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Congratulations President Elect Trump - Hillary Names & Faces Don't Stick

- Congratulations President Elect Trump - 
Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones, But the Names & Faces Don't Stick


Well west side of 300 + on the Electoral Map is not something the Democrats saw coming in Poll Predictions. Maybe they need new prophets? Wait a minute maybe they knew it was going to happen, when they canceled the 'Fire Works Show"? Maybe they were using every tool in their arsenal to change the hearts and minds of the people or create a sense of inevitability simply as strategy? Ok, we'll use the media, we'll use the bank roll, we'll use the ground game, we'll use the Polls, and we'll cast everyone out who opposes us until we are all in a room together saying the same thing and repeating it until we all believe it? It's the definition of GROUP THINK that's in a THINK TANK. Truth is the way to People's minds and People's hearts and names and faces don't really stick.

In my B.A. in Psychology I was fascinated with the theory of GROUP THINK, especially as it involved itself with the politics of President John F. Kennedy in The Bay of Pigs which roughly culminated in the following:

GROUP THINK is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome. Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation of alternative viewpoints by actively suppressing dissenting viewpoints, and by isolating themselves from outside influences
[Irving Janis felt that Kennedy’s top advisors were unwilling to challenge bad ideas because it might disturb perceived or desired group concurrence. Presidential advisor Arthur Schlesinger, for instance, presented serious objections to the invasion in a memorandum to the president, but suppressed his doubts at the team meetings. Attorney General Robert Kennedy privately admonished Schlesinger to support the president’s decision to invade. At one crucial meeting, JFK called on each member for his vote for or against the invasion. Each member, that is, except Schlesinger — whom he knew to have serious concerns. Many members assumed other members agreed with the invasion plan.{8}
Schlesinger later lamented, “In the months after the Bay of Pigs I bitterly reproached myself for having kept so silent during those crucial discussions in the cabinet room.” He continued, “I can only explain my failure to do more than raise a few timid questions by reporting that one’s impulse to blow the whistle on this nonsense was simply undone by the circumstances of the discussion.”{9}
Have you ever kept silent when you felt you should speak up? President Kennedy later revised his group decision-making process to encourage dissent and debate. The change helped avert a nuclear catastrophe, as we will see. cont..] 

I count the adversarial and opposition or anti-  "Birther Movement" as one of the great GROUP THINK phenomenons in modern day politics. If advisers, pundits, and even Justices were truthful, they would see not one real honest debate was heard by the United States Supreme Court and it was trivialized as unimportant. 

Now as hind site is 20/20 with the amount of credibility that the Hillary Clinton & Her Campaign gave to the [Birther Movement] as a weapon against her opponent without Donald Trump actually being ineligible by the U.S. Constitution's Qualifications of a [natural born Citizen] ie. {Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents}, you would have to concede she thought it was credible as a weapon. It was a staple in her diet, or in other words a stump in her stump speech.

Now I notice today in news reports with the Main Stream Media trying to make some kind of sense out of their getting it so wrong, that they are rationalizing that while Obama remained popular the country wanted change. This is delusion politically speaking, and a perfect manifestation of grasping at straws in order to avoid the Truth, or in other words justify the lie.

This rhetoric from Joan Vennochi sums it up perfectly from the Boston Globe: "
But Obama’s latest approval rating of 54 percent is the highest it has been since his reelection. And to some degree, that reflects the country’s judgment of Obama vs. Trump. IIP. Obama can be cutting, at times arrogant, and a trifle too cute, with his “mic drop” act. But given the deplorables and the racists with whom he had to contend, give him a break.

Deplorable never really was considered a 'noun' that could be used as a label, but was used mostly to describe a condition as in  execrable, miserable, woeful, wretched inferio condemnable, criminal, reprehensible, vicious wrong. 

Hillary Clinton was the Queen of name calling I'd like to know how many times she accused Birthers or the Birther Movement in her stump speeches, and we all know where the noun Deplorables surfaced. That makes two very large swaths directed as derogatory labels used in her Campaign by her own mouth to disparage more than half the Nation if you count the Electoral Collage Map today.

Listen to the laughter of this crowd as Hillary calls half of Trump Supporters "Deplorables", those are elitist laughing and Hillary knows the audience and she's preaching to the choir:

Now I want to say a new Hillary Clinton emerged November 9th, 2016, or maybe a much more humble one, but this one touched my heart. I was shedding tears at her concession speech, which is a much different response than bristling at her 'labeling' while she simultaneously claimed "Love Trumps Hate" and "When they go Low, We go High", neither of which I've found to be particularly true.

 I was really touched when she related how proud she was to be an American and how she invoked a blessing at her closing in God Bless America. Tears run down my face as I heard her relate her hopes and dreams to all the little girls watching and I saw how much that was affecting so many girls and women there. I pondered how, (even if it was unfairly with Bernie Sanders and disparagingly with a complete black out on my Campaign for President), she had obtained for the record books the first Female Nominee of a Major Party. She had gone far and admiringly had served as U.S. Senator of New York, one of the most populated states of the Union, and served as First Lady for two terms. No one had seen my campaign, no one was crying over the tread marks on my face that she'd left.

Yet, I was able to love Hillary Clinton. I was able to comprehend how far she'd come and that this was probably her last Campaign, unless she needed one as a defense to stay out of prison for Usurping the Secretary of State's Office by crushing the responsibility and accountability of FOIA. I felt the sorrow and condolences as a fellow Democrat of a team player who had just screwed up royally, but who I wasn't prepared to kick off the team because of a botched play or a billion dollar losing campaign. She'd lost and so had I. Democrats LOST!!! We should say it over and over and over again, until we figure out how to win, and that demands FACING what went wrong.

I would frankly ask Hillary Clinton who was the hardest on her during the entirety of the 2016 Campaign, me or Donald Trump? You take a look at this Blog read the 690 entrees top to bottom, or at least the last 300 and you will see there was no one harder on Hillary Clinton the Cody Robert Judy. I'll tell you why.

It's because I love that women, and I wanted her to succeed so badly. I grieved her mistakes like they were my own. I was not a part of the GROUP THINK that was in the TANK and my advice was shunned if it was acknowledged at all. I really want to say the same applies to Barack Obama. I've said many times I'd love to get schooled in basketball or on the golf course by Barack Obama. I admire his very talented politically savvy speaking skills and political abilities with People. I understand completely the sorrow of casting out of your house someone you love, but that has done something awful and deserving of being cast out.

God himself cast out Lucifer and one third of the angels followed him. Obama was never qualified to be United States President by the Law of the United States Constitution in the qualifications of the Office of President in the United States Constitution's demands for a 'natural born Citizen', but that did'nt mean he couldn't be a political operative like a U.S. Senator or good golf match. It didn't mean Birthers hated Obama, but in parlance he sealed up the golf course entrance so we couldn't play golf.

Trump was labeled by Hillary Clinton as leading the Birther Movement. If Trump wants to open up the gate to Birthers so they can play golf, the same gate Obama closed, Obamacare can find it's repeal without Congress's Help. We notice Democrats maneuvering in an excuse for Obama stating how popular he was, but we do not see Justice happening in a TRIAL of the Court, but we sure saw it in the Election.

It's impossible to notice Obama has flamed out. His three major accomplishments touted as a Legacy (Stimulus, Obamacare, and Iran)  are disasters in spite of being the most well funded Administration in U.S. History (10 Trillion), as they say, all the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again. That is the definition of failure. I mean, Solyndra on Acid. 


Economic Disaster - Hillary represented rich people as "Stupid" to "Poor" people in her economic Platform. She told people "trickle down economics" didn't work and we'd tried that, but failed to mention to the poor people that the rich people (over $250,000/yr) who were going to be "taxed" "their fair share" would simple took their money out of the U.S. and opened Cayman Island bank accounts to wait out the President's term and so the poor people end up footing the bill or having the national debt laid on them as "the slaves" she perceived them to be.

You might say Hillary Clinton knew this very well which is why the Clinton Charities went Global and actually were caught cheating on the taxes, so they had to "Amend" six years of them. Trump stated he took advantage of Tax Law like anyone else to pay the least amount possible, like anyone would if they were rich. Trump understands that which is why he proposed Tariffs to Companies who took their products outside the USA to take advantage of lower standards and wages, no unemployment wages, and no healthcare cost.

One of the great stumbles of this gamble is ultimately what may be the sacrifice of principles dear to the social civil rights crowd. How do, for example, LGBT Advocates feel about the stumble of Hillary Clinton's economic theories translating into U.S. Supreme Court recommendations? Let's say for instance Same-Sex Marriage was rolled back based on the gamble that the first women President would win the General Election after a fraudulent Primary? Or for instance, that Pro Choice advocates lost the right to an abortion in half the States due to the Country voting for Trump's Economic Expertise?

You see I say Hillary Clinton sacrificed all those "Rights", because  she was feeling pressure from Wall Street to maintain the status quo of keeping the American People as the consumers rather than shifting the equilibrium of fairness onto Tariffs as profits for the USA. Tariff's haven't been used for a long time but in our modern day economy to discipline American Corporations from exploits of modern day slavery Tariffs can be an equalizer, and especially to foreign Tyrannical Governments devaluation of currency, thus laying debt on them while the rich took up interest in tax free off shore bank accounts.

Clearly there are enough American Corporations avoiding Taxes and Expenses this way to bring in a lot of Tariff Revenue to offset lost taxes Companies would actually be paying here, and especially that smaller businesses are paying the bulk of.

Trumps Economic prowess establishes an incentive for Corporations to come back cutting a 35% Tax Rate down to 15%, not bad, especially to avoid a 35% Tariff of products they are importing. It also creates jobs that pay taxes and flat-line the national debt while helping the population and the People afford more at home. Hillary was very apposed to this across the board cut to big corporations saying it didn't work, but she did so not also figuring the Tariff of 35% which is a stiff penalty but one that eliminates a loop hole this fat cats have been get fatter over. So Trump's plan actually does  more to help the poor people than any of what Hillary was proposing.

I relate this Economical Consideration in the face of those Democrats crying foul mouthed that Dodd-Frank is also on the chopping block with Republicans. I say not so fast or necessarily James Carville. Well, let's not forget it was President Bill Clinton who chopped that tree down first by revoking Glass/Steagal.

President Bill Clinton publicly declared "the Glass–Steagall law is no longer appropriate." Many commentators have stated that the GLBA's repeal of the affiliation restrictions of the Glass–Steagall Act was an important cause of the financial crisis of 2007–08.[9][10] Economists at the Federal Reserve, such as Ben Bernanke, have argued that the activities linked to the financial crisis were not prohibited (or, in most cases, even regulated) by the Glass–Steagall Act.

With this mis-calculation on the Economic Health of the Nation, Democrats lost the high ground to Trump. Was there a Democratic Candidate for President who actually agreed or was the architect of Trump's Economic Plan that flat out would have appealed to the Economic Worries of the Nation attracted to the Honeycomb like bees, but who would have been a fierce protector of all the Civil Rights Gains of the modern day Century Democrats are now very worried they might lose?

Why Yes, but Democrats were not told about him as he faced a black out by the DNC.

You know I gotta tell ya Democrats, you are facing extinction now. Seriously, you have allowed Obama's illegal entry into the Office of the President lose you now three branches of Government, that you enjoyed for a very short time. If you do not start understanding economic soundness and get out of Group Think, you never will regain a Branch of Government, especially with Trump smarts leading the way. Trump took my Platform, but it is Best for America now, so I'm happy to see it implemented and I can only hope to influence him somehow on the social justice principles that we face now in the U.S. Supreme Court.

As our Nation rounds the corner in the Election 2016 into the first hundred days of a Trump Administration we can only hope Republicans are not so blinded in their economic reform plan that they also become blinded in the Social Justice Reform and Progress we have made and that needs to continue so badly. I indeed hope that President Elect Donald J. Trump will employ those who agree with his Economic Platform and will simultaneously truly engage it with the support of All Americans with the considerations of love and mercy in the Social Justice and Equality Platform that will allow our Nation to come into a very strong and prosperous harmony of Freedom and Liberty and Justice for All.

I'll end here with a Link to Trump's very nice Victory Speech made very late last night which was his first as President Elect. Congratulations! It's True - Birthers have won! But really, its respect and honor for our U.S. Constitution that we honor as Article II Patriots!

God Bless America, and God Bless our Nation to come together where we have been divided and to heal where we have been wounded!

Presidential Candidate- Cody Robert Judy.

Thank You!

Cody Robert Judy Campaign
Cody Robert Judy

Campaign Committee to elect Cody Robert Judy U.S. President in 2016.
Cody Robert Judy


Sunday, November 6, 2016


Special Report


Voting Day is nearly upon us! If you're being cautious around your friends right now you probably are having a hard time with one candidate or the other in the Major Political Parties. As a Candidate who ran as hard as I could but didn't get much playing time with the Media I know the difficulty of even feeling relevant. 

I certainly understand the feelings expressed in "The System is Rigged" probably much more than the Republican Candidate Donald Trump whose second Candidacy for President has been quite an eye opener from his initial run in 2000 or even his first entertaining the idea in 1987-88

One of the most wonderful things about our Political System is the right of the common man to run for Office with just a few qualification to meet in the U.S. Constitution for Federal Offices.

I can tell you it is challenging and if I was honest I'd have to say it's fun. Coming up with a Platform, using all of your creative energy to come up with commercials, print adds, writing blogs, activity, and just plain ole talking to people about why you think they should vote for you.

Of course it can get competitive. Your in a race! There's a starting line, qualifications requirements, and a finish line. Here we are now at the finish line. As I reflect upon my own Candidacy in the Democratic Party this election cycle running for the Office of President, I think of the spectrum of all that happened. 

One of the biggest disappointments was not having the U.S. Supreme Court hear my Case Judy v. Obama 14-9396 which came after the disappointment of them not hearing my case in 2012 as Case No. 12-5276. The cause for the U.S. Supreme Court not hearing my 14-9396 Case was even more disheartening as I was discriminated against based on "economic status".

Being denied Justice based on 'economic status' is probably, in my own opinion, one of the most sickening things to happen to a Nation. When Justice begins by "paying a price", you can just about be sure you are in Hell because in Heaven we know Truth and Justice prevail and it is a Standard we in the United States at least appeal for in our Pledge of Allegiance ending in "Justice for All".

As I reflect on this, I see that it is indeed a much bigger problem than just my own. We have seen different standards of justice apply in all its worst nightmares as Hillary Clinton has repeatedly been investigated and repeatedly had the Justice Department or the Investigating FBI Law enforcement agency decline to press charges, when so many others doing much less have been prosecuted. The compromise of FOIA was criminal in accountibility to the people. That was the way to usurp an office like the Secretary for State Office. 

In my own Legal Case in front of the U.S. Supreme Court the whole Court basically in a REVIEW said that I had to "Pay-to-Play". Without the printing cost and court fees they refused to hear my case. Hillary Clinton perhaps has learned this because she has learned to make Pay-to-Play work for her very well.. but it is not a system of integrity where Truth is honored along with Equality. 

As I reflected upon the very bad things that have happened in this Election Cycle of 2016 I couldn't get over the fact that Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Donna Brazille have all been caught up in their own scandals that actually promoted unfairness, inequality, and dismissing opportunity.

It's just incredible to me to see People, especially women, who actually have experienced in historical senses what they have ascribed as unfairness, inequality, and a lack of opportunity, get caught up like this.

 If anything is remembered in this election cycle it probably will be the Scandals this Gang-of-Four who amidst these scandals total misrepresent what they are hoping to represent. 

It's probably the most sickening feeling to women to see that these Female Leaders who were chosen with such promise have engaged in the deceit of the devil, lies, cheating, and theft of what might have been so promising to The People.

Obama's identification and qualification problem was in my opinion and Claim only avoided in the highest Court by a total lack of regard for Law and Order. The Justices broke with the tradition based guide in hearing a Constitutional Crisis Qualification Questions the Standard which is in the Constitution, and have allowed the Political Parties to over-rule the Constitution.

This was one of the biggest fears of our Founders and for good reason.

It is almost like what Obama got away with was a stepping stone for what these four women saw as "the Gates-Are-Open" sign on the Election Door for Lying and Cheating essentially rendering the Primary Season without any real or true merit. The Democrats have indeed had the most corrupt political Primary Season in my memory.

There hospitality towards we, who were not their favorite Candidate, was hostile, mean spirited, and distasteful to inclusiveness to say the least. I experienced it first hand. If it is not improved upon I will say the Democratic Party will go the way of the dinosaurs and they can themselves wonder about their creation and time periods of existence in whatever land they end up in. 

As far as Justice and the Courts in the Judicial Branch I would advise through my own experiences that the U.S. Constitution is a living document and the living part really requires the Amendment process. To uphold the Pledge of Allegiance sounds simple, but requires courage. Courage for the High Ground of what is most precious, ,in Truth, Justice, and Honor. Respect for the Constitution begets respect. 

Throughout this experience I've actually gained more respect for Kapaloni Hospital because they didn't put a marker up noticing Obama's Birth there. They knew four or eight years goes by fast.

The Court's forgot that in ignoring Obama's Ineligibility by Foreign Parent or Place. The Example of a Leader I have come to realize is much greater than I had ever really thought of. It's true. Obama's powerful example shined through as corruption to so many offices it appears indeed that to the People "Drain the swamp" is a necessary thing that must be done.

Democratic party Women leaders in crookedness and corruption so awful it ought to be remembered in U.S. History forever. It's almost amazing I was able to be apart of it and come out alive!
With Women probably being the deciding factor in this election I think the Gang of Four ought to be highlighted as the most Corrupt Gang of Women to ever be involved in American Politics.
If anything helps us to learn lessons, it might very well be Remembering and that's why I made this Video entitled:
 The Gang -of -Four Femme Fa-tale

As the bell tolls in Election 2016 there may be many more resignations and firings of Judges, Senators, Congressman who have forgotten and lost their way in representing America and We The People.

Voting- Official Vote By Mail Ballot

I VOTED! Isn't it amazing that Voting is such a spiritual experience? I voted with a Mail-in Ballot this year choosing to avoid the Voting Machines this year and the rush. 

Encourage everyone who is a U.S. Citizen, Registered, and is not currently incarcerated to Vote. That means even if you have a prior Felony as long as your not currently incarcerated, you can Vote!

I didn't endorse any Presidential Candidate who in my view has been timid about Taking A Stand and in such compromised the U.S. Constitution. I pray that your "Shield of God" in voting for your choice will be worthy to the Freedom & Liberty afforded to you. What an honor I feel serving you over the last year and a half since my Candidacy was announced as a choice. 2008-2012-2016
Official Drop Off no Postage Required

My hope and prayer rest in serving the Establishment of our Creator of the United States of America. I pray my efforts, energies, time, talent, and fortunes are seen as a worthy sacrifice and offering to my God in whom I Trust in the name of Jesus Christ by whose sacrifice my own Soul depends. AMEN

Presidential Candidate- Cody Robert Judy.

Thank You!

Cody Robert Judy Campaign
Cody Robert Judy

Campaign Committee to elect Cody Robert Judy U.S. President in 2016.
Cody Robert Judy