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BIRTHER BENEFITS - A New Hope in the U.S. Supreme Court Tapping the Stupid-Tree of the MSM

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A New Hope in the U.S. Supreme Court

The Birther Benefits yet escaping the Establishment Groupies of both the Democratic and Republican Parties, as well as the Main Stream Media (MSM) the same way the Brexit did, gives us a Prime example of why Hillary Clinton is about to lose what the Democrats have worked so hard at the last seven and a half years in the election of Republican Party Nominee Donald J. Trump with the ire and outrage of the Nation as the catapult. What? 

How could the Democratic Party let ire and outrage go to waste like that- especially in a sleeping giant that awakens? I know it sounds impossible, but six months ago saying Donald J. Trump never elected as mayor or even dog-catcher was going to be the Republican Nominee at the Republican National Convention was laughable. 

In the good-ole-days Democrats use to be smart people about Civil Rights. You know in the days before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin before they tapped the same stupid-tree Hillary Clinton tapped into when with so many examples in her life she reiterates that in "hindsight it wasn't a good idea" in the form of an apology actually no real sound minded person would buy.

Democrats  have to buy the snake oil though because they got into the pit of selling "The First" rather than actually understanding moral character could not be uploaded and every Citizen had the right to vote already. They started discrimination all over again after they'd just won the battle. That was the same stupid-tree that Obama tapped into in voting "the first" colored person into office, and the same one Hillary decided to tap into asking people to vote based on her sex as "the first" women.

Minorities grabbed the microphone and started selling race, color, and sex as gender asking for preferential treatment or discrimination based upon those particular chromosomes. It's fad now to get preferential treatment based on a chromosome? What makes the KKK different in the supremacist ideology? I see very little difference in the discrimination of color, race, religion, sex, and national origin as I do the preferential treatment of color, race, religion, sex and national origin. Preferential treatment is discrimination and is beating itself upside the head creating divides were they had been mended,

They are after all, bound to the sinking ship of Barack Obama who never was and never will be qualified for the Office of the President according to the U.S. Constitution's demand that only a [natural born Citizen] or a [Citizen] at the time of the adoption of the Constitution be allowed by the Constitution's authority to be President. That was not a discrimination against immigrants or first generation Americans it was a discrimination or qualification of TIME in the interest of allegiance to the Country; really no different than the age/or Time discrimination between the offices of Representative (25), Senator (30), and President (35) that took into account seasons of experience and time on the earth also figured from the moment of birth.

There is a new case in the U.S. Supreme Court that is rattling the Birther Benefits department, and though it does not involve Barack Obama the ramifications will. This Case is titled Carmon Elliott v. Ted Cruz No. 16-13. Whether Obama can skate-out of office, like Hillary Clinton skated out of the Secretary of State office having usurped the office and responsibility to the people in FOIA accountability with her private servers, is questionable and hinging upon a few variables.

The hope of the Birthers in this case might modestly be scaled to the comment of chief anti-birther 'Doc' or Dr. Conspiracy himself Mr. Kevin Davidson on his Blog Obamaconspiracy.org and Post  and Comment pictured here about it.

 [So if I am reading that correctly, the Supreme Court could review the Elliott case if it so chose. And I think Apuzzo's argument that it is not moot is sufficient. I'm not willing to attach the DOOMED graphic to this one.]

  While it's not a fabricated long form birth certificate with layers, and I am not dead like the poor drowned Hawaii Health Department Director Loretta Fuddy, (The only official to say she saw Obama's long form birth certificate -May she rest in peace), I will attest to the validity of the comment in the constructs of my own research into the case that have profound new twist.

They say everything in Obama's Birther Circus and Carnival Barker Town has been litigated and then comes a long a State Court Judge who did not get the 'Obama memo' on this issue- 'you must stay plugged into the stupid-tree' and actually constructs a smart argument that [Standing] is sufficient by any old Citizen wanting to vote for a qualified Candidate, and brilliantly defies [The Political Question Doctrine] - something Judges have been hiding behind for decades on the qualification definition. The two Issues the Pennsylvania State Court Judge plowed through with nuclear powered tank are two issues that have been the malignant tumor-cancers that have plagued Birthers for nearly a decade.

The RED DISTRICT LIGHT flashing for the United States Supreme Court in Elliott v. Cruz 16-13, see Elliott's Go-Fund-Me site here, might just be in the advent of stopping the rogue argument of standing and the political question doctrine that in the process necessitates the Court actually defining [natural born Citizen] in the same light that Roe v. Wade was applicable even though the pregnancy was no more, in the facts presented under the Mootness Standard, that the issue was more than likely going to come up again and again and again in two applications:
1- Voluntary cessation of unlawful conduct
2- Conduct capable of repetition yet evading review

The 'Ark' that was touched in Elliott v. Cruz was that the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court 'affirmed' the State Court Judge's 'Opinion' that now if the U.S. Supreme Court does not here walks and talks like the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed also! This may be the last chance the highest Court in the Land gets a chance to weigh in on the Judicial Branches divine appointment to regulate a distinctive application that is part of the United States Constitution. 

As the attorney for the Case Mario Apuzzo Esq. ran around touching all the bases of the Pennsylvania Case, conservative Justice Samuel Alito will chair in handling Motions in the duties of his in the Third Circuit Command,  it was very well articulated the Legislative Branch was not given any powers in the U.S. Constitution to altar or control the definition of [natural born Citizen] in their limited capacity of [naturalization powers] Article I. Section 8 Cl.4 that are codified in the congressional acts of The Naturalization Act 8 U.S Code §1401 Nationals and Citizens at Birth a-h also reviewed in the 14th Amendment.

a- For jus sanguinis U.S. citizenship, i.e., citizenship for the children born abroad of U.S. citizen parents, which is established only by congressional statute and not the U.S. Constitution

b. For jus soli, or "right of the territory" the provisions in Section 1 interpreted to the effect that children born on United States soil, with very few exceptions, are U.S. citizens. (Notice: Not [natural born Citizens] This type of guarantee—legally termed again by congressional statute seen in the 14th Amendment.

[Natural Born Citizen] as Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents was codified by Nature and Nature's God something the United States Congress was not given authority to over-rule by the definitions of Article I, Section 8, Cl.4, and the Executive Branch sure wasn't given any authority in the U.S. Constitution to interpret [natural born Citizen], neither the MSM or the People's Vote as we here in the United States of America are a Constitution Republic not a mob-is-right Democracy as the Writ of Certiorari  shines the light on. (Ref.pg 10-12)

Finally the [Conflict of Courts] (the very strong basis for the U.S .Supreme Court hearing a Writ of Certioari) comes smashing through the windows of the U.S. Supreme Court!

[In arriving at his holding, Judge Pellegrini and authorities upon whom he relies have concluded that neither the English common law nor the Fourteenth amendment provide the definitive definition of an article II natural born citizen. Where Judge Pellegrini errs is in placing his reliance for his definition of a natural born citizen upon Charles Gordon, Jack Maskell, Paul Clement,and Neal Katyal (footnote 4) rather than on primary historical and legal sources, including decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court. The arguments of these commentators, who focus on “at birth” and “by birth” rather than on the birth circumstances upon which the Framers relied for defining a natural born citizen, are flawed and cannot serve as any reasonable basis for defining a natural born citizen]


The Question of Standing has been a criteria of the Court dismissing 95% of the Writ's coming into the United States Supreme Court who recently upheld Affirmative Action at the University of Texas in Fisher v. University of Texas, No. 14-981 , but no where in the U.S. Constitution is affirmative action declared as a protection upon the Qualification of the Office of the President. 

But let's just set that aside, and say the U.S. Supreme Court has indeed received two cases with Standing from 2008 Write-In Candidate and 2012 and 2016 [Democratic Party] Presidential Candidate Cody Robert Judy who has suffered a great deal of damages the Court saw fit not to recognize in even hearing that asks the exact same questions for the Court to define [natural born Citizen] giving much the same argument in two Cases 12-5276 and 14-9396.

The last case 14-9396 considered closed only October of 2015 (9 months ago) denied arbitrarily the Petitioner's right to have the fees and printing cost waved due to poverty. The court was even sent bank statements showing no possible way to pay the cost of printing and filing fees, yet Justice Sotomayor, presumed to be notable for low income people, responsible for the Tenth Circuit handling of Motions, deliberately slashed the tires of Judy v. Obama 14-9396 in an outrageous affront to low income people!

This has done more for Donald J. Trump's Campaign to the Republican Nomination than any single thing. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently called Donald J. Trump a 'Faker', and that is true in the Birther Fields in that Donald J. Trump never filed a single legal paper against his unqualified opponents even when he had Standing to do just that preferring a 'Bullies Way of doing things' to that of Law and Order!

 While Justice Ginsburg rationalized if Donald J. Trump gets in the Office of the President "everything is up for grabs", Democrats are aghast to the support the U.S. Supreme Court has flat-out given as an endorsement to Donald J. Trump as the King of Birthers without filing a single legal brief. Indeed, the issue is hotly contested in the 2016 election as Slate.com just two days ago published 141 Lies Donald Trump's told- Number 33 [Questioned President Obama’s American citizenship, bringing the “birther” campaign into the mainstream]

Hey it's not [Citizenship] it's [natural born Citizen] for the Office of the President.

Still the MSM as well as the Liberal Left of the Court, doesn't seem to get they are on the opposite side of the Brexit Standard in their pejorative of Birthers in the United States of America and compared to Hillary's 5 Lies, just in the latest FBI Criminal Investigation Review, they make Trump out to be a hero for questioning Obama for a Standard of Law equal under the Supreme Law of the Land totally bewildered of the General Population's (SMH) disbelief at their tap to the stupid-tree!

 The Supreme Court of the United States blatantly not hearing a case that has had a [Bipartisan Standing] (Judy v. McCain and Judy v. Obama) is and has paved the way for the reality of Justice Ginsburg HOLY GRAIL DECLARATION that "everything is up for grabs", if Trump is elected President with the nominations most likely to occur in the Court during the next four years.

What we are to gather from this is the Stupid-Tree Tappers are willing to give up Choice for Women, Same Sex Marriage for Citizens, Health Care, and whatever else is on the agenda of the Left including $15 dollars per hour for Obama's Ineligibility! I ask them, "Is that WORTH IT? Is that worth it?!

Apparently this is the Left Liberals giving the American Bird Sign to the Left of the Court and the part of the story where the head of the snake eats the tail and consumes itself into obliteration. That's the Stupid-Tree! Democrats have lost their mind, and they are about to lose a lot more than that and be just as surprised Election Morning as the world was at Brexit.

Of course there is a solution! Lock her Up in an orchard of Stupid Trees and let her nurse on them till she dies; get her as far away from Government Office as one can possible get. Maybe Syria where she can enjoy her reality of sniper fire and cattle futures and the way a 500% increase of refugees can be least expensive - shipping her there instead of bring them here? She'd could be with her experience a great Ambassador to them as Chris Stevens was. 

The Democratic Party National Convention is not for two more weeks and in Gore v. Bush the Court decided the outcome in eight days. It is not impossible for the Court to acknowledge a mistake and in hindsight regret their decision to devastate the poor who have come to the Court for Justice in Truth and Faithfulness against the Lies and Deceit. 

Otherwise.., what can we say? They just do not care about anything or any body and they proved it to us. Their Court will not last another four years.



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