consequence of what it owes to its own preservation; and it is presumed, as matter of course, that each citizen, on entering into society, reserves to his children the right of becoming members of it. The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children; and these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent. We shall soon see whether, on their coming to the years of discretion, they may renounce their right, and what they owe to the society in which they were born. I say, that, in order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.”

Thank you Diane for your comment and message. I responded to Diane as follows.

[Thanks Diane Lenning for that, very well said. Now, for a minute understand:
First - Courts require "Standing" - someone whose actually in the Pres Race that can show actual damages who ran in '08 '12 and is still running or you lose claim.
Two- the Media requires an accountability under the Constitution without reqard to Race or they stigmatize you a racist.

And I'm the ONLY candidate in America who did and fills both they won't give me the time of day..or a single dollar of support.

We are in a tight spot Americans! What should we do cuz to say I'm getting squeezed between duty and survival is an understatement. ]

Its very true. Yesterday I was booted out of a FB Group and posted on my FB this Alert:
Dear Patriots: [Patriots United Against Obama Propaganda] 's administrator Diane Sori​ has just removed me from this group. I'm sorry I will not be posting any more information there about Judy v. Obama 14-4136 now being considered in the 10th Circuit Court. Her reason was stated that I should not 'dare' state I was anything like Benjamin Netanyahu as the BLOG POST referenced we were fighting for our lives in this Country like Israel is fighting for theirs in the Middle East being small, out numbered and having so many enemies surrounding us as they do and clearly spells out the important reasons for this conclusion. She also stated in her post right before I was X'd from the group no 3rd party has a chance, which stigmatizes quite poignantly her support for Rhino's within the Republican Party. I'm very sorry to report this development as I've been a member of this group posting free and valuable information without re-numeration for well over two years and feel I was at least responsible for seeing it grow during that time. Patriots United Against Obama Propaganda again will not be updated due to the loss of freedom and liberty met in the indefensible argument of their Administrator Ms. Sori. Please pass this on to all the Patriots you may know as a message of intelligence for the group of approximately 1200 members. Cody Robert Judy Candidate for Pres 2016

Diane Sori's reason's for giving me the boot were three fold. One AFTER she clicked my post and went to my Blog read the five page post, there appears a request for help to contribute. Two -There's also a link for people to get more information that I've written in my book Taking A Stand at the end of the piece. She called this "solicitations violating the group" that I've been a member of for over two years.The third reason she stated was because I did not affiliate myself as a Presidential Candidate with any particular party yet so she assumed I was a Third Party and she commented quite assertively that third party was just a ticket for the Democrats to win. In so many words basically saying I was a vagrant unwelcome in the politics of her American Group.

Another FB Group MAINSTREAM POLITICS Administrator had this to say.

Arlen Sanders Look, you don't seem like you're a bad guy. Here's the deal.
Expecting people to just read any old thing you post is not reasonable. This is a group of real people, not some bulletin board you post your BS to. We don't have time to read every paragraph of thought by some random dude.
Posting your blog repeatedly just identifies you as a some kind of commercial spammer.
We know how to go to a website and start a blog. Most here are not so self important as to do so.
The idea is to present something interesting to see if people want to discuss it. Maybe, a single sentence about how YOU feel about an issue.
Posting your blog repeatedly just makes you look self important and silly.
So, if you get repeatedly ignored for not actually engaging, you were warned.]
[Well, now that you hopefully understand, you can participate or head out on your way. No hard feelings]

From the same Group another Administrator said this about the a different post the day before and it should be noted I have only posted one time for each Piece or article I wrote. This group is only 145 Members.

Michael Holcombe [Your site, as all sites, will be treated with skepticism. The Conservatives, here, are disgusted by self-aggrandizement and propaganda. Therefore, it would surprise me if any went to your site for anything of "proof"-- we look for FACTS that sustain our beliefs in America. In other words: don't tell us on your blog, show us where you got your info, here, and we will determine whether or not your position is worth reading.
Because, honestly, you're not in the "mainstream" of anything... Or we'd have already discussed you, ad neauseum.]

My Comment:Cody Robert Judy- [Self aggrandizement self-ag·gran·dize·ment n. The act or practice of enhancing or exaggerating one's own importance, power, or reputation.
That's a really sad comment Michael Holcombe , especially considering the work involved with just the few links I've given you for information and 6 years in the Courts. All Courts to N.H. State Supreme Crt. All Courts up to Georgia's State Supreme Crt. U.S. Supreme Crt, and now U.S. District Utah Division in U.S. 10th Circuit. The culmination of all that legal work millions of dollars protecting your national security interest.
If you have no more gratitude than disparaging all that to self aggrandizement while I've been in your service without pay.. I feel very sorry for you Sir. ]

Michael Holcombe [Sir, if you are offended by a simple comment, and one that was pointed at your site; not at your PERSON, then you, kind Sir, are definitely NOT the man for the job. That's number one.
Number two: don't you dare say you are spending millions of dollars for MY behalf; I don't even know you! If you want to go to Court, up to the Supremes, it is YOUR objective, sir, not mine. I will thank you for supporting the Constitution, but there are Judges whom I respect that humbly disagree with your position, standing in your way on the way to the SCOTUS. You are traveling your own path for your own reasons. Don't heap any emotional baggage (guilt) upon me!!
I tell you how you will be met by Conservative thinkers; not all, maybe, but many. If that doesn't suit you, sir, then change your position. But taking offense at civil discourse is the LibTard way of stifling debate... Are you a LibTard or are you a Conservative? Are you a Presidential MAN or an Obama-type DOUCHE?]

I'm a member of about 180 Groups and for the most part I have to say all are terrific and respectful of my post. The 'Mainstream Politics' Group is 150 Member Group and the 'Patriots United Against Obama Propaganda' is 1,200 member group. For smaller groups a news feed is usually slower so I would only post one time during a 24 hour period of time. For groups of over 5,000 members the news feed is fast. Meaning, a post you might make in a larger group is going to go down to the bottom of the 1,000 story list very fast and might not be seen by the 30,000 members the Group boast of having. This is the reason I have treated even small groups of 25 with my post. 25 readers of a story from a small group sometimes outnumbers the actual members that might see your post from a group as big as 30,000.

There is no way to post to all groups one must sit there and do it one at a time. So it takes me about two hours to get through the list and within eight hours you can figure your story post is at the bottom of the trough and no one is seeing it. A small semi daily newspaper in a town of about four hundred who read a story might describe realistically what happens with my publishing to 180 Groups on Facebook boasting a combined total of 500,000 Patriots.

It should also be realistically noted that since joining Facebook over eight years ago, I have received maybe a half a dozen contributions ranging from $5 to $20 total and I've never sold a book. The point being successful solicitation is weak at best on Facebook and the cause is either not understood, unheard, or of little value to Patriots. You can be the judge.

Many people get excited about a Candidate running for office who can self finance the whole campaign out of his/her own pocket. However the idea quickly regulates if you think about it into a Fascism or Fascistic Oligarchy-
a system of government characterized by rigid one-party dictatorship, forcible suppression of opposition, private economic enterprise under centralized governmental control, belligerent nationalism, racism, and militarism, etc. A small clique of private citizens who exert a strong influence on government.

People who will spew hatred for George Soros-He is known as "The Man Who Broke the Bank of England" because of his short sale of US$10 billion worth of pounds, giving him a profit of $1 billion during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis.[8][9][10] Soros is one of the thirty richest people in the world; and the Koch Brothers -The Koch family of industrialists and businesspeople is most notable for its control of Koch Industries, the second largest privately owned company in the United States because of the Campaign Contributions and influence also would support a Mitt Romney or Donald Trump as a Candidate who can self-finance. I think I recall Mitt Romney dumping 17 Million into his failed 2008 Campaign and in 2012 he said you know I'm not going to do that again. I think even former Governor Jon Huntsman if I recall dumped 4.1 Million into his that was just a blip in the Campaign for President.

The truth is a Candidate is both loved and hated for contributions to his own campaign. If he's rich he's loved for contributions supporters see as a 'free trip' they can gain benefits from without contributing themselves. The opposition hates him for buying the Office and drowning out competition with his own dollars. There could be some truth to that. If he's poor rarely is the story about how much time and energy he puts into his Campaign of value, but is often more about failures of business that might translate to failures in the Office if elected.

Very Rarely does a story come a long about a candidate that is so pivotal as to rely on PRINCIPLE. This really should engage the patriots in a cause that is so much bigger then a simple campaign or run for office that egos is left out of the equation for everyone! It is astounding people 'think' I run for President as an 'ego' trip. In my own self thought and realism nothing has caused greater tribulation, assault, and trauma to me and my family than this! I am pained every day to give it up as well the Claim for America I have alone, based on taking a stand for it in 2008 against McCain and Obama and continuing that in 2012 on Obama to this day. That is the 'natural born Citizen' clause that let go reduces our national security to a state of foreign affairs and leaves our sovereignty in tatters. Now if that's your goal in a new world order at least admit it.

EVERY DAY it seems is a rotten tomatoes and egg-in-the-face day for me with malicious comments. The precious jewels in the comment section like Diane Lenning's are very few and far between and much more available are the ones like Michael Holcombe's and Arlen Sanders's. Even more traumatic is the principle in court that when and if an argument is not objected to in Court the issue lack of complaint stands as a suspension of the claim for 'lack of prosecution'.

What that means is if I just gave up after 2008 that my standing is also given up in a Claim for Justice and instead of having at least one Candidate for President braving the fierce winds of the opposing adversary America has none to stop anyone from entering the Office of the President and doing whatever they want in spite of campaign promises, in spite of anything, just as we are seeing Obama do. As Americans I ask you do you want to just give up and become subjects instead of Citizens?

The condition of my Candidacy is one of condemnation rather than celebration more often than not and it is with great pain that I speak of its dilapidation not because of my own effort but because of the lack of value you perhaps see in it. Now, I often take your cause into consideration heralding your own reasons in statments to me, "You have NEVER WON A SINGLE CASE!" Who of any importance has endorsed your Candidacy publicly? Please step forward? Huh?

While it is true I haven't won a single case, it is also true every case is and has been different in region, and complexion according to law. However, isn't the question as easily asked to you, "Is the principle worth taking a stand for and what have you contributed to the principle through my campaign that is unique in not being racist and having standing?" Who has financed my campaign so far? Who has endorsed it publicly?

Has Sheriff Joe Arpaio whose investigation I have submitted as evidence in my case? Has Sharon Rondeau at the Post&Email? Has Mike Volin who I just did an interview with on WOBC Radio? Has WND? Has Terry Lakin? Has Orly Taitz? Has Larry Klayman? Mario Apuzzo? Has Commander Kerchner? Has Fox? I really don't know any Birthers who have come out in an endorsement much the same as you'd see other important Candidates have important people endorse their campaign. I certainly do not have any elected officials endorsing my Campaign. Of Course 2016 election is aways off., but the Cause isn't. The Cause is being fought here and now and while I appreciate the very few invites and publishing credits, we have got a war going on and we using plastic utensils left over from the picnic last summer to fight with instead of a few dollars in your wallet and I really believe we can do much better especially given the gravity of the circumstances.

Twenty Five years ago I undertook building a house by myself and I accomplished that in 5 months entirely minus a couple of days two others helped me lifting heavy beams on the roof, and in hooking the electric panel up that had to be done by a certified electrician. I did everything else by myself. Many during the process said it could not be done. When I finished it, the foundation, framing,roofing, pluming,electricity,gas,heating, and cooling systems were all finished had all been inspected and passed and I walked into the bank with a product that was valued over half of what I owed in land and materials. Not many people start out in life with their house half paid off. The value was in sweat equity. If I had to pay every contractor and their helpers to do what I'd done the 50% I owned would have been used to pay them. Did the bank care who had done the work? No, they only valued the House finished.

In much the same fashion have my Campaigns been built and they represented products of value that a lot of time and energy went into. I saw the value in my expertise in building my own house but the house I've built in my Campaigns serves much more and many more then myself. It serves every American and its the only one. Now does that mean there are not other campaigns? No, of course not, but lets all face a fact. Not one other campaign bares the stripes of suing McCain in Court and Obama in 2008, 2012, and now a 2016 Campaign with the natural born Citizen principle in tact.

And what are the consequences of losing the Claim again as Diane pointed out she understood very clearly? "to Keep People OUT of the PRESIDENCY who Might have "Evil or Un-American Intentions." So America, what are your intentions? The only 'threshhold' or BEAM of Principle found in the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land placed there for your protections your allowing to be sawed and chipped away like a main barring wall or foundation, and wondering if the House will fall down when its cut completely in half? Cant you already see the damages or do you need it to collapse?

I certainly don't like using 'guilt' as a tool to get Americans to realize they should donate or contribute to my campaign. Much rather just say "Hey, got a good campaign here Please Contribute" and have every body get what I was saying. But the truth is there are a lot of campaigns saying exactly that and they outright do not support the Constitution's demand for a 'natural born Citizen' as Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents inviting through the front door any foreigner to come in and wreck or topple America's house. Of course they may hope Obama is not successful with that because there are so many people standing in his way like? Congress?

The same Congress controlled by Republicans who just caved into funding the Department of Homeland Security and paved the way for ObamaAmnesty to be unopposed. Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu just addressed Congress over the threat the Iran might get the nuclear bomb and threaten his Country with annihilation. Diane Sori, not to be confused with Diane Lenning herein, was greatly incensed that I attribute any likeness with Israels' threat and his responsibility to that of my own in standing up as I have the last 6 years against those who would dilute the qualifications for President in our Constitution to the same qualification of a U.S. Representative or U.S. Senator in the face of so much more responsibility. She actually wrote to me "Don't you dare compare yourself to Prime Minister Netanyahu he is so much more a man than you".

Ego set aside as best as one can objectively do so, and giving Israel's Prime Minister all the respect he mentioned about Obama, because it wouldn't be appropriate for him to come in and say what I do about Obama not being a natural born Citizen qualified for the Office of the President by the declaration of the U.S. Constitution, Ms. Sori is right. Israel's Nation in 8.1 million is in population smaller than New York city's 8.4 million. Mayor Rudy Giuliani was the mayor of NYC at a disastrous time during 9/11. Of course neither man wants to go through anything like that again and they would pretty much say anything necessary to see to that responsibility. We call that being a good leader.

American's population is around 320 Million and the disaster happening to everyone and our future generations combined is what I see as my responsibility in keeping the Claim current on the 'natural born Citizen' clause demanded for our President so no one can come in and do to America what a Usurping Despot would do. It is true, I shouldn't compare 320 MILLION AMERICANS and their futures to 8.1 MILLION people in Israel as equal because it is not, but she shouldn't either. Neither should the natural born Citizen clause and a candidate as myself who embodies anti-discrimination on that principle be under valued and taken for granted, but that is exactly what is happening America, if we look at the facts.

Ms. Sori said something else I want to touch on. She said in her justification 'notice' to me that a third party candidate could not possible win and therefore represented basically a nuisance to the integrity of a two party system. Also examining the truth of that statement. For many 'good and evil' is a two sided choice. You either is or you aint. Its black or white. As I thought about that in regards to the natural born Citizen clause of the Constitution I came to the platform of truth that said 'right' again. When Democrats and Republicans team up against a principle in the Constitution they are considered "ONE" and the only difference is "ONE" other apposed to their stand together. So your left with again with the analysis a two party system. The difference being Republicans/Democrats are One and another choice is Independent. One is for the U.S. Constitution the other is against it. One is taking a stand the other is not. Its very clear.


American's like to think the contribution of responsibility to America constitutes 'maybe' showing up to vote on the first Tuesday of November fully 30% don't even do that. I've got the book WASHINGTON by Michael Kammen which is an abridgment of the 7-Volume Biography written by Pulitzer Prize winning Richard Harwell. The Kammen abridgment is over 750 pages.

In reflecting upon that I'm constantly reminded how it was a constant battle of General Washington facing a revolution to keep his army maintained in clothes and food. It was often in the most deplorable circumstances he plead to Congress and the people they represented for bare maintenance and then a sustaining of those bare conditions. A fight for food and clothing from those who benefited from the fight with freedom and liberty seemed as constant as actually fighting the enemy and squeezing the trigger.

Sometimes people think because they gave one time that they have full filled responsibility. I was thinking the other day about a dozen contributions that rolled in to my campaign totaling about $500. Whew, what a relief that was for a week in a 72 month campaign so far. The need is dire and this is it America. A contribution of five or twenty dollars a month for the next two years is a responsible sustaining and maintaining numeracy for low income people and really should be much higher for those who are doing over $100,000 per year with the blessed opportunity America provides.

You know what the alternative is? Of course you should see it as writing on the wall with what Obama has done every two years to you in collapsing the freedoms and liberties in a sense to a prison fence getting closer and closer to making you an individual cell. Do I need to actually write to you and tell you of the deplorable conditions I am suffering to get you to understand how important your help is?

Well, my car has 243,000 miles on it I'm fixing it myself because I can't afford a mechanic. My most recent contribution was $63 dollars from my Mom, and $20 from my Sister may God bless their souls for it was so needed for food. You know I have never taken a federal dollar for food, housing, or transportation while running my campaigns although my Court filing fees proceeded informa pauperis. While I've lived modestly in a one bedroom studio apartment so I could sustaining myself at a bare minimum and devote most of my time to doing the very important work that needed to be done in the Campaign and for the Cause, the true consideration that is given is indeed love. I love you America.

I love America's Freedom and Liberty provided in the U.S. Constitution having suffered the loss of freedom in prison when the principles were in fact trod under foot. That value is ingrained in me deep as 3018 days you'd spend and hated in your bathroom Cell. Its a scar for life deep in my heart that gets re-opened constantly. The difference between Sen. Ted Cruz's father and my own experience is mine didn't happen in Cuba. I'm an American and it happened to me right here in America. Am I using the bad experience I suffered to channel a good civil course of productivity in solutions? I hope so.

This is not just a political Campaign its a Cause and the value attached to it is Freedom and Liberty for you and generations to come. If you doubt that you only need to run down the list of what Obama is doing and has done in the transformation of America. Many have supposed they could stop Obama based on something less than the Constitution. Even Republicans in Congress were quite confident in their proposals of stopping ObamaAmnesty by defunding Homeland Security Department. How many potential candidates for President have you heard say the first thing they would do was repeal or 'defund' the disaster of ObamaCare? Right, if Congress isn't doing it, you think a candidate for President can?

The only thing with 'teeth' to stop Obama is the U.S. Constitution #1- The office of the President requires a natural born Citizen. Obama fails this qualification. #2- The requirement for passing legislation is an eligible President's signature along with passage in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. The checks and balances. The entire Obama Administration and its history depends on this clause of qualification. Don't let Republican or Democrats hood wink you into believing anything else. They know the requirements for Representatives and Senators is different than for the President and it is incompetency and fraud in the least degree and treason at the worst in illegal construction on the Constitution to represent in official capacity otherwise.

Where are the Candidates for President with standing taking a stand for this in its entirety across the spectrum of both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party and the Independent Party? This is a fact. There is only one: me. I majored in Psychology in College. Your welcome to take a look at my grades graduating with a 3.7 GPA. They aren't hidden like Obama has hidden his. Is acknowledging that fact I'm the only one in America a point of self aggrandizement? Self aggrandizement is based on exaggerations of self importance. To deny the facts is alternatively considered a state of denial or delusion: an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.

Obama's success has been built on America's delusion and I'm trying with all I have to snap America out of it and get America to rely on the facts that our Constitution's demand for President is not "Citizen", its "natural born Citizen". Upon this hangs Obama and everything he has signed in my Claim of damages! I need your help to maintain that claim.
If we give it up its gone. Your house is gone. Do you understand that? Your children's safety is gone! Our national security it breached and we are over-run!

That has not happened yet, but the process is right in front of you every day in the news. Amnesty's country within a country, the internet spy program, the patriot act, the affordable health care, the federal control of your local police departments, education in common core..we all know the list. Its out in the news every day while the Constitution is under attack in almost every aspect of Obama's Agenda. Why complain about any of them when all of them really are hinged on Obama's Eligibility?

Can the importance of this fight be underestimated? Can I forbid my mouth from opening to Congress or the people on Facebook and Twitter in the needs and the likelihood of success with your support? I've done my best to explain it to you and I think I've done it in more words then were necessary but a BIG SIGN that says A GOOD CAUSE has not worked. So what if the 10th Circuit says "No"? Do you think we should give up or do you think we go appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court?

Going to the next Court requires more money, more time and without your help its not likely to happen given my own depletion of funds. if the Tenth Circuit Court says "Yes" we need funds to proceed. Witnesses might have to be flown in, attendance to the Court is usually a requirement. How does America expect this to happen? Are we even prepared for it to happen? The answer is I wouldn't be typing this out if we were fully prepared or if your help was not crucially needed.

Well, you have to decide what its worth and the value of it yourself. For my part I have described and begged for your help. There's a point in time when like Mitt Romney said this isn't about my Ego and if Americans don't want to pitch in and finance a campaign together they are not likely to win the maintenance of freedom and liberty and may be destined to lose it all. I always said the deciding factor of Mitt Romney's loss was a fundamental embarrassment of the Principles the Office of the President, and the demands it be stood up for, in the duties of the Office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. I really think the most important of all the principles in the whole Constitution is the 'natural born Citizen' requirement for the Office of the President. This has been figured out by our enemies also.

We have long accounted Obama the biggest fraud in America. The malignancy of that fraud is the infection of the Office of the President in the natural born Citizen qualification demand for health in the head. If the head is sick how well is the body able to perform?

In Israel’s P.M.’s words, “My friend, standing up to Iran is not easy. Standing up to dark and murderous regimes never is.” We face similar enemies in people who think the Supreme Law of the Land is not the Supreme Law of the Land anymore when it comes to Obama. All Patriot's should be able to figure this out and come to some conclusions that necessitate actions in helping support with contributions over lip service. You can look at yourself in the mirror everyday and ask "Am I a Patriot or a Tyrant in my actions and how are the conclusions reached?"



As PROMISED: ,I said I would keep you updated as things happen and discuss my case in more detail as we find out what the Court's decision is. I received this ORDER from the Court last night about 6pm. The results of the Poll taken by the Court on a rehearing consideration was negative America. The same Court that has honored individual rights for each American to 'marry' has rejected the petition for every American to have the same applications of qualifications applied when it comes to the qualifications for the Office of the President in this Rehearing En Banc.

This is a deeply upsetting and nefarious discrimination and outrage America upon all of our rights. Today, the Court handed down a poll that said they were not interested in equal rights under the law. A decision that said Obama is an exception and Cody's rights do not count. This is a decision that we would equate to turning back the clock and seeing the Court adopt acceptable forms of slavery based on color. Its a day when we see the Court rolling the rights back that so many Civil Rights Leaders have fought and bled and born the stripes. A sad day for those celebrating in Selma and a reminder of the fight that still needs to be fought.

A day has come to the Court Steps that the full Court has adopted 'elite' babies and rejected those 'poor' ones in an economical and judicial hypocritical nazi eugenics outrage! The Court practice of engaging 'Individual rights' in the same behavior or activity to proceed in marriage but that deny to me the same practices in which to run a fair race for the Office of the Presidency for which they have criticized me in their adoption of hypocrisy is staggering to the Civil Mind.

The Court has repelled the advise of the United States Supreme Court that a 'natural born Citizen' was 'born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents' so advised in Minor v. Happersett and invited the reinstitution of slavery upon the heads of every minority person standing in the welfare line with such sullied discrimination. It truly is a sad day for Equal Justice in America and I just don't know if America sees what is happening or gets it? Evan those opposed to me as a Candidate for President ought to be concerned and at the very least sustaining the Constitutional Qualifications for the Office of the President be applied equally to all Americans according to the Constitutions obvious and acknowledged responsibilities to that office.

The Order admits that the Rehearing En Banc was transmitted to all of the judges of the court who are in regular active service. In other words, appointed and dependent upon their jobs from either Obama himself or Hillary Clinton's husband.

Today we see the Court refuse to do that and dishonor the Office of the President. The Court refused to honor the tradition of "Justice For All" in America, burned the pledge of allegiance of all Americans, and blew the ashes in our eyes America.

We NEED YOUR HELP AMERICA now, to take this and report this ASSAULT upon your Constitution to the U.S. Supreme Court!

We need your help. Will you help us or are the outrageous lies your being told by your elected leaders okay for you and your children? If you won't defend your children and their future who will you defend?

Get your questions answered by ordering Cody Robert Judy's Book here.

The 2016 Campaign begins now. Please send your contributions and help with the ABC (American Birther Campaign) today and my election for President in 2016 and Join the 257 of us now on my Facebook Cody Robert Judy for U.S. President 2016 site.

Cody Robert Judy for President 2016
3031 So. Ogden Ave. Suite #2
Ogden, Utah 84401

Thank you
Cody Robert Judy
Candidate for United States President 2016


The Commercial is simply called "America"


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

SOMETIMES ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS MY ENEMY- In the Little World of the Big World

SOMETIMES ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS MY ENEMY- In the Little World of the Big World

Today one of the most pivotal political speeches took place in front of the United States Congress that I’ve ever seen in my short half of a century of time. Odd thing was it wasn’t anyone from our Government giving it; it was Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In my lifetime I have to go back to President Ronald Regan to recall a speech that just seemed in a surreal way to be one of those speeches that you knew was going to go down in History as one for the memory books that was going to last long past this generation. A complete transcript here:

I’ve seen a few speeches in a joint session of Congress but I don’t recall such a rapturous outpouring of whooping and hollering and thunderous applause from our elected officials as I heard today from both sides of the isle. The spectacle was very nice to see Republicans, Democrats, and Independents join in and drowned out the boycotting minor 56 naysayers of the Democratic Party who hoped they could spoil such a special allied ship in their hopes for division.

Sean Hannity interviewed Newt Gingrich today on his radio show and one thing that really struck me as profound from Sean was really spoken in kind of a declarative question, “ What I can’t believe is how we got here… in this position?” What he was referring to was a position that has the person in the Office of the President in the White House so completely sustained as “foreign” to the partnerships of allies we have as the USA from East to West from North to South.

The former speaker of the House postulated that he himself believed Obama was living in some kind of dreamy fantasy mythical land when it came to his ideas in paving the way for Iran to obtain a nuclear bomb. Gingrich further postulated delving into the psychology depths of Obama that he himself had been fooled and underestimated the regime using like-words resounding along the lines of lawlessness, or rebellion, incompetent, out of touch- words that clearly Congress might considered in impeachment hearings under Amendment XIV and Amendment XX in an inability to fulfill the duties of the Office. I was actually shocked to hear Mr. Gingrich talk like this as I’m sure many American’s were.
In my own answer to Sean’s question, “What I can’t believe is how we got here… in this position?”, in the same breath as he is calling Obama the Alinsky, Bill Ayers, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Frank Marshal Davis communist packing card caring son; isn’t it obvious?

You’re not a Birther Sean! You, so many like you, and so many that are elected officials have had absolutely no respect, no regard, and no spine for the United States Constitution’s demand for a natural born Citizen –Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents. No matter how much you derail the Birthers about the ‘natural born Citizen’ qualification in the Constitution as a definition for the Office of the President so clearly distinct, and successively graduate from the qualifications for U.S. Reps and U.S. Senators is, in age, time, and loyalty, you can’t get it through your thick heads what two generations of Americans might entail in the most important office in our Government. Why is that?
Sean calls the Mark Levin, “The Great One” and just the other day Mr. Levin cascaded down into his dark and frank candor exclaiming and shouting down a caller he opined: ( )

"You have to call this show about the birth certificate? Oh that's been really effective. It has failed in every court. The birth certificate...with all the problems we have with this President, that's all you have? ... "

Hold me back, “Really Levine, why don’t you tell us why it’s failed and don’t give us that crap about standing and jurisdiction? You conservative radio show host know at least two things.

1) R’s and D’s teamed up and went all in on McCain’s non-binding U.S. Sen. Res. 511 that included 3 major players McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama every R’s Senator voted for it.
2) That left only Independent Candidates to object in Court of which you have given in publicity and a chance to come on your shows about the same amount of respect as you give the callers concerned and calling in about the Constitution.

“So, let us surmise? Your definition of Constitutional actually revolves around “What’s Popular” As long as slavery was popular and was deferred by the Courts as legal in territories you were alright with that? Just as soon as it changed, then you were alright with that. When prohibition was aligned in the Constitution you were good with that, but when it changed you were good with that weren’t you? Spineless for the fight of moral judgment comes to mind and the morality of fighting for in our day what is in THE U.S. Constitution; and even easier fight might I add than fighting for what should be in the Constitution, as our Founders did.”

Makes me want to pull his pants down in front of a big audience of Constitutional scholars and exclaim, “Your really short their Mr. Levin the argument of Constitution before the word Scholar. It makes no sense in his reference.
“For Gods’ sake how many years has it taken individual rights to be recognized in the same sex marriage department and how many years have Birthers been faced with this problem of filling the standing requirement, filing suits, working through the Courts and generally oiling the justice wheel that Martin Luther King Jr. declared himself “moves, but moves slowly”?

“Just because you’re naked texts move faster in the realms of instant gratification doesn’t mean that when the Constitution is breached it doesn’t take about the same amount of time to work its way into the public mind and also work its way into the ripeness of hearing by the Courts as it did a century ago. As a “Constitutional Scholar” that you claim to be, why in the world am I lecturing you about that? And the bigger question is why are you not pulling your weight in American Patriotism in defending the natural born Citizen clause you know dang well is “Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents’?”

“Is it your political affiliations? If it is then you are the answer to Sean Hannity’s questions. The reason we are in such a state and the way we got here is because the Republicans have no spine for the Constitution just as they didn’t have any intelligence in warding off ObamaAmnesty your so proud of them for.”

“Who in the world goes for the department of Homeland Security as the bargaining chip of ObamaAmnesty? That is just stupid! Yeah, defund the border security. That makes sense in a fight for Amnesty doesn’t it. Why not pick on something the D’s really care about like National Parks and Forrest Rangers or Foreign Aide to employ ISIS as a bargaining chip?”
You know it’s really easy to understand how we are in this position when so many won’t support a Candidate for President who sued McCain first and then Obama in ’08 and ’12. Really folks these guys do not have the temerity to even ‘bluff’ about the support to a Candidate with a fund raiser as a radio guest. Can you imagine Glenn Beck , Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh in a three day bizarre actually just defending my Candidacy for a million dollar bluff to Democrat’s and Republicans?

A million dollars of support they didn’t get but could have if they would have taken a stand for Art. II, Sect. 1, Clause 5. Politicians go nuts for money, so even a three day bluff might have worked but these guys can’t figure that out in their heads. I swear to God they don’t have a brain in their head. As if any dollar they gave to any candidate actually meant that their candidate became President in the past. If you’re not laughing you should be now.


If it weren’t for the blatantly obvious and stupid we really wouldn’t be in this position Sean. Now the guess is Obama can’t do much more harm in two years. Wrong again, if you’ve seen his new rendition of the Internet Whiz Kid ObamaNet, and Obama’s highlight for the Media about federally taking over all local police forces in your town. ;

Of course while he’s hooking local law enforcement with lots of new gadgets Obama is also expecting control with justification on ‘divisions, race, and inequality’ that he can magnanimously be the head cheerleader for-Why? Because he’s so good at discriminating and being unfair to me as a smaller Candidate in the biggest race in America nothing compares? Well, that is obvious but who wants to talk about it? It really ought to be the talk of every local police force in America who now is finding the Feds are about to infiltrate them as lords and over-see’ers because Courts of Law just can’t manage it ‘fairly’ and their departments are about to be nannied by Obama’s own.

Perhaps you haven’t caught wind of the telephone call that was taking place the other night where words for the immigration of ‘new citizens’ were touted as leaders rather than assimilating into our society. Where a new country was talked about in our Country and Cities and Towns were going to get the Federal Mandates to zero interest and supply the new citizens at their tax expense. And you don’t think two more years will do any harm?

( ) “The “Task Force of New Americans” and the “Receiving Communities” are part of a plan by the Obama administration to develop a “country within a country” which will eventually form a new, and instantly fundamentally transformed United States.”

So, let’s review. The Internet – Amnesty and Immigrant Status zero interest loans etc. making the Country within the Country – and Control of Local Police Departments to Feds.

All of a sudden, a little round up of support for a Candidate who has standing and is standing up for the ‘natural born Citizen’ qualification in the Constitution for the Office of the President as a national security begins to be quite appealing. All of a sudden the simple little qualification Obama has negated illegally becomes an Achilles heel and an answer to Obamacare and a whole lot of support to Iran at the cost and at the expense of our Allied Israel.

Don’t you just love people that complain but won’t contribute a single dollar to the cause they are complaining about even when the solution is right there in front of them? The door sitting right there the whole time they refused to open? Sean Hannity, you know I love all these guys I just wish I could get their attention for a second on a realistic note for our Country, said in so many words Israel’s prime minister was the “Adult” at the party as he really eloquently mapped out the problem, spelled out the history both ancient and modern, detailed the grievances, furnished witnesses of the pariah that were self incriminating and could not be denied as historical facts, and presumed the outcome of letting Iran do what they had a history of doing with Nuclear weapons.

Haven’t Birthers been doing the exact same thing about Obama for six years? Now shouldn’t we ask, why would Israel’s safety and the defense for it receiving standing ovations from Congress be seen as somehow more important than the safety of our own Country as Birthers have been pointing out for years? Would that be the ‘ Oh he’s just the carpenter down the street syndrome?’ that was placing our Country in so much danger? In other words, St. John 4:44 “For Jesus himself testified, that a prophet hath no honor in his own Country.”

When it comes to those who have been pointing out Obama is ineligible and illegal in the Office of the President according to the requirements, those who do have standing, and have been devout in the principle and not racist, and are standing up as I have in the Judy v. Obama 14-4136, in a relevant case of modern history in front of the 10th Circuit Court any day why wouldn't they support that? Why doesn’t that count with them? Why is it not seen as a solution? Why isn’t it given a standing ovation and thunderous applause?


The question Rush Limbaugh signed off with today was “Why didn’t Obama trust Israel as the Nuclear Power in the Region of the Middle East?” Rush hypothesized Obama in his quest of “fairness” and “neutrality” (that is of course another ruse), is being used to arm Iran. He speculates Obama is na├»ve as Newt Gingrich in similar fashion did today when he stated he was living in a magical dreamy land. I don’t know why they can’t see Obama is neither. He’s calculating and cunning and is in his best imagination is using ‘a proffered fairness doctrine’ that neutralizes the little guys bigger stick. Except what happens if Iran gets a nuclear weapon and Israel has them what do you have?

Well, you have a stalemate on Nuclear weapons. We won’t use ours and you don’t use yours and what is Israel faced with? Well, the answer is it’s not fair in a game of war. Israel is far outnumbered in man power. What’s Obama’s ‘proffered fairness doctrine’ recommend in that war? The answer is Israel wiped off the map without a nuclear weapon being fired. Of course, nuclear proliferation races to life in an Iran Nuclear Islamic Republic certainly as Netanyahu mentioned with every other Country needing them in the region, but all said and done, everyone agrees in war not to wipe every one off the Earth and so a suspension of certain weapons is agreed upon and it comes down to armies against armies. That then puts Israel at a disadvantage surrounded as a little Country.

Now I’m that little Candidate who knows exactly how Israel as a little Country feels fighting for life and standing on good ground. Of course Republicans and Democrats don’t want to recognize me. Israel faces much the same problem in Country’s surrounding her not wanting to even recognize her as a Country, but she is. Just like me, I’m a Candidate for President qualified exactly according to the demand of the Constitution. Obama’s not and I’ve been forced to take it to Court.

Though I am a small Candidate a very BIG PROBLEM exist for countless people if Obama is allowed to drive over me so to speak without any accountability to the Law. To surmise how big of a problem I’m talking about start by asking is ObamaCare 1/5 of our Economy, ObamaAmnesty, ObamaNet, ObamaFederalLocalControl, ObamaSupremCourtJustices, ObamaArmIranin10Years and all of the other ObamaHububalue big enough for you? And is all of that even legal if Obama is not a “Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents? The answer is, “No. None of it is legal if a qualified President has not signed Legislation”.

That is a BIG PROBLEM formed in a little candidates pocket and so is Israel having a nuclear weapons in their pocket when big Iran doesn’t. So, if you are actually an Israel supporter and agree Iran shouldn’t have a nuclear bomb, then you really ought to support my Candidacy for your own Country with as much applause and support as Congress gave Netanyahu’s words today.

In Israel’s P.M.’s words, “My friend, standing up to Iran is not easy. Standing up to dark and murderous regimes never is.” We face similar enemies in people who think the Supreme Law of the Land is not the Supreme Law of the Land anymore when it comes to Obama.


As always,I'll keep you updated as things happen and discuss my case in more detail as we find out what the Court's decision is going to be on the Poll being taken on a rehearing consideration. Thanks so much for your help and support needed at this time more then ever. Remember every "like" and every "share" is very important America!


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